Bosch Pof 1200 Ae Review

Bosch pof 1200 ae review Bosch POF 1200 AE router overview

Bosch pof 1200 ae review

To begin with, if you want to choose an inexpensive home-use milling machine in order to gain experience, and go to the forums to look for information, you will be faced with a situation where in the end you realize that you just lost time.

The Bosch POF 1200 AE router comes in a nice compact package. I can’t even believe that a full-fledged instrument fits into such a small box.

On the back of the box, the main advantages of the router over the tools of other manufacturers are described.

The sticker on the box has a unique number, which is entered in the warranty card. This is probably why the instructions indicate that the router must be stored in its original packaging.

Another sticker indicates the warranty period, which is 2 years.

The warranty card must contain all three numbers: the number from the packaging, the factory serial number and the number on the nameplate.

The parallel stop, although stamped, is made of high quality from a thick sheet of metal. There are no burrs.

The router comes with instructions in various languages. In addition to safety recommendations, when working with the device and a technical description, you can even find useful information in it, such as the carcinogenicity of certain types of wood, which many manufacturers of not only woodworking machines, but also manufacturers of furniture and building materials, modestly keep silent about.

Due to the fact that as a result of wood processing, finely dispersed dust is formed, which is dangerous not only for the respiratory system, but also generally explosive, it is strongly recommended to work with the suction of dust and chips with a vacuum cleaner. For this, a removable adapter is attached to the vacuum cleaner nozzle. By the way, fine dust has a very bad effect on the engine, guides and bearings of the milling device.

The included wrench for tightening the collet has a standard jaw of 19 millimeters.

The copy sleeve is also very high quality. The copy sleeve allows you to mill parts according to a pre-made template.

The guide rods of the parallel stop are intended not only for attaching the parallel stop, but also for installing a compass on them.

The cam stop, when installed on the rip fence, allows you to mill grooves on curved surfaces.

The centering pin attaches to the rip fence and allows circular grooves or large diameter holes to be produced.

The Bosch POF 1200 AE vertical milling machine comes with a Bosch milling cutter with a diameter of 8 millimeters and a maximum permissible rotation of 30,000 rpm. When buying a milling cutter for a milling machine, it should be borne in mind that it is forbidden to install milling cutters at a maximum speed less than the milling machine can develop. It should also be borne in mind that the router must be driven counterclockwise along the outer surfaces, and clockwise along the inner holes.

The set also includes two collets for 6 and 8 millimeters. Collets are made of hardened hexagon.

The assembly of the Bosch POF 1200 AE milling machine is an example of the German traditional culture of excellent tool making, despite being made in China.

Unlike the Bosch POF 1400 AE milling machine, the Bosch POF 1200 AE milling machine does not have a constant electronics that allows you to keep the same speed under load and at idle speed. There is also no fine adjustment of the cutter’s immersion, but the craftsmen saw through the tricky step of Bosch engineers and figured out how to return the possibility of finely adjusting the immersion by removing a square piece of plastic in the cutter body and installing a fine adjustment knob for the milling depth.

The Bosch POF 1200 AE milling cutter consumes 1200 watts, has a current of 5.7 amperes, so it is impossible to work through the Chinese basement extension cords. On the right side of the picture, you can see a lever for fixing the milling depth; above it, in the body, there is a plastic square, which does not allow fine tuning of the cutter immersion.

For quick change of cutters, the router has a spindle lock button. You will not need to poke around with two keys in a small space, just press the spindle lock button and release the union nut with a key.

There are two knurled screws to install the suction adapter for the vacuum cleaner.

A plastic, transparent chip shield will not only protect against chips, but also soften the impact if the cutter scatters, if it is not of high quality or if it is misused by a milling machine.

Unlike other milling machines on the Russian market, and despite the fact that this milling machine is intended for home use, it practically has no play on the guide posts or it is invisible. Also, there is no rattle and squeak when moving the router body along the guides, like Russian milling cutters made in the basements of China. Another plus is the protection of the guides from dirt with cuffs.

To quickly insert the copy sleeve, there is a copy sleeve release lever.

Despite the fact that the cutter’s immersion depth stop has a stroke of 1 millimeter, the 1200 model, in contrast to the 1400, does not have fine adjustment.

For operations of the same type or for the gradual selection of material from the workpiece, there is a stepped stop with adjusting screws. It also serves to adjust the depth of cut when the cutter is plunged vertically into the material.

For safe work, the switch has a latch.

The Bosch POF 1200 AE milling cutter has an electronic speed control, which allows you to change the speed from 11,000 to 28,000 rpm. The adjusting wheel has fixings from 1 to 6. A model of a similar class Maktec is not only more expensive, but also lacks not only constant electronics and speed control, but there is not even a smooth start of the machine.

On the left side of the picture, you can see that the router has a plug, instead of a fine adjustment knob. As already noted, all this, in the presence of hands that grow from where it is needed, is treated. Please note that any modification to the instrument will not only void the warranty, but also expose yourself and others to danger.

The slide plate on the base plate has a perfectly flat surface.

The length of the cutter, which is in the collet, must be at least 2 centimeters, otherwise the collet may bend and the cutter break. As a result, we have an excellent device at a reasonable price. I would like to note once again that this tool, in spite of the fact that it is intended for home use, is serious and it is necessary to strictly observe all safety measures, which are described in the “Instructions for the Bosch POF 1200 AE and Bosch POF 1400 ACE vertical milling machine”.

Router maintenance

Like other equipment that works with wood-based materials, this tool must be protected from excessive dusting of chips. Ventilation openings and slots should be carefully inspected and cleaned after each work session. The same applies to metal, as accumulations of electrically conductive dust can be dangerous to the machine’s engine. Actually, to prevent excessive contamination, you should connect a suction vacuum cleaner to the router every time. For this, the Bosch pof 1200 AE model is provided with a special socket. As a preventive measure, it is also recommended to revise the element base once a month, assessing the quality of fastening of individual parts of the tool, the reliability of insulation and the state of the electrical base.

User’s manual

Before starting processing the material, it is necessary to set the optimal number of revolutions. The adjusting knob allows six modes of operation. Accordingly, the harder the workpiece, the higher the speed should be. Direct milling is performed in the direction opposite to the rotation of the tool. The passing direction is dangerous because the tool can jump out of the operator’s hands. The milling cutter sinks smoothly and without jerks. At the same time, stopping at one position is also undesirable, since there is a risk of displacement of the working element and expansion of the gripping zone, as a result, the workpiece may be damaged. After completing the processing, the Bosch pof 1200 AE vertical milling machine is placed in the upper position, and the engine is turned off. If the device is not going to be used for a long time, then it is better to disassemble it.

Bosch Pof 1200 Ae Review

Security measures

It is possible to use the milling effect only when working with materials that do not have direct contact with electrical or gas pipelines. If there is a possibility of hidden traces, this should be checked with a special metal detector. It is also not recommended to use blunt or warped cutters. They can not only perform poor-quality processing, but also lead to the destruction of the fastening system. During the work process, the Bosch pof 1200 AE milling machine must be securely held in your hands. Although the device has a vibration and noise damping system, with intense loads the level of vibration may increase, you should be prepared for this.

Reviews also emphasize the fact that some of the missing functions can be replenished using the complete equipment of the same brand. In particular, many note the organic combination of a router with an industrial vacuum cleaner and a Bosch flashlight. The first provides effective dust extraction, and the second allows you to work even in low light.

Criticism of the instrument refers mainly to small ergonomic flaws. For example, processing can only be carried out by continuously pressing the motor activation button. When the operator releases it, the workflow is also terminated. For many, this is inconvenient, although from a security point of view, the decision is justified. Users also point out the modest settings of the work-in-tool. According to experienced craftsmen, the 1200W performance allows you to unleash much more of the tool’s potential. In practice, it is limited to work item formats. There are also complaints about the set of options that provide the Bosch pof 1200 AE router. Reviews indicate, in particular, the weakness of the stabilization system, but its effectiveness is largely determined by the processing material.

Optional accessories and consumables

A necessary component for any apparatus of this type is a milling cutter. This is the cutting element itself, which forms grooves and holes. Suitable for this model are solid carbide cutters with a diameter of 6-8 mm. It is important to take into account their purpose. Models with different design parameters are available for edges and grooves. Also, the reliability of processing operations depends on the collet. This is the component through which the attachment of the cutter to the tool is realized.

The manufacturer has been practicing the use of keyless chucks in recent years. Such mechanisms are widely provided for construction electrical equipment, including milling. Bosch pof 1200 AE, in turn, has an autonomous collet locking mechanism. This has its advantages, but in any case, the operator will have to perform more manipulations to change the work item. Therefore, it is better to foresee several collet adapters in advance, which will ensure safety during the working process.

Precise milling operations are impossible without the use of special equipment. Creation of grooves, curly stitching of edges and the formation of blind holes at home and in small workshops are carried out using a hand-held power tool. Depending on the capacity, the operator of such a plant can process wood and plastic blanks or hard grades of metal alloys. The Bosch pof 1200 AE vertical apparatus is positioned as a universal tool. Its power is enough even for professional use, and its ergonomics meet the requirements for models for domestic use.

Milling cutter installation instructions

The integration of the milling cutter is carried out in several stages. The first step is to turn the chip guard and unlock the spindle. To insert the cutter, ready to use, into the collet, loosen the retaining nut with a suitable wrench. This will allow the cutting element to be inserted to a sufficient depth. According to the instructions for Bosch pof 1200 AE, the minimum immersion of the shank in the collet recess must be 20 mm. Then the fastening nut is tightened with the same wrench in the opposite position, and the chip protection returns to its place.

Additional materials Router Bosch POF 1200 AE

Vertical milling machine POF 1200 AE it is the guarantor of high productivity and precise wood processing.

The tool is equipped with a control system Bosch Electronic, which allows you to set the optimal speed depending on the material being processed.

The integrated spindle lock allows quick and easy cutter changes, while the Bosch-SDS system makes it easy to install the copying sleeve without the need for any additional tools.

The powerful 1200 watt motor can tackle the toughest tasks in all types of wood, and the dust extraction connection keeps your work as clean as possible.
Exceptionally ergonomic design, soft grip handle and transparent chip guard provide maximum comfort and safety.

Vertical milling machine POF 1200 AE a great solution for a home workshop.


  • 1200 watt motor for tough work in all types of wood
  • Dust extraction connection for dust-free operation
  • Transparent chip guard
  • Extremely ergonomic design with soft grip handle for comfortable and safe work

Features Router Bosch POF 1200 AE

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Advantages: The need for the quality of the collection Disadvantages: Visiting

Make no mistake when buying a router. Take your time with the choice, it sounds corny, but despite the many videos I watched about the selection of a decent milling cutter, I still hurried and bought a Bort 1600 POF, as a result, due to poor build quality, I had to make a return and buy a Bosch POF 1200 AE I wanted I would like to note the convenient fixation of vertical movement along the guides, when you press the latch, it unlocks, unlike other manufacturers’ models. Working with this device is easy and convenient. There is an adjustment of the power of turns. Also the adjustment of the depth of wood processing. Changing cutters is quick and easy and requires no effort. The milling depth is good enough and cutters are not clogged.

Pluses: Handles well. Easy to maintain. Disadvantages: no

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Advantages of the Bosch POF 1200 AE milling unit:

  • Easy tool replacement by locking the spindle;
  • Installation of copy sleeves can be carried out without additional tools (SDS system);
  • Electronic control provides adjustment of the speed, taking into account the density of the material;
  • Dust-free operation is possible by connecting to a construction vacuum cleaner;
  • The operator is protected from wood chips, since a protective transparent plastic cover is installed on the router;
  • Engine power is enough for a long milling process;
  • The Bosch router is comfortable to hold in your hands due to the soft rubber grips;
  • The body is constructed of shock-resistant plastic, resistant to vibration;
  • Excellent build quality guarantees long-term operation without breakdowns.

Router Bosch POF 1200 AE

The motor power of the Bosch POF1200AE router is 1200 W. Network connection via cable.

If you use the router manually and in a portable way, you can use it to perform all the same manipulations. The Bosch POF1200AE machine is designed for the widest possible range of milling work with wood of any density.


Nutrition from the network 220
Power 1200 Watt
Cutter type Up to 55 mm
Number of revolutions 11000-28000 rpm
Collet 6 and 8 mm
Control electronic
Weight 3.4 kg


Bosch POF 1200 AE router overview

Review and testing of the Bosch POF 1200 AE router

Bosch POF 1200 AE router overview

Disadvantages of the Bosch POF 1200 AE router:

  • High cost compared to lesser known brands;
  • The radius of operation is limited by the length of the cable (the need for a stable voltage source).

Basic equipment of the Bosch POF1200AE router:

A carrying case is not included in the package, but can be purchased separately. Bosch Germany brand. Country of manufacture of frees: Germany.

User’s manual

Bosch POF 1200 AE Milling Machine Operator’s Manual:

  • Complete the assembly according to the instructions;
  • Clean the working surface before starting milling;
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove chips and wood dust;
  • Use a router for working with wood, composite, soft materials with a wood base;
  • Use protective equipment to protect your eyes.

Instructions Bosch POF 1200 AE router Specifications Bosch POF 1200 AE router Bosch POF 1200 AE router

Description Router Bosch POF 1200 AE

The fact that a great epithet fits any Bosch hand power tool. This also applies to the considered model of a submersible milling cutter weighing 3.4 kg. It is recommended by the manufacturer for domestic use. In practice, the technical characteristics and functionality of the instrument expand this area. Therefore, it is quite acceptable to use it in professional activities.

The machine is driven by an electric motor with a power of 1200 W, which is connected to a 220 V network. The Bosch Electronic system will help the user to adjust the spindle speed at his own discretion in the range of 11,000 to 28,000 rpm.

The adjuster wheel is located on top of the robust plastic housing. The milling cutter is lowered, raised and fixed at the required height with a special lever. Depth stop and straightedge guarantee an accuracy of up to 0.5 mm. And the full body travel is 55 mm.

The spindle has a retainer used when changing equipment. The copy sleeve is installed without the use of any tools. This is facilitated by the design of the Bosch-SDS cartridge. The base plate, made of aluminum alloy, has a protective pad. There are no scratches from it even on soft surfaces.
The protective shield is made of transparent material. This makes it possible to observe the milling process. Ergonomic handles are comfortable to grip. They are covered with anti-slip pads.

The delivery set (in most cases) includes a copying sleeve, 3 collet chucks, an adapter for a vacuum cleaner, a parallel stop, a centering rod, a groove cutter.

It’s no secret that the presence of tools such as the Bosch POF 1200 AE router in a home workshop largely determines the skill level of the master.


  • A type. Vertical
  • Power. 1200 watts
  • Collet size. 6/8 mm
  • Maximum number of revolutions. 28000 rpm
  • Maximum cutter travel. 55 mm
  • RPM adjustment
  • Maintaining constant speed under load. There is
  • Spindle lock. There is
  • Weight. 3.4 kg

Router Bosch POF 1400 ACE

Specifications Router Bosch POF 1400 ACE Instructions Router Bosch POF 1400 ACE Description Router Bosch POF 1400 ACE

POF 1400 ACE a powerful and efficient router that provides high quality, thorough and accurate processing of wood surfaces. Used to work with materials of varying degrees of hardness.

Important benefits

  • The presence of a stabilization mechanism, which guarantees a uniform speed and high quality of the work result;
  • Ease of self-adjustment of the parameters of the functioning of the tool (milling depth, speed) using an electronic control system;
  • Powerful and productive motor, thanks to which the router is suitable for processing most existing types of wood;
  • Illumination, which ensures high precision and accuracy of surface treatment;
  • Possibility to connect to an industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • Soft start technology, which makes the process of working with a router as safe as possible;
  • Protection of the case against the ingress of small foreign objects.

Bosch POF 1400 ACE

Functionality and equipment
Bosch POF 1400 ACE is suitable for heavy duty use. It makes it much easier to achieve the desired result than using a hand-held tool with similar functions.

Creative processing of raw materials is possible due to a powerful 1400 W motor, a movable milling unit that guarantees cutting accuracy up to 0.1 mm and a rotation speed of the mechanism of 11-28 thousand revolutions per minute (idle). The delivery set of the tool includes a storage case, a nozzle for connecting a dust extractor, 2 types of stops, an open-end wrench.

Easy maintenance process
Replacing parts of the router is easy due to the spindle locking technology. And the special SDS mounting system allows you to install copy sleeves without the use of third-party tools.

Bosch POF 1400 ACE router operation

The model is characterized by: compact size, light weight and convenient form factor. It fits perfectly in the hand thanks to the well-designed handle. The softening pad prevents slipping, so it is very convenient to work with the router.

Options Bosch POF 1400 ACE