What is the Oil in a Lawn Mower Reducer

What is the Oil in a Lawn Mower Reducer

  1. Oil function
  2. Varieties
  3. Manufacturers
  4. Which is better to choose?
  5. Replacement Recommendations

It is rare that a private home owner can do without a lawn mower. You may not even have a lawn that needs regular maintenance, but use a lawn mower. This technique, like any other, needs periodic maintenance, for example, an oil change. Each owner of a lawn mower needs to know which liquid can be used for these purposes, how to choose it and pour it into the unit.

Oil function

Lawn mower lubricant must be carefully selected and high-quality oils preferred. If you save on this consumable liquid, then it will not perform its functions to the full extent, the lawn mower will fail in a short time and will require expensive repairs. The oil used in the lawn mower performs an important task. The following functions are assigned to it:

  • Lubrication of parts that experience high friction in the process;
  • Removal of thermal energy from heated parts;
  • Reduced motor wear;
  • Minimizing the development of such negative phenomena as deposits of various types, the formation of soot and varnish;
  • Protection of parts against formation and corrosion;
  • Reduction in toxicity of exhaust gaseous substances;
  • Smoke minimization.

The engine of the lawn mower is significantly different from that which is installed in auto and motorcycle equipment. Therefore, lubricating fluids for these units must be used different. Do not replace one oil with another. The implications for technology can be the most unpredictable.

In the engine of a lawnmower, the crankshaft is responsible for the distribution of oil. Fluid is drawn from the crankcase with parts that resemble spoons in shape. The speed of their movement is enormous. Such design features of the motor require the use of oil, which contains high-quality additives. These components reduce the ability of the working fluid to foam and become more viscous from heat.


To choose the right fluid for gardening equipment and always know what to buy, you need to study the existing varieties of oils. First of all, technical oil liquids are separated by chemical composition.

  • Mineral oils are created on the basis of oil products. Such liquids are viscous and must change frequently. They are designed for low power motors. Most recommended for summer use.
  • Synthetic fluids special synthetic substances containing esters are used as a basis. Viscosity is low, high life and year-round use – no other kind of lubricant can boast such high performance. Such fluids are ideal for complex equipment that is operated in harsh conditions.
  • Semi synthetic motor oil It is created from substances of the mineral and synthetic type. Such oils are the middle option between the two previous fluids. Semi-synthetic oils are ideal for gardening and park equipment, two- and four-stroke engines.

There are several more classifications based on different requirements. The most common API classification. It is supported by different countries and many manufacturers. According to this classification, all motor oils are divided into the following varieties:

  • TA is the best option for household appliances with engines up to 50 cc. Cm;
  • TB is intended for equipment with greater power, equipped with a motor capacity of more than 50, but less than 200 cubic meters. Cm;
  • TC is an oil that is intended for motors with high demands on the quality of the lubricating fluid, such oil can be safely poured into lawn mowers;
  • TD is designed for outboard motors that are equipped with liquid cooling.

Due to its 20% solvent composition, the double-contact type oil mixes well with automotive fuel. In addition, such liquids are able to completely burn. Lubricants can be painted in various colors. Staining does not mean oil quality. Its function is different – it is easier for the user to distinguish a lubricant from a fuel.


When choosing oil, great attention should be paid to its manufacturer. It is better to choose the brand advised by the manufacturer of the lawn mower. In the instructions for the technique you can find information about the filled oil, the frequency of its replacement and recommendations regarding the choice of working fluid.

Also, many manufacturers of lawn mowers produce their own oils, which will have to be used to replace if you want to maintain a warranty on the equipment. In addition, the instructions give general characteristics to which the oil must comply. When choosing a fluid to replace, you need to focus on this list. This will allow you to choose the oil that will most closely meet the requirements of the manufacturer.

  • Among all the companies that present their products on the Russian market, the best is Shell Helix Ultra. These oils are popular in all countries. Shell experts have been working for 40 years to create a unique technology for producing synthetic-type oils from natural gas. The resulting product is characterized by an improved composition, analogues to which at this moment does not exist. The manufacturer adds the necessary additives to the base composition, which allows to obtain products with different characteristics. Such oil needs to be bought only at specialized points of sale, since base fakes are often found.
  • The company also presents quality products. Liqui moly. The manufacturer produces several product lines that have different purposes. This assortment contains products for the maintenance of garden equipment. Such oils are designed for long-term operation of trimmers and lawn mowers, their technical characteristics are developed in accordance with the features of modern technology and manufacturers’ recommendations.

Liqui Moly adds additive packages to lawnmower oils that are needed to reduce equipment wear and keep the engine clean. The main advantage of such fluids is environmental friendliness, because they are created on a plant basis. Liqui Moly Lawnmower Oils comply with all environmental standards.

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Rasenmaher Company produces a good mineral type lubricant that has been specifically developed for garden machines. This tool can be used to service 4-stroke motors with different cooling systems. Rasenmaher can only be used at positive temperatures. The manufacturer carefully developed and selected additives for his product. The result of such actions was a wide list of functionality:

  • Maintaining the pressure in the system at a stable level;
  • Effective lubrication of all parts that need it;
  • Preservation of the viscosity of the lubricant over the full service life, up to the next change;
  • Providing excellent protection for the engine from natural wear;
  • Minimum level of evaporation.

Which is better to choose?

Choosing the right mower oil is based on a large number of factors that must be followed. It doesn’t matter if a lubricant is selected for a gasoline or a self-propelled lawn mower, the first oil that comes in cannot be used. It is also forbidden to choose the most expensive oil or the most popular. The lubricant must be fully suited to the requirements of your mower.

  • By viscosity the oil is selected in accordance with the temperature conditions that are characteristic for the operation of garden equipment. For summer, when the ambient temperature reaches 30 degrees, it is advisable to use oil from the SAE-30 series. For off-season, it is recommended to use 10W-30 series oil. At low temperatures, Synthetic 5W-30 fluid works well.
  • For 2-stroke engines it is necessary to use a mixture of oil and high-octane gasoline in the ratio recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment. Usually the ratio is 1/25. According to these figures, 25 ml of gasoline is added for every milliliter of oil. There are exceptions, so you need to study the instructions for the lawn mower.
  • In the case of four-stroke motors mixing liquids is not required. Optimally suitable for such mechanisms is a simple automotive fluid. It can be SAE30, 10W40 or SF. The main thing is that the technical and operational properties are suitable for the list recommended by the manufacturer. For winter use, the fluid must be chosen with frost-resistant properties.

You can not experiment and use oil that is not suitable for an existing motor. There is a huge difference between the fluids that are used for different types of motors. For example, a four-stroke type engine fluid should retain its composition for a long time. Oil for two-stroke engines should have a minimum amount of mineral components, which will prevent the formation of soot.

Replacement Recommendations

It is important not only to choose high-quality oil, which in its characteristics will be suitable for your equipment. You also need to know how to properly fill it in a lawn mower. The rules are simple, but binding:

  • Turn on the unit and warm the engine idle for a quarter of an hour;
  • Remove the cork from the tank and substitute the capacity of the required volume to collect the spent liquid;
  • Tilt the lawn mower and drain the waste material;
  • We twist the cork, put the unit on the most even surface. After that, you can open the hole on top;
  • We fill in a new working fluid, observing the recommendations of the manufacturer of the equipment regarding the volume, it is convenient to check the fluid level with a dipstick;
  • When the amount of fluid has reached the desired volume, you can twist the plug.

In most cases, about 500 ml of fresh oil should be used to replace waste fluid. This norm corresponds to most of the units that are common in Russia. Exceptions, of course, are encountered, so you need to study the instructions before performing a replacement of waste fluid.

If your lawnmower is equipped with a two-stroke engine, and this indicates the need to mix the lubricating fluid with gasoline, you must do this immediately before replacing. It is impossible to make such a composition with a margin, because due to a chemical reaction the mixture loses its properties. The approximate shelf life is not more than a month. Only components from such actions will be spoiled.

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Internal combustion engines used in lawn mowers are two and four stroke. When changing engine oil in lawn mower engines, the question arises for the owners – which engine oil to fill in the lawn mower? Today we will analyze this issue in detail and start first with four-stroke engines.

Features of lawn mowers

The engine oil in the engine of the lawn mower is distributed using the crankshaft: scooped out of the crankcase and sprayed onto the parts. Due to this design, the viscosity of the lubricant must be sufficient to hold the oil film on the parts, at the same time it should not be too thick to interfere with the movement of the parts or form a hard crust.

On the other hand, lawn mowers operate mainly at positive ambient temperatures and the load on their engines is not as serious as that of automobile engines. Most often, lawnmowers do not need a “cold start” in the cold, which greatly reduces the life of the car engine and requires low-temperature lubrication properties.

The first refueling is designed to break in the engine – after five hours of operation, it is replaced, after which you can work on the new lubricant all season. In the future, the replacement is done according to the regulations after a certain number of hours, or it is drained at the end of the summer season and the next year they fill in a new one.

General recommendations for choosing lawn mower oil

Based on the above design features of engines, it is best to use a special oil for lawn mowers for lubrication, and it must meet the temperature conditions in which the unit will be used. The best option is a specialized lubricant of class SAE 30. It is used at temperatures above 5 degrees.

If the special is not available, then you can use automotive lubricants of the class:

  • SAE 15W-40
  • SAE 20W-50

These lubricants are also designed mainly for positive ambient temperatures and maximum values ​​above 35 degrees.

By type of lubricating fluid – mineral and semi-synthetic are allowed. Fully synthetic will be too expensive. API performance level – SF, SG, SH, SJ and higher. For four-stroke engines of garden equipment, the label must bear the label “4T".

Recommendations for choosing oil of specific manufacturers

The manufacturers of lawn mowers must indicate in their instructions the type that is used in their equipment, as well as the frequency of oil changes, usually in engine hours. Typically, manufacturers indicate their branded lubricants and should be used if you want to maintain a warranty on the equipment. But often, manufacturers indicate the general characteristics of lubricants, and then similar lubricants can be selected from more widely available automotive oils.

The best for any engine is considered recommended by the manufacturer. World famous Shell Helix Ultra . Shell has been developing a new technology for producing synthetic oil from natural gas for 40 years. Pureplus technology has resulted in an improved base oil formulation. On its basis, with the addition of the necessary additives, the leading manufacturers recommended for their technology get.

Replacing two-stroke engine oil in a lawn mower

A two-stroke engine is usually mounted on trimmers (manual grass clippers). These devices have small dimensions and weight, so the number of parts in them is minimized. They do not have a separate oil tank and need to prepare a mixture of gasoline with oil. Here initiative is no longer appropriate – you need to use only the special for two-stroke engines and mix it with gasoline in the proportions indicated in the instruction manual for the trimmer.

We pay attention once again – markers “MUST be indicated on the canisters with oil for two-stroke engines”2T"!

The fuel mixture for two-stroke engines is prepared as follows:

  1. The exact amount of gasoline is poured into the canister (for example, for a trimmer of 5 liters),
  2. Then, using a dispenser, add oil (semi-synthetic – 100 milliliters)
  3. Close the lid mix well

The finished fuel mixture can be stored for no more than two weeks in a metal or polypropylene container.

Do not use plastic bottles for storage! Polyethylene dissolves in gasoline and then, getting into the combustion chamber, increases carbon deposits in the engine. During prolonged storage of the fuel mixture, it loses its properties due to chemical reactions. The risk is increased that the engine will not start on old fuel.

We hope our review has helped to answer the question of your concern – what kind of oil to fill in the lawn mower? Please share your experience on replacing motor oil in lawn mowers under the review in the comments below.