Electric screwdriver for housework.

How to choose an electric screwdriver: criteria and tips, what to choose, prices

Many of their readers still remember those times when to work with fastener elements or threaded joints had to be used exclusively by screwdrivers and conventional wrench keys. Talking about the high performance of such works, of course, does not even have to. Very often, in order to “drive” the screw at the place, it was impossible to do without preliminary drilling the hole, since the efforts of the hand in this case are not enough to overcome the resistance of solid wood, not to mention the situation where even the thinnest metal sheet was required to “pierce”. A few hours of such work-and inevitable corns in the hands, and the work has advanced barely.

The situation fundamentally changed with the advent of screwdrivers. At first they were attributed in a kind of instrumental “exotic”, causing genuine envy. But very soon, these useful tools appeared on free sale, “migrated” in the category of publicly available, and today they are included in the mandatory “arsenal” of the vast majority of houses or apartments. Those who have just thought about the acquisition of such an invaluable assistant, you should first figure out how to choose an electric screwdriver. That is, what to pay special attention to when evaluating the models presented in a wide range.

The main types of screwdrivers

By the general name “electric screwdriver” often consumers involve several types of such tools at once, which, with the general similarity of functions, still have differences. So, three main varieties can be distinguished:

  • Electric screwdrivers.
  • Electric gaywortes.
  • The most universal-drill-shuruvrets. Some models can also be equipped with a shock function.

CRESCENT Electric Screwdriver BSD-6200L

The most massive demand is autonomous tools from batteries. However, it is quite possible to purchase an electric screwdriver. working from a conventional network 220 V /50 Hz. Tools with a cord for connecting to a socket is usually called. “network”.

It is necessary to get to know the main types closer. this will be easier to make a choice, really representing the alleged nature of the work, their intensity and the load on the tool.

Electric screwdrivers.

Despite the fact that in terms of their main operational indicators and in general functionality, battery guesses are in some extent inferior to standard drummer drunks. They have their own specific advantages, which make these tools widely popular both among professional masters and among lovers. These invaluable “pluses” include a small mass, compact layout of the device, high indicators of ergonomics. This allows you to use batteries in conditions when the use of a larger tool is either associated with great inconveniences, or even simply impossible.

Electric screwdrivers are especially convenient for performing small fasteners

A similar tool of NT is indispensable on production lines for assembling small household equipment, computer and office equipment, widespread masters in the production process or final assembly of furniture items. Thanks to compactness, ergonomics and low weight, such screwdrivers do not cause quick fat fatigue, and therefore are very convenient for work at the height, including, for example, when performing the installation of suspended ceilings.

Battery screwdrivers are different in their layout. Many models have a cylindrical case, which, however, is equipped with a hinge connection that allows, if necessary, to take shape, for the concentration of the clamping effort of the hand.

Screwdriver with a hinge cylindrical body

Other screwdrivers have a familiar “pistol” shape, but always. very compact, comfortable in the palm of your hand.

Battery screwdriver in the “pistol” performance

In addition, the models that are very convenient in the work are produced, in which the hinge connection is provided for a working head with a rotating cartridge. This opens up the possibilities of tightening fasteners or dismantling in the most uncomfortable places where there is no way to start a regular tool.


The compactness of such power tools is achieved due to the use of small batteries, with voltage usually in the range from 3 to 9 V. The screwdrivers are not denounced by high rotation speeds. as a rule, from 150 to 250 about./min. For their direct purpose, this is quite enough, as well as the moment of tightening about 10 H × m. For the vast majority of fasteners, especially in domestic conditions, such indicators with excess are enough. However, there are more advanced models equipped with a two.speed switch, and allowing you to perform drilling work with plastic and wood. the frequency of rotation can reach 600 about./min.

Almost all batteries are equipped with an adapter cartridge for bits with a hexagonal shank ¼ inches. Typically, bits for various types of fasteners, as well as a small diameter drill with the same hexagonal shank are included in the set of the screwdriver itself.

Very often, drill and bats with hexagonal shanks are included in the set of screwdrivers

Unlike a larger tool, electric screwdrivers are often equipped with an inexhaustible battery placed in the case of the product. For charging, a special-adapter power supply is used. connecting to a socket.

What in the end? If the owner has a good drill in his set of tools, and he only needs to mechanize the process of working with fasteners, then the battery can become a very useful assistant. In the convenience of such operation, it exceeds electric screwdriver. but significantly inferior to it with functionality.

Electric gaywortes

Another type of tool that is very similar to an electric screwdriver. and even in certain circumstances it can be applied in its quality, but still has features directly related to its direct purpose.

If the work involves frequent operations with bolt formations, then it is better to purchase a gaykovert

electric, screwdriver

If the master on the specifics of his work has to very often resort to the installation or dismantling of threaded compounds of medium or large diameter, then to limit ourselves to perform monotonous operations to use wrenches. this means to sharply reduce the performance of his work. A classic example is assembly production or, closer to private practice, auto.repairing or tire workshops. In addition, in particular, when repairing cars, very often you have to face old, “acidified” nodes, which manually unscrewed, even after processing with a special composition, seems very difficult.

electric, screwdriver

Types of screwdrivers by type of power

These screwdrivers feed from the network, and a number of advantages and minuses follow from this.

electric, screwdriver

The advantages of network screwdrivers include:

  • higher power, therefore, a professional. Household screwdrivers with power from the network are not released by all manufacturers;
  • There is no need to constantly monitor the level of the battery charge and recharge it. I stuck the fork in the outlet and you can proceed;
  • The operating time is not limited by the duration of the battery, there is no need to break away to recharge the battery;
  • less weight compared to battery models, because the design of the tool does not provide for the presence of a battery.
  • Binding to the network. When assembling furniture, the wires only interfere, and when performing construction work, there is not always access to electricity. In addition, the outlet can be far away, and then you will have to additionally use the extension cord. When working at altitude, network screwdrivers are extremely uncomfortable.
electric, screwdriver

Battery screwdrivers

This type of instrument is more widely used. Such devices are obtained from batteries, the capacity and time of charging which can vary significantly.

  • independence from the presence of electricity and the location of the outlet, which gives freedom of action. Work can be performed at a height, in hard.to.reach places, and almost in the field, and the wires will not be confused underfoot;
  • The scope of use is wider, which follows from the autonomy and mobility of the tool.
  • dependence on the level of the battery charge, the need to constantly monitor this parameter and periodically charge batteries. Experts recommend taking a spare battery together with the battery electric screwdriver: while one is charging, the second works. It is preferable to choose batteries that are quickly charged;
  • in power, the battery tool loses to the network. Torque may not be enough to work with solid materials, but there are exceptions here. professional battery screwdrivers are quite powerful and reliable.

Professionals know that choosing a battery electrical screwdriver is even more difficult than network, because it is necessary to take into account not only directly the functions of the device, but also the features of the battery.

The first thing to pay attention to is the type of battery:

  • lithium-ion batteries, Li-ion. This is the most popular and modern type of battery, used everywhere, not only in screwdrivers. Of the advantages, low weight, sufficient power, lack of memory effect, a large resource of charge/discharge cycles (about 3,000 or more), high charging speed. Of the minuses is a relatively high cost, so this is a good option for constant, but not one.time work. Such a battery is not designed to work in the cold. In order for the battery to serve as long as possible, it is better not to discharge it by less than 15% and not charge more than 90%. Service life is about 3 years;
  • Nickel-cadmium, Ni-CD. Have high resistance to low temperatures and voltage surges. On the other hand, they have a pronounced memory effect, so it is better to discharge such a battery completely and completely charge, so as not to reduce its capacity. The battery withstands about 1000-1500 charge/discharge cycles, but it charges for a long time-about 7 hours, so it is better to have a spare battery. The weight of the battery is significant, but it costs the cheaper. Service life is about 5 years;
  • Nickel-metallhydridid, ni-mh. Such batteries become more and more popular, differ in small weight, low resistance to low temperatures, the effect of memory is unexpressed. A big plus is the minimum self.discharge, and the minus is the price;
  • lithium-polymer batteries, Li-Pol, are used in screwdrivers is extremely rare. These are capacious, but not very durable batteries.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the battery capacity in ACh: the higher it is, the longer it will be able to work out an electric screwdriver without recharging. Another important parameter is the voltage in volts. The maximum power that can be obtained from the battery electrical screwdriver directly depends on this indicator.

Stop Buying Overpriced Tools

As a rule, the voltage varies from 9 to 36 in. For simple work, you can take a model for 9 V: these are compact tools for rare use. An electric screwdriver for 12 V is a great option for a household tool, suitable for many home repair work. Electric screwdriver 14 V. this is a golden middle, 18 V or more screwdrivers. this is already a tool for professionals.

Battery Type

Household batteries are designed for irregular use: collect furniture, hang a shelf, get a hard drive from a computer, etc.D.

Model Maximum turns Number of speeds Torque Battery capacity Additional functions
Hammer acd12le 550 rpm one 18 Nm one.3 ah – fast.packed cartridge. safety coupling. backlight. support for a constant number of revolutions. reverse
Interskol Da-10/12m2 1400 rpm 2 16 Nm one.5 ah – fast.sounding cartridge. backlight. electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions. reverse. two batteries
Metabo PowerMaxx BS X2 1400 rpm 2 34 Nm 2 ah – fast.sounding cartridge. backlight. electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions. reverse
Bosch PSR 1440 Li-2/2 1250 rpm 2 34 Nm one.5 ah – fast.sounding cartridge. backlight. electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions. reverse. two batteries
Makita DF331DWYE 1700 rpm 2 30 Nm one.5 ah – fast.sounding cartridge. backlight. electronic adjustment of the number of revolutions. reverse

Kolner KCD 18-2L

For quality, a good option for buying will be Kolner KCD 18-2L, designed for domestic and professional use. The model copes well with the assembly of furniture, drilling in the surface of the tree (diameter up to 20 mm) and metal (14 mm), as well as with work with any fasteners. Tool 2 in 1 combines a drill and an electric screwdriver.

The convenience of use contributes to a quick.and.packed cartridge, due to which the installation of the bit takes no longer longer than a few seconds. At maximum power, we get a torque of 29 nm and 1450 rpm. There are two speeds and 18 rotation speed modes. A battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ah is connected to the handle. It is only one in the kit, charging and a bilateral bit. The charge indication will help to understand when it needs to be placed on charging.

  • Fast.packed cartridge;
  • In the metal drill holes with a diameter of up to 14 mm;
  • Build quality;
  • Torque;
  • There is enough charge for a long time;
  • Uniform backlight;
  • Rubbed handle.


The electric screwdriver of good quality has 19 levels of torque setting, 2 speed modes and supports the adjustment of the twisting depth. A bronnote engine drives into motion, the pluses of which include durability and reliability.

Maximum wood drilling diameter. 25 mm, metal. 10 mm. The configuration includes 2 batteries with a voltage of 12 V, the full charge of which takes about 60 minutes. For the convenience of storage, a case is provided. Drilling occurs in unstressed mode at a speed of 1300 rpm. The case is characterized by modest sizes, a beautiful design and thought out ergonomics. It will be comfortable to work even in the dark due to the presence of illumination for the working area.

  • Light;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Using adapters, you can get a drill and a gaykort;
  • Simplicity of fastening and removing nozzles;
  • Powerful;
  • Pleasant tactile;
  • Case and pair of batteries in the kit.

Bosch GSR MX2DRive

Miniature electric screwdriver gives a spinning moment 10 nm. A two.speed gearbox is able to develop up to 580 rpm. In this case, the product has the size of a flashlight. The battery is powered from the lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 3.6th century. You can wear a tool weighing 500 g on a special strap, which is included in the kit.

  • Bits and drills are well fixed;
  • the presence of LED backlight;
  • excellent ergonomics of the case;
  • Significant power for this size.

Unfortunately, the cost of the screwdriver at the level of a full.fledged good drill. The plastic gears of the gearbox are doubtful, which is easy to damage.

Professional tools are chosen according to parameters such as power, torque, rotation speed, battery capacity and, of course, ergonomics. Such a tool should withstand a large load with a long work shift.

Bosch GSR 18 V-EC

The drill-electrical screwdriver of an unstressed type is equipped with a heartless engine with a torque of 60 nm. Convenience to the master provides electronic adjustment adjustment. The diameter of the drilling on metal is 13 mm, on wood. 38 mm. The precision coupling protects against peak loads and at the same time reduces vibration.

Advantages that users note:

  • reliable spindle fixation;
  • well.thought.out system of protection against overload;
  • quick battery charge time;
  • The presence of a functional coupling.

Unfortunately, this screwdriver does not have the highest speed indicators (1900 rpm) and there are problems of contacts with the battery. Otherwise, this is another successful model from Bosch.