Petrol Trimmer Lubrication

Prelaunch preparations

So, let’s start with the preparation for work. How to bring the lawn mowing to a state of complete readiness for use?

First, assemble it if it is disassembled. Securely detach the detachable bar. Carefully check the fixation of the cutting tool, especially if it’s a knife or saw blade. Gas trimmers are usually extremely powerful, and the cutting speed of the cutting equipment in them is simply fantastic. Therefore, a poorly fixed blade, firstly, can injure the worker, and, secondly, causes additional vibration in the tool, which can lead to breakage.

Gasoline models are most often equipped with a two-stroke engine, so for them it is necessary fuel mixture preparation. What is her purpose? Since in such engines there is no crankcase and a separate system for oil lubrication, this role is performed directly by the combustible mixture. It is prepared in certain proportions and for one dressing. Immediately dilute several liters, with a "margin", should not be, since the composition should always be fresh.

Strictly observe the ratio of components

AI-92 gasoline and synthetic (50: 1) or mineral (32: 1) oils are used for two-stroke engines with air (not water!) cooling. The mixture is diluted as follows. In a separate special clean container (not into the trimmer tank!) half the volume of gasoline and the entire amount of oil is poured. The composition is thoroughly mixed. Then gasoline residues are added. Everything is mixed again – and done. Now you can pour the mixture into the braid’s fuel tank. Do this by placing the tool on the ground: this is less likely to spill liquid. If nevertheless this happened, then after the refueling is finished, carefully wipe off oil traces from it with a cloth.

"The key to the start!"

Well, the preparations are completed and the time has come for the first launch. Put the trimmer on the ground, pressing the motor part with your knee and pulling out the starter handle until resistance (hook) appears. It is important that nothing comes into contact with the cutting part of the trimmer at this moment. So that all internal mechanisms of the motor are lubricated several times slow Pull the starter cord fully. Start the engine with the choke closed, only after the starter is hooked, with a sharp rhythmic pulling of the cord. When you start it, the flap opens and is usually in the middle position. Before mowing, let the trimmer idle for 5 minutes.

You can not start the engine in the room or in the same place where the refueling was carried out. Exhaust gases during fuel combustion are highly toxic, and their high concentration can lead to very negative consequences for human health. The presence of an open flame near the place of preparation or pouring of the fuel mixture is unacceptable. Also during these processes it is strictly forbidden to smoke.

What else is important? The new trimmer needs a so-called break-in. Do not immediately sharply press on the gas. At least the first time, work with short breaks. This is necessary so that all the details are “rubbed in” and well lubricated.

Keep this in mind

Typically, the lawn mowing is equipped with a fixing strap. You must first adjust it to your height, so as not to do this when the device is already running.

Gas trimmers due to their power have high performance. However, not all gas trimmers are able to work, interrupting only for refueling, especially in excessively hot weather. You should not test the tool for durability and work with it “for wear”, because this can lead to a significant reduction in its service life.

Petrol trimmer lubrication

The same applies to cutting too hard vegetation, such as thick branches of shrubs. Carefully read the instructions for use and the permissible loads for your trimmer. If he is able to cut a branch of 1.5 cm with a steel knife, you should not try to do this when its diameter is 2 cm. Of course, a good tool and a quality knife will do it, but after a couple of such experiments there is a possibility of the need for repair . And not the fact that you will be able to do this under warranty.

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Use the trimmer for its intended purpose. It is one thing when factory brush-cutting or snow-removing nozzles are provided for it, and quite another when you are trying to use home-made devices.

A gasoline trimmer is often used to mow grass over large areas when harvesting hay. You should not use a fishing line for this, otherwise get a vegetable "porridge" instead of high-quality straw. Use knives or saw blades. And by the way, for such a process it is desirable to have a model with a T-shaped handle: it is most suitable for long-term operation.

After finishing work, clean the instrument from vegetation that has accumulated in it. Do not leave the mixture in the tank, develop it completely or drain it, and prepare a new one for the next use. Check the accessories for integrity and reliability of fastening. Track the condition of the air filter. Rinse or replace if necessary. The same applies to fuel, but it can only be replaced.

Different methods are used to control weeds, but one of the most effective is to mow the grass with a mower. Motorized devices are divided into gasoline and electric. By conducting a comparative analysis, the benefits are outweighed in gasoline trimmers. This technique will be discussed in the article.

The device and types of trimmer gasoline

The trimmer is designed to cut weed, depending on the type can be used in the private sector and utilities.

The design of the lawn mowers consists of the following elements:

Engine (two or four stroke on gasoline);

Solid or collapsible hose (straight or curved shape);

Control knobs (like a bicycle handlebar or a D-shape);

The head on which the fishing line is held;

Gas trimmers are of three types, the difference of which is in the type of engine, power and variety of the cutting part.

Household lawn mowers, as a rule, have a compact size, low-power engine. Many models are equipped with a folding hose, which simplifies the transportation of tools in vehicles. The trimmer copes well with its task in areas up to 20 acres.

Semi-professional equipment is used to ennoble large households with a garden and a garden. The ideal form of lawn mowing, due to the combination of compactness and good power, sufficient for processing large areas.

Professional models are used in large or industrial enterprises for the treatment of courtyards, parks and territories. The engines on these trimmers are powerful, the dimensions are quite voluminous, and a blade is used as a cutting element.

Principle of operation

Trimmer It functions due to the presence of an engine that transmits rotational movements through the shaft to the working head. This ensures the rotation of the cutting part, which is installed a few centimeters from the ground. It’s easy to control the device; this is facilitated by a convenient handle. The weight of the lawn mowers is redirected to the torso of the person controlling the equipment. Trimmer kit includes straps that hold the structure on the shoulders of the operator. An important point is the use of a protective casing, which holds flying debris and debris.

How to use a lawn mow

The trimmer is refueled before mowing, after which all elements are checked. If the fishing line is "eaten up", it is worth wrapping 2-2.5 meters of a new cutter on the head. The length of the winding depends on the volume of the drum and the thickness of the fishing line.

Before starting the lawn mowers, you should walk around the territory in order to clean stones, metal and glass. During operation, they fly off and may injure the skin. The presence of a casing on the hose is also checked.

Mowing with a trimmer is intermittent to prevent the engine from overheating. For safety reasons, overalls and glasses should be worn during operation.

The best models for domestic use:

Stihl FS 38 (about 8,000 rubles);

Huter GGT-2500S (6 150 rub.);

Makita EBH341U (10 500 rub.);

Solo 154 (13,890 rubles).

Popular questions

How to extend the life of the trimmer?

After each mowing, you should wash the tool, clean the head from dirt and dust. Refuel the lawnmow with high-quality fuel (at least 92 grades). When choosing oil, give preference to the types used for high-speed technology.

Need to fill the tank with fuel to the eyeballs?

Manufacturers do not recommend leaving fuel after mowing in the tank. Therefore, at first it is worth assessing the scale of work and dilute the oil and gasoline in the right amount. If the fuel does not work out, you can drain it until the next time. It is important to consider that the mixture retains its properties for 2 weeks.

What types of trimmers are repairable?

Household models most often produce their modest resource, after which they are written off. In some cases, you can replace the cap of the head, which is subject to abrasion from constant friction with stones and debris.

Semi-professional and professional models can be repaired than to extend the service life of the equipment. However, when buying, you need to consider that the repair of powerful equipment always costs an order of magnitude more expensive.

What is trimmer maintenance?

After work, the tool is cleaned every time. The foam rubber filter needs to be moistened with oil. If the lawn mower is used frequently, then it becomes necessary to control the fuel filter.

Due to vibrations during operation, weakening of the connecting elements occurs. Therefore, the nuts and screws should be tightened periodically. When replacing the cutting part, it is recommended to use only the line or blade parameters specified by the manufacturer.