Trimmer for stihl grass gasoline cleaning of the carburetor. The lawn mower stall after starting

Cleaning Air filter of a trimmer for STIHL grass

Everyone who is not an enemy of their own chainsaw must understand once and forever that oil oil is exclusively in sayings, and there are suitable oil and not suitable in the chainsaws. Everyone wants to save, but, saving several hundred in engine oil (having bought not a synthetics of a regular company for 500, but some Chinese trash for 200), you can destroy a piston, at a couple of hours of work, at a price of 80% of the price of a chainsaw.

The same applies to the chain and tires real savings when using bad oils below the lost benefit after the failure of the chain and tire.

In addition, for domestic use, even the most precious oil is not an article for significant savings.

Falf of the brake of the quapi

If the brake of the chain does not work, then the prerequisite for you will more like the pollution of the brake tape with grease or sawdust with wood resin in other words.

Correct the case that has arisen is an option to clean the pollution and replace the brake tape.

As a seeing, a prerequisite for violations in the works of chainsaws are a variety of prerequisites. Try to comply with the advice given in the operating instructions during the work, apart from the current technical service periodically to maintain a chainsaw in a working state.

Ignition system

All types of motor troubles that were listed above will be caused by malfunctions that allow accounting (software) of the ignition. When they are searched for a malfunction, it is recommended to start with a candle. This is justified by the fact that its condition will also give useful information about the functioning of fuel allowing accounting (software). In the presence of troubles, turn out the candle and inspect it.

When the candle is dry, then, most likely, the inconsistent is not in the ignition system, in the non.fuel mixture in the cylinder. You can wrap the candle back and take up the fuel system. Когда свеча забрызгана топливной смесью, то имеется ее переизбыток. This will be more pleasing to you by the dilution of the carburetor or violation of the launch rules. The candle needs to be wiped and dried, draining the cylinder, later. block the fuel supply and work with a starter to remove an excess of fuel. After that, install a candle in the area and repeat the launch.

The ratio between gasoline and oil in the mixture is violated for you, the carburetor is not adjusted in otherwise, bad oil is used. Rinse the candle in gasoline, clean the needle from the carbar, as it is also called an awl, clean the electrodes with a small skin and install it to the district. Even when carrying out the repair of the Goodluck chainsaw in artisanal criteria, which consists in checking the candle, there is a huge basis to believe that the malfunctions are in the fuel system, it is necessary to check the candle for the presence of a spark.

there is no spark, you just need to change the candle. The prerequisites for the lack of a spark to be hidden in the failed ignition module or disorders of the gap between the magnetic circuit of the flywheel and him. The distance should be 0.4 mm. Violation of the gap is especially likely if before that you disassembled the saw with the filming of the ignition module and flywheel. The gap must be set using gaskets that have a thickness of 0.2.4 mm placed between the ignition module and a flywheel boss. Failed ignition module must be changed.

Cooper adjustment

Before this adjustment step, it is necessary to warm the engine for 5-10 minutes, avoiding huge revolutions.

Turning the idle adjustment screw (t/la/s) counterclockwise achieve low speeds when stable motor operation is ensured. Make sure the chain does not move with all this. In other words, if the engine stops at idle, trust the idle adjustment screw clockwise. In this case, the chain is set in motion, turn the screw counterclockwise.

To end the adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw, it is necessary to check the engine for acceleration and the largest turns.

Why does the lawn mower stall after starting?

After starting, the motor may stall if the carburetor is incorrectly configured or it has been resolved. On what signs can be understood that the reason really lies in this? Very simple, by vibrations that will be clearly felt during the work of a gas station. You can adjust the fuel supply with your own hands by completing everything that is written in the instrument operation instructions.

The motor can stall due to clogged fuel valve. The reason is eliminated by cleaning it. If the lawn mower started up, and then stalled sharply, then it is difficult to supply fuel to the carburetor. Weaken the valves of the carburetor to ensure the free approach of the fuel to it in the right amount.

With excessive air leaks, the engine may also stall. Add the engine speed so that air bubbles come out faster from the fuel system of the unit. Be sure to check the integrity of the fuel hose. In case of mechanical damage (cracks, punctures, etc.P.), replace the part.

Detailed STIHL FS 55 review. Which motorcycle to buy for home

Buy for home. Compare the 4 most popular braids for grass in Ukraine: 1)

mechanical. to defend and store gasoline for work not in metal containers and not longer than 1 (one) month, otherwise it oxidizes and loses its properties; chemical. impurities and additives should not be present (they have different speed, degree and temperature of combustion). Old gasoline turns yellow or reddish, and impurities have pungent smells of bitterness (for example, creosot) or acid (for example, methyl alcohol). The proportion of the fuel mixture is 1:50 (2%) or 20 ml/cm3 of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. For example, pour half a gasoline measure into a transparent plastic bottle (1 l), then administer a two.stroke oil with a medical syringe (20 ml/cm3) and mix, add gasoline and mix thoroughly. If the quality of gasoline is doubtful or the working conditions are difficult, then the amount of oil can be increased to 22-25 ml/cm3. Before each refueling, shake the mixture! Store the resulting fuel for no more than two weeks! If the color of the mixture has changed (from the color of the sea wave, for example, brown), then it is not recommended to use it!

The device of the carburetor of the lawn mower

Diffuser is equipped with fuel channels. Fuel is drawn from them using a stream of air.

STIHL FS 55. Carburetor adjustment (idle)

Adjustment of a trimmer carburetor for STIHL grass

FS 55 in the video is performed in order to adjust the revolution of the idle.

Repair of the Stihl FS55 lawn mower carburetor

Replacement of the sealing ring, accelerator in the carburetor of the lawn mower

Electric trimmer for STIHL FSE 81 grass. description and equipment

Despite the relatively low power, this electric trimmer for the grass STIHL is able to cope with the implementation of a number of complex tasks: mowing thick growth, clearing young wild shrubs and cutting hard stems of weeds. During everyday operation, the trimmer for STIHL 81 grass shows low energy consumption and unpretentiousness in care.

The main parameters of the trimmer for the grass include:

  • The power of the standard motor is 1000 watts;
  • The maximum possible capture diameter when mowing with a fishing line is 40 cm;
  • capture diameter when cutting with a knife. 20 cm;
  • working form. 5 kg.

The manufacturer has provided free access to frequently replaced elements of braids for grass, which greatly simplifies its independent repair and preventive maintenance.

From personal experience

Trimmer for grass is a broader concept than a lawn mower (lawn mower), since it can also be an electric. The gasoline trimmer for grass and the lawn mower is the same thing.

Some authors assure that a trimmer for grass is a weaker tool, unlike a more powerful lawn mower, which can be used to mow shrubs. Personally, I have a tool with a maximum capacity of 1.7 kW and capable, as stated in the instructions, to mow a small shrub up to 10 mm thick. User manual is called “trimmer for gasoline grass”.

I read somewhere that if the law mowing manual and the canister with butter indicates different proportions of the preparation of the fuel mixture, the proportion indicated in the manual should be used.

It was done for a long time. excess oil flowed out of the engine to the gas tank and the fiber was constantly formed on the candle, since the leadership indicated a proportion for a engine 1:25, and on the canister. 1:50. After the transition to a proportion of 1:50, the appearance of oil fluxes stopped. The candle continued to burn, but with less intensity (the carburetor has not yet been adjusted).

Until now, some users of the benzo tool determine the fuel mixture “by eye”. If when preparing the mixture the amount of oil is underestimated, after a while an extraneous sound may appear immediately after the engine starts, gradually disappeared during heating, and the engine stop occurs with a sharp jerk. The continuation of the operation of a trimmer for grass in this mode will lead to its failure.

Stihl trimmer won’t start or has no power? How to adjust the valves on a Stihl 4 mix. Repair Vlog

Clead cleaning

In the worst times of the work with a trimmer with an unresolved carburetor, the engine stopped starting after using each fuel tank. And only after cleaning the candle from the car, could you continue to work.

Incredibly, one fuel mixture tank with an unresolved carburetor can be spent in less than 10 minutes. verified in practice, when the trimmer for the grass was launched and operated at high speeds with maximum fuel supply (the adjusting screw was unscrewed much more than the norm).

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Trimmer starts and dies. Quick fix.

The principle of operation of the carburetor of the lawn mower

The throttle dashes determines the amount of air for supply, and the engine power directly depends on this.

Fuel is sucked into the carburetor system (its membrane). Then passes through the fitting in the carburetor. Next, the liquid moves through the intake and exhaust valve of the pump. Filtered with a net. The needle valve moves into the membrane chamber.

  • Air supply to the tube with an air septum (damper). The partition regulates the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel supply system is necessarily narrowed by a diffuser to increase the flow rate.
  • Gasoline through the float chamber and nozzle with narrowing. The chamber with a float regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. In the float chamber, the pressure level is neutral, and in the tube with narrowing is already low. Thanks to the pressure drop, fuel penetrates through the jetler.
  • Air flow acceleration contributes to the transfer of fuel (gasoline) and its spray. As a result, the air-fuel mixture of the necessary proportion or density is formed.
  • The air-fuel mixture penetrates the engine cylinder through the fuel tube.

Simply put, adjusting the carburetor on a benzocos. creating an optimal fuel mixture due to the correct air supply.

Adjustment of the carburetor of the gas tanker STIHL 55

The trimmer for the grass does not apply to complex household appliances, since most of its malfunctions are mechanical and can be successfully eliminated with their own hands. Even if the engine fails for good reason. For example, damage to the piston ring, repair is reduced to the replacement of parts.

And in a relative design, such a part of the device as the carburetor should be adjusted.

How does it work

Carburetor. This is the energy system module in which liquid fuel and air are mixed before supplying to the engine cylinders. Depending on the instrument and its operating mode, mixing and supply are regulated accordingly.

Carburetor cutter is uniform in almost all cases. The price of FS 38 for recreation should be adjusted using a carburetor screw. Belongs to the category of floating devices. How to adjust the carburetor on a scooter. Honda part AF-34. The latter provide constant characteristics of the finished consistency.

The mechanism of the module is as follows.

  • The air enters the body of the tube with an air damper. Adjustment of the carburetor of the cooler of the trimmer for grass FS 55 in the video How to adjust the carburetor. The latter increases or decreases the flow of air depending on its position.
  • In the zone where the gas supply hole is formed, the tube has a hood. diffuser. Adjustment of a trimmer for the grass of the carburetor carburetor fs 55 in the video is performed to adjust the blank speed. Here the flow rate increases.
  • Fuel from the float chamber through the nozzle is supplied to the pipe. The level of the float determines the amount of fuel supplied. How to adjust 24, I removed the carburetor from the diode, I do not know the rings on the pistons of Honda Dio 34. Since the pressure in the chamber is normal, and in the pipe is low due to a large air vacuum, the gas is absorbed through the nozzle.
  • The accelerated air flow collects fuel and spray it, forming the fuel.air mixture of the corresponding density.
  • The mixture is sucked into the cylinder through the pipe.

The larger the air damper in the pipe is open, the higher the density of the air flow and more fuel enters the cylinder. A carbon tunnel settings are reduced to the damping coefficient, in which the consistency of fuel becomes good.

Signs of imbalance

Carburetor adjustment, of course, is carried out in the manufacture of the device. Typically, the need to regulate owners will be able to independently deliver fuel only after serious breakdowns, during which the module was removed and, for example, cleared.

Signs of a malfunction in the settings are as follows:

  • It starts, but the engine stops here. Since the engine can only operate when a certain amount of very “bad” gasoline is supplied, in other words, blocking the supply channel, the engine stops;
  • Very high fuel consumption, many exhaust gases. The result of incomplete combustion of consistency. In this case there is a lot of fuel, and the mixture is very thick.

Carburetor gasoline braids are quiet, Makita, Husqvarna and others are regulated by adjusting screws. Sometimes a prerequisite for a malfunction is a violation of fixation. due to vibration or damage to a protective cap. You can find such a breakdown by just trying to turn the screw a little: if the lock is not hard, you must check the settings.

Repair of the Carburetor Stihl FS55

Replacing the sealing ring, accelerator in carburetor gasoline braids (Benzotrimer) Stihl FS55.

STIHL FS 55. Carburetor adjustment (idle)

Adjustment of a trimmer for the grass of the Calm FS 55 carburetor in the video is made for this purpose to adjust the blank speed

Make a carburetor to adjust

The module configuration cannot be repaired, and the replacement is not required. In this case, the repair kit of the carburetor for a gas trimmer for grass is not required.

  • L. Initially regulated because it is responsible for supplying fuel at low speeds;
  • N. is responsible for supplying gasoline at high speeds, as well as for fuel consumption and temperature;
  • T. Used to debug idling.

There are options, usually it is a carburetor of Chinese brushes with one screw only to drive to the body. For idle. How to set up a new Japanese carburetor on your Honda Dio 27 moped. This does not mean that the module is configured automatically. This means that it will be difficult to even repair this type of repair. As a rule, it is necessary to adjust the consumption of the silent brush of the carburetor. The photo shows the adjustment of the Chinese gasoline carburetor.

  • The module is set up only when the engine is heated: for this, the device first turns on for 10 minutes. If the braid is at idle, immediately start adjusting: turn the tint t counterclockwise until it stops rotating.
  • Adjustment starts with a screw l. The screw rotates to the left and right until it finds its position in which the idle speed does not become maximum.
  • Then turn the screw counterclockwise. Board.cutting carburetor is a knot in the energy system. How to adjust the carburetor. This will be his work position.
  • The idle action should be adjusted in turn counterclockwise to increase the speed and clockwise. decrease. Its setting is to achieve a regime in which sufficient rotation is performed before the mower begins to rotate. In this case, the engine should work stably in different positions.
  • The position of the screw L is determined by the last. At maximum speeds, a trimmer for grass should not work for more than 10 seconds. STIHL FS 55 Lawn mower Stihl FS55 Stihl FS 55 Lawn Model. How to adjust the carburetor. The throttle opens, the screw rotates clockwise, very slowly, until the rotation speed decreases to the ear level.
  • Then the screw also slowly rotates counterclockwise until the engine starts to crawl with failures. Then the screw turns back the clock, until the engine rests normally.

Carburetor STIHL MM 55

All photos from the opening of Stihl Zyudvest LLC, so I can’t show the workflow workplace the mechanic’s workplace and the table with Uzmm (ultrasonic washing machine) room for repair and lifting platform for the diagnosis of Viking rooms another workplace of mechanics and shelving for tools (a person does not enter the kit) room room for checking high.pressure sinks room premises a flushing corner room premises stand for launch tests. Its upper part and knee of the “hose” for the removal of exhaust gases. The premises of the fence part of the “hose” (in the background of the fire cabinet for combustible materials) room room for working with chains and bays Premises a common table “Just in case” Premises Haping machines with a dust cutter system/for a cutting tooth/for a restrictive tooth ) A series of photos specifically for those who looked at the special tool like that

Carburetor Carburetor

If you need advice on professional cleaning the carburetor, check out this article. In it you will learn how to clean the carburetor of a two.stroke engine and under what circumstances you may need to clean it. The carburetor of a small engine is usually cleaned when the carburetor is restored, but there are a number of reasons why you may need only to clean it.

Proper cleaning of a two.stroke engine carburetor implies a complete disassembly and assembly of the device. The steps are explained below how to disassemble, clean and assemble the carburetor of the two.stroke engine.

Advice! There are many small details in the carburetor. Keep the details in a convenient manner for you to assemble the assembly quickly and accurately.

Unscrew two screws that attach the lower cover to the carburetor body. On some models, the lower cover is attached by four screws.

Remove the diaphragm and layout of the diaphragm and divide them if necessary.

The diaphragm will be easily disconnected after you remove the lower cover.

The diaphragm laying often adheres to the diaphragm, therefore, if they are glued, they must be divided for subsequent careful cleaning.

Remove the needle valve mechanism.

The needle valve mechanism consists of three parts: needles, lever, and springs. It will be seen after extracting the diaphragm.

The mechanism of the needle valve holds a ktykvetzhny screw. Unscrew the needle valve screw to extract the mechanism from the carburetor housing.

Make sure that the spring remains in place after you remove the screw. She can fly out and you will lose several important valve details with her.

Do not forget to fold the carburetor parts in order during disassembly.

Disconnect the primer and the plate holding it.

The primer holds the plate screwed with two screws in the case. Unscrew two screws that hold the plate.

Remove the base of the primer and the plate valve of the carburetor.

By unscrewing the screws, you will free the base of the primer from the carburetor housing.

Put it aside for cleaning. Look at the thin plate valve between the base of the primer and the carburetor body. Carefully disconnect it: it is very important for the proper operation of the device and requires careful handling. If you damage it, then most likely you will have to change the entire carburetor completely.

That’s all! You completely dismantled the carburetor of the two.stroke engine and all parts of this device are now ready to clean.

You will need the following to clean your carburetor:

The cleaning procedure for each part of the carburetor is approximately the same and consists of the same steps:

Clean the outer part. 2. Clean the inner part. 3. Dry the parts. four. Be very careful with sensitive parts.

Start with the carburetor case and do not be afraid to use a lot of cleaner.

Clean all holes in the case and the paths along which fuel passes.

Dry the body thoroughly with compressed air (if available) and put it on a towel to continue drying.

Go to other parts of the carburetor.

The internal holes of the primer require cleaning, as well as the holes on the carburetor body.

There are several parts of the carburetor that need additional consideration and specific cleaning, including a plate valve, a mesh filter on the case, and the diaphragm. The plating valve must be cleaned very carefully. Use less cleansing unity so as not to damage the details.

Quickly dry the plate valve and put on a clean towel. Many carburetor designs include a small mesh filter on the case. This filter is easily damaged when removing. It is better to leave it in place if there are no replaceable filters. The diaphragm is another part that requires delicate cleaning. The diaphragm is made, as a rule, of rather thin rubber, so if there is no spare at hand, it is better to clean it only with extreme necessity.

Removing the handle

Direct disassembly of the STIHL 180, begins with the removal of the handle, which is attached to the chainsaw housing using three rubber shock absorbers. To remove, it is necessary to remove the plastic plugs from the inner cavity of shock absorbers, after which with the help of a powerful screwdriver, squeeze the upper shock absorber first, then the one which is closer to the posterior handle.

A gas trigger is installed in the back of the handle, which is connected to the carburetor through the wire traction in order to disconnect the thrust from the gas trigger, it is necessary to unwind two screws and disassemble the handle.

When the handle remains on one shock absorber, it is necessary to turn the chainsaw housing from the inside of the handle and breaking to the side, remove the case from the last elastic band.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

To mechanize the work on mowing of grass in a small area, the Stihl FS38 lawn mower is adapted as well as possible. The cleanliness and accuracy of the cut, mobility, lightness and high performance are huge advantages, compared to manual oblique.

Of the malfunctions, the owners often note that immediately after the start of the STIHL, the STIHL lawn mower can simply stall. In this case, you need to check the fuel channel for clogging. Another reason may be hidden in the improper adjustment of the carburetor, which is easily eliminated in accordance with the recommendations for maintenance.

The well.known brand guarantees the reliability of certified products, which is noted by the owners of technology.

Checking filters

Another common cause, due to which a trimmer for grass does not start, is the presence of a blockage in the filter area. To confirm the conjecture, just dismantle the indicated block and try to start the unit without it. If the engine of the trimmer for the grass has launched, most likely you will have to replace the air filter or at least perform a thorough purge of the old. In the presence of abundant contaminants on the surface of the filter element, it is necessary to use a new grid. Relying to such actions, you should not leave a suction pipe at all without a filter. After all, rush in this case can lead to the need to repair the entire piston group of the unit engine.

How to wash a trimmer for grass?

The most important thing must be remembered. a trimmer for grass cannot be washed under water, it should not contact with moisture. You can wash only a removable nozzle, while the machine itself must be cleaned with dry material.

Insufficient compression

If the compression is insufficient, then starting the engine, in most cases, will not work. To check the compression, you can use the car compressometer.

  • Twist a candle from the ICE cylinder.
  • Screw in its place a compressometer.
  • Start pulling the launch cord as you do when starting a lawn mower. Do this until the shooter on the measuring device stops moving towards the increase. This value will show the compression force of this engine.

What compression should be? Normally, the compression should be at least 8 kg/cm2. Although even at 8 kg/cm2, some engines do not have idle and stall, since the fuel does not pump in a sufficient way. If your gas station does not pump above 8 kg/cm2, you will have to check the cylinder, piston and rings.

Poor compression can also be due to a slightly screwed carburetor. Check if he is staggering. If so, then tighten the fastener that holds it. Also, if the carburetor is poorly screwed, you can notice that gasoline is dripping during operation.

Sapun and graduation channel

Often, “delicate” branded models of benzos are not launched and stall due. The main function of this element is to align the pressure in the gas tank. When clogging this node, a vacuum is created in the tank that prevents the supply of fuel. Eliminate the malfunction can be cleaned by cleaning the sounds. You can use a regular needle for cleaning.

Normal work of cos with internal combustion engines can be disturbed due to dirt from the exhaust channel or clogging of the muffler grid. There is such a problem on the models of the older generation. You can solve the issue with traditional cleaning and removal.


Sapun is a check valve that is designed to level pressure in the gas tank.

If it clogs and does not let air towards the tank, then a vacuum forms inside the fuel container, and the fuel ceases to enter the carburetor.

To check the valve serviceability, remove the hose that comes from the tank to the carburetor. If gasoline does not flow out from the tank, it means that the saapun is clogged.

Trimmeres users often ask the question: where is the sapun? This valve is usually in the gas tank cover and looks as shown in the next figure.

Cleaning the bacon is very simple: disassemble the valve and rinse all its components. In some benzocoses, this valve can be located directly on the fuel tank. It will not be possible to find it at once, since it is hidden from the eyes under the starter case. Such a sapun is cleaned with a regular needle.

Graduation channel

The reason that the trimmer for the grass has significantly lost power, and when trying to increase engine speed, it gains them slowly, often the clogging of the exhaust channel, through which exhaust gases come out of the combustion chamber.

It is necessary to remove the muffler so that the burn does not get inside the cylinder. Next, clean the exhaust channel from the car.

You need to do this very carefully, avoiding the hit of the carbar into the combustion chamber.

After this procedure, the weak power of the unit and the slow set of speed of rotation of the mowing head will no longer upset you.

Damage of gasoline trimmers

Typical breakdowns of a gasoline trimmer for grass, which are most often faced with the owners of this unit, are as follows:

  • engine breakdown;
  • problems with the carburetor;
  • problems with the supply of fuel;
  • muffler malfunction;
  • gearal breakdown;
  • The starter broke;
  • Air filter problems;
  • Broken a buckshot on a gas tank.

How to disassemble a gearbox of a trimmer for grass

If the lawn mower does not start or immediately stalls after starting, it is necessary to sequentially check all the main nodes and assemblies. The test algorithm is as follows:

  • Fuel tank (fuel quality);
  • Candle and candle channel;
  • Air filter;
  • Fuel filter;
  • Breather;
  • Graduation channel.

These nodes are most often source of basic problems, which can be eliminated after a thorough inspection.

Check the fuel mixture

Before starting the engine of a gasoline braid for grass, check the presence, and the quality of the fuel mixture. Do not save, do not greedy and “do not smarter” in this matter. Repair or replacement of the piston group will cost you too much (sometimes up to 70% of the cost of a new tool). Prepare the oil fuel mixture strictly according to the instructions. Calculate its number from real needs. Excess gasoline left after work loses its qualities over time.

We diagnose a candle and candle canal

If the quality of the fuel mixture is not in doubt, and the lawn mower stalls when starting, then a flooded candle may be the reason. Here, a regular candle key is suitable for repair (every motorist has probably has a spare candle.

  • We twist the candle and wipe;
  • We thoroughly dry it (you should not bake it);
  • Excess fuel in the chamber we drain through the candle hole and dry it;
  • We clean the old candle from the carbon on a sugar or a ladies’ file;
  • We set a gap with a distance of 1 mm (you can check with any coin);
  • We return everything to place and try to start a trimmer for the grass.

If the working candle is working, the nest, where it is located completely dry, and the lawn mower does not want to start, lubricate the threaded connection with gasoline. It should be slightly moisturized. No matter what wonderful spark gives out a candle, there is simply nothing to light up in a dry chamber.

If the trimmer engine for grass still does not start, such a cause as the lack of spark due to weak contact between candles and a high-voltage wire should be excluded. If the connection is of high quality, and there are no sparks, most likely, you have “flew” the ignition unit. Here you can’t do without a master, t. to. The part is not repaired, but sold by a whole knot.

Diagnosis of the filters of the lawn mower

Another reason why the gasoline braid for grass stalls is an air filter. To exclude it, try to remove the filter and start a trimmer for grass without it. If it turns out, then you will have to change the air filter to a new one, or at least blow and carefully clean the old.

You can’t start a gasoline trimmer for grass due to contamination of the fuel filter. This is the next stage of our algorithm. Here we check the state of the filter element and, if necessary, change it with the new. When replacing, try not to leave a suction pipe without a filter, this is prohibited by any operating instructions. Rush can turn into the repair of the piston group of the engine.

Detailed STIHL FS 55 review. Which motorcycle to buy for home

Buy for home. We compare the 4 most popular braids for grass in Ukraine: 1) stihl fs 55 2) mechanical. to defend and store gasoline for work not in metal containers and no longer than 1 (one) month, otherwise it oxidizes and loses its properties; chemical. impurities and additives should not be present (they have different speed, degree and temperature of combustion). Old gasoline turns yellow or reddish, and impurities have pungent smells of bitterness (for example, creosot) or acid (for example, methyl alcohol).The proportion of the fuel mixture is 1:50 (2%) or 20 ml/cm3 of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. For example, pour half a gasoline measure into a transparent plastic bottle (1 l), then administer a two.stroke oil with a medical syringe (20 ml/cm3) and mix, add gasoline and mix thoroughly. If the quality of gasoline is doubtful or the working conditions are difficult, then the amount of oil can be increased to 22-25 ml/cm3. Before each refueling, shake the mixture! Store the resulting fuel for no more than two weeks! If the color of the mixture has changed (from the color of the sea wave, for example, brown), then it is not recommended to use it!

The trimmer for the grass is launched as follows: when the cord is tending, the flywheel dog lies with the teeth of the starter coil, and then, with more energetic tension, leads to the launch of the motor. With a too sharp launch, the blow to the dogs leads to the destruction of the coil.

the lawn mower repair the starter with your own hands excludes. The module is sold in the form of a finished node, and is simply replaced by a new.

Repair of the carburetor of the lawn mower

  • First of all, the device is examined outside for fuel leakage. Then the fuel hose is blown, since often the reason for the refusal is its clogging.
  • If everything is in order, check the gasket between the engine and the carburetor and, if necessary, change.
  • A special device or using a medical tonometer check the tightness. If the pressure decreases, then the gas mower of the carburetor repair requires.
  • Independently, as a rule, you can only disassemble and clean the device. The module is cleaned with gasoline. Cleaning the nozzle and channels is carried out by compressed air. With very strong clogging, thin copper wire is used.

Setting up the device is a rather complicated procedure. If after assembling and checking the carburetor, the trimmer for the grass starts, but immediately stalls. this is a sign of failure in the settings. repair of the lawn mower in the video is presented on the example of Husqvarna and Stihl devices.

How to clean the air mowing air filter

A trimmer for grass is an inconspicuous thing on a garden plot. If you want to support the beauty of lawns in the country, a trimmer for grass will help to quickly cut the grass with the least efforts.

As well as no matter what other equipment, it needs saving operation. First of all, you need to create a substitution of the fuel and air filter in time.

trimmer, stihl, grass, gasoline, cleaning

It is not necessary to give equipment to the service here. to cope with the task will be able to at least.

Types and principle of the filters for a trimmer for grass

In modern motorcycles, two types of filters are used. fuel and air.

Even the most high.quality fuel has different additives that are rapidly accumulating and disables the technique.

Outside it is completely small. Make it from felt material. A compactly folded felt manufacturer placed in an iron tip and has a fuel tank on a fuel tank clipping tube.

Placement option. in the highway between the carburetor and the tank. Probably the owners of the trimmers note even extremely painstaking cleaning, because the material is rapidly clogged so much that it asks for working substitutions.

Unique consumables can always be bought in specialized stores. Average apiece.

Its main purpose is to detain mud and dust entering a trimmer for grass from the outside at the time.

With mowing, not only dust, and a small sor of the crushed grass, which of course, rapidly clog the equipment, often rises into the air. A good filter will warn the engine breakdown, even if the air is very contaminated.

How to clean an air filter motorcycles ?

How to rinse or clean an air filter on a benzotrimer, benzos, experimental: Izhmash Industrial Line GT 4350.

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The place of its location can change depending on the model of the trimmer for the grass, but usually is on the side of the device body under the protective casing.

The casing is fixed differently on the bolt, or with latches, which are not at all difficult to open to pull out the contents. You will like the filter itself made in the appearance of ring or records made of foam, felt, fleece.

If you mow approximately several times within a week, then it will be enough to create a substitution at least once a year. With more saturated use, the check and substitution are made to be carried out more often.

How to clean filter On the trimmer

There is a moment of the need to wash the air filter for the Husqvarna grass for another of any other manufacturer. There are no obstacles, and you can remove pollution from it without the help of others a couple of hours before the mowing.

  • Unscrew the bolt on the protective casing or squeeze the latches.
  • We take out the filter and inspect. To delete what remains to make our client accumulated oil and other pollution, there will be gasoline.
  • We water the gasoline from the canister to the dirty filter and wash off what remains to make our client oil. Squeeze and leave to dry in a minimum for 4 hours.
  • We wipe the installation site with a cloth moistened in gasoline.
  • We install what remains to make our client in the area and close the casing.

Lapal water is used instead of gasoline, but it removes the mud by no less excellent.

For a candidate, flushing can be recommended by blowing, as it is also called just shaking of the tale. These cleaning options are suitable in this case if there are no oil pollution.

Replacement of the fuel filter of a trimmer for grass

Make it completely possible for everyone. You can adhere to the subsequent method.

The 1st that you need to do this to extract Fear tube (Watch the video), because the filter itself is the snut of the fuel tank. For this purpose, we pull your hands for the pipeline only on ourselves. In the process of removing the seal, the fence tube should jump off and stay in the tank. Pinzet will help to pull it out of there. You can also drain gasoline from the tank and remove the fence tube through the hole.

We take a new filter, put on this address a fence tube and a spring ring.

We install the sealing ring back on the pipeline, fasten the fence tube with a new filter to it and season in the tank, coupled with the tube.

Install the sealing ring to the place. Slightly turn around our own axis, so that the connection is fixed.

Garden Trimmer

A light and convenient trimmer for grass for removing grass, and even without a odorous fuel or an annoying electric cord clinging to everything that can be for which. You can mow vegetation even in the most inaccessible places, for example, near the fence, border or around the trees.

Powerful electric motor

Cope with dry grass and large weeds

Telescopic pen

will reach the most uncomfortable places

Protective shield

protect the face and eyes from flying garbage

Trimmer equipment for grass

Power: 6 AA batteries (not included)

Garden Trimmer Effective and economical

Compare a trimmer for grass for Garden Trimmer grass with more expensive and uncomfortable benzotrimers

Garden Trimmer

  • Price: 1590 rub
  • Compact and light
  • Does not require skills in circulation
  • Small
  • Safe
  • Works from cheap batteries aa


  • Price: from 8000r
  • Heavy and inconvenient
  • Requires skills in circulation
  • Very noisy
  • Traumatic
  • Additional expenses for gasoline and oil

“Great thing for pumping grass”

Powerful enough with its slight weight. What is important to me. a motor in a very durable case; You can work on wet grass and are not afraid that the trimmer for the grass will burn. A great thing for pumping grass along the fence on the site and between the trees. Dry grass and dandelions pumps out quickly and efficiently. You can safely work with a fishing line in a vertical plane.

“There were no breakdowns for two seasons of operation”

Powerful trimmer for grass. I have been using it in the village for 2 years, until I failed. The grass is also out of the overgrown, but the trimmer for the grass does perfectly, the grass does not wound on a fishing line for a trimmer. For two seasons of operation there were no breakdowns. A trimmer for grass is perfect where it is necessary to mow grass not only in the country, small areas, but also in the adjacent territories.

“For maintaining in a neat condition of 6-7 acres just right”

This trimmer for the grass is not the first, before that there was another manufacturer, after which the hands were shaking for another hour from vibration. There are no problems with Garden Trimmer with vibration. work comfortably. No backlash is not yet observed. There is a shield for a trimmer and a shield. I use the fishing line for my site, its consumption is small. For a neat state of 6-7 acres just right.