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Jigsaw machine. it is a small and fairly simple tool for cutting wood blanks. However, using the machine you can make straight and curved cuts of various lengths and configurations. Sawing can be performed according to a pre-prepared template or without it. Actually, all work is due to the vertical movement of the saw blade, up and down. The file is moved by a special mechanism, a crank, quite common among mechanical devices. As with many small fixtures, the desktop jigsaw has a worktable that can be swiveled, as a result, the master can cut at an angle.

A drill is included in the package of the machine, with which the user drills a hole in the workpiece in order to let the saw blade pass there. The tensioner holds the file firmly. Based on the description, you can imagine a small machine that is attached to the workbench with special clamps. A desktop jigsaw can handle a variety of materials, plywood, wood blocks, wood-based panels and their derivatives. The advanced features of the machine include the processing of plastic and non-ferrous metal products. It is clear that it is widely used on woodworking sites, the machine is most widely used in furniture and music workshops. The master can make highly artistic household items or models for interior decoration.


To work with wooden workpieces, there are several tools that are successfully used by craftsmen. The main one is a manual jigsaw. The saw blade is clamped in an arcuate frame, and the operator forces the file to move, holding it by the working handle. The speed of movement of the saw blade and, ultimately, the duration of the operations and their quality depend on the physical capabilities and preparation of the master. The band saw includes a band-welded band saw with sharp teeth. A closed tape is mounted on pulleys, the rotation of which, in turn, is provided by an electric motor. The machine works at great speed. Able to make deep cuts even in large logs. The choice of a jigsaw for wood can be limited by these three options presented. The simplest tool is a hand jigsaw. The fastest and most productive machine is a band saw. A desktop jigsaw is located between them. Let’s try to figure out what advantages and opportunities these very modest workers have, how to make the right choice of a jigsaw wood processing machine.


The engine power reserve determines with what density the material can work the master. For most types of wood, power from 50 to 90 watts is enough. Professional machines are equipped with electric motors with a power of 120 W or more. Reliable drives provide a higher speed of the file, which determines the productivity of the jigsaw machine. Low vibration is an added benefit of electric motors.


The saw blade is attached at 2 points, above and below. Depending on the nature of the drawing, the master can move the workpiece with two hands. The fastening (connection) of the files can be spring or screw. With the help of a special spring for manual tension, a strong vertical position of the saw blade is ensured.
The pitch of the file, that is, the distance between the teeth, determines what density the tree can handle the machine. For example, with a transverse cut, the number of teeth per inch should be less. Based on the advice of distinguished masters, you should take a nail file with small cloves for jewelry artwork. The quality of the cut depends on the geometry and sharpening of the teeth, whether it will be even or with chips. Large teeth are necessary for high-speed cutting, for high-quality cutting, files with small teeth are needed. Cloths with apart teeth are suitable for sharp corners and bends, the width of the passage will also be greater.
A file width of 2 mm is necessary for sawing out very tiny parts. Wider files up to 10 mm are necessary for working with large workpieces. The master should only understand that the curvature of the cut depends on the width of the saw blade, the narrower the blade, the greater the curvature can be obtained. Due to the sufficiently large length of the saw blade, the master can cut from 200 to 400 mm. However, the machine is hardly suitable for straight cuts. The speed is not the same, which means that operations will take too much time. For such purposes, we recommend purchasing other equipment. There are also files in thickness from 0.6 mm to 1.25 mm.
Replacement of the saw blade can occur without the use of additional devices and with their participation.

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What You Can Do With A Band Saw


During operation, the saw blade moves up and down, the maximum travel can be from 30 to 50 mm. It turns out that the maximum thickness of the workpiece can reach up to 50 mm with a maximum cutting width of up to 600 mm. First of all, the choice of a jigsaw machine depends on these parameters.
If a machine makes 1650 reciprocating movements or more per minute, then the cut is perfectly smooth without chipping and chipping. The speed of one operation depends on the number of revolutions, which means the productivity of the machine.


Operation without speed control is provided on some models. Step adjustment allows you to choose one of several proposed speed options. We advise you to purchase machines with smooth adjustment. What is its advantage:
the choice of speed allows you to adjust the tool for certain types of wood, so as not to cause excessive heating of the material. Increasing the temperature of the workpiece can spoil the cut;
the smooth achievement of the required speed will help to most accurately select the appropriate mode of operation, which depends on the complexity and configuration of the cut and on the density of the processed material;
a gradual set of speed allows the master to concentrate more precisely on making particularly precise cuts;
smooth adjustment is a gentle attitude to the engine, which prolongs its performance for many years.


The surface on which the workpiece is laid can change the angle of inclination. The tilt adjustment is carried out using a special clamp, the size of the angle depends on the effort with which the master presses on the mechanism. Having achieved the desired tilt, the operator can fix the position. A metric risk scale will help you choose the most accurate position. In deciding which jigsaw machine is better, the possibility of two-sided tilting of the desktop plays a greater role. Semi-professional models offer a one-sided option of tilting up to 45 °, in professional machines the table can be tilted in both directions with an angle of up to 45 °. The base is made of steel or cast iron alloy with a carefully polished worktop. The part should slide on the desktop and not get dirty on the outer layer, which ensures polishing of the surface. The massive table also should not bend while working with large workpieces.


Flexible shaft allows you to significantly expand the capabilities of the machine. Reviews of professionals say that a jigsaw machine with an additional shaft is able to perform cuts that require special care and preparation. What is necessary for the manufacture of souvenirs and various expensive crafts. The quality of work, of course, is reflected in the absence of vibration. The engraver is able to polish, remove small nicks, grind and fine-tune various parts. The master can correct the shape of the workpiece, drill it, select small grooves, and also do many more additional operations.


When working with wood, a lot of waste occurs in the form of wood dust and wood shavings. In order to better see the working area, some models use a sawdust blowing system. The powerful air flow from the pump made of high-quality rubber allows you to better see the cut line, which plays an important role in the quality of operations. A standard diameter pipe is required for connecting a chip pump. Parallel cleansing of the working area will prevent the master from breathing harmful suspensions, which means that he will keep the respiratory organs healthy. In order to protect the master and improve the quality of work, jigsaw machines are equipped with built-in dust extraction.


Another additional device that provides comfort in work is the spotlighting of the work platform, which allows you to better see the applied cut marks.