Gas Trimmer Selection

The main types and main characteristics of the gas trimmer

The trimmer is considered one of the most convenient mechanized lawn mowers. Designed primarily for work on relief terrain. According to the energy source, gasoline, electric, battery trimmers are distinguished. The second and third are distinguished by low noise levels, but they cannot cope with large volumes of work. Therefore, gasoline trimmers are popular with most summer residents, gardeners and farmers.
The market offers a wide selection of models costing from 4,000 to 70,000 rubles.

Gas Trimmer Selection

Despite the variety of models, all trimmers have the same design basis and consist of:

  • A long hollow rod (can be one-piece and collapsible), on which all parts of the device are fixed;
  • Engine;
  • A working head equipped with a cutting line, discs or knives;
  • A rotating shaft or cable passing through a channel inside the boom and connecting the motor to the head;
  • Pens;
  • Mounts (strap) to fix the trimmer in relation to the body.

Gas trimmers can be divided into two broad categories: household and professional. Household models have low power and are designed to care for adjacent areas.

Advantages of household models:

  • Light weight (on average about 7-8 kg), due to the use of a variety of plastic parts;
  • Increased security measures, since the use by an inexperienced user is implied;
  • Not demanding in care and maintenance.
  • They have a narrow specialization (one or two cutting elements included);
  • It is important to avoid overheating the device, for many models the operating time is 20-30 minutes, after which you need to take a break and let the mechanism cool down;
  • Not resistant to mechanical damage.

Professional petrol trimmers are equipped with high power engines, a set of replaceable nozzles and additional elements that facilitate control. Can serve large areas, performing many operations.

Advantages of professional trimmers:

  • Time of continuous work without overheating 78 hours;
  • Resistant to vibration, dust, moisture;
  • Robust housing that protects the unit from mechanical damage;
  • High maintainability, most of the parts can be replaced in whole or in part;
  • Expanded list of functions due to a large number of additional attachments.
  • High price.

Before purchasing any model, it is important to decide on the parameters that determine the functionality of the trimmer. Specifications to watch out for:

  • The type of pen also depends on this indicator, how convenient it will be to work with the device. The T-shaped (bicycle) shape is convenient when processing large areas, makes it possible to operate the tool with both hands. The J-shaped handle makes it easy to operate the tool when mowing lawns. The D-shape requires a certain skill of work, since you need to hold the structure with both hands one above the other. Such models are more maneuverable.

Choosing the best gas trimmer in 2020

For a long time, the scythe and the lawn mower were the main tools for combating thickets of grass and weeds. An ordinary scythe is a very simple and light tool that does not take up much space during storage, but it is almost impossible to get an even lawn with it. Lawn mowers create the perfect turf, but fail in difficult terrain, under bushes, or near fences. An alternative that combines the advantages of both units is a grass trimmer. The editorial staff of the site YaNashla offers you an overview of the best gas trimmers in 2020.

Top 5 budget petrol trimmers worth up to 10,000

For work in small summer cottages, household models of gas trimmers are suitable. We present the top 6 best models in terms of price-quality ratio in the category up to 10,000 rubles.

The fifth line is occupied by a household appliance with a semi-automatic coil for adjusting the length of the fishing line and a two-stroke engine with a power of 1.8 kW. Works well on garden plots up to ten acres. Average price: 5500 rubles.

  • All-metal forged shaft;
    two cutting components: a thin line (cutting strip 44 cm) and a three-blade knife (25.5 cm);
  • Light weight (6.8 kg);
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Reinforced casing;
  • Bicycle handle shape;
  • The volume of the fuel compartment is 1.25 liters;
  • Primer for pumping fuel;
  • Easy Start system.
  • The belt slips off the shoulder during work;
  • Regular adjustment of the carburetor is required;
  • Plastic clips on the line spool wear out quickly.
  • Two cutting equipment options: 3 mm line (42 cm cutting strip) and three-blade knife (25.5 cm);
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 1.25 liters;
  • Primer for pumping fuel;
  • Easy start;
  • Ergonomic bicycle handle;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 1.2 liters;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Choice of shoulder strap or backpack harness;
  • 2 year warranty.

In third place is a device from a well-known manufacturer, the power of the device is 1.25 kW. It copes well with mowing lawns and small bushes. Average price: 7000 rubles.

  • Two types of cutting equipment: 3 mm line (40 cm cutting strip) and three-blade knife (25.5 cm);
  • Fuel tank volume 0.95;
  • Economical consumption of the fuel mixture (on average, a full tank is enough for 2-3 hours of continuous operation);
  • Weight 8.3 kg;
  • Dismountable bar;
  • Primer;
  • The T-handle can be adjusted in height;
  • Shoulder strap does not slip during work;
  • Reliable anti-vibration system;
  • Air cooling;
  • The set includes a set of keys.
  • The noise level during operation is 102 dB, protective headphones are required;
  • Narrow protective cover.

The second line of the ranking is occupied by a model that has proven itself in the fight against tall weeds. The device is equipped with a 2.5 kW two-stroke engine. Average price: 6800 rubles.

  • Easy start;
  • Two options of cutting equipment: 2mm line (43 cm cutting strip) and three-blade knife (25.5 cm);
  • Ergonomic, height-adjustable handle, bicycle shape;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Knapsack belt;
  • Weight 7kg;
  • Air cooling system;
  • Fuel tank volume;
  • Robust protective cover;
  • Includes a measuring container for preparing a fuel mixture.
  • Creates a noise of 96 dB, requires special headphones for operation;
  • The model is sensitive to fuel quality;
  • It is often difficult to change the line in the reel.

The leader in the rating of budget models is a gas trimmer with a 2.21 kW two-stroke engine. Easily copes with cutting tall grass and small bushes. Average price: 9800 rubles.

  • Easy start;
  • Gas button lock;
  • Ergonomic bike-shaped handle with anti-vibration coating;
  • Three options of cutting equipment: fishing line with a diameter of 2-3 mm (cutting strip 41 cm), three-blade knife (23.5 cm);
  • Forty-teeth disc (23.5cm);
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 1.2 liters;
  • Reliable vibration absorption system;
  • Construction weight 7.7 kg;
  • Built-in line cutter;
  • Includes a graduated canister for preparing a gasoline-oil mixture and two keys;
  • Detailed instructions.
  • Quite frequent replacement of candles is required;
  • High noise level, special protection required.

Top 5 petrol trimmers worth up to 50,000 rubles

The fifth line is occupied by the gas trimmer, which proved to be excellent when working in difficult conditions, with a 0.9 kW two-stroke engine. The lightweight and handy device will become a reliable assistant in garden maintenance. Average price: 29,600 rubles.

  • ES-start function;
  • Weight 6.76 kg;
  • Suspension strap with three fixing points;
  • Rubber vibration isolator;
  • Average level of noise generated during operation (90 dB);
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 0.84 liters;
  • Two cutting equipment options: 3 mm line and 3-prong blade.
  • Short cable from motor to handlebar.

The fourth place is given to a very light, versatile model equipped with a 0.8 kW two-stroke engine. Average price: 15,000 rubles.

  • Weight 5 kg;
  • The engine is equipped with a spark arrester;
  • Two-shoulder strap with snap-on quick release;
  • Vibration absorption system;
  • Button-blocker for fixing the throttle valve in the start position;
  • Ergonomic T-shaped handle;
  • Two cutting equipment options: 3 mm line and 4-prong blade.
  • The engine is picky about oil quality;
  • Small volume of the container for the fuel mixture (0.4 l).

The third line is occupied by a model with a powerful (1.47 kW) two-stroke engine. Mows well grass and shrubs with a trunk diameter of up to 5 cm. Average cost: 10,200 rubles.

  • Semi-automatic bobbin;
  • Weight 7.6 kg;
  • The body and casing are resistant to mechanical damage;
  • Collapsible shaft;
  • Capacity for the fuel mixture 0.9 l;
  • Noise and vibration damping system;
  • Two cutting equipment options: line (2.4 mm) and 40-tooth disc;
  • Anti-slip bicycle handle.
  • Weak belt fastenings;
  • A very accurate assembly is required with the obligatory pulling of all connections;
  • It is imperative to check the launch mechanism before purchasing, there are cases of manufacturing defects.
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On the second line of the rating is the model with a four-stroke 1.07 kW engine. This is one of the most sustainable trimmers around. Average price: 28,200 rubles.

  • Easy to start up;
  • Weight 7.1 kg;
  • Anti-slip bicycle handle;
  • Two cutting equipment options: 2.4 mm line and three-pronged knife;
  • Fuel tank volume 0.65 l;
  • Convenient backpack-type suspension;
  • Economical on fuel;
  • Does not require the preparation of fuel mixtures;
  • Includes oil and measuring container (poured into a separate tank).

The leader of the rating is a device from a well-known manufacturer equipped with a 4-MIX STIHL engine with a power of 1.4 kW. A reliable petrol trimmer is suitable for large areas, easily copes with difficult terrain, mows grass without problems near fences, stairs, around trees. Average cost: 27,000 rubles.

  • Even distribution of the load on the arms and back of the operator due to the special design of the double shoulder strap;
  • Automatic decompression system;
  • Exclusive vibration absorption system;
  • Weight 5.9 kg;
  • Average noise level during operation (95 dB);
  • Ergonomic T-handle;
  • Standard cutting elements: line and two-blade knife;
  • Safety glasses included.
  • It may be difficult to start at temperatures below 10;
  • Fuel compartment volume 0.53 l.

The choice of tool depends on the scale and complexity of the work to be performed. If you need to keep the lawn in perfect order, a light lawn mower with a two-stroke engine with a power of 0.5-0.7 kW, equipped with a cutting line with a diameter of 1.4-2.4 mm, is suitable. For example, the Husqvarna 128R weighs only 5 kg.

For hay harvesting, an apparatus with a capacity of 1.3-1.5 kW is better suited, with a sufficiently large fuel tank equipped with a 4-8 serrated knife or disc. For example, Daewoo Power Products DABC 420.

For large areas with difficult terrain, it is better to choose a lightweight ergonomic model with a four-stroke engine (STIHL FS 130).

In order for the selected gasoline trimmer to last as long as possible, strictly follow the operating instructions, choose only those brands of gasoline and oil that are indicated in the recommendations.

If you have experience using the models of petrol trimmers presented in the rating, tell us about it in the comments.

Choosing a line for a petrol trimmer

The trimmer is the right solution for mowing grass in hard-to-reach areas for a wheeled lawnmower, such as around trees, bushes, along fences and paths. The performance of the unit directly depends on the correct choice of line for the trimmer. Cutting tooling requires flexibility, rigidity, and unbreakability. It must have a high level of durability and tear strength. What are the first things to look for when choosing a trimmer line? First, the thickness of the thread. In the individual instruction manual for the trimmer, you can find out the required line diameter. It is important to note that you do not need to be guided only by the inscriptions on the bobbin of the lawn mower, as the trimmer kit usually includes universal spools that are suitable for lines of different diameters and engines of different powers. For each model of gas trimmer, we will allow its own individual line diameter. So, when installing a fishing line, the diameter of which exceeds the limiting value indicated in the operating manual, the resistance to rotation increases, the load on the engine increases, which inevitably leads to its overheating and breakdown. Of course, using a fishing line with a smaller diameter will not lead to engine breakdown, but will significantly increase its wear. Currently, the most common thread is 1.2 mm to 4 mm in diameter. Line diameter variation depends on engine power. For example, for electric or cordless trimmers, which are characterized by low power, a fishing line with a diameter of 1.3 1.6 mm is suitable. For more powerful electric or gasoline trimmers that can cut any grassy vegetation, a 1.8-2mm thread will do. On professional benzo and electric scythes, a thread with a thickness of 2.5 4 mm is used. Such a fishing line will be enough to clear the area from small shrubs.

Secondly, the shape of the section. In most cases, a round trimmer line is enough; it is the most common and affordable. The main disadvantage of such a line is the high noise level produced by the trimmer during operation. But even here, modern technology does not stand still, line manufacturers were able to reduce noise using a spiral-shaped line. Also, there are star, rectangular or square cross-sections. These sections have sharp edges, which makes the cut of the grass smoother. The curly shape of the fiber increases the productivity of the technique. However, at the same time, the consumption of the line increases, and when using such a thread, problems of feeding from the spool often arise. For the best possible mowing of the grass, there are variants with notches and teeth. The notched line is designed for mowing weeds and tough vegetation. The main disadvantage of such a fishing line is poor retrieval from semi-automatic spools, so it uses discs into which it is inserted in small pieces. Two-piece round line is more tear resistant and is best for dry and hard grass.

Thirdly, the service life directly depends on the composition of the line. The most common trimmer line is nylon. This thread has a high degree of wear resistance, and also provides efficient operation at elevated temperatures and loads. In addition, it does not lose its qualities at low temperatures, and does not exfoliate during long-term storage.
The main advantage in favor of choosing a fishing line over other cutting equipment is the ability to use it for delicate trimming of vegetation, for example, near young trees or small bushes.

How to choose a lawn mower, choosing a gas trimmer for mowing grass

Today we will talk with you about how to choose a lawn mower, or as it is also called a gas trimmer. In the past, mowing grass was a difficult and time-consuming process, especially when large areas were to be cut. This issue becomes especially acute when there is no healthy adult man in the family. But progress does not stand still, and more and more new technologies in agriculture, such as a tiller or a cultivator, come to the rescue, and a lawn mower is used instead of a conventional scythe. So that a fragile woman, an elderly couple, or a teenager can now cope with caring for the dacha. But in order for the work to be a joy, it is necessary to choose the right unit for a long and high-quality service. Let’s take a closer look at this issue, find out all the nuances.

The most popular manufacturers on the market are:

  • Shtill;
  • Husqvarna;
  • Echo;
  • Patriot;
  • Champion;
  • AL-KO;
  • Cayman;
  • Hitachi.

Given this information, we have compiled a table for you in which we have selected the best models, and their approximate prices:


Perhaps the main parameter that is most often paid attention to when buying power. But you do not always need a unit with a maximum performance. It all depends on the area you will be processing:

  • For a small area, power up to 1000 W.
  • Area up to 10 ares 1000.1500 W.
  • For 10 or more over 1500 W.

If you work on a large area with a low power tool, you will wear it out faster, the motor will overheat quickly, and the service life will therefore be reduced. For huge territories, it is best to take an apparatus with a four-stroke engine, and small two-stroke.

Lawnmower STIHL FS 70C. Patriot PT 3355:

A powerful, but at the same time comfortable and practical scythe, solves a whole range of mowing tasks:

  • Uneven landscapes;
  • Ravines;
  • Regular areas with a flat surface;
  • In the pits.

The unit is equipped with both a line reel and metal knives. The knives are good at solving the problem of tall weeds with thick stems. 7,500 thousand rpm, allows the line to mow lawns with unprecedented efficiency.

The boom is disassembled, so transporting the PT 3355 is easy. Thanks to the shoulder girdle, you will be able to transfer loads associated with weight and long work much easier. The subject’s weight, by the way, is an average of 6.5 kilograms.

  • Power;
  • Relative cheapness;
  • Economy;
  • Belt;
  • Air filters.
  • High noise level;
  • No vibration absorption, so it hurts the hands;
  • The quality of the belt is poor;
  • Plastic carburetor choke lever.

Echo GT-22GES Description:

If you need a full range of possibilities from the purchased unit, then be sure to pay your attention to the GT-22GES. Possessing a two-stroke engine, the device is able to cope with a large amount of work, while not wearing out. The drum rotation speed reaches 6500 rpm, which is a very decent indicator. The curved boom and D-shaped attachment handle allow the operator to work even in the most difficult to reach places. The handle is adjustable in height, which will undoubtedly help people with short stature to adjust it for themselves.

  • Ease;
  • Ease of use;
  • Reliability;
  • Good power-to-performance ratio.
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Popular models of petrol trimmers

If we analyze the range of professional garden equipment, then the most demanded are the units offered by manufacturers such as Husqarna, Echo, Hitachi, Stihl.

The popularity of these petrol trimmers is no coincidence, because they have high reliability, functionality and excellent technical characteristics.

They are also of interest to consumers due to their attractive and ergonomic design. The aforementioned companies offer a wide range of lawn mowers designed for both professionals and ordinary consumers.

At the same time, there are also noteworthy units among domestic products. First of all, this should include the trimmers offered by Energomash and Interskol. These mowers have optimal power and good technical equipment. Therefore, if you provide timely service, then they can serve for a long time.

The most affordable are gas trimmers made in China. However, buying this technique is not recommended for the reason that it often fails and has a short service life. You can decide on such a purchase only if you need a trimmer for 1−2 seasons.

At the same time, such products are not designed to perform a large amount of work due to their low power. Many service centers often refuse to repair such models, explaining that the cost of repairing them is comparable to the cost of purchasing a new trimmer.

Choosing the best gas trimmer: basic aspects

If you need a reliable and high-quality petrol trimmer, then when choosing you should pay attention to such parameters as power and performance, which must correspond to the volume and intensity of work.

If you need a unit for one-time use, then a low-power gas trimmer will be enough for you, with which you can successfully remove weeds and mow the lawn. Naturally, each model has its own service life. And in many ways it depends on the manufacturer.

However, this parameter often loses its significance, because if you do not plan to use the tool to perform a large amount of work, then you will not be mistaken if you choose a cheaper tool.

In the event that you need a lawn mower, which you will use for 6−8 hours a day, then you naturally need to choose a high power and good quality petrol trimmer.

over, it must necessarily be a model from a manufacturer of professional tools. They pay a high price for such a unit, you can be sure that it will serve you for a long time and will not fail in the first month of operation.

The choice of a gas trimmer must be made taking into account who will use the tool: a man or a woman. Modern lawn mowers have different weights, and therefore a heavy model will not work for a girl and a teenager, since a person will quickly get tired.

A characteristic such as the type of rod affects the performance of the tool. If we consider a device with a curved bar, then the cutting tool will move thanks to a steel cable, which is not designed for heavy loads.

Straight boom units equipped with a metal shaft are more robust and therefore can handle higher loads. You also need to pay attention to the type of cutting tool when choosing a lawn mower, since the possibility of its use in certain conditions depends on it.

The line is the part of the petrol trimmer that helps cut grass and weeds. functional in this regard are models that are equipped with a metal knife, since they can be used to chop down young trees.

The best petrol trimmer for agricultural work

HITACHI CG 40 EY (T). Cost: 15799 rub. If you are looking for a tool for use on large areas, hay and mowing tall grass and shrubs, then you should pay attention to this model, which has a high rating.

gas trimmer from the Japanese manufacturer successfully copes with its task thanks to the presence of a fishing line and metal knives. The manufacturer has competently approached the choice of the place for the engine, due to which the weight of the tool, which is more than 8 kg, does not greatly affect the convenience of work.

Considering that the engine is running at 11,500 rpm, an anti-vibration system is the right solution. This model is characterized by high power and reliability, therefore it is able to fulfill its task for many years.

ECHO SRM-2305 SI. Price: 12690 r. This model is very powerful and is designed to process plots of up to 20 acres for a long time. The main advantages are:

  • Ease of use.
  • Profitability.
  • Light weight.
  • Minimal noise.

This lawn mower is offered with protective goggles to protect the operator from flying grass pieces. A line and a knife are provided for cutting the grass. It doesn’t take much effort to start the trimmer. The presence of protection against accidental activation eliminates unforeseen situations.

Partner B407B. Cost: 10900 r. This model is equipped with a motor with a capacity of up to 2 liters. C. And provides a 43 cm wide grip, which is made possible by a four-blade steel knife and line. gas trimmer easily cuts grass in large areas.

It is equipped with a bicycle-style handle and a double shoulder strap, which make it more convenient to use this lawnmower. It can be used for a long time and eliminates serious strain on the operator’s shoulders.

Rating of the best gasoline trimmers

If we talk about the most popular models of gasoline mowers, then, according to the rating, these can be called Stihl FS 55, Echo SRM-22 Ges U-Handle and Champion T336.

At the same time, they do not give a complete idea of ​​what their superiority lies in. Therefore, we will eliminate this gap and present a more correct list of petrol trimmer models that will be of interest to consumers.

The best budget petrol trimmer for summer cottages

Patriot GardenPower PT 2540. Price: 3399 rub. In the rating, this model is the most versatile, since it can perform a fairly wide range of works.

However, if you compare this mower with other similar machines belonging to the same price segment, then it is best suited for processing grassy areas near the house and on the lawn, as well as along paths.

Among the equipment of this unit, a shoulder strap should be distinguished, thanks to which it becomes much more convenient to use this trimmer. Since the load on the hands is reduced, the operator can increase the processing time of the area.

For buyers, this model is of interest because of the absence of difficulties with transportation, low vibration and quiet noise. If you provide this unit with timely maintenance and repair, then it will serve faithfully for many years.

Sungarden GT 25. Cost: 4002 rubles. In the rating of petrol trimmers, this braid stands out in that it has a full set of functions that may be required to work in a suburban area. In addition to a comfortable curved bar, it has an easily adjustable handle, protective cover and strap. This unit is light enough and at the same time creates a low level of vibration and noise.

Partner XS. Price: 4100 r. This model gained popularity due to its advantages, which include:

  • Semi-automatic line feed;
  • Fuel pump;
  • The ability to use for processing available places;
  • The presence of a translucent fuel tank.

What else makes the model stand out is its low weight. At the same time, it does not have a belt, and therefore the trimmer is not intended for long-term operation.

Rating of household gasoline trimmers: popular models

Each owner of a garden plot to maintain order on it must monitor the condition of the grass. And in order to avoid the appearance of violent thickets, it is necessary to cut it off regularly. Naturally, it is not so easy to do this manually, so it will be better if the gardener gets a special device for a gasoline trimmer.

First, you need to decide which lawn mower to choose, because if you leave the weeds without control, then the dacha will cease to be a resting place and over time will turn into an overgrown wasteland.

Popular brands of lawn mowers

  • EFCO is Japanese-made equipment that operates with minimal noise and vibration thanks to the motor located at the top of the boom. Both fishing line and steel knives are used as cutting tools. The total weight of the equipment does not exceed 2 kg.
  • AL-KO is a German lawn mower company. High quality, long service life and safety in use are the main criteria of the German manufacturer. The lightweight, easy-to-use tool handles both lawn mowing and weed removal.
  • CRAFTSMAN is an American company that can rightfully be proud of the quality of its products. The models of the trimmers produced by the company are very light and practical, moreover, they have a fairly reasonable price.
  • CHAMPION is a Sino-American joint venture that has been well-known in both domestic and overseas consumer garden equipment market for many years. Models equipped with steel knives easily cope not only with mowing lawns, but also removing young bushes.
  • MAKITA is a popular Japanese brand in most countries, famous for the highest quality and an extensive range of lawn mowers. The tool is user-friendly, ergonomic and manoeuvrable.
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Rating of the best lawn mowers choosing a quality trimmer

Every year more and more summer residents and owners of personal plots use a trimmer or lawn mower to restore order on the lawn. Such a device allows you to cut the grass efficiently, even in places where it is not easy to do it manually.

With lawn mowers, you can easily get rid of weeds under trees, trim the grass on the lawn, or do hay making. Every year, more and more new models of trimmers appear on the market of garden equipment, and therefore the choice of a quality device that meets all the requirements of a summer resident is very difficult.

How to choose a lawn mower according to technical characteristics

If we consider the main characteristics of a lawn mower, then when choosing a tool, special attention should be paid to the following parameters:

  • Motor type and power parameters;
  • Cutting element type;
  • Total weight of the unit;
  • Lawn mowers price.

The power of the equipment is the main parameter, which determines its maximum productivity and time of continuous operation. In the process of choosing a quality trimmer, it is very important to pay attention to this particular characteristic.

A tool with a power of up to 1 kW is suitable for mowing soft grass on a small lawn. If the lawn mower will be used to remove weeds, it is better to choose a device with a power of more than 1.5 kW. Equipment whose power exceeds 1.8 kW is already classified as professional, which accordingly increases its price.

Main parameters and features of choice

A powerful lawn mower requires a large fuel tank, which together affects the weight of the device. But even taking into account these not entirely pleasant circumstances, a tool operating on liquid fuel is more practical and convenient for use in the country or in a private household.

The absence of the need to connect to a stationary power source using cables makes the lawn mower as mobile as possible, and the relatively small size of the unit allows it to be transported in the luggage compartment of the car.

When choosing a quality lawn mower, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The performance of a lawn mower depends on its working equipment. The main difference between a petrol scythe and an electric trimmer is the use of steel blades rather than fishing line or plastic knives. Due to this, the cut of grass is smoother and of better quality, thanks to which plants of great height and even young shrubs are better removed.
  • Depending on the equipment used on the lawnmower, the working width parameters of the main working area change. Small diameter blades sharpened on both sides are perfect for mowing grass on uneven terrain. For large areas, it is better to give preference to tools with cutting discs or triangular blades.
  • The comfort of using the tool is influenced by its ergonomics. On all models of lawn mowers, the handle is different in shape, which determines the load on the hands and the principle of equipment control. Powerful models with heavy weight, additionally equipped with a comfortable strap that is worn over the shoulder.

Rating of popular lawn mower models

The high popularity of garden equipment, including trimmers, has led to the fact that manufacturers are constantly expanding their assortment line. All models may differ not only in price and functionality, but in design and material used in the manufacture.

These features make the choice of suitable equipment difficult and therefore the consumer should familiarize himself with the most popular products on the domestic market before buying a lawn mower.

Powerful KR petrol trimmerÜGER (Germany) is equipped with a two-stroke engine. The power of the tool is increased: it is 3 kW or 4 hp. C. The KRUGER petrol trimmer can be used for a long time: thanks to the air cooling, it will not overheat. In operation, the KRUGER trimmer delivers 9000 rpm. It is suitable for processing large areas of up to 10 acres. The set includes spools with fishing line, which cut the grass on the lawn, as well as saw knives: with their help, branches of young trees and bushes are removed.

The functionality of the Kruger petrol trimmer is impeccable. It has everything for operator comfort and safety. The comfortable shoulder strap significantly increases the duration of the tool use, as it transfers the load from the arms to the shoulders. An important advantage of the Kruger trimmer is affordable price.

The Husqvarna 128R petrol trimmer is one of the most popular brands, designed for use in the home by owners of their own backyard plots. Equipment with a full tank of fuel weighs no more than 5 kg, which allows it to be used for a sufficiently long period of time without overloading the back and arms.

The brand’s lawnmower features a built-in Smart Start function that makes starting the tool much easier. The power unit can be easily started in all weather conditions thanks to the unique Air Purge fuel pumping system.

The Stihl FS-55 petrol lawn mower is a small device with a small motor of lightweight design. The total weight with a filled fuel tank does not exceed 5 kg. At the same time, the ergonomic parameters of the tool are thought out to the smallest detail, which makes it easy to maneuver the lawn mower.

The hand pump makes starting the motor much easier. The cutting elements are two types of knives, disk and double-sided. The circular cutter is ideal for decorative lawn mowing thanks to the ability to control the height, cut grass.

Expert advice on how to choose a quality lawn mower

Choosing a high-quality petrol trimmer, as has already been mentioned many times, you need to decide on its power, on which the productivity depends and, accordingly, the volume and intensity of the work carried out.

If the tool is purchased for use several times a week on a small personal plot or lawn, then low-power equipment is enough to cope with the removal of weeds and soft grass.

Naturally, if you use low-power equipment for a long period at high loads, then it will not last long. Although its price is quite affordable and with the correct operation of the tool, it will be quite enough for cleaning the suburban area or lawn near the house.

If the equipment is planned to be used for a long time without interruption, then it is advisable to purchase powerful lawn mowers. It is also important that the tool comes from a reputable brand name. And despite that, the price of such units is quite high, it is fully justified by the duration and safety of the gasoline trimmer.

In addition to power, when choosing a petrol trimmer, you need to take into account the fact who will work with the tool. If this is a fragile woman, then when using a heavy trimmer, she will quickly get tired.

In turn, a man can use equipment with a large tank so as not to be distracted by refueling. It will also be useful if the lawn mower is equipped with a shoulder strap.

Another important parameter for the quality and reliability of the unit is the boom used. If it has a curved shape, then a metal cable is used to rotate the cutting blades, which cannot withstand heavy loads for a long time. If it is a tool with a metal shaft, then it is suitable for long-term continuous use.

The type of cutting mechanism determines the possibility of using the tool in various conditions. The fishing line is convenient for mowing soft grass and small weeds, and if a steel knife is installed, you can cut young bushes.