Circular saw with the possibility of stationary installation

Saw types

By power, the saws are divided into:

  • Household;
  • Semi-professional;
  • Professional.

Domestic hand saws have a power rating of up to 800 W and are able to cope with sawing sheets of non-hard wood species. Semi-professional have a power of 800 W to 1.2 kW, and professional. over 1.2 kW, cutting almost any material.

Device advantages

A circular saw with the possibility of a stationary installation has a number of advantages:

  • High revs provide high-quality sawing with an even edge;
  • Compact size allows you to install the equipment even on small tables in a home workshop;
  • Device mobility;
  • Low weight;
  • Low noise level;
  • Stationary installation is provided by the sole;
  • Safety of work is guaranteed by a protective cover.

All work of the same type can be carried out by attaching the reversible saw to the table. After completing the task, the device is dismantled and transported to another location.

Table-mounted circular saws

  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 59 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 235 mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 85 mm
  • Power, W: 2250 W
  • Maximum speed: 6400 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 44 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 200mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 65 mm
  • Power, W: 1800 W
  • Maximum speed: 5500 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 59 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 235 mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 85 mm
  • Power, W: 2250 W
  • Maximum speed: 4500 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 29 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 200mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 68 mm
  • Power, W: 2000 W
  • Maximum speed: 6400 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 53 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 200mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 63 mm
  • Power, W: 1900 W
  • Maximum speed: 6000 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 29 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 200mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 68 mm
  • Power, W: 2200 W
  • Maximum speed: 5500 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 55 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 200mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 65 mm
  • Power, W: 2000 W
  • Maximum speed: 4800 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 54 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 205 mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 67.5 mm
  • Power, W: 2150 W
  • Maximum speed: 6400 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 47 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 205 mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 72.5 mm
  • Power, W: 2150 W
  • Maximum speed: 6000 rpm
circular, possibility, stationary, installation
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 48 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 210mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 75 mm
  • Power, W: 2300 W
  • Maximum speed: 4800 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 53 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 200mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 63 mm
  • Power, W: 1900 W
  • Maximum speed: 6000 rpm
  • Sawing capacity 45 °: 41 mm
  • Voltage: mains (220 V)
  • Disc diameter: 160mm
  • Maximum cutting depth 90 °: 55 mm
  • Power, W: 1200 W
  • Maximum speed: 5500 rpm

The hand-held circular saw with the possibility of stationary installation is especially popular, both in small home workshops and in large production halls. It can be used to cut virtually any material quickly and accurately. A special feature is the ability to cut both longitudinally and transversely at different angles. Thanks to the swivel mechanism, the handheld circular saw can be fixed at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees.

The inverted circular saw has a huge advantage over the ordinary circular saw. Some cuts require special precision, so the workpiece must be fed onto the blade. By flipping the saw over and attaching it to the table, we have a versatile cutting device that can handle any task at hand. Accuracy of sawing can be achieved due to the fact that during work the sawing process itself is visible, and the master independently controls the supply of material.

How to make a choice?

Choosing a saw that can be attached to a table follows the same principle as conventional circular saws.

Parameters to pay attention to:

  • Disc diameter. is determined by the tasks that will have to be performed using the device. You need to focus on the maximum cutting depth that is required.
  • Engine power. the ability of the saw to perform sawing with the disc that will be installed depends on this parameter. The tool cannot be used at full capacity.
  • Base plate. must be made of extra strong material so as not to bend during operation. This will prevent an emergency and jamming of the disc. The ideal is the manufacture of a plate made of aluminum with a thickness of 4-5 mm. But the cost of such a saw is much higher, in contrast to a steel sole. It is imperative to ensure that stiffeners are installed on the sole.

Fixed mount for circular

This simple device slightly increases the cost of the saw, but significantly expands its functionality. This is especially true for powerful heavy devices. The stationary mount is:

  • a pair of clamps that fix the mechanism on the workbench;
  • a pair of legs;
  • plate fixing the protection;
  • clip for the trigger button (the button is clamped in the “ON” position).

Holes are provided in the upper part of the tool body for fasteners. After installation, three points of support are formed, which securely and firmly hold the saw upward with the cutting teeth. It turns out a mini-circular machine with a working surface equal to the platform. Very convenient for cutting a large number of small parts.

Overview of hand-held circular saws with the possibility of stationary installation

A hand-held circular saw is a must-have in the arsenal of anyone involved in construction or carpentry. The most convenient models are those that are installed on a workbench or table and are used stationary.

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The first circular saws were developed by SKIL in the 1920s. Since then, the appearance of the instrument has undergone significant changes. Manufacturers are constantly working on improving the design, which to this day withstands fierce competition. What are the structural differences of the tool with a stationary mount and what models are on the market.

Additional accessories

A laser pointer is a convenient option that allows you to cut a part with markings covered with sawdust. Increases the cost of equipment, but is welcomed by professionals.

Disc replacement. modern models are equipped with a spindle lock, which allows you to quickly and easily remove the disc for replacement. Otherwise, the disk is removed with two keys. a long and inconvenient procedure.

Circular device with stationary installation

The circular saw is designed for cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting of relatively soft materials: wood, wood-based panels, plastics, non-ferrous alloys. Hand tools work quickly and accurately, therefore they are widely used in various carpentry works, as well as in:

  • roofing works;
  • laying floor coverings;
  • furniture making.

By replacing the blade on the hand circular, you can cut soft metals and profiles. And having installed it on a workbench using a special device. turn it into a machine.

The main elements of the circular saw:

  • electric motor;
  • gearbox in the housing;
  • guide;
  • platform;
  • protective box;
  • stationary mount.

The body of the tool is made of durable plastic and only a few models are made of metal. Since the work produces a lot of dust and chips, manufacturers provide for a chip removal system. As a rule, this is an outlet for connecting an industrial vacuum cleaner. There are models with a built-in dust container. a convenient solution for one-off work.

On modern hand-held models, only collector electric motors with a power of 750. 2500 W are installed. This indicator determines the number of revolutions of the disc and the capabilities of the tool. The most powerful models have a speed of up to 5000. A powerful motor requires cooling, which is provided by the ventilation system of the case.

The platform is of great importance when choosing. She may be:

  • stamped. cheaper, suitable for the amateur;
  • cast aluminum. does not deform, strong and resistant.

Often, a graduated scale is applied to the platform to help cut workpieces more accurately.

Guide bar. serves to make a straight cut. Some manufacturers equip their tool with a guide rail. But this is not always the case.

When choosing a guide, you should consider the model and manufacturer of the hand circular. The tire is often quite expensive, so it is more advisable to purchase a tool already equipped with a guide.

Selection Criteria for Fixed Mount Circular Saw

Although the choice of models with stationary fasteners is not rich, among them you need to choose the most suitable.

Saw assembly

Each manufacturer offers many options for completing their products. The most important additions are:

  • stopper. used to remove even edges of the material, turn an unedged board into an edged board, sawing off long strips of material from a piece;
  • ruler. bolted to the platform and helps measure the width of the piece to be cut.

Most of the accessories are found in inexpensive Asian-made saws. Big-name brands are usually limited to a meager set of the device itself and the limiter. The rest will have to be bought.

Installing the saw on a stationary mount

  • We attach the legs: we take out the plug-bolts and instead of them we screw in the bolts to fix the legs.
  • We attach the plate securing the protection. The guard must be pressed into the body and pressed down with a plate.
  • Using clamps, we attach the tool to the workbench by inserting hooks into special holes.

Only specially designed models are installed “upside down”! Otherwise, the tool may be overloaded or the disc will jam, resulting in costly repairs. Many manufacturers of hand-held circular saws warn against using the tool upside down. For information on this, see the operating instructions.

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There are few models on the market with the possibility of stationary installation. These are mainly domestic products. Distinctive features. large circle diameter and powerful electric motor.

Soyuz TsPS-50200 Caliber EPD. 2100St Craft CCS 2200 Baikal Rebir RZ 2-70-2 Interscope DP-2000
Power, W 2500 2100 220 1500 \ 1800 2150 2000
Idling speed, rpm 6000 4800 5500 3700 \ 4100 6000 4200
Disc diameter, mm 200 200 200 200 205 235
Max. cutting depth, mm 58 65 68 70 72 85
Inclination angle, degrees up to 45 up to 45 up to 45 up to 45 up to 45
Weight, kg 7 6.6 5.7 6,7 7.8

Table 1. Characteristics of some models of table-mounted circular saws on the domestic market

Circular saw Craft CCS 2200 (circular)

Circular saw Craft CCS 2200

If the task is to purchase a high-quality and reliable unit that can easily process wood, an excellent option would be to purchase a Craft CCS-2200 circular saw. The German quality is noticeable from the very first touch on the saw. Accuracy of parts, absence of defects and assembly defects. what captivates at first sight.

The saw belongs to household appliances, which is successfully used for carpentry purposes. The device will quickly and efficiently process wood, laminate, OSB and chipboard boards. For ease of use, there are two options:

  • Adjusting the angle of the disc to the base.
  • Cutting depth adjustment up to 68 mm.
circular, possibility, stationary, installation

In addition, the Craft CCS-2200 circular saw can be mounted in a stationary version. This fact allows it to be used for semi-industrial purposes. The main advantages of the device are:

Adjusting the slope of the cut

Although this characteristic is mandatory for all modern circular saws, yet not all of them provide for the ability to tilt the tool to both sides. Tilt angle limited to 45 degrees.

How to Use a Circular Saw. Everything you need to know. | Woodworking Basics

Types of circular saws

There are several features on the basis of which circular saws can be classified.

By scope

  • Standard circular saw. It can be used to cut wood with a density in the range from 0 to 85 mm.
  • Mini circular saw. It has a high power rating of 400-800 watts. This saw has a saw blade with a size of about 65 mm. The model is distinguished by its small dimensions and weight, which is about 2 kg. The cut created with its help has a depth of about 16 mm. Based on the above, we can conclude that this tool is suitable for cutting thin materials.
  • Cordless circular saw. It has a lot in common with the standard version, except that the battery is the power source for it. This explains why the saw is not as powerful and is offered at a higher price, although this is all offset by higher mobility. A similar tool is ideal for owners of suburban areas who are planning to build a summer cottage.
  • Plunge saw. Most of it is used to cut material from the middle. It will bring the greatest efficiency when a task arises of cutting holes inside a material or making blanks from any material. To cope with such tasks, it allows the plunge mechanism, thanks to which the saw blade can move in a vertical plane.
  • Diamond circular saw. The main working element is a diamond saw blade. It can be used to cut all types of artificial and natural stone, as well as ceramics and tiles. The ability to supply water improves the productivity of the tool. This saw can cut to a depth of 50 mm and can also cut material at an angle.
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Depending on the class:

  • household;
  • professional.

The difference between these models lies in their power. For household models, this parameter is in the range of 1100-1800 watts. Against the background of small dimensions, the weight of this saw is about 4-5 kg. It can work with material of normal thickness. 50-55 mm. The saw blade used in such modifications has a diameter of 160-200 mm.

The power displayed by professional saws ranges from 1800 watts and above. They differ in a rather significant weight, which is 8 kg or more. With their help, you can saw a bar, the thickness of which does not exceed 70-85 mm. Equipped with discs up to 250 mm. The quality demonstrated by these saws also determines their higher price.

Power tool care tips

Remember that you have to deal with a dangerous tool. Due to this, you need to be very vigilant and careful. Only in this case you will be able not only to do high-quality work, but also to protect yourself and the health of your family.

It is necessary to work with a circular saw only in protective clothing, gloves and goggles.

Before plugging in the saw, make sure it is off.

If you need to turn the saw on or off, it is advisable to do it at idle speed. If done under load conditions, it can shorten the tool life.

Make sure that the load does not exceed the permissible level. For this it is recommended to take breaks after every 15-20 minutes of work. This will avoid overheating of the engine.

circular, possibility, stationary, installation

Make sure the workpiece is securely fastened before operation. It is unacceptable for it to dangle and sag. Otherwise, it can be fraught with serious consequences for you.

Keep the area free of moisture.

Required functions

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a hand-held circular saw, it will be useful to consider the presence of the following functions.

  • Possibility of soft start. This refers to a condition in which the disc begins to reach its maximum speed gradually. This function can prevent the occurrence of high starting currents, which has a positive effect on the service life of the motor.
  • The ability to maintain a preset speed at any load. If you have to work with high density material, the engine automatically starts to increase the power of work to maintain the preset number of disc revolutions.
  • Anti-jamming protection. The best solution to this problem is the slip clutch. If the disc does jam, the motor will run as before, and the disc will stop spinning. While this option does not prevent kickback from the instrument, it does help to reduce the force of the instrument, which reduces the likelihood of injury.
  • Motor overload protection. If during operation the load on the engine reaches a peak level, it will automatically shut down, which prolongs the life of the tool.
  • Fast disc braking function. If you disable the button, the disc will immediately stop, which will happen rather quickly.
  • The ability to adjust the rotational speed of the disk. With a variety of materials, professionals have to adjust their rotational speed to achieve the most efficient cut.
  • The ability to adjust the cutting depth. This option is provided in any modern model of circular saws, the presence of which simplifies the process of setting an accurate depth value.
  • The presence of a riving knife. There is space behind the saw blade for this unit and avoids the workpiece being pinched.
  • The ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Any circular saws are equipped with this option. To use it, a special plastic pipe is provided on the body of the tool. Although when buying it does not hurt to make sure it is available.
  • The vast majority of saws also have a laser pointer. The owner can benefit from it if there are no high requirements regarding the quality of the cut.
  • A useful option is the LED, which is able to provide better illumination of the working surface.

Main characteristics

Considering various models of circular saws for a stationary installation, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to their performance characteristics, which determine the effectiveness of their use in solving a particular problem.

Selection Tips

Considering the various models of circular saws, it should be remembered that this tool poses a health hazard. For this reason, it is important to select this tool with particular care, taking into account the following points.

Particular attention should be paid to the economic component. When choosing a saw, you should take it in hand, try to understand if it is comfortable enough for you to hold it.

Do not think that the same model can be suitable for two people, since each of us has a different body structure, skills and habits. over, it does not even play a big role here, whether a circular saw of a trusted manufacturer is considered or not.

You should also take into account the material from which the protective casing is made. It must be characterized by high strength, the ability to withstand deformation in the event of a tool fall.

Test in operation the regulators located on the model body. Set up a few different angles. Find out if they just twist and twist just enough.

Make sure you can easily get to the carbon brushes if you decide to replace them yourself.

Try to be very careful when studying the settings, as neglecting these points can lead to serious injury in the future.

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Cutting depth

The value for this parameter ranges from 0 to 85 mm. The exact figure is determined by the class of the saw. Saws offered today can provide different cutting depths, depending on the engine power.

Disk rotation speed

This parameter is directly influenced by power. Increasing the rotational speed allows for a more accurate cut. It should be borne in mind that when cutting plastic, it is advisable to choose a low cutting frequency, since otherwise you may encounter such an unpleasant phenomenon as the melting of materials caused by a high speed of rotation of the blade. The standard figure for this parameter for professional models is 5000 rpm.

Tilt angle adjustment mechanism.

Sometimes you need an end, not perpendicular to the surface, but made at an angle to it. Just tilting the tool will not get it, the degree of inclination must not only be set, but also followed along the entire length.
To perform it on the base plate, on both sides, vertical semicircular posts with a slot for the retainer are installed. They include strips that connect the top casing.
The setting of the value is stepless or with a quick setting (small indentations) of the most demanded angles (0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees).
A well-executed mechanism, after tightening, does not get lost during operation. But the exact setting of the angle of inclination is not trusted by the factory markings, but checked by a goniometer.

Circular saw for wood Yato YT-82151

Circular saw for wood Worcraft CS13-185

Circular saw for wood Yato YT-82154

Circular saw for wood Yato YT-82152

What is the relationship between saw blade size and motor power?

Virtually all other characteristics of the tool depend on the outer diameter of the tooling and, first of all, the power of the installed electric motor.
The larger the disc, the deeper it goes into the wood and the more resistance the fibers have as it moves.
The lineup of most circular saw manufacturers: Yato, Sturm, Makita, AEG, BauMaster, Ryobi, Energomash, Dnipro-M, etc. “Junior” models have an outer diameter of 160 mm, providing a cut to a depth of 55 mm (usually this figure is one third of the diameter).
The most popular 180-200 mm cut in 60-70 mm.
The maximum depth, for example, for Titan PCP18-335 with an external dimension of 335 mm is 110 mm. Such models, weighing 8 kg or more, are purchased for a massive bar, and not for precise cutting of thin-sheet lumber.

A saw with a more powerful motor will easily go through wet wood, the equipment will not stop when it hits knots and problem areas, and even by increasing the feed, it will not be possible to “crush” the electric motor.
When working with a weak one, you will have to carefully monitor the sharpness of the cutting teeth. When they become dull, the load on the motor increases and it begins to overheat.

Circular saw from a circular saw. What is a shape-shifter?

It is very convenient if you can turn the device over and use it as a mini circular saw for wood.
These models are easily distinguished by their angular shape: a flat top of the body and a rectangular front grip. Due to their stability on the surface and special clamps-clamps, installed on one side in the casing, and on the other attached to the workbench (always included in the kit), provide a stationary installation.

Gaps along the disc, in width and technological cuts in the support sole are removed by installing a panel on top of it (steel pad).
As with conventional sawing, the safety of the carpenter is also ensured by the protective bottom hood.
Depending on the version of the circular saw, the maximum weight of the workpiece placed on top of the tool is limited: 10, 15, 20 kg, etc.

Small plunge-cut circular saw Holzmann TAS 89M

Circular saw with stationary attachment Baikal. Review with photo.

Consider an inexpensive version of a Russian-made saw, the city of Izhevsk. the brand “Baikal” with the possibility of a stationary installation, which sometimes greatly facilitates the work.
Probably the only plant in Russia that still functions and produces good tools.

Features and equipment of the circular saw:

  • Motor power: 1500W and 1800W, there are two options (models E-513A and E-512AK). powerful will allow you to work longer without stopping, it will heat up a little less.
  • Saw blade diameter 200mm, can be set up to 185mm (minimum).
  • Saw fit. the inner diameter of the blade is 32mm, when buying it is important to know this size, since there are quite a lot of them.
  • The cutting depth is 70mm if you are sawing in a straight line, and 47mm if at a 45 degree angle.
  • RPM. 3700 / min for the more powerful 1800W model, and 4100 / min for the 1500W model.
  • Total weight 5.7kg.
  • The plant gives a 2-year warranty, service life. 6 years.
  • Approximate price for 2102g. 3400 rubles and 3700 rubles, depending on power.

    There is no stationary mount in the kit and is purchased separately, it is inexpensive, about 200 rubles for 2012.
    It consists of two clamps, with their help the saw is attached to the table, three points of support are obtained: two of them are clamps, and the third is the saw handle, it is installed very reliably.
    The thing is quite useful, it turns an ordinary saw into a mini-machine. Allows you to guide the board over the saw, rather than dragging the saw itself. It is very convenient if you need to cut small flat boards, for example, it saves energy.

    There is a ruler included,

    How To Make A Straight Cut Using A Circular Saw

    Before you start cutting, wait until the saw has reached the full number of revolutions, only then bring it to the workpiece. You need to release the start button only after the workpiece has been completely cut, this will help not to overload the engine and extend the service life.

    The disadvantages of this circular saw can be attributed to its considerable weight, with prolonged work, the hands get very tired, you will not wave for a particularly long time. But a powerful engine always means additional kilograms, the more powerful it is, the heavier the product. In general, the unit is good, the stationary installation is of course a big plus.