Battery drill screwdriver which one to choose. Advantages and disadvantages

Choosing a drill-shuruvret on the advice of experts

If you read this article, it means that you started to make a house repair or only start this process and think which battery screwdriver is better to buy, so that you do not regret it later. Choosing it is not so simple, since manufacturers offer hundreds of different options with many functions, different characteristics, weight, voltage, shape, type of cartridges and bit This list can be continued for a long time, since a similar tool is made to solve each individual problem.

Expensive. Does not mean good. If you need a reliable screwdriver for home and cottage, and you are just going to buy the most expensive tool with the hope that it will be better than others. You are deeply mistaken. Often overpayment occurs for additional functions that only a professional needs, and an ordinary user will not even notice. For example, why overpay 2500 rubles for impulse delaying or a couple of hundred for an excessive torque mode? Now we will tell you what is really important for a beginner builder, and which is better a screwdriver for work at home or in the country!

Squads which company to buy

In almost any house, sometimes you need to hang a picture, fix the bracket for the TV, install fasteners for the kitchen set and perform other similar tasks. In all these cases, the user needs a screwdriver. However, spend a lot of money on the purchase of a device, which will be used only a few times, I don’t want too much. Ask the neighbor? It is not always possible, and a breakdown of someone else’s technique will not add joy. It is better to have your own screwdriver at home. And since it will not be used often, limit yourself to the acquisition of an inexpensive model. Such a device will not cope with high loads, but in everyday life will remain a faithful assistant for many years.

One. Caliber DE-550shm

Let’s start a review of the screwdrivers with the cheapest model in the list-DE-550shm from brand caliber. This is a simple network device with a torque up to 14.5 Nm and idle speed within 750 per minute. The device offers only one speed at a power of 550 watts. The permissible diameters of the holes when drilling metal and wood for DE-550SHM are declared at 10 and 20 mm, respectively. In addition to standard opportunities, including electronic control of the speed of rotation and reverse, in a screwdriver at an affordable price from the caliber, no additional functions are provided.

  • Low cost;
  • The possibility of quick change of equipment;
  • Low weight;
  • Good torque;
  • Quality work;
  • Good ergonomics.

Rokodil Twist 2 Pro

We will continue the review of inexpensive, but at the same time quite powerful model from Rokodil. The battery screwdriver is supplied in a company case with a set of bit and drill. A capacious battery of 2 a/h with a capacity of 18 volts will provide high performance for a long period of time without additional recharging, and 48 nm of torque is enough to perform most installation works.

In addition to standard capabilities, the device is equipped with backlight, fixing the power button, engine brake and spindle locking. It is also worth noting the excellent quality assembly quality and components, as evidenced by the warranty from the manufacturer for a period of 5 years.

  • Convenience and reliability in work;
  • Power;
  • Wide equipment;
  • Low weight;
  • Decent functionality;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Long warranty (5 years).

Zubrov ZSSh-300-2

Compact drill-shuruvret with good functionality and attractive price tag. In the ZSSh-300-2 from the company bison there is everything you need for domestic use. The cartridge of this network screwdriver is adjustable in diameter from 0.8 mm up to 1 cm. The maximum turnover and torque in this model are 1400 rpm and 35 nm, respectively.

Among the additional modes there is a drilling. The power button in the ZSSh-300-2 is blocked to prevent random pressing. There are 23 steps of adjusting the torque in the screwdriver, so it is suitable for different tasks. The bison feeds from the network, and the length of its cable is very impressive 5 meters.

  • High.Quality and long cable;
  • Good torque;
  • Reasoned price tag;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Two rotation speeds;
  • Simplicity of replacing brushes;
  • Excellent assembly.

Blackdecker BDCDC18K

We continue one of the best screws on user reviews. Black Decker BDCDC18K. For the convenience of operation, the device is equipped with a dot lighting lamp, as well as a nest for bits. The device is equipped with one company battery for 1.5 Ah and 18 volts. Also in the company case there is a charger and documentation.

It takes 3 hours to a full charge of the battery, which is not too fast. It should be taken into account that this screwdriver is not suitable for long and active work. Of other features, you can note the drilling mode with a maximum diameter of 25 mm for wood and 1 cm for metal. Twisting BDCDC18K. 30 Nm.

  • Great quality;
  • Reliable battery;
  • Good torque;
  • High.Quality reverse;
  • Withstands significant loads;
  • Diameter of wood drilling;
  • Quick.Packed nest for fixing bit;
  • The backlight of the working area.

Functionality and batteries

The correct choice of the battery is already half the success. The main tasks of the battery is the accumulation of the charge and holding it. Constant chemical reactions that occur in batteries contribute to the transformation of energy into electrical, launching mechanisms of the screwdriver.

  • Nickel-cadmium-old, not the most perfect, but inexpensive. Pluses. A large number of discharge and charging cycles, normal operation at different temperatures. Cons. The effect of memory and impressive mass. The production is toxic.
  • Nickel-metallogidride-the first elements of a new type appeared in the 70s of the last century. They became a breakthrough, weighed noticeably fewer nickel-cadmiums. The memory effect is minimal, the production is quite safe. Cons. Poor work at negative temperatures of the medium, few charging cycles and discharge.
  • Lithium-Ion-a new generation launched into production by Sonya. Elements normally hold the charge. There is no memory effect, so charging is possible without restrictions.

Type of battery, capacity, type of fastening

The normal functioning of screwdrivers largely depends on the power. Professional models have good indicators. Household devices are more light, compact, power usually does not exceed 18 volts.

Reverse allows you to turn the mount. If it is not, the tool is actually incomplete.

  • Threaded. There should be a thread inside the cartridge, on a working shaft. Twisting occurs by analogy with a nut.
  • Morse cone. Surfaces are mating in the form of a shaft and holes. Cones is determined taking into account the sizes. The fastening is simple.
  • Fixing screw. Additional fasteners, helps to fix the part in the right position.

The diameter of the cartridge and the size of the square

Before buying a screwdriver, determine the optimal diameter of the cartridge. The general principle is this: the larger the drill, the higher there should be the power of the tool and the larger requirements for the size of the cartridges.


The weight of the tool is also important. The battery device with equal power is always heavy than the network. The mass of the screwdriver also depends on its power. The light device will not be as productive as heavy. The reason for the problems is in engine design. If you plan to use a drill to drill large holes, take a powerful, massive tool. For regular screwing screws, it is inconvenient, pulls his hand.

Network and battery models

Each case needs its own model. To perform work professionally, the budget device is not suitable. It will quickly fail. The possibilities of the simplest device are enough for home use. Make the choice taking into account the goals of application.

Bruste or best

Brighting device is best suited for working with a battery type tool. The engine in such models is effective, easy. Close engines are cheaper. The operation of the device is simple, but more time will take to replace the brush.

Types of diets for the type of power

Depending on the power source, the drill can be divided into two types:

  • Network drills They work from the electric network, differ in high power and ease of maintenance. You just need to find a socket and not take care of the battery charge. Binding to a socket is the main disadvantage of such devices, since during work on the street or with a frequent shutdown of electricity, problems may arise;
  • Battery drill allows you to carry out work where there is no electricity at all or access to the network is difficult. Plus everything, the absence of wires provides freedom of action. The reverse side of the coin is low maximum capacities and the need to constantly control the battery charge, as well as sometimes buy a new. The life of the batteries is 0.5-2 years, it will be necessary to buy strictly defined batteries.

When choosing a battery drill, pay attention to Type battery. Lithium-ion Li-Ion. The most popular and most preferred, it weighs relatively slightly and is distinguished by durability in work. Nickel-cadmium nicd allows you to work normally in frost, but has a pronounced memory effect. Suppose you have 15% of the charge left and you decided to put the battery to recharge, the next time the drill can refuse to work exactly when the charge level is 15%. This, of course, has a negative impact on durability, and in the work interferes. Nickel-magnesium nimg The battery has no such pronounced memory effect and weighs less.

The larger the battery capacity, the longer it will be possible to work with a drill without recharging. Capacious batteries put, as a rule, in professional drills. The duration of recharging is also different: if in household models it can reach 7 hours, then in professional there are much less. About 1 hour.


If you need Drill-shuruvret for repair in the apartment and infrequent part-time jobs, Take an inexpensive network model up to 3000. 4000 rubles. To assemble furniture, you will need a network device with a control of torque, so that you can configure at different wood density.

If you need Frequent work device, Then it is definitely worth taking a battery with a lithium battery (look at offers, where 2. 3 batteries come in the kit). For hard work, take with a shock mode and a safety coupling. From experience, let’s say that it is better to spend a little, but immediately take a good model that will last a long time than to constantly repair the cheap “noun”.


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Top 5 Best Electric screwdrivers 2020

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Video Description

The video shows how to choose a fast.Removable cartridge for a screwdriver:

What other additional functions will help choose a battery screwdriver:

  • If the shock function is present, then this is a big plus. It is clear that you can’t drill concrete walls with a screwdriver, but it can handle it with a brick or gas silicate without problems.
  • Removable side handle. The same plus when drilling. It emphasizes the effort.
  • Impulse work will make it possible to cope with rusted threaded joints. In electrical gaykortes, this function is present by default.
  • Built.In backlight located under the cartridge or at the bottom of the handle. The latter option is preferable, because, as practice has shown, some cartridges block the LED beam.
  • The mass of the product. The smaller it is, the more convenient it will be to work, especially at the height.
  • Contents of delivery. The more additional elements, the better. For example, a flashlight, a charger, an additional battery, covers or belts into which the tool is inserted during operation. Add a set of bit and drills, adapter, cartridge, eccentric. The latter is used when it is necessary to convey the rotation to the working tool with a displacement relative to the spindle axis.

Let’s make a reservation, the wider the equipment, the more expensive the tool.

What is stress?

The voltage shows the amount of energy that the battery produces in perfect conditions. In other words, this is the maximum energy potential of the battery, which is the basis for the production of electric current. Batteries with higher voltage work with more powerful battery tools and provide the energy necessary for the efficient operation of a high torque. Understanding how the difference in battery voltage affects the performance of the battery tool will help you choose the right model.

Best 1/2″ Cordless Hammer Drill. Head-to-Head

Drinks with higher voltage work more efficiently in difficult conditions, and, as a rule, they are a little more expensive. The simpler the work, the less energy is needed. That is why many masters prefer to use 20 volt models instead of younger brothers 12 V to perform complex tasks: a higher voltage creates a greater torque. It would seem that everything is clear. The more, the better. But in practice, many work on the repair of the house does not require the same amount of energy as large-scale construction projects, and therefore you simply will not need a 20-volt model. High voltage is equal to a large torque, but also an increased weight, which is far from appropriate everywhere. At home, it is most convenient to use compact and light tools for 12 and 14 volts.

Th place-vortex Da-18l-2K: characteristics and price

The model of the vortex Da-18L-2K boasts with a tempting value, good power and configuration. Honored Fourth place of our rating.

Type of tool Drill-shuruvret
Type of cartridge Quickly joke
Number of speed speeds 2
Nutrition AKB
Max. Idle speed 1350 rpm
Maximum torque 33 N m
Capacity of the battery 2 ah
Battery voltage 18th century
The weight 2.1 kg
Price 4 390 ₽


TOP-12 rating of batteries-scores: overview and characteristics of the best models of 2022

Battery drills are indispensable in home life when performing construction and installation works and at large industrial facilities. With their help, you can not only drill wooden/metal surfaces, but also carry out fasteners. What characteristics should you pay attention to when choosing a tool? Which model is better. Professional or ordinary (inexpensive)? As well as a rating of the best drummer dunce.

Driles with battery food are relevant during small repair of the house/at the cottage or construction and final work at industrial facilities.

Thanks to the 2-V-1 function, The tool allows not only to fix the screws and assemble drywall structures, but also drill the holes of the desired diameter in various surfaces, in the wall and t. D.

This rating presents the best models of battery-free batteries in terms of price/quality ratio, including professional purposes.

The selection is compiled on the basis of numerous consumer reviews and expert opinions.

How the battery drill is working?

Every time you click on a speed control trigger, click the circuit, allowing the current to flow through the power tool. When pressing the trigger, electricity begins to move from the battery to the motor, where it is converted into mechanical energy and ensures the rotation of the cartridge. The engine power makes the cartridge rotate, allowing the drill to drill holes and tighten the screws (using the required drill or screwdriver). A special switch allows you to choose the speed of work.

Against the background of a wireless screwdriver, these tools are equipped with more powerful batteries and boast of a large torque at higher speeds. For comparison: the battery has a torque of 10 HM, while the drill-shuruvret-50hm. What it gives? This unit easily screws larger screws into more durable materials (solid wood, plastics, etc. D.).

Adjust the value of the torque for effective screwing bolts. When using this function, you can tighten the screws to the desired depth without damage to the bolt head or work surface. Without this option, it is easy to squeeze the screws with further damage to fasteners and material.

Cartridge. Part of the unit to which a drill or screwdriver is attached. These power tools are equipped with cartridges with three sponge, which open and close to receive bit. The advantage of such a system is the ability to hold bats with a straight or hexagonal tail. For reference: most screwdrivers have a hexagonal tail, and the drill is straight. Without such a cartridge, you will have to buy a drill with a hexagonal shank or change most accessories for drilling in your tool box.

Advantages of batteries-scores

When choosing a battery model, you need to pay attention to three indicators. This is the degree of clamping, voltage and battery capacity. The higher these indicators, the more expensive the tool will be, but it will also be better to cope with the task.

Cheap models differ in that charging the battery takes from 3 to 5 hours, and for expensive ones. Less than an hour.

TOP-4 best inexpensive batteries

Below are the best inexpensive models of screwdrivers.

Rokodil Twist

The Rokodil Twist battery screwdriver is used for any type of installation work and is one of the best options for the price/quality ratio at a given momentt.

For comfortable work, the model is equipped with a fast.Packed type of cartridge, backlighting the working area, reverse, revolutions, engine brake, battery charge indicator.

Against the background of the remaining devices, Rokodil Twist is distinguished by an expanded guarantee of 5 years from manufacturer, which clearly indicates a good quality of a screwdriver.

battery, drill, screwdriver, which

The model is perfect for long.Term work due to the availability of additional the battery in the kit and small weight, and the maximum torque of 36 Nm will allow you to cope with the hardest wood, metal and other materials.

  • Convenience and reliability in work.
  • Functional.
  • High power.
  • Light weight.
  • Low cost.
  • The presence of additional. Battery and case.

Kolner KCD 18/2l

Kolner KCD 18/2l screwdriver. Pistol type of light electric tool for screwing and drilling.

The model works for the battery, which makes it possible to use it in different places. Using a double.Sided gearbox, you can choose optimal speeds, which allows you to work with different types of materials.

Due to the rapidly packed cartridge, an operational replacement of the drill or bit is carried out.

The presence of an automatic brake simplifies control during serial twist or work, which requires accuracy and clarity.

The torque is also regulated, which allows you to use different fasteners.

The screwdriver is equipped with a backlighting in the working area, a clip for mounting on a waist belt and a rubberized handle, which increases the level of comfortable use.

Makita DF033DZ

Small screw.Sizes Makita DF033DZ have a pistol structure and Battery power.

It differs in a small length, slight weight and excellent proprietary ergonomics.

It is especially convenient to use the model in hard.To.Reach places. She confidently copes with the implementation of installation, finishing and small construction work.

battery, drill, screwdriver, which

The device has a high-quality collector electric engine with a system of air cooling and a 2-speed gearbox that is able to promote a festival cartridge up to 450 revolutions per minute.

Two operating modes allow you to choose the best for drilling a large assortment of different materials.

The device is able to drill holes in steel blanks, non.Ferrous metals and alloys, polymers and composites based on them.

Makita screwdriver and Bosch screwdriver, what to choose? LG GSR 120-LI and the Makita DF333DWYE.

The battery device ZWR DShL-121 is used for drilling and screwing fasteners.

The device has compact dimensions for ease of work in places with limited access.

The special design of the gearbox helps to provide high torque at a wide speed range.

Thanks to a non.Clock, one.Meofal cartridge, you can easily and quickly change the working equipment.

The spindle blocking system makes it possible to take fasteners manually even with a discharged battery. Tool power source-Li-Lon battery without memory effect and self-loading.

The model also has an electronic brake of the engine to exclude the run when stopping, an electronic protection system from overload, overheating and deep charging.

The multifunctional circuit breaker of the electronics model provides control and protection of the battery from the full category and control all engine operating modes.

Which manufacturer of screwdrivers to choose?

Among the large number of manufacturers producing screwdrivers, you can dwell on the most popular.


Japanese company that successfully competes with models from Germany. Starring plants are located around the world. Products in the amount of one hundred items go under the brand Makita. Construction tools imported into Russia are manufactured at industrial sites in China. But the quality does not suffer from this.


The German company Metabo supplies its products to almost all countries of the world. Battery and network drills-shuruvrets of this company are considered the best in quality, reliability and durability. The choice of models of both budget and expensive class are offered to choose from.


German brand, which has gained popularity of Russian consumers. This is a group of companies united in one concern. Bosch screws are different reliability and functionality. Service centers are in many large cities in Europe.


Concern from America engaged in the production of network and wireless screwdrivers. Production lines are located not only in American territory, but also in China, Malaysia.

The original feature of DeWALT is a black and yellow color. There is a patent and registration for coloring, as a trademark. In 2011, the company was put up on the market of batteries with voltage 18th century and Brightless modifications.

The Chinese company DEKO is engaged in the export of its power tools in more than 20 countries. Russian consumers occupy not the last place in this list. Developers constantly introduce new technologies on production lines.

The line of manufactured screws DEKO is extensive. From budget to expensive models with additional functionality.


Again a Japanese company that is considered the best in the production of construction tools. Hitachi business card. Quality assembly, accuracy in fitting elements and using modern technologies.


The screwdrivers of the Russian company Interskol rightfully occupy an honorable place in the ranking. Units are made taking into account climatic conditions, emphasis is placed on high.Quality components. Low return percentage, product warranty. High level of service in service centers.


Despite the fact that all such devices have approximately the same design, there are models that differ from their competitors in certain parameters and are more popular among buyers. We selected the most popular screwdrivers that have a large number of positive reviews. Our rating includes models from the following manufacturers:

  • Intercker;
  • Bort;
  • Hammer;
  • Makita;
  • Hitachi;
  • Blackdecker;
  • Bison;
  • Metabo;
  • Dewalt;
  • Bosch;
  • Krüger.

Interskol DA-12ER-02 Home Master

The most inexpensive battery screwdriver in our ranking. Equipped with a linear coupling restriction of torque. Gear gearboxes are metallic. Thanks to small weight 0.96 kg, even with continuous work, hands do not get tired.

Charging fee is immediately built into the battery itself, which allows you to disassemble and replace it in the case of a breakdown. Window with light indicators will be reminded when it is time to put the tool for charging. The warranty period is two years.

  • Thanks to easy weight, hands do not get tired even with prolonged work.
  • Self.Izing cartridge.
  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Low price.


Good unstressed drill shurupert at an affordable price. The tool is attached to the battery using a handle. The reverse and lock button is combined. The main control buttons are painted in orange, which allows you not to confuse them with other parts.

Ventilation holes in the back allow you not to overheat the engine. The absence of rubberized legs on the battery is compensated by a wide and stable base. It can be charged with any charge level.

  • The cartridge is clamped without labor, with one hand.
  • Successful location of the buttons.
  • There is an instant stop.
  • Light weight and compact dimensions.

Hammer ACD185LI

Household battery screwdriver, which works with fasteners, drills wood, metal and plastic. Can drill a hole in wood with a diameter of up to 25 mm. This is the most powerful model in the 18 in line of batteries. There are 16 torque settings and the “drill” mode.

The engine brake allows you to stop rotation immediately after lowering the lever. The reverse is turned on by the button on the side of the start, this allows you to conveniently control the thumb and forefinger.

Makita DF331DWYE

This model has a plastic case with a rear rubberized handle. The device uses the cartridge of the German company ROHM, the world leader in this area, and all the main electronic elements for Makita are produced by the Dutch company. 18 steps of torque plus one for drilling. Thanks to the right angle of inclination, you will not have to strain hard and bend the hand.

With the help of the regulator, you can accurately, without disruption of the slots, twist any screws and drill neat holes of such depth that is necessary. This is especially important when working with furniture, where an extra millimeter can ruin the entire structure. Power is easily adjusted by the trigger button, the stronger the press, the higher the power. Indicators on the charger will inform about full charging or overheating of the battery.

Hitachi DS18DVF3

The battery screwdriver of the famous manufacturer Hitachi, which deserves your attention. Thanks to the nickel-cadmium cassette-type battery, a fast charge of the battery occurs, in just half an hour. Above the power source there are two bits wearing holes. Adjusting the force at 22 values, which makes it an ideal device for working with wood, plastic, soft steel and aluminum.

A two.Speed gearbox with a control button in one touch allows you to choose the required number of revolutions. Turnover in the first gear up to 400, and on the second 1200 rpm. A 2 kg weight tool is well balanced in the hand. A motor with increased resource and air cooling.

The cartridge 13 mm allows you to easily change the nozzles. There is a corporate hook for wearing a belt that has five positions. The kit includes: a universal charger, a 18 V voltage battery, a double.Sided bat, a company lamp, a set of bit with a holder.

Blackdecker Bdchd18kb

The first shock battery screwdriver in our rating, which is suitable even for drilling some brick walls. Two.Speed gearbox helps when working with metal and wood. It is equipped with two batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ahh and charger.

battery, drill, screwdriver, which

The tool is equipped with 10 mm with a non.Clock cartridge. Twisting the moment 40 N m is more than enough to perform 90 % of the work with which the user may encounter at home. Clothing protection allows you to prevent combustion.

Zubble Da-14.4-2-LCM2

Compact and light drill-shuruvrete with a torque of 45 N m, which allow you to drill a tree with drill up to 25 mm. Spendel is blocked, which allows you to manually wind the fasteners. Thanks to impulse charging, it is easy to endure it. Due to the new lithium-ion technology, performance increases by 35 %. For replacing the Sovers, a quick.And.Packed cartridge is used.

Metabo PowerMax Bs 2014 Basic 2.0ah X2 Case

If you do not professionally own a screwdriver, but you need to tighten something around the house, then this series will definitely suit you. The battery capacity 2 Ahh allows you to work for a long time without thinking about recharging. Thanks to a weight of 0.8 kg, your hands will not get tired of holding the tool in any position. With this model you can use not only hexagonal bits of different lengths, but also round.

Which drill to buy?

There are several different types of drills, and for an inexperienced buyer they are similar to each other.

  • Drill-shurupert. If you need a drill without unnecessary bells and whistles for use in the apartment, you can purchase a drill shurupert. This is the most common type of drum. They can drill holes everywhere, from walls to tree and brickwork, as well as wrap screws. Such drills are easier than more powerful, so they have higher maneuverability when performing work in hard.To.Reach places. Naturally, in more difficult tasks, they have difficulties. Their engines lack power or design with a large torque, as in the dunes described below.
  • Shock screwdriver. Can have the appearance of a standard drill, but at the same time they are created to wrap the screws and screws instead of drilling. To do this, a large torque and hit on the back of the screwdriver are used, so that it is possible to tighten the screw into the most solid surface. Such models are much more compact compared to other drums. They do not have a reciprocal movement, unlike the punch and SDS drunks, so below the load on the wrists.Thasspresses with a hexagonal shank are usually used. You can use special drums, since the standard can break due to rotation and shock force. However, such sovers are not suitable for subtle work. Their strength is twisting the screws and screws.
  • Combined drill. If you need to drill more durable materials, such as metal or concrete, as well as clogging screws, a combined drill will be required. They are able to cope with everyday drilling and wrapping screws. At the same time, they may have the best torque for more complex work and simple capabilities of the hammer to punch materials of increased strength. Such drills are more expensive than standard and their power is lower compared to high.Performance perforators or SDS perforators.
  • Hammer drill. Powerful blows forward and backwards are used here along with the rotation of the drill to break through the most durable masonry or stone. Due to this power, the drill is larger and heavy, its effectiveness is higher compared to combined drills. Higher and price. Power below compared to SDS drifts, the noise level is higher and they can not always operate in the mode only with a hammer with shock drill.
  • SDS drill. Also called the SDS punch. They are most often larger and heavy compared to standard perforators. Such drills are needed for more complex work, where power is required. A special SDS drill and screwdriver have small recesses from the back, where they are included in the drill (the cartridge key is not needed). Ballic bearings in the SDS cartridge reliably hold them in place, moving the drill back and forward.Such drills are three main types: double.Mode, three.Mode and three.Mode with a change of cartridge. Double-mode give a choice between rotary and combined rotor-attendant action. Three-cutting models add work in the hammer mode, which makes it possible to use them with don’s nozzles when demolishing something.

Kolner KCD 18-2L

For quality, a good option for buying will be Kolner KCD 18-2L, designed for domestic and professional use. The model copes well with the assembly of furniture, drilling in the surface of the tree (diameter up to 20 mm) and metal (14 mm), as well as with work with any fasteners. Tool 2 in 1 combines drill And a screwdriver.

The convenience of use contributes to a quick.And.Packed cartridge, due to which the installation of the bit takes no longer longer than a few seconds. At maximum power, we get a torque of 29 nm and 1450 rpm. There are two speeds and 18 rotation speed modes. A battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ah is connected to the handle. It is only one in the kit, charging and a bilateral bit. The charge indication will help to understand when it needs to be placed on charging.

  • Fast.Packed cartridge;
  • In the metal drill holes with a diameter of up to 14 mm;
  • Build quality;
  • Torque;
  • There is enough charge for a long time;
  • Uniform backlight;
  • Rubbed handle.

Ryobi 18V RID1801M

Characteristics of the Ryobi 18V RID1801M model:

  • Type of instrument: shock screwwoman
  • Type of cartridge: Bet
  • Number of speed: 1
  • Power: from the battery
  • Max. Number of shocks per minute: 3400 beats/min
  • Max. The number of idle speeds: 3200 rpm

Someone can say that the shock drill is too complicated for everyday work, but we believe that this is not so! Try the batteries of the Ryobi 18V Onebattery drill, and you will be amazed at what control it provides without complex wiping settings and numerous transmission options that competitors have.

This thing is actually not intended for drilling holes, but instead it does a lot of difficult work work (both in wooden and metal surfaces), and also very convenient for unscrewing strong bolts.