The Best Models of Honda Gasoline And Electric Lawn Mowers

A neatly trimmed lawn is a business card of any garden plot or homestead. Honda Lawn Mower helps keep grass in excellent condition with little effort. The Japanese company is constantly improving its products, making them all the more productive, reliable and quiet.

The Best Models of Honda Gasoline And Electric Lawn Mowers

Device features

Honda HRG series gasoline mower is very popular among summer residents and owners of country houses. These models have a sturdy steel case and fabric grass catcher. The width of the mown strip varies from 41 to 46 cm. The noise level is lower than that of competitors (94 dB). All models are equipped with an automatic air damper. Additionally, it is possible to install equipment for mulching grass.

Honda HRX Series Non-Self-Propelled and Self-Propelled Lawnmowers Represent the Premium Segment. They are made in a plastic case with a steel frame. The light weight of the devices is combined with high performance. The mower allows you to process grass with an area of ​​42-53 cm wide.

All models are equipped with equipment for mulching the grass or the ability to install it, as well as an automatic air damper.

The HRE Series electric lawn mowers are suitable for treating small lawns. They are lightweight, ergonomic and silent. The grass sloping width is 33-41 cm. The design provides folding handles, which is convenient when storing and transporting the device. Robust plastic housing protects the mowers from damage.


HRG 416 PKEA. Honda petrol lawn mower with manual transmission. The device is equipped with a four-stroke engine with 4.4 horsepower. The grass mowing width is 41 cm. The processing height is set by the user in the range of 20-74 mm. The body is made of durable steel, and the grass catcher is made of synthetic fabric. The noise level of the Honda 416 will delight its neighbors: up to 94 dB.

A 0.77 liter fuel tank allows you to work up to 1.5 hours without refueling. The diameter of the front wheels (178 mm) is smaller than the rear (212 mm), which ensures maneuverability and maneuverability. To ensure safety, the manufacturer has provided an emergency engine shutdown. The motor is started manually. The mass of the device is 30 kg.

HRG 416 SKEA. gasoline self-propelled lawn mower. It is an analogue of the previous model with automatic drive. There is no mulching function, but you can install the necessary equipment at the request of the user. Mowed grass is sent to a soft grass catcher with a capacity of 50 liters.

HRG 466 PKEA. Honda manual lawn mower. The four-stroke engine develops 4.4 horsepower. at an operating mode of 3600 rpm. The angle of inclination of the adjustment lever allows the user to conveniently set the height of the mowed grass. In total, 6 positions are provided with a height of 20 to 74 mm. The width of the strip is 46 cm.

The case is made of high strength alloy steel. The fabric grass catcher holds 55 l of mowed grass. The fuel tank capacity allows you to work non-stop for up to 1.5 hours. The noise reduction system provides the instrument owner with acoustic comfort. The motor is started by the starting cable. The weight of the device is 30 kg.

HRG 466 SKEA is a Honda self-propelled lawn mower, an automatic analogue of the previous model. In the event of an overload, the engine shuts itself off. The device is equipped with an automatic air damper. The diameter of the front wheels is 178 mm, the rear wheels are 212 mm. Unit weight 32 kg.

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Honda HRX 426 PDE. a manual luxury model with improved performance. A four-stroke engine with 4.4 horsepower is installed on the mower. own production. The case is made of Honda Polystrong material (heavy-duty plastic, not inferior to steel). The 60 liter grass catcher is equipped with a dust filter. The handle is coated with a soft skin compound to prevent slipping of hands.

The cutting height is adjusted centrally. There are 6 modes: from 18 to 73 mm. The width of the mowed strip is 42 cm. Engineers have developed a special blade to reduce noise, which reaches 94 dB. Mulching and baffle are optional. Large diameter wheels (200 mm each) are made on bearings, which increases maneuverability. Emergency shutdown is performed by the blade stop method. Weight. 28 kg.

HRX 476 VKE is a high-performance, self-propelled, premium mower with mulching function. The case is protected by the sturdy Honda Polystrong material. Powerplant 4.4 hp spins up to 3600 rpm. The cutting height is adjusted centrally. There are 7 positions: from 25 to 79 cm. The width of the processed strip is 47 cm.

Wheels with a diameter of 212 mm provide increased cross-country ability. The fabric grass catcher with a dust filter has a capacity of 73 liters. Acoustic safety is guaranteed by a special patented blade. The device starts up easily thanks to an automatic decompressor. When overloaded, the mower is shut off by the blade stop method. It is convenient to regulate engine turns with a special key. Weight. 36 kg.

Honda HRX 537 HYE is a powerful and productive self-propelled lawn mower with rear-wheel drive. The control is carried out using SmartDrive technology, which makes it possible to change the speed of the unit by lightly pressing the control lever. The "native" gasoline engine Honda GCV 190 with choke has a capacity of 5.1 hp at 3600 rpm. Versamow mulching system allows you to combine the collection and mulching in the desired proportion to the operator.

The cutting height is set by the user in the range of 20-100 mm. The width of the mowing strip is 53 cm. The volumetric grass catcher with a capacity of 88 l is soft, but with a hard top. MicroCut double blades capable of shredding foliage guarantee high performance. The unit emits noise up to 98 dB. The diameter of the front and rear wheels is 224 mm. The material of the Xenoy case is stronger than steel. The handle folds easily thanks to its convenient locks. The mass of the model is 42 kg.


HRE 330 is a lightweight and compact electric lawnmower Honda. This 1100 kW wheel-mounted trimmer is great for taking care of small lawns. The case is made of shockproof ABC plastic. The cutting height is set in 3 positions: from 25 to 55 mm. The width of the mowed grass reaches 33 mm.

The engine is started by the button. A grass catcher holds up to 27 liters of mowed material. The diameter of the rear wheels is 160 mm, the front. 130 mm. The mower is convenient for storage, acoustically safe and does not pollute the environment. Noise level does not exceed 89 dB. In case of danger, the engine automatically shuts off. Even women and children will be able to work with a tool weighing 12 kg.

HRE 370 is a slightly more powerful electric model. Housing made of high strength propylene is designed for long-term operation. Maximum engine power. 1300 kW. The height of the mowed grass is 25-55 mm with a width of 37 mm. Such characteristics allow you to process 1 hundred parts in 8-10 minutes. The noise level during operation reaches 93 dB. The fabric grass catcher is designed for a volume of 35 liters. The weight of the model is about 13 kg.

Service and Repair

Honda lawn mowers are designed for 10 years or more of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance. The latter includes checking the integrity of the deck and the drive mechanism, timely oil changes, cleaning cutting surfaces from grass and dirt. Equipment must be stored in a dry, ventilated area. During long periods of inactivity, it is recommended to start the engine at idle. Repair of Honda lawnmowers in the Russian Federation is carried out by an authorized dealer.

Reviews and prices

The official Honda dealer has set the following prices for the mower models under consideration:

  • HRG 416 PKEA. 31,600 rubles.;
  • HRG 416 SKEA. 36800 rub.;
  • HRG 466 PKEA. 33,500 rubles.;
  • HRG 466 SKEA. 38,700 rubles.;
  • HRX 426 PDE. 43,000 rubles.;
  • HRX 476 VKE. 61900 rub.;
  • HRX 537 HYE. 79900 rub.;
  • HRE 330. 11,100 rubles.;
  • HRE 370. 15 100 rub.

Mikhail, 29 years old, Rostov-on-Don: “For a long time I worked on the HRX 476 VKE mower. It mows quickly and cleanly, the tank is spacious, you can work for a long time. For gardeners, it’s just a dream. You do not need to learn long, just read the instructions. Both adults and children can work. It is especially important that the noise is not too strong compared to other models. ”

Vladimir, 42 years old, Zelenograd: “On the engine, all mowers are about the same. The difference between Honda and others lies in the body and bag. The Japanese plastic case is not the best solution, since the metal case is easier to repair. I am not happy with the soft bag either. My personal opinion is that the price difference between Honda and others is too big. ”