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trimmer for stihl grass does not work fuel pumping

Why does a trimmer not start for the grass after wintering ? What are the main reasons for this problem?

Benzotrimmer may not start due to the fact that the fuel remained in the tank last year, which, simply put, was exhausted. Two signs may indicate this: the candle is dry and there is a spark. To eliminate this problem, you just need to replace the fuel.

In addition, a gasoline trimmer for grass after winter starts a little differently. Open the damper and pump up a little gasoline into the carburetor, and then take the handle until you feel some resistance. After that, you can launch.

With a long simple, an air filter can clog. Evidence of it may be the launch of “hot”, after which the trimmer for the grass immediately stalls. Perhaps in the cold season the filter managed to clog with dust. Two options are possible here: first you need to clean it, and if this does not help, then you need to purchase a new filter.

In general, a similar conversation should begin with the fact that after the purchase of a garden benchmain tool it would be better to get to know the instructions attached to it initially. Then many problems could have been avoided. But since this happened a gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start, you need to look for sources of inoperability. And in this article we will consider the main reasons why the trimmer for the grass is not started by the example of the Elitech T750 model, as well as tell the general recommendations for such a tool.

Start with banal! We will figure out how to properly start a gasoline trimmer for grass. Maybe such that the reason lies here.

First you need to bring a red toggle switch on a trimmer bar for grass to position “i”. This means the inclusion of power supply. Then you need to switch the fuel supply lever on the carburetor and use the fuel “suction” button (looks like a pipette, is on a carburetor). This is necessary to supply gasoline to the engine. Fuel supply lever to return to its original position. At the end, sharply pull the starter handle on yourself. The trimmer for the grass should earn. Try it several times if the first time does not work. If after such manipulations the situation has not changed and a gasoline trimmer for grass does not start, then it is worth it to inspect it on your own first before you lead to the service center. There are two main reasons why the garden trimmer is not started:

The second reason why the garden tool does not work is the fuel ended. On Elinech T750, a fuel tank is located near the motor, but on most trimmers it is there. We unscrew the cap from the tank and pour gasoline there (the most optimal version of the AI-92, it is inexpensive and does not clog the carburetor as AI-76). Do not forget to add special oil for engines to the tank, 50 grams on the gas tank is enough, without it the motor will begin to “sneeze” and quickly become unusable. After cover the tank with a cap, wipe the surface of a trimmer for grass with a dry rag and our hands. We also make the above manipulations to include a garden tool.

If the gasoline trimmer for the grass does not start as before, then it makes sense to give it to repair. And the reason for such a solution is simple. if you do not have appropriate skills, the repair of equipment is practically impossible.

In order for the tool to serve as long as possible and do not arise such malfunctions, you should first get acquainted with the instructions for the operation of a trimmer for grass

stihl, lawn, mower, started, manufacturer

Also, pay special attention to the engine time for the grass for the grass. make a short break every 15 minutes of work and, finally, take care of the tool correctly, wipe it after work, lubricate with graphite lubricant. Observing such simple rules, you can significantly increase the life of the tool and it is quite possible that you will not have to look for the reasons why the gasoline trimmer is not started for grass. Why is a trimmer not starting for grass gasoline? Prerequisites and their elimination

Why is a trimmer not starting for grass gasoline? Prerequisites and their elimination

In the near future, the gasoline trimmer for the grass got the status of the 1st of the main tools in the arsenal of summer residents. And this is logical, because a motorized braid for grass allows you to quickly put a personal plot in order. But from time to time it happens that a trimmer for grass does not start hot and even cool. In such situations, it is necessary without the help of others to establish the cause of the malfunction. Let’s find out what to do if a trimmer does not start for grass. The prerequisites, which more often lead to such troubles, will be considered further.

Operation, maintenance and repair

The use and maintenance of any trimmers “StiHL” should be carried out in accordance with the instructions for operation, which is issued when buying equipment. Before starting the work of a braid for the grass, it is brought into working condition:

During the inspection, you can detect some malfunctions, such as stalling the motor, a braid for grass does not start or is not gaining momentum. In this case, they find the cause of malfunctions and eliminate them. Trimmer repair is performed with their own hands or use the services of service centers, workshops.

How a two.stroke engine works: briefly, but it is important to know for a clear launch of a lawn mower

Lawn mowers are produced with two.stroke or four.stroke internal combustion engines. The difference in the design is significant, but each model starts on the general principle. I show on the example of the Chinese trimmer for Eco grass.

The engine is called two.stroke because the full.time cycle is two tacts: the stroke of the piston from the upper dead point of the VMT to the lower NMT. In this case, the launch occurs with the second achievement of the upper position.

Similarly, chainsaws, boat engines and gasoline tools of another similar technique work. Consider the procedure. We are supposed to figure it out.

To start a trimmer motor for grass, we pull the starter’s cord. Its stretching is spinning a crankshaft with a flywheel creating the moment of inertia. The rotation of the crankshaft shaft is converted into the reciprocating movement of the piston.

The two.stroke motor has 4 working cycles:

  • The first movement of the piston from the VMT to the NMT is accompanied by the injection of the fuel mixture (gasoline with butter and air), when the carburetor inlet valve opens under the influence of the created vacuum;
  • The movement of the piston from NMT to the VMT: the intake and exhaust valves are closed, and the working mixture is compressed in a sealed volume;
  • Both valves remain closed. At the upper dead point of the piston through the contacts, the spark slides through the contacts.There is an explosion of compressed gases. Its strength with an impulse throws the piston down and rotates the crankshaft through the connecting rod;
  • The force of inertia of the flywheel directs the piston from the NMT up: the exhaust valve opens and through it the combustion products are pushed into the exhaust pipe.

All stages are performed automatically, but they are prepared by a person with his actions. When making errors it is made, the benzotrimer does not start and may break.

I try to make out all these points in more detail.

Cycle: what mistakes of beginners lead to breakdown of the engine of the trimmer for grass and exclude its normal operation

6 common mistakes with fuel

The manufacturer in the instructions clearly indicates the brand of gasoline with an octane number, oil and their proportions.

The first three errors are that the user of motorcycles violates all or one of these requirements. The motor will most likely start and work, but its resource may decrease sharply.

A small amount of oil, like its absence, will lead to the fact that the walls of the cylinder will not grease normally, and the piston rings will scratch them, and not slide.

Excess oil will simply burn, forming soot. She will pollute everything, including the piston and cylinder.

Failure gets into the valve, blocks their work, after which the motor will not start.

Will have to disassemble and clean the carburetor, or even put a new. Of course, you can try to wash the piston and the cylinder: it may be possible to bring them into working condition, but it is better not to bring them to.

The fuel mixture must be prepared with high quality and in strict proportion. The repair of a spoiled engine is expensive, about 70% of the price for a new gasoline trimmer for grass.

For the preparation of high.quality fuel mixture, I have a special container with a factory division of divisions in a set of trimmer for grass. Gasoline is neatly poured into it to the level of 500 ml, and then the oil to the required label.

An alternative method is the preparation of a fuel mixture with filling gasoline into a calibrated container, for example, a liter canister or a plastic bottle to a label, and an oil additive with a medical syringe according to its divisions.

The dosage with a syringe is more convenient, is considered the most popular way.

I recommend filling gasoline through a funnel with a narrow neck that has a filter: a metal mesh. protection against small garbage.

The prepared mixture should be well shaken and mixed until a uniform color appears. Only after that it can be poured into the tank.

If the mixture does not blame, then it will remain in the tank, and through the carburetor will enter the combustion chamber in portions with different ratios of gasoline and oil.

Fractions of clots of oil clog a candle. The motor stops, stalls, does not start. This is the fourth mistake of beginners.

It should be borne in mind that gasoline is hazardous. The risk of fire exists. Therefore, it is necessary to fill the mixture at a safe distance from the buildings, and in the case of the strait, which often happens to eliminate the causes of a possible fire. Violation of fire fighting measures. error

After pouring the fuel into the gas tank, the latter closes with a screw plug and the lack of leaks is checked. The trimmer for the grass is raised up so that the gasoline fills the cork. There should be no subterations from under the lid or from the fuel hoses.

Lack of such a check. an error can cause a fire.

There is one technical cunning that can cause a benzotrimer motor is not started due to the cessation of fuel supply. If you look carefully at the center of the traffic jam, then a round hole is clearly visible.

We turned Motokosa. Gasoline filled the cork, but does not flow through the hole: there is a sapphone inside. He is working.

On the inside, its design is clearly visible: a valve system of plastic and rubber is built.

In the usual state, the valve is pressed to the hole and the fuel does not flow. Когда бензомотор работает, то топливная смесь расходуется через карбюратор. A vacuum is created in the tank. The vacuum opens the valve of the saapon, the pressure is restored.

You should know the two consequences of a malfunction of the sapuna:

  • Constantly open hole. fuel pours out of the tank during its inclinations (excess consumption and the probability of fire).
  • Contamination or sticking of the valve channel is the reason that the lawn mower does not start or stalls.

Check the soundtress is easy: you need to blow it in both directions.

All about the gas tank cover, including the repair of the saapun, is shown in the video of Bogdan Shabanov.

3 additional advice associated with limited chemical resistance of a mixture of gasoline with oil:

  • Do not create an excessive fuel supply. Use freshly prepared fuel mixture. In a maximum of a couple of weeks, she will lose her useful qualities;
  • Prepare as much fuel as it will go to one mowing during the day. At the end of the work, drain the rest from the gas tank and burn the last drops from the fuel canal with a neglected engine;
  • It is especially dangerous to leave the mixture in the gas tank for a long time. winter. In the spring, you will make sure that the engine does not start without cleaning the carburetor (gasoline evaporated, the oil thickened and glued the valve).

In more detail, the technology for eliminating these malfunctions shows in its video video “Chinese lawn mower is not started” Sergey Lesnik. Pay attention to the fuel filter.

To adjust the work of the carburetor allows a special screw, but it is not worth it to twist it without need: the factory adjustment is accurately exhibited. It is better for novice users to contact the service center.


Work volume cm³ 36.3
Standard cutting tool grass knife, Ø230 mm, 2 blades
Power 1.4/1.9 kW/l.With.
Weight kg (1) 5.9
Volume of tank l 0.53
Sound pressure level with plastic instrument dB (A) (2) 95
Sound power level, with plastic instrument dB (A) (2) 108
Sound power level, with a metal instrument of dB (A) (2) 108
Vibration level on the left/right, with a plastic tool m/s² (3) 4.5/3.7 m/s²
Vibration level on the left/right with a metal tool m/s² (3) 4.4/3.9 m/s²
Total length (4) 180 cm
The diameter of the mowing 420 mm

(1) Without fuel, without cutting tools and protection (2) K-coefficient according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2.5 dB (A) (3) K-coefficient according to RL 2006/42/EG = 2 m/s² (4) without cutting tools

complex reasons for the refusal of the lawn mower

If the step-by-step algorithm for searching for a malfunction has not given a result, and your braid for grass still does not start or stalls, it is worth examining the carburetor and the engine itself. A clogged carburetor can become one of the reasons, unstable operation of the tool. Three main problems can be distinguished here:

  • Clogging of channels or nozzles. All this is cleaned with special flushing or blown by a powerful stream of compressed air from the compressor. Do not use needles and wire, so the passing sections can be damaged;
  • Wear of the carburetor laying. Output. replacing the failed laying;
  • Violation of tightness. To check this indicator, you can use the usual household tonometer, replacing the pressure gauge on it with the right. Follow the testimony: if they do not change, everything is fine, and since the pressure will begin to fall, then some part of the carburetor is faulty. Will have to find it and replace it with a new.

If everything is in order with the carburetor, then the gasoline trimmer for the grass may not be launched due to wear of the piston group. If chips, scratches or bully are found, on the piston or cylinder they should be replaced. Piston rings are subject to mandatory verification. A small rally piston when swaying the connecting rod indicates that the time has come to change the rings. This procedure is best entrusted to the specialists of the service center.

STIHL 180 saw stalls after heating

Why is a gasoline saw go out when I press on gas: causes and solutions

Often, the owners of the chainsaw have to deal with their breakdown, and it does not matter which model of this type of equipment, since the nature of the failures is almost the same for all. Well, this is a chainsaw stalled and what’s next? Undoubtedly, you can include equipment in specialized services that will repair your “iron friend” for a fee. But, as they say: why pay more?

In the end, you can personally disassemble the tool and repair it, since the breakdown can be insignificant, and for this you will have to pay a lot. But, of course, in order to return the tool to life, you must be able to understand the reasons for its refusal and how to eliminate it. So let’s study! In this article you can find answers to questions about situations where the tool simply rushes after a direct touch of gas. So let’s start.

The main elements of the chainsaw

Before we begin to deal with the problems with the breakdown and repair tools, let’s first find out what the chain has taken from, I would like to note that this tool belongs to the category of equipment, the work of which directly depends on the internal combustion engine.

It is also important that the chainsaws are equipped with an engine with one cylinder, and whose work is done on fuel such as gasoline. It is worth noting that, despite the resemblance to other tools, he does not have a gearbox. And it is replaced by a kind of chain single.stage gearbox through which the movement of the chain itself (saw) is produced.

In fact, chainsaws are a fairly simple design, but this does not prevent it from being reliable, practical and capable of fully ensuring immediate continuous and cyclic work even in rather difficult conditions. This tool consists of a huge range of certain elements of “vital” for proper and productive work. This carburetor, a device for direct tension of the chain, a tire equipped with a chain and other elements.

Before buying a chainsaw, be sure to study all the options and select a suitable brand of a chainsaw.

stihl, lawn, mower, started, manufacturer

To simplify your choice, we have made a chainsaw rating for you for reliability.

If you have a limited budget, read the article about the manufacturers of the chainsaw.

Characteristic and possible reasons for the refusal. Eliminate the problem with your own hands

Chainsaws. Pretty reliable and simple design. Therefore, if you carefully take care of them and deal with them based on the recommendations of the manufacturer, then they fail, very rarely, and quite quickly, various types of failures are eliminated. But if you are faced with such a situation and want to repair your tool yourself without addressing professionals, read the information presented below.

In fact, it is impossible to unequivocally and accurately determine the reason why the tool does not start or kiosks when you press the gas, since many factors affect this. But do not forget that starting with the fact that the chainsaws are equipped with a simple two.stroke engine, conditions such as lubrication, fuel, spark and air are important for its effective operation.

Therefore, the carburetor directly participates in the preparation of the fuel-air mixture, the filter cleans the air of dust, the ignition and the light of the ignition create a spark, and the lubricant. In gasoline.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for the reasons for this kind of breakdown in a sequential order, starting with simple and gradually moving on to complex. And this is an important factor in proper repairs, since a person who, not taking into account this, begins to analyze the carburetor, is at risk. Since this type of device must be repaired or adjusted directly in special workshops (read about the tuning of the carburetor).

    It is important that for the non.precise operation of the device it is necessary to directly process the fuel. Since, if such a mixture is not prepared correctly, most chainsaws simply will not begin. Therefore, not every owner will guess the reason for the fuel failure. Therefore, in order for your tool to always work correctly, you need to use exclusively high.quality gasoline for the mixture.

Glakes saw after short.term work

warming up idle, idlely, the bell in the piston.

Stihl 230 stalls after short.term work

And just use the oil produced by the manufacturer of your tool. In addition, it is important to prepare the type of mixture in the amount that you use for one or two weeks, but no more (see. A share of gasoline and oil for a chainsaw).

Since otherwise the excess mixture directly in the canister will lead to the fact that it will lose all its octane properties, and this will lead to significant problems with the tool.

  • In addition, the cause of the violation may be direct filling out the candle mixture during the operation of the mechanism. To solve this problem, it is necessary to unscrew and dry the candle, but remember that it cannot be burned in any case. Excessive fuel should be merged through the hole (candle), wait 20-30 minutes, then set it in place and repeat the attempt to start the tool.
  • Chainsaws stop when you press the gas due to the fact that there is no spark. This can happen if there is no good contact between the tip and the wire (high.voltage). However, if such a connection works correctly, but sparks still do not exist, then the whole reason. This is the ignition unit (electronic). It is important to note that such spare parts cannot be repaired, so they can be replaced. Checking a candle

Read disassembly of the chainsaw Stihl 180 Part 2

Do not forget that by studying the candle, you can get important information about the breakdown of the chainsaw. Since, if its surface is dry, then the reason for this is a cylinder that does not directly supply fuel. That’s why you should in stages check the entire range of your ideas. If the candle is in black carbon, this means that the carburetor works incorrectly, that is, it supplies a lot of fuel or pours oil directly into gasoline.

We analyze the possible causes of breakdown

Find why the tool cannot be launched in the instructions itself. But the instruction does not always come.

Although each model has its own characteristics, but in general they are all similar. Therefore, I will tell you about the possible reasons for the breakdown and possible solutions for different tools.

Find why the tool is not started in the annotation itself. But the abstract is not always under the hand.

Although any model has its own characteristics, in general, everything is similar. Therefore, I will tell the likely prerequisites for breakdown and probable methods for their elimination for various tools.

Consider the problems of Stihl 180 more:

  • Clogged carburetor or fuel filter. These are the most common problems that are very easily eliminated after cleaning. STIHL MS 180 saw does not give oil to the chain that I just did not, I took out the pump blowing the channels. Sometimes the filter has to be changed;
  • Replacement of a candle;
  • Sometimes a cylinder or seals need to be replaced.

STIHL saw quite strong and hardy, so often the breakdown can be eliminated by yourself. In fact, the same applies to Partner, Ural, Makita and Husqvarna models.

If a malfunction of its chainsaw is detected, we are looking for a cause with small, gradually checking and eliminating problems. Such problems is easy to eliminate independently. But if the breakdown is serious, and you do not have enough experience, then the specialist should do this.

Launching a lawn mower (trimmer for grass) STIHL FS 250 / Cold and hot launch

Fuel mixture flooded into the tank. The fishing line for the trimmer is tucked into the braid (or knife) and installed on the lawn mower.

Launching a lawn mower (cold start)

Manual fuel pump (primer), pump fuel into the carburetor. 5-6 presses.

We translate the lever of the air damper to the position closed.

On the control handle, squeeze the lock of the gas lever and the gas lever. Holding pressed, we transfer the switch to the Start position (ignition is on, the engine is ready to launch).

Try to lay the lawn mower so that the situation is stable. The lawn mower must only be pressed to the ground when starting. In no case do not get on the bar with your foot. It is enough to take the bar with your hand closer to the motor and press a little to the ground.

Pull the starter’s handle until the first stops and sharply pull it on yourself, you do not need to pull the cable to the very end to pull out.

We start up to the first flash. With the filter closed, the engine should start and stop (zooil).

Next, we transfer the filter damper to an open position.

#STIHLsecrets. STIHL Lawn Mower With Mono-Comfort Handle | STIHL GB

As soon as the engine starts, on the control handle, we squeeze the gas lever and the gas lever and it (switch) will automatically go to position I (the average position, the engine works or is ready to launch). And let go of the stop of the gas lever and gas lever. You can leave the engine idle for 1-2 minutes.

Next, squeezing the lock of the gas lever and the gas lever, mow all the grass for which you did all these manipulations.

Stop the engine of the lawn mower can be switched by switching (sorry for oil oil) to position 0.

Launching a lawn mower with a warmed engine

The filter damper should be in the open position. The switch is transferred to the Start position. We start. And switch to position I to idle. Squeezing the lock of gas lever and gas lever, mowing grass.

Launching a gasoline trimmer for STIHL grass

What to do when trimmers for grass do not start up?

The gasoline trimmer for the grass is a surprisingly desired tool with which you can dig not only a small clearing in front of the house, and a whole large lawn of large sizes. To chagrin, there is nothing endless in this world, and therefore you can face the fact that the trimmers for grass do not start up.

Газонокосилка RME-235 замена корпуса и мотора

It often happens that users of such cars try to “save”, pouring into the tank not a fuel with an ordinary octane number, but something incomprehensible, which has been in a plastic canister for almost a dozen years.

The main thing. Fuel mixture!

In this case, the remains of plastic plastic dissolved in the brutal environment are created in the combustion chamber so terrible things that you will definitely not be able I bought myself a new gasoline trimmer for grass how to start a video, you can find out. But you certainly remember how to store fuel forever.

What to do when the fuel was definitely normal, there is a spark, but a trimmer for grass does not start a gasoline? It is possible that you just flooded the candle with gasoline. In this case, it must be turned out, wiped with a clean rag and dry. By the way, it will be completely useful to check the candle for performance itself.

Correct starting correctly!

Often, trimmers for grass do not start up after they are trying to “put them into operation” after a long.term storage. How to start a trimmer for STIHL grass failures in this case are often due to the incorrect actions of the user.

If you encounter precisely this phenomenon, then when cold, you need to close the damper, then pump up a small amount of fuel mixture into the carburetor. Then stretch the starting hand to the sensation of resistance, after which, with sharp and energetic movements, start a trimmer for the grass.

STIHL FS 55. Launching the lawn mower to cold

How to get a cold gasoline trimmer for the STIHL FS-55 grass correctly. The video shows the process of launching motorcycles.

The correct launch of the STIHL FS 130R lawners for cold

Master class from the online store of the Electro-Benzo tool Masterplus lawn mower (trimmer for grass) STIHL FS 38 video.

After several jerks, he will start and stall, which is a normal phenomenon. Putting the damper to the working position, start the tool again and start working.


There are not only situations when trimmers for grass do not start, but cases when after launch they work for a couple of seconds and immediately stall. Inspect the light of the ignition again: if it is “thrown”, and this situation is repeated even after wiping it and drying, proceed to the “audit” of the air filter.

Most likely, he is completely erased and needs to be replaced. If everything is fine with the filter, it may be so that the ignition coil has failed.

In the case when the trimmers for grass do not start, and you have done all of the above, a muffler may be clogged. How to properly start a stihl 180 chainsaw, burn it on a burner, after which the entire carpet can be easily shaken out.

And again the carburetor.

Well, even if after such bullying your trimmer does not start for the grass, you can’t do without disassembling the carburetor. It may very well be that everything is to blame for the gathering of the needle in it. In any case, the disassembly and washing of this capricious mechanism certainly will not hurt.

In general, when a trimmer for the grass began to be capricious and stall, it is advisable to carry out complete prevention: to completely change the fuel mixture, try another oil, and also mandatory change the candle. Practice shows that in many cases, it is precisely cheap low.quality candles that are to blame.

We examined the most typical reasons why a trimmer is not started for grass. If the matter is something more “exotic”, do not pass the campaign in the service center. How to start a trimmer for grass grass for grass how to wind a trimmer for grass Lider BC 415 Videos. You will probably find smaller and obvious breakdowns yourself.

How to start a gasoline trimmer for grass

The process of commissioning the lawn mower, no matter you bought it now or got it after winter storage, the rules listed below will allow you to avoid the main errors that may damage the tool.

Suppose you just bought a gasoline trimmer for grass. Remove the instructions out of the box and see if all the parts of the lawn mowers that are indicated, you have. After that, you can start in the assembly.

Preparation of the fuel mixture and refueling

Next, take a measured container, with a scale applied to it, with its help you can prepare the mixture as accurately and quickly as possible. See in the instructions which brand of gasoline and 2-stroke oil https: // ru-sad.RU/Prinadlezhnosti-Dlya-Sadovoy-Tehniki/Masla-I-Smazki/recommended by the manufacturer of your lawn mower model. Pour gasoline and oil into a container for the preparation of the fuel mixture, according to the proportions specified in the instructions. Then the finished mixture neatly, through the funnel, pour the trimmer for the grass into the fuel tank. The ratio of gasoline and oil should be just the same as indicated in the instructions. This is a very important point!

stihl, lawn, mower, started, manufacturer

Launching a lawn mower with an unfinished engine

For the first launch of the lawn mower, find the air damper lever and put it in the position closed. Turn on the ignition on the handle. If your model has a manual fuel pump, the people are called a suction, then click on it 3-5 times until you see the fuel mixture inside the primer. Now the tool is ready to launch. Put a trimmer for grass on a flat surface to ensure a stable position. Smoothly stretch the trigger cable until you feel its resistance, and then pull the cord with a sharp movement 3-5 times.

If the engine started after 5 jerks, then open the air damper. If this does not happen, still open the air damper (with an open damper and continuation of attempts to start the engine, the fuel flows a candle and you will have to dry it, and this is extra waste).

Why is a Chinese lawn mower not developing momentum?

If you have done operations with the filter, but the work of a trimmer for grass working from gasoline remains the same, the benzotrimer does not gain momentum what to do?

Then you should try to extract the filter from the device in order to provide the so.called “relief” of the trimmer for grass. The lawn mower does not develop speed, why the Chinese benzotrimmer STIHL FS. Should help.

The next and rather common problem when working with a gasoline trimmer is that it simply stalls and does not give any signs of life.

In this case, the problem may be as follows:

The last and most common cause of the breakdown of a gasoline trimmer for grass is that the cable that is located in the carburetor department was just sleeping.

Therefore, make sure that it will be well pulled, but not to the limit, otherwise with too much load on the gasoline trimmer for grass, this small cable can crack and then you will definitely have to contact the service center, and then also throw out many money into the wind.

How to fix a disk or a fishing line for a trimmer on a trimmer

The cutting mill is attached to the executive organ. The mounting location is called a gearbox. It is not difficult to cope with the task of installing a disk or coil. The principle of consolidating cutting discs on the trimmer is as follows:

  • The figured washer is originally fixed by using a hexagonal key
  • On the shaft set the disk
  • Then install the upper washer, and then tighten it by means of the fastener
  • It is necessary to rotate the nut through a special end key, which is usually equipped with each tool
  • The rotation of the nut is carried out in the direction counterclockwise
  • When rotating, it is necessary to jam the shaft with a hexagonal key

In the opposite sequence, the disk on the trimmer is removed and replaced. details on how to install a coil with a fishing line on a lawn mower is described in this material.

The proportion of gasoline and oil for a trimmer for grass

In order to correctly dilute oil with gasoline for the preparation of the fuel mixture for a trimmer for grass, always follow the recommendations on the container from the oil. Most often this proportion is 1:50. For the preparation of the mixture, any quality oil for 2-stroke engines is suitable.

The first launch of the lawn mower will require you to be particularly attentive and caution. This is not a matter of a new tool or you put it into operation after prolonged downtime, compliance with simple first launch rules will help you avoid damage to the device.

Fuel gas station

The lawn mower works due to gasoline, which is easily ignited. Therefore, during the gas station, you should not smoke near. Before refueling, the motor turns off. Such manipulations should not be carried out until the engine has cooled, since the fuel can shimmer and begin to pose a fire hazard.

The fuel tank lock opens with particular caution, because excess pressure can cause fuel spraying. Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, which should be studied by you before using the device, refuel in well.ventilated places. If the fuel turned out to be shed, the device should immediately be cleaned from it so that it does not get on the clothes, otherwise the latter should be immediately changed.

After the refueling is completed to failure, tighten the threaded fuel tank lock. This will reduce the likelihood of its unscruption due to vibration of the motor. If this is not provided, then there will be a danger of fuel flowing. It is important to pay attention to leature. If the fuel turned out to be shed, then the engine should not be launched, otherwise the danger of burns may occur.

If the trimmer for the grass does not start, we check the serviceability of the filters

You will need to resort to checking the air filter, through which the incoming air is cleaned into the carburetor. The clogging of the cleansing element leads to the fact that the air enters in a smaller quantity or its supply to the carburetor is completely stopped. Find out whether the air filter is the reason that the trimmer for the grass is not started is in a simple way:

  • Remove the air filter and inspect it. The presence of clogging is already a reason to blame this detail in everything
  • If there are no clogs visually, then you must try to start the motor without a filter. If a trimmer for grass starts without a filter, then it is definitely necessary to replace this part
  • The air filter can be cleaned with a stream of compressed air, but if it has not changed for a long time, it is advisable to replace it with a new

It should be noted that a trimmer for grass can not start due to a blockage of an air filter, but these are extremely rare cases. Often, air filter clobs affect the stability of the engine, and also contribute to a decrease in performance.

It is interesting!If the chainsaw began without an air filter, then working as a tool without a filter element is contraindicated, since pollution will fall into the cylinder, and thereby the operational resource will decrease. The real reason why the gasoline trimmer for grass is not started is to clog the fuel filter. This part is located in the tank of the tool, and if the spit is already more than 2 years, then it is time to check the serviceability of the fuel element. If the filter is clogged, then the fuel mixture will not enter the carburetor accordingly, which means that the trimmer will not start the grass.

There are no difficulties with the replacement of the fuel filter, since for this it is enough to extract this part from the tank, and to replace it. If you are going to clean the fuel filter with a compressor, it is recommended to abandon this venture. It is better to buy a new filter for cleaning the fuel of the lawn mower, since clogs will still remain inside the old element. Below the video shows the process of replacing the fuel filter on the Oleo-Mac brand gasoline.

If you are not sure that the reason for the impossibility of launching a trimmer motor for grass is a cleansing element of fuel, then the following actions should be done:

  • Remove the fuel filter
  • Run the lawn mower
  • If she got started, and quickly, then the problem is really in the fuel filter

The filter is clogged through the following reasons:

  • With prolonged operation of the tool
  • If low.quality gas or oil is used
  • With prolonged storage of fuel in the tank of the tool
  • If you pour fuel into the tank, which was stored for a long time
  • When dust and small particles get into the tank of the tool. This usually happens during the tooling

It is interesting!If the fuel filter is working, and the lawn mower is not started, then it is worth making sure that the fuel hose is placed in the fuel. After all, there are times when the hose, along with the filter, is simply disconnected from the trunk tube, which leads to the impossibility of starting the engine engine.

STIHL FS 38 lawners is not started

If you often encounter the need to mow grass in this area, then specifically for this purpose, modern devices are used in the manner of trimmers or lawn mowers. In the midst of other solutions in the modern market, law mowers are represented, with the help of which of course to support the adjacent area in a well.groomed state. For one book from the fundamental advantages of the gas mowing is that it is not attached to the power source observing the principle of electronic units. However, you can use such equipment even in uneven areas and inaccessible places, the areas under the bushes should be included here.

The device of the Stihl FS 55 lawn mower is clear to you if you intend to operate the equipment, and even more it is more to repair it. The gasoline engine in this unit is almost the same, as well as in the chainsaw. But the tire of the latter is fixed to the motor gearbox with a long tubular rod. Snutri houses a shaft that transfers torque from the engine to a working tool. This design is suspended on a belt that is thrown over the shoulder. This allows you to delay the tool on weight, which is fundamentally with a sensitive mass of the chainsaw.

The handle is fixed to the unit rod, with the help of it, of course, move the end of the bar with the working inventory. Lawn mower “STIHL FS 55”, the abstract for repairs which is being presented according to the text of the article, not familiar to a person has a protective shield in the form of a casing, which eliminates injuries during operation. The tool itself is a round drum, on both sides of which a thick fishing line for a trimmer comes out of the holes. When the drum is spinning, the trimmer fishing line is pulled under the influence of centrifugal force and hit the grass, cutting it.

The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, the technical properties will be presented for you below, has a fast.significant nylon fishing line for a trimmer. It is sometimes updated by the way of unwinding the coil, which is located.

Repair of the Stihl FS55 lawn mower carburetor

The aforementioned equipment option costs 13,490, in fact, there is a premium device device. Thanks to its use, there is an option to care for the territory in a large suburban area. Equipment is succumbing to young and ancient grass, reeds and weeds, also a young shrubberry shoot.

Buyers like a bicycle pen that increases the convenience of management. During operation, the hands will be extended extensively, therefore it is easier to control the aggregate. He is very maneuverable. Buyers like that the handle and belt be adjusted to the needs of the operator.

The tool is an option to easily configure for comfortable implementation. Control elements are on one handle. You will not reach anywhere, everything is placed under the palm. Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, according to consumers, is comfortable for the fact that it has a couple of protective covers, one where it is installed for a knife, while the other is for fishing line. The casing for the latter has a narrowing of the bar.

The equipment described above must be used by putting on a special clothing and using equipment. Dressed by a man should not interfere during work. You should choose the one that perfectly adjacent to the body. It is necessary to exclude wide sleeves that can catch on the bushes, the wood breed, as it is also called the movable details of the unit.

Fundamentally remove ties and shai. This also applies to jewelry. While starting the Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, you need to put on protective boots with a rough sole. It is fundamentally used and a special protective helmet and glasses that exclude damage to the organs of vision.

The engine is launched far from the native edge of 3 m and not just from the place of refueling the device with fuel. These works cannot be done in a closed room. To you need to take a stable reliable position. Motor management is simultaneously retained very tightly. The cutting tool should not come into contact with the ground or objects, because when starting it can spin.

The Stihl FS 130 lawn mower is not started diagnosing defects, disassembly, repair

The unit is served only by one person, with all this, persons in the zone with a radius of up to 15 m should not be. Otherwise you will always be injured due to discarded items. Starting the Lawhil Model Motor Stihl FS 55, the properties are occupied by the text of the article, should not be carried out manually. The cutting tool after releasing the gas lever will move over the period of a certain time automatically. Flammable materials must be kept away from the hot stream of gases and the surface of the hot silencer, because it can be a prerequisite for the fire.

The lawn mower works due to gasoline, which is simply ignited. Therefore, at one time, it is harmful to smoke fuel. Before refueling, the motor turns off. It is not recommended to produce such manipulations until the engine has cooled, because the fuel can shimmer and begin to pose a fire hazard.

The fuel tank lock is revealed with special caution, because excess pressure will be a prerequisite for spraying fuel. The Stihl FS 55 lawn mower, the operating abstract can be studied by you before the use of the device, refuel in well.ventilated places. If the fuel turned out to be shed, the device should immediately be cleaned from it so that it does not get on the clothes, otherwise the latter should be changed immediately.

The main thing is the fuel mixture!

In this case, the remains of plastic plastic dissolved in the brutal environment are created in the combustion chamber so terrible things that you will definitely not be able. But you certainly remember how to correctly store fuel.

What to do when the fuel was definitely ordinary, there is a spark, but a trimmer for grass does not start a gasoline? It is possible that you just flooded the candle with gasoline. In this case, it must be turned out, wiped with a clean rag and dry. In general, when a trimmer for the grass began to act up and stall why a trimmer does not start for grass. By the way, it will be completely useful to check the candle for performance itself.

Gap and procedure for its exhibition in different cases

As a template, a strip of the required width and length carved from a conventional plastic bottle, for example, from under Pepsi-Cola, can be successfully used to put a gap of magneto.

It is only necessary to install it last, so as not to damage when carrying out repair work, using the same hair dryer for any purpose. After all, if it is crumpling from the effects of hot air, then there is no need to talk about the accuracy of the gap of Magneto.

It is with the help of a spacer carved from a plastic bottle that you can with high accuracy set the Magneto gap 0.25 mm, since its thickness is exactly the same. To make sure of this, it is enough to fold the strip four times and measure its total thickness with a caliper, which will be exactly 1.0 mm.

We put a spacer cut from a plastic bottle on the magnets of the Magneto flywheel, set the ignition coil in place and fix it with strong bolts of 8 by 8, after filling the holes with a thread on the case with a threaded latch.

We apply it on the bolts, twisting which, you must not forget to fix the terminal of the mass. It is better to use an electric screwdriver at the same time. We squeeze the bolts with a regular hand screwdriver with a hexagonal bat to the limit, since the use of a M-shaped hexagon can lead to a breakdown of the faces of bolts.

It remains, turning the flywheel with magnets, remove the plastic spacer and, continuing to rotate it, check the quality (uniformity) of the clearance when it turns from 0 to 360 degrees, which, with this approach, is ideal.

Some use the Magneto’s gap folded by half a photochex leaf, which is also permissible, but the use of a spacer from a plastic bottle gives the best result. over, it can be used reusads dozens of times.

It remains only to install body parts and you can run the engine to test how it starts and works.

Sometimes during operation, the ignition reel reels are deformed to the magneto housing, which does not allow you to reliably install it, since the holes in the coil and on the engine body do not coincide.

You can, of course, try to straighten out the defect, but it will be more reliable to put a new coil, especially since it is not too expensive.

All further actions are similar to the above case, unless the heads of fastening the spark plots can not be under the hexagon, but for the wrench and the cross.shaped screwdriver. But this does not change the essence of the matter: the tightening of these bolts should be guaranteed to be reliable, as in the first case.

To evaluate the quality of the work done, it is necessary to make sure there is a spark between the electrodes of the candle visually after the final assembly of the engine. To do this, we connect it to the mass and begin to turn the engine using the starting device of manual or electric.

The check for the spark has one nuance. If you sharply pull behind the kicks starter, then the spark will appear even with slightly faulty magnets of magneto and even completely non-working ignition coils. In this case, the presence of a spark is not yet an indicator of the serviceability of the ignition system.

The quality of sparking can only be judged by its appearance, when the flywheel Magneto does not rotate too quickly, for which the kicks starter should not be pulled, but evenly and not to pull.

Only in this case, the engine of the benzotrimer or chainsaw will be started without problems, both in the morning and throughout the entire working day (respectively, the so.called hot or cold launch).

If there is no spark with a slow movement of the starting device, then, most likely, you will have to change the ignition coil, set the gap of magneto or change the candle.

The practice of putting a gap on benzos and chainsaws described above for five years has justified itself completely. There have never been complaints from users after such a repair. This really helps when starting not only Chinese gasosos, but also European and even branded.

At all units, regardless of the manufacturer, putting the Magneto clearance 0.25 mm instead of 0.40 mm recommended by manufacturers, gives excellent results. Some people offer gaps 0.10-0.15 mm, but this. After all, there is a certain thermal expansion of the parts of the ignition system, the housing itself, the gas mower or chainsaw crankcase, and such a small gap can disappear altogether, which can lead to breakdowns (burning out), first of all, the ignition coils. Therefore, a gap of 0.25 mm is from all points of view optimal.