Can I Pour Working Out into a Chainsaw

Can I Pour Working Out into a Chainsaw

For the proper operation of the chainsaw, two types of oils are used. one for preparing the fuel mixture, and the second for lubricating the chain. In this article, we will look at the second type, namely, which oil to use to lubricate the chain. Using the wrong oil leads to premature wear of the saw bar and chain, so take this issue seriously.

I’ll note right away that special oil is used for this task, and it is it that needs to be applied. Below I will explain why. Also, many in this context are interested in whether it is possible to use other types of oils, including working off from a car engine, and if not, why. I will reveal this topic as well.

How is a chainsaw lubricated?

To understand further information, it is advisable to understand how the chain is lubricated if you do not already know this.

Every modern chainsaw has an oil pump. The oil for lubricating the chain, poured into a special tank, begins to swing with this pump immediately after starting up and flows through the oil channel to the oil intake hole on the tire. Through it, oil enters the groove of the tire and is carried by the chain along the entire working length of the tire, both on its top and bottom.

The main load during sawing falls on the lower part of the tire, since it is it that is applied to the material being sawn. However, the oil first enters the upper part of the tire, passes through its entire length, and then goes through the rounding at the end of the tire to the lower part. Naturally, during such a turn, part of the oil simply flies out of the tire and chain due to inertia. Therefore, it is important that it flies as little as possible, that the lower part of the tire is well lubricated and there is as little friction between the chain and the tire.

Therefore, knowing this information, we can conclude that the oil for lubricating the chain should be thick enough and have good adhesion (in other words, adhesion), so that it flies less on the rounding of the tire, and it should not contain any particles so that it can to freely pass through the oil channel without clogging it, and so that these particles do not create excess friction.

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All these properties have special oils for chain lubrication. They are quite thick, have special adhesive additives in their composition, and naturally do not contain any particles. In addition, they form a kind of film between the chain and the bus, so that the chain with the bus does not essentially touch each other.

Among different manufacturers, the properties of these oils may vary slightly. Those that are more expensive usually have more adhesion. But in any case, any specialized chain lubricating oil will be better than any other designed for other purposes.

Now with this information you can answer questions about the use of other oils.

Can motor oil be used to lubricate the chain?

Motor oil, in comparison with special oil, does not have the necessary adhesion, and is also too liquid, so the lower part of the tire will be poorly lubricated, which will lead to quick wear of both the tire and the chain. Therefore, this option must be discarded.

Use to lubricate transmission oil chains

This option will certainly be better than using engine oil, as the transmission is simply thicker. However, it also does not possess the necessary adhesion. Therefore, the lower part of the tire, although it will be lubricated somewhat better, but still not good enough.

Chain lubrication test

This option is the most disgusting. Work-out is essentially the same motor oil, but which contains microscopic metal particles that it absorbed when working in the engine. These particles can clog the oil channel, as well as they clog between the chain links and the tire and chain itself, and work there as an abrasive, because of which the tire and chain simply wear out, and the chains even break. Therefore, we also say no to mining.


Well, now I hope you understand why you should use specially designed oil for chain lubrication. And if you are also worried about nature, you can use its special variety, which decomposes after use, since it is made not of oil, but of plant material.

That is all I wanted to say on this subject. Thank you for your attention and see you in other articles on the site.