Can I Pour Semi-Synthetic Oil Into a Chainsaw

What Oil To Pour Into A Chainsaw Gear

Chainsaw chain oil. Which oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chains?

Chainsaws are a popular tool for those who have to do countless chores without the help of others. They can be used for various purposes. to harvest firewood, cut off dry branches But in order for the device to last as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for it, choosing different compositions well. A special role is played by oil for chainsaw chains, which is selected depending on the working mechanisms of the tool and its features.

What to consider?

Can I Pour Semi-Synthetic Oil Into a Chainsaw

Appropriate attention should be paid to the lubrication of the saw chain. First of all, you should choose a special oil that will not harm the oil pump. In addition, this will ensure the benign operation of the self-lubrication system. What oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw? You can, of course, fill in other types of oils. The chain asks for proper storage, in other words, immersion in oil, and in case of wear you should not try to revive the old chain. it is easier to change it. How to choose oil for chainsaw chains so that it is harmless and meets all the requirements?

Types and composition

Choosing a specific oil should depend on where and how the chainsaw is operated. Mineral compounds are suitable for the summer and warm season. Very often when selling a chainsaw the question is: "what kind of oil to fill in to lubricate the chain?". In other cases, it is better to use synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. It is important to consider which oil for the chainsaw to pour in a special tank. The Ural chainsaw is considered to be a descendant of a chainsaw which oil is both in the gearbox and in the gearbox. In order to lubricate the chain, used machine chains. If it is necessary to lubricate the chain, do not use used oils, which will lead to clogging of the fuel system, and then serious damage to the tool.

Chainsaw chain oil must be thoroughly cleaned so that it is properly and accurately lubricated. What oil to pour into the oil compartment of a chainsaw? If low-quality compounds are used, there will be no contact between the saw elements and the tire, sparks will appear, and subsequently the movable parts of the saw will wear out.

How to choose?

Each chainsaw has a carbureted two-stroke engine and two tanks: in one, gasoline is poured, in the second. oil. When choosing a composition for lubrication, zoning plays an important role. it should be minimal. Another important indicator is resistance to low temperatures: the oil should not freeze with a strong minus, which will ensure the quality of the entire tool.

For lubrication, it is advisable to use adhesive oil for chainsaw chains containing special substances, due to which the composition adheres well to the chain. High-quality oil will remain on the chain during its rotation, and the chain itself will be more reliable in operation.

Another important indicator of lubrication is density: if the composition is liquid, it will be consumed in larger quantities. In order not to harm the environment when using a chainsaw, it is important to use vegetable-based oil. its waste will decompose in the natural environment.

Which oil for the chainsaw chain to choose, because modern manufacturers offer a wide selection of options? Among the specialized manufacturers, brands such as Divinol, Bio-Kettenol, Ravenol, VegOil, Mobil, Castrol, Shell can be noted. Consider the features of their products in more detail.


This brand offers to evaluate the lubricant for high quality chains, which is characterized by good adhesive and lubricating abilities, due to which the lubrication is performed efficiently, and the chain links and joints are reliably protected from wear. The optimal combination of viscosity and temperature characteristics is the key to the fact that this oil can be used in any season and at any temperature.

Divinol offers a variety of chainsaw oil. What kind of oil is required to be poured into a chainsaw for a choice of oil to pour in. Which one to use? Zweitaktoel FF attracts attention with its economical consumption, combination with any fuel, anti-aging fuel mixture and excellent protection against corrosion. In addition, this oil can be used at any temperature. Divinol Kettenol and Divinol Kettenol Bio can be used to lubricate chains and chainsaws. Using these formulations, chain links and joints can be reliably protected against wear while ensuring economical oil consumption. High-quality organic oils of this brand provide excellent lubrication and adhesive properties, so their use is not only simple, but also environmentally friendly.

Which oil for the chainsaw chain is better to use, the choice of chain oil for chainsaws and chainsaws

Which oil to choose and use to lubricate the chainsaw / chainsaw chain

What is better for lubricating the saw chain: oil or mining?

When arguing and proving useless, watch this video on what to use to lubricate the saw


  • reduce vibration of the saw chain;
  • reliably protect it from corrosion;
  • cool the circuit due to good thermal conductivity;
  • quickly and cleanly cut any wood species.

Stihl bioplus

Probably every user is hearing about Stihl brand products. What kind of oil can be added to the chainsaw gear. The eco-friendly Stihl chainsaw oil is effective and based on herbal ingredients. Chain oil is of high quality, which can be appreciated in any climatic conditions. Due to its environmental friendliness, Stihl products have always been popular with customers. Of particular note is the Stihl BioPlus Chain Lubricant, which is formulated to process high-speed chains. And ideally, the best oil is sold on the construction site and ask me what kind of product is needed. It is different:

  • resistance to oiling;
  • excellent adhesion due to special additives;
  • excellent protection for cutting headsets;
  • excellent fluidity, which is maintained even at low temperatures;
  • resistance to oxidation.

The most important thing is that the oil is absolutely safe for the environment, as it decomposes naturally.

Semi-synthetic oil Stihl

Stihl chainsaw chain oil is an environmentally friendly lubricant as it is made from high quality primary raffinates. What type of oil to put in a chainsaw to lubricate the chain. The oil contains no impurities that can pollute the environment. You can use this tool in any climatic conditions, and it will behave equally efficiently even at low temperatures. Stihl chain oil provides reliable wear protection for chain chains. You can purchase this composition in different volumes. it depends on the characteristics of the chainsaw and the degree of load on it.


The products of this brand also do not need extra ideas, since it has established itself only on the best side. Vegeil Husqvarna chain lubricating oil, which is created on a vegetable basis, is notable for its good lubricating properties and high environmental friendliness. The oil is economical, biodegradable, has a low viscosity, even when operating at low temperatures. Due to the excellent performance characteristics, oils of this brand are considered one of the best.


Which oil should I use to lubricate the chainsaw chain and how to choose one so that it can be used at any time of the year? The Oregon brand offers formulations that are suitable for all types of tools. Stability of viscosity is a guarantee that the oil is suitable for operation at any time of the year. The composition includes refined mineral oils, to which additives are added. A feature of Oregon formulations is their manufacture based on high molecular weight compounds. The distinctive features of the oil include:

  • protection of the guide bar and chain from overheating;
  • vibration reduction;
  • prevention of corrosion due to the formation of an oil film.

Thanks to special adhesive additives, this oil gains great stickiness and viscosity, therefore, even at high speeds, it will not be sprayed and will remain on the chain and tire. Thanks to the regular use of oil, it is possible to reduce the load on the cutting headset, and indeed on the entire mechanism of the chainsaw. Special additives reduce the energy consumption of the saw, increasing the efficiency of the sawing process. The main thing is that when using these funds tarry deposits are not formed.


This oil has such a specific composition that it is completely biodegradable, but remains safe from the point of view of exposure to harmful substances. Due to the combination of vegetable oils with high-quality additives, the chain is lubricated more efficiently, it is reliably protected from wear under any operating conditions. What kind of gasoline needs to be poured into a chainsaw. To obtain information in what ratio to prepare the mixture and which oil to use for a chainsaw, you should study the instructions. Green oil is also available for sale. Due to the good adhesive and lubricating ability, lubrication is carried out as conveniently and optimally as possible, and the composition can be operated in frosts up to 30 degrees.

How Much Oil to Pour into a Chainsaw

The right proportion of oil and gasoline for chainsaws

The proportion of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw is very important for the durability and reliability of the device. The required proportions directly depend on the type of saw and the mode of its operation.

You need to find the type of chainsaw to select the oil.

What are the characteristics of a chainsaw?

If you have a summer house or a rural house, you need a chainsaw. For gardening, a fully domestic chainsaw is quite enough. Its power is small, but it is completely enough to remove old tree branches, sawing firewood and boards. Such a saw has not very huge weight and size. If it is necessary for you to cut trees on a site or you are planning a system of work, it is better to purchase a semi-professional chainsaw. Its working life should not exceed 8 hours per day. The professional chainsaw has the highest power and can work up to 16 hours in a row. Durable materials are used for the production of such saws, and implementation requires certain abilities. Professional chainsaws are used for felling on an industrial scale and for other similar jobs.

All of these types of saws vary in both power and weight. If you do not plan large permanent works, it is better to limit yourself to a household chainsaw, which weighs much less, and therefore it is easier to deal with it. Professional saws, on the contrary, have a power of up to 6 kW and, accordingly, a huge weight. The choice of such a saw depends on the thickness and strength of the material being cut.

What to look for?

Used oil is not recommended for chainsaws.

When choosing a chainsaw, it is very important to find the type of tire that is required for your purposes. Flat tires with a low profile chain are no longer dangerous, because they are usually used in household chainsaws designed for home use. For some types of work, chainsaws with lightweight tires consisting of iron strips with grooves filled with polyamide are used.

It is very important to see that the components for the selected saw can only be purchased with the same brand, since these parts are not unified. For this reason, a recognized manufacturer, widely represented on the market, is even better when choosing a chainsaw. Increased attention should be paid to the safety of the saw. Naturally you can pour oil into the imported chainsaw, how much oil to pour into. Here the choice is made in two aspects: vibration protection and protection against reverse shock. The farther the fuel tank is from the motor, the lower the vibration. In addition, rubber gaskets between the handles and the body protect against vibration. In order to protect the user from a reverse impact, a brake and a shield are used. A reverse impact is likely in this case, if the capture of the material to be sawn occurs only at the end of the tire. The brake is positioned so that with a reverse impact, the hand presses it automatically. The shield insulates the saw when bouncing. It should be understood that Swiss brands of chainsaws are not equipped with a shield.

Why is oil in the saw important?

It doesn’t matter which chainsaw is powered by a gasoline engine. A two-stroke engine is used in chainsaws, and a single-stage chain gear, which drives the chain, makes the gearbox a part. In two-stroke engines, the gasoline-oil mixture is poured specifically into the tank. Frequently asked questions on the topic: chainsaws. how much oil do you need to pour into a chainsaw? For the manufacture of gasoline-oil consistency should use gasoline with an octane rating of 90 or higher. In our criteria, it is A92 or AI92 gasoline. 95 is better not to use, because it can be made from 92 using additives and after some time will lose its characteristics. Gasoline must be used with the freshest, since over time it polymerizes, especially in the light. As a result, carbon deposits appear in the combustion chamber.

Dosage of oil for chainsaw moto braids

how much oil to add for chainsaws, braids.

Preparation of a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines

The video shows how to make a fuel mixture for two-stroke engines. Refueling mtkosa, chainsaws and.

For summer and winter work, you need to take gasoline in season, because manufacturers supply various fuel to gas stations in winter and summer.

Recommended fuel / oil ratio for refueling low power chainsaws. 40: 1

The choice of oil is more complicated. Naturally, you can add oil to the imported chainsaw, how much oil to add. A chainsaw needs two-stroke oil. Under no circumstances should you use four-stroke or boat oil. Oil you need to choose high-quality. Pay attention to the following brands: Stihl, Husqvarna, Oregon, NANOTEK, Makita, Champion, ALCO. Interchangeable quality oils belonging to well-known manufacturers. When choosing an oil, it is imperative to take into account the advice given in the annotation to the chainsaw by the manufacturer. It should also be understood that if a malfunction occurs in the piston group of the chainsaw during the warranty period, then if you use the wrong brand of oil recommended by the manufacturer, warranty repairs will not be performed.

For everyday gardening, up to 2 kW is completely enough. If construction is planned, it makes sense to purchase a more powerful chainsaw, up to 3 kW. massive saws are already very difficult to manage, and for their acquisition harsh foundations are necessary. It must also be kept in mind that if you plan to use a chainsaw in the cool season, you need to choose a model that allows you to warm up the carburetor.

For such saws as Friendship, Taiga and the Urals, cheap M-12TP oil is suitable, with all this, the oil / gas ratio should be 1:50. But for imported from other countries saws with highly accelerated engines, use this oil is not worth it, it is unsafe. There are 3 types of oils: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic. Synthetic oil burns almost completely, soot formation when using semi-synthetic oil is significantly less than from mineral oil. But semi-synthetic and synthetic oils are of the highest price. An exception is made by Chinese oils, but in a high-quality respect, they can be inferior to leading manufacturers. NOVOTEK oils are of the highest quality at an affordable cost. All oils other than the Stihl brand have a limited shelf life. Therefore, it is better to take them in a small packaging of 100-200 ml. Practice indicates that you will not have time to use more of it.

In what proportions should liquids be mixed?

The proportions of the gasoline-oil consistency for each brand of saw are determined by the manufacturer. A more widespread proportion of 1:50, best for saws with power above 1.5 kW. But some manufacturers can focus on other proportions: Chinese. 1:25, Partner. 1:40. For chainsaws with a power of less than 1.5 kW, Stihl and Husqvarna recommend a ratio of 25 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline.

It is very fundamentally true to maintain the desired ratio, because if there is a shortage of oil, it is likely that the rubbing surfaces will become blunt, and the wear of the bearings is accelerated. At the same time, excess oil leads to a reduction in engine life due to an increase in shock loads on the cylinder-piston group and carbon formation.

The gasoline-oil mixture is best prepared specifically before introduction and immediately to refuel the chainsaw, and leave the unburned mixture in the tank should not be more than a few days. This is due to the fact that oil additives are destroyed during storage. Therefore, it is better to drain the mixture from the tank, and later idle to work out the remaining gasoline. For the production of consistency, you can purchase a special canister with separate openings for gasoline and oil. Pour the ingredients into the proper holes, and later combine them by tilting the canister. It is better to start with oil, and then dilute it with gasoline. You can use a plastic or glass bottle, but with all this there is a danger of static stress, and this can lead to an explosion.

A plastic bottle is also unsafe because it can bend spontaneously, which will cause consistency on the saw and on the skin of the hands. It is unacceptable that water or small particles get into the mixture. The fuel mixing tank must be thoroughly washed and completely dried before starting work. To dilute the mixture correctly, the bottle should be graduated. For example, for a consistency of 1:50, you need to mark the bottle with the amount of water that is a multiple of 51. You can use water as a measured water. Then for label 204 you will need 4 ml of oil diluted with 200 ml of gasoline. In order to add ingredients to the measurement, you can use a plastic syringe, but without a needle. You can also pour gasoline into a chainsaw like "how much oil to pour. You can also pour in a chainsaw to find out how much oil to add to. How much oil should be added to gasoline for lawn mowing. In Stihl lawn mowing oil. Keep measuring utensils tightly closed. Both the measure and the syringe should be protected from dust. A chainsaw can be your assistant for long and long years, if you handle it carefully and carefully.

Video: Can I Pour Semi-Synthetic Oil Into a Chainsaw

Can I Pour Working Out into a Chainsaw

What kind of oil does a chainsaw need to be lubricated to lubricate the chain?

  • How to use a chainsaw?
  • What oil is used in a chainsaw?
  • What kind of oil is correct in the tank of a chainsaw?
  • The conditions for the introduction of oils in chainsaws
    • Choice of oil with a different type of chainsaw motor
    • Tips for using special chainsaw chain oils
    • How to dilute oil in fuel correctly?
    • How should the chain lubrication system work?
    • Chainsaws usually have a two-stroke or four-stroke engine and two tanks, one of which is filled with fuel, in other words gasoline, and the second should be filled with oil, which lubricates the saw chain. The gas tank in volume may include 0.3-1.0 l of a mixture of fuel with oil, and the oil tank has the smallest volume of almost 2 times.

      It is not recommended to use recycled oil to lubricate the chainsaw chain.

      How to use a chainsaw?

      A ratio of oil and fuel volumes is used in which the lubricant will be consumed when the chain is lubricated at the same time, and specifically after 30-45 minutes of the time that has been worked out, provided that the chainsaw is fully loaded. If the engine is two-stroke, then it is more likely to use the fuel mixture prepared in advance to lubricate the chain.

      Scheme of electric ignition of a chainsaw.

      The specific operation of the saw is determined by seasonality. When a two-stroke motor operates, its cycle differs from the cycle of a four-stroke motor of a tool. The use of the consistency of gasoline and oil for the lubrication of certain structural parts of a chainsaw, for example a piston or shaft, is one of the main points. In another way, an attempt to use a tool that runs on only one gasoline, and not on oil, will not lead to a good result, but only to damage the tool.

      You can use the Russian tool with the use of grade 76 gasoline immediately with oil, the ratio of which with the fuel is taken to be 1/25, in other words in an amount of 4%. If you use a saw model from foreign manufacturers, the brand of gasoline 92 with branded oils is useful.

      Manufacturers of chainsaws make these oils, with all this the ratio in the right mixtures is 2.5%, 1:40. It is impossible to fill in mining, you can add bsk (brake fluid) to it. Two-stroke engines can be installed on chainsaws of foreign production, but it must be borne in mind that gasoline needs to be refined, without any impurities.

      Scheme of electric ignition for a chainsaw.

      The choice of oil per engine is likely, the number of cycles of which can reach 8.5 thousand / min. In chainsaws from foreign manufacturers, cycles are provided that can achieve power in the spectrum from 11 to 14 thousand / min. The introduction of these lubricants reduces the presence of motor resources of the saw by 7-10%, which boils down to the following: for all types of household and special chainsaws, the introduction of "Zhiguli" oils is suitable.

      If the tool is used at a low temperature, even a correctly made choice of constituent lubricants does not bring the quality of the oil mixed with the fuel to a good result, in other words, crystallization and viscosity increase processes. With all this, the tool should be adapted for use, taking into account the greatest warming up of the motor.

      If you follow the tips, then the chainsaw should be warmed up before use, especially if the place of its storage was a cool room that is not heated. This will prevent a bad outcome if condensation occurs in the saw mechanism.

      What oil is used in a chainsaw?

      Experienced experts advise using one share of the fuel consistency for 2 weeks.

      The life of a chainsaw is determined by the type of lubricant used when working with inventory. A two-stroke engine saw and a fuel tank are used in accordance with the annotation. Often the fuel mixture is made by mixing gasoline and oil, which are combined in a certain ratio. This information should be indicated by the manufacturer in the corresponding annotation.

      If the inventory is Russian-made, then gasoline bearing the AI-76 brand, as well as ordinary motorcycle oil, is usually used. The proportions in which gasoline and oil are taken are 1/25. If you use chainsaws of foreign manufacture, then the requirements will be different for all this. They are reduced to the use of gasoline with an octane rating of 95 and 92, immediately use a special oil suitable for these brands of fuel.

      Mixes oil with fuel in a ratio of 1/40. Suitable is the introduction of volumetric cans that help to significantly simplify the process of production of fuel consistency. The use of instruments of foreign production requires appropriate refueling with motorcycle oils.

      It should be taken into account that certain types of foreign-made lubricants can be used by working with chainsaws, the cycle of which is 8.5 thousand per minute. The main tool is used with a cycle of oscillations in the spectrum of 11-14 thousand / min. The use of foreign oils in such saws is a prerequisite for a decrease in motor resources by an average of 8%. If the chainsaw operates at full power, then the lubricant is consumed half an hour after it is turned on.

      Experienced masters advise the introduction of one fraction of the fuel consistency within 2 weeks, since in another way a chemical reaction occurs. At the same time, oil can lose all its characteristics, and gasoline is capable of oxidation. Ultimately, clogging of parts, overheating of the motor and jamming of the CPG occurs. The type of oil poured into the tool must be carefully controlled.

      What kind of oil is correct to fill in the chainsaw tank?

      The scheme of a two-stroke motor.

      When lubricating the chains of a chainsaw, the composition is poured into a special container. Its use helps to reduce the frictional force that appears between the tire and chain links. They said that to lubricate the chainsaw chains, you can fill in any oil, is it possible to fill in the working off from the machine? The introduction of special oils that have a viscous mixture to lubricate the chain of the chainsaw will give positive results, ensure a long tool life. In the absence of this substance, oil is suitable.

      Choosing a suitable oil that allows you to perfectly lubricate the chain should be dependent on the time of year when it will be used. So, in the summer, mineral oils are best suited, the disadvantage of which is the crystallization of the structure of the substance at low temperatures. Therefore, in winter, experts advise using oils with special additives that are synthetic, which makes them the least viscous. This helps to use the saw at low temperatures, in other words up to 40 ° C.

      The introduction of semisynthetics seems to be a more suitable option when using the saw at a moderate temperature, fluctuating in the interval. 30. 25 ° C.

      Pouring processed engine oils into the tank to lubricate the chainsaw chain is not recommended categorically.

      Oil supply for chain lubrication.

      Such oils can be very oxidized, and this is due to the presence of impurities in them, which may be a prerequisite for damage to the chainsaw. At the same time, from time to time during operation of the saws, transmission or motor oils are poured into them, which is applicable.

      Motor oils that are suitable not only for two-stroke, but also for four-stroke engines are made on the basis of base oil and additional substances, in other words additives, which can be different. As solvents, different solvents can be used to improve the process of mixing oils and fuels, their pumpability, and a probable method of spraying.

      What is better for lubricating the saw chain: oil or mining?

      When arguing and justifying anything worthless, take a look at this video, which is the right thing to use to lubricate the saw.

      Working out in a chainsaw

      Why it is impossible to pour working off in a chainsaw.

      Conditions for using oils in chainsaws

      Synthetic motor oil test results table.

      Chainsaws operating at high temperatures can function efficiently due to oils equipped with iron additives. Their main property is to provide lubrication at elevated temperatures.

      Important! Experienced craftsmen do not recommend using a tool that has been idling for a long time.

      With this operation of the motor, it is not run-in. The use of a chainsaw with a four-stroke engine with oil suitable for it, with its complete combustion, is not associated with special requirements.

      Solvent content in push-pull oils can be up to 20%. The result of their use can be negative, since with increasing temperature the quality of the chain lubricant decreases. If the chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke engine, the oil should not be used with the maximum number of additives, since they contribute to an increase in the degree of viscosity.

      Choice of oil with different engine types for chainsaws

      Scheme of the interaction of fuel and air flow carburetor chainsaw.

      In order to lubricate the motors of a tool with a two-stroke engine, a combustible fuel solution is used, since oil is not used in the fuel composition. If we take into account the differences between the types of oils used in various motors, for example four-stroke or two-stroke, there is a difference in the methods of their consumption.

      The high-quality operation of a chainsaw with a four-stroke engine is due to the lack of oil in the combustion chamber, because different types of engines have different requirements. For example, two-stroke engines are usually filled with oil, during the combustion of which carbon deposits do not occur as a result.

      A four-stroke chainsaw can work for a long time as a result of oil lubrication, which does not have special requirements for its complete combustion. You can also pour in a chainsaw to find out how much oil to add to. Additives can be selected without taking into account the ash content, the level of which should be more than 2%.

      If the chainsaw is equipped with a two-stroke engine, which operates at the expense of oils suitable for four-stroke engines, as a result, ash settles on the walls in the combustion chamber. Ash can remain on the surface of the piston, and an abrasive powder also acts on the saw piston by the principle of sandpaper.

      Checks the operation of the chain lubrication system.

      Erasing parts of the design of the toolkit is being carried out and the period of its application is reduced. The presence of settled soot at the end of the use of oil causes harm to the instrument, which is capable of losing the quality of work due to loss of power by its motor.

      If soot is deposited in the exhaust openings, then their cross-sectional area is reduced, which is associated with difficulties during exhaust gas output and power loss. Is it possible to use, but in no case can I fill the lubrication of the saw with mining. You can also pour gasoline into a chainsaw like "how much oil to pour. If ash is deposited on the piston of the cylinder, as well as on its head, then detonation and drip ignition occur. All this leads to a decrease in saw power, which reduces its useful life.

      Two types of oil are made for chainsaws, one of which is suitable to create a fuel mixture. At the same time, brand 92 gasoline is taken in a ratio of 50 parts of gasoline to 1 part of oil (Super 95), used when operating a two-stroke engine, respectively. Different manufacturers of chainsaws produce oil for them under different brands, of which there are a sufficient number. So, 5 liters of gasoline are usually mixed with 100 ml of the substance. If you apply one that is not suitable for the model of the tool used, this will lead to damage to the saw and soon wear.

      Unsuitable oil, poured into the saw, can simply settle in the cylinder on its walls if it enters the combustion chamber, but does not have time to burn. This approach to the use of chainsaws leads to a slower reduction in the life of the tool or its trimmer. If the total service life of the chainsaw is 400 hours, then this figure can drop to 200 hours.

      Lubricate the saw chain with a special adhesive oil, which must be poured into the saw tank provided for this purpose. After turning on the saw, it is pumped up by a special pump in automatic mode, after which the chain is lubricated.

      In a can for a chainsaw, which includes two containers, you can pour 6 liters of fuel mixture and 2.5 liters of oil. By changing this ratio, pour 5 liters of fuel mixture and 3 liters of adhesive oil, the flow rate of which will be 1 liter per fuel mixture with a volume of 1.6-2.4 liters.

      Recommendations on the use of special oils for chainsaw chains

      Centrifugal clutch chainsaw.

      The lubrication of the saw bar with a chain should be done with special oil, other types of this substance are not suitable for this purpose. If used, the oil pump may fail, as it is equipped with a self-lubricating system for high-quality operation. To use the used, including filtered, oil compositions in a chainsaw means violating the ability of the tool to high revolutions.

      The chain requires appropriate storage, which is associated with immersion in oil. If the saw bar is worn, then do not put a new chain on it. It is important to have a chain in stock, and it is best to purchase several chains at once. The optimal number of chains in stock is 4 pieces, which allows you to work with them in turn and periodically grind each of them. This ensures a reduced level of wear on each component, i.e. the tire, chain and drive sprocket.

      Professionals recommend not tweaking the chain, but tweaking it using special tools to sharpen the chain. Correction is done every 2 or 3 fillings of the fuel mixture into the saw tank.

      One proposed work with the tool requires the preparation of a certain amount of the fuel mixture. However, it is strictly forbidden to operate a chainsaw without oil poured into the tank. fuel mixture for 2t engine can be poured into a chainsaw? Workout can be filled. When refueling the saw with fuel, it is necessary to immediately provide for the required amount with which to lubricate the tire with the chain. The main thing is that its composition is cleaned, without the content of impurities, water, sand, garbage, etc.

      Refueling of tanks should be carried out simultaneously, that is, oil is poured together with the fuel mixture into different tanks. Air temperature should be considered. If the temperature is lower than 20 ° C, then it must be diluted with dehydrated kerosene, taking into account a ratio of 4: 1, that is, 1 part of kerosene is added to 4 parts. If there is an adjustment for oil supply, it is maximized.

      How to dilute the oil in the fuel correctly?

      Chainsaw position at startup.

      Dilute oil in gasoline, following a certain sequence. Previously, it is poured into a canister or other container, after which the appropriate gasoline used in a particular chainsaw is added to the same container. You can also fill in the dilution of gasoline in a chainsaw to take gasoline which brand to pour? The volume of gasoline should be about half of the required amount of fuel.

      Shaking the mixture thoroughly and stirring it, add the second part of the prepared fuel there. Pour the mixture into the fuel tank after thoroughly shaking the mixture in the original tank. Pour the mixture carefully, trying not to spill it.

      Filling fuel to the very top of the tank is not recommended. Usually leave a little free space on top in the tank. A 0.5 L fuel tank provides a tool power of 2 kW, i.e. 2.7 hp. Fuel is consumed in an amount of 1.2 l / h, so the fuel mixture can last for work for 30-40 minutes with a maximum degree of load on the tool. The greater the power of the chainsaw, the smaller the volume of its fuel tank.

      It is recommended to lubricate the chainsaw chain only with special oils, the quality of which is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the tool itself. Chainsaw manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of special oils containing adhesive additives that ensure high-quality lubrication of the chain due to the long-term retention of the lubricating composition on it.

      It’s better not to save on the purchase of oil, acquiring its cheaper types, and immediately take the adhesive so that the saw chains and the tool itself do not fail. In this way, the damage caused can be reduced, since the cost of the oil pump, chainsaw chains and tires is a much smaller amount after their failure.

      Among the other disadvantages of using oil that is not adhesive is the leakage from the tank of a non-working tool. Due to the mismatch of the viscosity of an improper lubricant with the standards during pumping, it does not arrive in the quantity that is necessary, that is, more or less. As a result, the use of oils and fuels in equal amounts will be wrong.

      How should the chain lubrication system work?

      The fuel tanks of the saws are selected according to the volume, taking into account a certain ratio, which allows leaving a tank with a small amount of oil at maximum fuel output. Correct carburetor adjustment determines the amount of fuel used for a chainsaw, otherwise if it is not correct, then the fuel runs out very quickly.

      With a slow decrease in the amount of oil during the operation of the saw, in the absence of its reduction, the chain lubrication process is impaired, and the conductivity of the channels where the movement of the lubricant occurs is reduced. It is necessary not only to identify, but also to eliminate all malfunctions. You can measure the performance of the oil pump with the adjusting screw manually.

      The correct operation of the lubrication system can be checked by holding the tire whose chain rotates to the illuminated surface. If oil spray appears on this surface, the system is configured correctly. The amount of oil consumed by the chain itself is provided depending on the specific situation.

      It is necessary to make the cut of the greatest length according to the hard or dry appearance of the wood with the greatest amount of lubricant, which also applies to the cutting of thick types of bark. If you want to make a cut, the length of which is small, then the presence of wet and soft wood will require the least amount of lubricant.

      One of the reasons for the cutting headset to become very hot with subsequent smoke may be the lack of sufficient chain lubrication.

      Due to excessive heat, the chain may be pinched in the groove of the tire. The reason for the appearance of smoke can also relate to those cases when the chain is improperly sharpened, dull, or if this happened with a strong chain tension. If the end of the tire has an unattended sprocket, then lubrication does not occur on it, that is, lubrication occurs separately in the presence of a special hole.

      If the chainsaw is well adjusted, it can be easily started. For this purpose, the saw is installed on level ground, making sure that the tire does not fall to the surface of the earth. Be sure to activate the chain brake, its handle should be moved in a certain direction to the end of the tire. You should start the chainsaw, holding the saw with your left hand by the front handle, and with your right foot you should rest against the rear handle, which should be pressed to the ground.

      Chainsaw Chain Lubrication: System Operation and Troubleshooting

      One of the important chainsaw systems, work without which is impossible, is the system of forced lubrication of the chainsaw chains. It’s no secret that at the time of the saw’s operation, the chain abrases on the chainsaw tire, which causes it to heat up and premature wear. To mitigate friction, the chain mechanism must be constantly lubricated.

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      Chainsaw Chain Lubrication System

      To supply oil to lubricate the chainsaw chains, a special pump is used in the tool, which is dosed, depending on the number of engine revolutions, supplies lubricant to the saw bar.

      The system uses oil to lubricate the chainsaw chain, which has improved adhesion properties, this is necessary for uniform distribution of oil around the entire perimeter of the tire and hold on it even at high speeds of chain rotation. Let us consider in more detail the oil supply system implemented in modern chainsaws.

      Lubrication system device

      Depending on the brand of the chainsaw, the details of the lubrication system may vary slightly constructively, but their total number and connection diagram remains unchanged.

      The main components of a lubrication system are:

      • An oil tank is usually located in the crankcase.
      • The filter element is installed in the tank.
      • The oil pipe is a small diameter hose made of oil resistant rubber.
      • The heart of the system is the oil pump.
      • Worm gear gear transmitting force from the engine to the pump.
      • Chainsaw tire, it can also be considered an element of the lubrication system, as it has special holes for oil supply, by the way, the chain itself is involved in the transportation of oil and accordingly also has some elements designed specifically to provide lubrication.

      Principle of operation

      The main unit of the system is the pump. The principle of his work is as follows. With an increase in engine speed, a gear mounted on the main shaft drives the pump shaft through a worm gear. In turn, the rotation of the shaft creates a certain pressure in the oil line, which causes the oil to move along it towards the tire.

      The end of the oil channel is located at the place where the tire contacts the tool case, where there is a longitudinal groove onto which the oil channel enters when the tire is installed.

      Grooving is necessary to ensure that oil is supplied to the tire, regardless of the degree of chain tension of the chainsaw. Simply put, no matter what position the tire is at the time of operation, oil will flow through the groove through it.

      Further, a chain is included in the lubrication process, on the links of which, depending on the model of the chain, there is either a groove or a hole through which the oil is dispersed throughout the tire. With an increase in engine speed, the oil feed rate also increases.

      Some chainsaw models are equipped with pumps that additionally have a capacity control, and if necessary, the amount of oil supplied by the lubrication system can be increased or decreased.

      This function is quite convenient, because it allows you to save and not to waste extra oil.

      Lubrication system malfunctions and how they are eliminated

      The main malfunctions of the oil supply system on a chainsaw can be divided into two main types, these are general malfunctions inherent in all chainsaws and individual ones, which can vary depending on the type of pump and worm gear installed on a particular model. Let’s start sorting out the faults in order.

      Working with a chainsaw if the chain is not lubricated is prohibited. This adversely affects the tire, the drive sprocket and the chain, and can also result in serious repair costs.

      Signs of a malfunction of the lubrication system, checking its performance

      • The chain of the chainsaw is dry and has a pale shade without shine.
      • The chain stretches relatively quickly.
      • The tire is very hot and may even partially melt the paint.
      • Oil from the tank is practically not reduced.
      • Sharp chain cut efficiency

      All these signs indicate that the lubrication process is abnormal. In order to check the oil supply by the lubrication system, it is necessary to remove the side tire of the chainsaw and start it. Next, you need to slightly increase the speed while observing the end of the oil line. If oil comes in, most likely its quantity is not enough for normal lubrication and you need to clean or replace the filter and, if possible, adjust the flow. In the case when it does not arrive, the problem is more serious and requires further diagnosis.

      There is a way to check the oil supply without removing the tire. To do this, it is necessary to direct the end of the tire to the side, for example, of freshly sawn chocks from the cut side and maximize the speed, while you should try to keep the end of the tire at a distance of no more than 10 cm from the chocks. If oily stains begin to appear on its surface. then the oil is supplied.


      Once it has been determined that no oil is being supplied, further diagnostics are only possible if the oil system is completely removed. Of course, filter replacement helps in some situations, but this is very rare.

      Access to the oil pump of some models of saws is possible only after complete disassembly, respectively, having no skills in repairing gas tools, it is better to entrust the repair to professionals.

      Most common malfunctions

      1. Breakage of an oil hose. It can sometimes be found during visual inspection. The problem is solved by replacing the defective part.
      2. Lack of thread on the shaft of the oil pump will help replace it.
      3. A defective thread on the pump drive gear is likewise solved by installing a new part.
      4. No corkscrew of the main shaft (relevant for some models of tools, for example, Homelite). You can fix it by installing a corkscrew that is suitable for the diameter of cloves instead of the native corkscrew, cutting it to the required length.
      5. Blockage in the highway. It can be removed by blowing with compressed air or mechanically, using a wire of suitable diameter.
      6. Clogged filter element.
      7. The Stihl MS 180, whose pump is not separable, often clogs. You can try to rinse in clean gasoline if it does not help replace it.
      8. In Chinese chainsaws (Gypsy), very often cuts the grooves on the main gear, through which the force from the sprocket is transmitted to it.

      Stihl MS 180 individual lubrication system malfunction

      Due to the fact that the Stihl MS 180 is one of the most common chainsaw models, I would like to dwell on one malfunction inherent only to it and describe a method for eliminating it without replacing parts.

      Quite often on a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, there is a depressurization of the oil line in the place where the oil pipe coming from the tank is installed in the saw body. The malfunction can be determined by the characteristic smudges on the bottom of the tool.

      To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to remove the chainsaw handle, remove the hose from the bore hole, clean and degrease it. After all these manipulations, apply sealant to the hose seat and install in the chainsaw body.

      You can learn more about troubleshooting and a complete diagnosis of the Stihl chainsaw lubrication system by watching the video, which shows step by step the process of disassembling and repairing the lubrication system.


      In modern chainsaws, a reliable supply of lubricant for the chain is organized, in case of malfunctions of which, it is not worth operating the chainsaw in order to avoid further breakdowns. It is better to troubleshoot the lubrication system by contacting a service center or a specialist with repair experience, this ensures the quality of the final result.