Why is a trimmer for the grass began to sound quieter. Installation of an external sound card

Hissing, noise, cracking and other extraneous sound in columns and headphones. how to find and eliminate the cause?

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I have a problem with PC: some kind of extraneous noise comes from columns and headphones (resembles a crack). The wires fenced. it did not help; I also rearranged the entrances. the problem did not leave. By the way, if you click with the mouse, then this noise intensifies a little. What to do?

Sound card built.in, Realtek (I don’t know the exact model). The headphones are new, the columns are the most ordinary, though it’s quite old (7-8 years old).

In general, there can be a great noise found in columns and headphones: for example, the noise of the wheel from the mouse, various crackling, whistle, intermittent and trembling noises, etc. They can appear from a variety of reasons.

The problem described above is the user with sound is quite typical (unfortunately), and it is far from always so simple and quickly eliminated.

Nevertheless, in this article I will try to give all the most important points that you need to pay attention to first. Eliminating them, with a high degree of probability, you will make your sound better and cleaner.

To help!

If you have too quiet sound. see. This instruction.

If you have no sound at all, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with this.

Causes and elimination of extraneous sound in columns and headphones

The first thing I immediately recommend paying attention to is the condition of the cable. It is necessary to check if it was damaged or interrupted. If possible, try connecting other speakers with it. ☝

Many do not attach any importance to this (supposedly that it will be with him?). And the cable, by the way, can be damaged by accident: with inaccurate movement of furniture, leaning, having occurred with a heel.

In addition, many have pets in the house. In general, there are enough reasons without your direct intervention.

The photo below shows a damaged audio cable.


Over time, any audio-symbols begin to “weaken” (most often from intensive use)-and the plug in them is not tightly clamped, sometimes even a small backlash is observed (gap).

If in this case, try to insert/remove the plug, twist it in the nest. you can notice how noise will appear in the columns and how they will disappear.

Thus, you can choose the position of a plug in which there will be no noise. The cable in such an “ideal” position can be fixed with tape.

But in general, if a problem with broken nests, replace them with a computer. service, the question is not too “expensive”.

I also want to pay attention to the length of the cable. If computer speakers are 2 meters from the system unit. then use cables 10 meters long is unreasonable (especially if there are some adapters, extension cords).

All this can cause a “distorted” sound, a kind of interference. In general, cables more than 2-5 meters in length (in the most common situations, for households)-I do not recommend using.

Another reason I had to encounter was as follows: the cable from the system unit to the columns was on the “weight”, about 2 meters long. Naturally, if the window in the room was open, then the draft forced this cable to “hang out” and extraneous noises were observed.

It was very simple to get rid of the problem: with the help of ordinary tape, they attached a cable in 2-3 places to the table and the noise disappeared.

By the way, passing people can also touch the cable (if you are not very convenient for PC). Pets, even your own legs (if the cable passes under the table). Therefore, my advice: fix (fix it) or pave the cable so that no one hurts it by chance.

The photo below shows special holders/fixers, which exclude the “confusion” of cables and exclude that some wires will “hang out”.

Such holders on Velcro can be placed from the back of the table and fix all the wires and cables. Instead, by the way, you can use ordinary tape.

Another important point: if laptops have only one audio connector (usually on a side panel). then the system unit has 2 of them (most often): on the back of the block, and in front.

It is more convenient for many users to connect headphones (sometimes speakers) to the front side of the block-and often in this case the sound is not as high quality as if you connected to the audio connectors on the back wall of the system unit.

This is due to adapters, extension cords, etc. moments with the connection of the front panel (from the back of the system unit. Audio outputs go “directly” from the sound card).

In general, the motive of this advice is simple: try connecting headphones/speakers to audio outlets on the back wall of the system unit.

6) Whether a cable with other cords is intertwined

Also, extraneous noises in the columns can appear and appear due to the fact that the audio cable will be too “closely” to interpret with other wires. Try to gently place it so that it is away from the rest. By the way, this advice is intersecting with the fixation of the cable (see. a little higher).

And one more advice!

If you have a hiss and noise in the columns, try connecting headphones instead of them (or vice versa).

This will not solve the problem, but will help to find and diagnose the cause. If there is no noise in the headphones, then for sure the reason lies outside the system unit (which is already something. ).

Why AirPods began to sound quieter?

If earlier your AirPods sounded great, but quieter over time, there are two main reasons: user settings (you can fix it) or technical problems (require repair). Below we will talk about solutions for both options.

What AirPods settings can sound quieter?

  • You have established security restrictions that does not allow headphones to sound at full volume.
  • You have a volume correction or equalizer.
  • Audio is incorrectly balanced.
  • AirPods is not charged.
  • On the iPhone, iPad or MAC, energy conservation mode is included.
  • Music, video or application has a low volume.
  • Temporary bugs and errors.

Technical problems AirPods

Now let’s talk about how to solve all these problems and make AirPods louder.

Most methods are relevant for AirPods connected to iPhone, iPad or Mac. Some methods are also relevant for those who use headphones with Android smartphone, PC with Windows and other devices.

Check the volume again

You have probably done this, but it will not hurt to check again.

Open the control point on your iPhone or iPad and make sure that the volume slider with the AirPods icon is put to the maximum value. During calls or listening to music, you can also increase the volume using the volume increase button on the iPhone.

On Mac, use volume buttons. The volume of audio in headphones can also be increased through the Touch Bar panel, the speaker icon in the menu line or the control point MacOS Big Sur and new.

With special. applications

T.to. The low volume problem is quite popular, many developers have released special. applications that some “hidden” capabilities of your apparatus can use. In principle, for their work (as a rule) they do not need ROOT rights, so you can use without afraid to “spoil” something in the settings.

A simple free application that will help increase the sound of a phone speaker (or headphones). Can be used when watching films, listening to audio book, music.

I note that before using the application, it is recommended to unscrew the slider of the system sound by 100% (and then Boost. ).

Developer warning: Be careful! Enhancing the sound volume, you can damage the dynamics of the device (or your hearing). The addition is small in steps (testing each change), without sharp jerks to the maximum!

Sound Boosteer differs from other applications of this kind in that it processes the sound before it gets on the sound card (t.e. acts as a certain intermediary). Of course, using such a technology, it is possible to increase the volume in any other. applications, games, when listening to music, watching films, etc.D.

The application allows you to increase sound to 500% of the initial level! Recommendation: Do not add to the maximum right away, go small steps, testing each addition.

It is also worth noting that special. The filter that helps eliminate the hissing and trembling of the sound path, after processing and amplification. In general, I recommend to familiarize!

Another free and very simple application for enhancing sound on Android devices (I note that this application is completely in Russian, which pleases).

Of course, like his analogues, it allows you to regulate the sound when playing media files (music, video, etc.), audiobook, etc. Work is supported both with headphones and with systemic sound.

Using an engineering menu

The smartphones on Android have a hidden engineering menu, which is used by developers for the final testing of the device (including thin sound setting). As a rule, the apparatus is never tuned for maximum volume, and there remains a potential tank of 20-30% (sometimes more).

T.e. If you go to this engineering menu yourself and make “small” manipulations. You can significantly increase the volume of the phone.

I note that for this procedure, ROOT is not needed (which means risk, something to spoils is reduced), but I still urge to be careful and change only those parameters that you know.

To do this, you need to introduce special. the code. Each device (depending on the manufacturer and model) it can have its own. I collected some popular options in the plate below (if your device is new, you should refer to its instructions, officer. manufacturer’s site).

Note: Enter the codes at your own peril and risk (despite the fact that they are collected in T.h. And with the officer. sources from manufacturers).

Entering the engineering (sometimes called service) menu, open the “Audio” section (tab “Hardware Testing”). Next, pay attention to several points (see. Screen below):

  • Normal Mode. ordinary (total) volume level;
  • Headset Mode. the level responsible for working with headphones, sets, etc.;
  • LoudSpeaker Mode. High.connection setting;
  • HeadSet_LOUDSPEAKER MODE. Highlight mode with the headset;
  • Speech Enhanceement. The level responsible for the conversation regime (without a headset).

Enter the desired menu (in my example Normal Mode).

Next, select Type (Type) “Media” (T.e. multimedia volume).

In the level graph, choose each of the 14 levels alternately (you need to fade everything) and increase the values ​​of “Value” (by 15 points, for example) and “Max. Vol “(up to 155-160). By the way, “max. Vol “cannot be higher than 160.

I note that after setting numbers. Click on the SET button (translation: install/set).

Setting values ​​for volume levels (clickable)

Note: In the column “Type” you can specify SPH (this is the sound of colloquial speaker).

To configure the volume of the incoming call in the “Audio” section, open “LoudSpeaker Mode”, and in the “Type” column “Ring”. Further by analogy with an example above.

After setting the settings, leave the engineering menu and reboot the phone. In this way, it is simple to raise the volume by 15-20% (or more).

We clean the headphones from pollution (ear sulfur)

All headphones that are inserted into the ear suffer from pollution of ear sulfur. This is especially true for intra.channel (vacuum) headphones. The speaker itself inside the headphone itself is closed with a small mesh, which over time is clogged with ear gray and because of this the sound in the headphones becomes quieter. The bass disappears in one headphone, or in both.

It happens that over time the sound simply becomes quieter, since both headphones are contaminated approximately the same. If the mesh on one headphone clogged stronger, then, for example, the sound in the right headphone will be louder than in the left. Or vice versa.

Important! You apply all the solutions below at your own peril and risk. There is a high probability of breaking headphones. Specialists in specialized service centers should clean the headphones. If you decide to do it yourself, then be very careful not to damage the speaker or other details inside the headphone.

We just need to remove the ear sulfur, clean the net that is between the inner and outer part of the headphone. We will start with the simplest solutions. At the end of the article I will make a separate section on Apple Airpods (for wire and wireless).

Cleaning with a brush and ear sticks

We need a toothbrush, a ear stick and may be alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. As you probably guessed, we will try to remove pollution on the grid itself. In my opinion, this method is not very effective, since we simply smear the ear sulfur along the grill. But if the pollution is very strong, then this way you can remove it a little and thereby improve the sound from the headphone.

  • If the headphones are intra.channel, and not inserted, then you need to remove an outrage from them (rubber lining).
  • Then clean the net with light movements in different directions with a toothbrush. You can take any brush. The main thing is that the villi be thin and thick. I have a not very suitable brush in my photo.
  • Then take the ear stick and wipe the net. At this moment, scroll the wand. You don’t need to press the wand to the mesh hard.
  • You can moisten your auricle a little with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Just not much so that the liquid from the stick does not get through the grille inside the headphone.
  • At the edges of the pollution, you can remove with a toothpick.
  • The cleaning procedure with a brush and stick can be repeated several times. In turn.

After that, check the sound. If one plays quieter than the other, then try to apply the following solutions.

Pour the net on the headphone

One of the simple and effective solutions is to blow out a net on the headphones. This can be done with your mouth, or with a spray spray with compressed air. True, in the case of a spray can, we will not be able to make a vacuum (drag the air into ourselves).

Everything is very simple. Remove the outrage (if it is on your headphones). We take the headphone in the mouth (before that you can wipe the headphone with alcohol) and strongly draw the air into yourself. Create a vacuum. Then you can hardly blow into the headphone. Do it several times.

The same can be done with a spray span with compressed air. Just do not put the tube in a tightness to the grill, since a strong air flow can damage the speaker.

We soak the net

Be careful with this solution, as there is a big risk of damaging the speaker. But at the same time, it is very effective. Cleans very well and the sound from the headphone becomes loud. We do everything at our own peril and risk!

You need to take some kind of container and pour a little hydrogen peroxide into it (usually a few millimeters are enough, see the distance from the edge of the headphone to the grid). The level should be such that it reaches only to the net on the headphone. To be able to soak her. Only hydrogen peroxide is suitable, as it corrodes the ear sulfur.

Put the headphone with a net in a container with a liquid, fix it and leave it for 10-15 minutes. You can immediately put both headphones. I show with the example of different wireless headphones. For wired, this method is also suitable.

After 10-15 minutes we take out the headphone, but do not turn it over! It is necessary that the liquid flow out and does not get into the headphone on the speaker. Hold a little headphone in the same position with a net down. You can shake them a little, or knock. Better yet, put on a napkin so that they stand so 10-20 minutes. The truth is to fix them in this position is not very simple, but possible.

You can wipe the grate with an ear stick and plunge it again into the hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes. I checked everything, cleanses very well. Outwardly the grate is as new. The sound is good. But be very careful!

Remove the grid and clean the headphones from sulfur

The most difficult way. I recommend using it only when nothing helps and it remains only to throw away the headphones and buy new ones. This decision is not suitable for all headphones. On Airpods, copies and such inserted headphones it is difficult to do this. The solution is more suitable for vacuum headphones.

You just need to remove the grid, clean the headphone inside and the net itself. But the problem is that this net is usually not removed. She is glued there. It remains only to tear it off, and after cleaning, gently glue it back. Many generally remove it and use the headphones so. But then the dirt will fall into the headphone right away, which can also create problems with sound.

If one AirPods headphone plays quieter than another

Apple Airpods and their good copies can apply all the solutions that I wrote above above. Unless except the last, since it is unlikely that you can remove the net there. But in the case of AirPods there are some interesting points, and the headphones are very popular, so I decided to highlight them a separate section in this article. But AirPods is the same from this problem. One headphone can play louder or quieter than another.

began, sound, quieter, installation, card

In the case of Airpods, you can very simply check how much the mesh clogged. They have three holes that are closed by a net. Two laterals are perfectly visible. Turn on the flashlight on the phone, shut up in one hole and look at another. I show.

If the pollution is strong, then the reason for the quiet sound in this. You need to clean the net and everything will be fine. For cleaning, you can apply the solutions that I showed above in the article. Except the last (where they removed the net).

Another feature of cleaning Airpods. they can be blown into both holes. In turn. You can blow out with both your mouth and spray with compressed air.

began, sound, quieter, installation, card

Do not forget to share your experience and results in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Ask questions! Good luck!



The wire is damaged

If you cleaned the accessory and still do not know why one headphone works quieter than the other, it is worth examining the wire.

To check for the damaged wire, the headphones in the included state must be moved, slightly twisted near the nest and at the place of entrance of the wire into the head of the headphone. If crackling, hiss, vibrations of the volume are heard, then the problem is the damage to the cord or poor contact.

If there is no sound at all, it is definitely a cliff. In the presence of some skills, the headphone can be fixed independently or entrust this work to a specialist.

Connection problems

If the accessory is new or there were no faults on it, then why one headphone works quieter than the other? Perhaps the problem lies in the connection.

  • First of all, it is necessary to check whether the plug is included in the connector completely. If it is half shoved, the sound may not be at all or it is poorly distinguished.
  • Then it must be removed and inserted several times, scroll in the inserted form. This is especially recommended if the phone is new. As a result, the volume balance is restored.
  • The most common cause of sound deterioration. oxides, clogging dirt or garbage. In most cases, you can fix the problem with just cleaning the headphones with a cotton swab, brush or toothpick. To pick a device and open it without proper skill. It is also worth considering that the pour of the plug in the entrance of the plug can be clogged.
  • Headphones, especially vacuum, is recommended to inspect, wipe, check on different devices.
  • If we are talking about low.quality sound in the iPhone 7.model or older phone, it is recommended to connect the headphones via Lighting or an adapter.

Program errors

Before approaching software errors, you need to remember that in our century, most devices require our own software for their work. In order for the equipment to “see” the headphones connected to it, it is necessary that a special driver is installed on the laptop, Android or iPhone.

Everywhere (on any devices), all the parameters responsible for the sound should be set up. And for the correct operation of wireless accessories, it is necessary that Bluetooth be included on the equipment. And if the user himself is not a condition to carry out all the manipulations, then there is always the opportunity to contact specialists.

Advice! Service centers that serve the electrical engineering of such manufacturers as SVEN, Blood, Apple and many other no less well.known brands are engaged in the installation of software and its subsequent configuration.

began, sound, quieter, installation, card

But there are situations when headphones do not play at all, despite the installation of all the necessary drivers and firmware. Or work, but quietly and with distortion. In this case, you need to use the tools of the operating system, for example, Windows 7, and make deeper settings.

Updating the audio card driver

Drivers associate a device with software, contribute to the normal operation of the components. Usually drivers are updated together with the operating system. But if after reinstalling Windows or its update the sound became quieter, then audio card drivers work incorrectly.

You can solve this problem by following the instructions:

After the search, updates will appear, the system will install them automatically. After the process is completed, the user will need to repeat the operation with the section “Audio.Office/Audio Exit”.

Checking system settings

After connecting headphones, the user needs to check the system settings. To increase the volume in the “top ten” on the corresponding icon of the slider should be in the most raised position. In the absence of sound, you need to select another device from the list by clicking on the name above the slider. If the basic settings did not help solve the problem, it remains to adjust the in.depth system settings.

  • Go into the “Reproduction” tab.
  • Select a output device (speakers or headphones).
  • Click once LKM by name, set the meaning “by default”.

After all points are performed, the volume of the headphones should increase.

We check the performance of headphones on other devices

If the problem is in headphones, then on other sources the volume will be insufficient. This may indicate a breakdown, as mentioned in paragraph 4. True, this may indicate that the headphones simply do not really “pull out” the volume that you consider necessary. This applies to wireless models. It is also worth checking other headphones from the same device to understand exactly where the problem is: in the source or headphones.

Volume programs

The last thing I recommend is to try to launch special programs to enhance the sound. A whole article is devoted to me on a blog (link below)!

To help!

STRICTION STROLS on the computer. my selection

In general, I recommend trying the Sound Booster program (its screenshot is given below). Its main advantages:

How to enhance the sound on the phone using applications

The Google Play app store has a huge number of programs designed to increase the volume of the speaker. You can choose any you like to make the sound of a smartphone even more powerful.

Name Description Rating
Precise Volume This is not only an application to enhance sound, but also a multifunctional equalizer. A wide selection of settings allows you to make the sound of almost any smartphone loud and saturated.
Volume Booster Goodev Simple, but at the same time, an effective tool for increasing the volume. If you do not want to delve into additional settings, Volume Booster Goodev will be the best choice.
Volume Booster Pro An appendix application developed for people who pursue only one goal. to increase the volume.
Super High Volume Booster A beautifully designed utility, not available in the Google Play Application store. But it can be loaded through the APK Pure and set to manually.
Viper4android Not the most stable, but very functional program with a bunch of different settings from the volume level to control of the playback.

Since all these programs work according to a similar principle, consider an example of increasing sound power through the Volume Booster Goodev:

Next, it remains to check how the program coped with its task, and whether it was able to make the sound more powerful.

How to clean the speakers of a smartphone

There are often several speakers on mobile devices of different manufacturers. Some to play sound with loud communication and music. Others. for the output of sound during conversation in normal mode. The latter is at the top on the front side of the mobile device case.

Speaker for output the voice of the interlocutor in a smartphone

Just in the place that we, out of habit, apply to the ear. A net of this speaker and you need to clean. If you do not hear your interlocutor on your phone badly.

Before that you should turn off the smartphone. For cleaning you will need a regular toothbrush. which is in every house.

Only after its use will you need to buy a new. Or use the old one who has already worked out her. It is necessary to pay attention to the principle of crossing the rods of the mesh in order to more efficiently remove all the garbage. It is also better to turn the smartphone with the front side down, and raise it over your head. To see where to apply the head of the brush.

If you follow this advice, garbage and dirt will not get inside the phone. Where they can do even more harm. All unnecessary elements, looking up from the net, will fall down to the floor. You can complete the cleaning session with a cotton wool. impregnated with alcohol. You should also clean with a stick: turning the phone with the front side and raising it over your head.

For these purposes, non.standard, but no less effective means are often used. For example, cream to eliminate black dots on the face. The principle of their work is better known to women. It is necessary to spread a plot with a mesh with a non.thick layer and wait until the cream froze. After that, tear off the elastic mask. And with it you remove almost all the dirt from the mose of the speaker.

For PC

All Bluetooth Hollymen are equipped with a built-in microphone-it is used as a headset. When the device connects to the computer, the OS determines the two modes of operation:

For example, in Windows 10, a “connected voice, music” will be displayed next to the gadget icon. This means that the headphones are activated as a headset. A similar problem is characteristic of expensive wireless speakers, in which a microphone is built for access to a voice assistant. The reason for the bad sound:

  • When headphones work in the headset mode, the quality of playing is falling. The system simultaneously involves dynamics and microphone. In this mode, the user can speak on Skype, call up in instant messengers and others;
  • If the headphones only work in Stereo. the system reproduces better sound. This is due to the features of the Bluetooth profiles.

Another reason is the wrong equalizer settings. To improve the sound quality, it is enough to change the parameters of the equalizer to PC to more suitable devices for ligaments.

How to correct the sound quality

Settings of wireless headphones should be started with the interfacing of the devices. Farther:

  • Open the “control panel” to check which parameter is set by default. To do this, click on the right mouse button on the dynamics icon in the notification area and select “Open sound parameters”.
  • Go to “Sound control panel”. The window will be displayed in one form on any versions of the OS.
  • In the “Sound” section, open the “playback” tab. Automatic headphones should be assigned in 2 lines: “headphones” and “head phone”. They have a use status. In the second parameter, a note “device” will appear.
  • If the settings are wrong, then you need to click on the “headphones” with the right click and choose the gadget as the main.

After improvement, the device should give better sound in stereo.

Sometimes “headphones” work as a primary device, but playback still lags behind. Before you configure the gadget, it is recommended to try to select the “head phone” parameter as the main one, and then switch to “headphones”.