Change the star on the Carver chainsaw. The device of the leading star on the chainsaw

How to remove an asterisk on a Carver chainsaw

There are many tools on which you have to periodically change various spare parts. This also applies to chainsaws. Those people who have a chainsaw on the farm often face the problem of failure of a star, which is one of the main components of this tool. Therefore, many have a question: how to remove an asterisk from a chainsaw? This part is often called the clutch disk or centrifugal mechanism.

The drum, which is based on the clutch of the mechanism, is an integral part of the chain drive. This part in the form resembles an asterisk, as a result of this, such a name appeared. Regardless of the type of chainsaw, the part can be professional or household. Professional saws are most often used than household ones, and in this case, the replacement of the part should be carried out regularly. With saws that are used in everyday life, everything is a little easier, since the volume of work is much less than the operation of these tools for professional purposes. In the second case, the load on the tool is much larger than in the first, and thus, it is worth checking from time to time to check the performance of the star.

Crown, bearing and saw asterisk

The main reason for the replacement of the asterisk is its wear, or rather, wear of the teeth. This happens during the interaction with the chain. In the case of the installed monolithic drum, in the mechanism the chain cuts it out almost completely. This leads to the need to replace the whole detail. A chainsaw having a drum with a replaceable crown, greatly simplifies the task. Thus, one can do only a replacement of a crown.

As a rule, people who are faced with a breakdown of the stars usually turn to special service centers for help, thinking that this process is complex and takes a lot of time. Such a procedure can cost a considerable amount of money. If desired, the entire replacement procedure is really possible to produce at home. This will help to gain personal experience and save your own funds. This kind of event does not take much time, just have the necessary details and the necessary tools. The process of replacing the sprocket is the same for any chainsaw model.

The expediency of timely replacement of worn parts of the chain drive

The design of its crown is determined by such an important parameter as choosing a chain by step.

  • The installation of a new part on a worn sprocket reduces the smoothness of its stroke, forced wear, initiates the risks of its break and create a traumatic situation.
  • There is also an increase in operational loads on the engine and elements of the tools of the tool.
  • A similar process takes place when installing old stretched circuits on the tire, the diameter of which is adjusted to the size of the tire by removing part of the links.

Experts also do not advise arbitrarily change the size of the stars. The experiment can adversely affect the engine resource and the cinematics of the tool as a whole.

The safety of sawing work of various degrees of complexity is ensured by the effective operation of the emergency stop brake and devices that block the scattering of the ends of the chain in case of accidental breakdown. In any embodiment. the most reliable prevention of emergency situations, maintaining a chainsaw in good technical condition.

Method of extending the resource of the leading star

In practice, for uniform wear of the crown of the star, a set of several same circuits is operated, which alternately change as the cutting edges of the saw links gone through. Nevertheless, sooner or later the user is faced with the need to replace a worn part.

The owner’s desire to equip the headset with a saw chain with a different step, leads to the need to change the asterisk to the part with the crown of the corresponding profile. This requirement applies to the entire range of chainsaws of European and Chinese.

The operational reliability of the saw of European assembly, when working in difficult conditions of increased loads, can significantly deteriorate if, instead of a proprietary part, put a Chinese.made star.

Classification of leading stars of chainsaws

The main difference between them is the frequency of replacement and the speed of wear: in the models of the “Prof” series, the wear is faster, and repairs are more often.

By constructive features, leading stars of chainsaws are:

The latter consist of a hub with a stationary crown of a certain number of teeth. Their factory pressing does not allow to remove the crown separately from the hub. This situation is characteristic of many Chinese chainsaws, for example, from the Champion brand.

The business with prefabricated stars is easier: the removable crown is quickly unscrewed from the axis of the drum, so the repair of special difficulties does not cause. This option is the advantage of most of European descent, for example, “Stihl” or “Husqvarna”.

When to change the star of the chainsaw?

If the chain glues at low speeds, the saw is operated for a long time on one chain and the leading star, and during its inspection defects are established, its change is mandatory.

Outwardly the condition of the asterisk is determined by its teeth. They are considered worn if on them:

  • there are small chips or furrows from the guide;
  • Their width is disproportionate;
  • The corners between teeth and cavities are different;
  • hub with bullying and other deformations due to lack of lubrication.

In each of the above options. the asterisk is subject to repair.

Why do you need a stars of a chainsaw?

There are several main nodes in the chainsaw: engine, case, tire, chain, leading and driven stars. A driven sprocket and chain are installed on the tire of the chainsaw. The chain equipped with cutting tools serves to cut wood, but for this it must be set in motion. The leading star of the chainsaw is located near the engine and is set to move from the engine through a centrifugal clutch. The driven star is located on the other end of the tire and performs the function of the supporting and stretch element.

There are two types of stars for chainsaws. team and whole. The whole is a monolithic element installed behind the clutch coupling. the so.called star with a stationary crown. The crown is motionless attached to the clutch drum associated with the centrifugal clutch.

A similar design is used in most chainsaws, including Chinese production. Nothing complicated about how to remove the star from the Chinese chainsaw, no. but you need to remove the whole star completely.

With more expensive models, the situation is even easier. Their stars for chainsaws have a prefabricated structure with a replaceable crown. The crown is put on the shaft of the drum and transfers torque to the chain. Therefore, replacing the stars on the chainsaw is made very quickly and simply. the crown is removed, and the drum can be left in place.

When to change the stars of the chainsaw: Types of faults

The main problem of leading stars is the wear of the teeth. In normal operation mode, the leading star for the chainsaw has minimal wear. subject to the rules of operation and normal lubrication of the chain. But if during the sawing the canvas stumbles on a hard object (stone, nail, etc.e), the tooth that at that moment carried out the chain will receive a very strong dynamic blow. So strong that the tooth can easily break. As a result, when working, the chain will slip and can break off the tire. this will lead to an injury or breakdown of other elements.

Despite the constant lubrication of the canvas, the chain moving at a high speed still has an abrasive effect on the asterisk. Therefore, over time, it will be worn out in any case. to know when you need to replace the stars on the tire of the chainsaw, carry out regular inspection of this node.

The failure of the bearing is unlikely provided for the correct operation. If it is well smashed in time and well, then the asterisk will be erased much faster than the bearing. Nevertheless, if this happened, it is necessary to unscrew the asterisk on the chainsaw, replace the bearing, first smashing it well, and then install it back.

The design of the leading star of the chainsaw

The construction of the chainsaw has not only a leading, but also a driven star. The leading star of the chainsaw is in the design of the tool, and the driven is located at the end of the tire. The purpose of the driven device is to align the tension and direction of moving the chain device.

Leading devices are whole and prefabricated. Whole products consist of a hub with a sophisticated gear crown. When replacing, the entire mechanism is dismantled, since the gear structure is indiscriminate. With whole gears, chainsaws of many well.known brands are equipped with whole gears.

What does a whole gear on the chainsaw look like

Collapsible products are more advanced, since the process of replacing them is simplified through the simplest design of the mechanism. Only one crown is changing, the cost of which is 2 times less than the prefabricated mechanism. You can determine the corresponding wear of the gears of the gear according to the following signs:

  • The presence of large radii in the places of transition of teeth
  • Uneven tooth width
  • Detection of chips and chips of metal on the upper part of the teeth
  • Bullying and risks on the inner surface of the holes in the hub
  • When starting the tool, the chain is revealed

With the wear of the leading device, it is necessary to replace it. You can do this yourself, for which the tool is initially disassembled, and the option of the installed device is determined. If an indispensable gear is installed on the tool, then instead of it you can install the national mechanism, which is more rational.

Distinguish between two varieties of installation of leading stars on chainsaws. The first method provides for the location of the gear on the outside. Such designs are the most common Stihl brand on the chainsaw. The design of such a device is displayed in the photo below.

A product of a non.vegetable type on the tool

The second option is inherent in Chinese tools. The teeth of the gear are not located on the outer, but from the inside, that is, the device is located the opposite.

Star design on a Chinese chainsaw

Depending on the design of the tool, the process of dismantling the products in question will differ.

It is interesting! To extend the service life of the lead gear of the chainsaw, you must definitely run the instrument, and do not overload it when working, which depends on the purpose (household, semi.professional or professional). A domestic tool can be cut down a tree, but the saw is not intended for this, and its frequent use with overloads will lead to wear of composite parts.

Classification of leading stars of chainsaws

In accordance with the power class, the saw on which they are installed can be:

The main difference between them is the frequency of replacement and the speed of wear: in the models of the “Prof” series, the wear is faster, and repairs are more often.

By constructive features, leading stars of chainsaws are:

The latter consist of a hub with a stationary crown of a certain number of teeth. Their factory pressing does not allow to remove the crown separately from the hub. This situation is characteristic of many Chinese chainsaws, for example, from the Champion brand.

The business with prefabricated stars is easier: the removable crown is quickly unscrewed from the axis of the drum, so the repair of special difficulties does not cause. This option is the advantage of most of European descent, for example, “Stihl” or “Husqvarna”.

Design and function features

The sprocket of the chain drive is functionally combined with the clutch drum, inside which there are fists clenched by the spring. The peculiarity of the structure of the design is that the engine shaft passes and rotates freely inside the clutch drum. Rasty fists are hardly fixed at the end of the shaft.

When working at idle, the spring clenches the fists and they do not touch the drum. With an increase in revolutions, centrifugal force exceeds the stiffness of the spring and fists come into contact with the walls of the drum. The latter begins to rotate.

The teeth of the saw chain are in the hook with the teeth of the leading star. One of the functions of automatic centrifugal clutch is to protect the engine with increasing load on the circuit over the permissible limit. This can occur when jaming the circuit.

The outer part of the drum is covered by an emergency brake tape. When leaning the handle, the tape is pressed against the drum and inhibits its rotation. The effect is the same as when jaming the circuit.

The peculiarity of all the chainsaws. the drum and clutch fists are attached to the shaft using a nut with left thread so that the mechanism does not spin during operation.

The causes of inaccuracies and how to determine the need to replace

The wear of the teeth of the leading star can occur for several reasons:

  • natural wear together in the teeth of the chain;
  • accelerated wear as a result of excessive tension or lack of lubrication of the chain;
  • incorrectly selected chain;
  • Technological defect.

Metal wear can be determined visually when examining the asterisk without removing it from the saw. Dents and chips on the surface should not exceed 0.5 mm.

The need to replace is determined by increased noise when the chain moves, but this is characteristic only in the presence of deep potholes. It is difficult to notice shallow production during work, but the chain will wear out hard. With the breaks of the teeth, the chain can move in jerks, which is especially good during operation.

Features of the operation of the chainsaw

The gasoline saw has a design in the form of a classic mechanism, which is driven by an internal combustion engine. The device design device provides for the use of the simplest single.cylinder two.stroke carburetor engine operating on a gasoline basis. Due to the simplicity of such engines and the structural features of a gasoline saw, this unit is a and reliable device that withstands difficult operational conditions.

When working with a chainsaw operator, special knowledge or skills are not required. The only condition for long and uninterrupted operation of equipment is a regular technical inspection and maintenance of the tool. When using the device, it is necessary to replace worn nodes on a regular basis on a regular basis. To reduce the wear of the device, it is necessary to carefully ensure that the saw chain is lubricated, to control the degree of wear of the chain itself and the leading star.

Before repairing a gasoline saw, you should understand in detail its design. To replace any main structural element, for example, a leading star, you must familiarize yourself with the mechanism of interaction of clutch on the aggregate.

The principle of design of the clutch drum at the unit

A chainsaw is an unit that is equipped with a leading asterisk, and is a single complex that has a clutch basket. Clutches with a centrifugal type are installed on such units, which are automatically triggered, based on how many revolutions the engine has.

Drums that are the basis of such clutch on the mechanism of the unit are considered integral parts of chain drive systems. Such details are similar in shape to the star, as a result of which they received such a name. Based on which chainsaws are considered, these details are divided into professional and household. Since professional chainsaws are more often used, the replacement of the leading star in the tool should occur more often. Considering domestic tools, it is worth noting that the volumes of work and loads that affect the aggregate chain affect the frequency of replacement of parts.

But in any situation, the main reason for replacing the asterisk is worn teeth on which the chain affects. If there is a monolithic drum in the device, the chain cuts it out in fact through and therefore it needs to be completely replaced. If drums are installed in the units that have interchangeable crowns, then it is enough to replace the crown itself.

As a rule, if it is necessary to remove the star from the chainsaw, many tool owners use the services of specialized service centers, but to save the family budget, such a replacement can be performed independently. The implementation of this task is not difficult, but for its implementation it is necessary to have the necessary details and tools. Replacement of a sprocket for each model of a chainsaw is carried out in a similar way.

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How to remove an asterisk on a chainsaw

You can remove and change the asterisk at home without resorting to the service of the service center. The procedure is this:

  • We unscrew the fastening of the saw headset with a special key;
  • unscrew and remove the headset lid;
  • unscrew and remove the air filter cover and the filter itself;
  • We unscrew the spark plug.

To remove the asterisk, you need to fix the engine piston. To do this, we smoothly pull the cord of the kick starter, raising the piston up, but not bringing it to the end. Pour a long segment of the thick cord into the candle hole until the combustion chamber is filled. This is necessary in order to prevent the piston from passing the upper dead point. At the same time, the cord will serve as a damper, protecting the piston from possible damage. Part of the cord should exit the hole so that then it can be extracted.

To unscrew the asterisk, you need a special key that rarely comes with a set of saws, especially cheap models. You need to use a grocery of soft metal. copper or aluminum.

The gap is leaning against the protruding of the cams of the centrifugal mechanism and inflicting non.strokes with a hammer. The direction of the blow should be almost parallel to the plane of the coupling, since with a large corner you can bend the mounting of the cams and the clutch will have to be changed. Direction of the blow. counterclockwise. Often, the inscription “OFF” and the arrow showing the direction of the blow are applied to the clutch.

You can not use steel gaps or a chisel, since there is a great risk of damaging.

After frightening the nut from the place, it can be unscrewed with your hands.

Some manufacturers of sawing clutch and sprockets use simple nuts with left thread. Then the task is simplified, because for removal you can take a simple open key of the desired size.

Now remove the leading star, trying not to lose the plastic gear of the oil pump drive and a needle bearing.

How to install

After all the work is completed, the asterisk can be replaced in good. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order. It is advisable to additionally grease the needle bearing.

When twisting the nut of great efforts, there is no need to attach, since it itself will be delayed during operation.

Are there any ways to extend the resource of an existing star?

The main ways to extend the working resource of the leading star of the chainsaw:

  • use several chains (preferably three). This method is the most gentle and convenient for the owner of the chainsaw in that you do not need to constantly tighten the circuit worn intensive work. Operation alternately three chains will save the resource of the sprocket and delay its replacement;
  • High.quality maintenance of the bearing of the leading star. This detail plays an important role in the functioning of both the drive star and the engine. For lubrication, it is recommended to use a special lubricant. The stars bearing is not constantly involved, but only at idle, so it needs periodic lubrication. You can use a tire grease, for example, standard lubrication from Repsol or Husqvarna.

The main reasons for the replacement of the leading star

Universal key is the main tool that will be required when replacing a star.

The most common reasons that force to repair the tool associated with the replacement of the leading star are:

  • the jamming of the chain due to the occurrence of defects during the operation of the unit;
  • High wear of the sprocket as a result of prolonged operation of the unit.

With regular use of the device, an increased wear of the leading star occurs as a result of the provision of increased loads on it during the cutting of wood. There are two ways to operate the device:

When using the first method of operation, the chain is operated until completely wear. This method has several disadvantages. The main one is the problem with the control of wear during the intensive operation of the unit.

When used in the process of two or more chains, you can achieve uniform wear of chains and asterisks, which allows you to extend the period of functioning of the device before the repair consisting in the replacement of the sprocket. In addition to wear of the star, one should not forget about the bearing, which is installed in the asterisk. This design element works at any engine speed. When replacing the stars, the bearing should be changed simultaneously.

The coupling complete with an asterisk should be replaced in a timely manner. With the untimely repair work in the process of functioning, an increased vibration occurs, which leads to an increase in the wear of the bearings of the internal combustion of the internal combustion engine on the semi.sunny semi.sun. The maximum depth of wear of the sprocket teeth should not exceed 0.5 mm. The service life of the asterisk is twice as long as the service life of one circuit, so two chains should be used in the process. After the production of the resource of the chains, simultaneously replacing the chains and the leading star should be carried out.

Clutch drum algorithm

For uninterrupted use of the chainsaws, regular technical inspection is necessary.

When replacing the clutch drum should be used for installation only a strictly defined type of structural element of the device. When replacing the drum, you should simultaneously change the bearings of the structure of the structure.

For repair work, you should purchase a special repair kit, which contains a leading star and bearing. After the purchase of the repair kit, the required materials and tools should be prepared for the repair. The main tools that will be required during the repair are as follows:

  • universal key that comes with a chainsaw;
  • Stop the piston can be made of plastic or metal;
  • Special shooter of the centrifugal mechanism or clutch drum.

The work procedure consists of several stages. Each stage has its own characteristics depending on the design features of the chainsaw, but the scheme and sequence of work are the same for any model of the unit.

Sequence of repair work

At the first stage, the saw’s headset is carried out, the cover of the guide tire is removed. After removing the cover, the guide tire and saw chain are dismantled. Removing the fastening nuts is carried out using a universal key, which is included in the set of supply of the unit.

After removing the saw chain and the guide tire, the air filter is dismantled. Then the ignition candle is dismantled. A traffic lock prepared in advance in a pre.prepared candle. The stopper allows you to fix the position of the piston in the cylinder and prevent crankshaft turning. The clutch coupling should be removed using a special fighter installed in the universal key connector. All actions should be carried out clockwise.

After removing the clutch coupling, an approach to the internal details of the device opens, that is, after removing the coupling, you can remove the star.

After removing the clutch drum, it is carried out, depending on its type, inspection and verification of the crown and asterisk. Depending on the design of this node, the design elements of the structure are replaced. When carrying out the repair, special attention should be paid to the springs of the centrifugal mechanism and its fists. If wear is detected, they should be replaced.

If components do not cause complaints, all structural elements are installed on the chainsaw in the reverse order. First of all, you should twist the piston stopper and pull out the starter cord, after which the piston stopper is installed in place. This complex sequence of operations makes it possible to clamp the centrifugal mechanism on the unit crankshaft. The clutch is installed in place and clamped using a universal key in the set of a chainsaw. The clamping with the key should be counterclockwise.

The last step in repair work is the installation of the remaining structural elements of the device.

When replacing the stars, all work should be carried out carefully and with caution. All repair work should be carried out using special tools, otherwise it is possible to disable a centrifugal mechanism or saw chain.