DIY chainsaw. The principle of operation of the device

DIY Box for a chainsaw

For safe transportation of the chainsaws, some of them includes a regular fabric cover. In most cases, for its manufacture, manufacturers use unreliable material, which often deteriorates due to random scratches. In order not to be left without a case and not spend money on its purchase, many enthusiasts make home.made protective devices. It is quite simple to do this, having under hand the materials and equipment necessary for work.

With the own creation of a protective device, the manufacturer receives several undeniable advantages.

  • the ability to make a cover on the chainship of a chainsaw. using any improvised materials;
  • Homemade chains for chainsaws can have any size, they can be used for compact or large.sized gas stations;
  • the ability to make a device that, in resistance to damage, will be much more reliable than the market analogues of the production of Chinese brands;
  • You can sew as many s to homemade covers as the owner of the chainsaw needs.

It is important to remember that the chain for the chainsaw will turn out to be the highest quality and most durable only if the manufacturer will use exclusively high.quality materials. Otherwise, the home.made will quickly become unusable.

Selection of material for sewing a case

Most often, enthusiastic gardeners use the following fabrics for the manufacture of covers:

  • Cotton is a natural high.quality material that does not have a smell and does not cause allergic reactions. Cotton is not able to form a spark in case of direct contact with plastic, which makes it as safe as possible when using. There is only one drawback of this fabric. it quickly absorbs moisture;
  • polyester. inexpensive material. A polyester case for a chainsaw is able to push moisture, but it heats up quite quickly. Like other synthetic materials, polyester, when contacting plastic, forms a spark, therefore it is strictly prohibited to transport a tank with gasoline in such a bag;
  • nylon is a suitable material in its practicality. It does not heat up and does not absorb moisture. In addition, nylon does not have the properties of stretching. this must be taken into account the manufacturer of the case.

You can reduce the risk of sparking when using a synthetic bag using cardboard or cotton inserts. They can be sewn in the bottom and walls of the bag, thereby increasing safety during its operation.

Homemade sawda saw for corner grinders

Due to numerous negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев, the administration of this resource brings to your attention about the danger of using this craft, but leaves this post as an introductory.

chainsaw, operation, device

From the old diamond disk according to ceramics or concrete, which has already worked out its own, as well as a small piece of chain from the chainships, you can make a homemade saw on wood for corner grind.

Using such a disk, you can quickly saw thin boards (for example, from pallets) and bars on the blanks.

However, it will be much safer to do this using a saw. The fact is that even purchased wheels for corner grinders on wood are very often jammed and bounced, which, if the rules of TB can lead to various injuries.

Homemade sawing disk is also not distinguished by high safety. It can be used exclusively for sawing thin boards.

Of course, he will also cope with lumber of greater thickness, but the jamming of the disk can lead to dangerous consequences.

The main stages of work

Try the chain from the chainsaw to the diamond circle, after which we cut off a piece of suitable length. Then we weld a segment of the chain to the edge of the disk. for this it is better to use automatic or semi.automatic welding. We clean the seats with the help of a corner grinder.

Then, at our own peril and risk, we install a home.made saw disk on a corner grinder. It can be used not only for sawing boards, but also to make cup-shaped recesses in wood-for example, in the manufacture of any crafts with your own hands.

“Nozzle” on an angular grinder from an old chain from a chainsaw

In this review, the author offers to make a simple home.made “nozzle” for a small corner grinder (corner grinder) with their own hands. And for this he uses a segment of the old chain from the chainsaw.

We immediately want to note that the purpose of this article is to simply talk about this idea. At the same time, we strongly do not recommend repeating the process of making a home.made at home, since it can be very dangerous.

Why do you need this “nozzle”? The author uses it to process wood blanks, as well as to make recesses in bars.

However, this can be done in much safer ways, and what the author offers is not worth repeating (especially since the angular grinder without a protective casing is working).

The process of making a home.made “nozzle”

At first, the master measureds the chain length he needs and drilles at the edges of the cutting of the rivet, choosing a drill of suitable diameter. You can also disconnect the chain by staring the hats of the rivets with a file, but it will take more time.

Then the edges of the chain of the chain must be connected by making a new rivet. In this case, the author uses a piece of self.tapping screw without thread. You can use the usual steel rod.

The resulting “bagel” is installed on the corner grinder and fixed with a clamping nut. Here, in fact, is the whole process of manufacturing this “nozzle”.

We pay attention once again that it is not worth repeating at home or in the garage.

An interesting way to process plywood using a chain disk

Even from the most ordinary, seemingly material, if you wish, you can make an original interior decor with your own hands or something else, unusual.

In this review, the author shows an interesting way of processing plywood. Perhaps someone will like such a decor.

It will take a piece of plywood 18-20 mm thick. The form of the workpiece can be any: square, rectangular, rhomboid or round.

You will also need an angular grinder and a chain saw disk for it.

The main stages of work

Install a chain disk on an angular grinder, fix a plywood blade on the table, and proceed to its processing.

The goal is simple: you need to make small recesses, randomly located relative to each other, along the entire surface of the workpiece.

At the next stage, we process each “potholes” using sandpaper or grinding nozzle for a drill (electric screwdriver).

Next, the author impregnates the embossed surface with mineral oil. At the last stage, it remains only to cover the surface with varnish.

The finished work of art can be hung on the wall in the hall, the office or in the workshop (or just give someone). This technique can also be used in the manufacture of other decorative products.

We recommend that you watch the plywood about this method of processing plywood in the video on our website.

How to cut a log onto the boards using a chainsaw

With the help of a chainsaw, you can quickly cut the log into chocks of the desired size. Then they will only have to be divorced, and firewood for the furnace are ready!

And if you need to cut the log onto the boards?

In this case, there is no need to use the services of sawmills at all. over, this can fly into a penny.

You can also cut the log onto the boards using a chainsaw. You only need to make a home.made equipment for it.

The idea of ​​manufacturing a device for working with a chainsaw was shared by the author of YouTube Avmake. we advise you to take note.

We make a home.made device for a chainsaw

We weld a rectangular frame from a profile pipe. In the central part, it will be necessary to weld the jumper.

We cook two pieces of corner together to get a square profile.

We saw the workpiece into two identical parts, which will act as guides.

We drill out holes in the guide to the fixing bolts, and cut into them the thread with a suitable tap.

chainsaw, operation, device

the chainsaw, the engine does not start! watch video and we will fix it

We cut the grooves along the edges of the frame into which we install the guides. Comment them, and clean all the welded joints with a corner grinder. Then I paint.

At the next stage, two T-shaped rods with presses that will clamp the chainsaw tire must be made from the profile.

Shrives are attached to the bar with bolts with nuts. Then we paint them, and collect all the details together.

We put on a home.made equipment on the tire of the chainsaw, and fix it. When everything is ready, you can safely start work!

How to cut a log onto the boards

To make the first cut, to the upper part of the log, a supporting platform from a flat board is attached to screws. We fix the rods at the desired height, depending on the required thickness of the board.

After that, leaning the equipment on the supporting site, we carefully lead the chainsaw along the log.

The second and all subsequent cuts can be done without installing the support site, since the surface of the log will be even.

Instead, it is enough to make a simple device-drift for a chainsaw.

With the help of this device, you can dissolve logs of a very different diameter on the boards of the required thickness.

The author of YouTube Wood Goblin shared his personal experience in making a home.made device for cutting logs.

The main stages of work

First of all, it is necessary to make an installation plate, to which the side emphasis will be attached to the bolts.

To do this, cut the plate of sheet metal and cut out at the end the fastening of the desired shape. Then we bend it at an angle of 90 degrees.

The resulting part will be attached to the side of the chainsaw building (using bolts with nuts). Shorten it to a suitable length.

At the next stage, from sheet metal it will be necessary to cut out lateral emphasis. It is made in the form of a triangular plate.

This will require a piece of construction steel corner. We cut off the workpiece of the desired length, after which we weld it to the side cut.

In the mounting plate, which is attached to the chainsaw, you need to cut out the corner grinding of two parallel grooves. to adjust the thickness of the cut of the logs.

In the end, it remains only to collect a homemade.

First we fasten the mounting plate to the chainsaw, and fasten the lateral emphasis to it. We set the distance between the tire and the lateral emphasis.

How to do it with your own hands. instructions

For the manufacture of a carriage, the following actions must be performed:

The specification for all materials, compounds, additional elements of the assembly is compiled on it. When creating the drawing of the carriage, the alleged volumes of work, the size of the workpieces, the brand of the chainsaw, as well as the possibilities and preferences of the owner are taken into account;

The described option is not the only possible design. Other methods of feeding the tool, fastening of the chainsaw or logs can be used. The choice of optimal methodology is the prerogative of the owner.

Types of lumber

In order to effectively use the carriage, you need to know the techniques for the manufacture of a particular type of lumber. The following varieties exist:

  • Lafet (double.circuit beam). This is a log, on both sides of which the horseman is removed. As a result, two parallel sites appear on the opposite sides;
  • Brill. This is a thick beam of a rectangular cross.section, obtained from a carriage after trimming the sides;
  • board. Flat bar obtained by longitudinal sawing of a log. Its thickness reaches 100 mm, the material above this thickness is considered a beam (or a carriage). There is an undersidable and cut board, obtained respectively from a log or from a beam.

Protective cover for a saw or hacksaw with your own hands

With your own hands

Hacksaw or manual wood saw a very sharp tool. When transporting or storing it, there is always a danger of damaging it with teeth by neighboring objects or hurt yourself. To protect yourself from unnecessary troubles, you can make a case for a hacksaw with your own hands.

Often, the most ordinary objects that are always at hand are used as a material for the case. The easiest option is a piece of rubber or plastic hose. over, both the irrigation hose and car tubes are suitable. The segment of the hose of the desired length is cut with a sharp knife along, and then click on the teeth of a hacksaw. Such a cover will hold on the tool due to the elasticity of rubber or plastic.

The castle element from the vinyl siding panel is great as a cover. It has a suitable shape and is easily dressed on a hacksaw. There is no need to close the entire canvas of the hacksaw. It is enough to do the protection of the teeth. To do this, the lock part is separated from the siding trimming with a sharp knife or metal hacksaw. Having processed the cut places with a file or sandpaper, the cover is put on a hacksaw and fixed with rubber rings from a bicycle chamber.

There is another version of the vinyl siding case. A plate of 4-5 cm wide is cut from it. Then, using a building hair dryer or a gas burner, it is bent around the sheath of a hacksaw. In order not to damage the teeth softened plastic, the work must be done from the side of the shoes of the hacksaw.

If an old camera from the wheel of a passenger car is preserved in the garage, it can also be used as a hacksaw cover. Cutting off a piece of the desired length, it is put on the saw canvas. The only negative is the fragility of the product.

A more durable cover will come from a piece of aluminum strip or tube. The strip is bend in half. You need to do this using a suitable piece of metal sheet. The tube is cut along the corner grinder. Such a case is attached to the hacksaw canvas with elastic bands or plastic clamps.

To wear a hacksaw on the belt and not hurt yourself, the cover is made of genuine leather, a piece of tarpaulin or dermantine. The skin can be taken from old female boots. The pattern is made directly applying a hacksaw to the material. Do not forget about allowances to create a seam and free movement of a hacksaw in a case. A loop is sewn to the back of the case to thread the waist belt of the master.

How to make a convenient tool for the tool from the canister

After repairing in the house or maintenance of the car, plastic canists of 5, 10, 20 liters remain. Most of them are thrown into a landfill as unnecessary, and only part of the one embarks on, for example, to store various liquids. Kanister potential is much more extensive. From them you can make a tool case. It is convenient to fold screwdrivers, a chisel, pliers, a drill, an electric screwdriver, and t in it.D.


First you need to make a cut along the side, then attach the window loops between the halves and install them on rivets.

After installing the loops, the canister is cut to the end. If it is initially completely dissolved, then in the future it will be difficult to join half in order to put the loops exactly. On the opposite of the loops, the sidewall of the canist also mounted on rivets. It is important that if the walls of the canister are thin or soft, then you need to put a suitable size of a washer of a suitable size before puff. In this case, the mount will definitely not be able to break out of plastic when overloading the case.

Next, it is necessary to equip the resulting case with tool mounts so that they do not run in an embankment. To do this, attach clips and rings from plastic pipes to its walls. They are placed so that it is possible to insert the tool in them in stock.

For example, the widths of brackets for plastic pipes are enough to clamp the handles of screwdrivers, hammer, chisel, chisel, etc.D. Two brackets can be fixed by pliers, sidewalls, metal scissors. Using brackets of different diameters, you can fix the tool in the case of almost any size in the case. Rings from plastic sewer pipes can be used to keep larger tools, for example, fixing the cartridge of an electric screwdriver, a nose of an adhesive pistol, a mounting knife.

When closing the case, in addition to the sea clip, it should be screwed onto the canister of its lid, which will accurately exclude random opening.

How to make a chainsaw.based machine for a quick cut of boards or twigs on firewood

To work with a chainsaw yourself is hard. For example, when you cut firewood from small pieces, you need Partner, which will hold a tree. Therefore, it is good to have a machine for independent work with a tool at hand. In this article we will tell you how to make a stationary machine for a chainsaw with a gas pressing mechanism.

  • wooden stand (goat);
  • metal square pipe;
  • plastic thick.walled pipe;
  • corners with holes. 3 pcs;
  • a bolt with a sealing nut with 3 washers and a check nut;
  • connecting bolts with nuts and wood screws.

The process of manufacturing a machine for sawing firewood

You need to take or make a wooden stand. The people call it “goat”. The height of the stand should be convenient for working with it standing, and the platform has a body for installing fasteners.

We try on the chainsaw to the stand platform, and mark the place of fastening the handle. We fix the handle on the sides by two corners with holes. Install the chainsaw.

To the front of the stand, we vertically attach a square pipe with a hole for connecting the chainsaw tire.

Through the opening on the pipe and the hole on the bow of the tire, we fix the chainsaw to the pipe using a bolt, a sealing nut, 3 washers and a cobura nut.

From a plastic thick.walled pipe, cut 3 pieces in size: 55 cm, 50 cm and 28 cm. These will be levers of mechanical inclusion of the chainsaw accelerator.

From both edges of pipes in size 28 cm and 55 cm, we measure 4 cm and drill the connecting holes. On the pipe 50 cm on one side, drill a hole at a distance of 3 cm from the edge, on the other. 9 cm.

We combine the pipes with bolts with washers on both sides in the following sequence: pipe 28 cm, pipe 55 cm, pipe 50 cm. A 50 cm pipe is attached so that the hole of 3 cm is at the end of the mechanism.

We fasten the pipe mechanism to a stand with a chainsaw.

Video Game Chainsaws: The Bloody History From Evil Dead to DOOM

In one hole of the pipe 28 cm, we screw a long bolt, which will press on the gas. We fix the pipe itself to the goat, in its middle.

On the bottom of the handle between the corners we fasten a wooden bar, to which we fasten another corner. It will be a stopper of gas mechanism.

The end of the pipe mechanism with a hole of 3 cm is attached to the upper hole of the already fixed square pipe.

The smallest guide for sawing logs on a benchot with your own hands

Lovers often experience an acute lack of good lumber from deciduous trees. For sale, conifers and bars are mainly presented. If you need a more noble tree, you can make a simple guide beam, and with its help to saw the logs of deciduous rocks on the required lumber.

The proposed design is a guiding beam that is screwed onto the log. A carriage of a conductor with an attached chainsaw is glued over it. Together, they set a direct trajectory when conducting a chain saw bus, from which the cut is almost perfect.

The beam itself can be made from any flat-strict boards with a thickness of at least 50 mm and a width of 150-200 mm. The length of the beam can be any, depending on what logs are required to dissolve.

The conductor itself is made of plywood and an inch board fastened with self.tapping screws. It has a P-shaped shape. Its side sides are cut out of plywood. Their size 30×7.5 cm. The top is made of two boards 12 cm long. Their width should correspond to the guide beam. When assembling the conductor between the upper boards, the gap remains.

In the center of the side of the conductor are drilled. Holes should be located so as not to protrude below the upper boards. Long bolts are inserted into the holes on both sides, which must be connected with an elongated nut. So that they do not spin, you need to fade them. On the bolts, before installing in the conductor, it will be necessary to put the washers made of plywood made using a coronal drill.

The conductor using the screed obtained from the screed bolts must be screwed to the chain saw tire. For this, the latter is drilled.

It is necessary that the saw can rotate on the axis connecting it to the carriage. To do this, between the conductor and plywood washer, the trim of their plastic gaskets are invested, and everything is lubricated with graphite powder.

In this form, the carriage is already completely ready for use. But before that it is advisable to change the guiding beam so that the sliding on it was with minimal resistance.

To use the device, you need to fasten the guide beam with self.tapping screws on the log laid horizontally on a small elevation. If it has an extension at the beginning, then it should be cut off. The beam should lie down steadily without deflection.

After that, the saw is installed by a carriage on the beam, and moving along it, cuts the first hump. It is important to check that the tire does not reach the ground. Then the carriage is turned over, and the cut is cut on the other side. The result is a workpiece with two parallel planes.

Next, the workpiece is laid on the side, the guide beam is attached from above, and it spreads onto the boards of the required width. It can be cut even easier and faster on a circular table with a parallel emphasis, since the planes on it have already been formed.

Recommendations for the manufacture of tools for tools

The main recommendation is to choose a considerable, soft material so that even sharp objects can be put in it. The lack of pollution is especially relevant if the main goal of use is in repair or construction work.

In addition to the belt, it is recommended to equip the belt loop. You can draw a regular trouser belt in them so that it is convenient to hang a bag on the belt if long waist tails are not too comfortable. So she will take a compact form when suspending, but remain roomy.

The tool bag is quite easy to do, given the strength of the material and using all the tools.

Master class on sewing: Tool handbag

Today I am to you with the third, final part of the trilogy master classes for the whole family (the first two parts here and here). She will be for our men. For our dear and beloved men! Let them sometimes be harmful, itchy, naughty, and capricious, but still they are our beloved men, without whom we can’t live in any way! Well, what about without them? Who will we then grumble at then, itch, to whom to find fault, to whom to capricate and much, much more, without which a woman cannot live!?And there are a lot of men in our women! Husbands, sons, brothers, fathers,, friends, neighbors, and other very different representatives of the stronger sex. And almost everyone wants to please with pleasant trifles. After all, they just like us, they love gifts very much and rejoice at them like children!

Today I want to show you how to sew a tool bag. I drive a lot by car, but I never pay attention to different knocking knocks, which are sometimes heard in the cabin. My husband, on the contrary, all the time only listens. where there was something. Here we go, for example, to the cottage, I tell him something, fill up the nightingale, describe everything so colorful, in my faces, with foam on his lips, and he suddenly states in the middle of my monologue: “It was hit. Listen to where it is?”I can’t figure out in the first moments what is the matter. It is very difficult to switch from your thoughts to his. Then I start to twirl my head in all directions, catching sounds. Even sometimes I get my head under the seat. So I return in all directions, until we reach the destination. And then what is the monologue that was on the way. I forgot about what I talked about. So what is it for. All men carry tools with them in the car that can come in handy on the road. They usually lie in factory boxes, comfortable packages and so on. In short, sets. But there are all sorts of hard keys not with sets, but in bulk that you can’t throw out and have to carry them in different boxes or old buckets-gowns. Well, maybe I exaggerate a little, but still. And these tools on each bump begin to stumble, preventing us, women, chatting about this, because they distract the attention of our visits.So, my dear ones, today I will show you how to sew a handbag for tools in which they will not blur. I already sewed such handbags already 5-6, I don’t remember exactly, but they were all sewn from a thin tarpaulin. Now I did not find a thin tarpaulin, so I show you on dermantine.Here is such a cartridash for tools we will sew today. So, we are starting.

chainsaw, operation, device

For this we will need:

  • dermantine or other dense fabric (an old tapestry can be possible);
  • trouser braid;
  • Fairy tape;
  • Portnovskiy pins (my pins are in the country, so I used decorative ones);
  • chalk;
  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • Threads, scissors.

Girls, I can’t give such a little pattern, because everything is strictly individual here. What tools a man will give you, so you need to do the size.So, take a piece of dermantine and bend the bottom in size. I have a key in this case.We lay out all the tools we need, determining with the length of the bag and the number of cells in the

Portnovskoy pinching a cell of the desired width.

We also act with all other tools. Oh, where our tools failed? Hush, girls, without panic! The situation is under control!

Here they are, birthmarks! They just fell headlong into these deep cells.

We take out all the tools and start pruning and driving the bag in size. We draw a feature with chalk, by which we will cut out the excess. Do not forget the allowance for the bend!

Cut off. Centimeters 3-3.5 above the largest key, draw a line parallel to the upper cut of the

This is what we did. Having retreated from the top of the of 2 cm, we draw a line by which we will make a bend.

Bent. Scheduled. I laid 2 parallel lines.

Now we remove the pins and draw the seams with a chalk line according to the marks.

We seal. For the seams, I stood one-and-out one of the lines. For the convenience of work and so that the pins do not be injected, I twisted the product with a roll.

So, stuck. This is what we did. with cells is ready. Now you need to sew a valve that will close our tools on top. We apply the resulting part on the newspaper, determine with the height of the valve and cut off the excess around the perimeter.

The details received from the newspaper are trying on our This is what the bag of bags will look like. We cut a dermantine valve.

We begin to process the bottom of the valve braid. On the bottom side to the bottom the overlap valve is laid with a braid and sew. Overlap width 5-6 mm.