Why stall selfpropelled gasoline lawn mower. We summarize

Why stall self.Propelled gasoline lawn mower

Despite a fairly wide selection of lawn mowers with different principle of work, gasoline mowers do not lose their popularity. Respect among users, they earned with power and autonomy.

For a comfortable process of work and lack of breakdowns during operation of the lawn mower, as well as other garden equipment of a similar action: trimmers, motorcycle, the first launch is very important. If you do not pay sufficient attention to the preparation of technology for use, this may affect the quality of work or lead to damage to the unit.

Launching the lawn mower

Before you start a gas mowing gasoline, a visual inspection should be carried out for visible damage. The process of starting the unit is conditionally divided into several stages.

Preparation of the fuel mixture, refueling

If the launch of the lawn mower is carried out after the winter, the contents of the tank are checked: in the presence of unused fuel, it should be drained. Then you can start refueling equipment. It is important to know some nuances here here.

For refueling two.Stroke engines, it is necessary to use the fuel mixture. It can be purchased in the finished form or prepared yourself. There is nothing complicated in the preparation of the mixture, but you need to adhere to the necessary proportions.

When using synthetic oils, a proportion of 1:50 is used. 5 l of gasoline 100 g. Oils.

When using mineral oils, the proportion is 1:35. 100 g. Oils at 3.5 l of gasoline.

Four.Stroke engine refueling does not require preparation of the fuel mixture. A special crankcase for oil is provided here, gasoline is poured separately. It is important to remember that the oil also requires replacement, depending on the intensity of using the lawn mower. It is mainly necessary to change the oil every 50 motorcycles or at least once a year.

Lawn mowers work well when using oil with viscosity index SAE-30. In addition, if the engine is carried out in synthetic oil, in the future it is impossible to replace it with mineral and vice versa and vice versa.

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As for gasoline, the lawn mowers of Chinese, Japanese and American production work well on the fuel of the A-92 brand, it is better to use gasoline with a large octane number for European models.

When refueling the mower, you need to ensure that the level of gasoline is 2-3 cm below the edge of the fuel tank.

Launch of an unheated engine

Before you start an unheated lawn mower, a transmission, ignition system, and a motor shaft with a starter or starting cord is scrolled.

Further a number of actions are performed:

Gasoline gasoline Stiga Collector

If the lawn mower does not start, you will have to carry out a number of manipulations:

  • The damper remains closed, the ignition is on;
  • The fuel pump button (suction) is pressed about 5 times;
  • An attempt is made to start a motor.

In the case of repeated failure, it follows:

  • Open the damper to prevent suppositories for filing candles;
  • Scroll the shaft with the starter;
  • Blow the combustion chamber;
  • Start the engine.

Sometimes for the first launch of the motor it may take about 15 jerks. This is quite normal for this technique.

When the engine starts, the gas lever is squeezed out once to use idle. Then the lever is set to a position corresponding to low speeds. In this position, the engine should work for about 5 minutes to warm up. If necessary, its work can be stopped by pressing the “Stop” button.

Attention! It is not recommended to work with an unfinished engine. This affects its performance and durability.

Launch of a heated engine

The launch of a pre.Warmed motor is much simpler and no longer requires such efforts:

Errors at start

The most common errors when starting a gasoline lawn mower are:

  • Insufficient or complete absence of gasoline. A banal but fairly common reason why the lawn mower does not start. The tank is checked, gasoline is added to the desired volume.
  • Low.Quality fuel or incorrectly prepared fuel mixture. In this case, it is very important to study the recommendations and instructions on the issue of the required fuel quality, regarding the using the lawn mowing model.
  • Incorrect position of the air damper. If the damper is closed, and the number of jerks is more than 5, there is a risk that the fuel will flood the candle.
  • Turned off the ignition during launch. The ignition should be turned on immediately after the air damper closes.

Basin gasoline Intertool LM-4545

Basic breakdowns of benzokos

Despite the large selection of manufacturers and the variety of models, the reasons why the Makita’s lawn mower, Honda, Husqvarna or other lines are not started, are the same for everyone.

The main reasons why the gasoline lawn mower will not start or start, but immediately stalls, there may be problems with ignition, carburetor, filters.

If the flooded combustible and fuel mixture is high.Quality and in the right amount, the air damper is closed, The lawn mower starts up and immediately stalls the reason may lie in the following problems:

  • Faulty or flooded light of the ignition. In this case, you should twist the candle, dry it well and cleaned thoroughly with a file or a file. Excess fuel drains, the candle hole is dried. A gap of 1 mm is set, and the candle is again screwed.

Important! It takes at least half an hour to dry the channel.

  • Dry threaded connection. It should be greased with gasoline so that the spark can flare up.
  • Lack of sparks from a candle. In this situation, the contact of the candle and the high.Voltage wire is first checked. If the contact is normal, and the lawn mower issues cotton and stalls, the ignition is a problem, and without a service center you can not do.

Damage data are frequent reasons why the Huskvarna lawn mower is not started.

Frequent reasons for the breakdown of garden equipment, including why the Honda lawn mower is not started, are problems with the air and fuel filter:

Benzokos heats up and stalls

Modern technique for caring for personal and public utilities is at the same time a great advantage and disadvantage. If the user does not understand how the benzokos works, he will have to face a difficult repair over time. It does not always make sense to contact the workshops, you need to learn at least elementary problems yourself. This will help to quickly return the unit to operation. It is often enough to make simple manipulations to fully return performance.

Frequent breakdowns of benzokos

It is necessary to consider the most common cases associated with overheating, breaking them into categories. This list is an almost complete field repair guide:

  • Air filter pollution is the most tricky case. The device stalls, loses power and overheats very often, but this happens periodically. And often it turns out to be clogged with particles of grass and adhering dust filter. It can be obtained and cleaned, but this is a temporary measure. A more effective way is to change to a new element. For the mowing season, it is recommended to stock up on them in advance.
  • With an increase in the load, it can occur Temperature rejection of the polluted spark plug. When heated, stalls, and starting will be possible after a certain time after cooling. Loosely screwed candle does not give a normal spark, the gaps increase, and so added to this.
  • Overheating can be caused improper mixing vapor of gasoline and air, it turns out an enriched mixture that releases too much heat. Only a profile specialist can adjust this part, it is impossible to cope with it independently without special knowledge. Carburetor shutters can change the deviation as a result of prolonged exposure to natural vibration or falling from a height. The braid must be reliably leaning on a tree or gently put on the ground. Careless storage can also lead to a violation of work.
  • If a A layer of strong soil forms on the muffler, then this will give the answer to the question why the gasoline is warming up. The metal perfectly disperses excess heat, and soot is an excellent insulating material. This can even increase engine wear and noise level, it is necessary to be careful about such bolts.
  • Low compression is the reason not only overheating. This is the most frequent case why the gas stalls stall when trying to add momentum. Compression requires overhaul of the engine. It can be repaired in workshops involved in repair work on motorcycles and scooters. They have all the necessary tools and experience.
  • Fuel mixture Not suitable. There is low.Quality gasoline with weak detonation, but with a huge specific heat of combustion. This is especially often observed when trying to refuel “aviation fuel”, something for aircraft models or lighting lights. Forums rarely give useful tips from the category. And then you will have to throw the steamed engine to the landfill.

This is a category of problems separate from overheating, it must be considered separately for each unique occasion: the damper is not completely open. This can be caused by jamming or hitting particles of grass inside. It is necessary to drain the excess oil, and then

  • Try to clean everything. Sometimes it is recorded in one position. Then there can be no talk of power adjustment, everything will instantly die out.
  • Figantous candles also affect this. Be sure to look at what type of candle electrode is required for benzokos. If this is not indicated in the instructions, you need to find out what stood in the factory assembly.
  • Petrol stood for a long time in conditions of temperature fluctuations. At the gas station, everything is in the underground gas storage. If the canister was in the garage, heated, cooled, then the process was repeated again, stratification occurs. First, the upper, most volatile layer merges.

It is difficult to create a single instruction, but the most common cases have been described. Often several problems are superimposed, giving a false idea of ​​breakdown. If there is no experience with mechanisms, it is better to contact the service center.

Kyivstar tel (068).572-69-07 Kyivstar tel (068).108-18-90 Vodafone tel (050).949-32-64 Vodafone tel (095).225-24-80 Lifecell Tel (093).425-80-72

Repair of the mechanical part

Restoration of elements is carried out in case of damage to a cylindrical or rotary knife, trimmer line. Sometimes the transfer of the gearbox, devices for removing grass, as well as housing, handles and wheels are required. Malfunctions and ways to eliminate them:

  • Failure or damage to the cutting blade or lack of trimmer line. The breakdown is visible with the naked eye and is eliminated when repairing the lawn mower with your own hands. The dulling of knives is evidenced by unequal sections of grass when examining the area after work. The blades are dismantled, pulled or changed to new elements.
  • The weakening of fastening of the blades leads to a change in balancing and the emergence of vibration, rattling, whistling sounds. Because of this, the unit becomes difficult to control, it leads from one side to the other. To correct the deficiency, knives and trimmer line are adjusted, tightened, the cutting elements are installed in the working position.
  • Uncharacteristic knock, rattle appear as a result of relaxation of the fasteners of an electric or gasoline engine, structural parts of the case. Liquid fuel engines are more often loosened, t. To. Their fluctuations are higher. Problems can be repaired by pulling the bolts. A knock arises as a result of an extraneous object entering the mechanism, it is extracted to continue work.
  • Cutting blades cease to rotate if the power of the machine is insufficient to work with solid and highlighted thickets or a spacing space for rotation is clogged with cut gesture stems. Because of this, large breakdowns can happen, so they do cleaning from the compacted mass immediately. Incorrect power selection leads to a breakdown of mechanical nodes and engine combustion.
  • With defects in the case, wheels, handles, they are changed or repaired depending on the amount of damage. Methods of correction of non.Betrayal of components are selected according to the material of manufacture (black metal, plastic, aluminum).

The cause of wear or rupture of the transmission belt becomes a long service life. In this case, the engine works, but there is no rotation of cutting nozzles. In self.Propelled lawn mowers, the drive belt of the wheels becomes unusable, which contributes to their stop and interrupt movement. With stretching, rubbing, rupture, the belt is replaced with a new product.

Damage to the knife shaft and the devices combined with it occurs due to a meeting with stump, stone or other obstacle. To correct the breakdown requires repairs with the dismantling of the gas mowing units.

Rules for the operation of a gasoline lawn mower

Like any technique, the mower needs some features of care and compliance with the basic principles of use. These rules are simple, but will help maintain the performance of the unit for a long time.

General operating rules:

  • To familiarize yourself with the instructions for the use and care of the lawnical mower, study the basic rules of work, storage and safety precautions.
  • After each use, clean the housing, channels, grass collector, knives, preferably using special liquids.
  • Do not clean the lawn mower with a hot engine.
  • During operation, monitor the state of the engine, do not let it overheat, take breaks.
  • With large intervals in the operation of the lawn mower (about a month), drain the fuel. At the same time, when the work is completed, the device is given the device to work at idle and stall.

Husqvarna HU725AWDHQ 163-cc 22-in Self-propelled Gas Lawn Mower w/ Briggs & Stratton Engine

Rules for the preparation of technology for winter:

  • A visual examination of the mower is carried out, the main parts are removed, cleaned, dried, damage is corrected.
  • The fuel is drained.
  • The air filter is cleaned.
  • Oil is poured into a gearbox.
  • Cleaned, all mobile parts of the engine are lubricated.
  • The motor wraps up with an oiled fabric.

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  • Before starting work, a working area for the presence of foreign objects is checked: stones, branches.
  • The presence of outsiders at a distance of at least 5 m from the lawn mower is not allowed.
  • Work is carried out in special glasses.
  • A visual examination of the lawn mower is carried out for damage, untouched parts. The malfunctions are eliminated.
  • You can mow grass, not higher than 20 cm, no more than a third part at a time.
  • When working on the slopes, you should move along the slope, not up and down.
  • Before changing the height of the bevel, the engine stops.
  • When foreign elements get into the knife of the mower, the work stops, the knife is cleaned.

Gasoline lawnmands have earned the respect of users with power and quality of work. In order to extend the durability and efficiency of the unit, you need to study all the subtleties of care and maintenance of the lawn mower, follow the safety rules, adhere to the instructions for the operation of this equipment.

Symptoms of problems

The first thing the user may notice is a deterioration as the operation of the device. The grass is not molested evenly, there are missing places on the lawn. This is because the engine begins to junk, its power decreases. TOP-5 symptoms indicating a problem:

  • Enhanced vibrations of the device.
  • Increased noise when working.
  • The lawn mower starts and stalls.
  • The device is disconnected independently.
  • The car whistles.

The main 3 reasons why The lawn mower stalls. Improper operation, overload, long.Term work (engine overheating). The system is cooled, thanks to the air filter, it should be checked every time when using garden technology. What to do so that the lawn mower does not stall. Before turning on the device, check the presence of gasoline in the tank, is there oil. It is recommended to clean the filter after each mowing.

Benzokos does not start after winter

In such cases, it is necessary to conduct maintenance of the unit. Remove the fuel system, including filters (air, fuel), disassemble the carburetor, clean each node, rinse. Pour the filters with air. Pay attention to the quality and octane fuel number.

It must be taken into account that the products of such well.Known companies as STIHL, Husgvarna and other brands will not work on a cheap octane number of gasoline. For them, suitable fuel from the AI ​​brand. 92 and higher with car gas stations and that, with well.Proven ones, since gas stations are also bad gasoline. On the use of highly octane and high.Quality gasoline, it will depend on how long the benzokos will be used and how much it will last.

One more fact must be taken into account that with the long storage of diluted fuel mixture, it falls working qualities, which also leads to consequences in which a gas station does not start. Therefore, it should be diluted with portions, that is, the amount of a mixture that is produced at a time. The operating instructions clearly describe and are given clarifications on the proportion of mixing gasoline and oil. Straighten compliance with the correct proportions will at least save you from several questions, why the benzocos is not started and what to do in such cases.

The most common problems

Here are the most common malfunctions:

  • The engine does not start;
  • The motor stalls arbitrarily;
  • The engine does not gain momentum or does not hold them;
  • Immediately after the start of the mowing, the engine speed falls and it stalls or works with interruptions;
  • Smokes strongly;
  • It goes badly;
  • Does not stop even after the operator released the wheel drive lever;
  • Shakes hard;
  • Poorly cut the grass.

The engine does not start

Reasons for that, Why the motor does not start, quite a bit of:

  • Empty fuel tank;
  • A air filter is clogged;
  • A muffler is clogged;
  • The ignition switch is installed in the wrong position or faulty;
  • The air damper control lever is in the wrong position;
  • Faulty candle;
  • Broken or clogged carburetor.

Primary inspection

To establish the real cause of this defect, you must first carry out a full external inspection And make sure that the holes of the air filter or muffler are not clogged, there is gasoline in the tank, and the throttle control lever and the ignition switch are in the correct position.

If everything is in order with this, then it is necessary Perform pre.Launch work, including the cleaning of air or fuel filters, described in detail in the instructions for the operation of the braid, and then try to start again.

After making sure that the motor still does not start, the mowing is placed on the table and proceed to a more detailed search for the reasons.

First, the spark plug is twisted and tightly plug the candle hole with your finger, then smoothly, but quickly and strongly pulled the hand starter cable or pressed on the electric launch button.

The moving piston should create sufficient air pressure so that it pushes the finger and goes outside. If this does not happen, then the motor needs serious repairs, which is difficult to make at home, so it is better to take the mower to a specialized workshop.

stall, gasoline, lawn, mower

After all, the reason that the piston does not move after the starter’s cable or rotation of the shaft an electric starter can be:

  • Damage to the starter, because of which he does not transmit the energy of rotation to the engine shaft;
  • The cut off the flywheel that connects the flywheel and the starter with the engine, and also provides the correct ignition angle.

To eliminate both malfunctions, not only tools, but also skill are needed, so those who do not have the skill of repairing any engines are better not to try to eliminate such problems on their own.

Further check

If the piston moves, then you must first check the fuel supply, for which the candle is thoroughly wiped with a dry clean rag, then screw it into place, and the regulator of the position with an air damper is placed in the “OFF” position, as during the start of the engine.

Then, the lever of the air damper is transferring to the “ON” position and the candle is unscrewed, which is carefully examined.

Wet contacts indicate that gasoline enters the engine and the problem of ignition, and Dry contacts speak:

In both cases, knowledge and equipment are necessary for proper diagnosis and repair, therefore, it is better to take the device to repair the apparatus to a specialized workshop.

If the fuel comes, then it is necessary to check the external condition of the ignition coil and the high.Voltage wire. If they have cracks or poor contact as between the wire and the coil, so at the place of connection of the wire with the candle tip, they must be replaced.

If everything is fine, then You need to check the spark, Why can you use both a deliberately working candle and a bolt suitable in diameter, which is inserted instead of a candle in a high.Voltage wire.

The candle is leaned with threads against the ribs of the engine cooling shirt, and the bolt is placed so that it does not come into contact with the mowing case or its engine, and the distance from it to the cooling shirt was 1-2 mm.

After that, disconnect any wire going to the ignition switch, then pull the lever of the manual starter or press the electric button and see if the spark will appear.

If there is no spark, then the device does not start for one of the reasons:

For the repair of these damage, skills and equipment are needed, so those who do not have them are better to trust professionals. If there is a spark, then the problem is in the spark plug, so after replacing it will work.

The motor stalls arbitrarily

The most frequent reasons why the engine stalls during operation are:

  • Dirty air filter;
  • Dirty fuel filter (only for models with a fuel filter);
  • Faulty ignition switch (does not completely open the ignition circuit);
  • Damaged insulation of the ignition shutdown wires;
  • Faulty air damper drive;
  • The tightness of the ignition coil is broken or its winding is broken.

The primary inspection is performed in the same way as described in the previous section. If outwardly everything is fine, then carefully inspect and feel all the wires suitable for the switch that blocks the operation of the ignition system, Perhaps the insulation is damaged somewhere and when in contact with the naked metal metal, there is a closing spark.

Dirty air filter

After prolonged operation, the air filter is polluted. This impedes uninterrupted work, leads to the fact that the mower stalls. Dirty air filter must be cleaned or replaced.

The reason for the stopping of the engine can be a malfunction of its parts. The lawn mower with a dry or flooded candle will not work. Remove it, clean it, check on a spark. If the part is working, get to work. If it is broken, replace with a new.

What to do if the engine of a gasoline lawn mower stalled?

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Why the lawn mower is not started?

Electric malfunctions lawn mowers If a Electric lawn mower Suddenly she turned off herself, so most likely, the cord broke off, the motor was damaged or the current is missing. If the cable break is confirmed, it is necessary to install a new. To check the cable lawn mowers A multimeter is used for a cliff.

If lawn mower After starting Glakes, you need to check the air filter. When this filter is strongly clogged with dust, it stops letting the required amount of air into the carburetor and allows dust entering the fuel mixture. It is necessary to carefully remove the contaminated filter, clean and rinse in gasoline.

Why the gas mower is not started gasoline. How to work as a lawn mower

Most likely, it will not force its owner to face the problem of the causeless, at first glance, refusal of the motor, but such models have their shortcomings. There are a number of reasons why a liquid fuel machine can begin to “act up” even if it is produced by a reliable company.

Sometimes it happens that even the best unit designed to mow grass does not turn on. There are a number of reasons why the gas mowl does not start gasoline. Their list and methods of elimination are offered to your attention.

Lack of spark in the spark plug. It is necessary to check in what position the grounding coupling is located. Before the work of it (a switch with the inscription “ON/OFF”) must be installed in the “ON” position. Otherwise, the spark will not form in the spark plug and the engine will not start.

Lack of fuel in the tank of the lawn mower or the formation of condensate in it. Condensate can be formed when storing a refitted lawn mower. It is necessary to drain old gasoline and pour fresh. It should be noted that violation of the conditions of storage of equipment can lead to the refusal of even very reliable models of Stiga Dino 47 B, Makita PLM 4110, LawnPro EUL 534TR-MG.

The position of the fuel crane regulator. With closed fuel tap, gasoline will not enter the engine.

The cold engine does not start. It may be necessary to block the damper. Without it, the motor does not receive enough fuel.

The warmed engine does not start. Perhaps the air damper is blocked. When trying to launch an excessive amount of fuel into the engine cylinder and pour a candle. We have to wait a while, while gasoline from the candle evaporates, and make a new attempt.

Mulch Mowing Leaves with the Honda HRX217 Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Insufficient oil level. Why is the gasoline law mower not starting if it is installed in it a oil level sensor? It grounds the ignition circuit in the gas mowing motor and, with its insufficient level, or when the lawn mower is in the inclined position, blocks the launch. Should be added oil or put the law mushroom horizontally.

Perhaps the spark plug does not work. It is required to turn out the candle and clean it.

Knives were removed from the lawn mower. The machine with the knives will not start, because their blades work as part of a rotating array.

The motor starts up, but stalls. Some mechanisms can jam. Crankshaft or piston. You should scroll on your own several times and try to start it again.

In other cases, why the gasoline law mower is not started, in particular: the engine works unevenly, it does not have enough power, it overheats or greatly vibrates when working, it is best to contact the service center.

If at the first launch, your new lawn mower refuses to start, try the following: based on the air temperature on the street, set the appropriate position of the air damper (at a temperature of less than 30 s. The “cloth is closed”, over 30 s. Half.Closed position), then pump up to the carburetor fuel and neatly, but rather sharply jerk to the sensation of some resistance to the lancet of the starter. Repeat these actions in the same sequence several times. A completely new tool should start. If this finally happened, you can safely start work, having previously completely opened the damper.

If the lawn mower is no longer new, then it is necessary to start its inspection from the gas tank. If the device has not been driven for a long time, then it is necessary to drain the old gasoline, which has a feature of “exhaling”, t.E. Lose your octane properties, and pour a fresh fuel mixture. The ratio of gasoline/fuel, as well as their necessary brands are usually indicated in the instrument operation instructions.

Now you need to check the spark plug. Either the problem in it itself, or in the fuel system. The candle must be carefully removed and appreciated its condition. If the candle is very flooded or there is a black fog on it, then it needs to be removed, clean and dried. Drain the excess fuel, if any, from the candle holes, drain the cylinder itself, then screw it dried or, even more desirable, a completely new candle. If the candle was originally completely dry, you need to look for a problem in the fuel supply system. First check the fuel filter. To do this, disconnect the suction hose and remove the contaminated filter from it, clean it and return installation, or change it to a new. If this did not help, it is worth contacting the specialists of the service center.

Not starting after winter

In this case, you just need to drain the old and, possibly, even frozen fuel and pour a freshly prepared mixture. Then you need to make the same manipulations as during the first launch of the lawn mower.

Starts and stalls

If the lawn mower stalls after starting, it is necessary to check the air filter. When this filter is strongly clogged with dust, it stops letting the required amount of air into the carburetor and allows dust entering the fuel mixture. It is necessary to carefully remove the contaminated filter, clean and rinse in gasoline. If the air filter is clean, and the tool still stalls, then to establish the cause of the malfunction and its elimination, it is better to contact professionals.

A reliable and simple tool for haircuts of grass on a garden area. A lawn mower, is unusually in demand. However, it can break. Repair will be required. As a rule, the repair of electric lawn mowers is carried out in service centers.

In order not to transport a fairly voluminous apparatus to the workshop, a number of malfunctions can be eliminated with your own hands.

To answer the question, you need to understand that all breakdowns are divided into mechanical and electrical. The first includes malfunctions:

To the second. Everything related to the engine, whether it is electric or gasoline.

It is not difficult to repair the dull knives on their own, since they are removable and they can be sharpened with an ordinary emery, withstanding the sharpening angle of 30 degrees. In case of malfunctions of other details, t.E. Hulls, wheels, handles, they will also need repair or replacement.

DIY lawn

Many owners of gasoline lawn mowers sooner or later face technical problems of this technique. Most often, problems arise after three to four seasons of active operation of the lawn mower or after the equipment spends the winter in an unexplored garage. These problems are manifested as follows:

  • The lawn mower will not start
  • Lawn mower starts up, but soon stalls
  • The engine of the lawn mower is working with interruptions
  • The engine of the lawn mower does not work at full power

It doesn’t matter what engine is on your mower: dear Japanese Kawasaki or a simple Chinese Lifan, during the years of operation these problems are more likely to appear in all lawn mowers. However, do not be upset and rush to take your mower to the service center. In the vast majority of cases, the lawn mower can be easily repaired with your own hands. In this material, we will tell you step by step how to do it!

  • Lawn mower Basic manual how to use a video person tends to clarify the place in which he spends the lion’s share of his time. Residents of cities resort to the services of designers, or they themselves try to change something in their.
  • Patriot trimmer does not start Petrol Causes Why A trimmer does not start petrol? Reasons and their elimination recently petrol Trimmer acquired the status of one of the main tools in the arsenal of summer residents. Why gasoline.
  • There is no benzocosa of the causes and methods of benzocos is not started: the causes and methods of elimination are not started by a benzocos causes and methods for eliminating the speedy return of Chinese, Japanese, European and Russian motorcycle.
  • Al co Lawn mower Gasoline lawn mowing gasoline self.Propelled. The right choice for large areas, care for rural areas without modern mechanisms requires great physical efforts. Self.Propelled gasoline.Codium quickly and purely mows.

Only after the above actions were not performed, and the protection of the crankcase of the carburetor engine is tightened, you can proceed to adjust the carburetor.

The reason for this algorithm is that if the air supply from the crankcase was not eliminated, and the carburetor is simply adjusted to the normal operation of the engine, the fuel mixture will contain more fuel than required for a tight crankcase, which, in turn, significantly increase its consumption. In addition, carbon may appear in the engine, which will also adversely affect the further work of the chainsaw.

In some models of chainsaws, special hoses are installed to support the fuel pump, which transmit an air pulse from the crankcase to the fuel pump of the carburetor. If this hose is broken, the saw will be idle and will not work under the load at all.

When the lawn mower does not start

Depending on the area of ​​the lawn and the growth of grass on it, the owners choose the optimal technique in characteristics. It is several types:

In price, the mower withstands in the climatic conditions of St. Petersburg, Moscow or similar regions about four seasons. Expensive or less operated garden assistants are able to withstand in the field of 5-6 seasons.

Also, the restoration of lawn mowers with your own hands will be required if the conditions of winter storage are inappropriate. For example, after use, there were no cleaning surfaces or there was no off.Season preventive maintenance. As a result, various problems are manifested:

You should not go to an expensive service center. Many problems can be solved with minimal costs and repairs on your own.

After each use of the tool, it is necessary to clean the cutting elements. Change the oil regularly and perform a minimum risk.

Video: how to lubricate the gearbox motorcosa or trimmer

Features of the use of garden technology

It should be remembered that grass can be mowed with a height of not more than 20 cm, by 1/3 part, at a time. Before changing the height of the bevel. Be sure to turn off the car. You need to work especially carefully on the slopes, move along the area.

So that there would not be a stuck in the blades of foreign objects, before the span, inspect the site for the presence of stones, sticks, all that may interfere with the ennoble the lawn. If the device is jammed, turn it off and check the knives for the presence of something superfluous.

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How to fix a lawn mower that starts but then stalls right away

We will summarize if you are faced with the problems of the functioning of the lawn mower: it does not start or off, here is the algorithm of what to do:

  • Conduct an external inspection of the machine for damage, see if the oil leaks;
  • Check the amount of gasoline in the tank;
  • See if there are no third.Party interfering objects in the knives of the device;
  • Pay attention to the elements of fastening, whether there are shared bolts;
  • Clean the details of the mowing if there are pollution;
  • If candles are rusted, change to new.

The main malfunctions of electric trimmers

The reasons why the electric lawn mower does not start and does not work are divided into two main categories. Mechanical and electric.

In the first case, the causes of breakdowns can be:

  • Blocking knives when trying to mow too hard grass or shrub. In this case, the cylinder is freed from stuck grass and scroll through the other way.
  • Blunting or damage to knives. Knives sharpen or replace.
  • Incorrect location of the knives, leading to deterioration of equipment handling, reducing the quality of work. The problem is corrected by regulating the gap.
  • Vibrations and rattling of the device due to weakened bolted joints. Bolter compounds regulate.
  • In models with trimmer line, problems with a trimmer reel are possible. The trimmer line may end, break or get confused.

Electric malfunctions:

  • The reason that the electric gas mobility stalls immediately after starting or during operation, may be a break in the supply cable or the disappearance of power supply in the network.
  • The electric trimmer is very warm and can smoke. Overheating of the engine and its probable failure can be caused by too long work or overload, which occurs due to blocking the cutting elements with any extraneous objects. Sparking and the appearance of smoke can be triggered by incorrectly selected brushes or their incorrect location.
  • One of the reasons why the electric lawn mower is not starting is the malfunction of the control button.

Not starting on a cold trimmer. We eliminate the cause

On the cold.Cause. Air leaks that prevents the fuel from downloading. In the camera.

After several jerks, he will start and stall, which is a normal phenomenon. What to do when the fuel was definitely normal, there is a spark, but the trimmer does not start a gasoline? Putting the damper to the working position, start the tool again and start working.

The knives are incorrectly adjusted

This can be seen on the uneven surface of the lawn. Before adjustment, it is necessary to turn off the lawn mower from the network and put on protective gloves.

The gap between the cylinder and knives should be uniform in all areas and not exceed the thickness of the office paper sheet. Even to regulate the gaps, the same paper is used. It is inserted between the cylinder and the knife, after which the drum rotates. It is necessary to adjust the knives until the paper is cut smoothly anywhere in the knife.

Let’s summarize

Having familiarized yourself with the information, we can conclude that with proper work with garden equipment and timely maintenance, most problems can be avoided. If the nuisance has nevertheless happened and the lawn mower does not work at full capacity, you can try to eliminate the breakdown on your own or contact the service center.

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