Dewalt flexvolt batteries what is the difference.

Not all yellow. dwalt. Fake under the electrical screwdriver Dewalt DCD710. we disassemble and compare with the original

Not all the gold that shines, and not everything is DEWALT that has a yellow-black case. Popular stamps of manufacturers attract fakes who rivet copies and their own “analogues” of power tools, passing them for the original. over, in the world of counterfeit there are both frank hack and tools that even experts hardly distinguish from real. Our test team bought a whole bag of obvious Dewalt fakes, took the originals and dismantled both of them to see the difference not only from the outside, but also inside!

In general, our world is so oversaturated with fakes, and we already get used to them that we calmly relate to situations when the seller does not even hide the fake essence of the goods and tries to sweeten the buyer with a pill, calling a fake as “replica”, “non.original, but made on The same factory “and t. P. Nevertheless, the purchase of the Levaka that you took for the original is offended by three times. And in the case of a power tool, it is also unsafe.

We bought fake unstressed battery screwdriver, stressed battery screwdriver, as well as network corner grinding and peorator. And our partners from the Dewalt representative office supplied us with original tools who tried to copy Butleberers “.

Unstressed screwdriver Dewalt DCD710

Classes of fakes (if you try to classify fakes). there are different. Sometimes “one to one” is copied, and sometimes the “bootlers” make some fantasy sample whose analogues are not among the original assortment. This screwdriver is just from the last. Fake does not have the name of the model and does not copy something specific. A kind of “collective image” it is just called “Dewalt”, and there are no more names on its label. Actually, this is a great gift to customers, since the first and most obvious way to recognize the “leftist” lies simply on the surface. Not a single manufacturer had, no, and there will be no models without an individual alphanumeric name! And this name will certainly be indicated on the tool label. If it is not, definitely fake!

Having begun to study the appearance and characteristics of the nameless screwdriver, Dewalt specialists gave us the closest thing they had for comparison. the 12.volt unsuccessful screwdriver DCD710. KS.

In the photo (1) fake on the left. Fake has an expressive metal rim on the gearbox, a larger battery, more variegated in the alternation of yellow and black colors on the case.

On the right side (if you look “in the direction of movement”. in the direction of the cartridge) on the fake there is a relief inscription “Dewalt”. At first, this seemed to us an argument in favor of the serious approach of the “pirates”: nevertheless, making a new press form-this is not a cat sneezed, it is tens of thousands of dollars of investments! However, having carefully looked after, we realized that the pirates are very “cunning in the back mind” and the embossed inscription is a removable sign (2)! You can add another dye to the polymer (some other recognizable color brand in color, obviously), change the signs without a pale, very differently expand the assortment! Remember the bearded joke about Georgian: “There is such a wine. there are no labels yet”.

DEWALT: FLEXVOLT Batteries with 20V MAX Tools

A pale and blurry nameplate (3) with the word “Dewalt”, a voltage of 26 V and the turnover of the first and second speeds. 0–600 and 0–2200 rpm of/min is glued from another side on the fake body. And also on both sides there are as many as two (!) Symmetric slot, in which two universal Plus-Minus bits are inserted.

Here on the corps of the original (4). everything is as it should! The inscriptions are made in Russian, a clear font. the name of the model and the true voltage of the battery (10.8 V, which is simplified for consumers in large print on the battery, like 12), and the maximum diameter of the shank of the equipment, and serial number, and release date.

As we have already said, outwardly there is simply no similar model in the assortment of Dewalt-apparently, some universal Chinese OEM corps was taken for Fake and, with the help of color filler in plastic and the removable plate, it “touched” it to the “Devil” family. The buyer for such suspicions (if he suddenly swore and tensed) usually say something like this model is “not for the market, just unofficial delivery”.

dewalt, flexvolt, batteries, difference

By the way, the cartridge of the fake is a two.fold (5) cartridge; no spindle lock in the tool. It is extremely inconvenient to hold a miniature cartridge with a second hand for the base in order to squeeze the equipment. Dewalt has a cartridge, of course, one.button, and a blocking is built into the gearbox.

By the way, the second of the obvious and lying on the surface of “gifts”, allowing to identify a fake and not contact it, is an inscription on the battery. 26 V (6) is a completely fantasy power voltage, and both for the ecosystem of the original Dewalt, and in general for lithium.ion batteries. The power voltage of the bulk of the Dewalt technique is 12 and 18 V; For some part. 54 V (in the options for the Flexvolt batteries, where three packages of 18 V are switched either to a sequential or parallel connection). But 26 V. definitely not, this in principle does not exist.

Naturally, the fake of the declared 26 in the same does not have any mention. this figure is clearly taken from the ceiling. There are five standard lithium cans 18650 inside the battery (7), which corresponds to a typical voltage of 18 V.

Well, let’s say, we guessed about the stress with tension in advance But maybe at least the capacity is normal? They didn’t guess not 2.5 Ah, as promised, but only 1.5 Ah (8).

The charge indicator at the fake is a funny “traffic light” (9) with red, yellow and blue diodes. At the same time, we note that Dewalt DCD710. KS in its 12.volt battery with a capacity of 2 Ah indicator does not.

Another terrible blunder of the shooters is a paradoxical sticker on the bottom of the battery with the marking “Ni-CD” (10). Nickel-kadmiy ah, you are there serious? They could have reprinted the label so as not to disgrace so. That’s really really the bottom.

Nevertheless, despite the fact that this fake is from among easily identified by an attentive and thoughtful buyer (unless, of course, it is not committed in a hurry and spontaneously), we will still analyze it and study thoroughly, in parallel with the original.

Dewalt flexvolt battery (9Ach)/54V (3AC). reviews

An excellent battery with the ability to use a tool of two types of both 18 volts and 54 volts. The battery has an indicator of the battery charge, the battery has long been heavy but a large capacity.

Good day! Conducted tests of the “renewal” of his instrumental park and would like to share the first impressions! (Suddenly someone will come in handy))))) I have long planned to buy a battery, small grinding machine, and since I was “rushed” to Dewalt. The choice fell on 210.

Hello, I continue to purchase with Devolt, after the purchased Ushmka remained delight, the turn of the electric screwdriver came and here also took a new model of only 12 volts, but he just twists the tin, 57 Nm and I think that it is better to buy something, very compact and it is better for this money. Comfortably lies in the hand.

I ordered a battery for a hand drill. “Dewalt 12 in De9074” September 11. Given the discount provided, the price was just out of competition. September 26 was able to pick up at the delivery point. There was a pleasant surprise in the box. The battery was produced in Japan.

Quite a good tool, high.quality assembly, not heavy, but the handle could be done more. I really liked that she has quick.sitting casing and convenient control of the casing.

I decided to buy an additional battery for my Dewalt tool, but I initially wanted to purchase more powerful battery and unfortunately or fortunately it was inoperative. As a result, I became the owner of an ultra.thin Dewalt battery for 4 amperes. The battery pleased me with its size and weight.

DEWALT Jumping Electric Hammer with a jack of Dewalt, I have been using two years and my review will be positive. Professional tool is designed for operation in difficult, dusty working conditions.

A very powerful device. And very heavy. Nevertheless, a conventional household power supply is suitable for power, which means it can be used almost anywhere. I broke concrete blocks in my dacha with it and hollow floor slabs.

Good afternoon. I purchased Dewalt metal drills today, and I do not advise you to purchase them. Behind a well.known reliable brand, Chinese quality is hiding. Comrade, as a hack, asked to change the lock in the iron door.

They purchased it in replacing the Makita 2470 peorator to work at the repair facilities cosmetic. than 600 holes were made in the first week and was demolished by 5TE (emanated). In this way, they did work to dismantle windows.

Hello! Last year we were puzzled by the question. How can we mow lawn grass at a summer cottage. To take some too powerful and productive technique for this purpose is completely out of the topic, as it will be “from a gun on sparrows”, we small areas in our area.

Customer reviews (8)

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Good for volumetric work without additional charging. Tool 18V. acquires greater power and dynamics. The difference is more than obvious. Great potential, great prospects.

The battery fully met expectations. I use with a 18V tool, enough for a long time. For example, one battery was enough to completely disassemble a falling tree with a chain saw five meters high and 40 centimeters in a comel. The windbound can be cleaned of the foliage of 600 squares, if the foliage, of course, is not too raw. Well, you can work forever with a disk saw. The battery is quite heavy, but this is inevitable with such a capacity.

Lightless battery saw “Dewalt

The new frozen battery saw from Dewalt surprises no less than the aforementioned corner grinder.

It also includes a 60 volt line of battery tools of a new series.

dewalt, flexvolt, batteries, difference

This model has the number of revolutions per minute increased, namely 5800 revolutions.

The same disk diameter grew to 184 mm.

The adjustment of the sole has now become up to 57 degrees.

Unlike previous models, the new saw has an LED backlight installed.

Thanks to the inaccurate engine, the saw has become more powerful and autonomous.

The most interesting and unexpected innovation of the new 60 volt line was a desktop saw, the so.called Tablesao, in the common people circular saw.

Table saw (circular)

This is a network update. DW745 Pila loved by many masters.

The new saw has almost the same dimensions and weight, but unlike the network version, it has increased revolutions from 0 to 5100 revolutions per minute.

While the network version has this indicator from 0 to 3850 revolutions.

New battery system Dewalt XR Flexvolt

In recent years, manufacturers of professional power tools have expanded the boundaries of wireless tools. Starting with the technology of lithium-ion batteries, and then from the technology of a bronnote engine, manufacturers have developed new tools that could not be presented just a few years ago.

The launch of high.power battery tools is a dream for many. For example, working as a roofer at a height is more convenient with a battery tool, since it is not limited to the length of the power cable.

Dewalt launches the batteries of the XR Flexvolt system and promise that this will be another positive step in the evolution of tools.

Here are 3 things that you need to know about the Dewalt XR Flexvolt system.

The Managing Director of Dewalt in the UK said: “The Dewalt XR Flexvolt series is the next chapter in wireless technology. Dewalt launches a number of tools that are not only very powerful, but also provide long.term work on one charge. “.

The world’s first convertible platform.

New batteries 18V and 54V are completely compatible with the entire line of products of Dewalt XR 18V. The company promises that the installation of one of the new XR batteries in an 18-volt battery tool will give you an “unsurpassed working hours”. The battery has the ability to increase its voltage to 54V, that is, it can be used on large, super.powerful building tools.

New batteries have a capacity of 6 Ah, which allows you to work during the day without the need to charge the battery.

Dewalt Flexvolt XR tools. battery tools with wired power.

To date, the company produces construction tools that are super.powerful, but at the same time remain compact and reliable.

Corner grinder DEWALT DCG414 54V XR

Brightless engine 54V provides improved performance under difficult use conditions.

The electronic brake quickly stops rotation when the trigger is released.

The electronic coupling reduces the return reaction in case of jamming.

The rubberized handle provides good grip and comfort when using.

The design of the spindle lock provides maximum cut depth and a higher degree of button protection when used in closed spaces.

A two.position side handle offers more comfort and control.

The engine rotates a 125 mm disk at a speed of 7000 rpm and has 1 W input power.

Circular saw Dewalt DCS575 54V XR

Scale for accurate installation of cut depth up to 67 mm.

A powerful and reliable engine for cutting various materials on a construction site or carpentry workshop.

Strong design provides a long service life and low vibration.

Additional handle for safe two.handed work.

Adjustment of the angle of inclination to 57 degrees.

It is supplied with two Flexvolt 54V batteries, the engine rotates a blade at a speed of 5800 rpm and can cut the material up to 49 mm with a coal of 45º.

DCS7485 54V XR desktop saw

Weighs only 22 kg, compact, ideal for transportation on construction site.

Powerful Browsy 54V engine for high performance.

The overload protection system provides high performance when working with solid, wet or frozen wood.

Quick tilt stop with a large scale for quick and accurate setting.

The engine is able to rotate a blade of 210 mm at a speed of 5800 rpm and allows you to cut up to 610 mm (right) and 318 mm (left), offering you a cut depth of up to 65 mm or up to 45 mm at an angle of 45º.

Other instruments of this series are the DCS388 saber saw, the DCS397 alligator saw and 216 mm DCS777, as well as several charging devices. They are supposed to be released in August 2016.

DEWALT Batteries Explained 20V MAX & 20V / 60V Flex Volt & Power Stack

Thus, the new Dewalt XR Flexvolt batteries will be compatible with existing XR series battery tools and provide you with a longer battery life. By combining them with brilliant tools for severe operating conditions, you will have all the power and capabilities of the wired tool, but without a power cord. over, they will be compact and easily transported.


The new DCB118 charger with a double version of the charge current and forced cooling: air circulation is provided by a rotating cooler. During charging, 20-volt batteries are supplied with TOK 4A (so as not to overheat the battery, since it does not have ventilation holes); When batteries charge from the new series, the charge current 8a and, accordingly, cools cooling.

On the basis of DCB 118, a charger in which you can charge up to 4 batteries at the same time was released at the same time. Her cost, of course, is not small, but those who need such functionality and power will gain all the advantages.

New 60V batteries can be charged both on new charging devices and on old charges from the 20V line: DCB101 and a DCB113 and DCB1115 replacement for it is replaced. The new DCB 118 will be able to charge only batteries of 20V and 60V (all except 12V)

Review of the tool

Brightless angle grinding machine (corner grinder) opens a new line of 60-fingered tools. The new corner grinder has power at the output of 1700 W. The diameter of the disk that can be installed on it increased from 125 mm to 150 mm max. The number of revolutions will be 9000 rpm, which is 1000 more than that of the previous model, while only 300 increased in weight.400 gr. Its approximate total weight 2.1 kg. Several protective covers are included in the kit. 115 mm and 150 mm.

The new browned saber saw, although it does not represent something super-interpreted, like a battery angular grinder, but it can also surprise the masters. In addition to the fact that it is built on a 60-volt platform and has the number of moves from O to 3000, it also has increased power and its weight is not “not childish”-3.5 kg. Now, with the help of a saw, you can safely take a normal saw blade and cut down a tree, or carry out other work absolutely without tension. The operating time is significantly increased compared to brush analogues.

Circular saw with an increased number of revolutions. 5800 rpm. The diameter of the disk has grown to 184 mm. Sole adjustment now within 57 about. Unlike the previous model, there is LED backlight. I drank more powerful thanks to a bronnote engine, and its weight is approximately 3.5 kg.

The most interesting innovation is a desktop saw. This is an update of the DW745 network saw loved by many masters. The new saw has almost the same dimensions and weight, but unlike the network it has increased speeds from 0 to 5800 rpm

The most unusual new tool is a super.powerful drill that is imprisoned for drilling large diameters and holes of large depths in wood and derivatives. Most often faced with such work, who build frame houses. There are a lot of such houses in the USA and laying communications in the walls is one of many tasks that you have to deal with during construction. Will it be popular in our countries? Time will show.

The coolest and only tool in the new 120-volt line of battery (2x60V) Brightless tool is the end of the battleship, which shut up all the existing battery ends behind the belt. And also gives a head start to many network saws. On sale there is an adapter that allows you to “bury” a saw from a network with a voltage of 120V directly. Will there be such an adapter for 220V, and will it be possible to redo it under 220V only time will show.

In addition to the new Flexvolt Dewalt tool, it does not forget about the 20-follen line of the tool. A new radio is presented, which is equipped with a Bluetooth system and a very cool lighting station, which works mainly as a light source for the premises of a large quadrature, since its maximum brightness is 7000 lumens. This station also works from the battery and network, acts as charging for batteries, it has a brightness adjustment in a wide range of 500 lumens and this station can be controlled both through the phone, tablet, and through any device that will be equipped with Android, etc. operating systems.

I would like to pay special attention to the new Flexvolt consumable. According to representatives of the Dewalt corporation, using new circles for corner grinders, wood saw wheels, as well as saw canvases for a saber saw, can be made on the same battery charge from 50 to 100% more than on the same standard consumables of past series from Dewalt.

DCB118 charger

Separately, a charger is supplied from the vacuum cleaner. To charge the battery battery, we used the DCB118 network charging device.

dewalt, flexvolt, batteries, difference

Like the battery, the charger supports both power standards- 18- and 54-volt.

dewalt, flexvolt, batteries, difference




Type of

Country of Origin


Charge current



The weight

The length of the network cable

Dimensions (w × v × g)

Average at the time of preparation of the review
Universal charger
1 year
8 A / 4 A
54 V / 18 in
640 g
1.1 m
200 × 130 × 80 mm

At first sight

Black and yellow charger has eight contacts. Two of them are used to supply voltage to the battery, and the rest are designed to control the status of the battery.

Two red indicator lamps are placed on the top panel. The left, slightly larger, the main one: it flashes during the charge and burns even when the battery is completely charged. In case of malfunction of the installed battery, both indicators are intermittently work simultaneously. The right lamp does not turn on separately.

There are ventilation holes on the ends. The charger is equipped with active cooling: in the process of operation, its temperature forcibly lowers the internal fan, quite noisy (after all, we are dealing not with domestic, but with an industrial device).

The base contains technical information and logos of certificates of conformity. The device can be placed on a horizontal surface or on the wall: for this there are appropriate holes.

According to information on packaging and housing, the charger was made in Thailand, and according to information on the site. in the Czech Republic. We will not rush to blame Dewalt of an error: one cannot exclude the option that both statements are true.


Two A6 format brochures with the operating manual in thirteen European languages ​​are included with charging. Russian.speaking instruction is delivered separately, in the form of a book of A5 format with a noticeably worst print quality.

The text of the leadership actually repeats information about the charging procedure and the use of batteries that we have already read in the instructions for the vacuum cleaner and the battery.

Set for cleaning the floor DWV9350

Even an industrial vacuum cleaner sometimes has to solve household problems, Dewalt DCV586MN is no exception. For him, there is a separately set for cleaning the floor DWV9350, which consists of nozzles and extension tubes of “household” diameter 24 mm.




Type of

Country of Origin


Average at the time of preparation of the review
Paul cleaning set
1 year

At first sight

The kit is packed in an oblong box of branded colors with a schematic image of nozzles. It includes three extension tubes (two straight and one slightly curved, round brush, a slit nozzle and a sexual brush.

Nickelized extension tubes are equipped with an adapter from an “industrial” diameter of 34 mm on a “household” 24 mm. If you insert it into the vacuum cleaner hose, you can use any pipe or nozzle from the kit in an arbitrary combination.

The floor cleaning nozzle has two sets of seals inserted into special grooves. Two brushes are designed for dry cleaning, and silicone lamellas. to collect water.

The brush and nozzle have a traditional design and are unremarkable.

A laconic guide, warranty certificate and safety instructions are attached to the set.

Corps and boards for independent assembly of batteries

Corps and boards for independent assembly of batteries is a good way to collect the right number of batteries for comfortable work. You need a powerful and capacious battery (for example, 9.0Ach). no problem. We buy an empty case for aliexpress, a security-balancing payment, ready-made nickel plates for welding, high-quality high-precision elements 18650. A couple of minutes of work on the assembly. and you have a new and high.quality battery! The housings cost from 10 and can be found for any tool and any capacity.

Non.original batteries and chargers

Non.original batteries and chargers are an easy way to buy an inexpensive working battery. Budget models, as a rule, are assembled from low.heat batteries, so they are suitable for undemanding work. A good option as a donor for remaking the batteries of expensive brands and a working method for cheating marketers. No need to pay expensive for a tool for a tool. Just select the desired type of battery for yourself.

But in order not to be left without pants from the policy of the brands of the first echelon and not to buy three expensive batteries, then look into a separate selection of top.end tools with Ali.

Comparison of the battery and network disk saws Dewalt

Modern battery technologies are developing a rapid pace: apparently, in the near future, a power tool operating from batteries will displace network analogues from construction sites. However, despite the active expansion of the first, the latter are not in a hurry to give up. Their assets are lower cost, the independence of the time of continuous operation from the battery capacity, as well as higher power. However, these arguments do not always play a decisive role, and with the last thesis you can completely argue.

As for the difference in value, it should be based on a simple consideration: the battery tool in a number of cases is more convenient to use than a similar network, and convenience, as you know, does not have monetary expression, evaluate it in rubles or any other currency impossible. The argument on the limited work time for the most part is broken about innovative high.capacity batteries, fast chargers with a cooling battery cooling system, as well as economical brilliant electric motors. All these solutions allow you to charge the batteries faster than they are discharged during the operation of the power tool, and if there are two batteries in the kit, the problem considered can be removed from the agenda, although the user will still have to do several extra movements. It remains only to refute the statement about the loss by power. Until recently, it seemed impossible, but with the advent of the new XR Flexvolt platform, the situation has decisively changed the situation.

The new series of accumulative power tools XR Flexvolt works from the world’s first convertible battery, automatically switching the voltage between 18 and 54 V, depending on the device connected to it. Thus, the innovative battery is compatible with all models of the 18-volt line of Dewalt XR. But it is in 54 V mode that it provides the XR Flexvolt series tool for power and performance, allowing you to compete with network analogues on equal terms. In an effort to confirm what was said, the magazine conducted a comparative test of two disk saws of the DEWALT brand: the battery DCS576N and the network DWE575K, equipped with the same saw discs DT10304 (series of Construction) with a diameter of 190 mm and a thickness of 1.6 mm with 24 carbular teeth.

The power and performance of the two presented disc saws were compared by the example of longitudinal sawing of a pine board of natural humidity with a thickness of 50 mm and a length of 3 m. At the same time, the time spent on the execution of one cut in length, as well as the speed of rotation of the saw disk (using a stroboscopic tachometer) was controlled. In the network model, the level of power consumed was additionally measured, not allowing it to go beyond the declared nominal value of 1600 watts. With nominal power consumption, the revolutions of the network circular saw Dewalt DWE575K “Signed” up to 3600-3700 min-1. During the testing of the battery model, the DCS576N, the supply was selected and maintained so that the sawing was as soon as possible, and, moreover, the tool was not “zablika”. The speed of rotation of the saw disk was varied in the range of 3400-3550 min-1. An important remark: In both cases, approximate values ​​are indicated, and their spread is explained by the uneven structure of the wood and the fact that when testing from hand, it is impossible to ensure the invariability of the effort of submission.

DCS576N battery

The result, averaged by the results of three attempts, is as follows: the DCS576N disk saw of the XR Flexvolt series performed a three.meter cut in 52 seconds., a dwe575k for 48 seconds. Thus, in terms of power and performance, the battery model only slightly yielded to the network. At the same time, the difference in the actual equipped mass turned out to be scanty: DCS576N with a connected battery weighs only 40 g more than DWE575K, taking into account the network cable, respectively, 3.12 and 3.08 kg.

Another important question: how many cuts are enough for one charge of the XR Flexvolt battery with a capacity of 6.0 a/h? As the test showed, the saw confidently performed 22 full cuts of 3 m in a pine board with a thickness of 50 mm of natural humidity, the supply force was easily controlled by changing the sound tone when the speeds began to sag a lot. Two more full cuts were given with some difficulty: when transferring, the protection against overload was triggered, which turned off the drive. On the 25th Rez, the battery was completely discharged, the tool passed 2.12 m from the beginning of the board.

Total under the indicated working conditions on one charge of the battery, the battery DCS576N of the XR Flexvolt series can make a through cut with a total length of just more than 74 m.

The Dewalt Electric tool of the XR Flexvolt series with a voltage of 18/54 V can really compete with network analogues in power and performance, surpassing them in mobility and ease of use. Nevertheless, a limited battery capacity can become a problem when performing some serial operations: in this case, you need to just take a larger battery.