Alteration of potato -cuttings for a walk -behind tractor dimensions. Necessary tools and materials potato.cuttings. equipment, materials, manufacturing procedure

Quick harvesting is important not only for farmers, but also for the owners of personal plots. Duck potatoes in one or two days is especially relevant in a cold, rainy autumn, when it is difficult to choose a fine day for entering the fields. A potato.cutter will help to accelerate the work, you can make a simple and effective unit with your own hands, which is not inferior to factory analogues in productivity.

Potato.breehing is used on loose and medium compacted soils. Aggregates for digging potatoes differ:

Berta Flail Mower for Walk-Behind Tractor.- Setup, Features & Basic Maintenance

  • sizes;
  • design features;
  • width of the working strip;
  • requirements for cleaning the field of weeds;
  • methods of cleaning tubers from the ground.

With their own hands, masters make potato.cutting a few types. The most popular are fan and roar units. experienced craftsmen make conveyor and drum diggers for potatoes.

Potato rows in the fields processed using tractors and motor blocks should be even. There are enough space between the rows for the movement of the wheels of agricultural vehicles.

Fan.block fan

Fan potato.coat has several names. It is also called lancet drooping and paw. Manufacturers of agricultural machinery call this “dolphin” model due to the characteristic shape of the plow (Lemeha). The unit is simple in design and well removes tubers from the ground.

  • The digger is attached to the walk.behind tractor.
  • The prayer praise with a sharp end loosening the earth.
  • Potatoes are extracted from the ground, falls on the inclined surface of the lime and moves on metal rods.
  • The earth is separated from the tubers and is spilled on the arable land through the rods.
  • Potatoes, moving up the raised rods, falls to the ground, where it can be collected.

Doking with a fan digger allows the presence of a rare and low weed on the field. The potato top before cleaning the crop is mowed.

We make a fan.option with our own hands

For work, you will need an angular grinder, a welding machine, a drill and metal drill, bolts. Materials will also be needed:

  • sheet steel 3-4 mm thick for the manufacture of a knife (Lemeha);
  • Bolts with a diameter of 10-12 or more mm;
  • a steel profile of a rectangular cross section or a thick steel sheet for the manufacture of a holder and a bracket rack.
  • Round steel rod or reinforcement (not corrugated) with a diameter of 8-10 mm.

In addition, you will need a measured tape, a pencil for drawing for metal. The order of work on the manufacture of fan potato.rolling:

  • In the middle part of the lime, two holes are drilled for fastening to the rack.
  • Pieces of steel rods are welded to the expanded part of the knife (left and right and right) (so that they diverge up and to the sides by the “fan”). Prut lengths-47-50 cm. Sometimes rods bend in the form of a march step.
  • Bolts are attached to the plots of the rack-holder. The height of the rack depends on the design of the walk.behind tractor. The holder rack can be welded directly to the plow without using bolts.
  • A bracket with pre.drilled holes (for connecting potato.cutting with a walk.behind tractor) is welded to the top of the rack.
  • For the strength of the structure, the lower part of the lime directed to the ground is enhanced by a welded strip of metal.

The advantage of fan potato.cutting over other units is its reliability. This unit can be used for more than one year. There are no rotating parts in it that, with heavy loads, become unusable. Sigging potatoes is carried out quickly and efficiently.

The deficiencies of the unit include a small width of the dashed strip (20-25 cm), which is why the harvesting reaches 20 %. The knife of fan potato-cutting damages part of the tubers, which is why they become unsuitable for long-term storage and sale.

Basic information about potato.cap

Potato.captacco is a mandatory tool for harvesting potatoes.

Potato.captacco is a hinged mechanism that is attached to the walk.behind tractor. The main purpose is the separation of potato tubers from the ground and laying them out on the soil surface.

There are several types of this equipment. However, the principle of operation is one for all. diving teeth or rods into the soil and extracting potatoes from there.

The principle of work and popular types of potato.switches

According to the principle of operation, all potato.caps are divided into 2 types:

Passive nozzle is also called “verane”. Advantages of passive potato.coats:

  • low efficiency;
  • weak teeth. they cannot break through the too dense, firm soil layer;
  • It is necessary to collect dug potatoes manually.

Passive-type nozzles are models of qualifications 1-3. They are distinguished by the thickness and shape of the elements.

Active nozzle cleanses potatoes from the ground better and has great performance in work. It is divided into 2 types, depending on the design for sifting the soil:

In this video, you will learn how to choose a potato.cutter:

The simplest potato.cutter for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands

Even the simplest digger made with your own hands will facilitate the work when harvesting potatoes with a walk.behind engineer. The advantages of the home.made are obvious:

  • No significant financial investments are required;
  • In the manufacture of a farmer, it will take into account the characteristics of the soil of its own site and the walk.behind tractor itself, to which the equipment will be attached;
  • For maintenance and repair, the services of a professional workshop will not be required.

Root potato.cutter of a passive type. the simplest hinged mechanism, is made according to the type of bayonet shovel from the curved sheet of iron and rods welded by the fan, to eliminate the earth.

Such a modernized digging does not require the development of a detailed drawing and will cope with the collection of root crops on the site with light soil. Even a novice home master can make it.

Materials and solutions for insole

Root (fan) homemade potato.cuttling to the walk.behind tractor is made according to drawings. The basis of such digging is a frame, the details of which are carefully calculated and welded. All measurements and parameters of each part of the suspended part, wheels and soils, rods are added to the drawing. A master who has experience working with power tools and complex equipment, this will be possible. For the manufacture of parts you will need:

Experts recommend using:

  • Steel sheets are no thinner than 7 mm. Plates are needed for the manufacture of a leemach. Often for these purposes they take a spent canvas of the circular saw.
  • Channel. square section Profile pipe for racks.
  • Corners 63×40 mm for frame.
  • For rods of the pitched board, reinforcement is not thicker than 10 mm. Steel stripes are suitable.
  • The vibrator drive is made from the pipe and eccentric. The pulley works on belt transmission.

Drawings and sizes of fan potato.cutter for a walk.behind tractor

The design of fan potato.cutting is a plow with tips from metal rods. The device has this type in order to not only dig and sift tubers in the process, but also loosen the ground.

Homemade potato.cutter for a motor lock of the type is made according to the drawing, which indicates the proportions of the device. Its size varies depending on the desired area of ​​the site processed in one approach.

Another important parameter in the manufacture of potato.rolling is the depth of soil processing

In order to independently make a potato.cutter, you need an angular grinder, a welding machine and a drill. You should also stock up in advance with the following materials:

Important! When choosing steel for potato.tanking, it is better to give preference to sheets with a thickness of 3 mm. This condition must be observed so that the device serves as long as possible.

There are no rotary and rotational mechanisms in the design of potato.rowing, the device can serve for many years

The disadvantages of potato.switches for motoblocks include a rather high loss of root crops. Due to sharp teeth of the device, the crop may be damaged. According to total estimates, about 20% of all collected fruits can be spoiled by the unit.

How to make a fan potato.cutter for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands

The algorithm for the manufacture of a potato.river of the type consists of the following points:

  • Cut the reinforcement into several equal rods. The length of each of them should be 47-50 cm.
  • In the middle of the segment of sheet steel (Lemeha), using a drill, make two holes. They will be needed for the subsequent attachment of the structure to the rack.
  • To weld segments of reinforcement to the extended part of the knife. Their location should diverge to the end, t. e. Create the figure of a fan.
  • To a lemch using bolts attach a rectangular profile. He will act as a rack.
  • In the upper part of the profile, weld the bracket. In it, it is necessary to drill several holes in advance, which will be needed when attaching the structure to the walk.behind tractor.

Also, the masters who post a video about the fan potato.packing for a walk.behind tractor made by yourself, it is recommended to strengthen the plunder using an additional layer of metal. To do this, a strip of steel is welded to its lower part. This action will increase the service life of the device.

How to make a conveyor potato.cutter for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands

Conveyor potato.cutting can also often be called a strip. This is due to the design features of the device. A tape potato.cutter for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands is made according to the following plan:

Drum potato.cuttings consists of three main parts: frames with wheels, knife and drum. The last element is connected by means of a circuit, gearbox and gears with a motor block or a mini.vector shaft, due to which its movement occurs.

To make a drum.type potato.cutter, you need:

How to install and connect a potato.cutter on a single tractor

After acquiring the device, difficulties can cause installation of potato.cutting on a single tractor. In order to successfully connect the structure to the unit, you need:

This method is applicable not only for purchased devices, but also for installing a simple potato.cutter with a gearbox for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands.

How to hook potato.cutter to the CAIMAN motornote

Installing a device from Caiman on a single tractor often raises questions. In some cases, the masters even resort to remaking potato.cutter for a walk.behind tractor so that the coupling is simpler. To install the digging on the CAIMAN unit, you need to perform the following actions:

Important! In the process of installation, it is important to take into account the length of the parts of the cardan. It must be installed taking into account a clearance of 5-10 mm long regarding the location of the cardan.

Conveyor digging for heavy traction devices

A heavy.class agricultural machinery also requires appropriate attachment equipment, because work is carried out in large areas. This means that labor should be as mechanized as possible. So, the conveyor digging is the most difficult potato.capable in design, which has the largest number of rotating elements.

The crop collected by such an unit is almost ready for laying in storage facilities (tubers are whole and clean). High performance is ensured by the fact that the attachments for tractors include two.row processing, and not in the 1st row, which is ensured by working with the walk.behind tractor.

It is extremely difficult to make such a universal conveyor yourself. Factory models are expensive, but large agricultural enterprises can purchase ready.made designs. For example, for high-quality and fast harvesting using a mini-tractor, hinged two-row potato-rowing DTZ-2V or DK-2T are designed.

Drawings, schemes, sizes of potato-cuttles for Neva walk-in, mole, cascade, MTZ-09N, salute, agate

The most popular among farmers and owners of land plots is the same.based tractor “Neva”. It has a design convenient for use and powerful technical characteristics. The most suitable home.made potato.packing for the Neva walk.behind engineer is a roof type device.

Due to the specifics of its work, a roof potato-cutter for the Neva walk-behind tractor received the second name-vibration

A universal option for all types of motoblocks. Poltava Model potato.cutter. The parameters of such a device are 950 × 790 × 800 mm, the depth of processing is 25 cm. These characteristics allow the use of the unit in any conditions, regardless of the soil and the type of crops. “Poltava” is valued for high performance with relatively small dimensions.

“Poltava” is popular with the owners of the Mole and Agat

potato, cuttings, walk, tractor, dimensions, necessary

Motoblocks “Salute” and “MTZ-09N” are similar in their structure, therefore, in the manufacture of potato-coats for this technique, identical drawings are often used. Dropping for these devices have the same mounting system, which allows you to use the same unit for both models.

“Salute” and “MTZ-09N” have an original design, because the drawing of potato-cutter for these devices is characterized by features

Vibration potato-cutter is also recommended for the Cascade motornote, however, due to more massive wheels, the harvesting device may have parameters that are different from such equipment.

Often, in the manufacture of vibration digging for the cascade motornote, the changes are made to the location

The principle of operation of a tiny potato.cutter and how the roar works

A roofing chatelecopter operates by transmitting the movement of the shovel from the walk.behind tractor or internal combustion engine through the drive (extension cord or chain gear). For digging potatoes, use a plunder that is installed horizontally. It is cut into the soil and lifts tubers mixed with soil.

This “mass” enters the horizontal lattice, which constantly vibrates. Thanks to this, the soil shakes down down, and the tubers slowly move back and, having reached the edges of the surface, fall to the ground (to the harin or to the side).

As a rule, in home.made devices it is impossible to adjust the depth of immersion or vibration power. However, if desired, these functions can be provided, and then change the parameters during operation.

Attention! Rolarly potato.cuttings are used to dig light and medium.sized soil density (hardness indicator of not more than 20 kg/cm2). The tool can quickly fail due to digging clay, rocky soil.

Drawings, schemes and sizes of a roar potato.cutter for the Neva walk.behind tractor. Farmer, MTZ, mini.vector

There are several options for the drawings of a roar potato.cutter. for example, for a heavy walk.behind tractor, a mini.vector and others. The most common schemes:

For the manufacture of a roar potato packing, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Square metal pipe 40 × 40 mm;
  • 2 metal sheets with a thickness of 0.3 mm and 0.4 mm;
  • rod with a diameter of 10 mm;
  • wire 8 mm;
  • metal corner;
  • spanners;
  • bolts;
  • sledgehammer;
  • Sander;
  • welding machine;
  • Drill or engraver.

You can take one of the above drawings on the basis. instructions for the manufacture of a simple home.made roof potato.cutter is this:

  • At the first stage, the frame is made. To do this, cut a square metal pipe. As a result, three segments are obtained. one 120 cm long, and the other two. 80 cm each.
  • Installation of jumpers on the basis of a frame (quarter length). On the other hand, 2 elements are fixed, on which the wheels will then install. They consist of two metal tubes (each in length 15 cm, with a diameter of 3 cm).
  • Installation of vertical racks. For this, 2 squares are attached from the side of the jumpers with dimensions of 33 cm (5 cm retreat from the edge of the frame). Then you need to install racks 4 cm long (at a distance of 20 cm). Then another 40 cm retreat and fix the racks 30 cm long each. Between themselves, they are connected by a narrow strip with a diameter of 0.4 mm.
  • Now you need to make a ral. To do this, take a metal sheet of small thickness (0.3 mm) with parameters 4040 cm. In the lower part of the racks, two holes are made for fastening. Mount on racks. Fix the same workpiece on the back. Then take a sheet with a thickness of 0.4 mm (also square, 7070 cm) and welded close to the first element. After that they give it a conical shape, breaking the surface with a sledgehammer.
  • At the final stage, a lattice is designed. Take a metal rod with a diameter of 1 cm, attach to the lower part of the radio. The second end is removed beyond the perimeter of the Neva motornote frame or other model. Then the traction and wheels are installed.
  • To assemble potato.cuttings, it is necessary to connect it to the hitch of the walk.behind engineer. At the same time, the shaft itself is introduced into the hitch with a slotted shank. Shkvoren is placed in the hitch hole and fixed with a cotter. Then, the reliability of the clutch is checked again and tested.

Visual instructions for the manufacture of roof potato.cuttings with your own hands can be found in the video.

Cleaning with potato.rowing

  • The plow is stuck into the soil.
  • Include the device, monitor the knife movements (it should work synchronously with a roar).
  • Cut the soil layer and throw it in such a way that the tubers fall to the surface of the carrier.
  • Then the excess earth leaves due to constant vibration, and the root crops slowly roll into the back or lean back parallel to the harrows.

The homemade mechanism should consist of several main elements

Any homemade option has the main set of elements that will be required in the manufacture. List:

  • A channel made of metal, preferably stainless type, with a thickness of about 1 cm;
  • metal.type corners of 3 and 4 cm along the cross section;
  • Reinforcement made of steel with a diametric section of 1 cm;
  • sheet metal at 0.5 cm;
  • set of nuts and bolts.
potato, cuttings, walk, tractor, dimensions, necessary

Additionally, tools are always needed, including standard ones, for example, a wrench for the size of bolts and nuts.

A roulette and a corner grinder are also needed. A welding machine of any type is often used. It can be both gas.elected vehicles and a portable electric welding apparatus. To create mounts and holes, you will need not only a drill, but also a set of drills suitable in size.

All materials must be prepared before the start of work. The list is compiled on the basis of the created project, that is, if the drawing is compiled according to the individual plan, then the set of materials will also be specific.

The specified standard set of materials will be needed for the standard creation of the device.

Important! Duck potatoes with a walk.behind engine can only be carried out after a full assembly of the device and fit all parts. It will also require a preliminary launch and check of the work process in the required conditions.

Assembly process

The assembly process is regulated by the basic rules, as well as the features of the device. Each type of mechanism has its own order and assembly conditions. With the exception of standard rules, several conditions are required:

  • The combination of the elements of the mechanism is based on the existing platform orit;
  • The supporting element of the device is originally installed;
  • The adjustment of the parts is in accordance with the parameters indicated in the drawing or diagram;
  • The assembly process is laid out into stages, depending on the complexity of the design;
  • The last step is to fit a device for equipment and a test launch.

The last stage in the assembly is the most important, as it allows you to eliminate the shortcomings before the start of the main workflow.

The most difficult option is to create a home.made roar (vibrational). Independent assembly process:

  • The first stage is considered the moment of creating a frame;
  • The frame is built of 4 corners: 2. 0.8 m, 2. 1.2 m each;
  • Several jumpers are fixed to the resulting rectangle, through which equipment is controlled by vertical thrust;
  • the shaft for the wheel system is attached;
  • several racks and a metal sheet on them are installed;
  • After that, a lattice base is created;
  • The last step is the installation of wheels and adjusting rods.

The potato.tank for a single tractor is considered ready after checking the work, and not after fixing the entire structure.

With small errors in the calculations, the design may have defects or incorrectly carry out the process of assembling tubers. If you do not follow the set calculations and parameters of the scheme, then installing the mechanism on the equipment itself will become problematic. It is necessary in the process of manufacturing constantly reconciliation in size with the necessary dimensions.

Most home.made options have a simpler collection scheme than the presented type. For example, a fan type, that is, an ordinary lancet potato tape for a single tractor, is just going. On the basis, including from corners and several mounts, a knife is installed, which is surrounded by rows of metal pins. The main point is the correct location of the rods, as this will affect the effectiveness of the assembly.

“Как сажал, как страдал” посадка картофеля с помощью КС01-01 и окучника. МТЗ Weima WM188F 13л/с.

It is worth considering that an independent creation of a mechanism can be made on the basis of individual preferences. For example, a conveyor is often used, which allows you to collect root crops in a certain place.

Many types of homemade potato.coatings are universal and differ from conveyor models only by parameters and dimensions.

Assembly of root crops using a walk.behind tractor and devices installed on it is preferable to a manual method. Potato.cutter can be purchased both for a certain model of equipment and designed on your own. Each type of mechanism has its own characteristics and difficulties in manufacturing.

crop, section, tractor, devices, steel, side, pipes, length, work, distance, large, gearbox, heavy, ranga, diameter, tape, plow, stripes, time, surface, then, shaft, movement, edges, together,, together use, end, advantages, supporting, quickly, areas, is, labor, work, its, width, sledgehammer, base, quarter, weld, friend, shovels, pieces, brackets, easily, mini, agricultural machinery, square

Production of conveyor

The conveyor digging for a walk.behind tractor is also difficult to make with your own hands, like vibrational, requires a lot of time and materials. But, the result is worth it, it is much more productive than the usual fan.

In terms of dimensions, it is similar to a roar, according to the principle of operation, it differs in that the potatoes are cleaned, rotating and moving on the conveyor tape, while in a roar everything happens only due to vibration.

To make high.quality conveyor.type potato.cutter, we suggest watching an interesting video manual for manufacturing. Everything is laid out in steps with sizes, drawings and the necessary distances. With it, you can collect a good digger.

For the manufacture of the frame of potato.cutting, how to use in the video:

  • Metal profile of different sizes: 15×15, 30×30, 40×40 mm 2 mm thick.,
  • Metal plates 3-5 mm thick.,
  • Studs,
  • bearings 203,
  • asterisk for 7 teeth,
  • Round hire with a diameter of 8 mm,
  • and t.D.

Drawings with dimensions

In the photo below the drawing of the classic conveyor digging. Pay attention to the rollers, they are oval, using such a technological solution, an effective cleansing of potatoes from the soil occurs and upwards.

How to join

Each potato-cutting is connected in its own way, the fan is easier (only a hitch is needed), the vibrational is more difficult, In addition to the coupling, it requires connection to the power selection shaft. Each instruction describes the right constructive solution. The only thing to consider is the brand and model of the walk.behind tractor, to which a hinged potato.cutter will be connected, Despite the standard, there are different fastening options.

For work in the country or at home, it is best to make a potato.cutter for a vein.type walkway, It is easy to manufacture, suitable for almost all of the equipment and at the same time significantly facilitates the process of digging potatoes in comparison with manual.