Saw Blade Sharpening

Saw Blade Sharpening

Hello dear readers and subscribers of the blog of Andrew Noack. At any wood processing plant there is a circular saw and, of course, not one. Naturally, such a factor as wear of the cutting element, namely the saw blade, is inherent in this tool. Whether it is ordinary or with victorious soldering, the disk is still subject to stress and natural wear.

After a certain time in the work, it is necessary to periodically sharpen the cutting element. I’ll try to tell you about this, as specialized workshops do. I will open the question of how to sharpen a victorious circular saw.


Professional sharpening of circular saws is carried out as on a specialized machine, according to a given program. The whole process can be from the beginning of sharpening to the end automatically or semi-automatically. The operator only prepares the workplace, puts the discs in the washer and secures it to the machine bed. The robot performs the rest of the operations by itself. Very convenient and efficient. After such a repair, the disc looks like new and perfectly serves further without losing its production qualities during the sawing process.

The question will follow. where to sharpen a circular saw with victorious soldering, which workshops work in the region? I do not provide any advertising; all information is provided solely for educational purposes and to help you. Please ask all questions by contact information or in personal blog posts.

I immediately want to make a reservation that if small enterprises sharpen saws even in specialized workshops, then more seriously such workshops organize such sites on their own site, thereby reducing their costs. And probably this is the main point of this article. In order to understand all the subtleties of sharpening, you can come to me for training or read my books.

This is what a specialized workshop with equipment looks like.

Before the operator starts to work, he must make a preliminary diagnosis of your disks, as well as check the wear and runout of the disk. Only after carrying out these measures is the program chosen for sharpening a circular saw with victorious soldering, if any.

Workshop Services

  1. Sharpening on the back and front face within 24 hours;
  2. Ensuring sharpening using coolant in the sharpening area (this operation will protect against overheating on the surface of the disk);
  3. Welding and preparatory operations are carried out on equipment of the IDEAL-Werk and Simonds brands;
  4. Restoration with the application of HSS and stellite;
  5. Restoration and sharpening of planing elements, discs, mills and drills;
  6. Bore of a landing hole and grooves;
  7. Saw blades are accepted, which have a complex tooth geometry, both with carbide taps and without them.

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I would like to say as a specialist who has worked more than ten years in our industry. if you want normal work, you need to grind the saws on your site and not overpay to third parties. This way you will achieve quality and be able to sharpen the saws for yourself.

Distinctive features of professional equipment

  • A set of machine equipment works by means of contact welding, directly melting the places of wear of both circular and band saws;
  • In the process of welding, all oxides and solders are completely removed in the weld zone;
  • The machine software allows you to control annealing and welding by turning on an electronic annealing system.

It would be foolish to throw away the old disk without sharpening it. Not everyone will be able to sharpen the tool at home, or their hands will not reach or there is a lot of laziness. And so my good advice for the lazy is to give the saw blades for sharpening to specialized workshops, this is the option if you can’t build your own little sharpening machine at home.

These institutions, in turn, will issue you a tidy invoice for payment, which you accordingly will not like. Services will be expensive to the extent that expensive equipment is used. For example, I met workshops where they used a Vollmer brand machine. This equipment does an excellent job of sharpening the teeth of circular saws along the rear and front faces using special abrasives and coolants.

Useful tips for private workshops

  1. First of all, when working on a machine or circular, monitor the wear of the saw blade and the load on the engine, so you can notice the time when the blade should be sharpened. Below are the signs by which you can determine the degree of wear:
  • During operation, it became more difficult to saw a sawlog or a specific workpiece;
  • Propyl becomes brown, as it burned anyway;
  • The appearance of a specific smell and dark marks from saw teeth;
  • The engine guard warms up when overheating. Which in turn indicates a large load on the engine.
  1. Timely and correct sharpening will protect you from premature wear of the cutting element, bring a reduction in energy costs, because with a blunt disk we can only aggravate the situation, thereby increasing the load on the electric motor, which will subsequently lead to its breakdown. This is especially noticeable on a circular with a low power engine.

Well, of course, if you really really trust the pros, then just not in our beloved country. Of course, everyone has their own choice. Everyone lives within their means.

Experts do not recommend inexperienced owners to do independent sharpening work, regulating that without skills and knowledge, nothing good can be obtained.

Often, home craftsmen sharpen a circular saw with victorious soldering through the use of a manual angle grinder. The method is not very safe, and the drive will not last long. In this way, it is easy to damage the teeth of the saw blade, the ability to work with an angle grinder is also necessary. But this is one of the ways to sharpen it with your own hands. although, as I said, it is not very safe.

Andrey Noak was with you. Check out my blog and stay up to date with all the events. Subscribe to updates and invite your friends to get acquainted with my tips and materials. I think the material provided to you has been helpful. Thank you, good luck and see you soon!