Stihl Trimmer Doesn't Work At High Speed


Stihl FS130 1.9 HP It belongs to the group of powerful semi-professional trimmers, designed for intensive work. Performs mowing on medium and large areas of thick grass, weeds. When equipped with the appropriate cutting tool, you can trim shrubs and thin trees with the Stihl FS130 trimmer.

Stihl Trimmer Doesn't Work At High Speed


Mower Model Description

The Stihl FS130 lawn mower has a simple device, the basic configuration includes: 4-MIX engine, two-handed handle, anti-vibration system, belt equipment, decompression system, safety glasses, cutting blade, carrying / shoulder strap, fuel pump.

Features of the model:

  • The mower has an engine with high traction, which runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil.
  • An automatic decompression system allows for easy starting.
  • An eco-friendly, quiet engine does not require an oil change.
  • Comfort and ergonomics during operation of the Stihl lawn mowers are ensured thanks to a two-handed handle with integrated control components.
  • The presence of an anti-vibration system greatly facilitates the work of the Stihl FS trimmer
  • Thanks to the manual fuel pump, the operator, by pressing a key with his finger, is able to pump, if necessary, fuel into the carburetor.

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For proper break-in, the new Stihl FS130 should not be used at high speeds without a load of up to the 3rd tank refueling. Engine break-in is considered to be fully completed after 5-15 full refueling of the fuel tank.

Before starting operation, the Stihl FS130 lawn mower must be brought into working condition. grease rubbing parts, replace, if necessary, cutting devices, fill the tank with fuel mixture.

For trimmer, branded gasoline of at least AI-90 is used, it is better to use the original oil for two-stroke engines Stihl or TC class. Depending on the brand of oil, the mixture is prepared in a concentration of 1:50 or 1:25.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

The Stihl FS130 lawn mower is highly reliable, and with proper maintenance it works flawlessly. A great advantage is the ability to flawlessly mow grass in hard-to-reach areas where a conventional lawn mower can’t handle it. In addition, the trimmer is able to clean the area from shrubs, thin trees.

Among the shortcomings, the owners note difficulties with starting at low temperatures, the engine may be boiled up. In order to avoid injuries and breakage of the trimmer, the owner should carefully study the manual before use, use knives, cutting and saw blades strictly in accordance with the functionality of the Stihl FS130 lawn mowers.

In general, maintenance of the Stihl lawn mowers is not particularly difficult, for more details on the rules of maintenance and safety during operation, see the factory operating instructions.

Currently, the Stihl FS130 lawn mower has been discontinued from production, and a more advanced Stihl FS131 mower model is being produced instead.

Stihl FS130 trimmer instruction manual

Video review of work

lawn mower Stihl FS130 in operation

Lawnmower Repair STIHL FS130

Owner reviews


“I didn’t buy the Stihl FS130 lawn mowers, I have a large garden, it’s difficult to manually mow, especially near trees. The trimmer works reliably, I like it. The garden is in perfect order. ”