Trimmer Petrol Echo Srm-330es

Trimmer Petrol Echo Srm-330es

ECHO SRM-330ES trimmer is a professional Japanese trimmer with an easy-start system and a forged shaft, T-handle and a straight bar. It has an active vibration damping system. Designed for mowing grass, weed, dead wood and shrubs in large areas with a total area of ​​more than 25 acres. It is equipped with a high-strength semi-automatic reel with fishing line, glasses for protecting the organs of vision, a shoulder strap and a metal disk. Perfect for demanding users and utilities. The professional model of the Japanese ECHO SRM-330ES trimmer is intended for constant use by municipal services. The engine resource of the brushcutter is at least 2500 hours. The trimmer is equipped with the main distinguishing components characteristic of a professional tool, such as: Vibration damping system, easy start system, forged crankshaft and engine connecting rod, triple cylinder coating system, forged twisting shaft mounted on multiple bearings, professional serviced bevel gear, electronic ignition system, centrifugal clutch. The braid kit includes: Impact-resistant semi-automatic spool with large diameter fishing line (3 mm), steel three-blade disc for weed, shrub and small shoots (saw blades can be installed), a professional two-shoulder knapsack belt with a leg and glasses to protect eyes. The ECHO SRM-330ES trimmer is the second professional trimmer in the ECHO line. Model ECHO SRM-330ES, has more engine power and increased torque compared to its predecessor. The increased power allows you to install larger diameter discs on the trimmer and extends the life of the product. With all this, the weight of the brushcutter, compared with the previous model, increased by only 200 grams. The trimmer is equipped with a patented easy-start system that reduces force when pulling the starter cord. Unlike household counterparts, the rotating element of the braid inside the bar is an all-metal forged shaft mounted on numerous bearings along the entire length of the box. This design, combined with a professional Japanese high-speed two-stroke engine and a serviced bevel gear made of high-carbon steel, provides a huge resource of the product at high loads. The trimmer works with a fishing line of large diameter (3 mm), tucked into an impact-resistant semi-automatic spool and a three-bladed steel disk for weed and shrubbery. The anti-vibration system of the brushcutter significantly reduces the load on the operator. Despite the light weight, the manufacturer equipped the trimmer with a two-shoulder professional belt that distributes the load throughout the operator’s body, which makes working with the trimmer even easier and more enjoyable.

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Benefits of the ECHO SRM trimmer. 330 ES:

-Country producer Japan.
-5 year warranty.
-Professional class.
-High-speed Japanese two-stroke engine.
-Vibration damping system.
-Great power.
-Increased resource.
-Straight shaft.
-Steel disc included.
-Safety glasses included.
-Shoulder strap included.
-Forged crankshaft.
-Forged connecting rod.
-Large diameter fishing line (up to 3mm).
-Semi-automatic reinforced spool with fishing line.
-Easy start system.
-T-handle adjustable for operator height.