Sprinkled boards with a hand circular saw. How to cut boards with a hand saw

How to cut a board along a disc saw

In the production conditions, various professional tools and special equipment are used to saw logs, selected depending on:

In domestic conditions, it is usually unavailable, but successfully replaced by a regular chainsaw, woodworking machine with a circular saw or a hand hacksaw on wood.

At enterprises involved in the production of lumber, lines for sawing wood are used. This equipment is highly productive and allows you to get a quality product.

Pylorama. car for cutting logs on boards

One of the types of sawmills includes a sawmill. a woodworking machine on which frame saws are installed. After processing, the result is obtained as a result.

Logs of only a certain size can be used as raw materials:

The board from the side of the log is called the horseman

boards, hand, circular

How To Make Straight Cuts with a Circular Saw and a Straight Edge or a Kreg Rip Cut

The circle is also sawn on round.fed machines called circular or disk saws. Such machines are divided into:

Monopyelal Apply to work with a small material and low quality.
Multi.pound Designed to work with large material.

Most often, logs are processed on tape sawmills that allow you to cut the round round both horizontally and vertically. Due to the high quality of the cutting of logs, after receiving the final material, there is very little waste.

But this is far from the entire list of equipment used for large.scale manufacture of lumber. There are highly specialized machines that are used only in certain industries of woodworking.

The main types and methods of cutting wood

The method of sawing logs is selected depending on the wood breed and what the workpiece in the end should turn out.

Logs can be sawed relative to the location of the annual rings.

  • Radial. according to the radius of annual rings, while the work is carried out with particular clarity.
  • Tangential. the log is sawn to the annual rings along the tangent, parallel to one of the radii.
  • Parallel-forming-cutting occurs in parallel to the direction of the fibers.

How to cut a log onto the boards of a chainsaw yourself

Depending on the direction of the logs, the methods of their sawing are also cut:

  • In collapse. implies the hooking of logs in several places throughout its plane. At the same time, they should be located parallel to each other. This is the easiest way to process, which ultimately allows you to get a couple of horsemen and a non.core board.
  • With a barrel, it allows you to first get side boards and a beam, which, if necessary, is cut into the same trimming boards. This method allows you to cut a little more than half of the total raw materials. Disadvantage. processing rounds requires the use of two sawmills.
  • Segment. from the center of the log the timber will be cut. This name is due to the fact that two segments remain on the sides of the logs, which subsequently cut on tangential boards.
  • Sector. the circle in this case is cut into sectors. In this case, their number depends on the diameter of the log and varies from 4 to 8. Further, the resulting fragments are cut into radial or tangential boards.
  • Circular. designed for individual cutting logs. In this case, a department of healthy wood is produced from the affected.

It should be noted that the last three methods, unlike the two previous ones. the main ones, are rarely used.

The better to cut?

Circular saw

This is the most convenient tool for sawing boards. Compared to some other power tools, it has more performance. But it is worth remembering that circular saws differ in the characteristics and area of ​​application.

Before buying a saw, decide for what purpose you will use it. The main use of circular saws is the cutting or cut of the boards.

When choosing a saw, it is necessary to take into account the depth of saw. On sale there are disk saws with a cut depth from 30 to 130 mm. You need to find out with what thickness of the board you will saw and, based on this, give preference to a particular saw.

It is also worth responsibly to choose a disk for your circular saw. If you need to make a neat slice, you should choose a saw disk with a greater frequency of teeth. If the teeth on the disk are rare, then the work will be faster, but much rude

It is important that when working with a disk saw, the sections are even and practically without chips. Read more about this in my book

To start working with a disk saw, set the depth of the drink equal to the thickness of your board. Thanks to this, you can make the most beautiful slice on almost any surface, leaving no traces.

But it is worth remembering that if you make a cut of 90 degrees, the depth of the cut will be one, and for a cut of 45 degrees, the cut depth will be much larger. Then check so that the protective casing does not interfere, otherwise it simply will not open.

Fix the board, it is necessary that in the process it does not slide on the table, this requires emphasis along and at the end of the workpiece. By the way, some saws are equipped with a screw with a rolling head, which allows you to set a cut angle. Typically, disc saws have a range from 90 to a little less than 45 degrees, which allows you to make neat cuts at an angle.

Clutching spring

Everyone who often uses a disk saw can fully evaluate the usefulness and even the need for this adaptation, which ensures the absolute accuracy of processing. and above all, when sawing narrow boards and bars. and at the same time allows you to keep your fingers at a safe distance from a sawing disk. This spring is pressed to a parallel stop without the risk of jamming it.

Such a spring can be made yourself using the same disk saw. A wide bar of a hard.fiber tree with a length of 40 to 50 cm is suitable as a workpiece. The bar is cut from one end at an angle of 45 degrees. Then make several parallel cuts in the beveled end part. As a result, a kind of comb is formed. Although each of her tooth (about 5 mm thick) itself is quite soft and elastic, but a comb of 15-20 such teeth is a reliable elastic support.


The pressing spring is fixed with a clamp on the desktop with a disc saw so that the beveled end edge is located parallel to the sawing disk. The second bar is assigned as controls at right angles to the pressing spring. The bar reliably holds the spring, not allowing the details to shift it. The presence of a pressing spring in no way excludes the use of a protective casing over a sawing disk.

The slanting “comb” at the end of the wide plank presses the part to the parallel stop.

The narrowing of the gap

The home master rarely has to saw off very narrow strips of wood, as shown, for example, in the photo above. But if such a need arises, then you should make sure that the thin trims do not fall into the gap between the desktop and the sawing disk, did not jam there, and then did not fly out of there at great speed, crossing the entire workshop.

The main thing in work is security. For this, you can sacrifice a piece of plywood or a hard fibrous slab. Sprinkle the selected piece along, but not for the entire length, put it on the table and attach it to the posterior side edge of the table with clamps or using strips of adhesive tape on both sides of the tape.

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Types of working nozzles

When sawing logs of a chainsaw, various nozzles are used.

boards, hand, circular

Dry.cutting nozzle. Used to saw the logs along, the process takes place in a horizontal position. After work, the master receives the same thickness from the product. Ready.made materials are subjected to the drying process, after which the boards are used in construction. In appearance, the device is a small frame, it is attached to the bus on each side.

  • Drum debarker (fascin). With the help of such a nozzle, it is easy to dissolve the log, it works due to the cuneiform transmission. Attached to belts on both sides, for this special pulleys are used. The speed of rotation of the shaft depends on the size of the pulleys, so the operability of the nozzle is easy to change. This technology forces the master to carefully monitor each stage of the process, some experts use an assistant during this cut. But this option requires increased safety measures.
  • Slinging a lightweight nozzle. The method is not highly performance, but is used quite often. The element is mounted on one side, but the blanks are a little uneven. Such materials are necessary for the construction of sheds or fences.

How to use

Disk saws are created for direct cuts, so using them is quite easy. The workpiece itself is not without fail to fix it with an irreplaceable, rather pressed with a knee to a stool and cut it off in a suitable place. It should be noted that for work it is fundamentally chosen by a suitable saw disk. To do this, you should know the three parameters:

  • disk diameter;
  • the dialect of the landing hole;
  • Suitable type of disk.
  • A-wood-brown slab, aluminum, plastic.
  • B. universal woody wheels with the highest quality of sawing.
  • C-for solid and soft wood, also wood-fiber slab, wood-bruise.
  • D. universal discs for brisk and rude sawing.
  • E. for high.quality cut of soft wood.
  • P. for frisky and rough cutting of soft wood.

Types of disk saw

The stationary circular saw is installed on a fixed workbench or table. It has high performance due to equipping it with a powerful engine and a large saw disc. In addition, the presence of a stationary work surface allows us to produce convenient and accurate cutting of long fragments of wood.

Circular machine

A manual.type disc is used, as a rule, in everyday life. Its main advantages are small dimensions, mass and mobility. It allows you to cut small wooden boards and bars, as well as wood products. It does not require a workbench for its use. Almost all models are equipped with an adjustable sole, which makes their use more comfortable.

Hand disk saw

Compact dimensions and weight allow the table disk saw to combine the positive qualities of the above types. They are distinguished by mobility, and the possibility of accurate setting up the angle of saw. The disadvantage of such a tool is a small radius of a saw disk and a low power of the electric motor.

Table Disco saw. machine

Submersion type circular is a modernized manual disk saw. The design features make it possible to produce more accurate cuts at different angles relative to the horizontal plane, as well as perform local cuts. The main drawback of the tool is its high cost.

Submissive disk saw

Application area

Basically, the circular saw is used to work with wooden products. With its help, the following types of work can be performed:

  • Longitudinal and transverse cutting of blanks;
  • performing local cuts;
  • trimming the ends;
  • woodwork;
  • Making boards, bars and other wood products.
boards, hand, circular

In addition, when installing a specialized cutting element, they can be used to cut plastic, artificial stone and tiles.

We also recommend reading a useful article on the techniques of even sawing a circular saw with and without devices. In the article, the most necessary techniques and methods of sawing different materials, from uneducated boards to timber and logs are dismantled.

Safety precautions when working with a circular saw

Circular saws are characterized by a relatively high risk of injuries, so when working with them you need to observe safety precautions.

Preparation of the workplace for work

You need to remove all unnecessary items from the desktop. There should not be tools, keys and consumables. In addition, you need to provide a free approach to the table. The floor in the working area should be dry to avoid accidental telling. The machine should be grounded.

There are also requirements for operator work clothes. Clothing must be seasoned so that there are no fluttering ends. If you have long hair, pick it up and hide it under a headdress. Put on your goggles and respirator. It is recommended to use protective headphones, since when working with a disk saw there can be a fairly high noise level.

Before starting the saw, you need to check it for the presence of defects in the saw disk, make sure that it is fixed with qualitatively. See if the cringing knife is correctly installed, and then check the performance of the protective casing.

If the saw has a short cable, you may need an extension cable so that you can conveniently move around the working area. It is advisable to use a circular saw with a smooth launch function so that the tool does not twitch when starting.

Safety tips while using saw

Before starting work, run the circular saw idle. As I sawed the material, follow the following rules and recommendations:

  • During the start of work, you must stand on the left side of the machine, so that when randomly ejected the workpiece, it does not get into you.
  • Make sure that there are no nails, pins, pieces of mud or concrete in the workpiece or on its delight, which may interfere with the saw.
  • It is forbidden to transfer objects over a working circular saw.
  • If knots or cracks are present in the wood, when approaching them, you need to lead the saw slower.
  • When changing the saw disk, be sure to turn it off the network.

How to care for your blade

No matter what type of blade you choose, it will require correct attention to give you an accurate result and let you work safely. Here are a few rules that need to be followed:

  • To protect your teeth from fragments or breakdowns, you must try to avoid contact during the storage of the blade.
  • Point the blade regularly and ideally, you should have an additional blade at hand to be sure that you can replace the stupid blade immediately when it is necessary.
  • When performing wood work, always install a saw on a flat surface between the cuts; Never put him on the ground.
  • Never remove the chain saw from the board and never try to turn it back during work. Always stop the blade before raising it.

Cleaning is very important to maintain the blade in good condition and extend its service life. Do not use aggressive cleaning materials such as metal brushes or steel scrapers. The blades withstand great power, and the use of such materials can violate the integrity of the blade. If necessary, use better plastic cleaners or brass brush.

Why is cleaning so important? In the case of a saw blade, this is not just a matter of hygiene. When using the blade is contaminated with pieces of juice, resin, dirt and dust that stick to the blade body. If they are not removed, they add more friction, which, in turn, facilitates the heating of the blade while using. In addition, dirty blades are cooled more slowly, which leads to a faster shutdown and, ultimately, to distort the blades.

boards, hand, circular

Keep in mind that even the sharpest blade will be sharp enough to cut human flesh, so take all the appropriate measures during cleaning.

Useful cleaning products.

For effective and safe cleaning of the blade, you can consider a special liquid designed to clean the blades. You can also try household cleaners (non.aggressive), but for strong contaminants this may not be enough or additional cleaning is required.

For cleaning, use a cleaning nylon cloth. If you are the happy owner of the coating blade, always ensure that your cleaning products and cleaning materials are convenient for the layer of the blade. It doesn’t matter if you use an aerosol cleaner, liquid or just soap and water, it is very important to dry the blade after cleaning it. And, of course, the last important parameter of purity is regularity. This will help you keep the blade sharp and safe longer.

Among other tools in his workshop, the circular saw is not the simplest, but it is strong, economical and can be used for a wide variety of applications. To gain the experience and confidence of the teacher, it will take some time, but in the end, the circular saw will become one of the assistants of your devotees in the carpentry affairs. From plywood to stone, any material will be impossible for you. Follow the safety rules and carpentry will become your favorite hobby.

The choice of a disc saw

The circular should meet the requirements of safety precautions, be clear to use. The profile of the teeth and their number on the saws must correspond to the type of work performed. The disk must be flat, without surface distortion. Before work, the disc plane is inspected by a ruler. For a flat mowing fishing line cutting, sharpening saws plays a decisive role. The sharpened teeth of the saw should not gleam at the corners. The presence of shine reads the missing amount of the polished metal. Burrs, breaks and spinners should not be on the cutting edges of the saw, the presence of these iron formations pulls the spoilage of wood.

We will see in more detail the aspects of which you need to direct attention before buying equipment.

  • The most important aspect when choosing a saw is its power. A large power indicator is required for wood files, the powerful tool will serve longer when performing its own work. When buying a saw, calculate for what work it is needed for you. Saws with high power have a lot of weight, making inconvenience during work. When performing light, short.term cuts, a saw with small power is suitable. It is light and small, with its help you will work rapidly and effortlessly. The power of the disc saw varies between 1200 watts and 2000 watts.
  • The subsequent aspect when choosing. this depth drank a disk saw. Modern circuses are able to make cuts at an angle of 45 degrees, when buying, you need to consider that in a straight drain there will be even more than at an angle.
  • A large selection of disk saws are another criterion. When choosing a circular, purchase a saw with a limiter for even removal of the edge of the boards. With this function you can cross the boards, making it trimmed.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the number of teeth on the saw disk, the cleanliness of the cut of the board depends on their number. The more teeth, the cleaner the slice. If you need to cut a laminate or wood.fiber slab, choose a saw with 48 teeth.

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Sticky tape for cut

So that there are no chips on the material, and the veneer retains its original appearance, you can use the sticky or differently-molar tape. It will not leave traces on a wooden board, and also protect the tree from visible mechanical damage.

The tape is attached in the place where the cut will pass. Next, you should carefully cut the board, after which you can remove the molar tape. It can only be dismantled from the cut and at right angles. The main thing is not to pull the tape up so that the plywood does not spread.

The main characteristics that cost first of all

The most common models on the market have engine power from 0.8 to 2.2 kW and revolutions 4.5-5.5 thousand per minute, weight varies from 3 to 7 kg

When choosing these 3 parameters are the most important, they need to pay attention to them first


The higher the power, the better. But it should be remembered that the greater the power, the higher the cost, weight and consumption of electricity. Therefore, most often users dwell on medium.power options, from 1.0 to 1.6 kW. The exception is cases when the tool is bought to solve not entirely standard, “average” problems. for sawing only thin or thick material. In the first case, the lowest option is enough, in the second, on the contrary.

Disk rotation frequency

The higher the speed of rotation of the disk, the more accurately and cleaner it drank. However, according to the laws of physics, “increase in speed, reduces strength”. Therefore, with the same engine power, a more “fast” disk rotates with less force.

The scatter of the most popular models and manufacturers is small, from 4.5 to 5.5 thousand rpm, so there is no particularly noticeable difference in work. Nevertheless, experienced experts notice the difference in the speed of rotation of the disk.

The depth of the cut

The indicator directly depends on the distance to which the saw disk comes out of the bed (support platform) at right angles. With inclined sawing, the depth decreases. For example, with a tool with a depth of 54 mm depth, you can saw a beam with a cross section of 100 mm if you do a drink on both sides of the beam.

Changing the angle of inclination

Almost all disk saws of this type are equipped with this function (from 90 to 45 degrees)

When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality of the execution of the node. The screw clamps should be quite reliable, better metal (plastic clamps on budget models are often broken off)

The turn of the rotation of the rotation at the angle should be made of a sufficiently durable metal so as not to bend.

Saw disk

In practice, each manufacturer produces saws for discs of its size. It is not always possible to choose a suitable disk from a saw of the same power of another brand. Coincidences are, but not always.

The differences in the planting and external diameters of only a few mm lead to the fact that the “alien” disk is not suitable.

As a result, instead of sharpening and further use, they have to be thrown out and buying new. Whereas the teeth of the standard shape can be undermined, several times increasing the service life.

There are a lot of information on the saw disk, the numbers have the most important. one. Manufacturing firm. 2. Model and type of disk. 3. Dimensions. four. Type of tool used. 5. Type of sawn material. 6. Disk size. 7. The number of teeth. eight. Landing diameter. 9. Maximum turns. ten. Direction of rotation.

How to use

Disk saws are created for direct cuts, so using them is quite easy. The workpiece itself is not without fail to fix it with an irreplaceable, rather pressed with a knee to a stool and cut it off in a suitable place. It should be noted that for work it is fundamentally chosen by a suitable saw disk. To do this, you should know the three parameters:

  • disk diameter;
  • the dialect of the landing hole;
  • Suitable type of disk.
  • A-wood-brown slab, aluminum, plastic.
  • B. universal woody wheels with the highest quality of sawing.
  • C-for solid and soft wood, also wood-fiber slab, wood-bruise.
  • D. universal discs for brisk and rude sawing.
  • E. for high.quality cut of soft wood.
  • P. for frisky and rough cutting of soft wood.

Rules for working with disk saws

Working with manual and stationary disk saws requires compliance with a certain sequence of actions, which we will consider below.

Manual models

If you have to work with a manual disk saw, then you first need to choose a saw disk that corresponds to the upcoming type of work, adjust the depth of sawing and tilting the equipment. The depth of the drunk saw is installed according to the following principle: the tooth of the saw disk should protrude from the workpiece either up to half or completely.

  • fix the workpiece on the workbench with a clamp (you can not hold the processed part with your hands);
  • place the tool on the workpiece so that the saw disk does not touch it;
  • run the unit engine and wait until the equipment gains full speed;
  • Holding the device firmly in the hands, produce sawing, pressing the sole of the hand saw to the workpiece;
  • After sawing, you should make sure that the casing has returned to its original position, after which you need to turn off the device.

Important! You should never leave the unit disconnected from the network with a locked start button. When the power plant is included in the network, the engine will be launched, which can lead to an injury to people nearby.

Stationary models

To start work on a circular inpatient machine, follow the following actions.

  • Choose the desired diameter of the saw disk, which will correspond to the processed material in your parameters, and install it on the unit shaft. It is necessary to use a meter with a dial or a conventional caliper to check the distance from the disk to the guide slits of the table. You need to check the distance at the beginning and end of the disk. The maximum discrepancy should not exceed 0.05 mm.
  • Adjust the required height of the disk over the workpiece. It should rise above it no more than the height of the cutting element.
  • Set parallel emphasis at the desired distance from the saw disk. The width (length) of the product that turns out after cutting the workpiece depends on this distance. It should also be strictly parallel to grooves on the desktop (offset of not more than 0.05 mm).
  • Install a crumbling knife. It should be at a distance of about 5 mm from the incisors and be on the same line with a saw disk. This is easy to check with a ruler, placing it between the cutting cutters.
  • Turn on the machine, wait for the set of full engine speeds, lay the workpiece along the parallel stop, after which, clutching it to the table and cut, perform sawing.

What can be done by electric disk saws

Disk electric saws allow you to process wood and products based on it in different ways, which depend on the type of tool chosen.

Types of work with manual disk saw

The following types of work can be performed by a manual circular saw:

Work on the circular machine

The work of the circular saw (stationary) is slightly different from the work by a manual unit. Using a circular machine, you can do the following:

Types of work ended

The end saw can be done as follows:

How to cut a “window” in a piece of plywood with a disc saw

When there is no way to start a cut from the edge, the only solution is the “dipping” of the disk in a sheet of plywood. Here the main danger is a repayable blow, so you should carefully prepare for the execution of such a cut.

First, attach the disconnected saw to the cutting place and mark the point in front so that the back of the disk coincides with the angle point.

Holding the saw tightly, attach its base to the angle to the marked front point. Visually align the disk along the cut line. Try to get up so that you don’t have a cut off the line, but a little from the side.

Turn on the saw and let it dial full speed. Gradually, without strong pressure, start lower the disk into the plywood (rice.2).

Когда плоское основание полностью ляжет на фанеру, продолжайте делать пропил вперед до переднего угла Вынимайте пилу, только когда диск полностью остановится.

How to cut off a small piece of board without goats

If you need to cut off a small piece from a heavy board, then sometimes it is easier to do in place where they lie, and not drag a heavy board onto the goats.

The easiest way to do this is to put the brings on the toe of the leg and lean it on the lower leg. Then, according to the markup, level the saw and make a cut.