Which trimmer is better electric or gasoline?

Electric hand trimmer is considered a competitor to gasoline scythes. Many manufacturers offer a variety of models to choose from. The unit is selected according to technical and operational parameters.

Which trimmer is better electric or gasoline?

Which trimmer is better electric or gasoline?

Allocate models of trimmers on gasoline and electricity. The most noticeable difference in cost. An electric braid will be much cheaper, which is often a decisive factor for many gardeners and gardeners.

A comparative description of the aggregates is proposed.

Gas mowers are equipped with a two-stroke and four-stroke engine. The first work on a fuel mixture of fuel oil and gasoline. The tool on a 4-stroke engine is more powerful, oil and gasoline are poured separately. 2-stroke units produce much more noise, they are more difficult to refuel due to size, but they are non-massive and easy to transport.

Gas trimmers are equipped with various nozzles and knives: for grass, shrubs, snow clearing, etc. Among the most famous manufacturers of such garden tools are Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Kasei.

  • Autonomy. The unit is not tied to a place; it can be taken with you at any distance;
  • Complicated complexion. The functionality of the tool is very wide;
  • Adequate power level. Such an aggregate can be used for tall grass and uneven areas;
  • Ability to handle hard to reach places;
  • It works regardless of weather conditions and rainfall;
  • The ability to repair with your own hands directly at the site of failure.

The disadvantages of benzo mowers include:

  • A large mass, because the operator gets tired faster;
  • Small difficulties in maintenance and storage, since you need to constantly clean the tank and monitor the quality of the fuel;
  • High level of emitted noise;
  • High cost in comparison with appliances on electricity.

Electric grass trimmer powered by cable. Sometimes there are a few extra tips. Among the popular brands of electric equipment are Makita, Patriot, AL-KO.

  • Light weight;
  • Minimum harmful emissions;
  • Affordable price;
  • Low emitted noise
  • Quick start;
  • Easy storage and maintenance.
  • Full dependence on the length of the cord and the availability of electricity, therefore it is difficult to process large areas;
  • Do not work after rain because of the danger of electrical closure;
  • Little functionality.

Based on the described advantages and disadvantages, you can choose a technique that satisfies personal wishes. If a garden tool is needed for complex, long and frequent use, it is worth choosing a benzo trimmer. And for a summer residence and a small area, a light electric trimmer is suitable.

How to choose a device on electricity?

Oblique electric can mow small vegetation in small house territories and in inaccessible places.

Depending on the purpose of use, equipment is allocated:

  • Working in areas with thin grass;
  • Removing hard grass and small weeds;
  • Brush cutters for large volumes of work.

Therefore, in order to choose an electric grass trimmer, you must first determine the purpose of operation.

Options for selecting a trimmer for grass electric:

  1. Engine installation. The motor can be located above and below. The equipment with the lower placement is lightweight, suitable for simple work. Cope only with soft vegetation, has a low level of power. The upper placement of the motor protects it from moisture, because the device can be used after rain and to clean difficult areas;
  2. Power. Power level in the range of 175. 1400 watts. The volume and complexity of the work performed, as well as the cutting headset used, depend on this. For areas of several hundred square meters, units with a power level of up to 400 watts are suitable. powerful models cope with harsh grass and medium-sized weeds, allow you to take care of the garden. Equipment with a power of 1000 watts or more will handle stiffer stems. With a knife, small shrubs in large areas are removed;
  3. Cutting headset. A garden mower with a power of up to 600 watts works with a special reel with fishing line with a diameter of 1.2-1.6 millimeters. The stiffness of the mowed vegetation depends on the thickness of the fishing line. Powerful braids work with installed plastic or metal knives (circular or blade). Coils are suitable for rocky terrain;
  4. Barbell. Straight or curved. The first option is more expensive, but it is possible to fasten a string or knife. The direct bar is reliable and durable. With a curved bar you can use only fishing lines for small amounts of work. Such models are inexpensive and reliable. There are units with a folding bar, characterized by convenient transportation;
  5. A pen. May have a semicircular or T-shape. The first is suitable for small uneven areas, the second is more comfortable for caring for large even areas;
  6. Accessories. The unit is equipped with cutting nozzles (head, knife), spare fishing line, glasses for protection, belt. Options depend on the power of the manufacturer;
  7. Weight. The weight of the unit affects the complexity of the work performed. The more powerful the tool, the more difficult the work it performs in large enough areas. If the territory is small, it is better to stop on a light small braid to speed up work and reduce the load on the operator;
  8. Price. Various factors influence the cost: brand, assembly, components, power level. It is important to realize that cheap models are not always of poor quality, but they can only cope with simple tasks in small areas.

What is the best electric trimmer?

Many global brands offer home and professional gardening equipment. It is recommended to stay on a quality unit from a well-known manufacturer, as this is a guarantee of reliability and durability.

In the list of the main participants of the electric trimmer market:

  • Bosh. Famous brand with mass production of various equipment. This is a relatively best choice of garden tools with high power, high-quality assembly, simple operation and good endurance;
  • Makita. Products of the middle price segment. The manufacturer monitors the build quality at all stages, therefore it guarantees the reliability of tools;
  • Stihl. Equipment for the garden and garden, combining quality and reasonable price;
  • AL-KO. German instruments are very high quality, but their cost is rather big. The manufacturer relies on reliable assembly and durability;
  • Patriot. American technology with a powerful motor and reliable components. Increases trust and high quality service.

The table shows the popular models from well-known brands with their technical characteristics.

The beard trimmer allows you to at home to give facial hair the perfect shape

What is it. an electric trimmer and why is it

The tool, which is called the beautiful word "trimmer" "takes its name from the English verb" to trim ", which in the literal Russian translation means" shorten "or" trim ".

In fact, the trimmer is a special device, the purpose of which is to care for the hair: normalizing the hair, removing unnecessary vegetation from the nose or ears, trimming or shaping the beard and mustache.

The rich functionality of the device allows you to form the perfect contour of the beard and mustache

Traditionally, devices are divided into male and female. Depending on the accessory, the device must have different functionality.

Men’s trimmers are more massive and “rude”. Their purpose is to remove excess vegetation, give a regular and stylish form to the beard, thinning hair, treating areas behind the ears or leveling the whiskers.

An important characteristic of the male trimmer is the availability of adjustment of the cut length, which for each particular model can vary from 1 to 6 mm.

Female devices are traditionally considered more delicate, as they are designed to treat delicate skin. Most often they are used to remove excess vegetation in the bikini area, as well as axillary hollows.

The female trimmer is smaller and more delicate.

As a rule, a female device kit includes nozzles similar to male devices, but they are smaller.

It is important to choose the right trimmer for the nose, because this part of the human body is characterized by especially delicate skin, if damaged, a painful and long-healing wound appears.

As in a conventional clipper, in the trimmer the blades perform translational movements leading to cutting the hair

What is a beard trimmer and features of this device

Many people wonder. what is a razor trimmer? At its core, this device is practically no different from a hair clipper used in a hairdresser.

The principle of operation consists in translational movements of the knives relative to each other with the parallel participation of nozzles, through which the user selects the desired length of the hair to be shaved.

Unlike cars, trimmers have a smaller size and weight

The difference between an ordinary clipper and a trimmer for trimming a beard or forming an intimate haircut is as follows.

  1. Tooth pitch. In an ordinary hairdressing machine, the value of this parameter is 3-4 mm, and in the trimmer, this indicator varies in smaller ranges. from 0.2 to 1.0 mm.
  2. Dimensions Trimmers are lightweight and compact, which facilitates the operation of this device. Light weight provides comfort when forming a beard or mustache.
  3. Nutrition. All cars can work only from the mains, while for the trimmers there are enough batteries, which ensures autonomy.
  4. Functional. Unlike clippers designed only for equal length, the trimmer provides rich functionality due to the number of nozzles.
  5. Indicators of noise and vibration. Due to its size and lower power, the trimmer creates little noise and practically does not vibrate in the hands during operation.

Round nose nozzles are used to remove hair in the nose.

The principle of operation of the trimmer, depending on the type of engine

One of the main criteria for dividing beard and mustache trimmers is the difference in engines. In total there are three options: rotary, vibration and pendulum.

Rotary models

Most often, rotary models include professional models with high power, which can reach 50 watts. The principle of operation is the movement of the rotor inside the engine, which is able to increase torque, which provides not only power, but also high speed blades. The only drawback is the quick heating of the device: it requires periodic shutdown after some time of continuous operation.

The length of the comb petal is selected according to the length of the hair

Vibratory trimmers

The operation of this type of device is based on the excitation of an electric magnet, which creates a vibration that drives the knives. One of the positive aspects of this type is the ability to control power through a special adjusting screw. The disadvantages include the difficulty of cleaning, since it is possible to get to the "insides" of the device only after unscrewing the knife blocks.

Pet hair trimmers are distinguished by their power and wider working surface of knives

Pendulum Options

This is the least common form. Most often it is used for grooming or grooming pets. What is a trimmer for dogs or cats? These are past manual scissors in which the movement of the knives will depend on the speed of squeezing the handles. Similar devices are completely mechanical.

How the trimmer works depending on the type of power

The second indicator, according to which the division of machines for trimming vegetation on the face and body is carried out, is nutrition. There are also three categories: battery models, network and combined.

Cordless trimmers for men and women

This is an option for those who often travels, but want to keep a stylish look.

Cordless devices can work up to 50 minutes on a full charge, which can be achieved in an average of 9 hours.

Some manufacturers try to increase battery life (for example, Braun) and install paired batteries in the devices. Others endow the device with a quick charge function, especially when using lithium-ion power sources.

When choosing it is not superfluous to pay attention to the presence of an indicator of the degree of charge, which will allow you to control the operating time of the device.

Network devices

Here, the power source is a household electrical network, to which the device is connected via a cord. A practically unlimited operating time can be considered a plus, and a lack of autonomy is a disadvantage. For greater comfort, it is recommended to choose devices with a power cord length of at least 1.8 m. It is also important that it can rotate around its axis.

There are models that are designed to cut eyebrows. They have a unique curved nozzle

Combined Models

Devices that can operate simultaneously on mains or battery. The most convenient option that will ensure uninterrupted operation at the right time.

Also on the market there are mini trimmers, for the power of which a conventional battery or devices powered by a cigarette lighter is used. These are devices for quick tidying up during a trip, but not for getting a professional and stylish appearance.

Types of Hair Trimmers

All devices for giving the hair on the face or body the shape and length also differ in their functional purpose. In particular, on the market you can find devices for correcting mustaches and beards, devices for cutting hair in the ears or nose, special varieties for trimming the hair of pets, male and female intimate trimmers created to form a bikini or armpit zone.

Beard Devices

Models are equipped with a minimum number of nozzles, which can be no more than two. these are special combs for setting the desired hair length. Use can be recommended not only to lovers of lush vegetation, but also to owners of stylish hipster beards. By being able to adjust the extension length of the comb, it is possible to create a smooth transition from shorter to long hair.

Mustache Trimmers

Most often, electric razors are equipped with such devices. What is a trimmer in this case? These are retractable knives, which are distinguished by a shorter working surface, they are more rigid and narrow. Using the comb of the retractable device, it is possible to achieve the most stylish look of vegetation above the upper lip.

Electric shavers can be equipped with a trimmer to accurately adjust the line of facial hair

By means of a trimmer, an ideal goatee is created in the electric shaver: it does not require a wide variety of comb lengths, but assumes smooth contours.

Ear and nose trimmers

A separate type of device with a narrow specialization. Mostly they are distributed as a separate device. A distinctive feature is a round-shaped rotating nozzle with a narrow tip. It is important when choosing to pay attention to the absence of burrs and chips, so as not to damage the delicate skin inside the nose.

Laser pointer forms a cut line, allowing you to achieve a perfect shape

Universal models

Devices that are classified as professional. They have many different nozzles, which makes it possible to use them not only to shape the mustache or beard, but also to create a hairstyle.

Pet Grooming Models

Using an ordinary human machine is not suitable for cutting pet hair, as it is distinguished by its thickness and length. Therefore, the traditional device simply can not cope with the task.

On the market there is a whole layer of models of trimmers for dogs and cats, which can also be rotary, vibrating or pendulum, have a large number of nozzles (mainly elongated combs to give the hair the desired length), there are battery or network ones.

Vacuum system for cutting hair. the key to clean shaving

How to choose a hair trimmer

The type of power, purpose or device of the engine are determining, but not the only parameters when choosing a good hair trimmer. There are a number of factors that should also be addressed.

The number of nozzles will depend on the purpose of the device

Blade Material

One of the important parameters ensuring the durability of the device and the quality of removal of unnecessary hairs is the material for making knives. Most often on the market you can find the following models:

  • with stainless steel knives. The most standard option, which is distinguished by an ideal price-quality ratio. Professionals advise it for home use;
  • with titanium blades. A variety of knives, characterized by its durability and strength;
  • ceramic coated metal knives. An option that is used in professional salons. A distinctive feature is the special sharpness of the blades. These knives do not need to be lubricated during use.

Ceramic-coated metal for maximum knife sharpness

Number of haircut levels

An indicator that determines the minimum and maximum hair length. The smallest indicator is 0.2 mm and the largest is 25 mm. In some models, the number of levels reaches 40 pieces. Switching is carried out by means of a disk regulator or an ultra-precise scale on which the comb-nozzle moves manually.


This indicator will depend on the application of the device. Nozzles are selected depending on the desired shape of the beard or mustache. Also, by changing nozzles, it is possible to cut vegetation on the body. The most common are the following types:

  • hair comb from 1 to 10 mm long;
  • comb with longer petals, which will get rid of vegetation with a length of 11 to 20 mm. Its purpose is not so much the formation of a beard as an independent hair cutting;
  • body nozzle, which provides the most gentle care and disposal of vegetation in the intimate area;
  • special round-shaped nozzles for the nose and ears;
  • detailed trimmer used for precise alignment of the contour.

After application, remove any remaining hair under running water.

Also, as an optional accessory, the kit may include a set of interchangeable knives, a stand for the appliance, a brush for cleaning, oil and a case.

Availability of additional options

Some varieties, as a rule, of the premium segment, are endowed with additional functions that cannot be considered mandatory, but their presence significantly increases the comfort of using the device.

  1. Vacuum system for collecting cropped hair, avoiding clogging of the sink or bath. The device has a special reservoir in which all the hair is collected. By means of such a device, without fear of getting dirty, it is possible to carry out trimming even when wearing formal clothes.
  2. Automatic voltage control system. A feature that will be indispensable for travelers. Regardless of the voltage in the network, the trimmer automatically adjusts to the desired current strength.
  3. Laser pointer. Using a thin beam helps to draw a line on the face, following which it will be possible to get the perfect contour.
  4. Memory function. Some models can remember the last choice of haircut length, which allows you to not worry about setting this parameter every time you turn it on.
  5. A backlight that allows you to better see even the smallest hairs.
  6. Shaving function. A number of models have a special nozzle that allows shaving without foam in order to achieve smooth skin.

When using the appliance in a bikini area, it is necessary to use after-shaving products to reduce the risk of irritation

How to use a trimmer

All manufacturers supply their models with instructions for working with a trimmer. Here are some tips on how to use the trimmer.

  1. If you have too long bristles, do not take the shortest nozzle. Initially, part of the hair is removed with longer combs to minimize length.
  2. When shaving, you should achieve a snug fit of the flat part of the nozzle to the skin.
  3. It is necessary to move against hair growth.
  4. The last stage of shaving is to eliminate the remaining bristles, which can be done simply with blades without nozzles. Similarly, without the use of a comb, a mustache is cut.

Haircut against growth

How to use a trimmer in the intimate area

Since the bikini area refers to places with delicate skin, removal of unnecessary vegetation in this area should be carried out based on some recommendations.

  1. Pre-apply shaving foam or cream to soften the skin.
  2. In the process of shaving should be carried out against hair growth and stretch the skin a little to raise the hairs.
  3. If the device is used for the first time, it is best to set the minimum or average speed.
  4. After the procedure is completed, the skin is treated with an after-shave or emollient cream to avoid irritation.

The use of a trimmer is a simple and quick way to create the perfect beard, mustache, as well as remove excess vegetable on the body. Once again, you can learn the secrets of choosing the perfect model from the video presented.

Electric trimmer. how to choose? Electric trimmers: how to choose for giving for a hard grass?

Why do I need a trimmer

When choosing electric trimmers, you should pay attention to the fact that different manufacturers may call equipment differently. For example, it can be a scythe, an electric scythe, as well as a lawn mower.

The electric trimmer will be indispensable in places where the approach for wheeled equipment is difficult.

For mowing grass around bushes, trees, fences, walls and other objects, electric trimmers are most often used. How to choose an instance suitable for specific purposes? You need to know a number of its characteristics.

For grass of a certain hardness, which grows on various reliefs, use a similar technique.

The advantage of an electric trimmer

When choosing an electric trimmer for grass, you should consider a number of its qualities. Many users purchase this equipment because of its lower weight compared to gasoline units. Work will be faster and easier.

Due to the lack of a fuel tank, the electrocosm is more compact. It does not make as much noise as analog devices. This allows you to use the device in the evening or early morning.

The absence of exhaust is an additional advantage of such a technique as electric grass trimmers. How to choose it, experts and users advise. However, you should know that it will not require additional details such as a filter for gasoline, air. No fuel and grease, candles, etc. are needed. It also simplifies the operation process.

When choosing an electric trimmer, you should know that it does not need frequent maintenance. It is these reasons that contribute to the popularity of the equipment presented.


There are several varieties of the appearance of such a technique as electric grass trimmers. How to choose them? First, let’s see what the difference is between these types.

The engine can be located at the top of the device or at the bottom.

In the first type of placement, the equipment is characterized as more powerful, able to mow even thick and hard grass. The lower position of the engine gives a weaker type of technology. As a rule, the cost of this equipment is lower than that of the previous variety.

The restriction for the lower type of engine device does not allow the use of equipment in high humidity grass.

Models with a lower motor have power in the range from 200 to 650 watts. For the upper engine locations, a power of 600-1000 watts is characteristic. Depending on the type of work that the electric trimmer will perform to give, choose the appropriate type of equipment.

Video: Which trimmer is better electric or gasoline?

Cutting head

The cutting element is also important for a technique such as an electric trimmer. How to choose a suitable cutting head is studied before making a purchase.

There are fishing line and knife (plastic, metal). They come complete one at a time or together.

If thick, hard grass grows on the site, the knife electric trimmer will be the best acquisition. How to choose this element, experts know. They advise buying models with a metal knife. However, the width of the grass in this technique is less than in the previous version.

It will be more correct if, when choosing an electric trimmer, we dwell on a specimen with a combined cutting head. In this case, it will be possible to use the same equipment at different sites.

Conventionally, electric trimmers when choosing for hard or soft grass can be divided into models with a straight or curved shaft.

A curved shaft is characteristic of low-power types of equipment. The cutting head in this case drives the steel cable. This is a more vulnerable type of shaft. Most often found in models with fishing line, since these are weak versions of the technique.

The straight shaft has a gearbox. This design involves the movement of the knife using a straight metal rod.

High-performance models feature a straight shaft. To understand how to choose an electric trimmer for giving, you should initially determine its functions. If the site has hard grass, it is better to use a device with a steel knife and a straight shaft of high power. It will also allow you to work for a long time. Low-powered species suggest their use continuously for 15 minutes.

Pen type

Depending on the functions, manufacturers produce an electric trimmer with different types of handles. There are T, J, D-shaped varieties.

T-like handles are convenient in the process of high complexity or for a long time. They are used for powerful instances. The movement of such equipment will resemble the use of a hand braid.

D-shaped holders are most often used in low-power models, designed for small amounts of work. It will provide good maneuverability during operation. Therefore, when deciding how to choose the right electric trimmer, you should start by assessing the vegetation on the site.

For tall thick grass, J-shaped handles are used. This increases the safety of work. It will prevent the operator from approaching the bevel gear. It is attached to a good, powerful electric trimmer when choosing a model with a metal knife.

Nozzle connector

To understand how to choose an electric trimmer for hard grass, you should pay attention to the connector for nozzles. Often manufacturers suggest their use during operation. This greatly expands the boundaries of the functionality of the technique.

Using this trimmer, you can remove snow in the winter, loosen the soil, cut knots from the trees.

Thanks to the collapsible design, this type of equipment is easier to clean and transport.

When installing nozzles, it should be remembered that removable elements of only the same manufacturer are suitable for a particular technique. Each model has a set of its nozzles. Universal components suitable for any conditions simply do not exist. Therefore, a set of nozzles should be purchased in accordance with the existing features of their operation.

Trimmer Manufacturers

There are a great many manufacturers of the presented equipment. Models of such brands as Bosch (ART 23/25/30), Black stand out with the lower engine&Decer (GL 680/660/650/545/430/425/225). Their advantage lies in the maneuverability and balance of such a technique as an electric trimmer. How to choose a manufacturer? When buying top-motor types of units, this question is more difficult to answer.

A typical representative of this type of model is the MTD ET1000 / EB1000. Such electric trimmers have more power, have several nozzles and are more suitable for hard grass.

If the marking of such devices contains the letters "ES" or "EB", this indicates the use of the cutter as part of the design.

Negative feedback

Iskra-ero has a coil, which is difficult to replace in the event of a breakdown, since it is quite difficult to find one.

In some instances (e.g. Makita 4030) there is no shoulder strap. It is difficult to work with such an aggregate.

Defective coils come across in some models (for example, "Forester"). They are difficult to remove, and it’s almost impossible to manually remove the line.

There are also complaints from users about the rapid overheating and failure of the engine with the lower motor. However, such comments are observed among users who misused the presented variety of equipment.

Moisture entering the engine causes breakdowns. Also, the use of the device not in accordance with the instructions leads to a quick failure of the electric trimmer.

Positive opinions

Owners of such electric braids as Viking-500, TE-310, Makita UR-3000 and 4030, Gardenlux GT1300D, SunGarden, Bosch ART30 are satisfied with their technology.

The unit selected in accordance with the required functionality, used for its intended purpose, will serve for quite a long time as fruitfully as possible. It is also necessary to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to protect yourself and others.

Safety regulations

By clearly following all the manufacturer’s recommendations, you don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of equipment such as electric trimmers. How to choose and apply the unit, the instructions will tell. This will protect the most working, pets, trees and other objects on the site.

The user’s clothing should be covered and made of thick fabric. Be sure to use safety glasses. Shoes should have a rubber sole.

Consider the location of the lead cord. Forgetting where he lies is simply unacceptable. This moment should be taken very carefully. So that a long thick cord does not damage the flowers, you should take it along the curbs with the help of pegs.

During the operation of the electric trimmer, it is necessary to control the location of children, pets, so as not to let them into the moving wire of the device.

Fruit trees should be protected so as not to damage them during the work.

Having familiarized yourself with the existing varieties of garden equipment, you can choose the best option for such equipment as electric trimmers. How to choose a suitable instance? You can answer this question when planning upcoming work. Taking into account all the conditions on the site and the requirements of the operator to the configuration of the device, choosing the most suitable option is not difficult.

Well-groomed, spectacular lawn is a real decoration of any garden plot and yard. Of course, if everything is done manually, as it was several decades ago, using an ordinary scythe, then the result will be disastrous, and all the work will take too much time and effort. But thanks to progress and innovative tools, it will be very easy to cope with such a task. Among the many garden equipment, attention is drawn to the trimmer. How to choose an electric grass trimmer? Read more about this in our publication.

Trimmer: what is it? What are its advantages?

The trimmer is a compact mobile device whose purpose is to mow grass. In fact, such a device is similar to a lawn mower. But there is an important difference. Using a trimmer is more comfortable and easier. In addition, he can easily cope with grass mowing even in the most inaccessible places, including on bumps and around trees, bushes, near fences and borders.

Power: which indicators are better?

Power is an important indicator, because it determines the ability of a device to perform a certain amount of work under a given load. Depending on the power, trimmers are divided into several categories:

  1. Low-power household (500W). such devices are used to cut hard-to-reach spots after using a lawn mower or to cut small areas;
  2. Medium power electric trimmers (ranging from 500 to 1000 W). for the care of small lawns, lawns, park areas.
  3. Trimmers from 1 kW. such versatile devices allow you to work with a knife and fishing line, can easily cut the lawn, removing overgrown weeds.

Varieties of Trimmers

Choosing the most optimal trimmer option, be sure to specify which elements of the cutting system are used in it. In this regard, there are two types of devices:

  • The former work only with fishing line;
  • The second. with a replaceable headset. a knife or fishing line.

Which option will be the most optimal depends on the type of trimmer that will be used to mow which lawn. To make it easier for you to navigate, we have prepared a rating of the best models of electric trimers. The line quickly removes the unwanted layer of grass, a small shrub and succulent weeds. But this component of the trimmer wears out from time to time, so it is worth changing. Replacement can be semi-automatic and automatic.

In the first case, you need to remove the head of the apparatus about the earth, unwinding the desired amount will happen automatically. In the second. the fishing line changes when you turn it on, without your intervention. A knife (two-, three- or four-blade) is used only when increased engine loads are provided. Disks with teeth are used for felling small bushes of trees. They cope with thin trunks, recalling with their principle of action a real circular saw.

Trimmer design

Choosing the best option, consider the design features, as well as the material of the rod. The trimmer can be equipped with either a straight or curved bar. Which is better? And what are their features? For a bent rod, rotation to the coil from the motor due to the steel cable is characteristic, while there is no gearbox. This version of the rod is characteristic of low-power devices. He is not very reliable. On a direct rod, rotation to the coil from the motor transfers the shaft and gearbox. In the manufacture of rods, different materials are used:

  • Metal (very reliable and durable, but heavy);
  • Aluminum (lighter, strong enough, this is the best option);
  • Plastic (often used in compact trimmers)

Special attention should be paid to trimmers equipped with a drive shaft. This solution allows you to attach a cutting system with a special metal knife to the machine. The driving element of light household trimmers is a cable. Only fishing line is used here. Since the cable will not withstand increased loads. But such devices are significantly less weight. In addition, they are cheaper in cost.

Trimmer Knob: What’s Important?

Trimmers can be equipped with various types of handles, but the most comfortable to use is the telescopic handle. Its important advantage is concentrated in the ability to adjust the length of the device, taking into account the individual characteristics of the owner’s growth.

Trimmer Motor Location

Trimmers use different types of motor layout. Typically, such a device is located at the bottom or top. The second option is more convenient, because in this case moisture does not penetrate the engine, moreover, it can easily cope even with wet grass. In addition, this tool is more reliable and perfectly balanced compared to a trimmer with a lower engine. On the other hand, when the engine is below, such a device is lighter and simpler, it can be deployed at any angle. But its power is in the range of 300-400 watts, and it only works with fishing line.

Comfort above all!

For a modern tool, everything related to technology should be, first of all, very comfortable to use. That is why such a factor when choosing the best option, a device of this type should not be neglected. What is important for comfortable use? First of all, weight and dimensions (this factor also affects the duration of work), the presence of special belts that can fix the device to a person and thereby greatly facilitate its movement, type of additional handle (D-shaped or bicycle). The first is more comfortable to reach with your hand, the second can be held tight by guiding the garden trimmer.

Electric and gasoline electric trimmer: which is better

An electric trimmer has important advantages over its gasoline counterpart:

  • affordable price;
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Simplicity of operation;
  • Inexpensive service;
  • No harmful emissions

However, the electric trimer has a serious minus that can cross out its advantages. it connects to the outlet via a cable.

How to choose a good electric trimmer: the main conclusions

When choosing your trimmer model, you should focus on such indicators:

  • Ergonomic
  • Comfort and ease of use;
  • The presence of belts;
  • Bar type;
  • Power level;
  • Dimensions and weight.

And, most importantly, do not save. the cheapest Chinese-made models always bring even greater costs for initial savings!

Why do I need a bikini trimmer

Our readers on the forum raised the topic of self-care in a bikini zone. We also believe that the days when the onset of cold weather allowed the presence of excess hair on the body have sunk into oblivion. Many different means were invented to combat vegetation, but today our object of study is a trimmer for the bikini zone!

Careful self-care is one of the main responsibilities of a modern girl, because our self-esteem and, accordingly, the line of behavior depend on the appearance. So do not wait for summer trips to the beach, the bikini area should be beautiful at any time of the year.

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A bikini trimmer is such a feminine version of an electric shaver. It is a hair clipper in a bikini area. The trimmer is comparable to an epilator, but it does not pull out unnecessary hairs, but gently cuts them. The trimmer will not provide you with smooth skin for a long time, but it will allow you to quickly and “cleanly” tidy up the bikini area when there is no time or desire for a complete procedure.

In addition, a bikini trimmer has many other advantages.

1. Simplicity and comfort in use.
The small size, special shape and specially designed handle allow you to do depilation in the most inaccessible places compared to a standard razor.

2. Ability to use in the shower.
Unlike epilators, trimmers have a waterproof housing. Thanks to him, depilation can be carried out right in the shower, further saving time.

3. Security.
The use of a trimmer ensures that there are no cuts or irritations, as with conventional shaving machines. And this is especially important when working with such a delicate area of ​​the body.

4. Hygiene.
In most models, the razor mesh is equipped with a special antibacterial composition. This is very convenient when it comes to personal hygiene.

5. The ability to create intimate hairstyles.
For lovers of custom design bikini zone. this is just the perfect solution. Many manufacturers complete with trimmer provide special molds to create various patterns.

No matter how ideal the result from wax or an electric epilator is, you must admit that severe pain during the procedure and the problem of ingrown hair after often become an insurmountable obstacle for many girls. This is the main plus of the bikini trimmer. the complete absence of pain and irritation during depilation.

When choosing a device, give preference to proven brands, because quality and safety in such an intimate affair is very important.

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Electric trimmer. what is it, device, principle of operation, pros and cons, varieties

Gone are the days when the infield was completely planted with cultivated plants, vegetables and garden trees. Today, owners of private homes are increasingly organizing a lawn around their homes, which raises the issue of caring for it and mowing grass. An electric trimmer allows you to solve this problem and give your lawn a beautiful and finished look.

What is an electric trimmer?

Such an indispensable tool in the field as a scythe is familiar to every Russian, albeit not personally, but for old Soviet films for sure. The electric trimmer is an improved version of it. It was invented by the American D. Ballas in 1971. Arriving at the car wash, he looked at the work of rotating brushes and the idea arose in his head to use the principle of their work for mowing grass. The first electric braid was made from a can. Later, an instrument that was already familiar to everyone appeared, which Ballas called the “weed eater”.

Electric trimmer device

The long tube, which is the basis of the device, is called a bar. At one end of the engine is located, and at the other. the cutting part, that is, the working head with a knife or fishing line. An electric grass trimmer can have either a straight or curved bar. In the first case, the cable transfers the engine torque, and in the second, a shaft is provided for these purposes. It is considered a more reliable transmission link, therefore, straight-bar mowers are more popular.

The principle of operation of the electric trimmer

When you turn on the plug of the device, an AC current is supplied to the socket, which is rectified and smoothed thanks to the built-in rectifier and capacitive filter. Starting the circuit breaker provides electricity to the stator winding and brush assembly. An electric trimmer is put into operation, its rotor begins to rotate as a result of the action of an activating electromagnetic field.

If the engine is located above, then the rotational force is transmitted to the cutting tool through the shaft and gearbox. With the lower position of the motor, everything happens directly. As soon as the garden electric trimmer reaches its maximum speed, the operator can begin work. A high speed and a small cross section of the cutting part are necessary conditions for a high-quality cut.

Pros and Cons of an Electric Trimmer

This device for work in the garden and on the site has a lot of advantages:

  1. Electric lawnmower trimmer is multifunctional and is able to solve a variety of problems.
  2. Easy to operate and repair. It is easy to understand the simple design and, if necessary, replace a failed part with a new one, since all the necessary components are available for sale.
  3. High efficiency.
  4. Silent electric trimmer. Such a device will not interfere with neighbors and will not cause their anger.
  5. Environmental friendliness. Unlike its gasoline counterparts, this tool does not pollute the environment.

Of the minuses, it is worth noting:

  1. Mesh connection. The device does not tolerate power surges and is limited in movement. The exception is battery powered tools.
  2. Low power. The more “neglected” the site, the less often the owner visits his summer house, the more powerful he needs a tool. If he combines it with a lawn mower and uses it only for cutting along the fence and paths, then a light model with little power will be enough for him to complete the task.
  3. The inability to use an electric trimmer on flat areas. It’s all about different heights of grass mowing, which negatively affects aesthetic appeal. In addition, cut vegetation has to be collected with your own hands.

Which is better electric or petrol trimmer?

Everyone solves this question for himself. Gas mowers are characterized by high performance and power. They quickly and efficiently process the surface, making it possible to freely move around the site, because in this case the person is “not attached” to the electric cord. However, the brushcutters vibrate and make a lot of noise, pollute the air with exhaust gases, which creates obstacles for their use next to growing vegetables and fruits. In addition, they are much more expensive than their counterparts.

Mains powered, the mowers are compact and lightweight. They are much easier to wield in hard to reach places. Electric trimmers for summer cottages are cheaper than their gasoline counterparts, and the range is incredibly wide, which provides the opportunity to choose the tool for yourself and your needs, taking into account individual characteristics and the specific landscape.

Varieties of Electric Trimmers

As already mentioned, manual electric trimmers for giving can work from a network or the accumulator. The first ones are limited in movement, and the second ones are designed for a certain charge, that is, they have a time limit. In addition, existing devices are divided by engine location:

  1. An electric mower trimmer with a lower engine is automatically freed from a rotating shaft or cable. As a rule, such a design has tools of low power or cordless braids. The battery in this case is located in the upper part to maintain the necessary balance.
  2. The top engine mower has more power. This design distributes the mass better.

By weight, they are divided into light and heavy. The mower of the first category can weigh 1.1 kg, and the last. 7.5 kg or more. In addition, tools vary in performance. The higher the potential of the electric braid, the more it weighs. Lightweight devices with less than 1000 watts of power will not cope with the overgrown area. They will overheat and turn off. Electric braids also differ in the diameter of the fishing line, the size of which varies from 1.2 to 2.4 mm.

How to choose an electric grass trimmer?

The selection criteria for this tool are as follows:

  1. The size of the lawn. On vast, even areas, a traditional lawn mower performs best. You should not buy a trimmer for their processing, as the grass will be cut unevenly.
  2. Reliability of the power grid. If there are problems with uninterrupted operation or the current is not enough for the indicated power, then it is better to choose a battery-powered device.
  3. The dimensions of the trimmer. If the owner of the plot is a fragile miniature woman, then she is unlikely to cope with a powerful and bulky device.
  4. If you want to know which electric trimmer is better for grass, you should answer that you need to take into account the type and size of plantings growing on the site. Large and stiff stems will be cut only by a knife, but the fishing line may not “pull” such plants.

Rating of electric trimmers

Among the most popular devices, the following brands are most in demand:

  1. The Bosch electric trimmer is readily bought by the owners of their own personal plots. This company has long established itself in the market of household appliances, supplying quality products. This braid also meets the stated requirements.
  2. Trimmer Patriot. The choice of an electric trimmer should be made in favor of this tool, because it is an excellent combination of price and quality. Powerful, but also dimensional at the same time.
  3. Trimmer Champion. This option refers to cheap and productive tools that can cope with almost any plantings. It is heavy and requires constant pressing of a button.
  4. STAVR TE-1700R trimmer. Domestic development, characterized by great power and unpretentiousness. However, the device weighs a lot and does not protect well from flying grass.
  5. Trimmer Calm. The products of the German brand, equipped with a flexible wire that reduces the load on the motor. Thanks to the support wheel, mowing of cultivated plants can be prevented.

Is it possible to mow wet grass with an electric trimmer?

Many are interested, but is it possible to operate the unit in wet weather? Experts do not recommend using an electric trimmer on wheels or without them in rain and fog, especially if the engine is located below. There is a great danger of getting into water, but models with an overhead location are best used in dry weather to reduce the risk of short circuits and other unpleasant consequences. In addition, wet grass adheres to the cutting part more strongly, which makes it difficult to work.

How to use an electric trimmer?

The procedure here is this:

  1. It is necessary to free the site from foreign objects that can damage the fishing line. stones, glass, wire, landfills and other orphan elements
  2. Plug in the electrical device and charge the battery.
  3. Fix the tool on the shoulder or back, depending on the type of location of the straps and grab the handle with both hands.
  4. Press the button and start moving, directing the braid in front of you from right to left.
  5. Finish work by pressing the switch.
  6. Dismantle the scythe. The best electric grass trimmers are disassembled and take up little space in a barn or garage.

How to lubricate an electric trimmer?

From time to time, the tool must be lubricated. Experts advise doing this every 10-15 hours of operation of the device. Here’s how to do it:

  1. An electric trimmer for the lawn is equipped in the upper part of the housing, where the gear unit is located, with a technological hole. You need to find him.
  2. Unscrew the screw that acts as a plug in the hole.
  3. Introduce 1.5-2 ml of thick consistency into the cavity.
  4. Turn the shaft by hand several times to make sure that it has penetrated into all the parts of the gearbox. the flywheel, the starter coil dog and the bearings.
  5. Before preserving the electric braids for the winter, clean and rinse the gears of the gearbox, remove the old grease and apply a new one. Caring for a tool can significantly extend its service life.

How to disassemble the electric trimmer?

Some owners repair their braids on their own. To do this, they need to disassemble the engine:

  1. All screws for mounting are located on one side. Unscrewing them with a screwdriver, you need to separate the halves of the body and expose the "insides".
  2. In the future, carry out repairs that require a powerful electric trimmer. Replace all mechanically damaged elements with traces of exposure to high temperatures.
  3. Fold the two halves again and connect with self-tapping screws.

How to change the fishing line on an electric trimmer?

The trimmer head arrangement is very similar to the design of the sewing machine bobbin. To replace the fishing line do the following:

  1. Remove the cover.
  2. Gently pull out the bobbin.
  3. Set aside the spring, if any, and unscrew the fixing bolt in the center of the housing, moving counterclockwise.
  4. It remains to remove the coil from the gearbox shaft and replace it.
  5. If you want to know how to insert a fishing line into an electric trimmer, you should answer that for this there is a special hole or groove in the bobbin. Having inserted a fishing line into it, start winding the string in the direction opposite to that in which the coil rotates during operation.

Faulty electrical trimmers

Among the often occurring breakdowns, one can distinguish:

  1. Power line breakage. Even the best electric scythe is not immune from this. Any verification of the health of the device must begin with an analysis of the health of the power circuits. Even with the certainty that there is voltage in the outlet, it may concern a broken wire extension cord.
  2. Failure of an engine that has been exposed to high temperatures. Overheating of the “heart” of the tool is the most common cause of mower failure. It is indicated by the appeared seizure of the cylinder and piston from the side of the exhaust channel, the destruction of the piston ring, the color change. To prevent such unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to take breaks in work and clean the knife from grass residues in a timely manner.
  3. Normal idling and stopping under load. Perhaps the reason lies in the clogged air filter. During operation, debris, particles of dust, dirt get into it, so it needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Why is the electric trimmer heated?

The reasons can be very different. An electric small grass trimmer with low power and a lower engine heats up very quickly, especially if it is mercilessly operated. As a result, its parts melt and flow, disabling the entire tool. There are many such “kulibins” who independently install a thicker fishing line on the braid, mount knives, chains, and then they are surprised that the device “does not pull”. All of them create an increased load on the engine, for which it is not designed, therefore, overheating and breakdown cannot be avoided.


Trimmers STIHL trimmer operation Unlike lawn mowers that accurately maintain a given height and allow you to process huge sections, trimmers are not able to provide a clear

Work with trimmer STIHL

Unlike lawn mowers that accurately maintain a given height and allow you to process huge areas, trimmers are not able to ensure strict adherence to the cutting height, but they are very maneuverable and allow you to cut grass in inaccessible places: under bushes and trees, benches, stairs, etc. Well, the shape of the surface for the trimmers does not matter. These small assistants are not a bad addition to lawn mowers, as they are more adapted to bring final order to the lawn.

Trimmers are arranged quite easily. A cutting head is fixed at the end of the iron pipe-rod, the main part of which is a plastic bobbin (bobbin) with a supply of special fishing line inside.

Husqvarna Gas Trimmer

Before work, two pieces of fishing line of suitable length are pulled out of the bobbin and fixed. This happens manually, semi-automatically or automatically, depending on the model. When manually releasing fishing line:

  • remove the bobbin;
  • open the lid;
  • pulling a "mustache" fishing line;
  • close the lid;
  • insert the reel and continue to work.

If the automatic release of fishing line is used in the trimmer, then the supply of fishing line is possible in 2 ways:

  • when the engine is running, slightly press the button located on the reel on the ground;
  • when the engine is off, press the bobbin button and immediately pull the "mustache" of the fishing line, the fishing line comes out.

Button reel

Automatic release of fishing line (when the fishing line is released automatically when the tool is turned on or during its operation) is the most uneconomical.

A bobbin with a protruding "mustache" is set in motion by an engine with a frequency of about 10,000-12,000 rpm. Under the action of centrifugal forces, the "mustache" stretches into strings and transforms into sharp knives that move at a speed of about 26 m / s. Thus, a fishing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm can defeat not only soft grass, but also young shoots of raspberries and plums. Coverage is in the range from 23 to 40 cm.

There are electronic, battery and gas trimmers. Electronic trimmers are lighter than gas trimmers (most of them weigh less than 2.5 kg), low noise, environmentally friendly, cut at the touch of a button. But movement when working with such a trimmer limits the power cord, well, the motor located below the bottom increases the load on the hands.

Electronic trimmers with a lower motor location are characterized by low power (from 250 to 500 W), a bobbin (bobbin) with a fishing line wound on it from 0.8 to 1.5 mm mounted directly on the motor shaft. They are lightweight and controlled with one hand. Fishing line can be released manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

Lower Motor Electronic Trimmer (STIGA)

Try to avoid mowing this type of trimmer in wet weather, after rain, or when the dew falls. The fact is that the cooling of the electric motor occurs through the slots in the plastic case, through which moisture can get inside.

Do not operate this trimmer for more than 10 minutes. this may lead to overheating of the motor. Take breaks at work.

There are trimmers not only with the bottom, but also with the top arrangement of the motor. Electronic trimmers with a top-mounted electric motor are equipped with stronger electric motors, some models can use an iron mill (knife) or plastic knives as a cutting tool.

How to assemble and start a trimmer (Lawn Mower) Part 2

This video shows how to make a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil, how to start (start) the trimmer.

How is an electric wrench

It explains how the wrench is designed (12 V 70 W) and why it is needed. The advantages of using it.

Top Engine Electric Trimmer (STIGA)

With the help of such a trimmer, you can successfully fight weeds and mow everything, including quinoa, burdock and shrubs. The release of fishing line here is semi-automatic or manual, the diameter of the fishing line is from 1.6 to 2.4 mm.

The undoubted advantage of this category of trimmers is that now you can safely mow raw grass without fear of moisture getting on the electric motor. However, in no case should you mow in the rain!

Cordless trimmers also make little noise, they are easy to start and stop, you can freely move around on the lawn with them, but the drawbacks are low cutting ability, more weight (up to 4.5 kg) and a short working time without recharging. from 15 to 30 minutes. Therefore, they are not yet widely used.

Gas trimmers are widely used due to their autonomy, high power and performance. These devices are most often used by professionals in their work.

Petrol trimmer (brushcutter) STIGA

When using a petrol trimmer (a scythe), you don’t need to worry about the presence of a power outlet and the quality of the mains voltage, be careful not to accidentally cut the extension cable or mash it with a fit.

According to the layout, the brushcutters (however, this applies in part to electric trimmers) differ from each other:

  • power and type of engine (push-pull or four-stroke);
  • the shape of the bar (straight or angular, solid or split);
  • the shape of the control knobs (D, J or T-shaped);
  • cutting tool (trimmer head, circular knife).

Spit with a four-stroke engine compares favorably with the fact that gasoline and oil are poured into the engine, as in a car. separately. No preliminary preparation of a push-pull fuel mixture of gasoline and oil is required.

To mow large areas, it is more correct to use braids with a direct barbell and T-shaped handles that distribute the load on the hands more evenly. It is desirable that the engine power be larger.

Work with a petrol trimmer with T-shaped handles (STIHL)

When choosing a trimmer, many, especially women, are inclined to favor powerful electric trimmers for fear of not being able to handle the start of a gasoline engine with a manual starter. But recently, these concerns can be left aside. The breakthrough was made by the American company MTD, which equipped its gas scythes with engines with the AST system (Advanced Starting Technology. advanced launch technology). These are not just long-known solutions. for example, an integrated decompressor or injection of an enriched fuel mixture. Engines with the AST marking have an additional device with a powerful spring, the energy of which helps to start the engine without tension on the hand and even when pulling the starter cord slowly.

Pulling the starter cord to start the engine

When buying a trimmer, you need to determine in advance exactly what tasks you want to solve with it. After all, work under the bushes, processing the edges of the lawn and flower beds, mowing grass along the fence impose different requirements on the tool. Your physical data also affects your choice. The weight of the selected model depends on them. is it necessary to have a knapsack or can you keep the trimmer all the time on weight. And if several people will work with the braid, then you need to adjust the height.

Strap trimmer and various knapsack options (STIHL)

When comparing different models of trimmers, the following indicators are distinguished: power; ease of starting the engine and supplying additional fishing line; convenient location of controls.

The effectiveness of the trimmer can be estimated by such an indicator as the ratio of mass and power. It is desirable that as much power as possible per unit mass of the tool.

Pay particular attention to the ergonomic design so that lawn care is not hard labor. The more convenient the handles or rudders of the trimmer, the higher is not only its controllability, but also safety. Fastening belts significantly reduce the load on the hands during operation, a sufficiently long split rod allows you to increase the coverage area, and if necessary, transport the tool without problems in the trunk of the machine.

Work with trimmer

Manufacturers do not recommend working in sandals or barefoot, as this can lead to injury. Clothing and shoes for working with trimmers should reliably protect your legs from damage.

No special skill is required when working with the trimmer. just hold it correctly by both handles and drive it evenly along the surface.

The fishing line (usually 1.3-1.6 mm) used to trim the trimmers is special. Fishing line is not suitable for this purpose.

After work, the trimmer must be cleaned. Regularly clean the ventilation slots, cutting line and spool using a soft brush or dry cloth. Use a blunt scraper to regularly remove dirt from under the guard.

Store the tool in a warm, dry room, protect it from dust and dirt.

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