What Oil To Fill In The Chain Saw

What kind of oil to fill in a chain saw One of the most pressing questions for motorists. Is it worth changing the transmission fluid in the gearbox of your iron horse and when

What kind of oil to pour into the electric saw

The efficiency of a chain saw largely depends on how easily and freely the chain moves. To improve this indicator, a lubricant is used. In addition, the chain saw engine itself requires oil, if it is gasoline.

How is lubrication made?

Modern models of electric saws have a special blower mechanism that starts when the saw is started. Its task is to provide a portioned supply of oil to the chain from a special tank. Accordingly, oil is poured into the tank.

Older or cheaper models may not have a forced mechanism at all. In this case, oil is periodically applied manually to the chain using a syringe or a special oiler.

The type of system (forced or manual) has little effect on which oil is used to lubricate the saw chain.


Comes with the saw or is sold with the Chain Oil label. His specialization is manifested in the presence of additives that reduce the likelihood of insuring the oil from the chain during operation.

Chain oil, in most cases, is made from plant components and is considered environmentally friendly.

There are branded oils (made by saw manufacturers) and third-party ones. What kind of oil to pour into the chain saw is not important, since they are about the same in properties, except that brand names are more expensive.

Please note that plant-based grease can settle on the chain and in the lubrication system. To eliminate such residues, flush the system with the following types of oil.

Beware of fake!

Dangerous is the use of cheap oil-chain counterfeit, which accounts for 7 to 12% of total sales. Counterfeits with varying degrees of success copy the appearance and labeling of branded products from leading manufacturers, so you should be especially careful when choosing an oil yourself.

Saw chain oil: choose and use correctly

The service life of the electric saw headset largely depends on the quality and correct dosage of the special lubricant supplied to the rubbing components. Saw chain oil is a mineral or organic based compound with special functional properties.

The tandem of the bar and the saw chain is operated under conditions of high static and variable loads, therefore, in parallel with the lubrication of rubbing parts, their full cooling is realized.

Criterias of choice

Engine oils and their chain analogues are not interchangeable. The chain lubricant composition has a number of characteristic differences, in particular an increased level of adhesion to the metal.

  • Saw sets of all types of hand saws have the same design, therefore the chain oil for the electric saw is identical to the composition that is used in the sawing mechanisms of gasoline models.
  • When choosing a chain lubricant for a specific model, it is recommended to give preference to the grades and grades indicated in the instruction manual. As a rule, these are proprietary developments, created taking into account many factors.

In the absence of a recommended consumable, it is better to use a well-known brand of oil. Branded products of these manufacturers are characterized by universal lubricating properties, stable operating parameters in a wide range of temperature effects.

Disadvantages of lubricant substitutes

When refueling the lubrication system with a cheap surrogate, a household or professional electric chain saw may require replacement of a standard headset long before its designated resource is exhausted. According to proven data, the use of substandard oil reduces the service life of the saw mechanism by an average of 35-40%.

  • Used car oil contains microparticles of metal, combustion products and acid-base compounds, which negatively affect the wear and corrosion resistance of the metal of the sawing mechanism.
  • Also, it is not recommended to pour automobile and tractor engine oils into an electric saw with a chain set. Such a filling can initiate a decrease in performance and even a breakdown of the drive of the oil pump of the lubrication system.
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Only in the absence of other options, for a one-time operation, you can fill the system with autol or dis-oil diluted to standard density.

Value for money alternatives

The price of a chain oil of an average quality range is several times less than the cost of an engine oil, and automated lubrication systems allow the lubricant to be consumed in an economical mode (up to 50%).

On the other hand, the use of alternative materials can significantly reduce the life of the bar, saw chain and drive sprocket. In different versions, this indicator can vary from 5 to 15%.

Mineral and organic chain lubricants

Chain oil for an electric saw of a budget price level has less perfect properties. Therefore, the scope of its application includes short and not intensive sawing work performed in the range of optimal loads.

The lubricating properties of mineral and organic chain oils are almost identical. The essential advantage of organic lubricants is neutrality and environmental friendliness. For saws made in China, chain lubrication oil with proprietary additives is recommended, which is not inferior to European counterparts in many characteristics.

Electric saw oil guarantee of its correct operation

It is difficult to disagree with the fact that oil for chain saws is hardly the most important consumable component for this category of power tools. After all, a high-quality lubricating product not only simplifies the operation process, facilitating the contact of the cutting blade with materials of different hardness and density, but also significantly increases its production resource by at least several years. Therefore, the question of which oil to pour into the electric saw to lubricate the chain is one of the central ones that each user must decide for himself, deciding to acquire a household assistant in the form of an electric hawk. We will talk about all the features of this seemingly difficult process further.

Features of the lubrication process

The oil for lubricating the chain of an electric saw is necessary so that the cutting blade performs the tasks assigned to it as quickly and efficiently as possible. And the fact that at a certain stage of operation it is necessary to put great efforts to make the cut is one of the main indicators of the need to either check the oil level (if possible), or manually lubricate the chain. Modern electric saws most often have a built-in system for auto-pumping oil into the chain and bar area, therefore the second option with manual chain lubrication is used only for outdated primitive designs.

Most often, the oil for the electric chain saw comes from a special tank, where it needs to be filled periodically. Already directly from it, with the help of an oil pump of a separate oil supply component, by converting the rotational movement of the gear to a linear rod, the chain receives oil in the volume necessary for normal functioning.
It is also very easy to monitor its level thanks to the transparent window of the container filled with oil for easy indication of its remainder.

Unlike new modifications of electric saws, older ones do not have such a constructive capability. But you can eliminate this defect. To do this, take a container (you can use an ordinary household bucket) and fill it with oil, into which the chain mechanism is simply immersed before operation. Such actions need to be done often, since part of the oil will go not only to lubricate the canvas, but also simply go to waste with sawdust.

What Oil To Fill In The Chain Saw

Tips for choosing oil

The fact that oil should be poured into an electric saw is understandable. But another moment, which one, can also be taken by surprise. The whole variety of existing types of grease can be divided into several types:

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Special, adapted specifically for electric saws, it contains adhesive additives, which serve for better adhesion of the liquid to the blade itself and do not allow it to drain instantly.

New environmentally friendly formulations made only from safe plant materials.

Motor and transmission oils can also be used as lubricants for certain models, which is regulated by the instructions for them. However, mineral oil should be avoided. In addition to the lubricating effect, engine oil can also be used to cleanse residues of biological lubricant, which not only clogs the oil system, but can also provoke serious damage.

Incredibly, many craftsmen have learned to use waste engine oil and even regular table sunflower oil for chain lubrication. This way out of the situation, although economical, since it allows you to reuse the resource, but carries with it many threats to the cutting working mechanisms. So, used car oil can clog the oil filter and pump, which is generally threatened by the prospect of going to a landfill. This increases the load on the motor, often leading to overheating and damage.
Vegetable oil is generally a risky option, which absolutely cannot be used for pouring into an oil tank. As a last resort, when acceptable, use to lubricate the outside of the chain.
Of the proposed options for special oil is the best. Experienced experts advise purchasing grease from the same company as the saw itself, but the price of such a product can be overstated by several orders of magnitude compared to universal chain grease, which seriously competes with expensive and not always available branded counterparts.

Oil supply system nuances of care and maintenance

The oil injection part of the electric saw design, like the one-piece unit, needs to comply with all the requirements prescribed by each manufacturer individually for a specific series and its modification.

Often, during the use of an electric hacker, you can encounter a problem when oil does not flow to the electric saw chain, which can significantly affect the state of working elements rubbing against each other. This can be due to several reasons, such as:

  • Failure of the oil pump and its gear;
  • Clogged passages in the oil filter through which grease flows;
  • A hole in the tire is clogged;
  • Depressurization of the oil container itself.

As you can see, there can be a lot of versions due to which oil is not supplied to the electric saw chain, which you can figure out on your own, but it is much better to resort to the help of experienced specialists.

Best chain saws rating

Among the wide variety, you need to know what to start from when making a choice. We offer you to find out which models are very popular in order to understand which model will help you cope with the tasks. The following models are considered the best chain saws of this year:

  1. Bosch AKE 40-19S combines elegance and quality.
  2. Stihl MSE 230 combines power and speed.
  3. Skil 0780 RA mini electric chain saw, combining compactness and convenience.
  4. Interskol PC-16 / 2000T worthy domestic counterpart.
  5. Makita UC3520A electric chain saw Makita is designed for all types of work.
  6. Bosch AKE 30 S the best device for giving.
  7. Energomash PC-99160 small assistant.

Chain saw tool device, main types, recommendations for choosing, rating of the best models

For gardening and landscaping, a tool such as an electric chain saw will be useful. With its help, they cut firewood, prune trees and other work. Thanks to the large assortment, you can choose the right model for yourself by examining a number of parameters.

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How to choose a chain saw?

When choosing a tool, you need to pay attention to its characteristics. The volumes and quality of work that will be performed on the site directly depend on these indicators. Among the important are the following characteristics:

  1. Engine power. The level of this indicator will affect the quality. For normal work, you need to choose models with a power of 1.5 to 2 kW. For large volumes, the range is higher and amounts to 2.5 kW.
  2. Engine location. The chain saw can have the following placement: longitudinal or transverse. The first option increases the price. The second position is used for vertical cuts at an angle of 90º.
  3. Bus length. Affects performance and speed of work. The cheap and reliable electric chain saw has a bar length of more than 30 cm. Large sizes are chosen for working with thick objects.
  4. Chain pitch. The main parameter responsible for cutting quality. Chains with a small pitch are cut neatly, but quickly dull. Models with a large chain pitch are easier to deal with obstacles, but have high vibration.
  5. Chain brake. Provides a stop of the chain rotating at high speed on contact with a stationary object in order not to harm the operator.
  6. Smooth start. It is a built-in system to help extend tool life. Thanks to the soft start, the tool starts smoothly without a sudden surge in starting current.
  7. Presence of blocking function. The design is presented in such a way that the tool will not start working without proper pressing of the handle or button.
  8. Tool weight. The lightweight chain saw increases the operating time, but it has less power and a short bar. The average weight of the product is 3-4.5 kg.

Types of electric saws

There is a huge range of such tools on the market today, which can be divided into the following classes:

  1. Professional. Designed for use for slaughter. The main parameter is the service life. An important advantage is unpretentious maintenance.
  2. Household. This technique is cheaper and simpler in design than a professional one. Manufacturers have simplified the design as much as possible to reduce the cost of the electric chain saw. This type includes a battery chain saw.
  3. Semi-professional. A compromise option between the two previous ones. It is designed to work regularly, but not too intense.

Electric chain saw device

In construction, in the garden and in everyday life, this tool is in demand. The chain saw includes the following elements:

  • Engine;
  • Cylinder cover;
  • Power supply system;
  • Cooling;
  • Lubrication system;
  • Air filtration;
  • Starting mechanisms;
  • Clutch;
  • Chain brake;
  • Headset.

Chain saw malfunctions

Tool breakage often occurs due to improper use or poor assembly. A professional or household electric chain saw may have the following faults:

  1. Saw will not start after pressing start. Causes: problems with the cable or plug, a malfunctioning start button, burned out motor windings or worn brushes.
  2. Brushes burn during operation. Causes: wear of brushes or short circuit of the winding.
  3. There is no lubricant on the chain. Reasons: the oil in the tank has run out, the pump is out of order.
  4. No full power on the chain saw. Reasons: wear of brushes, short circuit, low voltage in the network, malfunction of the start button, jammed gear.
  5. Stopping the chain saw motor during operation. Reasons: jammed gearbox or worn brushes.
  6. The electric motor overheats quickly. Causes: high air temperature, poor engine ventilation, long operating time, increased cutting rate, insufficient lubrication.
  7. Uneven cut. Causes: Dull chains or tire wear.
  8. The motor is running, but the chain is motionless. Reasons: breakage of the gears of the reducer.