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Motoblocks Hooper. Reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

About the brand “Hoper”

“Hooper” is a brand of motoblocks and garden equipment that appeared in 2010. During the existence of the brand, motoblocks of this brand have become recognizable and popular in it is noteworthy that the assembly of equipment is carried out in production in Perm, Voronezh and other cities.

Both domestic and foreign spare parts are used. On all models of motor blocks, Chinese gasoline or diesel engines Lifan, R180, WM 168 FB are installed.

The diesel engines on the Hoper motor blocks are equipped with a water or air cooling system (more powerful and heavy models are cooled by liquid, less powerful fusion). Gasoline engines have an air cooling type. The manufactured motorbide and motoblocks have a number of qualities such as durability, endurance, reliable assembly.

Features and advantages of motor blocks “Hoper

  • compactness;
  • the ability to choose a model from small to heavy weight;
  • functionality;
  • equipment with a plow and milling cutters (not all, only some positions);
  • a combination with hinged from other manufacturers (“Oka”, “Neva”, “Cascade”, “Mole” and others);
  • Some models are equipped with a headlight;
  • In most models of motor blocks, a cast.iron cylinder sleeve is installed. the engine is prolonged;
  • the ability to work without a break of 4-6 hours;
  • recognition of external design, an attractive design of all representatives of the lineup, a convenient arrangement of key elements (fuel tank, engine, oil.polling neck).

The one.based tractor “Hoper” of the diesel category

All these motoblocks are equipped with four.stroke single.cylinder engines, diesel, with water cooling. Engine without protective casing.

Motoblocks “Hoper” of the gasoline category

  • Khoper 1100 9b (9 l.With.);
  • Khoper 1100 9BS (9 l.With.);
  • Khoper 1100 9B MQ (9 l.With.);
  • Hooper 1000 U (6.5 l.With);
  • Hooper 1000U 5D (5 l.With.);
  • Hooper 900 (6.5 l.With.);
  • Khoper 900 MQ (7 l.With.).

Equipped with gasoline four.stroke Lifan engines, cooling air. Engine location. without a protective casing.

Review of attached equipment

The attachment equipment significantly expands the capabilities of any walk.behind tract, and the “Hoper” was no exception. Further. a more detailed overview of hinged devices suitable for working with any motor blocks “Hoper”.

Neva, Cascade, Salute, Ugra, Oka, MTZ, Belarus and other domestic brands are also suitable for them from the Neva, Salute, Oka, Oka, and Oka, “MTZ” and “MTZ”. “Hopers” are aggregated with most Chinese hinged, since all it is made according to the standard “for fastening.


You can use rotary, segment, finger mowers of such manufacturers as Volodar, Yarilo, MTZ, Belarus, as well as the mowers of Chinese, Polish, German production. The most budgetary and popular option for farmers is a rotary mower of the Zarya type.


Adapter is one of the most popular devices for walkways, in particular, for heavy. It is the adapter that turns the usual agricultural unit into a universal vehicle. It is recommended to use adapters with the following parameters: for heavy motoblocks with a lifting capacity of up to 1000 kg, for light and medium.sized motoblocks. up to 500 kg. Manufacturer. any (subject to the presence of a universal coupling).

The adapter function can also perform a trailer with a seat, homemade or ready. Self-sewing trailers are recommended only for use on heavy motoblocks weighing more than 100-120 kg.

Freak. design and assembly

Frases. an important working element for a walk.behind tractor. With the help of a cutter, soil cultivation is carried out. The process of assembling the milling plant is described in the instructions for the walk.behind tractor. You can also familiarize yourself with the correct position of the milling in the assembly by considering the scheme below. The principle of assembly of milling cutters is the same for most motoblocks. Whole soil and direct connection to VOM is sold in already assembled form.


All the same.based “Hoper” tractor is supplied with pneumatic wheels, wide and embossed wheels. Comfortable wheels, ideally correlated with mass and dimensions of the walk.behind tractor. one of the advantages of Hoper. Standard wheels: 4.00-8, 6.00-12. If desired, you can install wheels of a larger size than on your model of a walk.behind tractor, if technologically the design allows you to do this.


Ground.spaces of various diameters can be purchased both separately and in sets. special sets of attachment equipment. Such sets usually include a pair of soil.spaces, cummers, plow, extension cords and fasteners.

For the hopper motor blocks weighing up to 100 kg. It is recommended to use a classic single.hobby plow of the Mole type or another model. from Chinese, Belarusian manufacturers. On motoblocks weighing more than 120 kg. You can install a double.hobby plow, a revolutionary plow, a plow with a limch. Manufacturers: Mole, MTZ and others.

Snowman and dump

The standard size of a shovel-off suitable for the Khoper motornote: from 1 to 1.5 meters. Shovels can be ordinary metal or with a rubber lining along the lower edge. Mostly used to clean the territory from snow. Manufacturers: TM Yarilo, TM Sun, TM Volodar, MTZ, Belarus and others.

Potato.cake and potato.resident

Types of potatoes: universal “mole” with a classic mount; Rumble, friction. For the Khoper motoblocks, you can use any type of potato.coat, both under WOM and ordinary ones, with fastening for bolts.

Types of potatoes: tape, chain and others. Models: APK-3, CS: GO-02P, KSM-2B, CS: GO-02.

Operating instructions, maintenance

Learn the instructions for the walk.behind tractor, this document will allow you, as the owner, to understand how to operate the device with full return and is safe for your health. Do not allow children and adolescents to manage a walk.behind tractor. Use protective mittens when assembling mills and working with them.

The same.based “Khoper” tractor: review, features, characteristics and reviews

Monotonous work in the garden or in the country is a venture that requires a mandatory application of certain and often very considerable physical efforts. In order to facilitate the fate of the numerous army of gardeners, farmers and summer residents with engineers, an unit called a motorized block was invented. Among the great variety of such technology today, the same.based “Hoper” tractor is highlighted. This is an amazing car and a detailed speech will be in our article.

general information

This small.sized worker is designed to clean the territory from various garbage (leaves, snow and other things) also plow the ground with the help of the unit, plant agricultural crops and harvest, introduce fertilizers in the soil, etc. D. Hoper Unoa Tractor is produced with both diesel and gasoline engines.


The machine allows you to greatly make life easier for its owner and carry out the planned work in an extremely short time. According to parameters such as quality, price, equipment, primitive operation, the device shows stably high results. This is what can explain the widespread demand of the motor unit both in our country and in neighboring foreign states. We immediately indicate that the final cost of the unit is completely dependent on its configuration.


The same.based “Hoper” tractor, reviews of which the vast majority are extremely positive, has the following undeniable advantages:

  • Optimal dimensions. This machine combines compact dimensions and insignificant its own mass, which allows you to use it even in conditions of small land plots. In addition, to move the device from the user does not require much effort to apply, because the single.shaped Khoper tractor is endowed with excellent maneuverability and stability.
  • The ability to perform a wide range of functions. There is an opportunity to carry out a variety of work. Remember that the same.based tractor and the cultivator that only plows the Earth is not the same thing. With the “host” the life of a landowner will be simplified in many matters, since a large amount of time and effort will be saved.
  • The presence of pneumatic wheels. These running elements allow the machine to stand steadily on any earth (even on wet and slippery clay) and do not slip at significant loads. The wheels create optimal adhesion to the underlying surface, and therefore it is not difficult for a person to control this machine in corners.
  • The steering wheel is adjustable to the growth of the operator.
  • Included with the unit is a spare set of valves.

Diesel performance

Hoper Unoa Tractor, reviews of which only occasionally signal the insignificant problems related to maintenance and repair, before starting work, a full.fledged must undergo a full.fledged manner. During this period, it is strictly forbidden to include power plant at full capacity. This is done so that all its details and nodes are injured to each other and fully adapt to work. Experts say that effective will take about 100 hours. During this time, the load on the motor should be increased gradually, ultimately, taking it to the maximum maximum.

What is this unit good? The Hoper diesel uno.ears of the Khoper tractor received the most demand in the consumer environment due to the fact that the fuel is much cheaper for it than for the gasoline analogue. Motor resource also increases significantly, which in turn also increases the operational resource of the machine as a whole. However, it is extremely important to comply with the rules of use that are certainly spelled out in the attached instructions.

Gas engine

Very well established in practice and the gasoline uniform tractor “Hoper”. Diesel, of course, is largely much more profitable than a gasoline model, but there are advantages of aggregates working precisely on more expensive fuel. That the first is striking is the difference in the mass: the gasoline machine will weigh much less than its “colleague”, operating on diesel fuel. This allows you to manage such a walk.behind tractor even a woman. An important nuance: the gasoline “Hoper” is strictly not recommended to be used for transportation of goods, but only for its intended purpose.

Models and their characteristics

So, let’s consider the types of motoblock existing today:

  • “Hooper 900”. Gasoline unit equipped with a four.stroke engine. The engine power is seven horsepower, and this is quite enough to work on a small farm. Which is very pleasing is the opportunity to regulate the width of the seizure of land. The depth of the soil is also subject to adjustment and depth of 15 to 30 centimeters. The gearbox provides for three speeds: two forward and one back. The machine is able to overcome any soil, including the virgin. Linear dimensions are small: width. 550 mm, length. 1300 mm, height. 1100 mm. Weight. 85 kg (without additional hanging parts. 75 kg).
  • “Hooper 1000”. The machine is equipped with a motor for 6.5 horsepower. The steering wheel is equipped with a rotary mechanism to facilitate the device control process. The same.based tractor is very good in processing virgin lands. The wheel pattern allows the unit to overcome difficultly passable areas even on viscous soils. A change in plowing depth occurs in the range of 15-30 centimeters. It is possible to use three speeds. Engine volume is 196 cubic meters. cm.
  • Unine tractor “Khoper 1100 9ds”. This machine is equipped with an electric starter. The same.based Khoper 1100 9DS tractor is diesel, and therefore its main advantage is minimal fuel consumption, and this is extremely important for those people who plan to use this technique often and for a long time.
  • “Hooper 1100 9B”. The same.based tractor is quite powerful. 9 horsepower. If desired, the consumer can buy a model with both electric and manual starter. The width of the capture of the car is 80-135 centimeters. Penetrates into the ground during its cultivation to a depth of 30 centimeters. Working volume of the motor. 418 cubic meters. cm. The same.based tractor is ideally combined with almost any attachment equipment. From the point of view of the ratio of cost and quality, the unit is simply excellent.


The Hope MT unit is characterized by large dimensions, because of which it looks more like a mini-tractor. It installed a motor system R-180 with a water-cooled water system. The engine operates on a diesel engine, the consumption of which is from 1.6 to 9 l/h.

The design and reinforced type housing make it possible to work with wet and loose soil, as well as on a large area. The narrowed design allows you to simplify turns in territories with complex geometry.

Berta Swivel Plow demo, BCS 853 Walk-Behind Tractor

Such a model of a walk.behind tract has a number of advantages, among which:

  • The presence of headlights, which makes it possible to work in the evening and night time of the day.
  • Starting manual or from an electric steamer.
  • The entire control panel is in one handle.
  • Treads on wheels.
  • Gearbox with six speeds.
  • is installed.
  • The kit includes mills.
  • Power. 7 l. With.
  • The width of the capture and depth of soil processing is 75 and 30 cm.


A three.stage mechanical gearbox acts as a gearbox for this model. with two front and one rear speed. The design includes a reverse that increases maneuverability, and thereby providing the ability to get to the most difficult places. Reduction clutch is installed in the walk.behind tractor.

The well.thought.out design of the machine guarantees the perfect ergonomics of the driver’s place, as well as many other positive points. Possible random problems in repair and maintenance. all this is excluded, since the frequency of breakdowns is quite predictable. If necessary, you can purchase any detail at an affordable price. Service network for Hopeper 110 9 DS is developed at a high level.

Types and models

Hoper motoblocks can have a diesel or gasoline engine. Diesel models rarely work with interruptions and problems. The technique on such an engine is quite in demand among buyers, due to the fact that diesel fuel is inexpensive. These motor resources have high operational capabilities, provided that all the rules are fulfilled according to the instructions.

Mini-tractors on gasoline have proven themselves well at work. Despite the fact that diesel fuel is cheaper, a gasoline gearbox wins due to a small weight. This characteristic contributes to the ease of management.

In addition to “Khoper 900Pro”, popular and popular models today are several more.

  • Hope 900 MQ 7 has an mounted four.stroke single.cylinder engine. The unit is launched using a kickstarter. The same.based tractor has three speeds, while developing a working work up to seven kilometers per hour. The machine is characterized by productive and quick work on different types of soils due to high strength, quality of nodes and casing. The engine of the walk.behind tractor has a power of 7 liters. With. The technique weighs 75 kilograms and promotes plowing soils 30 centimeters in depth.
  • “Hooper 1100 9DS” has a diesel type engine, which has air cooling. The machine is characterized by convenience, small dimensions, high functionality and a small amount of fuel consumed. “Hooper 1100 9DS” has a 9 liter engine. With. and can process the soil 30 centimeters in depth. With a weight of 78 kilograms, the unit is able to capture an area of ​​135 centimeters in the process of cultivation.
  • “Hooper 1000 at 7B”. This version of the walk.behind tractor is equipped with a four.stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 7 liters. With. The machine is designed to process areas with dimensions up to one hectare. In “Hoper 1000, 7b has a mechanical gearbox with three front and one rear speeds. Therefore, the technique can easily cope with the tasks in an inaccessible place. Thanks to the maneuverability of the steering wheel, the mini-tractor is easy to manage. The installation of a reflex tread allows you to perform work in an off.road conditions. Wings with a large width are installed on the unit, it is they who are able to protect the car from dust and pollution. The same type of type is able to regulate the depth of immersion in the ground, so this type of technique is quite functional. The consumer chooses this model, guided by the efficiency of fuel consumption, engine power, ease of steering.

But do not forget that “Hopper 1000 in 7B” does not work with a heavy load.

  • “Hooper 1050” is a multifunctional model, which has a gasoline four.stroke engine. The machine is characterized by a capacity of 6.5 liters. With. and plowing depth of 30 centimeters. The same.based tractor has the ability to capture the width during the cultivation of 105 centimeters.

Due to the possibility of attaching the attachment equipment, this model of a mini-tractor is an indispensable assistant for each owner.

  • “Hooper 6d cm” is one of the leaders among the models of mini-tractors of their price category. The technique has a high.quality and durable engine with good working resources, a gearbox is improved in it and the clutch has been finalized. The high cross.entire cross.scale of the motorcycle is provided by powerful wheels. Diesel engine with a power of 6 liters. With. It is cooled by air. The machine is characterized by a depth of plowing 30 centimeters and a width of soil processing during a cultivation of 110 centimeters.


In the production of the Hoper motor blocks, both gasoline and diesel engines are used. Their capacity has different in each specific model (from five to nine liters. With.), cooling can occur both by air and with the help of liquid. Due to the quality configuration of the machine are characterized by durability, endurance and reliability.

The device of the gearbox in mini-tractors is characterized by a chain type. The weight of the equipment is different, on average it is 78 kg, while gasoline models are easier.

Components and attachments

Units from Khoper are a modern type of agricultural machinery, when buying which all the necessary components are provided. Most models have an air filter, quality oil is required for their effectively. The silencer provides a low noise level during the functioning of the technique.

Spare parts for cars “Hoper” can be purchased in specialized stores.

Due to the possibility of attaching hinged devices, motoblocks are used on the farm for many purposes.

Miscellaneous equipment can be attached to this mini-tractor.

  • Pitch. These units can be rotary, segment, finger type.
  • The adapter is a popular element, especially for heavy motoblocks. It is necessary for comfortable movement on a walk.behind tractor.
  • Freze. This equipment provides a cultivation procedure that a mini-tractor performs.
  • Wheels. Despite the equipment of motoblocks with high.quality pneumatic wheels, each owner has the ability to install wheels with large dimensions, provided that this is possible in a specific model.
  • Soil.spaces are sold so separately, and in the sets.
  • Plow. For a car that weighs up to 100 kilograms, it is worth purchasing classic single.hinged plows. For equipment that weighs more than 120 kilograms, you can install a double.hobby plow.
  • Snowman and dump. Standard dimensions of the blade shovels, which are well suited for the Hoper technique, are from one to one and a half meters. In this case, the shovel may have a rubber or metal lining. The main area of ​​use is to clean the sites from snow cover.
  • Potato.cap and potato.enemy. Potato.caps can be classic fastening, roar, as well as friction. “Hooper” can work with different types of potato.switches.

User manual

After buying a walk.behind tract from the Khoper company, each owner should study the operating instructions, which will allow you to use the unit correctly. The work of the walk.behind tractor provides for constant oil replacement.

In order for the car to work for a long time and without interruptions, in the summer it is worth using mineral oil, and in winter. synthetic.

Home made, Two wheel tractor, Walk behind Tractor

In this case, the fuel for the gasoline engine is AI-82, AI-92, AI-95, and for diesel any brand of fuel.

The first launch procedure of the machine should be carried out strictly according to the instructions. Fully assembled equipment that is ready to work, it remains only to start. First, the engine should work slightly. After the first and before the full use of the walk.behind tractor, at least twenty hours should pass. After this stage is completed, the machine can be used for work on the virgin lands and when transporting heavy cargo.

Malfunctions during the functioning of the Hoper mini-tractors occur infrequently, and they can be eliminated on their own. Noise may occur in the reducer, so it is worth checking the presence of oil and not using low.quality substances.

If oil flows from the unit, then you should pay attention to the condition of the oil seals, to eliminate the blockages and adjust the oil level.

There are situations when a clutch slip occurs, in this situation it is worth replacing springs and discs. If the speeds are difficult to switch, then it is necessary to replace worn parts.

The same.based tractor may refuse to start with severe frosts. In this case, it is better to transfer the work on a warmer day.

Among popular faults, the leading place belongs to high vibration during work, as well as engine smoke. These problems are a consequence of the poor quality of oil and its course.

many, walk, tractor, hoper

Reviews of the owners of cultivators and motoblocks hopper

Andrey Krasnopolsky, Krasnodar Territory, 38 years old

I purchased the one.axle tractor 1000U 7B last year. I collected, ran into the instructions, then poured expensive oil into the engine crankcase and transmission. The motor began to work noticeably quieter. The engine pulls on any field, I use with a plow, a cultivator. This year he clung to a mower. everything is no problem. There are small flaws, but they are not significant.

Stanislav Gorbunkov, Novgorod Region, 46 years old

We have quite heavy soil, so I decided to purchase a powerful diesel unoic tractor. Ultimately stopped his choice on the Khoper 1100 9DS METS. After two years of operation, I can say that I became the owner of an excellent device. The presence of worm gear and power selection shaft is pleasing. Gruntosepepepy pulls the plow and cultivator, and do not dig pits underneath aimlessly. A solid weight of 140 kilograms allows you to do without weighting. Of the minuses, I note quite large dimensions, the cutters that are delivered in the basic configuration do not suit me either.

Advantages: a powerful engine, the presence of VOM, is suitable for use with any mounting equipment; hardy, maneuverable and economical;

Disadvantages: price, low.quality milling cutters in the basic configuration, after a year of operation a button for stopping the operation of the motor broke down.

Non.mounted equipment

The following attaching equipment can be attached to the motorogue hoper:

  • Frases. Used for loosening medium and dense soils, removing weeds by winding them on themselves. Such additional equipment allows you to accelerate the process of soil processing.
  • Team. It is necessary to increase the mass of the technique used, helps improve the traction characteristics.
  • Plow. It is used during plowing, sowing, planting and digging root crops, a bevel of grass and other unwanted vegetation on the site.
  • Adapter. It is necessary for the convenience of the user, allows you to make a mini.tractor out of the walk.behind tractor.
  • Snowman. Designed for cleaning just falling or still not cervical snow in the yard, in front of the house. Will help clear the track for pedestrians and passing the car.
  • Ground.bearing. This additional equipment helps to increase the mass of equipment and improve the clutch of a walk.behind tractor with soil.
  • Mower. Helps to get rid of grass, small shrubs, etc. D.
  • Trailer. Designed for the transportation of agricultural, construction and other cargoes.

Reviews of the owners

Vladimir, 52 years old, Murmansk: “I bought a hoper in 2012, the equipment works properly, without complaints. I can note the high build quality and good maneuverability. This is a reliable one.axle tractor, I recommend “.

Yuri, 37 years old, Astrakhan: “I purchased a model 1100 9DS for agricultural work. For 2 years of operation he repaired only 1 time, there were problems with the pulley. This is a fairly powerful unit that costs its money “.

Victor, 47 years old, “I have been using the host for 3 years. This is a compact, small.sized technique, so I recommend that you buy weighting agents right away. At the beginning there were problems with the clutch, but did the repair in time, now everything works without failures. “.

Taras, 39 years old, Volgograd: “Hopper bought for operation in a summer cottage. The equipment copes with all agricultural tasks. I have been using it for 3 years, until I repaired “.

Anatoly, 41 years old, Taganrog: “I bought an unit for processing virgin lands, but Hopper turned out to be easy to perform such work, so I had to additionally purchase weighting agents. I can note the engine that starts well, works properly “.

The advantages of motor blocks “Hoper

The uniform tractor is a universal garden and garden assistant, whose main tasks include:

  • mechanical processing and loosening of the soil;
  • destruction of weeds and spitting hay;
  • filling with potato tubers and other planting material;
  • Care care.

The Hoper motoblocks successfully cope with all these tasks, which, thanks to the attachment equipment, can turn into snowpliters and sweeping machines.

The advantages of the Khoper motoblocks are:

  • universality and multitasking;
  • compactness;
  • maneuverability created by pneumatic wheels;
  • successful equipment;
  • custom wheel, which can be adjusted to any growth of the operator;
  • Reliability and durability.

Diesel motor blocks “Hoper

Motobobes operating on diesel fuel are released against the background of the entire model line of the manufacturer. Their endurance and power are many times higher than similar gasoline modifications. Among their main differences:

  • unpretentiousness to the quality of fuel;
  • adaptability to a wide range of environmental conditions;
  • readiness for many hours of work.

Consider the most popular diesel models.

many, walk, tractor, hoper


Diesel uniform tractor of the budget series. It has a fairly complete basic configuration that creates the conditions for its year.round operation. Equipped with a 9-horsepower 4-stroke engine with one cylinder that is economically consuming fuel. Due to the wide wheelbase, it is characterized by improved ability for clay and loamy soils, as well as swampy territories. Easily controlled by the user and does not require special technical knowledge and skills.

  • an effective system for aero coigaring a motor that protects it from overloads;
  • high power;
  • 3-speed transmission with 2 front speeds;
  • the presence of an electric steamer that facilitates the launch in the cold season and with a non.powerful engine;
  • Compatibility with a variety of hinders for growing, cleaning or transporting crops.

Diesel Unine-based Khoper Tractor MT-80E

A more overall version of the walk.behind tractor, which looks like a light mini.tractor. Works on the R-180 motor system, the cooling of which is facilitated by the aquatic environment. Dies of 1.6-9 liters of diesel per hour, depending on production conditions. The reinforced design and the concentrated case allow this unit in the fields with wet and loose soil. Unlike the previous model, it has a narrowed design that simplifies turns on sites with complex geometry.

many, walk, tractor, hoper
  • equipment with a headlight, simplifying the work in the dark;
  • manually launch or from an electric starter;
  • Ergonomic control panel combined in one handle;
  • specific protective pattern on wheels;
  • 6-speed gearbox;
  • rear vom, which allows you to use soilofraza;
  • Knoza equipment.

The main malfunctions

Malfunctions. inevitability in the work of any motoblock. Further, we will consider the main types of malfunctions of the “hosts” and possible ways to eliminate them on our own. If the malfunction is serious and your knowledge is not enough to eliminate it, contact a specialized repair center or service (with a valid warranty).


The main problems with the gearbox and methods for their elimination:

  • noise in the gearbox (check the oil mark, share; do not use low.quality oil);
  • leakage of oil from the gearbox (check the condition of the oil seals, eliminate the gap, adjust the oil level, pouring it to the norm, but not higher than the mark on the neck).


The main problems with the clutch at the “Hoper”:

  • clutch slips (check and replace worn springs and discs);
  • The speeds switch hard (disassemble the checkpoint, polish the teeth of the gears, replace worn parts);
  • The clutch does not turn off completely (perhaps the friction discs are deformed, replace them, pour fresh oil into the crankcase);
  • The same tractor does not start (perhaps the matter is in the air temperature. too severe frost. In this case, try to launch a single tractor at a plus temperature, for example, in a garage, and then take it out for work in the yard).

Other malfunctions

Among other malfunctions, one can note:

Such problems are most often caused by improper adjustment of the hinged (vibration), as well as poor.quality fuel and oil not for season, leakage. Before operation, make sure that the one.axic tractor is working and ready to work.

“I bought my hopper 900 three years ago, in the spring.

Advantages: you can allow you to buy without special infringements of the budget, relatively not expensive, saves strength, plows in its own way, very simple management, assembly, configuration, etc.D.

Disadvantages: Drinking belts rubbed (the problem of all motoblocks with belts). I made a replacement once so far.

Think well before purchasing a single tractor, anyway, what model. But know that it is needed in several cases: with a large site, if there are few working hands in the family, if the soil dries to varying degrees, the uniform tractor will be hard to use, you need to wait until the whole garden dries. Hoper is satisfied, I recommend. We do not really save on fuel, and therefore we took a gasoline vert ””.


“I use diesel hoper 5d series 1000. Why diesel? Because I have long been used to the fact that such a technique is hostile. Yes, he has 5 horses power, but 6 acres are no longer needed for a plot.

Advantages: small, compact, maneuverable, fast!

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