How to Change Fishing Line For Bosch Trimmer

Makita UR3501 is a garden electric trimmer with a modern design and advanced technical parameters. It has decent performance, and is able to give odds to many competitors. The trimmer is indispensable for lawn care, and also effective in the treatment of hard-to-reach places. flower beds and paths. The equipment has successfully passed all tests in small areas. This proves the reliability and overall performance of the Makita UR3501. In addition, this can explain the high demand for this trimmer. It is inexpensive and practical to use, and will satisfy any business executive.

General information

The trimmer has an extensive set of advantages that dominate the disadvantages. Consider the main design advantages of the Makia UR3501:

  • Ergonomic handle of the D-shaped form. has a flexible adjustment depending on the growth of the operator. The main controls of the trimmer are placed on the handle
  • Protective cover. protects the operator and trimmer from flying grass and solid objects. stones and tree branches
  • Shoulder Strap. Standard. It is much easier to work with him. The belt relieves stress from the back. Thus, the operator will be less tired and will be able to work longer
  • A set of tools is also included in the basic package. Using special keys, you can assemble the equipment
  • Powerful electrical installation, capable of developing maximum speed immediately after starting the engine
  • Lightweight aluminum bar. thanks to it, it was possible to significantly reduce the weight of the trimmer
  • Cutting head. included in the basic kit. It has a robust construction and is equipped with a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm. It is extremely undesirable to hit the ground in order to release the fishing line to the desired depth. This is detrimental to the cutting head itself, and negatively affects its reliability. It is better to lengthen the fishing line manually, and this should be done with the engine turned off
  • The extension cord is 30 meters long. Section parameters. 3×1.5 sq. mm
  • The Makita UR3501 trimmer must not be used in damp climates or on wet surfaces.

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Operational Features

  • When using the trimmer, it is important to comply with safety regulations, of which the most basic are optional accessories, namely glasses and gloves. Thus, glasses will protect the operator’s eyes from flying grass during operation, while rubber gloves will provide a more comfortable grip on the handle. In addition, thanks to the gloves, the hands will not slip off the steering wheel.
  • Before using the trimmer, the manufacturer is recommended to make sure that the voltage of the mains is stable and that there are no surges and voltage drops. The fact is that noise and vibration can adversely affect the life of the motor.
  • Many owners remove the protective cover from the trimmer so that it does not interfere. In fact, this is not recommended. However, some owners of a different opinion. they believe that this will increase the productivity of the equipment. I use the trimmer several times for 20 minutes a day. certainly, with breaks of 15 minutes. This frequency of operation eliminates engine overheating.
  • The trimmer is equipped with a precast rod and a cutting knife, so sometimes it requires at least seasonal lubrication.


The trimmer is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1000 watts. The engine with a top location, the rod. collapsible type, curved shape. Handle. D-shaped handicap. The shoulder strap is worn on one shoulder. The scope of delivery includes fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm and a cutting width of 350 mm.

How to Change Fishing Line For Bosch Trimmer

The mass of the device is 4.3 kg. The warranty period for the trimmer is two years from the date of purchase. The technique is made in China.


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On the Russian market, the average cost of a Makita UR3501 trimmer is 5 thousand rubles.