Chainsaw Partner 350 Malfunctions And Their Elimination

Fuel mixture and lubricating oil

For the proper operation of the Partner 340 saw and its durability, the manufacturer recommends using unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of at least 92 and a special oil designed for two-stroke engines for preparing the fuel mixture. It is of utmost importance to maintain an accurate 40: 1 ratio. That is, in other words, for 5 liters of gasoline you need 125 ml. Oils. An automatic lubrication system requires a constant supply of oil in the reservoir. Use the best oil of the highest quality for refueling.

Chainsaw Partner 350 Malfunctions And Their Elimination

Chainsaw Partner P340S. Specifications. Chainsaw malfunctions and their elimination. Technical characteristics of the Partner 340 chainsaw

A type petrol chain saw
Class hobby
Cylinder volume (cm 3) 35
Engine power (kW / HP / rpm) 1.44 / 1.93 / 9000
Fuel tank volume (l) 0.25
Fuel consumption, tank 0.25L (min) 40-50
Oil tank volume (l) 0.15
Oil consumption, tank 0.15L (min) 40-50
Recommended tire length (cm / inch) 35.56-35.56 / 14-14
Tire included (cm / inch) 35.56 / 14
Chain pitch (inch / mm) 3/8 ″ / 9.52
Chain tension adjustment instrumental, frontal
Carburetor Walbro ruixing
Ignition system Zhejiang Fenglong, CDI
Oil pump type auto
Oil pump flow rate (9000 rpm, ml / min) 8-15
Idle speed (rpm) 3,000
Maximum speed (rpm) 13,500
Chain speed at maximum power (m / s) 22.8
Vibration level at handle (front / rear) 6.673 / 5.792
Noise level at operator’s ear (dB) 103
Noise level measured (dB) 108.7
Noise level guaranteed (dB) 108
Spark plug NGK CMR7H
Electrode gap (mm) 0.6
Cylinder diameter (mm) 35
Piston stroke (mm) 31.1
Drive link thickness (inch / mm) 0.05 / 1.3
Drive sprocket type / number of teeth 3/8: Spur / 6
Weight (without bar and chain, kg) 4.5
Manufacturer Partner
Manufacturer country China
Guarantee 2 years

Operating instructions and maintenance

Before operating any equipment, it is very important to carefully study all the nuances of preparation for work, the rules for using and storing the tool. In the instructions, the manufacturer indicates which fuel and oil to use, how to properly adjust the carburetor, describes the most common malfunctions, their causes and remedies.

You can view and download the Partner P340S user manual from the following link:

Advantages and disadvantages of a chainsaw

This Swedish saw has a number of advantages that set it apart from analogues:

  • Excellent quality and increased strength of the body plastic;
  • Chrome-plated cylinder walls;
  • Built-in spark arrestor;
  • Saw chain emergency stop system;
  • Safety lever for more safety;
  • Convenient chain tensioning with a wrench.

Chainsaw Partner P340S

The powerful Partner P340S chainsaw belongs to the household class. With its help, you can perform simple household work, akin to sawing off dry branches and twigs, harvesting firewood, etc. The power of the American Briggs Stratton engine installed on this saw is 1.9 horsepower. Automatic chain lubrication, electric start, chain emergency stop and vibration and noise damping system make using the chainsaw comfortable and convenient.

Carburetor adjustment

  • We warm up the engine;
  • We tighten the screw L until it stops, after which we loosen it by a quarter;
  • If the saw continues to stall at idle, turn the T jet;
  • For correct operation of the "Partner" chainsaw under load with the screw H, we achieve maximum speed.

For installation, it is advisable to have a universal key and a tachometer (crankshaft rotation counter) at hand. Carburetor installation and ignition adjustment are carried out at the Partner plant. Therefore, a completely new saw does not need to be readjusted.

Functionality and technical characteristics of the Partner 350 S chainsaw

The considered modification of the chainsaw has a modern design and decent ergonomic and operational characteristics. The external device of the Partner 350 chainsaw is shown below. According to the detailed diagram, the Partner chainsaw of the 350th model consists of:

  • Cylinder hatch;
  • Front handle;
  • Saw arm hand brake lever;
  • Starter cover;
  • Carter;
  • Starter rope;
  • Throttle control lever;
  • Air damper;
  • Rear handle;
  • Ignition switch;
  • Gas tank;
  • Muffler;
  • Tire sprocket;
  • Chain;
  • Tire;
  • Rail fasteners;
  • Blade catcher;
  • Clutch cover;
  • Right hand guard;
  • Throttle lever;
  • Throttle stop;
  • Universal key;
  • Saw head tensioner;
  • Primer.
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The power component of the device is a single-cylinder 2-stroke engine running on a fuel mixture. Reinforced piston group, large torque reserve, effective air cooling system extend the service life of the device. With a cylinder volume of 34 cm 3 and 3.2 cm of piston stroke, the chainsaw generates a rated power of 1.3 kW. This is enough to create a high cutting speed in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Chainsaw setting "Partner" 350

According to the operating instructions, before starting the Partner 350 chainsaw, it undergoes special training, which includes:

  • Installing a saw headset or checking its tension for already installed parts;
  • Checking the serviceability of the brake band;
  • Transfer the brake lever to the ready state as shown in the figure;
  • Filling the oil can and the gas tank with fuels and lubricants. The fuel mixture is prepared in a ratio of 1:50 from oil for 2-stroke engines and unleaded AI-92 gasoline.

The launch is carried out on a flat surface, sharply pulling the throttle cable. With a cold start, open the air damper and allow the chainsaw to warm up. Only after that you can gain momentum and move on to woodworking.

All the possible nuances of adjusting the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands are detailed in the operating instructions. If they are not followed, the tool is not insured against malfunctions and repairs, the budget of which can be unpredictable.

Chainsaw "Partner" 350 malfunctions and their elimination

The most vulnerable systems of the 350th chainsaw from the Partner brand are:

  • Motor part;
  • Ignition system;
  • Lubrication failure.

Diagnostics of engine breakdowns

If the engine runs badly or does not start at all, the reasons may be as follows:

  • Lack of gasoline or air intake;
  • No spark to ignite.

For a more accurate analysis of the situation, you must:

  • Make sure the fuel reaches the carburetor section. if not, then:
  • Saw tank empty:
  • The float needle is clogged;
  • Air access to the fuel tank is cut off;
  • The petrol filter is clogged. These breakdowns are eliminated by cleaning the cleaning systems, refilling the chainsaw with high-quality fuel.
  • If gasoline reaches the carburetor, examine the plug for defects. it must be dry and with the correct gap. By its external state, one can judge about possible malfunctions of the entire instrument (see Figure below).
    • If, when connected to a grounded wire, it does not spark, the problem is in the plug itself, which may need to be replaced. In addition to the candle, other spare parts often fail. the ignition coil or switch;
    • Spotting a wet candle is a sure sign that the candle is flooding. This could be due to:
    • Incorrect or failure of the factory settings of the carburetor;
    • Filling the carburetor block with fuel.,

    In any case, the carburetor settings need to be updated.

    Chainsaw "Partner" 350: device, characteristics, DIY repair

    Chainsaw "Partner" 350. a productive and reliable chainsaw from the "Partner" brand. This manufacturer is part of the group of companies of the Danish concern "Husqvarna", which significantly influenced the quality and functionality of the equipment it produces.

    Easy to operate and convenient, this chainsaw will come in handy for summer residents and gardeners. And low weight and compactness do not create restrictions for transporting the tool.

    Chainsaws Partner (Partner) 350

    Popular among gardeners, the Partner 350 chainsaw successfully combines endurance, the ability to cope with the most difficult household tasks and economy. This model tolerates operation well in difficult weather conditions, which makes it possible to use it both in summer and winter, without the risk of unexpected breakdown of the main working units

    Chainsaw Partner 350 starts up and stalls

    There may be several reasons for this malfunction. Most often, the engine of the tool starts up and immediately stalls due to a clogged factory breather, as a result of which fuel does not enter the engine cylinder in sufficient quantity for operation. To fix the damage, you will need to remove and clean the breather. If it is damaged, then it will need to be replaced.

    Another reason is the missing contact of the spark plug with the electrical wiring cap. This can be due to mechanical shock or engine oil carbon deposits on the plug. To repair the Partner 350 chainsaw, the spark plug will need to be removed and cleaned. In some cases, a complete candle replacement can help.

    The third reason for the malfunction is a strong blockage of the standard chain saw muffler. Over time, carbon deposits form on its walls, which prevents exhaust from the engine. As a result, gases build up inside the motor and interfere with proper operation. To fix the damage, it is necessary to remove the muffler and clean it with compressed air. You will also need to disassemble the motor and blow out its cylinder.

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    Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands

    Before you start tuning the standard Partner carburetor, you need to thoroughly clean it from dust, dirt and carbon deposits that have accumulated on the walls. In addition to the carburetor, you will need to rinse and dry the fuel and air filters. Otherwise, the operator will not be able to accurately set the required engine speed.

    In the upper left part of the protective plastic case of the Partner saw there are holes, inside of which the manufacturer provides bolts for adjusting the carburetor. Having found them, you can proceed to the basic configuration of the node. To do this, the left and right screws, which are responsible for the number and quality of turns, respectively, must be set to the fully tightened position. They must be loosened immediately afterwards by 1/5 of a turn. The third adjusting bolt, marked T, must be left in the position in which it is installed.

    The final setting of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw is performed in the following order:

    • First, you need to start the saw and let its motor run to fully warm up;
    • After 5 minutes, you can start adjusting. First, the left bolt must be turned in the direction of the clock hand until the engine reaches maximum speed. Then the left bolt must be turned 1.4 turns in the opposite direction. After completing these steps, the engine of the Partner chainsaw should work confidently at idle;
    • If, after manipulating the left adjusting screw, the chain on the bar begins to rotate, then it must be stopped by alternately turning the bolt T;
    • Then you need to proceed to setting the quality of the fuel mixture. To do this, the right adjusting screw will need to be turned in the same direction as the clock hand. As soon as the motor reaches the maximum permissible speed, the screw must be unscrewed 1/4 turn in the opposite direction.

    When setting the maximum engine speed for the Partner 350, it is better to use a tachometer connected to the motor. As soon as the device shows the same rpm as indicated by the proprietary operating instructions for the model, it means that turning the screw must be stopped.

    What to do if the chain on the Partner 350 chainsaw is not lubricated?

    If the chain for the Partner 350 chainsaw is no longer lubricated with oil, this can lead to overheating of the bar and rupture of the saw headset. Ignoring this problem can also lead to increased engine load, which can lead to engine failure.

    The first thing to inspect if there is no lubricant on the chain is the oil pump. Over time, the teeth on its drive wear off, which can also happen due to a clogged pump. The element is usually impossible to restore, so it is best to replace it.

    Often, lubricant does not get on the chain of the Partner 350 chainsaw due to clogged oil pipes. In this case, the hoses will need to be replaced by treating their joints with the fittings with a sealant.

    Chainsaw Partner 350. model features

    High efficiency of the Partner chain saw in the garden was achieved thanks to good factory parameters.

    Garden tool specifications include:

    • The power of the factory internal combustion engine is 1.8 liters. S. / 1.3 kW;
    • The volume of a standard forged cylinder is 36 cm3;
    • Engine idling speed. 4000 rpm;
    • Fuel tank capacity. 400 ml;
    • Oil reservoir volume. 200 ml;
    • Recommended bus length. 40 cm;
    • Saw chain pitch. 3/8 ";
    • Weight. 4.7 kg.

    During operation, the Partner chainsaw creates minimal noise and vibration. The sound pressure on the operator when the engine is running at maximum speed does not exceed 108 dB.

    Chainsaw Partner 350. malfunctions and their elimination

    Breakdowns of Partner garden tools can occur for various reasons, the most common of which are improper use and mechanical shock. To eliminate the malfunction, you will need to determine its exact cause in advance. After that, you can begin to repair the tool yourself.

    What to do if the Partner 350 chainsaw won’t start?

    In this case, the ignition system of the instrument must be carefully checked. Most often, the saw will not start if the gap between the magneto and the ignition coil is broken. In this case, you will need to disassemble the saw and adjust the distance between these parts. If you don’t have a probe at hand, you can use a pocket calendar or a paper business card instead.

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    Also, the Partner 350 chainsaw may not start due to a clogged fuel filter. If a lot of debris has accumulated in it, then it will not pass the amount of fuel needed by the engine. In this case, the filter will need to be replaced.

    Chainsaw Partner 350. model features

    The Partner 350 saw has good factory parameters.

    Specifications for this popular model include:

    • Power. 1.7 liters. FROM.;
    • Maximum shaft rotation speed. 130,000 rpm;
    • The volume of the tank for filling fuel. 400 ml;
    • Oil filling tank volume. 200 ml;
    • The recommended length of the bus used is 35–40 cm;
    • Chain pitch. 3/8 ";
    • Weight with saw headset. 4.8 kg.

    Due to its low weight and small dimensions, the Partner 350 can be used at high heights without additional insurance for the operator. This makes it possible to operate the chainsaw on felling trees in order to clear tree trunks from dry branches.

    Chainsaw Partner 350. malfunctions and their elimination

    Most owners of this Partner model face problems that can be considered typical of this tool kit. To be able to eliminate them, you should understand the causes of breakdowns and study the most effective methods for their repair.

    Chainsaw Partner 350. ignition adjustment

    If the Partner 350 saw stops starting, then you need to check the condition of the plug and the ignition system. To do this, you need to unscrew the part and inspect it. If it is clean with small light spots, then you need to adjust the ignition system of the tool.

    Next, you need to check the voltage of the high-voltage cable. For this we use a light bulb or probe. In the absence of voltage, the problem is a wire break. If it is intact and not broken anywhere, then you need to adjust the gap in the ignition system of the Partner 350 model.

    To adjust the clearance, turn the 2 side bolts located next to the handwheel of the tool. As a result, the flywheel will move away from the ignition coil. After that, you will need to install a probe between the parts, and turn the side bolts in the opposite direction. The handwheel should move closer to the coil. At the end, you need to carefully remove the probe and assemble the saw.

    Chainsaws Partner (Partner) 350

    The Partner 350 chainsaw is in high demand among both novice gardeners and experienced fellers. The model combines reliability, high build quality and economy. An important advantage of the tool is its low cost. This makes the saw affordable for almost every customer.

    Chainsaw device Partner 350

    The Partner 350 chainsaws are equipped with a reliable 2-stroke petrol engine with a power of 1.3 kW. The engine is equipped with an efficient forced air system that enables the internal combustion engine to operate in the most difficult weather conditions. The engine includes an electronic ignition system and a durable fuel pump, which makes starting the chainsaw smoother and faster. The piston group and the engine cylinder are coated with liquid chromium. this protects the internal combustion engine from corrosion and prolongs its service life.

    The manufacturer has provided a fuel primer for manual pumping of fuel in the model device. This makes it possible to use the tool throughout the year. The drum of the starter mechanisms of the model is equipped with an impeller that automatically cleans the starter from dirt.

    The model is equipped with an operator protection system. It consists of a right-hand guard and a double inertia brake. The chain is lubricated automatically by an oil pump. To tension the chain, an asterisk is provided in the side of the chainsaw, for adjustment of which 2 keys are required.

    For air purification, the model comes with an improved filter equipped with a CCS system. It extends the life of the filter and makes it possible to save fuel.

    All internal mechanisms and parts of the tool are protected by a reliable plastic case. It is able to withstand falls from small trees and accidental impacts on foreign objects.

    The Partner 350 stands out for its ergonomics. It is equipped with two rubberized grips at the front and rear. Switches and adjustment buttons are located at the back of the tool, near the operator’s hands.