Saw Chains For Chainsaws Which Are Better

Husqvarna is one of the few chainsaw manufacturers to have its own chain production for all of its models. Therefore, users of Husqvarna chainsaws have the opportunity to use their original ones.

Saw Chains For Chainsaws Which Are Better

Why use original Husqvarna chains

Since its foundation, Husqvarna has relied on the high quality of all its products. Admittedly, I have achieved success in this. Therefore, this brand is deservedly respected in Russia, where there is a lot of forest, long winters and a lot of work for chainsaws.

There are several reasons why it is better to use only high-quality original chains for Husqvarna chainsaws. Poor quality will negate all the advantages of a good chainsaw. The quality level should correspond to the level of the chainsaw.

It must be remembered that ultimately the chain saws the wood. Its quality depends on:

  • cutting speed, the amount of time and effort spent on work, labor productivity;
  • fuel consumption;
  • load on all nodes of the chainsaw, their service life.

That is, the user pays good money for the Husqvarna chainsaw not at all to make it work with a bad chain as a cheap and low-quality chainsaw.

Good chains from other manufacturers can fit Husqvarna chainsaws in all sizes, but not perfect. All the nuances can be considered only by the manufacturer of the chainsaw. Namely:

  • properties of the alloys of which the chain and the drive sprocket are made, their interaction with each other;
  • maximum accuracy of fitting chain pitch and sprocket teeth;
  • the specifics of each model in terms of traction and speed.

Even micron mismatch of the pitch of the non-original chain and sprocket can accelerate their wear, increase noise during operation and impair traction.

How to distinguish a real Husqvarna chain

Until recently, Husqvarna chains were manufactured in remote locations. But on equipment, technology and under the strict supervision of Husqvarna specialists. Forging them is almost impossible. On each intermediate link the abbreviated name of the company is stamped. husqv. Handicraft counterfeit manufacturers can fake a package with the name, but it’s expensive and unprofitable to purchase special equipment for embossing a fake logo in a durable alloy.

But since 2016, Husqvarna has organized a new production in its homeland. It is in the Swedish city of Jonkoping, the town of Husqvarna, which gave the name to the brand. These chains have a different marking on each link. not an abbreviated name, but the company logo, an oval with the letter H inside and a trident at the top. Next to the logo, at the base of the tooth, cutting depth limits are embossed with the letters SP or others, depending on the shape of the tooth and the thickness of the cut.

The advantage of new chains

With the launch of new circuits, comparative tests were conducted. The old Husqvarna chains are of excellent quality, but the new ones surpassed them by 10% in cutting speed and dull resistance.

The cutting tooth of the new Husqvarna chains is processed at the molecular level and is further protected by a chromium coating.

Also, the finished chains at the factory are stretched with a certain effort. As a result, they are noticeably less stretched during operation.

What chains can be used on a Husqvarna chainsaw

In principle, no one can forbid the user to put on any chainsaw suitable for the following sizes:

  • link pitch (the distance between the axes of three adjacent connecting sleeves of the chain);
  • the thickness of the guide segments (lower canines sliding along the groove of the tire). the size is identical to the width of the groove of the tire;
  • chain length, which is determined by the length of the tire and the number of links.

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But low-quality chains initially create problems:

  • even new ones cut worse;
  • blunt faster, require frequent editing and sharpening, as a result, the tooth erases faster;
  • constantly and quickly stretched.

The last drawback, in addition to frequent exaggerations, is fraught with big trouble. The stretched links are lengthened, they no longer exactly hit the teeth of the driving and driven sprockets, which leads to their rapid wear, and sometimes to breakage of the teeth.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the best saw chains can only be made taking into account centuries of experience in the field of metallurgy and alloys, forging metal and using the most modern developments in this field.

The best and recognized chain saw manufacturers today:

  • Husqvarna;
  • Stihl (we recommend reading an informative article on Stihl chains);
  • Carlton
  • Windsor;
  • Oregon.

Each company uses its own patented and unique alloys and technologies. Oregon needs to be highlighted because their chains are wider than others on the Russian market.

It is the largest global manufacturer supplying its products worldwide. Manufacturers of this level, in principle, can not allow marriage in their work and are forced to constantly work to improve the quality of their products in order to withstand competitors.

Husqvarna Chains Overview

The previous chains of the H series model (H 30, H 25, etc.) with the nusqv stamp had the following key advantages:

  1. Resistance to stretching.
  2. Long work without sharpening.
  3. Overall high strength.
  4. High cutting speed.

New chains of the X-CUT series with a stamped logo on each link appeared on sale in Russia in 2017. Laboratory and practical tests have shown that the new model surpasses the previous one in all respects.

Newer models have an additional X-CUT marking on the box. For example, one of the first new models of new chains is marked on the package: X-CUT SP33G.

  • X. estra, CUT. rez (extraresis);
  • S denotes the shape of the tooth: Semi chisel (half-bit);
  • P. technology Pixel (Pixel). it gives a finer cut, less resistance and load on the internal combustion engine, increased cutting speed;
  • the first number 3 indicates the chain pitch in inches (standard 0.325);
  • the second digit 3 denotes the last digit the thickness of the chain (groove of the tire). 1.3 mm;
  • G is a structural type of link connection that reduces the possibility of rebound when cutting with the end of the tire.

These are equipped with the new Husqvarna chainsaws of the four-hundredth series. 435, 440, 445, 450.

These chains, purchased separately, can be installed on other models not only of Husqvarna, but also of other manufacturers, provided that they comply with standard sizes.

When selling all Husqvarna chain models, except for the exact dimensions, recommendations are given for which power saws or models they are suitable for. For instance:

Husqvarna S64 saw chain (S stands for half-bit or micro-bit tooth shape).

Suitable models: Husqvarna 3120 XP, Husqvarna 395 XP.

The performance characteristics of this model are:

  • tire length. 36 cm;
  • tire groove width (chain thickness). 1.6 mm;
  • chain pitch. 0.404 ″;
  • the number of leading links. 104;
  • manufacturer. Husqvarna AB, Sweden.

The cost of this model for January 2019 is about 2000 rubles.

The following model has more detailed descriptions and recommendations. Husqvarna H25:

  • type of teeth. Microdoloto;
  • suitable models. Husqvarna 560, 562 XP, 555, 455 e-series Rancher AT, 357 XP, 545, 445 e-series, 450 e-series II, 450 II;
  • tire length. 50 cm;
  • chain pitch. 0.325 ″.

It is recommended for chainsaws with a working volume of ICE from 35 to 62 cc. High speed chain with low vibration. The small radius of the working angles of the teeth increases the cutting speed and facilitates sharpening.

As a result, the saved previous production and the newly created offer a complete set of saw chain models not only for all Husqvarna, but also for chainsaws of other brands.

Husqvarna chain sharpener

For sharpening Husqvarna chains, it is better to buy a branded sharpening kit from the same manufacturer. Others in diameter may not fully correspond to the size of the cutting plane of the tooth.

In addition, the file metal from other manufacturers may be softer than the cutting alloy of teeth of increased strength. He will erase himself without sharpening a harder tooth.

Sharpening kits from chain manufacturers are by definition suitable in all respects. Husqvarna’s tooth dressing kit comes complete with a double guide roller that indicates the angle and limits sharpening to the desired depth. Also, the kit may include a template for measuring the height of the teeth of the cutting depth limit and a flat file to align them.


How to sharpen the saw chain of a Husqvarna chainsaw using the elements of the original sharpening kit, see the video: