What chains for chainsaws are the strongest.

Chain rating for chainsaws

The key element of any chainsaw is a chain, on the quality of which the performance of the work performed depends, the cut rate. It is difficult to choose a good product on your own, so we offer a top of the best chains for chainsaws. Compiled on the basis of customer reviews, expert opinions, it will help to correctly and quickly choose components of the headset elements.

We included the best chains for chainsaws in the rating, given the material from which they are made, step characteristics and structural features. The number of links of chains, the parameters of the shank were also taken to attention. The parameters of the headset presented in the review affect the speed and quality of the cut. They are directly related to the success of the final result.

Before you opt for a specific model, are determined with the type and volume of planned work. To understand what type of chain is needed, take into account the marking relative to the step. the distance between the teeth:

  • For a household group, the most optimal option will be a chain with 3/8 or 0 steps.325 inches.
  • For a professional group, models with an increased step 0 are selected.404 inches.

The width of the groove depends on the size of the teeth. Chains in which the width indicator is minimal, cannot provide a high cutting speed. The thickness of the shank for chains varies from 1.1 up to 2 mm. In budget models, low.cost shanks are used, in more expensive products this value cannot be less than 1.3 mm.

Practice shows that by purchasing goods of good quality, you get full compliance with the declared manufacturer, performing the tasks and expected, invariably high quality of work.

Rating of saw chains

Negligence when choosing a headset for a saw leads to a simple work, loss of performance, the need to spend money again on the purchase of quality goods. Having studied the rating of chains for chainsaws, you can opt for a model that is suitable for your tool.

C3 HUTER for BS-45

The saw chain can be installed on a 450 mm long tire. A cutting element made of high.quality steel is characterized by high performance. The number of links in this model is 72 pieces, the thickness of each link is 1 mm.

The chain is widely used for tools that are set by household purposes. Her step is 8.3 mm. It is suitable for working with plywood, thin boards during construction work. Using this equipment, you can easily cut branches on a tree, cut a small amount of firewood.

Bison 70303-50

The element is suitable for powerful chainsaws. Step. 0.325 inches, which provides smooth operation of the power tool without vibration and engine overheating. The number of links is 78 pieces, length. 20 mm. These characteristics allow the use of chains even in the most difficult conditions.

The high.quality material that was used for the production of the chain guarantees high operational characteristics throughout the entire service life. The model is ideal for sawing wood at the industrial level. Thanks to special hardening, the wear resistance and strength of the product is ensured.

chains, chainsaws

Patriot 91VS-62E, 62 links

High.quality chain has excellent performance. To increase the resource, the metal used for the manufacture of equipment passed additional heat treatment. The thickness of the leading link is 1.3 mm, chain step. 3/8.

Thanks to the lubrication system provided by the manufacturer, a good glide is provided, the likelihood of early wear of the product is reduced. The number of links is 62, the length of the tire of this chain is 18 inches.

Champion 3/8 “-1.3mm- 47 Pro (VS) A050-VS-47E

The teeth of the saw chain are distinguished by wear resistance. They have a triangular shape, which, unlike a rounded teeth, guarantees higher performance. The number of links with a thickness of 1.3 mm is 47 pieces.

The chain is most popular among owners of household and semi.professional chainsaws. She is reliable, durable, has a small weight. Chain step. 3/8 inches. It is used with a power tool, the length of the tire of which is 30 cm.

Makita 532484064 15 “0.325 “1.3 mm 64 links

Thanks to the design features of the chain, the length of which is 380 mm, the saw process becomes comfortable, comfortable and safe. Chain step, equal 0.325 inches, which guarantees convenient work during construction work, rolls of small trees on a garden plot.

Vibration is not felt during operation, the chainsaw does not bounce. The width of the groove is 1.3 mm. The number of teeth. 64.

TOP-5 best manufacturers of chains for chainsaws

Today, almost every summer resident or owner of a personal plot has a chainsaw. But you have to use it not so often, and if you do not load the tool to red incandescent, but only occasionally sawing firewood for the bath or clean the old branches from the trees, you do not make sense to overpay for expensive professional equipment. The chains of this manufacturer cannot boast of the best quality or the most perfect sharpening. But they cannot be called bad.

In fact, this is a confident middle peasant that produces a completely acceptable product, but at the best of price. This is what makes the demand for brand products so high. He is often advised by conscientious sellers in stores, who see that the buyer is not a professional lumberjack, and uses a chainsaw at best twice a month. The chain can perfectly withstand such loads, and then it is easy to sharpen it, or even, due to a low cost, replace it with a new. And it will cost much cheaper than purchasing products of an eminent brand.


This manufacturer is often awarded the title of the best and most popular, especially when it comes to garden equipment, or as in our case chains for chainsaws. This is not surprising, since the company specializes in just such equipment, although various construction tools are produced under its brand. Gunter make the best trimmers for grass and chainsaws, and they differ in an acceptable price, which is very important. The chains were no exception, and in conjunction with high quality they have a very attractive price tag.

When buying a chain from this manufacturer, you can be confident in its ideal sharpening and balancing, and as real users note, sharpening is sharpened for a very long time, which makes the product even more attractive in the price plan. There are no complaints about the company, and it did not get to the first place of our rating only because other brands that were above, or have a higher level of popularity, or really produce products of better quality.

The design of the chain

Since specific terms are discussed when discussing a saw canvas, it must be understood what is meant. It is better to lay the chain to be removed in front of you on the table and workbench and look carefully at it.

There are three types of links in this element:

  • Cutting. it is thanks to them that the saw is baked into the wood. They are equipped with a cutting edge. There are right and left.
  • Leading. they enter into a hook with the teeth of the guide and leading stars, so that the chain moves along the bus. A clove on the inside of the link is called a shank.
  • Connecting. with their help, all the elements of the chain make up one whole. They do not have protruding parts, but only openings for rivets.

The step of the chain

One of the main indicators that should certainly be considered when buying. The incorrectly selected step will lead to the fact that the chain is simply not suitable. the distance between the shanks of the leading links will not coincide with the configuration of the stars that drive the chain in motion. Manufacturers of circuits and chainsaws adopted a unified designation system.

In order to understand what a step is, you need to pay attention to the distance between the two neighboring shanks on the leading links or between three rivets on the chain. Divided by two, this will be the desired value.

  • 1/4. The smallest step that is installed on small saws, often called “mini” or one.handed. They are intended exclusively for garden work and are rarely used even for the cut of the barrel. The tool is quite specialized, so it did not receive high. However, good shops always keep a couple of such chains just in case, for the assortment.
  • 0.325 and 0.375 (3/8). The most popular step is used in the vast majority of medium.sized saws of the household and semi.professional level. Most likely, your unit will need a chain with such characteristics.
  • 0.404 and 3/4. This value is characteristic of a powerful professional tool. Foresters work with this format, however, an ordinary user is unlikely to encounter such large and long links when the site is uprooted in the country or harvesting firewood for the winter. True, if he exploits an outdated, but still suitable “friendship”, then this is what he needs. The assortment is presented in serious stores, in the smaller ones a couple of “reserve” can be littered.

A small step gives a clean and narrow cut. It happens good when working at a construction site, when you need to level or dissolve a smallboard or bar of a small size. The average step is universal: with it you can put the garden in order, cut the drying and extra branches. He does not save in front of trees of small diameter. If the chain is high.quality, the sharpening is aggressive, and there is a power supply in the saw, then you can safely use a tool for serious trunks, removing the thickness of several passes. A big step is good on the forestry, large long teeth grind the wood into sawdust and dust, but not every engine will cope with such a load. Increased requirements in this case both to transmission and leading stars.

Features of use

So that the chain serves as long as possible, when using it, it is important to comply with some rules:

  • When processing secondary or problem wood, you need to serve a saw in the intended place much slower than when working with a conventional tool.
  • The speed of supply to the cut can be increased as the saw heats up.
  • It cannot be lubricated with means containing sulfur. it reacts with cobalt, which is part of any carbide chain.

If it is obvious that there is work with wood of different hardness, it is better to take an old canvas for its processing, which is not a pity to throw it away. sudden hard areas can crush the win.

The connecting links of the carbide circuit are made of ordinary steel, so it can illustrate much earlier than the teeth dawn. The most common problem is the stretching of the chain. To temporarily return the canvas to working condition will help riveting and removing a pair of links.

It should be borne in mind that the use of a shortened circuit leads to the rapid wear of the asterisk, increasing the risk of rupture of the chain and loss of smoothness of the course.

Review of the best options

So far, there are not many manufacturers produce carbide chains. The most common. from Stihl and Oregon.

Picco Duro 3 STIHL

Low.profile winning chain of Swiss production. The teeth are made entirely of solid alloy, without attacking copper.

With a 1.3 mm thick thickness, the canvas is designed for a medium.power tool. Used in semi.professional and household saws. According to reviews, it can work without sharpening 4-5 times longer than the usual.

Stihl 325 ″ Rapid Duro 3 (RD3) 1.5 mm

Winner chain with 1.5 mm thick thickness. Professional tools usually work with such a thickness. The teeth are covered with an alloy by electrolytic chrome, which provides high strength of the base and attack.

If you replace the tire and leading star, you can use this canvas on a regular saw.

Stihl 3/8 ″ Rapid Duro 3 (RD3) 1.6 mm

A carbide fabric with a link of 1.6 mm thick. This thickness makes the chain more durable and resistant to stretching. With a 3/8.inch step, the canvas is great for saws, in which the leading star is a single design with a clutch.

Stihl 3/8 ″ Rapid Duro Rescue (RDR) 1.6 mm

Durable chain for work in difficult conditions. On the entire surface of the cutting canvas are attacked by the tungsten carbide. Rescuers and firefighters use such a canvas. Easily cuts wood, small metal elements, armored glass and some composite materials.

The connecting teeth are equipped with three protrusions, with the help of which the working part of the links enters specifically in the groove of the cut. Due to this, the risk of damaging the carbide is reduced.

STIHL carbide chains can also be used for sawing other brands. Makita, Husqarna, etc. D.

The manufacturer claims that the chain continues to work effectively even at low air temperature.

Oregon M91VXL057CR 3/8 ″ 1.3 mm

Winner chain with chrome plates. Link thickness. 1.3 mm. American.made chains. In addition, the manufacturer provides a large selection of paintings with any thickness of the links, for any size of tires and stars.

The steel base of such a canvas is slightly softer than that of the STIHL chains. Because of this, they are blunt faster and stretch, but lend themselves to manual sharpening.

According to reviews, such chains are somewhat weak for professional use, but ideal for household needs.

Oregon M75LPX072CR 3/8 ″ 1.6 mm

Carpular circuit with chrome plates. Thickness. 1.6 mm. An increased amount and thickness of the links allow the use of a canvas with powerful engines. Widely used to work with charred wood, which becomes more firm under the influence of fire.

Blurs a little faster than StiHL, but it can be sharpened independently, without the use of expensive tools.

chains, chainsaws

Popular rating

Now it is worth considering the main models of chains for chainsaws, which are sold in this will allow you to choose the best option for performing a particular job.

chains, chainsaws


This is a well.known brand that produces one of the most reliable chains. The company manufacturer Blountincorporation. She specializes in the production of sets for professional and household chainsaws, so this brand can be trusted. A special patented alloy makes the Oregon chains especially durable and durable. Most of the chains have a chrome coating, which also extends the life of. A special vibration suppression system allows you to reduce the load on hand during operation.

Here are the most popular Oregon chains:

chains, chainsaws

Many chainsaws are initially supplied with tires and chains of Oregon. And in this case, it is easier to understand what exactly needs to be purchased when the standard chain fails.


The German company STIHL offers not only chainsaws, but also chains with tires. They are often supplied with. The chains from this manufacturer are strong and quite reliable. There are models for household and professional chainsaws. Production capacities are in Switzerland, which guarantees the compliance of the goods with the requirements of the European Union.

It is interesting that even with intensive operation of the chain of this brand, the carved element will not stretch. This effect was achieved due to the fact that the saw chains on the preheated metal were riveted. The patented oilcap system guarantees an uniform distribution of lubricants over the entire surface, due to which the chain can serve longer.

Here are the most popular STIHL chains in three models satisfy the needs of professionals and those who use a chainsaw from time to time.


This company is not a global manufacturer of chain chains, but supplies several samples to the market. Usually they come with branded saw models. Interestingly, they develop chains at the Oregon factory, but under a different brand. The technology, respectively, is also used by another: only other people’s production capacities are used. Husqvarna today offers chains for household and semi.professional tools.

Thus, their cost is democratic, but the quality is not the best.


Another well.known organization that offers chains from an ultra.strength alloy. It is patented, so no one else uses it. The peculiarity of this alloy is that the chain is not susceptible to stretching. That is, its life is quite large. In this case, the material has great heat resistance. This means that you can work in any weather. Stamped links and sealed rivets are used to ensure high reliability. You can purchase chains from this manufacturer in specialized stores.

They are considered “eternal”, but the price for them is quite high.


This is an American manufacturer who is focused on the production of chains for professional and semi.professional chainsaws. This means that the quality of the alloy is quite high. Shot processing at the stage of production allows you to achieve increased hardness of metal.

The cutting links have a long edge, so that it becomes possible to produce a large number of sharpening.

Chainsaw chain/sprocket talk pitch/drive/rim/drum/spur conversions and race sprockets

Chains from the company are quite reliable and budgetary. They have increased strength, but are recommended for use on household and semi.professional chainsaws. If you use the chain daily for several hours, then it quickly stretches and wear out. Therefore, this manufacturer cannot boast of excellent chain properties for professional devices.

But the democratic price makes users buy these products to perform periodic work.


This manufacturer also offers its chains, but they do not differ in high quality. They should be used for household or semi.professional tools.

Thus, these are the main suppliers of chains for chainsaws today. Of course, you can find many other brands that are little.known. As a rule, their production capacities are located in China. The quality of the goods is not the best, so the price is minimal. After 2. 3 sharpening, it is necessary to throw a chain and buy a new.

But this approach justifies itself if the chainsaw is rarely used. Professionals need high.quality consumables that will serve them for quite some time.

What brands of chains for chainsaws are the best?

Each brand has its inherent feature that distinguishes it against the background of others.

Oregon. Spare parts and components of this company are used for the manufacture of their products, both eminent manufacturers and developers who produce budget products. For example, the “Oregon” tires can be found at any saw.

The chains of this company are valued for their high quality. The carbide teeth are additionally protected by chrome. On the upper part of the cutting tooth, a risk is applied, indicating the correct angle of sharpening. In addition, these chains have a system that reduces vibration during operation.

STIHL. Swiss brand producing equipment for logging. Thanks to the hot pressing of the rivets, their chains are not stretched, and the chromium.nickel alloy allows you to sharpen the cutting edge for a long time. Special patented grooves form an additional lubricant system.

Carlton. The know-how of this company is the shot-processing of its chains. As a result, there is a slice of working surfaces, additionally increasing the hardness of the chain. In addition, this type of processing relieves metal voltages that occur as a result of stamping of links, which also affects the increase in service life.

Vindsor. Uses in the production of the alloys of its own developments. Links and rivets of chains undergo heat treatment.

Husqvarna. This company produces the best chains for chainsaws. What are the reasons to draw a similar conclusion? The fact is that this manufacturer is not engaged in its own research, but applies patented, time.tested solutions of other manufacturers.

What is the best sharpening for the chain of the chainsaw?

In order to maintain the chain in good condition, there are several ways to sharpen. Each of them is used in a specific situation. For example, being in the forest, a person cannot sharpen it with an electric machine, so the manual method for him is more suitable in this case. Or, on the contrary, in a specialized workshop, no one will sharpen manually.

Determine what has come for sharpening, you can according to the following signs:

  • The shavings changed the shape. When the cutting tooth holds the cutting edge of the acute, then the chips are large and has a rectangular shape. If the chain loses sharpness, then the form becomes cylindrical and decreases in the size.
  • Leads to the saw tire. With deep cutting of the log, it is not possible to withstand the direction of the cut.
  • You have to make great efforts to the tool. The speed of sawing is significantly reduced.
  • Sometimes smoke may appear.

When choosing a sharpening method, you need to consider their advantages and disadvantages.

The procedure for following the cutting links

In most cases, the procedure for placing cutting elements can be three types.

The cutting links are the main elements of the saw chain and have high cost due to the complex manufacturing process. Manufacturers, changing the order of cutting teeth, reduce their number and thereby reduce the cost of the finished product. But at the same time, due to the missiles of links, the effectiveness of the tool is noticeably reduced, and the chain wear out faster.

Chardal chains

Wins. this is a very solid alloy surpassing glass. Therefore, domestic glass cutters, various cutting locksmiths and turning tools, and it is also applied to sawing chains. Winning is soldered on cutting links, where he plays the role of a strong cutting edge. But despite its firmness, this alloy is fragile.

The service life of chains with attacks from the winning significantly exceeds the resource of standard cutting elements. The carbide chains are used for sawing frozen and solid wood, as well as in emergency rescue measures, if you need to quickly cut reinforced or ordinary concrete.

The disadvantages of carbide chains include their high cost, exceeding the price of ordinary cutting elements several times.

Chains for chainsaws with winning attacks in amateur practice are used very rarely, since they are designed for a semi.professional and professional tools that have good power and high torque.

CHAINSAW BAR LENGTH. What size bar is right for your chainsaw?. How to choose a chainsaw bar.

Overview of the best manufacturers

A large number of chains for benzo-, as well as electric saws of Chinese and other popular foreign manufacturers are presented on the domestic market. The best firms that are engaged in the production of a saw set for gasoline saws are:

  • Oregon. A popular, as well as one of the most recognizable by domestic buyers, a brand, under which chains for benzo and electric saws of high quality are produced. In the manufacture of products, a special alloy is used, which is durable and strength. The equipment produced under this brand, as a rule, has a special chrome coating, which significantly increases the service life.
  • Stihl. The world.famous German company, which is engaged in the production of construction equipment and tools. The list of products of the company also has chainsaws, tires and chains. Brand products have a good margin of strength and reliability.
  • Husqvarna. It does not apply to world leaders who are engaged in the production of chains, but supplies a pile head of high quality to the domestic market.
  • Bison. Popular manufacturer of reliable and budgetary models for garden equipment. The manufacturer’s products have increased strength. As a rule, they are more suitable for use in apparatus of a household or semi.professional class.

In terms of quality and durability, budget models are very inferior to premium. Most owners of inexpensive household chainsaw prefer to use the saw set of popular world manufacturers Oregon and Stihl.

Recently, among domestic consumers, due to their availability, they began to be in high demand chains as well as Chinese production. Chinese products are ordered by the vast majority of consumers online.

When choosing a carved element (chain), criteria should be taken into account as:

  • type of link;
  • step;
  • the material from which a carved element is made;
  • groove design;
  • length;
  • The thickness of the saw set.

For gasoline saws, the headset must be selected taking into account its technical characteristics. Otherwise, due to incorrectly selected sets, the overall level of tool performance is significantly reduced. Incorrectly selected equipment can also cause a variety of malfunctions of a gasoline saw.

Popular chains with winning attacks

Despite the rather narrow niche of the buyer, carbide products find their client. True, their assortment is not very wide. Only large manufacturers with the name are taken to produce such. Among the European brands, STIHL is such, its products are probably the most famous, but also quite expensive. The American company Oregon does not lag behind, as it makes canvases for almost any tire sizes with the desired step and thickness of the link. There are quite high.quality factory “Chinese”, for example, chains. Their price is slightly lower, as well as quality, but still does not fall under a certain bar.

This manufacturer with a large margin leads in the production of carbide chains. At the moment, on the market you can find various options special for difficult work.

3/8 ″ P, Picco Duro 3 (PD3), 1.3 mm

The concern advertises this chain as the first carbide low.profile chain. It is intended for use in amateur and professional tools. Has classic standards that allow it to use it in the most common samples of household and semi.professional tools. The thickness of the level of 1.3 mm is focused on medium.sized saws. Step 3/8 inches is the most common among the saws on sale.

A distinctive feature of this chain is that it is not made according to the “layer of increased hardness on ordinary steel”. Cutting ringing are made entirely from the alloy of the necessary properties. According to manufacturers, this chain remains an acute 4 times longer compared to conventional.

The scope of this canvas is the semi.professional sphere. However, if in everyday life there is a need to saw an old solid wood, then the acquisition of this chain will significantly reduce time to work.

.325 ″ Rapid Duro 3 (RD3), 1.5 mm

Another carbide chain, but this time already focused on a more professional segment. The step of 0.325 inches and a thickness of 1.5 millimeters used are not so common in stores, gravitate towards a special tool. However, replacing the leading stars and tires will successfully use this product in almost any aggregate.

The hard alloy is applied to teeth of steel of increased strength by electrolytic chrome. This gives not only the high accuracy of the cut and smoothness of the work, but also the strength of the attack with the base. Thanks to this, even an increased load on the chain does not lead to painting and lag of solid elements from the supporting structure of the rest of the chain.

The manufacturer recommends a chain for work with complex wood: rubble, frozen trunks. There should be no problems with the chain when working at low temperatures.

3/8 ″ Rapid Duro 3 (RD3), 1.6 mm

Structurally similar chain, but having several other characteristics. In particular, the changes affected the step and thickness of the link. 3/8 inches. the most common circuit size. Releasing a canvas with this parameter, the manufacturer showed the user who now does not need to change the star to apply the product of increased hardness. This will greatly delight the owners of those chainsaws where the leading star is made in a single clutch with clutch/

On the other hand, the thickness of 1.6 mm is designed for saws exclusively professional and occasionally semi.professional tools. The owner of a household model, the tire of which usually has a groove for a chain of 1.3 mm, will have to purchase a completely new saw headset. The moment is quite controversial, although the price of the chain is originally designed for people who are not limited in means.

It can be assumed that the thickness of 1.6 mm was chosen in order to make the canvas more durable, to protect from excessive stretching.

3/8 ″ Rapid Duro Rescue (RDR), 1.6 mm

The RDR series by the designers themselves is defined as the most durable chain. Its purpose is already purely specific. These are the particularly difficult conditions that fire, rescue or emergency services are faced with. In situations where you need to literally break through blockages to save life and property, as well as prevent other emergency situations, the score sometimes goes for seconds. Rescuers should be sure of the performance and high performance of their tools, which provides a chain.

The product is intended not only for continuous wood. Metal inclusions are drained almost as quickly as the fibers of cellulose. Experts say that composite materials and armored glass can also be overcome by that chain in a short period of time.

In many ways, outstanding properties are provided by the configuration of the cutting link. Wolfram carbide lining is attacked on the entire surface of the cutting edge. Sharpening of such a chain cheesel. The alloy viscosity is distinguished by the alloy. The connecting teeth not only perform a direct function, but also have three protrusions opposite the cutting edge of the blade. With their help, the working part of the cutting link is included exactly in the groove of the cut. This reduces the possibility of damage to the winning attacks.


If STIHL produces a full range of products dedicated to chainsaws, then Oregon from the United States specializes in saw settings and tires. Thanks to the universal catalog, almost any user can find a chain for his size of the tire and stars.

If we talk about the specifics of the Oregon chains, then their steel base is slightly softer than that of the Stilevsky. Accordingly, they stretch and dug faster, but they are tightened easier, especially, manually. Winning attacks and carbide teeth in Oregon chains are less durable, but at the same time they still surpass standard products in a number of indicators.

Oregon M91VXL057CR 3/8 ″ 1.3 mm

This product is produced in the most common size and is one of the most affordable in cost in the line of winning. The owners of most household and semi.professional saws with a leading star, designed to a step 3/8 inches and a bus with a groove of 1.3 mm, can successfully use them. This chain belongs to the Milticat series. The manufacturer positions it as a budget decision, an alternative to STIHL Picko Duro, but cheaper. The service life of the cutting edge with a carbide coating exceeds the standard two to three times. Using class. household and semi.professional. Oregon honestly admits that for professional use of Multicut we are weak. But the summer resident regularly encounters with sawing secondary wood, oak boards and frozen firewood, this product will clearly like.

Of the additional advantages, a well.thought.out system of capillary lubrication should also be noted due to properly located holes, an increased height of the cutting tooth increased by 30%. Improved circuit processing made it possible to reduce vibration level when working by a quarter.

Oregon M75LPX072CR 3/8 ″ 1.6 mm

While maintaining the chain step, the thickness of the elements was increased, as well as the number of links. This allows you to use this product with long tires and powerful motors. Official dealers position this chain as a replacement of Rapid Duro. It is also used for frozen wood, tarry sleepers and pillars that have gained strength over time. The canvas is designed to work in abrasive environments, that is, near the roots and soil, where the links can cling to sand particles and small stones. It will be convenient to use the chain on construction sites and when cleaning areas of a charred forest or dismantling wooden structures damaged by fire. after all, the wood is gaining hardness under the influence of fire.

One of the decisive advantages that the manufacturer brings to the fore is the possibility of sharpening manually, without a special machine. To do this, use a regular round file of 4 mm, which processes the inner edge of the cutting surface, while the chrome coating is applied to the upper part. Due to such a configuration, the chain holds sharpness only two to three times longer than usual, but the possibility of independent sharpening makes its operation cheaper.