A partner’s chainsaw how to dilute gasoline. What gasoline to fill in a chainsaw?

A partner’s chainsaw how to dilute gasoline

Wanting to season the chainsaw, you need to follow the simple algorithm:

Prepare fuel in the recommended proportion of gasoline and oil for two.Stroke chainsaws. Prepare the saw for refueling, cleaning its surface from sawdust and chips. Put the saw on a flat stable stand with a tank with a tank up. Gently place a small funnel (plastic or metal, resistant to fuel and lubricants, easily purchased in the auto.Goods store in an open throat of the tank) Carefully pour fuel into the tank, avoiding overflow. It is unacceptable to pour under the lid. This will lead to splashing out during screwing the cover! Close fuel tank lid Replace the lubricant for the chain (mandatory!) Start the motor at idle.

Aspects of the device and how to refuel a saw

Now we will “plunge” into the very core of this tool, so that at least in general terms you can imagine what your “assistant” consists of. In fact, this kind of tool can be attributed with all responsibility to the mechanisms of the classical direction that work by using the internal combustion engine.

Without exaggeration, we can say that taka type of tool is the simplest of all other mechanisms, Since the saw does not have a gearbox and is equipped with an ordinary two.Stroke engine that has one cylinder and working on gasoline.

The main advantage of the chainsaw is that it is arranged quite simply, which helps to increase reliability, as well as trouble.Free work in difficult and difficult conditions. Next, we will consider the design of the saw in more detail, so:

  • Engine;
  • Clutch clutch;
  • Ignition system;
  • Carburetor (see. Carburetor adjustment);
  • Fuel system;
  • Air purification system;
  • Starter;
  • Chain (see. How to sharpen a chain);
  • Tire;
  • Chain brake;
  • Chain tension mechanism;
  • Chain lubrication system (see. Oil lubricant oil).

In fact, we figured out the device, but now the lubrication of parts of the chainsaw remains an important issue. Many do not understand why it is needed at all? The answer is quite simple, like all mechanisms, a chainsaw, especially its individual parts, require special care, including periodic lubrication.

So, as everyone knows that the friction force violates the surface, and here, if you do not lubricate the chainsaw, spare parts will simply be quickly worn out and the tool will come out of the fret. You need it? I don’t think. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your chainsaw, so that it “has the strength” to serve you for many years.

Instructions for the manufacture of fuel mixture

How to dilute gasoline with oil, we will find out in more detail. Some tool owners do this. Pour pure gasoline into the tank, and add the required amount of oil. After that, close the lid and mix. This method of breeding gasoline with oil is incorrect. The instructions for the preparation of a gas-oil mixture have the following view:

  • You need to take a plastic bottle of equal volume. 1 or 2 liters. You can use 1.5-liter, but so you can get confused when adding oil.
  • Fill the container with gasoline half.
  • Add a lubricant. The dosage of the oil is recommended to be performed using a syringe. It is advisable to use 5 cubic syringe, which will allow you to measure exactly 25 ml of oil.
  • By adding the lubricant to the container, shake thoroughly.
  • Add gasoline until the container is filled, and mix thoroughly again.
  • It turns out a ready-made gas-oil mixture for a chainsaw, which should be consumed for 1-2 weeks.

Many do not pay due attention to the storage of the prepared mixture, and therefore can immediately prepare 5 liters, and use it throughout the year. However, this approach is extremely wrong, since the shelf life of the finished mixture is 15 days. If there is confidence that gasoline does not contain alcohol, then you can store the finished mixture longer. Up to 3 months. After that, the mixture loses its properties, having a negative effect on the internal combustion engine.

How to Stop Ethanol in Fuel Damaging Your Chainsaw.

Interesting to know! Make it a rule not to cook fuel for a chainsaw in large quantities. It is better to cook 2 times one liter 2 times than to immediately mix 2 liters that remain, and an indefinite time will be stored.

After connecting gasoline with oil, it remains only to season the tool, and proceed to use it. When refueling the chainsaws, there are some important points that must be taken into account. We will figure it out.

Features of the preparation and storage of the fuel mixture

Important stages when working with chainsaws are their refueling. If the proportions were observed, then improper preparation of the mixture can cause new problems. Therefore, it is recommended to adhere to some rules by which it is necessary:

  • Refrain from using tanks for mixing from plastic or glass, as these materials cause a spark that can further cause a fire of gasoline vapor. It is best to use special canisters of aluminum for fuel.
  • Carefully ensure that foreign bodies, garbage, dirt and other substances do not fall into the tank with the mixture. A negative effect can cause even several grams of water.
  • Mix the mixture before pour into a chainsaw.

Such rules will help people who do not know how to breed gasoline for a riveted rosopyle or any other brand.

Features are associated not only with the creation of the mixture, but also with its further storage. You can not use oil and gasoline if their contact lasted more than 30 days (storage periods). Such actions will lead to a breakdown of the engine system. At the same time, it is not possible to use the guarantee for repairs, since such a reason is considered not a warranty.

If the season, when the chainsaw is finished, then all fuel together with oil should be removed from the system.

How much oil is required to add to gasoline?

Types of oils used for dilution in gasoline in the chainsaws there are no oil pumps, so only a combustible mixture cannot be used. Carefully read the instruction that is attached to the manufacturer to each product. A lot of information on the Internet, finding it is not difficult.

If the lubricant is absent, then the saw after a short time will fail. It is recommended to make preventive maintenance of the unit, pour properly diluted fuel, in which case the tool will operate for many years.

Carefully read the recommendations from), it is always signed there in detail: which composition is required for the power plant. It is not worth saving in oil, the benefit is small, and the engine resource can be significantly reduced. The repair of the tool is expensive, up to 85% of its cost.

If we take, for example, the Huscovarna chainsaw, then unhealthy gasoline with the first additive of the brand 92 is suitable. If the composition has a greenish kner, then this suggests that the product is a premium class. AI-92 is an optimal product that can be suitable for such a device. On average, professionals advise adding one liter from twenty to 50 ml of machine oil. If the power of the unit is one and a half kilowatts, then only 25-27 ml of oil will be required.

If the tool is more powerful, then about 30 ml of oil is required, and in some cases even more.

How to dilute machine oil and gasoline, in what proportions? This question arises for all users. First you should stock up on containers:

A watering can that will fill the substance into the tank

The process of mixing oil and gasoline is technologically simple

It is important to observe safety precautions so that static electricity does not accumulate, not a drop of water does not fall into the fuel

partner, chainsaw, dilute, gasoline, fill

Types of oils used for breeding in gasoline

partner, chainsaw, dilute, gasoline, fill

What proportions should be done? Engines are mainly two.Stroke, so the mixture is usually 1:50. Russian.Made chainsaws function with the products of such brands:

For foreign analogues, it is permissible to use two liters of gasoline per 80 grams of oil. Foreign saws are characterized by economical fuel consumption, oil proportions in them vary from 40 to 49 shares.

Shades of oil can vary significantly, this should be taken into account during operation. For example, produces machine oil of reddish tint. If the composition has a greenish (sometimes blue) shade, then this is a sure sign that the product is a synthetic premium class. The quality of such compounds is high, the cost is also rather big.


The new chainsaw immediately after the purchase is slightly less performance than similar models that have been in operation. The rated power of the engine is achieved only after the production of 6-10 full fuel mixture tanks.

However, it should be noted that the running.In the imported chainsaw (Khuskvarna, Stil, partner) has significant differences in front of domestic chainsaws. So, for example, you do not need to produce several tanks of the fuel mixture at idle. The running-in consists in cyclic work with minimal load on the motor: first, the soft wood species are sawing for 1-2 minutes, then 20-30 seconds of work in idle mode. Thus, the formation of a large layer of tanning that occurs during prolonged operation of the chainsaw at idle is prevented.

The rupture of the chainsaw must be carried out on high-quality AI-92 gasoline without any additives and company oil, which is recommended by a specific manufacturer. Find out what and how much oil in gasoline for the chainsaw you need to fill, you can in the instructions for the chainsaw itself.

In no case should you dilute with gasoline products designed for low.Speed engines, as in the photo.

The proportion of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw of the corresponding brand:

  • STIHL with a capacity of less than 1.5 kW. (1:40);
  • STIHL with a capacity of more than 1.5 kW. (1:50);
  • Partner. (1:33);
  • Husqvarna with a capacity of less than 1.5 kW. (1:40);
  • Husqvarna with a capacity of more than 1.5 kW. (1:50);
  • Jonshed. (1:33).

The prepared mixture can be stored for up to two months, and then there is a risk of engine breakdown due to the inevitable decrease in the octane number of gasoline.

The ratio of gasoline and oil for chainsaws

The proportions of the oil and gasoline for refueling two.Stroke engines of the chainsaws of different brands are 40 to 1 or 50 to 1. This ratio is standard, which is used not only by newcomers, but also by experienced sawmills. It is such a ratio for the preparation of the fuel mixture that is close to the ideal, and provides a lubrication of the rubbing parts of a crank mechanism and a piston.

How much oil should you pour in gasoline in milliliters? In the calculation per ml of the proportion of oil and gasoline 1 to 50 is 20 ml per 1 liter. To prepare the correct mixture, you should type 1 liter of gasoline in a plastic bottle, and dilute it from 20 ml of oil. To correctly measure how much oil is pouring, you should take a special measured container, and fill it to the corresponding mark. If you immediately plan to prepare 2 liters of fuel, then this amount of gasoline must be added 40 ml of lubricating material.

There are other relationships that different manufacturers offer. These values ​​of the ratio differ slightly, but if you read other values ​​in the passport to the tool, then it is necessary to adhere to them and adhere. Value 1 to 50 or 40 are standardized. Pour 15 ml of oil per 1 liter of fuel in the summer, and in winter to add at least 20-25 ml. Knowing the recipe for the preparation of the mixture, you should understand the question of which gasoline to fill in the chainsaw?

How to refuel a saw

A plastic bottle is best suited for refueling a chainsaw. The volume of the container should be equal to two liters if you often use the tool. Smaller capacity should be used when you rarely use a saw.

Dilute combustible and lubricant in a separate bottle. It is necessary to observe the exact proportions indicated in the instructions. It is recommended to leave an empty place in order to mix the liquid well.

Such a mixture should be stored for at least two weeks. Before use, you must shake the bottle. Experts do not recommend diluting a large amount of the mixture at once and keep it for years. The storage temperature should not exceed more than twenty.Five degrees Celsius. If more, then storage periods are reduced.

Long.Term storage of the mixture greatly worsens the traction capabilities of the engine. Freed up with a carpet, the ability of the pistons to a Rapid movement is reduced.

Pragiles of oil and gasoline for chainsaws

Ways to mix oil only 3. But in order to implement any of them, you need to correctly measure the components so that the mixture acquires the necessary technical qualities. The main options for proportions:

In terms of 1/50 milliliters, 20 ml of oil per 1 liter of fuel will correspond to. Others are calculated similarly. It is not recommended to choose them at your discretion and measure them by eye. You should clearly follow the instructions on the packaging of oil or commenting with the tool. If they do not coincide with each other, you need to put in priority the one that comes with a saw. They also need to mix them with knowledge of the technique. You need to add oil to fuel, and not vice versa. It has a denser structure than gasoline and can stick to the walls of the vessel, it does not matter this separate container for mixing or just a fuel tank. To obtain the correct mixture, you need to use measuring devices:

The ratio of oil and gasoline for chainsaws of well.Known brands, correct proportions, and also what should not be diluted

The preparation of the fuel mixture is a very important process, on compliance with the correct proportions of gasoline and oil, both gasoline consumption and the service life of the chainsaw. Many are used to interfering 1:50, but this is not right, t.To. The ratio of these two components, all manufacturers have different. Within the framework of the article, we will figure out what the most famous manufacturers are recommended, in what proportions, as well as give an example of how to dilute and cook fuel correctly.

Exclusively motor oil for two.Stroke engines is added to fuel for chainsaws. Oils for four.Stroke engines are categorically not suitable. The reason is that in two.Stroke ICE, the oil burns together with gasoline.

In car and other four.Stroke ICE, it is poured into the crankcase, has many special additives, it is not initially designed to combat. If it is poured into a chainsaw, it will smoke, will not burn out completely and quickly form a thick layer of carbon monoxide, which in the end can disable the chainsaw.

In addition to the general specification “for two.Stroke engines”, the manufacturer of the chainsaws may recommend using on their model oil of a particular brand. It can have special combustible additives and additives extending the service life of the ICE saw.

How to Mix Fuel for a Husqvarna Two Stroke Engine Chainsaw

This is what oil for 2-stroke engines of chainsaws from the famous Champion brand looks like

In the old two.Stroke engines of the Soviet period, motor oil was also used, as in four.Stroke, for example M8. Old motor oils did not contain such a number of fireproof additives as modern. So that such non.Specialized oil provides sufficient lubrication of chainsaws, increased dosages were used.

partner, chainsaw, dilute, gasoline, fill

When running the engine, 1:20 proportion was used, after 1:25. Large quantities of universal oil, not created under complete burnout, led to Rapid hair toxing and sticking piston rings, the formation of a carbon on the upper part of the piston, light of the ignition, in the exhaust Windows of the cylinder and a silencer. For the same reason, a spark on a chainsaw candle may disappear.

In advanced cases, Windows and muffler could be completely tightened by the car. The thick layer of the carbon on the piston significantly reduced the volume of the combustion chamber.

At the same time, the engine remains clean for a long time and serves for a long time, despite the lower supply of mechanical strength in modern ICE in comparison with the old.

We also recommend reading an interesting article about which oil to use for the chain of the chainsaw and how it can be painlessly replaced.

What gasoline to fill in a chainsaw

Find out what fuel is recommended for this type of device. Since there are 2t (two.Stroke) motor on the chainsaws, and the oil pump cannot be put on it, it is forbidden to use clean gasoline for saw. A fuel mixture of fuel and oil is poured into the saws. The norms for refueling the chainsaws of different models are regulated by the manufacturer.

Consider which gasoline experts advise in a chainsaw. The gas station refueling is carried out with a fuel with an octane number of more than 92. To create a mixture, you cannot use a fuel with an overdue shelf life made of condensate, which includes water and various impurities.

Domestic saws work on the combustible AI-80. For foreign modifications, AI-92 gasoline is needed. It often happens that the instructions indicate the brand of fuel AI-95. But experts believe that AI-95 gasoline, which is produced in the Russian Federation, does not comply with the quality standard. This fuel contains a lot of anti.Depth additives.

It is possible to use such gasoline for a chainsaw when creating a mixture only with its high quality. The complexity of use is the use of additives, with which the manufacturers increase the operational characteristics of the fuel, which has a smaller number of octane. Therefore, filling 95 gasoline is not recommended.

The choice of oil

Unlike four.Stroke engines, the oil for the chainsaw of the 180 rod is poured directly into the gas tank, having previously mixed with gasoline. It is recommended to pour the oil specified in the instructions for this model in the chainsaw.

It can significantly reduce the life of the motor, and if traces of such a substance in the cylinder-piston group are detected, the tool will be considered removed from the guarantee, t. E. Will not be subject to warranty repair or exchange.

Regular or Premium Gasoline? What gets better gas mileage?

Synthetic and mineral oil oils for chainsaws STIHL are sold in bottles or cans of different containers: from 100 ml to 5 liters. Minerals have a lower cost, and semi.Synthetic and synthetic provide complete combustion in the process of engine operation, t. E. Lack of soot and a minimum of toxic compounds in the exhaust.

In addition, synthetic oils retain their qualities in a much wider temperature range, and also contain special additives that are useful for engine operation: anti.Orally, detergents, cannibal, etc. D.

You can choose motor oil for your tasks depending on the model of the saw and the frequency of its use: the oil consumption during the operation of the device is low, and given the shelf life of semi.Synthetic and mineral lubricants, there is a risk of simply not having time to use even a liter bottle to the end.

So with small alleged volumes of work, you can not buy a voluminous canister, but limit yourself to a bottle. The expiration date does not have only mineral lubricants of STIHL.

Partner 350. Malfunctions and their elimination

Most of the owners of this model partner are faced with problems that can be considered typical of this tool configuration. To be able to eliminate them, you should understand the causes of breakdowns and study the most effective methods of repairing them.

Partner 350 will start and stalls. How to solve the problem?

Most often, the cause of this breakdown is a clogged air filter. Due to dust, garbage and insects, he is not able to skip the amount of air that partner 350 is necessary for the normal operation of the chainsaw 350. In this case, you will need to remove the filter and rinse it with clean gasoline. If this did not help, then the filtering element should be replaced completely.

Another common reason is a malfunction of the spark plug. For verification, you need to unscrew the part and inspect it. If there are small light spots on the candle, then the part is in good. However, if the ceramic walls of the candle are covered with a thick layer of soil and oil, then it must be cleaned. To do this, you need to heat the candle with a lighter, and carefully scrape the crust. If this did not help, then the candle will need to be replaced.

What to do if the chainsaw of the partner 350 is not started?

In this case, you need to carefully check the instrument ignition system. Most often, the saw is not started if the gap between the magneto and the ignition coil is broken. In this case, you will need to disassemble the saw and configure the distance between these details. If there is no probe at hand, then instead you can use a calendar or paper business card.

Also, a chainsaw partner 350 may not start due to clogging of the fuel filter. If a lot of garbage has accumulated in it, then it will not let the amount of fuel necessary for the motor. In this case, the filter will need to be replaced.

The chain on the chainsaw of the partner 350 is not lubricated. A malfunction

The main reason for this malfunction is the loss of tightness or a break of the hose through which the oil chain circulates the oil chain. In this case, you need to remove the upper and side shields of the chainsaw case, as well as inspect them for spots. To solve the problem, you need to replace a worn hose. When installing in the place of its mount to the pump, you need to apply a sealant.

If the cause of the breakdown lies not in the hose, then you need to inspect the oil pump. It can be clogged or broken. If it does not work out the part, then it is best to replace it with a new.

Flies a candle on a chainsaw partner 350. Elimination of a breakdown

Often, the candle on the chainsaw begins to fill up due to prolonged use of improperly prepared fuel mixture. If a large amount of oil is stirred in gasoline, this will cause a fuel pump malfunction. From it the oil will flow inside the body, including on the chainsaw candle.

Another common problem is a breakdown of the fuel pump. To check its work, you should remove the tool case and start the engine. Next, you need to press the gas trigger several times. If the oil flows out of the pump, then it is faulty.

Gasoline saw coofix

As a rule, the fuel pumps of the chainsaws are not amenable to repair. It is best to completely replace it. To extend the life of a new pump, in the future, to refuel a chainsaw, partner 350 needs to use only high.Quality fuel and engine oil.

What will happen if you fill in the surgery in the chainsaw

When the owner of the chainsaw for some time will use it, he may want to conduct some modification of the tool. And it’s good if his desires are limited to the purchase of various nozzles that expand the functionality of the chainsaw. But some go further. They begin to experiment with gasoline and butter on which their saw works.

If we have already talked about gasoline earlier (most modern saws require it with a high octane number-not lower than 92-95), then it is worth saying about the oil. Many motorists have a significant amount of machine oil used during the operation of the car. And therefore, some have a desire to use this material to refuel a chainsaw.

If this is done, then the engine will fail. The reason for this will be, first of all, the low lubricant of the re.Used oil. It will burn with a large release of black soot. The metal particles contained in the oil will first score the fuel filter (these are those particles that are larger), and then. The sealing rings of the cylinder will fail. The metal suspension in the oil will damage the surface of the cylinders themselves and bearings.

Some “rationalizers” try to use working out to lubricate the chain itself and the pads on which it is located. This will not lead to anything good. What exactly will happen. You can see in the attached video.

Third: Use quality oil

Use a two.Stroke oil recommended in the operating instructions or its full analogue. Two.Stroke ICE installed on garden equipment have air cooling and differ from boat and motorcycle engines by the temperature regime, yui with developing engine speeds. Therefore, two.Stroke oil for garden technology, chainsaws, benzos differs from oil for boat engines and motorcycles. It is also important to know that two.Stroke oils are often faked, so try to purchase oil only in dealerships. Two.Stroke oil in closed containers and under normal conditions can be stored for years, the exact shelf life is indicated on the packaging.

When buying equipment, you should study the instructions. In it the manufacturer can recommend the best way to make fuel mixture. For models with air cooling, the mixture is used 1:40. Equipment for which synthetic oil is used, fuel diluted in an amount of 1:50 is best suited. It is necessary to choose the right option in each case for a particular device.

Work is carried out in high.Quality and dense gloves photo: I.Ytimg.Com

After the ratio of oil and gasoline for the trimmer is determined, you can refuel the device.

It is better to pour liquids in the tank in the fresh air, and not in the garage photo: I.Ebayimg.Com

Recommendations for the preparation of the mixture and filling the gas tank:

Caution. Falsifier!

Small private companies from China and other Asian countries specialize in the production of motor oils, which are at a lower cost are sold in markets under the trademark of leading manufacturers.

  • Characteristics of fake products are an order of magnitude lower than branded originals. The constant use of the falsifier negatively affects the work of the chainsaw and the durability of its operation.
  • Only an experienced specialist can determine the status and quality of oil, so you can avoid possible risks by buying supplies in the network of company and licensed retail outlets.
  • The use of non-inforiate lubricants for service specialists is a legal basis for depriving the owner of a faulty saw of warranty repair and restoration obligations.

The ratio of the amount of oil and gasoline for the fuel mixture

In order for the two.Stroke gasopil engine to work in the optimal mode for it, oil with gasoline must be mixed in certain proportions. They are usually indicated in the instructions for the tool, as well as on packages with grease. Consider briefly what will happen if the recommended ratios are not observed, or violate them by mistake (ignorance).

If there are too few oils to gasoline, its concentration is not enough for an effective lubrication of rubbing parts. The engine will make ringing sounds, heat up excessively, and will quickly fail. A lot of oil is also bad, since surpluses will not be able to fully burn. This will lead to the formation of a soil on the walls of the cylinder and piston, pollution of the spark plug, exhaust system. Also, power will fall, fuel consumption will increase, and during operation an excessive smoke of the exhaust will be observed.

To avoid these problems, gasoline oil must be mixed in proportions recommended by the manufacturer. They are indicated in the form of ratios. 1:50, 1:40, 1:25 and so on. Any of these proportions indicates how much oil should be poured on the volume of fuel. For example, to prepare a mixture for a ratio of 1:25, 1 liter of oil per 25 liters of gasoline will be needed.

It is important not to confuse! Quite often these proportions are perceived by users on the contrary. For example, 1:50 is understood as 1 liter of gasoline 50 milliliters of oil. This is a gross error that will lead to an increased concentration of oil in the combustible. In fact, with this ratio of 1 liter of oil, only 20 milliliters of oil are needed.

How not to get confused in proportions? After all, few people need to prepare 50, or even 25 liters of fuel mixture for a chainsaw. Over, it is impossible to store gas mixed with oil for a long time. Usually cook as much as it takes for a day or two. And taking into account the small consumption of the chainsaw is 1-5 liters.

There are three ways to properly dilute gasoline for a chainsaw in small volumes:

  • Divide 1000 into a second digit in the proportion. For example, you need to prepare a mixture in a ratio of 1:40. Divide 1000 by 40, get 25. So many milliliters of oil pour 1 liter of gasoline.
  • Solve the proportion, like at school. To do this, we divide the required volume of gasoline in liters into a second digit in the proportion. As a result, we get the desired volume of oil in liters. We transfer liters into milliliters for convenience. Suppose you need 3 liters of the mixture in a ratio of 1:50. Solve: 3/50 = 0.06 liters. To turn liters into milliliters, we transfer the comma to three signs to the right, and we get 60 milliliters.
  • Look in the table. This is the easiest, fast and visual way, if the proportions are standard. The remaining two methods are needed in order to understand why, with a proportion of 1:50, you need to pour 20 milliliters of oil per liter of gasoline, not 50.

Now briefly about why different manufacturers have proportions and do not have any single standard. There are at least three reasons for this. Firstly, different characteristics of oils and gasoline. Secondly, the quality of the assembly of engines (technology, materials) is also different. Thirdly, the operating mode of the tool. For example, it is recommended to add 20% more oil to run the chainsaws of some manufacturers to the mixture.

Which oil for the chain?

The oil lubrication oil recommends the manufacturer and indicates it in the tool passport. These are usually branded products with high quality. While the chainsaw is new, it is necessary to use it. Otherwise, when a tool breakdown, it is removed from the guarantee and repair is carried out at the expense of the user. Subsequently, the oil is replaced with cheaper, but it must meet the following requirements:

  • Protect the chain from corrosion;
  • Increase resistance to wear, reducing friction;
  • Do not form a carbon fiber;
  • Save the ability to work with a tool in a large temperature range.

For prolonged operation of the chainsaws in the serviceability of oil for a chain, it is better not to save.