Circular saw Makita which to choose. Advantages and disadvantages of Makita saws

Circular saw rating for price and quality

People who are engaged in repair and construction work sooner or later need to buy a disc saw. With the help of the tool, a cut of any type of wood, composite and plastic materials is carried out. When choosing the desired disk, it is possible to cut metal, ceramics, slate and stone. What model to purchase for work in the house, in the country or production conditions, will tell the rating of circular saws, which presents the best options 2019-2021.

Place Model
one. Makita HS7601, 1200 W Prices Review
2. Bosch GKS 190, 1400 W Prices Review
3. Makita 5008MG, 1800 watts Prices Review
4. Interskol DP-190/1600M, 1600 W Prices Review
5. Bosch GKS 600, 1200 W Prices Review
6. Makita DSS610Z Prices Review
7. Bosch GKS 18V-57 0 Box Prices Review
eight. Bosch GKS 12V-26 0 Box Prices Review
nine. Makita DSS610RF Prices Review
ten. Metabo KS 18 LTX 57 4.0ach X1 LIHD (2021) Prices Review

BSS610 RFE battery.

High.Power mobile tool created by Makita (thanks to its innovative developments) is a battery disc. This is a high.Quality professional tool that has a high speed of disk rotation. In the battery disc, new generation batteries were used: lithium. Ionic. Reduced the weight of the batteries and their overall dimensions. This makes the process of working with a saw as convenient and effective as possible. At the same time, batteries are able to satisfy the high needs of a professional tool, in productivity practically not inferior to the tool working from the network. Lithium. Ion batteries have a high service life. The operating time of the tool on one charge of the battery has been increased, and it takes about half an hour to restore a waste charge. The advantage of the battery disk saw is mobility. Its use is especially relevant when the user’s workplace often changes

For cutting steel products: pipes, metal profiles, sheet metal (wall thickness up to 6mm.) Discount saw for metal is intended. The tool produces clean cutting at high speed, without burrs, burning and sparks. It is equipped with a carbide saw disc, wrench, goggles.

Makita 5604RK


Simplicity of design, reliability in operation.Even an external inspection is enough to appeal to the Japanese. Nothing is bent, does not play and does not fall out.Excellent balance, minimal vibration, very suitable for long.Term work. A very necessary option is a case! It is very convenient to transport the saw in it without fear of damage to the mechanisms.


The blocking button is drowned into the case, I personally do not like it, since it is necessary to turn it on the side of the thumb, and when working in gloves, you can not get it at all, but this is most likely to be resolved by the issues of the operator’s basicity.


Long and carefully chose between such devices other manufacturers.Bosch and Hitachi turned out to be equivalent.The cheaper other manufacturers offered either a lower cut depth at the same power, or the required cut with a much more powerful motor, and this categorically did not suit me because I needed to work from a 1 kW generator. Developed service. As a result, I once again chose Makita.


Assembly quality! Reliable mechanisms, disk protection. There is nothing play. The presence of a case.

Criterias of choice

So, which model of the circular saw to choose for home? The first thing you should pay attention to is to the technical characteristics of the device. The main parameters of disk saws include: power, cut depth, speed of cutting tools, capabilities and the presence of additional functions. Consider the options for choosing in more detail.

Makita Circular Saw Review | Guide Rail vs DIY Saw Guide | HS7601J/2

The specifics of the design. Separate such types of circular saws depending on the constructive performance:

  • Stationary. It is advisable to buy such a tool for large volumes of the same type of work (at enterprises when processing lumber in large quantities). The tool is placed on a frame that requires a separate place for installation, and sometimes the room;
  • Desktop. These are stationary saws, only “miniature” installed on the table. They are used in everyday life, when performing significant volumes of handling of lumber (during the construction of a bathhouse, houses, outbuildings, etc. D.);
  • Manual. Mobile devices that allow you to work even with a small workpiece in different planes. Such a tool is used for sawing blanks not only of wood, but also from soft metal or plastic. The power of circular saws of this category is the smallest and requires periodic rest.

Power. The power of the device is a determining factor in determining the depth of the cut and the permissible density of the processed material. The greater the power of the device, the better. Manufacturers install power plants on their models, the power of which depends on the intensity of use:

  • Household. Up to 800 watts;
  • Universal. From 800 to 1.2 kW;
  • Professional. From 1.2 to 5 kW.

It should be understood that a more powerful power plant provides the best performance indicators, stability and continuous operation.The weight. Power affects not only the performance of the device, but also its mass.Body indicators. You should not chase very powerful models, which can simply be inconvenient to perform certain types of work. For example, to perform most roofing work, experts use compact and ergonomic batteries.

The depth of the cut. This parameter directly depends on the diameter of the cutting disk used in the circular. The larger the disk, the more thick and massive blanks can be processed. However, in order to promote a large cutting tool, to maintain the speed of its rotation at the right level, you will need a greater torque, and as a result. A more powerful motor. The depth of the cut depends on the diameter of the cutting disk. Based on this, manufacturers will compare their models with electric motors of a certain power, each of which supports a certain depth of cut:

  • Household.Provide a cut depth of 40-50 mm. Used for sawing sheet materials;
  • Universal. This indicator varies within 50-60 mm. Used to solve a wide range of problems;
  • Professional. Allow you to process blanks with a thickness of 65-140 mm.

The speed of revolutions. The speed of rotation of the cutting disk affects the quality of the cut. The higher. The better. However, we should not forget that the higher the speed of rotation of the shaft, the lower its torque. When sawing the material, the cutting tool inevitably heats up and the higher the speed. The greater the temperature. For example, plastic tends to melt at high temperature, which is fraught with jamming of the disk and the failure of the engine.

Adjusted cutting. One of the important points when choosing a suitable disk saw for a home is the ability to make a sawing at an angle. This function is provided by the design of the platform, which can change its position relative to the axis of the cutting disk. Depending on the model, the slope can be adjusted to 30, 45, 55 °. The position of the platform is adjusted with a lamb or clamping mechanism.

The ability to work with metal. Most universal (semi.Professional) disk saws can process metal by installing an abrasive or gear carbide disk. Compared to an angle grinding machine, such a tool has a lot of advantages:

The disadvantages of cutting metal with a disc is the high cost of consumables.

Building material. In the production of the disk saw case, manufacturers use shock.Resistant materials that withstand high loads and temperatures. Among the most common can be distinguished:

  • Metal. Characteristic of professional equipment;
  • Heat.Resistant plastic. Differs in a small mass, which is a characteristic feature of domestic devices;
  • Metal mixture with plastic It is considered specialists an ideal option. The metal increases the resource of the tool, and the plastic significantly reduces its weight.
circular, makita, which, choose, advantages

Diameter and type of cutting discs. Equipment is the main and consumable element of any circular. The productivity of the device and the quality of the cut depends on its quality, design of the tooth and diameter. Distinguish of saw circles:

  • Monolithic. Without attacks, they can have a sharp or curved tooth. Withstand several re.Plating. Used for cutting wood;
  • Chards. Attacks made of carbide material provide the tool with greater functionality and durability. However, they require professional sharpening on specialized equipment.

External diameter can vary from 130 to 250 mm. The maximum equipment diameter is limited to the size of the protective casing of the device. Depending on the purpose, saw circles can have 10, 12, 24 and 40 teeth.

Modern models of “circular” are equipped with serious functionality, among which the most popular are:

  • The system for maintaining a constant speed of rotation. The controller reads the speed of rotation of the shaft, with the fall of which (for example, when entering the zone with more viscous and dense material), the electronics automatically increase the speed due to the supply of the device’s power;
  • The smooth starting system allows you to reduce starting currents and the load on the mains. The equipment smoothly gains momentum, thereby increasing the resource of the gearbox and the life of the tool;
  • The overload protection system will automatically stop supplying power when overheating of the engine windings;
  • The electrodynamic brake stops the rotation of the equipment at the end of the cutting process. This option increases the security of the operator when using the tool;
  • The sliding clutch eliminates the likelihood of a reverse impact and failure of the power plant when jamming the disk;
  • Protection against random inclusion is an additional device for turning on the device. To launch the device, simultaneous pressing of the start buttons is required, which is almost impossible to make by chance;
  • The spindle lock provides the simplicity of replacing equipment with only one key;
  • Parallel emphasis and the guide tire allow the operator to perform straightforward cuts parallel to the edge as well as possible;
  • The springy casing completely hides the equipment, releasing the saw disk only when emphasized in the workpiece;
  • Coal speed adjustment allows you to manually choose the best process parameters for cutting a specific material.

The best disk saws with depth draped 70-85 mm

For use in everyday life, a cut depth of 70 mm is almost never needed. Therefore, almost all tools of this class are professional devices and which circular saw is better, you need to choose, starting from the set production tasks.

Makita 5008MG Bosch GKS 190
Power, W 1800 1400
The number of revolutions, rpm 5200 5500
Revolutions adjustment
Disk diameter, mm 210 190
Planting diameter of the disk, mm thirty thirty
Max cut the depth at an angle of 90 °, mm 75.5 70
Max cut the depth at an angle of 45 °, mm 57 fifty
Smooth start
The ability to work with the guide tire
Maintaining constant speed under load
Weight, kg 5.1 4,2

Disco Makita 5008mg saw

Work disk 210×30 mm is a drink of 75.5 mm and 57 mm when tilted at 57 °. The confident operation of the tool provides an engine with a capacity of 1800 watts, accelerating the saw disc up to 5200 revolutions per minute.

  • 4.8 kg. Not the highest weight for a saw with such characteristics.
  • When working, high power is immediately felt. The saw “goes” evenly and without jerks.
  • Good weight and general ergonomics. If necessary, allows the saw with one hand.
  • Even pure cut on all materials of suitable thickness.
  • Rubber overlays on handles. Confident holding the tool when working.
  • Small network cable. 2.5 meters are not always enough for comfortable work.
  • Parallel emphasis is not always confidently “holding a trajectory”.
  • There is no groove in the working sole for moving along the guide tire.
  • At the start of the saw, the backlight automatically turns on. Even when it is not needed.
  • Difficult review of the working area-due to the design features of the tool.

Disco Bosch GKS 190

Professional circular saw with a 1.4 kW engine, which rotates a disc with a frequency of 5500 revolutions per minute. The saw gives out a cut depth of 70 mm, and when the disk is tilted by 45 °. 50 mm.

Makita XSH06 X2 Circular Saw Review

  • Long network cable. 4 meters enough to move with a tool for a large room.
  • The weight of 4.2 kg is very little, as for a professional class device. If necessary, the tool can be held with one hand or work on a vertical plane.
  • High speed disks give out a pure even cut. In most cases it is not even required to additionally process it.
  • The angle of inclination of the sole relative to the disk can be set within 55 °.
  • The depth of the cut is enough for all situations when the processing of the boards of a manual circular. If you need a little more, then by removing the lower casing you can put 200 mm disk and the cut depth will increase to 75 mm.
  • The hexagon for the clip of the disk can quietly fall out of the mount on the case. It is better to store it separately.
  • The sawdust system does not always correctly perform its functions-with a working vacuum cleaner, chips fly out from under the knife quite often.
  • Lack of smooth start. At starting, you must firmly hold the saw in your hands.
  • Difficulties may arise with the search for a disk with an external diameter of 190 and an internal in 30 mm.

Makita circular saws (disk): reviews, prices, advantages, disadvantages

  • Having wide working functionality, Makita circular saw can be a solution to many problems associated with the pre-installation preparation of construction and installation materials.
  • A corporate range of circulation saws of Makita brands in performance, reliability and real resource is at the same qualitative level with the best similar developments of leading European manufacturers.

The positive verdict of specialists and independent experts confirm friendly reviews of domestic and foreign users. Examples of many years (over 15 years) productive operation of branded saws of past years are given.

Operational features

Typical Makita characteristics are: this is:

  • Power supply and rotational moment;
  • High efficiency of power drives;
  • The equipment of professional models with carbide sawing of general purposes and with wear.Resistant diamond spraying.

The branded manual circular saw Makita in the basic version is characterized by moderate weight and small dimensions that allow you to effectively use the tool in places with problematic access.

A feature of branded developments:

  • The strength of the supporting tables and the entire structure as a whole;
  • The use of the advantages of torsion vibrationgers;
  • Lack of operational plays;
  • Salpling time setting up a fixed angle of inclination of a saw node.

Overview of disk drinking brands Makita

The company’s production facilities are aimed at the production of sawing technology of a professional level, and only part of the model range has household status.

circular, makita, which, choose, advantages

The saws of the budget price range on the quality of the raw materials and care of the assembly used are identical to the development of a professional category.

Household products are less productive and lower than the resource of components.

Makita 5008MG

  • In terms of technical and working capabilities, the modern Makita disk saw of 1800 watts and weighing more than 5 kg occupies an intermediate position between the models of the household and professional category.
  • The tool at a price of 9,000 rubles shows excellent results in the implementation of complex, angular and diagonal sawing work.
  • This contributes to:
  • The size of the saw of saws increased to 210 mm, the possibility of cutting wood, materials of a plastic assortment and some soft metals to a given depth of up to 75 mm;
  • The tool is equipped with a sawing area of ​​the sawing area, with rubber rough overlays on the handles, a system of blowing sawdust from the surface of the working area.

There is a function of inclined accurate cut at fixed angles of 22, 45-50 ° and spindle lock when replacing the saw nozzle.

Makita 5103 r

The universal, in many ways, the 5103 R series Disco saw is originally focused on the implementation of large volumes of saw and business wood, plastic and combined multi.Layer panels, aluminum profile.

A 9.4 kg tool, equipped with a 2100-watt power unit, is designed to work with a saw disk nozzle with a diameter of 270 mm. At right angles, the cut depth is 100 mm.

The design of the model 5103 R contains the advantages:

  • Electronic device for a smooth launch of an electric drive;
  • Torsal type vibration.Gaming;
  • Effective in the operation of the desktop cleaning system from chips and sawdust.

The vacation price of the tool in different regions of Russia is 26300-26800 rubles.

Makita 5477NB

The hypo-legged disk saw Makita is equipped with a moderately powerful 1800-felt power drive, accelerating the saw 185-millimeter disk nozzle to a speed of 4500 rpm.

The angles and depth of the cut up to 85 mm are pre.Installed by means of adjusting screws and graduated scales. A saw with low.Noise hypoid transmission is characterized by an optimal combination of a weight of 6.5 kg and the traction characteristics of an electric drive with a high useful action coefficient.

The instrument received an additional rubberized handle, an improved mechanism for setting up cut depth and an anti.Corrosion coating of the base. In its proprietary category, the Makita 5477NB model worth 25,500 rubles has the maximum number of positive reviews.

Makita 5604 r

According to the above parameters, a disk saw weighing 3.6 kg and a price of 4600-4800 rubles complies with the standards of the household class. Cutting disk, 160 mm in size, activated by an economical electric drive at 950 Watt output.

Pre.Minded cut depth at right angles is up to 54 mm, the saw accuracy is realized by the installation of a parallel stop included in the set of parallel.

Overview of the features of the disco saw of the brand 5704 Rk

The Makita 5704RK circular saw will cost a little more. 7300 rubles. It is a professional tool that can be used for deep cuts. The equipment allows you to adjust the angle and depth of the saw, which is guaranteed by the presence of a platform from below. Even cut is achieved by parallel supports, which are delivered in the kit.

Sawdles are removed through a special tap. The maximum disk diameter is 190 mm, while the minimum value is 170 mm. Such circular saws on the Makita tree are safe to use, because they have a pendulum mechanism that excludes the contact of the working disc with the workpiece, contact is possible only in the process.

At the top of the saw there is a challenge for connecting the vacuum cleaner hose, sawdust in operation will be removed there. One cannot fail to mention the universality of the design. The operator will be able to set the desired angle using a scale with a slider. Equipment management is very simple, because the design has a handle, which is made taking into account the laws of ergonomics, this allows a specialist to accurately conduct a tool.

How to choose a circular saw for a home or cottage

When choosing a specific model from TOP, the best disk saws should pay attention to parameters such as:

  • Diameter of the saw disc. The higher the indicator, the thicker and wider the workpiece can be processed.
  • Engine power. It shows the duration and stability of the tool. For simple repair and summer cottages, 800-1000 W will be enough.
  • The depth of the cut. For homework, there will be enough middle class with a depth of 5-7 cm or primary class in 3-6 cm.
  • Disk rotation speed. The larger the turnover, the faster the saw. But even cut cannot be guaranteed. A small number of revolutions suggests that the work will be more slow. However, the cut will be more even, and dust and noise will be less.

A circular saw can be cut not only of wood, but also other materials

Also, when selecting a certain disk saw for the home and cottage, it is recommended to adhere to the following principles:

  • The stationary device is convenient when there is a need to constantly do Driving blanks for construction.
  • The electric jigsaw is suitable for small homework. For example, cutting skirting boards, creating an opening for a hob in a countertop or under a sink.
  • A powerful engine ( than 2000 watts) Ideal for large construction.
  • A tool with a small disk diameter and a battery is needed for a saw In hard.To.Reach places. They can work on weight and easily hold in their hands.
  • Circular saw of low power with a depth of cut 35-45 mm Suitable for work with laminate, plywood and pine thin boards.

Rating review of disk saw Makita

Makita circular saws presented in the review are the best solution for amateurs and professionals, providing an excellent result.

Makita HS7601, 1200 W

Network electric saw Makita HS7601 with a capacity of 1.2 kW with the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning of the workplace and better visibility when sawing materials will provide even, straight cut, plastic and metal.

Flat execution of the rear of the engine allows you to simply and quickly change the brushes if necessary.

The model has a adjustable slope angle of cut within 45 degrees, equipped with a reliable network cable 2.5 meters long.

This circular saw is equipped with a parallel emphasis, a pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner, a hexagonal key for changing equipment, high quality sawing disk.


  • Power consumption. 1.2 kW;
  • Display depth (90 °). 66 mm;
  • The diameter of the equipment is 19 cm;
  • Landing hole. 3 cm;
  • The working angle of inclination is 45 °;
  • Rotation speed. 5200 rpm;
  • Features. Engine brake, spindle lock, connecting the vacuum cleaner;
  • Dimensional dimensions. 309 × 255 × 232 mm;
  • Equipment mass. 4 kg.

Makita 5008MG, 1800 watts

Disk electric saw of the Professional class Makita 5008MG with a 1.8 kW engine guarantees high.Quality sawing of wood and composite materials without much effort.

The maximum diameter of the circular equipment is 210 mm, which allows a cut up to 76 mm deep.

Using adjusting screws, you can set the angle and size of the cut, also in the model a special limiter for cutting the blanks of the desired size is provided.

The unit is supplemented by a movable protective casing, starting starting, airfolding the cutting from the cutting line.

The product is equipped with a vacuum cleaner pipe and parallel emphasis.


  • Power consumption. 1.8 kW;
  • Display depth (90 °). 76 mm;
  • The diameter of the equipment is 21 cm;
  • Landing hole. 3 cm;
  • The working angle of inclination is 50 °;
  • Rotation speed. 5200 rpm;
  • Features. Backlight, air cleaning from the cutting line;
  • Dimensional dimensions. 445 × 315 × 325 mm;
  • Equipment mass. 5.1 kg.

The Best Makita Circular Saw

Makita HS7601K, 1200 W

The Makita HS7601K model with an electric motor of 1.2 kW will be the best assistant in the processing of wood, wood-fibrous plates and other building materials.

The device is equipped with a parallel emphasis for accurate cut, an inclination system of up to 45 degrees that does not require the use of additional tools when configuring.

On the back of the unit is a removable panel that provides unhindered access to brushes and disk.

Transport case guarantees the convenience of storage/carrying tools and accessories.

The saw is equipped with an adapter for a vacuum cleaner, a hexagonal key and high quality disc.


  • Power consumption. 1.2 kW;
  • Display depth (90 °). 66 mm;
  • The diameter of the equipment is 19 cm;
  • Landing hole. 3 cm;
  • The working angle of inclination is 45 °;
  • Rotation speed. 5200 rpm;
  • Features. Engine brake, spindle lock, connecting the vacuum cleaner;
  • Dimensional dimensions. 309 × 255 × 232 mm;
  • Equipment mass. 4 kg.

Makita SP6000, 1300 W

The Makita SP6000 network power tool with a capacity of 1.3 kW will provide high.Quality sawing of horizontal and vertical surfaces from different materials.

The presented device makes it possible to work next to the walls and other limiters at a distance of up to 18 mm.

The disk in this model is completely closed with an ergonomic security casing.

An effective dust remote system with an option to access the vacuum cleaner allows you to maintain a clean workplace.

The built.In electronics regulates the number of revolutions, stabilizes the rotation of the engine, the launch is carried out in smooth mode.


  • Power consumption. 1.3 kW;
  • Display depth (90 °). 56 mm;
  • The diameter of the equipment is 16.5 cm;
  • Landing hole. 2 cm;
  • The working angle of inclination is 48 °;
  • Rotation speed. 5200 rpm;
  • Features. Engine brake, connecting a vacuum cleaner, smooth start, electronic protection, revolutions control;
  • Dimensional dimensions. 341 × 250 × 225 mm;
  • Equipment mass. 4.1 kg.

Makita HS7601x1, 1200 W

The circular saw Makita HS7601x1, equipped with a 1.2 kW productive electric motor, will become a reliable assistant to the master when processing blanks made of wood, composites and other materials.

The presented device provides accurate and even cut. There is a drift angle adjustment.

The device is equipped with a rear panel with flat elements for the most simple and quick access to equipment and brushes, an air system for removing sawdust to maintain the workplace clean.

The network saw is equipped with a power cable 2.5 meters long, engine braking, spindle locking.

The product is equipped with a parallel emphasis, a vacuum cleaner pipe, a hexagonal key, two saw discs.


  • Power consumption. 1.2 kW;
  • Display depth (90 °). 66 mm;
  • The diameter of the equipment is 19 cm;
  • Landing hole. 3 cm;
  • The working angle of inclination is 45 °;
  • Rotation speed. 5200 rpm;
  • Features. Engine brake, spindle lock, connecting the vacuum cleaner;
  • Dimensional dimensions. 309 × 255 × 232 mm;
  • Equipment mass. 4 kg.

Makita or Bosch circular saws. What to choose?

Disk or circular manual saw is not the only tool that cut different sheet material. But when compared with a manual saw and an electrician, it gives out an even slice, perform it with it is much more comfortable. The circular is highly performance. There are many models of this tool of both little.Known and popular firms on the market: Metabo (Metabo), Devolt, Bison, Intercommers, Bosch, Makita. Many people prefer the technique of the last two manufacturers, but they cannot decide that it is better than the circular saw Makita or Bosch, which tool for themselves to choose. Comparison of the technique of both brands can help in this.

Place Model
one. Bosch PKS 40 2015, 850 watts Prices Review
2. Bosch PKS 55, 1200 W Prices Review
3. Bosch GKS 600, 1200 W Prices Review
4. Bosch GKS 190, 1400 W Prices Review
5. Bosch GKS 235 Turbo 06015A2015A Prices Review
6. Makita HS7601, 1200 W Prices Review
7. Makita 5008MG, 1800 watts Prices Review
eight. Makita HS7601K, 1200 W Prices Review
nine. Makita HS7600, 1200 W Prices Review
ten. Makita SP6000, 1300 W Prices Review

Comparative table of models

In the table, we compared the technical characteristics of the presented disk saws so that you can easily compare and, possibly, choose your future assistant among them.

Model Tilt angle (°) Disk diameter (mm) Sprinking depth (mm) Power consumption (W) The number of revolutions (rpm) Tool dimensions (mm) Model weight (kg) Cost (rubles)
Bosch GKS 190 56 190 70 1400 5500 393 × 282 × 264 4,2 from 7 939 to 12 781
Interskol DP-190/1600M 45 190 63 1600 4800 348 × 263 × 240 5.5 from 5,229 to 7 410
Makita HS7601 45 190 66 1200 5200 309 × 232 × 255 4 from 8 190 to 11 697
Bosch PKS 40 2015 45 130 40 850 5300 305 × 225 × 245 2.6 from 5 990 to 7 490
Hammer CRP 1500 D 45 190 67 1500 4700 there is no data 4.8 from 5 194 to 5 490
BlackDecker CS1004 45 190 65 1400 5300 350 × 210 × 310 3.6 from 4 031 to 5 302
Makita 5008MG fifty 210 75.5 1800 5200 there is no data 5.1 from 10 216 to 15 238
Bosch PKS 55 45 160 55 1200 5300 330 × 270 × 450 3.9 from 5 785 to 8 160
BlackDecker CS1550 45 190 66 1500 5500 there is no data 3.9 from 4 703 to 6 039
Hitachi C6ss 45 165 57 1050 5500 300 × 220 × 160 3.2 from 5 300 to 6 599
circular, makita, which, choose, advantages

TOP-15 rating of the best circular saws 2021-2022

The best circular saws for price/quality for 2021-2022
one Makita 5008MG, 1800 watts Find out the price
2 Bosch GKS 600, 1200 W Find out the price
3 Metabo KS 55, 1200 W Find out the price
The best circular saws with a battery
one Bosch GKS 12V-26 0 Find out the price
2 Makita DSS610Z Find out the price
3 DeWALT DCS570N Find out the price
The best circular saws with a smooth start
one Parma 255d, 2300 watts Find out the price
2 Interskol DP-190/1600M, 1600 W Find out the price
3 Makita SP6000, 1300 W Find out the price
The best circular saws with a laser marker
one Hammer CRP 1500 D, 1500 W Find out the price
2 Status CP90U, 600 W Find out the price
3 Hiper HCS1500A, 1500 W Find out the price
The best circular saws with engine protection when biting
one Metabo MKS 18 LTX 58 0 Metaloc Find out the price
2 Edon OAF21-CSL Find out the price
3 Bosch GKT 55 GCE, 1400 W Find out the price

First, decide: what type of tool do you need? Professional models are expensive, but in terms of power, reliability and functionality they are in the upper part of the list. Semi.Professional. Simpler in terms of functionality, but in terms of power almost like professional. Household circular circus have minimal functionality and slight power, but it costs cheaper than the above, simpler in operation and it is easier to find consumables for them.

The main characteristics are as follows:

  • Power: the more. The higher. But take into account that more power consumption, more massive model, higher cost. The best option is with power in the range from 1.0 to 1.6 kW. Exclusion: when you need a device to solve special problems. For example, for working with very thin or opposite. Thick material.
  • Disk rotation frequency: the higher. The cleaner and thinner it drank. The scatter is small: from 4.5 to 5.5 thousand revolutions per minute. The difference will be visible only to specialists.
  • The depth indicator saw. Depends on the distance to which the disk can reach the right angle from the support platform. The depth becomes less with an inclined sawing.
  • The function of changing the angle of inclination. There are on all modern models of disc saws, pay special attention to the quality of the node: it is best to choose a saw with metal clamps and an arc of turning. They will not break off over time.
  • Saw disk: disks of different sizes are available and with teeth of various shapes. Maybe you will think a tempting figure configuration, but it’s better not to buy one. You will be tired of sharpening. And not everything can be sharpened at home. You will have to look for a salon and give money for regular sharpening.
  • Additional functions increase the cost of the saw. A system of smooth start, a stabilization system of rotation, protection against overload, sliding clutch are very interesting and useful, but if you rarely pick up a saw in your hands, you should not overpay for it.

TOP-12 best circular saws Makita: 2021 rating in price/quality and which battery model to choose

Sprinkled, cutting or harvesting building materials from wood cannot be represented without circular (disk) saw.

One of the best manufacturers of this tool is the Japanese brand Makita.

The devices of this company differ from analogues of high cost, but at the same time they have the highest quality assembly, and the manufacturer supplies tools with all the necessary functions and technical characteristics for full operation.

We have made a rating of 12 most reliable and functional circular saws Makita in price/quality ratio.

Tips for choosing a manual circular saw

From time to time in everyday life, one has to deal with various repair or construction work. When carrying out these works, wood processing is required. A saw comes to the rescue. When sawing blanks with a regular saw, part of the energy is spent on idle, so an electric manual circular was invented, which significantly saves strength and time. The cutting tape of the circular saw moves exclusively in one direction, which affects the effectiveness and speed.

Purpose and device of the circular

Electric circular. An indispensable assistant in any household or small workshop. This tool is designed for longitudinal and transverse cutting of wooden blanks. In addition to a tree, a saw can cut soft metal products, slate, plastic. This tool is not intended for work with brick, concrete and plaster.

The principle of operation of manual saws is practically identical. The electric motor located in the protective case through the drive system transfers rotation to the disk with a cutting canvas. The main difference between circular saws is the type of design and in the source of driving force. Circular are electric and manual.

In a manual saw, the rotation of the cutting disc is ensured by the muscular force of a person. The electric tool is harder and larger in size than manual. They also differ in the way of transmitting rotation. A manual saw is arranged in such a way that its working disk is installed directly on the rotation val. In the electrical version, the rotation transmits belt transmission. The device includes:

Saws of all types have a special emphasis that allows you to configure and regulate the depth and angle of cut. The subtype of electrical circular tools are batteries. These devices are inferior to electric models in power, but they are easier to carry, and they allow you to work autonomously without a power grid.

The main parameters of the tool

Circular devices can be divided by power. The more powerful the electric motor, the higher the stability and better. With increasing power, the weight and size of the saw increases. The cost of equipment also depends on this indicator. Therefore, when choosing a tool, first of all, you need to determine the circle of tasks that it must solve. To date, saws are divided into:

  • Household, which are used for periodically arising simple work at the house or at the summer cottage. Characterized by engine power up to 800 watts.
  • Universal. They justify their name by the fact that they are able to fulfill a wide range of tasks. Universal models can perform complex work, and they are used even in industry. The engine has a power from 800 to 1200 watts.
  • Professional equipment. Have a capacity of 1200 watts. This is a very large tool and requires work skills and certain skills. It is used in serious industries and is practically not used in everyday life.

Each species differs in the following characteristics:

  • The speed of rotation of the cutting canvas. What density the material can cut the cutting disk depends on the magnitude of this value.
  • The heat resistance of the case. The case can be made of plastic, metal or from their mixture.
  • The depth of the cut. The standard value for home saw is sixty millimeters. Professional models can saw blanks up to 140 mm deep.
  • The presence of a battery.
  • The ability to adjust the angle of inclination.

Hand disk

This model combines small size and sufficient power for most works. It is unpretentious and convenient to manage, so many masters prefer this type of saw. The average power of this type of tool is within two kilowatts. Professional versions suggest a capacity of about five kilowatts. The cut depth is from 40 to 70 mm. Some models are equipped with a tilt angle regulation unit. Advantages of manual disk saw:

  • High performance with simplicity of design.
  • Ease of transportation and ease of use.
  • Simplicity in maintenance.

Desktop saw

Unlike a manual saw, where the processed part is motionless, in this model the workpiece moves near the cutting disk, and the tool itself is fixed on the table. Cut depth ranges from 40 to 70 mm. The device knows how to cut both along and across the fiber at different angles. The advantage of this type of saw is the slight weight, mobility and the ability to saw parts of more than 60 mm. Of the shortcomings, strong vibrations are noted during work that reduce the quality of cutting.

Stationary on the bed

Most often, a similar tool is used in small workshops. He is able to cut the workpiece with a thickness of 50 to 140 mm. This tool must have a bed. It is usually cast, heavy and powerful. So that the casting of the bed show all the advantages, it is installed on a reliable base, most often concrete. If the machine is small in size, then the welded prefabricated design of the bed is used. Then the machine becomes more mobile.

The tool has its own working metal table with a cut for a cutting disk. The guide rulers are placed on the surface of the table, so it is more convenient to cut the material on such machines. The massive bed significantly reduces vibration, and at the same time the quality of processing of the workpiece increases. Noise level in such devices is minimal.

Reviews of the owners

Makita saws. A standard combination of quality, high cost and deficiency of the most running parts. The technique is excellent, but significantly inferior to European models in terms of equipment. For such money, you can find a more advanced option option. Garik

In the workshop, Japanese circular saw Makita 5903 R in intensive operation since 2014. Loads are relatively small, but constant. We saw a variety of materials, to copper and aluminum inclusive. The quality and durability of branded saw discs, the absence of backlash, stability of drive traction when the voltage drop in the network is respect. Nikolai Karimovich