Cannot Start Chainsaw Partner 351

In the segment of unprofessional chainsaws Partner 351 (Partner 351) takes its rightful place. Lightweight, productive and reliable, the saw allows you to perform a wide range of tasks for sawing wood at the household level.

A chainsaw is ideal for working on a summer cottage. She copes with the felling of small fruit trees, pruning branches. With it, you can work in the forest with trunks of small diameter. Partner 351 is suitable for construction work.


The Partner 351 saw has good performance and power, despite its compact size and weight of 4.7 kg:

  • motor power 1400 W (1.9 hp);
  • the tire is 35 cm. It is possible to install the tire at 41 cm;
  • 56 link chain in 3/8 inch increments
  • spark plug. Bosch WSR 6F;
  • fuel tank capacity 380 g;
  • oil tank 200 gr;
  • noise level is just over 100 dB.

The CCS air filter helps to significantly reduce fuel consumption. A dual air purification system increases the life of the Partner 351 chainsaw motor. The chain runs at high speeds.

Sophisticated ergonomics and a reliable vibration damping system allow you to use the instrument for several hours without a break.

The chain brake is applied instantly, which makes working with a chainsaw even more comfortable and safe.


According to the structure and location of the working nodes of the Partner 351 chainsaw, it does not differ from other models and consists of:

Cannot Start Chainsaw Partner 351

Carburetor setup

The Partner 351 chainsaw has several operating mechanisms that require periodic inspection and maintenance. One of them is a carburetor.

Doing DIY repair of the Partner 351 chainsaw carburetor is not recommended, but a small adjustment is possible. There are two main breakdowns that can be eliminated by adjusting the carburetor with your own hands:

  1. Chain scrolling during engine idle. To eliminate the malfunction, use the adjusting screw. First, it is fully turned clockwise. Then make 4.5 turns counterclockwise. The malfunction should disappear.
  2. Incorrect fuel supply. There may be several reasons. From the unbalance of the adjusting screws to the breakdown of carburetor parts. In any case, the adjustment takes place according to one scheme.

To adjust the carburetor, three adjusting screws are provided: L. for high revolutions, H. for low revolutions, T. idle speed of the Partner 351 chainsaw.

  1. The adjustment starts with screw T. To do this, start the saw and turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise until the chain stops.
  2. Then turn the screw L a quarter of a turn counterclockwise. During adjustment, there should be the largest turns at idle.
  3. Screw H is turned a quarter of a turn counterclockwise.

Video: Cannot Start Chainsaw Partner 351

After carrying out these manipulations, a tachometer is taken and revs are checked. They should correspond as much as possible to the speeds indicated in the Partner 351 chainsaw passport. If you still decide to set up the Partner 351 chainsaw carburetor with your own hands, we recommend that you read the article about setting up a carburetor on a chainsaw. An article of a general nature contains all the necessary information and will greatly help you in this difficult process.

Chainsaw launch instructions

The Partner 351 chainsaw works on the same principles and has a similar device as other tools with gas engines:

  1. Before the first start-up, all components of the Partner 351 chainsaw are tightened securely, the integrity of the case is checked.
  2. Before each start, the chain tension is checked. If necessary, the chain is tensioned or relaxed with the adjusting screw.
  3. Before each start, the amount of oil is checked.
  4. The chainsaw is launched only from a hard surface. The leg should press the tool firmly to the ground.
  5. Before starting, the shutter is in the "open" position.
  6. The start button is set to the on position. then you need to press the primer 5 times and start pulling on the starter cord. The main thing is to start the chainsaw smoothly, without jerking.
  7. After starting, the engine should idle for 60 seconds. Then you can begin to work by adjusting the power using the inductor.

DIY repair and major malfunctions

During operation of the Partner 351 chainsaw, various breakdowns and malfunctions can occur. Some of them can be fixed with your own hands, without contacting service centers and repair shops.

  1. When the engine is running, a lot of black smoke is released, does the chainsaw stall at high speeds? Most likely, the muffler is clogged. To fix the problem, it must be removed and all garbage and soot removed. For many years of operation, the Partner 351 chainsaw muffler, and not only that, is clogged with soot. After wet cleaning, the muffler should dry. At the time of repair, the inlet from the muffler is closed with a piece of cloth.
  2. No fuel available? There may be several reasons:
  1. The fuel filter or hole in the fuel tank is clogged. To correct, remove and clean the fuel hose or breather.
  2. Problems with carb adjustment, including clogging of its channels and membranes. The partner 351 chainsaw carburetor consists of many small parts. For repair, it is better to contact a service center.
  3. Lack of fuel in the tank. To fix it, you need to pump up fuel, and fill the tank.
  • Problems in the cylinder-piston group, namely, loss of engine power or gas contamination of the crankcase? Such malfunctions are extremely rare; for accurate diagnosis and elimination, special equipment or a complete replacement of the cylinder block with the piston may be required. You can try to visually assess the state of the system, for this you need to remove the silencer:
    1. If there is a loss of engine power, then most likely a problem with compression. For diagnostics, it is necessary to measure the pressure in the cylinder using a manometer. If it is significantly less than the standard indicator of 8-9 atmospheres, then a complete replacement of the cylinder-piston block will be required.
    2. If there is intense formation of gases in the crankcase, then it is necessary to carefully study the condition of the piston ring. Any microcrack or chip on its surface violates the tightness of the system. The ring must be removed and replaced. To do this, it is better to contact a repair shop.
    3. For more information on solving problems with idling and starting the engine, see the Partner 351 repair video.



      The Partner 351 chainsaw, despite its low cost, copes well with its tasks. It is indispensable for working in the garden, on a personal plot. Most of the faults can be fixed with your own hands, without resorting to the services of repair shops.