Which grinder to cut paving slabs. Types of cut

Is it possible to cut the paving slabs with a corner grinding machine?

Blade 230 mm or 300 mm is best suited for Praying cutting materials; smaller diameter blades used on Corner grinding machines Not quite suitable. If you are have a lot Cutting work on do, Leave it until the end of the project, hire the saw for only One Day, and do all Cutting in One session.

Just like that, will the tile cut the paving stones?

Many people use hacksaws and other tools to cut out Their concrete paving stones, but much easier to use Tile saw. The blade works fine; The abrasive blade quickly copes with paving stonesjust like cutting ceramics tile.

How to cut a paving stones with a circular saw?

  • Mark the neckline. Mark the cutting line on the upper surface of the asphalt, using a pencil and a square or a ruler.
  • Install a saw disk. Put the asphalt layer on a non.Slip rug on top of the work surface.
  • Cut on the top.
  • Cut on the bottom.
  • Care break.

How to cut paving slabs?

In the process of paving paving slabs, there is a need for its pruning. This is necessary in order to create a complete composition most accurately designing a particular structure. Pruning is not a difficult process that can be performed independently, but it requires certain knowledge and skills.

You need to start with the preparation of the necessary tool (its set depends on the method of work):

To get a result, schedule a cut site. This is not only a pencil, but also chalk, and even a felt.Tip pen is suitable for this. The main thing is that the line is even and clearly visible.

In order to get material of a certain form, you can use several ways that differ not only in the approach, but also with laboriousness.

Cutting methods:

  • Split. To work carefully, pick up the chisel and with the help of a hammer, begin to tap on the planned line. You need to do this with light blows, passing several times one and the same place. You will notice how the tool will gradually begin to crash into the material until it breaks.
  • Separation.

For this you will need a special stone division. Such equipment can be bought or rented in a construction store. The technology of work is very reminiscent of the previous method, but somewhat modernizes it. The machine is equipped with a sharp blade, under which the alleged future incision is placed.

The usual, of course, also fit, but the work will take a little more time and will require patience from you. The diamond blade copes with the task perfectly, but is quite expensive. But it is not necessary to buy it, but you can just rent for a while.

In order not to damage an expensive tool, read the correct technology of its use and observe it. The tile itself should be wetted, thereby securing leased equipment from combustion.

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Regardless of the chosen method, strictly adhere to security rules and put on overalls that most very close open areas of the body. Its most important element is protective glasses that protect the eyes from building dust, but also protect the skin from random fragments that can scratch.

Features of cutting tiles with a grinder

It is no secret that when laying out all kinds of surfaces in various houses and buildings, it often turns out that the total area that needs to be covered is not a multiple of tile sizes. From one, and more often from two edges, there are places where the whole tile simply does not fit. And then the cutting of the facing tiles into parts of a more suitable size becomes an urgent necessity.

It is unrealistic to just break off fragments from the whole tile, since in this case it is almost impossible to predict in advance the shape and size of the fragments. Professional tiles-coaters use special tools for this, but if the tile is placed on their own and access to such tools can not be obtained, then an electric grinding machine will go well for cutting, better known as the Bulgarian.

Necessary devices and safety measures

In general, the tile is cut by a grinder in the same way as cutting brick, paving slabs or facing stone. First of all, it is necessary to take a special cutting disk with diamond crumbs, designed for dry cutting on ceramic tiles and stone. The cleanliness of the cut line directly depends on its quality. It is the more even and cleaner, the more diamond interspersed in the substance from which this disk is made. The best are the best discs made by the German company Bosch. Chips of enamel coating almost do not appear on the edges of the line cut, but they cost about 20 apiece 12.5 cm with a diameter of 12.5 cm.

At the same time, Chinese discs of a similar purpose and size are 4 times cheaper, and the quality of cutting is not much worse. You can not cut the tile for cutting metal in any case, it can be dangerous.

It is worth remembering that cutting tiles using a grinder may be accompanied by a risk of injuries. To avoid them, there are simple security measures that are better to observe strictly. Firstly, particles inevitably fly away from tiles during cutting, and given the speed of rotation of the disk, their acceleration in flight is extremely large. When caught in the eyes, they enter so deeply that it is almost impossible to extract them without surgical intervention. Therefore, protective glasses or a transparent mask must be on the face. Secondly, the disk should go into the surface of the tiles only into a third of its diameter, in extreme cases half. Otherwise, the Bulgarian can twitch and fly out of hands. This is fraught with tile damage at best, and in the worst and serious hand injury. The measures of traumatic security must be remembered constantly.

Features of the cutting process

For a non.Professional in the facing business, it is worth informing several useful rules, subject to which cutting tiles with a grinder will be easy enough.

  • The cut line must be drawn on the front side of the tile. This significantly reduces the size of the riding fragments of the enamel coating.
  • In the process of cutting, the grinder must be kept so that the direction of rotation of the disk is in the opposite side. Then the fragments will not fly into it.
  • After some time, in the process of cutting, particles of molten metal are formed on the cutting edge of the disk, and it begins to slide along the surface of the tile. To remove them, you need to slightly walk on a working grinder on a concrete surface. Then the melted metal will fly away, and the surface with diamond crumbs will be exposed again.

Paver stone cut with angle grinder

To avoid the appearance of thin ceramic dust around the snowdrifts, and just facilitate the process, you can take a plastic canister with a capacity of 5 liters and cut one of its walls. Then, one edge can be covered with a grinder body, and on the other tiles that need to be cut and directed towards each other. The direction of rotation of the disk should be down, inside the canister, where all dust and fragments will fly. However, for this movement should be accurate, otherwise the tile simply bursts. If the necessary skill is absent for such work, then it is best to install the grinder motionless, and make all the maneuvers with lighter tiles. In addition, this will free them for them and the second hand.

The body of the grinder can be wrapped with a sticky tape vertically to the leg of the desktop so that the cutting part of the disk rises above its surface. Then a remote countertop is made with a slot for a disk on which the tile will fit. It turns out a certain constructive semblance of a circular saw.

In another case, the grinder is placed on the table horizontally and fixed using two clamps. The cutting disk must fully protrude at the edge of the table. The tile will be brought to him by weight with two hands. The cutting process will be much safer and save a considerable amount of tile, if you take a grinder for it, on which there is a function of switching speeds.

Then the Bulgarian can quite effectively replace a special tile cutter.

Choosing a grinder for cutting paving slabs: preparing a tool for work, safety precautions

Paving slabs is one of the most popular materials for organizing garden paths. This material is durable, durable, resistant to environmental exposure, chemicals, convenient in cleaning and is simple in installation and t.D.

When organizing paths, sometimes you need to cut the paving slabs into pieces of a certain size.

Safety regulations

Before that, how to cut paving slabs with a grinder either guillotine, in any other way, it is certainly necessary to ensure the protection of the master. In an unpleasant case, it is difficult to guarantee the safety of work and lack of risk of injuries.

  • Protective equipment (especially if a method is chosen for cutting tiles, which involves the occurrence of a huge volume of dust, the highest speed of rotation of parts, etc.D.). Protective glasses, respirator, special clothes from very dense material will help out from dust and injuries.
  • Special headphones allowing to protect themselves from very sonorous noise.
  • The study of the rules of operation of the chosen tool are general ordinary people: do not bring fingers to rapidly rotating mechanisms, carefully work with power tools, painstakingly inspect devices and parts before the start of work, do not use broken or working devices incorrectly. Each method implies its own set of rules: so, if the cutting of paving slabs is realized by a grinder, then the tool is certainly held with 2 hands by the side handle, use a protective screen from dust and sparks, provide electrical safety, etc.D.
  • In the process of work, watch the details and mechanisms. The guillotine knife, the circles of the grinder must be changed, used only if the property of the property is fully compliance.

Tile cutting methods

This stage is considered the most responsible and difficult to execute. Cutting it is necessary to strictly according to the line material available on the surface, while the tile itself should be tightly fixed. You can do the work using a grinder or guillotine. It is allowed to use a special electric tool or a hacksaw for metal (the latter is needed for small volumes of work).

Cutting with a grinder

For cutting paving slabs, it is recommended to use a diamond disk to a grinder of not more than 23 cm in diameter. Recommended tool power. 2 kW or more. Cut the paving stones with a grinder as follows:

  • Firmly fix the tile.
  • Start cutting, following the drawn line. If necessary, sprinkle the surface of the paving stones with sand. This will facilitate the course of the grinder. The speed of rotation of the disk should not exceed 3500 revolutions per minute. You need to move away from yourself. The depth of cutting along the edges should be greater than in the middle of the tile.

There are some restrictions and prohibitions when working with a grinder. It is forbidden:

  • Cut an unexpected tile, holding it on weight (before direct processing, it must be fixed with clamp on a flat hard surface);
  • Work without protection (glasses, masks, gloves, special clothing);
  • Use a grinder with damaged electric wiring for cutting.

This method of processing is recommended to choose with a slight amount of material. Otherwise, a gill knife is better suited.

The use of guillotine

Gilotine knife is a machine consisting of a styling table, guides, knife and handles. The advantage of this method of cutting paving slabs is that dust is practically not formed during processing. The process itself looks as follows:

  • The tiles must be placed in the gap between the knives and the styling table.
  • After that, using the handle, set in motion a knife that drops and, under the influence of its own mass and speed, fails a piece of tile. In this case, the pressure must be exerted on the entire pen, and not just at its end. Otherwise, there is a risk of damage to the material, tool and a person due to the split of the tile.

Special devices

In addition to grinder and guillotines, you can use special tile cutting devices. These are electric and gasoline saws for concrete. The principle of operation is similar to cutting using a grinder, but at the same time the saw design includes a special styling table, on which the paving stones are fixed. For processing, you can use only those diamond discs that are recommended by the manufacturer, which is not always convenient. The distance between the clamp and the guide can be from 70 to 230 mm. Such a tool allows you to cut tiles not only along and down, but also at an angle, the value of which can be set yourself. You need to work with a saw as follows:

  • Install the workpiece between the supports, then carefully fix it. The size of the supports must correspond to the parameters of the paving stones.
  • Turn on the saw and wait until it takes the desired speed.
  • After that, you need to gradually lower the disk to the workpiece. After their contact, press the handle to start cutting the tile.
  • At the end of the work, the saw must be turned off, wait for a full disk stop, and then return the handle to its original position.

Than and how to cut paving slabs and borders

During the working process, you often have to cut paving slabs or borders: somewhere you need to adjust the height, and somewhere the width of the product. There are only two effective cutting methods: with the help of a grinder and using a guillotine for brick, paving stones. Guillotine is used to work, where you need to cut in a straight line and where small irregularities are allowed. For, so to speak, jewelry processing of paving stones, they already use a grinder.

Preparing for the trim process

If you work with a grinder, then for security purposes it is recommended to use protective glasses and headphones. Glasses will protect your eyes from possible flying fragments, and the headphones will serve as a protection from a loud noise. When working with guillotine, there is no equipment in this entire equipment.

We apply marks

Before proceeding with the cutting of paving slabs, you need to apply a mark (line), according to which the paving stones will be cut for this we need a construction pencil and ruler. Using the ruler, it is necessary to measure the distance that must be left or remove and transferred to the tile, if it is straight, then two points will be sufficient.

Mark so that it does not work out after cutting too much space between the tiles or vice versa, so that the tile does not value. Therefore, you need to make a small supply and cut exclusively along the drawn line.

Paving slabs Cutting with a grinder

A diamond circle of concrete should be installed on the grinder. The circle should rotate at you so that dust and fragments fly from you. Keep the grinder with both hands and spread your legs so that if the grinder jumps off the tiles, it does not fly in the leg. You can be located behind the grinder, or you can from the side.

Put the cut tiles separately, discard the garbage immediately. If tiles are made of different colors, then you also need to separate it. So as not to confuse and know where the tile was cut, make marks on it.

The dust from cutting can fly and fall on the tile, so find the right place in advance or cover the tile. Dust from paving slabs can be removed, but if the tile is pressed, it will be problematic to do it. Therefore, think through these organizational issues in advance.

Cutting tiles with guillotine

There are much fewer problems and garbage with guillotine, but it is less accurate. As mentioned above, guillotine can cut the tile only in a straight line

She is silent and does not require serious precautions

Nevertheless, the most popular and affordable tool is the Bulgarian. Guillotine is used when the scale of the work is large and trimming does not differ in its diversity and complexity. For such purposes, guillotine is just an indispensable tool.

Why is porcelain border cracking when cutting a grinder?

Ceramic material quickly absorbs moisture if it hit the rain or stored in the cold, moisture quickly penetrates the pores of the product and turns into ice, creating at This is internal stress. During Cutting The tile may break due to this.

For cutting paving slabs It is recommended to use a diamond disk to a grinder of not more than 23 cm in diameter. Recommended tool power. 2 kW or more. Cut Power paving stones with a grinder should be as follows: firmly fixed Tiles.

How To Cut A Stone Paver With A Chisel

Is it possible to cut concrete with a circular saw?

Use the standard one a circular saw, equipped with corundum or diamond disk, for small tasks. For plates is best cut out through the upper inch, then with the help of a sledgehammer break the rest. The uneven edge on the left under Cutting The line provides good roughness for the new concrete tie to.

Crouping saws traditionally used only for working with wood, and sometimes with metal. However, if you are There is no money to rent or buy One but you are there is Miter saw conveniently you can buy diamond Or carbide blade for Miter saw Cut the tile for your project.

How to cut paving slabs at home

The question of how to cut paving slabs is relevant for everyone who is engaged in the arrangement of the house area, creates garden or pedestrian paths, mounts various types of types from this material. It is almost impossible to lay tiles without cutting. There will still be zones where you need to mount a section smaller in size or other shape, especially when it comes to curly tiles.

Incorrect cutting of paving slabs can lead not only to considerable financial costs (the more and more complicated in configuration the area of ​​the laying, the more cut tiles and, accordingly, waste when the task is incorrectly performed), but also risk to health, life, life. The use of the tool involves knowledge of safety regulations and the features of the work.

In many ways, the shape of the tile affects the complexity of the cutting: square and rectangular to mark and cut easier than a wave, hexagon, profile z and t.D. In the process of laying paving stones usually form certain drawings, ornaments that require thorough fitting elements in size. In addition, you need to be able to properly process the edge of the cut of the tile, so that the coating is neat and aesthetic.

Tiles for cutting tiles are used different, the choice depends on the presence of the master skills, such as tiles, conditions and features of the performance of work. But, first of all, you need to study all existing technologies.

Choosing a grinder for cutting paving slabs: preparing a tool for work, safety precautions

Paving slabs is one of the most popular materials for organizing garden paths. This material is durable, durable, resistant to environmental exposure, chemicals, convenient in cleaning and is simple in installation and t.D.

When organizing paths, sometimes you need to cut the paving slabs into pieces of a certain size.

How to cut paving slabs?

For this, industry produces several types of tools:

Bulgarian for cutting paving slabs

Bulgarian. Angular grinding machine. Belongs to the class of manual electric machines, which are designed for abrasive processing of various materials: cutting, grinding, etc.D.

To perform each type of work and for each type of material, certain nozzles are available. At one end of the device there is a nest for attaching nozzles, which, rotating around its axis, perform the desired work.

Some devices are equipped with a nozzle speed regulator.

A diamond disk or circle is used for cutting stone as a nozzle.

Bulgarian device

It includes the following main modules:

Corner grinding machine device

Depending on the model, the grinder is equipped with additional modules.

How NOT TO CUT patio pavers with diamond blade on 5 inch angle grinder 20 September 2018

Cutting paving slabs is performed using a diamond circle, which is made of small pieces of artificial diamond, put into a metal disk. Diamond circles differ in size of particles and density of their application.

Discs have slots that are designed to cool the diamond circle heated during operation.

Diamond circle for cutting paving slabs

Concrete, brick or granite cut with diamond circles designed for dry cutting.

Selection of a diamond circle for cutting tiles

The diamond circle is enough, so it must be correctly selected to prevent additional cash costs.

which, grinder, paving, slabs, types

When working with paving slabs, a circle designed for concrete is used.

The diameter of the circle depends on the size of the machine and the thickness of the material that must be cut.

The landing hole of the circle must correspond to the diameter of the shaft of the machine.

How to cut paving slabs

During cutting the tiles, a lot of dust is released, so it is best to cut the material on the street. If, nevertheless, the work needs to be done in the room, then all the things that are in it are covered with polyethylene. In this case, dust is easily removed from open surfaces.

Also, a cut line is applied to the tile with a pencil. If a patterned path is planned, then the cutting of the material is performed directly during the laying, adjusting it to the pattern or shape of the track. If it is planned to install a track without a drawing, then tile cutting is possible before the start of laying.

It is necessary to make sure the performance of the device. The cord should be with a whole braid.

A diamond disk designed to work on concrete is installed. Over, its installation is made by the pattern up. After that, the diamond circle is reliably fixed with a special nut. On top it must be closed with a protective casing.

The material is reliably fixed. After that, the tile is cut strictly along the cut line. It is not required to press the tool much: this can lead to the destruction of the material or the diamond circle.

To improve gliding, the surface of the product can be sprinkled with sand.

If the radius of the circle is smaller than the thickness of the material, then at first the incision is performed on one side to half the thickness of the tile, then it is turned over and the back is also carried out on the back.

Attention! It is impossible to change the position of the cutting tool in the process of cutting, since even a slight bias of the diamond circle can lead to jamming.

Safety precautions when working with a machine:

  • Before work, it is necessary to check the integrity of the body and cord.
  • The pose of the employee performing the cutting of the material should be stable.
  • Since the departure of broken particles of a disk or tile is possible in the process of cutting, a protective mask or glasses, as well as gloves and clothes made of dense fabric, which close the human body, are used.
  • Long hair should be removed, clothes are hardened.
  • When working, it is necessary to ensure that the cutting circle does not damage the cord of the grinder.
  • If you need to replace a worn disk with a new one, the device is completely disconnected from the mains.

It is necessary to ensure that the dust does not fall on the material, otherwise the appearance of the paving slabs will deteriorate, and it will be problematic to clean it, especially if it has a wet surface.

Necessary tool

To quickly perform work and get a quality result, it is recommended to prepare the entire tool in advance:

  • Gyliotic knife (instead you can take a special electric disk saw);
  • Grinder;
  • Diamond disk (grinding);
  • Chisel;
  • A hammer;
  • Hacksaw for metal;
  • File;
  • Knife;
  • Sandpaper;
  • Roulette;
  • Construction pencil;
  • Metal line (if necessary, transporter).

Necessary tool

To cut off the desired part of the paving slabs, it is necessary to stock up with a whole set of tools. Especially if the installation of a large area is installed and concrete elements will have to be cut in considerable volumes.

  • Gilli knife or special electrical saw of disk type
  • Bulgarian with diamond/grinding disk
  • A hammer
  • Chisel
  • Kryazuvka for metal
  • Knife
  • File
  • Roulette
  • Sandpaper
  • Metal line
  • Ordinary (but better construction) pencil

Depending on the tasks and features of the material, the set of tools may change, but the main points look just like that.

We apply marks

Before proceeding with the cutting of paving slabs, you need to apply a mark (line), according to which the paving stones will be cut for this we need a construction pencil and ruler. Using the ruler, it is necessary to measure the distance that must be left or remove and transferred to the tile, if it is straight, then two points will be sufficient.

Electric tile cutter

It is considered the best option for cutting any tiles, porcelain tiles, paving slabs and clinker. It is equipped with a diamond disk and thanks to this the edges of the tiles are flat, and with smooth rounds.

Strongly marked in front of a sharp tile, put on the surface and carefully carried out with a blade. Must: the tile should be tightly pressed.

Important! Working with an electric tile cutter, you need to remember the safety. During operation, you need to use protective glasses, as well as observe the pallet in which the water is located. If the water is heated and clogged, it needs to be replaced. Also, if you use the device without water supply, it is recommended to work with a partner who will remove the dust formed during cutting with a construction vacuum cleaner

Electric tile cutter is considered the most modern and accurate method of cutting, close by the principle of action to large factory are used by experienced craftsmen and construction companies.

which, grinder, paving, slabs, types

What to choose for the saw. A grinder or guillotine?

So, the most important part is cutting. It should be carried out strictly along the drawn line, firmly fixing the material on a flat surface. Which tool to choose? It is best to use a grinder, guillotine or a special tool for cutting paving slabs, but it is expensive and more suitable for professional work. If the volume of work is small, try using a hacksaw for metal. Let’s study the tile cutting process in more detail when using a grinder and guillotine.

It is best for cutting paving slabs to take a grinder equipped with a diamond disk with a diameter of up to 23 cm. The power of the tool should be at least 2 kW. Cutting the material is very simple: firmly fix the tile and saw it with a disk, following exactly along the line. If during cutting you feel that the tool brakes a little, sprinkle the surface of the tile with sand. If you have to carry out a large amount of work, it is best to use a hylotine knife, which is a machine with a styling table, guides, a knife and a handle. Put the product in the gap between the knives and the surface of the desktop, lower the knife and “chop” the material. The important advantage of such a tool is that cutting is carried out quickly and almost without dust.

Whatever the cutting tool you choose, the paving stones after work will still have small irregularities on the surface. That is why the final stage of preparing tiles for styling is to eliminate such defects. Small irregularities are usually removed with a grinding machine, it is better to remove more noticeable chips with a hacksaw for metal.

How to cut various materials with a grinder

The corner grinding machine, which everyone calls the grinder, can not only grind, but also cut various materials using special circles. But in order to skillfully use these capabilities, you need to have knowledge and experience.

Many have a Bulgarian, but most people do not know how to use it correctly and how to keep it. This leads not only to marriage in work, but also to severe injuries. Bulgarian is a rather dangerous power tool.

The circle should be installed by the pattern up and clamped by a special nut.

A person with the leading right hand holds the grinder by the handle with his right hand. In this case, the circle should be located on the left side of the machine, and the protective casing should close it on top. The rotation is so that during cutting sparks fly to a worker. If a circle jams a circle and a grinder breaks out of the hands, then it will not go to the cutter, but in the opposite direction.

The left hand holds the car by the handle, which is wrapped in a threaded hole on the case. There are somewhat for special cases of use, but the right position of the handle is only the upper.

This position of the machine requires the use of protective equipment. To protect the eyes and open part of the face, these are protective glasses, and even better. A protective mask. To protect the open parts of the body from sparks and small fragments during cutting, it is necessary to put on a suit made of dense material.

How to cut exactly

To cut something with a grinder evenly, it is necessary to perform the correct markup. For example, before cutting a piece of pipe, it is necessary to apply a marker or a thin chalk size. Then we take a sheet of paper with a flat edge and turn the pipe on the set mark. We will get a paper pipe on top of a metal. The border of paper and will be an exact trajectory along which a part of the pipe has to be sawn down.

For these purposes, you can use construction tape, which is easier to wrap the pipe and fix it. On the edge of the paper or adhesive tape we draw the cutting line. Remove the paper, hear the pipe in a vice and cut the grinder.

In a similar way, you can cut a corner, profile or sheet. Do not only forget that during cutting it is impossible to change the position of the car. Circle skew will lead to jamming or breakdown. Should not be excessively pressed on a circle, especially thin. Deformation will immediately affect the curvature. The machine should be driven into the material, it only needs to be held.

The evenness of the cut depends on the correct selection of the circle. It is difficult to achieve a flat trajectory, cutting off part of the thick.Walled pipe with a thin circle.

How to cut a circle with a grinder

Sometimes it is necessary to cut a circle on a sheet, and there is no tool besides the grinder. To do this, mark the circle on the selected area with a white marker or a thin chalk. The cut line should be on the outside of the circle, so as not to reduce it.

We set the grinder not perpendicular to the sheet, but at an angle. Over, the Bulgarian will be inclined to the center of the circle. At low speed we make a preliminary contour cut. Both the contour and the main cut must be performed with short movements, moving the position of the circle along the contour.

Similarly, you can act by working with other materials. To cut a circle in a tile under the pipe, you need to mark on the back of the tiles. Then take a grinder and make a slot of slots along the chord at a distance of 4-5 mm from one another inside.

Then the tile is unfolded at right angles, and the slots are made perpendicular to the previous. During cutting, pieces of tiles will be painted, but inside the outlined circle. The remaining cloves can be sanded with a grinder first on the front side.

Naturally get a cut of an oblique, with an extension to the back side. But this land can be grabbed gradually with pliers and painted. At the end of the operation, the back of the hole is polished. Here you need accuracy, attention and patience.

How to cut a bell without chips tiles and porcelain tiles

To do without chips during cutting tiles, it must be wetted in water. This will reduce the temperature in a timely manner, which is the cause of destruction. In this way, you can not only cut the tiles, but also cut the necessary fragments. Another method is to use the cutting circle on the stone. Such a circle does not give cracks and chips.

The situation with porcelain tiles is a little more complicated. Porcelain tiles are somewhat thicker than ordinary tiles and stronger than it. Manual tile cutter very quickly stupid, without achieving the result. Therefore, you can cut porcelain stoneware around stone.

On the drawn cut line, we make a contour incision. Then another, third. Until the cut thickness of the material is less cut out. We shift the tiles of porcelain tile to the edge of the table and with a sharp but not very strong movement we break.

How to saw without dust

Any dust is harmful to human health. During repair or construction, it settles everywhere. Remove it later and for a long and quite difficult. But the main thing is that it cannot be removed from the body. In order to work without dust, you need to make a small and inexpensive device for a grinder.

which, grinder, paving, slabs, types

This device is very similar to a medical dropper. In a regular plastic bottle with a volume of 1.5. 2.0 liters, we put a tube from a dropper. We leave only the regulator on it. In the protective casing of the grinder we make a hole in the diameter of this tube. In this hole we insert the other same tube.

We connect these two tubes, pour water into the bottle and open it to the supply to the circle. After the first approximate cut, we adjust the supply of water, which should extinguish all the dust released during cutting.

With such a device, you can process concrete, brick and many other materials that, when destroyed, distinguish a large amount of dust.

How to cut or cut a grinder correctly

Various materials behave differently during processing by a grinder. Some immediately overheat and break, others are deformed, others do not want to succumb to processing at all. All the subtleties of working with a grinder is difficult to know, but practice requires to know at least something.

Cut the tiles of paving, tile, porcelain tile

For cutting paving slabs, a special circle with diamond notch is required. Marking is made on the tile, and on this marking, an incision is made to almost half the radius of the circle. If the grinder is with a large circle, then in one pass you can cut the tiles immediately to the entire depth. The main thing is that it is no more than the radius of the circle. If the radius of the circle is insufficient, then the tile is turned over and oncoming cut is done.