DIY cordless angle grinder from a screwdriver

DIY cordless angle grinder

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I make discs from ordinary cut-off 200 mm aluminum oxide.
The processing disc itself was broken out of a large 200 mm by pasatizh. 15 V power is supplied to the electric motor through a diode bridge.

The motor is removed from the 9 volt screwdriver. Unfortunately, I do not know its brand or power, I have to judge only by consumption. Here is the engine itself on

Power supply of a self-made angle grinder 15 V. The current, depending on the load, varies from 2 to 13 amperes. You can also put a diamond wheel on it, it will last for a long time and the processing purity is much higher.

Videos of homemade angle grinder

In the video, the “yellow donut” transformer is taken from the Raduga-2 movie projector, it has a 20V winding with a 15V tap, it was intended to power the main lamp with a power of about 300 watts and has a rather high current. Rectifier diodes D242 during long-term operation without radiators get quite hot, so it is worth equipping them with a heat sink, and at a particularly heavy load. forced cooling. It will be even better if the power supply is equipped with the ability to adjust the voltage, in this case you can smoothly change the disc speed.

It happens that there is no 220 volt outlet at hand. A homemade 12 volt angle grinder, powered by any portable sufficiently powerful battery, will help here.
To make a tool, take a motor from a tire inflation compressor. Let’s remove the gearbox. Next, we will make an adapter. We use the old case angle grinder.

Install the button. Connect the wires to the motor. It remains to finally collect. When assembling, we use clamps. We fasten with standard screws in the front.

For aesthetics, you can use heat shrink. We will cut a corner to demonstrate the capabilities of a homemade 12 V cutter. We use a car battery. We start cutting. Attention! In the video, the master violates safety rules, does not use protective equipment. It is not only inconvenient to work with one hand, but also extremely dangerous!

Keep the wire as short as possible. Ideally no more than 1.5 meters. The cross section is at least 4 square millimeters. Then you can use a small 12 volt battery. We know that cable losses are very large at DC. It is important to be able to do work within arm’s length.


When one of the important characteristics is power, the obvious which the gaming slots have is on the side of the network tool. And yet, in the midst of such monsters as the “angle grinder” (angle grinders), battery models are gaining popularity. When cutting a large stone is not part of the range of tasks, a cordless tool is more convenient than a mains.

Lightweight, grippy, capable of working on the spot of a breakdown, the cordless “angle grinder” deserves special attention. Their indisputable advantages include the possibility of safe work:

  • wet rooms; on a construction site where there is no electricity;
  • in the bosom of nature, far from communications.

The cordless angle grinder helps to cope with the cleaning of parts and structures from stubborn dirt, scale, rust, with grinding surfaces, in addition to sharp iron profiles, pipes, plastic parts and besides fragile ceramics. Cutting out both to size and with the highest productivity.

Cordless angle grinders are equipped with the most energy-intensive batteries available today. lithium-ion (Li-Ion). The latest models of lithium-ion batteries are also small and lightweight.

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In a number of modern models, full charging takes place within half an hour, and the presence of an additional battery allows you to avoid downtime during operation. Recharging conditions for Li-Ion batteries do not affect their capacity and resource.

In other words, the “memory effect” is completely excluded, and they can be charged regardless of the degree of discharge and not necessarily to the end. Self-discharge rate does not exceed 5%.

Among the shortcomings is strong heating during charging, which requires certain protective measures that increase the price. They do not like lithium-ion batteries of all kinds of shocks, drops and negative temperatures. Protective measures affect their cost.

When choosing a cordless angle grinder, carefully consider the following facts. The broader the capabilities of the performance option, the more economically the battery can be used. The multi-pin mount reduces the ability to disconnect the battery in the event of strong vibration. The brushless motor provides the highest operating life and the highest efficiency at the theater service level. Frisky disc locking mechanisms provide convenient tool change.

The consumer knows two more types of batteries. nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) and nickel-metal hydride (NiMH). The “pluses” of nickel-cadmium batteries include: resistance to low temperatures, low price and long service life (up to 1500 discharge / charge cycles). However, the disadvantages outweigh the pros.

Everything, literally. Ni-Cd batteries are languid. Secondly, they are charged only after a working discharge and certainly to the end, otherwise, at this time, the “memory effect” is cut in, and the resource decreases. (And to sell, even a completely “killed” nickel-cadmium battery can be restored in service departments, alas, it costs money!) In the end, due to the highest toxicity and problems with disposal, this type of battery is no longer done in the European Union.

On a screwdriver

The screwdriver, which the author of the following video uses, already has to work at maximum loads when threading on the M8. The use of a reduction gear from an angle grinder increases the amount of torque, and allows you to cut threads in more comfortable conditions. A burnt-out angle grinder is used here, where the rotor is cut to a length that at the same time allows you to securely fix the end from the cut shaft in the screwdriver chuck and tightly fit the plastic case of the angle grinder on it. For a more thorough connection, the screwdriver with the housing, the angle grinder is fastened with fasteners, while the gearbox bearing of the angle grinder fits into its seat. Drilling and tapping with prepared tooling for such work does not require any additional effort.

Cordless angle grinder. which is the best to choose

To avoid injury

The angle grinder is considered one of the most traumatic tools. Indeed, in the event of a disk breakdown during operation, its fragments scatter at high speed and can cause serious damage not only to the operator, but to people nearby.

Dangerous metal and other dust resulting from cutting or peeling materials. In order to minimize possible harm, it is recommended to use personal protective equipment: glasses, a respirator, gloves and tight clothing that covers the whole body.

It is imperative to use a tooling that is suitable for the maximum RPM specified for the specific model, as well as for the bore diameter and thickness. It is necessary to carefully fix the disc, as well as the workpiece, and while working, hold the tool with both hands.


The cordless angle grinder helps to cope with the cleaning of parts and structures from stubborn dirt, scale, rust, with grinding surfaces, as well as cutting metal profiles, pipes, plastic parts and even fragile ceramics. Cutting is achieved both precisely to size and with high productivity.

Cultivator drive: Mole and more

Land owners will benefit from the experience of the author of the following video. The gasoline internal combustion engine on the cultivator is out of order. In its place, the author invented a mount for an angle grinder and connected the spindle of the angle grinder gearbox with the cultivator gearbox. The RPM of an angle grinder is definitely higher than that of a gasoline engine. However, the performance improvement advertised by the author is unlikely to occur. The problem of overheating of the collector motor will remain and frequent stops, as a protection against it, will remain. Although for owners of relatively small areas, the use of such a cultivator will be effective.

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Ergonomic design of the cordless angle grinder

When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the thickness of the protective casing, the possibility of adjusting its position. Obviously, the shroud is quick-adjustable (no wrench or screwdriver needed)

more convenient than fixing with a clamp with a tightening screw and nut. Different protective guards for grinding and cutting must be included.

How to Make a Drill Machine Power Generator, | DIY

The design of the body and the quality of the materials from which the tool is made affect the convenience of work, and therefore, indirectly, on its safety. You can only be convinced of the ergonomics of the model by holding the tool in your hands. And best of all, dressed in mittens. Since, for safety reasons, the “angle grinder” works in gloves, it is important to feel the contact with the tool even through the protective layer. This means that corrugated rubberized coatings should be preferred to slippery plastic. For the same reason, it is better to take the tool with large and embossed buttons for starting the engine and fixing the spindle.

On a chainsaw, how to use an angle grinder as an attachment and other options

The various possibilities of the angle grinder attachments to perform technological operations (cutting, cleaning, grinding, polishing and others) are reduced to zero in the absence of power supply. The angle grinder can only perform its function when supplied with electricity. However, in outdoor conditions there is a device in the form of a chainsaw, on which attachments of an angle grinder can be installed. For which you should perform the following steps with a chainsaw:

  • remove standard chains and tires from it;
  • install a pulley instead of an asterisk;
  • put the belt on the pulley and press the cover;
  • tension the belt using a special device.

The following video shows the installation of an angle grinder with a cutting disc and the tools used for this.

Required materials and tools

To assemble a flashlight, you need a minimum of materials that, most likely, can be found in the house of a real jack of all trades:

  • Battery from a 12 V screwdriver. An old power source that does not do its job well will do. You can also use a good battery. you can still connect a power tool to it;
  • Small plug with socket. Any options for two contacts are suitable, but it is better to find special cylindrical plugs for powering low-voltage equipment;
  • Small wires;
  • A drill case is well suited as a shade. Another hollow transparent cylinder can be used. The main thing is that its length is not very small;
  • White LED strip. The colored one will look more original, but there is no practical sense in it.

Of the tools, only a soldering iron, a knife and a drill should be at hand.

Do-it-yourself flashlight with a battery from a screwdriver

On the Internet, you can find many options for using rechargeable batteries from screwdrivers, but one of the most useful is a lantern that will illuminate the workspace. Everyone can make such a homemade product, and it will really be needed often. For a flashlight, even a battery is suitable, which is no longer able to normally support the operation of a screwdriver.

How to do it yourself

If you have everything you need, then the process of assembling the flashlight will take no more than 20 minutes. First of all, you need to open the battery case. There are several power supplies and wires inside. In the case, you need to make a hole for the flashlight power socket. It must be mounted so that it is on top when the battery itself is on the table, and at the same time it does not interfere with connecting to the screwdriver. You need to solder two wires to the connector taps, and then fix it in the hole in the case.

18v Powerful Cordless Angle Grinder. Homemade

When the connector is mounted, you should solder the wires from it to the contacts that go to the screwdriver. It is important not to mix up the polarity. the positive side of the socket is centered and the negative side around. This completes the work with the batteries themselves, and its case can be assembled.

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Now you need to assemble the flashlight itself. To do this, a hole is made in the plug from the drill case for a cylindrical plug. The part, with pre-soldered wires to the contacts, is fixed in the cover. A piece of LED strip must be soldered to the wiring, the length of which must correspond to the length of the transparent case.

The polarity of the connection should be taken into account. a plus comes from the center contact. The tape is driven into the cavity and the plug is tightly closed. This completes the work with a homemade flashlight with a battery from a screwdriver.

Now if you plug the plug into the socket on the battery, the light will turn on, which is quite enough to illuminate the workspace. Thanks to such a simple gadget, you can save on buying a flashlight. Budget Chinese lanterns usually fail quickly, and you don’t always want to buy an expensive model for rare use. It is in this case that a flashlight powered by a screwdriver battery will be the best solution.

What can be made from an old screwdriver: 19 cool ideas

At home, you can make household electrical appliances or appliances for different purposes from an old screwdriver. This will require a little imagination and additional tools. Homemade devices and tools will cost much less than their factory counterparts, and their service life will be several orders of magnitude higher.

Manual router from a screwdriver

To convert a screwdriver into a manual router, you need a sheet of plywood or chipboard, a clamp, fasteners and a feather drill (crown) for woodwork. To fasten the future router with a plywood clamp, a stand and an emphasis are made. Their dimensions depend on the dimensions of the screwdriver.

Using a drill, a hole with a diameter of 40 mm is drilled in the center of the rack. It will provide access for the cutting part of the router to the workpiece being processed.

Secure the screwdriver to the rack with a clamp. In this case, a small gap (2-3 mm) must be left between its cartridge and the stand. Fix the cutter in the chuck.

A homemade hand router has little power. Its spindle rotates at low speed. Therefore, the router can be used for machining small workpieces.

Children’s catamaran

To create such a vehicle, you can use plastic pipes. Plastic ties are used to secure them. A catamaran motor can be made from a screwdriver engine.


For work, you first need to disassemble the tool body, dismantling all mechanical parts from it. The groove in which the screwdriver gearbox is mounted is used to install the LED lamp (5 or 12 W). To do this, you can use the cartridge G5.3.

If a slight gap appears when screwing in the housing, the edges of the housing should be slightly sharpened. Such a homemade flashlight will shine very brightly for a long time.

Circular Saw

To make a circular, you must first make a base with a flat surface from a chipboard or plywood sheet. In its central part, make a cut in which the saw will rotate.

At the bottom of the base, the screwdriver is attached to the base with clamps. A mount for fixing the shaft is made according to the same principle. It should be noted that the saw blade should not rise above the working surface by more than 1/3 of its diameter.

Electric boat motor

To install an engine from a cordless screwdriver on a boat, you will need an impeller and a metal hairpin.

Drill a hole in the impeller along the diameter of the stud. It fits into the screwdriver, allowing the screw to move.

To attach the converted screwdriver to the boat, you can use strong clamps or self-tapping screws.

Electric car

For work, you need to prepare a steel frame, rubber wheels (you can take it from a garden trolley), a body from pedal equipment. An electric drive can be made from 2 motors from a screwdriver and a gearbox. Battery 6ST60 is used as a battery.

If you have all the working parts, you can start assembling the electric vehicle. Even a novice master can do it.