How to Change a Fishing Line into a Stihl Fs38 Trimmer

Gas lawn mower for rough terrain

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Conventional mowers will not cope with dense overgrown grass, uneven surfaces, narrow sections. Complex reliefs are only possible for off-road vehicles. Here you need devices with high power and durable blades. over, the width and height of mowing, as well as the type of drive, are important.

How to choose the right model for an uneven area

The main thing in the device is its design. It determines the capabilities of technology. Models of gasoline lawn mowers for uneven areas by design features. trimmers, lawn mowers, manual, self-propelled, wheeled, wheelless and riders.

How to Change a Fishing Line into a Stihl Fs38 Trimmer

It looks like a trimmer and a lawn mower

They are a bar with a cutting mechanism below. A gasoline engine, controls and shoulder strap are located at the top of the unit. They are used in hard-to-reach places (between bushes and trees, under the fence). where the trolley with wheels will not pass.

Trimmers are also used on small uneven areas. Lawns do not mow them. the height of the grass will turn out uneven. You can buy portable models both separately and in addition to a wheeled lawn mower.

Manual (mechanical, non-self-propelled)

Such a lawn mower must be pushed around the site itself. It is suitable for small areas (up to 8-10 acres). The price for manual models is budget.

The motor rotates both blades and wheels at the same time. A man only guides this cart with a pen. Self-propelled model more efficiently cope with spacious possessions (more than 10 acres).

Self-propelled or manual carts are designed for sections of 10-25 acres with a slope of not more than 30 °. Do not handle bottlenecks with wheel mowers. only a lawn mowing machine or trimmer can handle it.

Scheme of lawn mowers and gasoline engine

Reduced versions of the tractor are cabs with steering and a driver’s seat. Equipped with mounted mowers.

By type of wheel drive

This parameter affects the maneuverability of the self-propelled lawn mower and its stability in an uneven area:

  • Models without a drive. Lightweight devices weighing up to 15 kg with economical fuel consumption. The downside is that they are low-power and are controlled only by hand.
  • Front wheel drive. Maneuverable self-propelled vehicles, easily deployed in place with the engine running. Rough sections are impassable for them. If such a mower is still equipped with a grass catcher, then when filling it deflects the center of gravity back. displacement. higher lagging of the front wheels from the ground.
  • Rear wheel drive. Stable self-propelled models for uneven surfaces (slopes, pits, mounds). In terms of maneuverability, they are inferior to front-wheel mowers.
  • All-wheel drive Equally good on a flat and complex terrain. Cons of all-wheel drive lawn mowers. it is high cost, heavy weight (about 40-50 kg).

The drive in self-propelled gasoline models is of two types:

  • Belt. These are inexpensive self-propelled lawn mowers, easy to operate and maintain.
  • Straight. It makes less noise, saves fuel more economically. Such self-propelled lawn mowers will cost more.

According to grass mowing parameters

The performance of the mower is determined by the working width. value. faster haircuts and fuel economy. The disadvantage of wide technology is that it is difficult to go through narrow sections (between flower beds, for example). The mowing value is selected for the area of ​​the site:

  • 30–40 cm. up to 500 m2;
  • 40-50 cm. 500-1000 m2;
  • 50-60 cm. 1000-2000 m2;
  • 60–120 cm. from 2000 m2.

According to the device of the cutting part, self-propelled and manual models are divided into three types:

  • Rotary lawn mower (rotary). Equipped with 2–4 blades (blades) fixed below the vertical shaft parallel to the ground. The mowing height is adjustable by the operator, so such a device can even cope with a bumpy area.
  • Drum lawn mower (cylindrical). The blades are arranged spirally along a horizontal shaft. Shears grass evenly according to the scissors principle. knives. better mowing (their number in different models varies from 5 to 10). Drum lawn mowers are only suitable for a flat lawn, because they are thin and have mediocre cross-country ability. This technique can only cope with young shoots.
  • Disc lawn mower. It works more efficiently than drum and rotor models. The cutting part of the mower is made in the form of a disk. The technique belongs to the professional segment, therefore it costs more.

A gasoline lawn mower should mow grass at least 1/3 of its initial height. Otherwise, the site will turn yellow, lose its decorative effect. Grass with a height of 10-15 cm is cut to 5-8 cm. There are three types of mowing adjustment in mowers:

  • Screw. The wheel shaft must be manually moved up or down. A primitive inconvenient way, typical for cheap mowers.
  • Individual. Each wheel is equipped with a separate lever for manual adjustment.
  • Central. The mower is regulated by a single lever. This is especially convenient when the height needs to be changed several times in one haircut.

According to the material of the manufacture of the unit body

The choice comes down to three options:

  • Plastic. Lightweight, inexpensive material with low strength and short life.
  • Galvanized steel. Durable material, resistant to moisture and direct sunlight. It is more expensive than plastic, and scratches on its protective coating are fraught with corrosion.
  • Aluminum. Lightweight, durable material, resistant to mechanical stress and UV radiation. Corrosion, unlike steel, is not exposed. The downside is that aluminum lawn mowers will cost 3-4 times more expensive.

By diameter and number of wheels

The chassis determines the patency of a gas mower. Models with three wheels are more maneuverable, and with four. more stable. It is desirable that the front wheels are swivel in either of both cases. So it is more convenient to cut a site with bumps or thick grass.

It is important that the wheels in the mower are on bearings and not on the bushings. Then they rotate more easily and last longer. Sizes are selected according to two rules:

  • Larger diameter. it is easier to move around an uneven area, mow tall grass.
  • Already the wheels are deeper than the tracks from them.

Motor power

Engines in lawn mowers are selected by area:

  • Household motors (low power). 3.5-5 horsepower. Suitable for plots up to 5 acres, since the mowing width of domestic lawn mowers does not exceed 40 cm. It is important to remember that low-power engines cope only with young shoots. Their working life is 500 hours, after which repairs may be required.
  • Semi-professional (medium power). 5–7 hp Designed for plots up to 18 acres. Lawn mowers with such motors will cut off thick, hard and thick shoots. They cost more than household models, weight and dimensions are also greater. Working life. 700 hours.
  • Professional (high-power). more than 7 hp They are used on an industrial scale (parks, squares, fields). They are reliable and productive, but expensive, heavy, costly to maintain. The working life of such engines exceeds 1 thousand hours.

The mower motor class also affects the mowing width:

  • household engine. 30-40 cm;
  • average power. 40-60 cm;
  • professional. 60-120 cm.

By the frequency of the working cycle, gasoline engines are divided into two types:

  • Push-pull. They work on a mixture of gasoline with oil. They are cheap, quickly gaining momentum, easy to maintain. In addition, these engines are lighter than four-stroke ones (the difference in weight reaches 2-3 kg). Only they are noisier, and the working resource is half as much.
  • Four stroke. Act on clean fuel without adding oil. powerful than two-stroke, moreover, fuel is used more economically. Emissions are less, noise is lower, gasoline burns without a trace. The cost of such motors is more expensive, it is more difficult to service them.

By additional functions

A grass catcher for a gas mower is an optional item, but greatly facilitates the work. It occurs in three forms:

  • Soft. It is made of synthetic fabric (mesh). Light, slowly filling, but it is difficult to clean. the remains of mowed grass stick inside the bag.
  • Plastic. Easy to clean (just rinse with water), but quickly fills.
  • Combined. The walls are fabric, and the top and bottom are made of plastic. Such a container fills slowly, it is easier to clean than soft bags.

extras. wider mower functionality:

  • Side discharge. Mowed grass flies off to the side, and not under the operator’s legs.
  • Mulching. Grass is crushed and scattered around the site as fertilizer. The function is suitable only for dry and soft vegetation. Otherwise, the mulch will crumple, cover the lawn unevenly, clog the roots of the grass. So the lawn will become untidy and will have to be combed.
  • Self-starter. Instant start of the gasoline engine.
  • Transmission. Provides up to four speed modes on wheel mowers (in riders up to 12), which makes it easier to control on uneven areas.
  • Rubberized handles. Simplify the transportation of the device, reduce vibration from the motor.

The best mowers for tall grass and uneven areas

When buying a lawn mower, consider who the motor manufacturer is. It is indicated on the part itself and in the instructions for the lawn mower. Choose Honda or Brgiggs Brands & Stratton. they make reliable and powerful engines.


Champion LM5127BS (Russia), 13 790–16 600 p.

The lawn mower is designed for mowing grass of any height. Wide grip makes mowing easy on spacious lawns and lawns. The equipment is equipped with a gasoline engine from Briggs & Stratton, like almost all American lawn mowers. Its size and weight are small, but this is due to the lack of a grass catcher.

  • Engine type, power: four-stroke, 3 hp
  • Width, cutting height: 50 cm, 25-75 mm (individual adjustment).
  • Type of movement: manual.
  • Grass catcher: not available.
  • Mulching: is.
  • Grass ejection: lateral.
  • Number of wheels: 4.
  • Wheel diameter: 18 cm.
  • Case material: steel.
  • Weight: 22.5 kg.
  • The starting element (starter) is activated the first time.
  • Compact during transportation and storage.
  • Maneuverable.
  • Side discharge of grass.
  • Engine power is not adjustable.
  • There is no grass catcher.
  • The height of each wheel must be adjusted separately.


Makita EBH341U (Japan), 23 080. 28 104 p.

Lawnmower Makita EBH341U

The petrol lawn mower for hard vegetation and uneven areas runs on an economical engine and electronic ignition system. The Makita EBH341U gas mower comes with three blades, and nylon fishing line is suitable for soft grass.

  • Engine type, power: four-stroke, 1.40 hp
  • Type of movement: portable.
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 7.1 kg.
  • Simple and quick launch.
  • Strong blades. They even cope with trees with a diameter of 15-20 mm.
  • Economical fuel consumption (0.65 liters of gasoline is enough for 12 acres).
  • Low-quality translation of the instruction into Russian.
  • Large box (about 180 cm high).
  • The reel with nylon fishing line must be purchased separately.
  • Sometimes it can stall idling. Corrected by replacing the 3.9 jet in the carburetor with 3.7.


Husqvarna LC 356 AWD (Sweden), 49 500. 63 990 p.

Husqvarna LC 356 AWD

Self-propelled lawn mower with all-wheel drive. It copes with complex terrain, spacious areas and overgrown grass. The control unit is located on a convenient handle. The handle is adjustable in height and folds during storage.

  • Engine type, power: four-stroke, 3.70 hp
  • Width, cutting height: 56 cm, 38-108 mm (individual adjustment).
  • Type of movement: self-propelled.
  • Drive: full.
  • Grass catcher: soft, 68 l.
  • Mulching: is.
  • Grass ejection: rear, side, in the grass catcher.
  • Number of wheels: 4.
  • Wheel diameter: 20 cm.
  • Case material: steel.
  • Weight: 39.5 kg.
  • It starts the first time (even in winter).
  • Productive engine.
  • Maneuverability on uneven areas due to all-wheel drive.
  • Compact thanks to a folding handle.
  • The height of each wheel must be adjusted separately.
  • Infinitely variable speed (the mower drives straight from the ground).


PATRIOT T 535 Pro (USA), 6,080. 8,242 p.


Universal gasoline trimmer for uneven areas with thick grass. When replacing fishing line with a cutting knife, it even mows dead wood, hard weeds, shrubs. Anatomical knapsack straps make it easy to carry the trimmer. Additionally, a shock absorber is provided between the bar and the hip of the operator.

  • Engine type, power: two-stroke, 1.8 hp
  • Type of movement: portable.
  • Case material: plastic.
  • Weight: 7 kg.
  • High productivity (16 acres of overgrown grass mow in about 4 hours).
  • It copes with thick, hard and thick shoots with a diameter of up to 5 cm.
  • Quick start from the first launch.
  • Comfortable 2-shoulder strap.
  • Strong vibration from the reel when refueling the line with an overlap.
  • The gearbox heats up in 10-15 minutes of operation.
  • Unreliable fasteners connections. After that you need to manually stretch the hexagon.


Huter GGT-2500 T (manufactured in Germany), 5000. 9137 p.

Huter GGT-2500 T

Gasoline mowing machine for dense shoots on a garden plot and a house adjoining territory. Equipped with a solid rod, a bicycle handle and a translucent tank (it is convenient to monitor the remaining fuel). Provides vibration protection during operation.

  • Engine type, power: two-stroke, 3.30 hp
  • Type of movement: portable.
  • Case material: plastic.
  • Weight: 7 kg.
  • Cuts even bushes with a thick base (4-5 cm in diameter)
  • Convenient shoulder strap.
  • Mediocre coil quality.
  • Sometimes it starts not the first time.
  • Overheating of the motor is possible if you fill in cheap oil.


Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100SR (South Korea), 27 990. 30 990 p.

Lawnmower Daewoo Power Products DLM 5100SR

Self-propelled gas mower for rough terrain and tall grass. A key feature of the model is the front swivel wheel, increasing its maneuverability. Rear-wheel drive and a powerful Daewoo DLM V-series 165 engine provide cross-country ability even on slopes and bumps.

  • Engine type, power: four-stroke, 6 hp
  • Cutting width and height: 50 cm, 25-75 mm (central adjustment).
  • Type of movement: self-propelled.
  • Drive: rear.
  • Grass catcher: soft, 70 l.
  • Mulching: is.
  • Grass ejection: rear, side, in the grass catcher.
  • Number of wheels: 3.
  • Wheel diameter: front. 20.3 cm, rear. 28 cm.
  • Case material: steel.
  • Weight: 36 kg.
  • Maneuverable even near flower beds and around trees.
  • Side discharge of grass.
  • The handle is adjustable in height.
  • The case design is made in racing style.
  • The front wheel is adjustable separately from the rear.
  • The actual mowing width is 40 cm (50 claimed).
  • Grass clings to the net inside the waste bin.

What is a manual gas mower?

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Manual gas mower or lawn mower? We will understand in terms

Both the lawn mower and the lawn mower are effective tools for mowing grass. But this is not the same thing.

A gasoline trimmer (lawn mowing machine) is a tool that you hold in your hands (part of the weight can be transferred to the shoulders using a special suspension). It is equipped with a gasoline engine, shaft and gearbox that transmit torque to the cutting unit. As the latter, a line with a fishing line or a disk can act. lawn mowing can cut tall grass, work on uneven surfaces and slopes, as well as in hard-to-reach places (among trees and shrubs, close to fences, borders, etc.).

A gas mower is a car on wheels, also equipped with an internal combustion engine (usually a 4-stroke), and the cutting body is a metal knife that is mounted on the engine crankshaft using an adapter with shear keys (to protect the motor when the knife hits a hard object ) The main purpose of the device is mowing grass on flat surfaces (with a permissible slight bias).

As you can see, the difference between the trimmer and the lawnmower is very significant, so the term "manual gasoline lawnmower" is not quite correct, although it is quite common, both to refer to trimmers and non-self-propelled gasoline lawnmowers.

If you are considering buying a gas trimmer, then we hope that the information presented below will be useful. We will figure out what criteria should be taken into account when selecting, as well as what factors the price of a manual gas mower (more specifically, lawn mowers) depends on.

Defining selection criteria

Choice is sometimes quite a difficult matter. In order to choose the model that is best suited for you, you need to determine criteria that are important and not very, by answering such questions:

  1. How will we use the lawn mowing (in a professional mode or for a private house)?
  2. What will we cut. grass, weeds, shrubs, small trees?
  3. What type of engine is preferred. push-pull or four-stroke? We will talk about the advantages of each type below.
  4. The shape of the handle (see also below).
  5. What are your price expectations?
  6. The choice of the manufacturer (brand).

Professional and private use

As a rule, the purpose of lawn mowing can be indicated in the characteristics (Application): private, universal, professional.

A professional tool cannot be cheap, because in its design, such technologies and materials are used that can achieve high wear resistance and the ability to withstand heavy loads. For example, high-quality steel, special hardening, forging, protective coatings of the walls of the cylinder and piston. The scope of use of such a tool: agriculture, farming, utilities, road maintenance services, landscaping and landscaping, contracting organizations, etc.

Universal lawn mowers are machines for private use, but designed for large areas or large volumes of work. They partially use the technologies and materials used for the manufacture of professional tools to increase the resource on the one hand, and not go too far at a price on the other. Such devices are perfect for large private households, landscaping kindergartens and schools, caring for territories adjacent to office, administrative and industrial buildings, etc.

Private use is a small amount of work, first of all, it is a summer house or a country house. There are no daily and many-hour loads, the resource of such a gas trimmer for grass is simply not designed for this. Accordingly, a machine for private use has a relatively low price.

Why is it important to categorize an instrument? The thing is that if for professional use you get an inexpensive mower designed for home use, you will soon have to look for a replacement for it, as it will either very quickly exhaust its life or overheat from excessive loads. And if at home you are considering a professional braid, then you risk overpaying for performance characteristics that you do not need.

What will we mow?

Having decided on the category of the tool, you can proceed to the specifics of the work.

If it is just mowing grass around trees, shrubs and other objects. a trimmer nozzle with fishing line is used, which rotates at high speed, and the sticking out "antennae" of fishing line easily cut grass leaves. The fishing line is safer for the scythe, in terms of striking hard objects (the scythe will not receive any damage).

If you are going to cut a tall and hard weed, a metal disk for grass with blades will be optimal. For more complex jobs, such as pruning shrubs and small trees, a disc with small teeth, like a saw, is suitable.

As a rule, a trimmer nozzle is included with any lawn mowers, a grass blade comes with most models, but a brush cutter is less common. In any case, it is not at all necessary that these cutting devices are included in the kit. they can be purchased separately, however, not every scythe can work, for example, with a disk for bushes, this issue will need to be clarified.

two-stroke and four-stroke lawn mowers

There are two types of cars with motors on the market. Recently, versions with 4-stroke engines are gaining more and more popularity due to their advantages:

  1. High reliability and resource, better cooling, less risk of overheating.
  2. Less noise and vibration due to design features and fewer revs. Accordingly, lower fatigue from work, higher comfort for the operator.
  3. Mixing gasoline with oil is not required. everything is poured separately.
  4. Respect for the environment: compared to two-stroke engines, they have a much lower level of harmful emissions (unburned hydrocarbons, nitric oxide).
  5. Profitability. A four-stroke engine consumes 2 times less fuel than a two-stroke engine.

Advantages of a 2-stroke engine:

  1. Smaller size and weight.
  2. Simple and inexpensive design.
  3. It produces more power per unit of working volume.
  4. Ability to work in any position (strongly inclined, vertical). This quality can be used for the application of various attachments for lawn mowing (for example, a nozzle trimmer or brush cutter). As for the 4-stroke engine, if you turn it over, the oil can get into other parts of the engine, and it simply stalls and stops turning on. You will have to contact the service center for disassembly and washing.

Petrol lawn mower handle shape and shaft type

The following types of lawn mowing arms and their purpose are distinguished:

    Loop (or D-shaped, also Q-shaped). Ideal for moving between different objects in areas (trees, shrubs, hedges).

  • Spaced, in the form of a bicycle wheel (T-shaped). Such a capture provides a large amplitude of the movement of the braid, that is, the "scope", which is convenient when working in large open spaces.
  • The lawn mowing shaft is a long shaft that is located inside the rod, with the help of which the torque is transmitted from the engine to the gearbox. This system may have the following structure:

    • Direct non-separable. Perhaps the most reliable system. Professional machines are equipped with only such a variety.
    • Direct collapsible. It allows you to conveniently transport and store the tool, however, the joint can become a weak point in case of careless handling.
    • Curved non-separable. Very simple and inexpensive, but it is not designed for heavy loads. This variety is possessed by the most budgetary braid models for home use.

    Brands and prices

    High quality cannot be cheap, because it is the result of a lot of work by engineers and designers. The development of new solutions can take months and years of work, testing of prototypes to find the right balance between price and quality.

    We work only with reliable brands that are responsible for their technology not only in words. Our range includes lawn mowers from brands such as Oleo-Mac, Caiman and Kaaz.

    Oleo-Mac. Italian design and production. The brand offers a wide range of models for the needs of any user (both private and professional), it is constantly developing, offering all new solutions, but the high quality standard remains unchanged in the areas of performance, reliability, convenience and safety.

    The Caiman and Kaaz trademarks are made in Japan, and the “Made in Japan” mark is the pride of the factory. The company did not, along with the global trend, transfer assembly line mowing lines to other countries where it would be cheaper. She believes that this is the only way to preserve our own know-how and high culture of production. At the same time, the factory offers highly competitive products not only due to quality, but also to price.

    Stihl Lawnmow range

    Stihl lawn mowers are represented by several product categories: cordless and electric trimmers, light and powerful lawn mowers, brush cutters. Depending on the engine power, STIHL lawn mowing can be used to mow soft and hard grass, cut wild thickets and thin trees, ennoble park and garden areas, apply equipment for landscape design, in communal and forestry.

    STIHL cordless lawn mowers

    With Stihl cordless lawn mowers, you can mow the grass in the required area at any time. Depending on the needs, in the group you can choose a compact unit for very light work and more solid. The youngest model in the family. the STIHL FSA 45 scythe. is able to work with the string for 12 minutes, 20 minutes with a plastic knife.

    The novelty, the powerful cordless lawnmower Stihl FSA 130, which has already become popular, provides a continuous operation of at least 420 minutes when working with an AR 3000 battery and a mowing blade for hard grass 260/2. The weight of the model is only 4.5 kg.

    The most popular model is the FSA 56 SET with battery and charger, STIHL FSA 90 lawn mowers. The biggest advantage of cordless braids is their environmental friendliness, mobility, and virtually silent operation. Thanks to a powerful brushless motor with an electronic control system and a 36 V battery, effective mowing is provided, especially near social facilities where excessive noise and exhaust gases are not desirable.

    Stihl Electric Trimmers

    Electric scythes are intended for mowing grass on small lawns, near flower beds, in hard-to-reach places, cutting low soft grass. Models of FSE 52, FSE 60 trimmers are perfect for finishing work where there are noise restrictions.

    Light household lawn mowers Stihl

    Domestic lawn mowers are the most common segment on the market. Consumers can choose any option they like with power from 0.9 HP up to 1.2 hp This group of STIHL lawn mowers is designed for summer cottages, putting in order tennis courts, lawns, mowing grass in small areas. It is an ideal complement to a powerful lawn mower when working on larger areas.

    As a mowing headset, AutoCut C5-2, AutoCut 25-2 mowing heads with fishing line and two-leaf polymer canvases for mowing grass of 230 mm are used. Among the most popular models are lawn mowers Stihl FS 56, FS 38, FS 70 SE. Available with straight or curved barbell. The Stihl FS 55-R petrol trimmer is designed with a round handle for convenient operator movement between shrubs and trees.

    Powerful STIHL gas mowers for universal use

    Stihl lawn mowers of this group have power from 1.2 hp up to 2.2 hp Very productive aggregates, capable of effectively mowing large areas of tall grass, weed, small shrubs, dry fallen grass, reeds, nettles.

    The presence of a hard drive shaft on these Stihl lawn mowers allows any nozzles to be used as mowing blades: three-blade knives for thickets, special knives for grass 230/2, saw blades for cutting bushes and young trees.

    The advantage of the STIHL range of powerful lawn mowers is independence from power supply or charging, the ability to work for a long time at an intense pace. The popular FS 130 model is equipped with a 4-MIX engine, which develops high traction, quickly deals with thickets and dead wood, easily cuts wild growth, thin trees.

    Very powerful units with innovative 2.2 hp engines. 3.8 h.p. They are used for professional clearing of forests, thinning of forest stands, in public utilities and parks, and landscape design. Brush cutters can work effectively in intensive mode for a long time without compromising the quality of work performed.

    Many cutting devices are used as mowing devices on STIHL brush cutters: knives for young animals and knives for thickets, disks with chisel-shaped teeth. With steel saw blades, Stihl gas trimmers can cut trees with a trunk thickness of up to 7 cm.

    Some versions (marking FR) are equipped with backpack engines in which the transmission of torque is carried out through a special shaft. Stihl lawn mowers with a boom engine are marked FS.

    The powerful STIHL FS 490 C-EM, FS 510 C-EM and FS 560 C-EM brush cutters are equipped with the M-Tronic electronic engine management system, which automatically adjusts the flow of fuel and the ignition timing. The use of STIHL 2-MIX technology in engines makes them more economical and environmentally friendly.

    Which is better. STIHL or Husqvarna

    The shield of the Husqvarna lawn mowers is larger in size, the engine is completely covered with plastic, the unit starts more smoothly, gently picks up the necessary speed. All components are optimally easily and quickly repaired.

    Stihl starts up worse, it sounds sharper, the color of the plastic gets dirty. At the same time, Stihl lawn mowers use maintenance-free gearboxes that do not require additional lubrication. Huskvarnovsky must be lubricated, then only a long service life is guaranteed. The Stihl piston group withstands a not very high-quality fuel mixture, while not failing.

    A big plus of STIHL trimmers are ergonomic vibration damping pads that can be used for a long time without unpleasant sensations. The fuel consumption of STIHL lawn mowers is 20% lower, and the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere is 70% less. It is noted that the constantly switched on ignition on the Husqvarna is, in fact, a serious minus, based on safety precautions.

    The price of the Stihl lawnmower is much lower than the Husqvarna counterparts. Nevertheless, the models of both brands are in great demand, which means they have a right to exist. And what choice the consumer will make will depend more on personal preferences than on specific technical characteristics.

    Comparative review of the Lawnmower Stihl FS 55 VS Husqvarna 128R

    Features of operation, maintenance

    For each Stihl trimmer model, the factory operating instructions provide detailed information about the device, the principles and features of the unit. Strict adherence to the manufacturer’s recommendations significantly extends the life of manual mowers.

    • Stihl lawn mowers consume a fuel mixture of AI-92 branded gasoline and STIHL engine oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 50: 1.
    • There are several brands of branded oil, the best is considered STIHL HP Ultra. In the case of using non-original engine oil, the fuel mixture is prepared in a ratio of 25: 1.
    • The prepared mixture should not be stored for a long time (no more than 1 month), unlike the original STIHL MotoMix fuel mixture, which preserves its properties for up to 2 years.
    • STIHL grease is used to lubricate the gears; control is performed every 100 hours of operation. The air filter is usually changed annually.
    • Sharpening a metal cutting tool is performed as necessary, usually a few filing movements are sufficient.

    When using electric mowers, there are no problems with fuel, however, it is necessary to observe specific precautions when working with a power tool. A special cable lock prevents the STIHL trimmer from unexpectedly disconnecting from the network.

    Stihl cordless lawn mowers, depending on the model’s equipment, provide different modes of operation without recharging. from 12 minutes (model FSA 45) to 420 minutes (model FSA 130). Mowers are available in different configurations: with a 36 V battery and a charger and without the specified equipment.

    Charging time depends on the size of the battery and the type of charger. A special quick-charging device AL 300 charges the AP 160 battery in just 25 minutes, which ensures uninterrupted operation of the Stihl FSA 65 lawn mowers for about 1 hour.

    Possible malfunctions, their elimination, repair

    The great advantage of the STIHL lawn mowers is their simple design, reliability, and durability. The effective operation of the trimmer is largely dependent on the owner. The manufacturer warns of the need to comply with the rules for safe, competent operation of the units:

    • Installation of special protective devices on cutting nozzles.
    • The use of all cutting devices. mowing heads, metal and polymer cutting blades, strictly for its intended purpose.
    • Increased risk of kickback when working with a saw blade in the black sector.
    • Precautions when working with brush cutters. a safe distance from the cut trees.
    • Saw blades should seem to soar above the ground at a distance of about 20 cm from the surface.
    • Compliance with the operating mode: for electric and domestic gasoline models, work / rest for 20 minutes, for professional ones. work 50 minutes / rest 10 minutes.
    • Before prolonged downtime or storage of STIHL lawn mowers, to avoid breakdowns, the fuel from the tank must be completely drained.

    After prolonged use of the Stihl manual lawn mowers at full load, it is recommended that you leave the engine idling for several minutes. Such a measure will help to avoid stagnation of heat in the carburetor and the ignition system, reduce the load on the drive parts, since excess heat will be removed by the air stream.

    The most common problems at work owners can fix on their own:

    • The motor stops at idle. carry out the standard setting of the idle adjustment screw.
    • The cutting tool moves at idle. turn the idle screw counterclockwise until the tool stops, then make another 1 / 2-1 revolution in the same direction.
    • Often the engine stalls. check and clean the fuel channel from contamination.
    • When operating Stihl brush cutters in the cold season, do not forget to put them in winter mode. installation of a kit for preheating air.
    • If the engine does not work satisfactorily with the carburettor adjusted correctly and the air filter cleaned, the muffler should be sent to check for coking.

    Technical specifications Stihl FS38

    • Model. FS 38 Autocut.
    • Weight. 4.1 kg (without cutting equipment).
    • Lawn mowing length. 147 cm (without cutting equipment).
    • Engine type. two stroke.
    • The volume of the cylinder is 27.2 cubic meters. cm.
    • Power. 0.9 HP
    • Type of fuel. gasoline.
    • Gasoline consumption. 0.32l / hour.
    • The volume of the fuel tank is 0.33 liters.
    • Handle. a circular handle.
    • Cutting diameter. 380 mm.
    • The largest number of revolutions of the working head is 9500 rpm.
    • Anti-vibration system. installed.
    • Easy start system. installed.
    • Cutting tools. AutoCut C 5-2 head (included).

    The Stihl FS38 is the lightest mobile version with 0.9 horsepower and is designed for domestic use.

    • Thanks to a modern electronic ignition system, reliable starting and uninterrupted engine operation is ensured.
    • Using a fuel pump, the operator can, if necessary, pump fuel into the carburetor.
    • Optimum maneuverability is ensured thanks to the D-shaped handle, with which it is convenient to control the Stihl lawn mowing when working in difficult areas.
    • All control levers are located on a special multi-function handle (R), which ensures the safety and reliability of the gas trimmer.
    • Thanks to the AutoCut C5-2 mowing headset, the mowing diameter is 380 mm.
    • The ergonomic shoulder strap allows you to hold the Stihl Lawnmower on the shoulder, rationally coordinate movement during operation.
    • Light weight (4.1 kg.), Small dimensions, rational basic equipment. thanks to these characteristics, STIHL 38 lawn mowers are extremely comfortable to use.

    Each Stihl lawn mower is designed strictly for the intended work, taking into account engine power. The manufacturer categorically does not recommend retrofitting or improving the braid device on its own. Therefore, before buying a STIHL lawn mower, it is necessary to clearly determine the upcoming work front.

    It is completely inadvisable to acquire a powerful trimmer for periodically mowing grass on the lawn; for this, light gasoline or electric models of mowers are quite enough.

    During operation it is important:

    • Observe the mode: work / rest at intervals of 20 minutes.
    • Use high-quality gasoline not lower than AI-92.
    • To prepare the fuel mixture, use original STIHL engine oil (50: 1).
    • When the engine is run-in to 2-3 full fuel tank refueling, do not allow operation at maximum load.
    • When preserving the braids for the winter period or the expected interruption in operation, to avoid engine breakdowns, it is imperative to drain the remaining gasoline from the fuel tank.
    • To ensure stable operation, systematically check the condition of the fuel filter. clean or replace with a new one.
    • To prevent serious malfunctions, clogging of the air filter must be avoided.
    • Fulfill safety requirements when operating STIHL lawn mowers.

    Strict adherence to the requirements of the operating instructions is the key to the long-term and trouble-free operation of the Stihl lawn mowers.

    Instructions for use lawn mowers STIHL FS38

    Download STIHL FS38 user manual

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    A gas mower is an ideal helper in processing large areas. Powerful, mobile and also easy to operate. this technique will be a real gift for any owner. However, before choosing a model, you need to know some details. In this article, we will consider what the fuel consumption of lawnmowers of various brands is and what this indicator depends on.

    Characteristics affecting gas mileage

    The following parameters affect fuel costs:

    • engine power;
    • cutting width;
    • availability of additional functions;
    • relief and size of the site.

    Engine power and cutting width. First of all, fuel consumption depends on the type of engine. The more powerful it is, the more gasoline will be needed at work.

    In addition, powerful engines can provide greater grass uptake. Knowing the mowing width, it is easy to calculate how many passes you can process the entire territory and how long it will take. Based on the data specified in the instructions, you can set how much fuel is needed to put the entire site in order.

    Many modern mower models are equipped with additional features such as mulching or aeration. They greatly facilitate the maintenance of the lawn. At the same time, all additional functions are very energy-consuming. Accordingly, gas mileage will be greater when used. It is also worth noting that self-propelled models require more fuel than non-self-propelled.

    The relief and the size of the site also affect the amount spent on mowing fuel. Most lawnmowers are designed to work on a flat surface. If there are pits and bumps on the site, then it will be possible to avoid an increase in fuel consumption if you purchase a model with larger wheels. They will make it easy to overcome obstacles, and the cost of gasoline will remain the same. Separately, it is worth noting that front-wheel drive vehicles are more suitable for working with complex terrain. They have greater maneuverability than rear-wheel drive models.

    Petrol consumption rates

    Fuel consumption rates for lawnmowers are different depending on the manufacturer. Consider for comparison two models of famous brands.

    Honda HRX 426C SDE self-propelled mower with a proprietary 5.5 hp engine has a mowing width of 42 cm. It is equipped with a mulching function. Gasoline consumption in this model is 0.8 l / m / h.

    A similar model AL-KO Silver 520 BR has a fuel consumption of 1 l / m / h.

    The unit of the company "Honda" wins due to the motor, which has a reduced fuel consumption.

    Our courier service will deliver the purchase in Moscow and the Moscow region. Delivery to other cities of Russia is carried out by the largest transport companies.