One-Screw Trimmer Carb Adjustment

For a long time, gasoline lawn mowers have been used successfully in a variety of industries: for lawn care in private areas, in housing and communal services, gardening organizations, rural and forestry. The main competitive advantages of products. low maintenance costs, increased reliability and ease of operation.

Engine. the most important component of any technique. And so that he always works in the optimal mode for himself, it is recommended to carry out precise carburetor adjustments.

How to make a do-it-yourself lawn mowing carburetor repair and why recommend it? First of all, in order to be sure that the engine is working properly and that the maximum productivity of the tool is ensured at 100%.

Carburetor setup for FORTE lawn mowers:

1. Start the device’s engine and let it warm up for 10 minutes (if at idle you observe rotation of the cutting element, turn the idle screw in the opposite direction, turn until the coil stops rotation).

One-Screw Trimmer Carb Adjustment

2. Gently rotate the right and left needle into the middle position. Important! In no case do not turn the stopper. this may lead to engine damage).

3. To adjust the carburetor, there are 3 adjusting screws:

  • Right H. low speed screw

Видео: One-Screw Trimmer Carb Adjustment

  • Lower T. idle screw
  • Left L. High Speed ​​Screw

Right screw H. First of all, the low-speed screw is adjusted.

Find the highest idle speed, to do this, slowly turn the screw to the left or right side. After finding the maximum speed position, turn the screw counterclockwise ¼ turn.

Note: FORTE lawn mowers come with the right screw fully screwed out (0.5 turn). At this stage, he should look at 11 o’clock.

Bottom screw T. Responsible for adjusting the engine idle speed. Turning the screw counterclockwise decreases the number of revolutions. Counterclockwise. increases.

Correct adjustment is only considered if:
  • Cold engine idles stably without jerking
  • A hot engine idles at low speed
  • Adequate speed reserve remains before operating the cutting system
  • Stable engine operation in any position

Note: From the FORTE factory, the lower screw N (idle), from a fully twisted state, was unscrewed by 8 revolutions and “2 hours” (at this stage it should be). The recommended idle speed for FORTE engines is 2900 rpm.

Left screw L. Fine adjustment of the highest idle speed.

Important! The engine of the FORTE gas lawn mowing machine should not run for more than 10 seconds at maximum speed.

Open the throttle, start the engine and with a slight movement turn the screw in the clockwise direction until the engine speed decreases.

Then slowly turn the screw L in the opposite direction until the engine starts to start.

Finally, turn the screw clockwise again a short distance until the lawn mowing engine starts to work in the appropriate mode for itself.