Trimmer Petrol Elitech T 52

Trimmer Petrol Elitech T 52

The Elitech T 52 benzokosa with a hard forged shaft is equipped with two cutting elements: fishing line and knife. Has a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 2.4 hp and suitable for work on large areas. Mows both soft grass and weeds. The protective cover is equipped with a knife for trimming fishing line. The shoulder strap provides reliable guidance and comfort when working with the trimmer.


  • Cutting element fishing line / knife
  • Adjustable bar no
  • Cutting width, cm 25/44
  • Dimensions, mm 1650x120x110, 310x260x430
  • Power (hp) 2.4
  • Power (kW) 1.76
  • Weight 9.6 kg
  • Tank capacity, l 0.9
  • Engine displacement, cm ³ 52
  • Type of handle U-shaped (bicycle)
  • Thickness of fishing line, mm 2.4
  • Mount M10x1.25 LH
  • Landing diameter, mm 25.4
  • Collapsible shaft no
  • Hard drive shaft
  • Two stroke cycle
  • Engine type gasoline
  • Spindle speed, rpm 8500
  • Spark Plug LD L7T


  • Engine;
  • Barbell
  • Lever;
  • Spool with fishing line;
  • Metal 3-blade knife;
  • Protective cover;
  • Shoulder strap;
  • Set of tools;
  • The canister for the preparation of the fuel mixture;
  • Manual;
  • 2 boxes (in one rod, and in the other engine and all other accessories).

Video: Trimmer Petrol Elitech T 52


  • The kit includes a shoulder strap for tireless work;
  • Anti-vibration system. comfortable work;
  • A special casing prevents the grass from flying to the operator;
  • Primer. easy engine start;
  • Electronic ignition. quick start of work;
  • Hard forged shaft Elitech T 52;
  • Adjustable handle;
  • The air cooling system prevents overheating of the internal organs of the instrument;
  • Casing with a knife for trimming fishing line;
  • Metal 3-blade knife. mowing hard grass, small shrubs and bulrushes;
  • Semi-automatic supply of fishing line;
  • Fuel: AI-92 unleaded gasoline oil for 2-stroke engines (proportion 50: 1);
  • The speed of rotation of the fishing line / knife: 8500/9000 rpm;
  • Fuel consumption: 1.8 l / h.

The ELITECH T52 petrol trimmer is designed for processing garden plots, urban and private lawns, decorating flower beds, and is also capable of mowing harsher vegetation (weeds, small shrubs, reeds, etc.), including in hard-to-reach places (along fences, around trees, etc.).

The ELITECH T52 trimmer is equipped with a 2-stroke 2.4 hp engine. For easier engine starting, a primer and a convenient starter are provided. The air cooling system prevents overheating of the internal organs of the instrument. A protective cover prevents grass from getting onto the operator. Anti-vibration system, consisting of a rubber vibration isolator, increases comfort during prolonged use.

As a working element, you can install a reel with fishing line or a knife. The reel with fishing line is mainly used when mowing soft, low grass. With the help of a 3-blade knife, it is possible to mow more rigid vegetation (weeds, small shrubs, reeds, etc.)