Carburetor Adjustment On Patriot Pt 555 Trimmer

Carburetor Adjustment On Patriot Pt 555 Trimmer

Trimmer gasoline Makita RBC 411U

Petrol trimmer Makita RBC 411U is a lightweight portable tool designed for mowing grass, small bushes and single shoots of young trees in medium areas. This is a semi-professional device used both for personal needs and in communal and forestry. The Makita RBC 411U is designed with ease of operation, high productivity and reliability.

The manufacturer of Makita RBC 411U lawn mowers is the Japanese famous brand Makita, founded in 1915 by Mr. Masaburo Makita. In those days, the company was engaged in the repair and production of electric motors and generators, gained popularity, and won the international market. In the 90s, the company turned into a concern, spreading its representative offices and enterprises around the world.

Currently, the Makita brand produces more than 1000 items of various equipment, including electric cars, hand-held electric and gasoline powered tools, and garden equipment. The company’s engineers continue to develop and improve their production, introducing new technologies, expanding the range. At the same time, quality always remains unchanged!

Advantages of the Makita RBC 411U Lawn Mowers:

  • Reliability.
  • Mobility.
  • Independence from the power source.
  • Great power.
  • Professional equipment.
  • Designed to work in medium and large areas.
  • Updated engine.
  • Environmental friendliness, the number of exhausts is reduced.
  • Built-in vibration damping system.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Possibility of using various cutting heads.
  • Profitability, low fuel consumption.
  • Delicate haircut along fences, borders.
  • The brush cutter function is present.

Disadvantages of Makita RBC 411U lawn mowers:

  • Relatively heavy weight (7.3 kg).
  • Noise at work.
  • Use of flammable substances.
  • The cost of lawn mowing.

Lawn mowing weight 7.3 kg. A two-stroke gasoline engine is located at the top of the boom. Its production capacity is 2 horsepower. The latest generation motor saves fuel and releases less exhaust gas into the atmosphere. Starting a power plant from a kick starter, contactless type ignition system. The gearbox is reinforced, angular, with a creeper.

For convenience, the Makita gas trimmer is equipped with a vibration damping system, a convenient shoulder strap evenly distributes the load, saving the operator from fatigue during prolonged mowing.

Direct type rod, one-piece, rigid shaft, bicycle handle. the whole structure is perfectly balanced. lawn mowing is designed for mowing grass, shrubs and young trees, the working bodies have a blade knife or court with fishing line 2 mm thick, it is possible to install a disk.

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Cutting width 40 cm, height adjustable manually. To protect the operator from grass residues and slivers, a protective casing of lightweight durable plastic is installed.


User’s manual

Each “Makita” lawn mower, including the RBC 411U model, is equipped with an instruction manual; the manual contains complete information about the tool:

  • Gas trimmer device.
  • Step-by-step assembly of lawn mowers (diagrams and descriptions are attached).
  • Table of characteristics of the selected model.
  • Safety requirements at work and during maintenance.
  • Preparing for the first launch.
  • First Time Guide
  • Engine break-in.
  • Maintenance of lawn mowers.
  • Petrol trimmer problems.

First start

The following simple steps will help you properly prepare your trimmer for use:

  1. Assemble tool.
  2. Adjust the shoulder strap.
  3. Put on and secure the knife or court.
  4. Attach the protective cover to the trimmer.
  5. Connect the high voltage wire to the candle.
  6. Check the contact on the candle.
  7. Check that the fasteners are secure.
  8. Fill the fuel tank with fuel.
  9. Add engine oil.
  10. Start the power plant.
  11. Verify that the knife is operating at idle and in operating mode.
  12. Check the operation of mechanisms and controls.

When the trimmer is fully tested, the engine is running. run in.

Running in

Run-in duration 5 hours. During this time, the lawn mowing is used sparingly at half the engine power. all parts are run in. At the end of the break-in period, it is necessary to completely replace engine oil (grade SAE10W-30 or 2T semi-synthetic).


Proper maintenance of the gas trimmer will extend its life and save you from frequent breakdowns. The manufacturer of equipment “Makita” recommends the following maintenance work for the RBC 411U lawn mowing machine:

  1. Engine oil change: immediately after the break-in period and initially after 20 hours of operation, then every 50 hours of operation.
  2. Replacing the spark plug every 100 hours of operation.
  3. Maintenance and cleaning of the air filter every 3 hours of operation.
  4. Care of the trimmer, cleaning it from dust, vegetation, oil stains is made after each operation.
  5. Lubrication of components and mechanisms of a gasoline tool.
  6. Sharpening (replacement) of the cutting elements every three hours worked.
  7. Preparation for long-term storage.

Trimmer preservation includes the following:

  • disconnect the wire from the spark plug;
  • drain fuel, oil;
  • clean the air filter;
  • to clean, wash and grease a lawn-mow;
  • remove the knife, grease the shaft, wrap the knife in oiled paper;
  • clean in a dry ventilated area.

Basic faults and solutions

Even with proper maintenance, trimmers can fail.

The engine will not start, stalls, heats up:

  • gasoline is missing or of poor quality;
  • the oil level is below normal;
  • lost carb settings;
  • carburetor clogged;
  • fuel lines clogged with dirt;
  • no compression in the cylinder;
  • open circuit in / in wires;
  • no contact on the candle;
  • the spark plug is out of order;
  • fuel overflow;
  • kick starter does not stretch;
  • magneto requires attention.

The engine does not turn off:

  • the connector is disconnected;
  • the electrical system has failed.

The trimmer vibrates violently:

  • the knife is deformed;
  • the knife is out of balance;
  • knife fasteners loosened.

Grass does not mow:

  • a knife or disc is dull;
  • the fishing line in the head has ended.

The knife does not rotate:

  • vegetation wound on the rotor;
  • the casing is blocked;
  • the drive is broken;
  • the fixing bolts are loose.

The rotor does not stop immediately:

  • check the throttle cable connection;
  • high idle;
  • drive damage.

Video review

Overview of comparing Makita 2-stroke and 4-stroke lawn mowers

Owner reviews

Nikita, 29 years old:

“I bought Makita rbc411u last year. Convenient unloading belt, almost no weight is felt, unusual upper grip. Mows both grass and bushes. "The engine is perpetual, it starts up from a half-turn, the stroke adjustment is very smooth, fuel consumption is moderate."

Sergey, 21 years old:

“I bought Makita two months ago, I decided to choose not with a belt, but with a corset, mowed it three times, get used to the instrument, a little unusual arms. It works great at low speeds, cuts both branches and bushes. ”

Nikolay, 33 years old:

“I’m looking for a suitable trimmer, definitely gasoline. The power came Makita rbc411u. I would like to know more about this trimmer. Is it suitable for a plot of hundreds in 10? Who will say what? ”