What Gasoline Is Needed For A Lawn Mower

Champion is one of the most famous lawn mower brands in Russia and the CIS, although it began its journey quite recently. in 2005. The company produces a wide range of electrical, mechanical and gasoline devices. The latter are especially interesting, as they are able to work autonomously in the face of regular problems with electricity and are not so difficult to operate.

If the size of your garden plot exceeds 5 acres and has large areas of open lawn, then a gasoline lawn mower will be the best solution that does not require spending too much health and effort.


Gasoline mowers are often not cheap, they are much more than electric or mechanical of the same configuration. However, Champion have a significant advantage in this matter, as the manufacturer tried to make them as budget-friendly as possible.

You can also see that Among Champion lawnmowers there are no original models that would have exclusive equipment. All of them are pretty standard and are designed for typical requests of gardeners. However, the model range is very diverse, since the requests are very different. In addition, all mowers successfully cope with work on uneven surfaces.


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Champion LM4627 Is a mid-weight gasoline mower model. 3.5 liter engine from. provides grass mowing at full power for an hour. A tank with gasoline lasts an average of 10-12 days of continuous operation. In fact, this parameter depends on the height of the grass. a standard well-groomed lawn does not grow above 15–18 cm, but you will have to work harder with a running one.

The body is made of steel, the rear wheel drive is not adjustable. Weight is 35 kg, which is more than the standard weight of 29 kg petrol lawn mowers. Of the minuses of the model can also be called the lack of devices to facilitate startup. Therefore, during operation, one has to deal with the standard problem of a gasoline tool. sometimes it is possible to start a mower with only 3-5 jump starters.

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However, all this is compensated by the extremely necessary and convenient self-cleaning function. The sink, to which the hose fitting with water is connected, allows you not to get dirty yourself and not to disassemble and assemble the design of the lawn mower.

Model Champion LM5131 It belongs to approximately the same category, but has a 4-liter engine. from. and a volume of 1 liter. Immediately we can say that the disadvantage is a small excessive consumption of fuel. In addition, the mower is not equipped with self-cleaning and has a relatively small soft grass collector of 60 dm3.

Alternatively, you can also set the grass to side or back so that you can rake it off the lawn yourself. The weight of the model is also more than the standard, but this is justified, since the width of the grass at the lawn mower is 51 cm.


Self-propelled models differ from conventional ones in that they can move without operator effort. Such mowers are much more powerful and heavier, and the average person simply will not be able to regularly load so.

Champion LM5345 BS. The most popular variety from this category. She is able to cope even with very neglected areas. This is achieved due to the fact that the manufacturer uses the engines of the American company Briggs and Stratton, and not Chinese, which have a volume of 0.8 liters, are characterized by low fuel consumption, as well as the ability to adjust speed.

Engine power of 6 liters. from. it requires careful management, as it sets the speed of a fast-moving person. Do not think that since the mower is self-propelled, you can leave it alone or for a long time to distract from work.

If improperly managed, it is able to dig ditches and spoil objects that come in its way, so it’s still worth watching.

The weight of the mower is 41 kg. And if this is not a big problem when working on the lawn, then the situation is different with transportation. In addition, this model has rather large dimensions, which, again, is good, since it has a wide grip of grass, but this also complicates the transportation. In the trunk of most cars, this model simply does not fit, so it needs either a trailer or a gazelle type car.

What Gasoline Is Needed For A Lawn Mower

Which gasoline is better to fill?

Engine manufacturing in China may create the false impression that it can be used on low quality fuels. However, as many Champion product owners say, this is not the case. The best option is A-92 gasoline, But it is not worthwhile to conduct experiments with low octane if you do not want to repair the device instead of summer cottages.

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