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The causes of breakdowns of gasoline and electric trimmers

Trammer for grass, both electric and with an internal combustion engine (ICE), is an indispensable tool in the summer and autumn period for owners of cottages and private houses. With its help, weeds, small shrubs are easily removed and the lawn is trimmed. But, like any technique, trimmers for grass fail at the most inopportune moment. To eliminate the malfunctions with your own hands, the user of this technique first needs to determine the reason for their appearance.

In the lawn mower and an electric trimmer for grass, if you do not consider breakdowns associated with the bar and the mowing head, the malfunctions mainly happen in the engine area.

Damage of gasoline trimmers

Typical breakdowns of a gasoline trimmer for grass, which are most often faced with the owners of this unit, are as follows:

  • engine breakdown;
  • problems with the carburetor;
  • problems with the supply of fuel;
  • muffler malfunction;
  • gearal breakdown;
  • The starter broke;
  • Air filter problems;
  • Broken a buckshot on a gas tank.

Malfunctions of electric trimmers

Since the device of an electric coser is much easier than a motirmer, then there are few reasons for its failure.

It should be noted that the elimination of some of them is best entrusted to the specialist.

Basically, the trimmer for the grass ceases to work normally in the following cases:

  • Electric cable malfunction;
  • The control button is faulty;
  • burned engine winding;
  • Contact joints break on the engine.

Why is the gasoline trimmer not starting for the grass

The reasons why the gasoline trimmer for the grass stopped starting is different, therefore, a phased diagnosis of the apparatus is required.

Fuel tank (fuel quality)

Remember that always before starting the unit, a check of the presence and quality of fuel is required. In this case, you should not be greedy and save, as well as “clever” about the amount of oil added. Everything must be done according to the management attached to the apparatus, since when the piston group fails, its replacement will cost about 70% of the total cost of the trimmer for the grass. Pour fuel due to the fact that you will fully conside it when performing work. After a while, the gasoline remaining in the tank loses its properties and can harm the engine. Therefore, do not prepare the mixture for the future and in large quantities. If the lawn mower starts poorly, try to drain the “old” fuel from the tank, and season it with a freshly prepared mixture.

Important! To refuel the device with fuel, the origin of which is unknown, fraught with negative consequences. Gasoline should be of high quality, bought at a gas station, and its brand should be not lower than AI-95.

Candle and candle channel

So, you changed the fuel, but nothing has changed, and the trimmer for the grass still does not start. In this case, it is worth checking the candle channel: whether it throws it with a combustible mixture. Often users transfer the air damper to the “OFF” position when starting, and when the engine started, they do not transfer it to the “ON” position, after which it stalls. Further, an attempt to start the internal combustion engine to again leads to the fact that it floods the candle with gasoline, and the start becomes impossible. To diagnose and eliminate the possible problem in this node, do the following.

  • It is necessary to unscrew the spark plug, wipe it well and dry it. When installing a candle in the ICE cylinder, it should be dry.
  • Draw from the combustion chamber the fuel accumulated there. This is done through the hole from which you twisted the candle.
  • In the presence of soot on the electrodes of the candle, it must be removed either with a thin file or a nail file.
  • Do not forget to put the gap between its electrodes before installing the parts in place. The gap on the candle should be 1 mm. As a probe to check the gap, you can use a coin.
  • Next, collect the block, read the start instructions and try to start the engine again.

If the engine does not start, then you will need to check the spark. For this:

  • unscrew the candle;
  • put on it a cap of a high.voltage wire;
  • Touch its metal part to the cylinder body (to provide contact, you can insert a tubular key) as shown in the figure below;
  • pull the launch cord so that several engine speeds occur.

Normally, with each piston roll between the electrodes, the candle should slip a spark. If there is a spark, then the reason that the internal combustion engine is not launched should be sought in other nodes of the device.

For a better understanding of the process, how to test the candle for the presence of a spark, you can use this video where the check is shown by the example of the Lawn Mushiel “Soyuz”.

overflow, gasoline, lawn, mower, pumping

If there is no spark, then in the beginning check the cable connecting the candle to the coil. perhaps the reason is in it. You can call it with a tester. In case of detection of the rupture of the chain, a high.voltage wire will require a replacement.

Also the reason that the spark has disappeared is a malfunction of the ignition coil (magneto). The figure below shows what the coil (magneto) looks like from the gasoline trimmer for Patriot grass (Patriot).

To exclude the malfunction, it will be necessary to use a tester to check the Magneto trimmer for the grass, namely, its primary and secondary winding. On the primary winding, the resistance should be in the range from 0.4 to 2.0 Ohms. If the device shows 0. this means that there is a short circuit in the winding, and if infinity is a clear sign of a chain break. The resistance on the secondary winding should be in the range from 6 to 8 kOhm.

On some coils, it can reach the value of 15 kOhm.

Air filter

If your lawn mower does not start well or stalls immediately after starting, you should pay attention to the air filter, since it can be clogged, as a result of which the air does not enter the combustion chamber, and fuel ignition does not occur. To check if the filter is the case, remove it and try to start the engine. If he earned, then the reason was found. The filter needs to be replaced or rinse well and dry before installation. In the case when you find the oil in an air filter, it must be washed with gasoline, squeezed well and dry at least 2 hours before installing in place.

If the unit does not start with an air filter, it is still recommended to check the fuel filter.

Fuel filter

This filter cleans fuel of possible pollution. If it is scored, then gasoline does not enter the cylinder, and, accordingly, the unit does not work or stalls after starting. The fuel filter is located at the end of the fence hose, which is located inside the fuel tank. To get to the filter, it is necessary to extract a cork with tubes emerging from it.

When extracting traffic jams, a fence hose can disconnect and stay in a tank. It is extracted with a tweezer.

Next, remove the old fuel filter from the hose and put on it a new, pre.acquired. You can also clean the fuel filter if you do not have new. The filter must be fixed on the hose using a spring latch.

Install the fence tube on the cork and insert the last into the tank.

Mastery of the engine

A proper gasoline tool. the key to its effective and high.quality work. In this case, the engine is dry, there are no oils or fuel oils mixed with dust on its case. The presence of such signs indicates an oily motor.

Several consequences are known that provoke such a breakdown. For example:

The main reason for the malfunction is to get the oil into the engine or tool carburetor. This may lead to the use of not high.quality (processed) oil or fuel.

It is equally important to know how to properly mix gasoline and lubricant. Proportions depend on the model of technology. In order not to be mistaken, you need to carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer for the maintenance of the equipment.

You should also not neglect the recommendations of the manufacturer of technology for fuel grades or lubricants, which can be used in maintenance.

Hyproof speed

At idle revolutions, moto or chainsaws work smoothly, without jerking. Increasing speed speed indicates the appearance of such a breakdown as sucking air into the chassis. As a result, the ratio of fuel, air and lubrication in the chassis is violated, the quality of the lubrication of the working elements of the tool changes, the period and quality of the gas.tooling is reduced.

At the initial stage of the development of a malfunction, you can diagnose a breakdown only with special equipment. Experts recommend listening to the work of the motor at idle during work. The sooner the malfunction is discovered, the easier and cheaper it will be to eliminate it.

When it is necessary to adjust

Carburetor adjustment is necessary in the following cases:

  • The new engine was running out (4-5 liters of fuel mixture were used);
  • The composition of the fuel has changed (brand of oil and gasoline);
  • The weather changed (it became hot, cold);
  • Air vacuum has changed (concerns mountainous areas);
  • after long.term storage;
  • the load on the engine has increased (after changing the tool and t.D.);
  • Due to the vibration, the adjustment screws spontaneously unscrewed;
  • Fuel consumption has increased, the carburetor shimmers the fuel;
  • Flapse quickly appears on the electrodes of the candle (while the fuel mixture is prepared correctly);
  • The motor starts and immediately stalls or is poorly gaining momentum;
  • Gasoline does not enter the cylinder;
  • A large amount of exhaust gases.

How to properly adjust

Before setting up the carburetor trimmer for the grass, it is necessary to do the following:

  • Rinse the engine;
  • replace or clean the spark plug;
  • change to a new one or clean the air filter (it is recommended to lay it out in warm, soap water, squeeze it out and let it dry well).

It is also necessary to install the cord of the right diameter in the trimmer coil or install knives-this is done so that in the process of configuration the engine has at least some load. After installing a cutting tool and starting a gasoline engine, let it warm up for 10 minutes.

If at the idle speed of the motor you noticed that the cutting tool rotates, then it is necessary to reduce engine speeds. This is done using the lower idle regulator, often marked with the letter “T”. The figure below shows the placement of regulators on the trimmer Husqvarna.

But, for example, on the STIHL trimmer, this screw may have a label “LA”.

So, turn the idle control regulator to the left, until the trimmer head is completely stopped.

To configure the carburetor, 3 regulators are used (screw).

Honda Mower Crazy RPM Fix. Simple!

  • The right regulator L tunes the level of enrichment of the combustible mixture at low speeds. It needs to be adjusted by the first. Get a maximum of turnover at idle. This is done using the regulator L, turning it to the left and right. After finding the point of maximum revolutions, return the regulator for half a turn to the left (against h. Arrows).
  • The lower regulator t (LA) is used to configure idle. Turning it to the left, the engine speed will begin to decline, and when the regulator is turned to the right, the revolutions will increase.
  • Left regulator h is responsible for enriching the combustible mixture at high speeds. The enrichment configuration completes the adjustment of the carburetor. Also, using this regulator, you can configure maximum speed, fuel consumption and engine power.

Important! If you allow the engine to operate at full speed for more than 10 seconds, then it may fail.

overflow, gasoline, lawn, mower, pumping

To exclude this trouble, adjustment will be required. With the working motor, give a full gas, then turn the “h” regulator to the right until a reduction in revolutions begins. After that, the “h” regulator must slowly scroll to the left until you hear the uneven operation of the engine. Then the regulator “h” should be rotated to the right until the moment of flat operation of the motor is heard.

After conducting the above actions, the setting of the carburetor can be considered completed. After proper adjustment, the engine must confidently gain momentum, a little four at a maximum of revolutions, and when working, an idle cutting tool should not turn. This manual is suitable for adjusting carburetors on the Huter, Patriot and others benzocos.

There are also carburetors without a screw that is responsible for enriching the combustible mixture at low speeds. That is, they have only 2 adjusting screws: a idle regulator and a quality fuel mixture regulator at high speeds. How to configure a carburetor of this type, you can find out from this video.

Chinese lawn mower. The carburetor valve hung and fuel overflows.

Why do the gas mallicoline seals leave the system: Help: Privat: 4149439315000673 Webmoney WMZ: Z610102394928 WMU: U682580602704 If gasoline began to flow out of the air filter, know that the reason is the valve hanging. The traditional way to start the engine will not succeed. But there is a way to start it in an unconventional way, by turning off the carburetor. Recommended for viewing:

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Engine malfunctions

In most cases, subsequent shortcomings are observed in the work of the motor:

In order to find the cause of the problem, it is necessary to analyze the likely prerequisites in order by the way to exclude. Let’s go through this chain so that you know how to find a deficiency in a chainsaw in case of its occurrence.

A small amount of oil mixed with gasoline leads to increased wear of the cylinder.piston group. An excess of oil in the mixture, although not so fatal, is also harmful. Cooking piston rings, rapid formation of soot in the combustion chamber, and a drop in engine power may occur. In addition, the mesh screen of the muffler is closed. Therefore, some users (after the end of the warranty period for a trimmer for grass) recommend it to be dismantled.

Gasoline used in motorcycles. AI 92. The brand of gasoline is accurately prescribed in the operating instructions. Do not try to “force” the engine, filling the 95th gasoline into it. This can lead to overheating, unstable work of a trimmer for grass and breakdown.

It is not recommended to leave fuel in a trimmer tank for grass with a long break in operation. It is better to finish the working day by completely developing the entire mixture. If this is not done, then because gasoline from the engine will evaporate during the night, and the thin oil filter will remain, carburetor jacks may clog. This will cause difficulties the next engine start.

It is also necessary to observe safety precautions when storing fuel. Many pour gasoline into a plastic bottle of water. Is it worth doing so?

After several jerks, he will start and stall, which is a normal phenomenon. What to do when the fuel was definitely normal, there is a spark, but a trimmer for grass does not start a gasoline? Putting the damper to the working position, start the tool again and start working.

Any manufacturer of a benzo.tool first always suggests familiarizing in detail the operating instructions attached to a chainsaw or a chainsaw. Basically, the whole process of launch and further work with a benzo tool is painted there. Sometimes it doesn’t help, then let’s try to solve this problem together.

When buying in the right store of gas technology, you can tell you everything in detail about the launch and work of the gas tool, as well as demonstrate it in practice. If this was not, then it was a hypermarket or you were served by yesterday’s schoolboy or student. our congratulations!

Cold start.up engine. set the air damper lever (switch) to the “damper” closed “. We pump up the mixture in the carburetor in the presence of a fuel pumping pump (primer). Expand the starting handle (launching cord of the starter) to the tangible resistance of the engine, then pull vigorously (according to the amplitude with your hand to the chest).

2-5 such movements and the engine should start and stall-it usually happens. If this did not happen, further, as in the case of a successful first launch, we still transfer the air damper lever to the position of half.gas or even to the working position. And continue the institution in this mode by the same movements (1-4 times).

And finally, some gas.tools have a regular keying switch, just look at whether it was turned on.

New chainsaw or benzotrimmer (lawn mower) may not start.

All the reasons why the lawn mower is not started can be classified by the specifics of the operation of individual units. In the service center, the malfunctions are classified:

  • engine malfunction (piston wear, bearing malfunction, crankcase crack);
  • Fuel mixture malfunction. clogged pores of an air filter or a malfunction of a carburetor;
  • the ignition system does not work;
  • A mechanical malfunction. a leak of hoses, broken wires under the braid, rupture of the tubes.

The user first needs to check if there is a fuel in the tank. Start the launch in accordance with the instructions, putting the saw on the side. Set the air damper to the position “closed”, pump up fuel, turn on the ignition and produce 3-4 sharp jerks by the starter. If the engine has earned, open the air damper. The lawn mower is not started. we repeat the operations with a slightly open air damper.

With a unsuccessful launch, we begin to look for the reason for the refusal:

  • check the quality of fuel;
  • make sure that the candle and clean canal is working;
  • check the cleanliness of the air filter;
  • Make sure that the fuel filter is not clogged;
  • Check the cleanliness of the bastard;
  • Clean the exhaust channel.

complex reasons will be detected in the diagnosis of a malfunction, leading to the overhaul of the carburetor. Such reasons include clogging of the internal channels of the carburetor, wear on it gaskets and violation of the tightness of internal halls with a vacuum loss. DIY lawn mowing repair, if it does not start, will require patience.

Where to start the diagnosis of malfunctions if a trimmer is not started for grass? In situations where the tool stalls immediately after starting, it is worth examining the following units:

It is the breakdown of the above locations that most often leads to the fact that a trimmer for grass is poorly started. Let’s look at how to eliminate such troubles.

  • To twist the candle. Wipe it thoroughly, and then dry it.
  • Drain excess fuel in the chamber through the corresponding candle hole.
  • Clear the old candle if there is a dozen on its surface. Cope with the task will allow the use of a conventional ladies’ nail file or file.
  • When installing the element in place, set a gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter, it is enough to place any coin in the lumen.
  • Collect a functional block back.
  • Try to start a trimmer for grass.

It is recommended to perform a candle channel to dry for at least half an hour. However, in no case should you resort to the calcination of its elements. After all, heating the spark plug can lead to its final corruption. Что предпринять, если обслуживание функционального блока было выполнено в соответствии вышеуказанным рекомендациям, но триммер для травы не заводится, искра есть при этом?

In this case, it should be treated with gasoline threaded connection. The latter does not need to be saturated abundantly fuel. It should only be slightly moisturized. Resort to such actions should be to ensure the ignition. After all, no matter how much the candle gives a strong spark, in an absolutely dry chamber there simply will not be something to ignite.

If even in this case a trimmer for grass does not start, it is worth evaluating the quality of the contact between the high.voltage wire and the candle. In the absence of a spark (in the presence of a reliable connection between the indicated elements), most likely, the problem is caused by breakdown of the ignition unit. In this situation, you will have to turn to the services of masters who will reinstall the knot.

The stable functioning of a trimmer for grass can be impaired as a result of laying dirt in the graduation canal or the formation of a blockage on a muffler grid. This problem most often occurs during the operation of older generation trimmers. The issue is being solved by dismantling the anti.diploma mesh and its cleaning.

Under no circumstances, gasoline in a plastic container from under the water cannot be stored. When mixing the fuel consistency, a static charge accumulates, you can “catch” the spark.

Therefore, at gas stations it is not allowed to refuel gasoline into plastic canists, exclusively in iron. Before pouring gasoline in an iron canister, it is better to put it on the ground, so statics are removed from the case.

But there are situations when ordinary manipulations with a motorcycle do not help. The engine still does not start. In this case, we are in progress, we check the power and ignition system, guided by the rule “the motor does not work, if there is nothing to burn or set fire to nothing”.

Benzotrimmer loves cleanliness. You need to watch the cleanliness of the air filter and fuel. Gasoline purchased at a gas station is better to defend 4.5 days and pass through a simple filter. a piece of bike matter.

We unscrew the candle, examine the gap between the electrodes. We set the right gap between the electrodes is the option “grandfather” method. We take the blade from the razor, the breaks of it in half and insert a home.made probe between the electrodes. If the blades enter tightly, then the gap is impeccable.

Silly Boy ��

3.5. We put on a candle cap of a high.voltage wire and lean the candle against the surface of the motor metal. Tp a couple of times by the starter. If the spark perfectly beats at one point, then the gap is adjusted correctly. If not, the spark is weak as it is also called “wanders”, then you need to re.regulate the gap between the electrodes.

Floods candles on the carburetor engine, reasons

Flooded, wet spark plugs after starting. this situation is familiar to almost all car owners with carburetor engines.

At the same time, starting the engine with flooded spark plugs is very problematic, it stalls. If at this moment, turn the spark plugs at this moment, then they will be wet, flooded with gasoline, which in most cases is a consequence of a very strong enrichment of the fuel mixture in the start mode.

Naturally, there can be no talk of any normal spark in such a situation. This situation can arise both when starting a cold engine and hot. Consider the reasons for pouring spark plugs on the example of the carburetor engine of 21083 VAZ 21083, 21093, 21099 cars.

Floods the spark plugs. the causes of the malfunction

Starting a heated engine with an extended handle of the “sucker” and a closed air damper will lead to a strong enrichment of the fuel mixture in this mode and, as a result, the glow of candles since air access and the fuel mixture are greatly re.enrich.

Air damper is open with hot start

To a greater extent, the problem concerns cold start. It is necessary that the launches of “A” and “B” are exhibited exactly, that is, the starting device was adjusted. In addition, the diaphragm mechanism of the PU must have a whole, not broken diaphragm and have a hermetic housing. Otherwise, the carburetor air damper when starting a cold engine will not open to a certain angle (this is the whole meaning of the operation of the PU), forcibly impoverishing the fuel mixture with a portion of additional air. The absence of such an auction will lead to excessive enrichment of the fuel mixture in the mode of launching a cold engine and a candle will flood.

Visible elements of the carburetor launch system Sogers

“Paned”, having a black carbon fiber, with an incorrect gap between the electrodes of the spark plug will not be able to set fire to a rich fuel mixture entering the cylinders, in launch mode and will be immediately filled with gasoline. It is advisable to have a spare set of candles, so that, if necessary, quickly change their. Faulty spark plugs can be flooded with fuel, both with cold and hot start.

The needle.shaped valve of the float chamber can be leaky (either from wear or wear, or from the defect) and pass excess fuel into the float chamber, which in turn again leads to the re.enrichment of the fuel mixture in the launch mode. over, due to the faulty needle valve, the candles can be flooded with cold start and hot. Very often, a non.monthly valve gives a constant smell of gasoline in the engine compartment and fuel flow on a carburetor. It is recommended to check the health of the needle valve and, if necessary, replace the new.

Checking the needle lock valve of the carburetor Sogers

The gas pump can pump due to an incorrectly adjusted drive. The excessive fuel pressure he created on the needle valve will lead to overflow of fuel and increase its level in the float chamber, which in turn will entail excessive enrichment of the fuel mixture. It is necessary to check and adjust its drive.

The presentation of the pusher required for the proper operation of the gasoline pump

HDS air jetter supplies air to the fuel mixture, allowing it to have the right proportion (gas/air) required to confidently start the engine. A decrease in the amount of incoming air or in general its absence due to clogged air jetting leads to a strong re-enrichment of the fuel mixture and the subsequent bay of the candles. Cm. “Intelligent cleaning of the carburetor”.

Air jacklers of the Carburetor GDS Sogers

In severe frost, fuel evaporation (fuel vapors are ignited during launch) is greatly reduced. Fuel settles on the walls of the intake manifold and getting into the combustion chambers floods the candles. It is recommended to press the “gas” pedal several times before starting and wait 15-20 seconds and only then let the engine. Some driver spill the intake manifold on the outside with boiling water and only then let the car engine.

Notes and additions

Possible reasons

The probable reasons for the motor failure can be:

Accumulator battery

Even a beginner driving should understand that it is impossible to get a car without food. Therefore, your priority action should be in checking the state of the battery.


If the car does not want to start, raise the hood and look at the battery indicator. If it is red, this indicates the need to charge the battery.

Having checked the condition of the battery, and determining that the cause of the problem is not it, move on.

Fuel pump

If there is a good starting current from the battery, the car may still not start. The likely source may be the fuel pump.

The engine of your VAZ 2110 is silent because the system does not need to start gasoline. Its absence is associated with a non.working pump, which did not pump fuel from the gas tank.

It is easy to check such a malfunction. To do this, make sure there are sparks in candles. If it is, but the engine does not start, then the cause is the pump.

Fuel pump


Not so rarely the reason can serve as a crankshaft or distribution shaft sensors. These devices are largely identical, but are located above and below the car.

If the battery is charged, the pump is working, then check the condition of the sensors. You can do this for a hundred or diagnostics with your own hands. When turning the key in the ignition lock, check if there is a spark on the candles. If not, then one of the sensors can serve as the reason.


The spark plugs are supplied with a spark with which the fuel mixture is ignited.


Candles are polluted, covered with soot, fail when operating or at constant load. Therefore, check their condition, clean, rinse.


Rarely, but still sometimes happens that the ignition system cannot work effectively due to alarm.

If the rest of the measures did not help, check this option. Only the principle of exclusion of reasons will help here. When checking all previous reasons shows that everything is fine, the culprit can eventually become alarm.

Fuel-distribution mechanism

If there is an injector engine on your VAZ 2110, it is worth visiting a service station where you will be diagnosed using specialized equipment. It’s hard to do it yourself.

But when it comes to a carburetor power unit, here you can try to solve the problem with your own hands:

  • First of all, check the condition of the fuel filter. It is located in the rupture of the highway, which goes to the carburetor;
  • If filter clogging is detected, it must be replaced;
  • Remove the carburetor, rinse it, after making a disassembly. Pure fuel is used for washing;
  • Replace the gaskets with new. They are not difficult and not expensive to purchase auto parts in any store;
  • Pump gasoline after repair work.

In order to prevent and prevent problems, try not to use fuel with a low octane number. For VAZ 2110 the best option is A92 or A95.


It is possible that your car has lost your car, which is why the car does not start properly.

In this case, we are talking about later or early ignition. Such troubles arise due to vibrations. Когда автомобиль работает, постепенно крышка трамблера может поворачиваться. As a result, the spark is supplied unevenly, the fuel does not bake completely in the cylinders, the “touch” of the engine occurs.

Egnition lock

The ignition adjustment is carried out by rotating the cover cover. You need to move it by or counterclockwise.

How to avoid increased gasoline consumption

To begin with, the owner of Motokos must carefully monitor the fuel consumption, which is usually indicated in the operating instructions (usually about 0.5 liters per motot). In addition, it is necessary to use high.quality fuel and oil, as well as timely eliminate all the detected malfunctions.

  • The leaks of the fuel tank are eliminated by replacing the cover, fuel tube and sealing gum. These details are “pennies”, but it is recommended to select them according to the originals.
  • Problems with the cutting part of the tool are solved using timely sharpening of knives and the correct selection of fishing line in thickness and length.
  • The fuel system will work perfectly if the owner of the chainsaws will clean the filters (air and fuel) in a timely manner, clean the candle from soot, set up and adjust the carburetor and carry out the repair of the piston group.

We hope that these simple tips will help you to timely detect and quickly get rid of fuel overrun on the motorcycle of any model.

The adjustment of the idle speed is considered to be correct when:

  • The cool engine is stable at idle.
  • The hot engine has not very high.speed stamping.
  • Prior to the rotation of the trimmer head, sufficient speed dispers remains.
  • The engine works steadily in any position (for example, with a sharp lowering knife).

Note: from the manufacturer (Husqvarna), the idle screw from one hundred percent twisted, was twisted at 8 full revolutions and “2 hours” (currently left). Husqvarna. 2 recommended idle speed.900 rpm. 3) Left screw h. regulates the enrichment of the consistency of large revolutions (is regulated last). It regulates the highest speed, motor power, temperature and fuel consumption.

Note: the Husqvarna engine should not work at full speed for more than 10 seconds!

  • Open quite a throttle (give full gas) and slowly turn the left screw clockwise until the speed of the Husqvarna engine is reduced (by ear).
  • Then turn the left screw very slowly counterclockwise until the engine starts to work uneven.
  • Then turn the screw slowly back to an insignificant distance clockwise until the Husqvarna engine starts to work smoothly.

This is where the HUSQVARNA adjustment is completed.

Note: The recommended very high speed of the Husqvarna motor. 11.500 rpm. The largest output power of the Husqvarna 333R lawnie engine is 1.6 kW (2.1 l.With.) at 8.400 rpm.

Note: on the brand new trimmer Husqvarna from the manufacturer (Husqvarna), the left screw was unscrewed (at 0.5 turnover) and blocked (bay) with solid plastic, which I drilled after the guarantee period. At the moment, the left screw (like the right) looks at about 11 hours.

We check the correct settings of the Husqvarna carburetor

The engine is rapidly, evenly and confidently gaining momentum, and slightly four at the highest speed, the trimmer head of the T-35 should not spin at idle.

The suitable composition (quality) of the fuel.air consistency is adjusted (changes) by turning the screws for the adjustment of the fuel to the stream of sucked air (right and left). The number of the consistency of the throttle doses to the cylinder. If you turn them clockwise, then the mixture is impoverished in the cylinder (less fuel in the ratio of air/fuel) and the engine speed increases, with all this the Husqvarna engine works softer (it is weakly gaining speed) and the power is very much falling). Apart from that, having overstated speeds, it enters the cylinder in the depleted consistency with gasoline less oil (terrible lubrication) and so you can start the engine. Well, the trimmer for the grass will be bad to start. If the screws turn counterclockwise, then the mixture is sucked into the cylinder is enriched (more fuel in the ratio of air/fuel) and the revolutions of the motor decrease, with all this, more gasoline and oil falls at low speeds (better craving, better lubrication), but the engine Husqvarna “spins” poorly (poorly gaining momentum) and more soot is created in the cylinder!