Prorab Electric and Petrol Trimmers

Electrical and petrol trimmers of the Prorab brand are distinguished by high speed, endurance and ease of use. Each of the models on the market has a solid working resource, resistance to increased loads and shocks. This makes it possible to regularly use the foreman braids in difficult operating conditions.

PRORAB company. the history of the foundation and development of the brand

TM "PRORAB" was founded 11 years ago. Since its appearance on the market, the company has embarked on the production of high-quality and inexpensive electric and gasoline tools for domestic and household use.

Of all PRORAB brand products, gasoline and electric braids deserve special attention. They are in demand due to their reliability, a good selection of components and endurance. The equipment of the Russian brand is easy to operate and maintain, which makes its purchase the best option for beginner gardeners.

Electric trimmer Foreman 8125. equipment and features

The electric trimmer PRORAB in this configuration differs from its analogues in its functionality and adaptability to work in different operating conditions. The operator can use, for work with an oblique reel with fishing line, a delimber or a brush cutter.

The PRORAB 8125 trimmer is equipped with a reliable electric motor located in the upper part of the housing. The engine is equipped with 2-level protection against voltage surges and moisture. To cool the motor, a durable foam filter is included in the trimmer device.

For the transmission of the force created by the motor to the standard gearbox, the shaft is located in a direct, non-separable rod. For ease of use, the manufacturer equipped the model with an adjustable bicycle handle. All the necessary buttons and switches are placed on her right handle.

The main characteristics of the braid include:

  • power of the built-in electric motor. 1900 watts;
  • maximum grip diameter when mowing fishing line. 38 cm;
  • diameter of cutting with a knife. 25.5 cm;
  • working weight. 7.2 kg.

On sale, this electric scythe Foreman is supplied with branded fishing line, a 40-tooth disc, a knife, a shoulder strap and an instruction manual.

Petrol trimmer PRORAB 8412. features and benefits

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This Lawn Mower Foreman is distinguished by increased traction parameters, a solid work resource, as well as resistance to increased loads. The model is designed to care for small houses, alleys, squares. The scythe can be equipped with both a fishing line and a knife, which makes it possible to actively use it for clearing shrubs, cutting thick weeds.

Prorab Electric and Petrol Trimmers

PRORAB gasoline trimmers in this configuration are equipped with reliable engines running on a fuel mixture of AI-92 gasoline and oil for 2-stroke engines. To fill the fuel in the device of the model provides a capacious tank with a wide neck. It is made of translucent plastic, which gives the operator the ability to control the amount of fuel available.

To transfer power from the motor to the gearbox, the manufacturer included a hard drive shaft in the kit of scythes. It is placed in a non-separable straight bar, which reliably protects the element from mechanical damage.

Key trimmer specifications include:

  • built-in motor power. 1 l. with.;
  • maximum grip diameter when mowing fishing line. 42 cm;
  • cutting diameter with a knife. 25 cm;
  • working weight. 7.3 kg.

This Prorab mower can be equipped with a fishing line up to 2 mm thick, as well as a 3-blade knife and a 40-tooth cutting disc.

Benzokosa PRORAB 8406. parameters and scopes

The PRORAB gas trimmer in this configuration is designed to perform a number of simple tasks. The model copes well with mowing young grass in areas up to 15 acres. The robust engine makes it possible to use the brushcutter to cut single weeds, to clear young shrubs.

Petrol trimmers The foreman in this configuration is equipped with hardy 1-cylinder 2-stroke engines. Engines are distinguished by a modest fuel consumption and simplicity of the device, which makes it possible to quickly repair them and replace worn parts.

For ease of use, this PRORAB brushcutter is equipped with a 2-hand bicycle handle. Her right handle is equipped with all the necessary buttons and switches, which makes it more convenient to operate the trimmer in tight spaces.

The main characteristics of Lawn Mower include:

  • built-in motor power. 2.4 l. with.;
  • maximum grip diameter when mowing fishing line. 42 cm;
  • cutting diameter with a knife. 25 cm;
  • working weight. 7.3 kg.

This brushcutter Foreman stands out for its small size and low noise level. Built-in anti-vibration system simplifies the operation of the trimmer in areas located under a strong slope.

In the basic configuration, this petrol foreman trimmer is supplied to the market along with documentation, equipment for self-assembly and maintenance, a protective plastic cover, as well as a proprietary mowing head with fishing line.