How to Choose a Cordless Chainsaw

How to Choose a Cordless Chainsaw

A cordless chain saw combines the strengths of electric power and the mobility of a gasoline tool. The use of rechargeable batteries in energy-intensive equipment became possible with the creation of batteries of high power, but low weight. The tool works without harmful emissions and low noise. In countries where ecology is dominant in production processes, even forestry professionals are switching to using cordless chain saws.

The principle of operation of chain saws, the requirements for battery models

The tool is designed to use the engine torque when the chain rotates on the tire, is equipped with cutters and is a working body. The energy of rotation of the shaft can be obtained from an internal combustion engine or electricity. The battery provides the tool with the necessary energy, discharging.

The chain saw on the battery has several advantages over gasoline and network models:

  • mobility, like a gasoline tool;
  • minimal noise, like a network device;
  • smooth and easy start;
  • lack of exhaust and the danger of using a combustible substance;
  • refueling and maintenance of the combustion system are not required;
  • easy safe transportation of the tool.

However, cordless tools are expensive, inferior in power to gasoline models, equal in price.

Like other chainsaws, cordless saws are divided by the intensity of use into household, universal and professional. The more work a cordless chain saw can do, the harder and more expensive it will be.

Basically, all tools are equipped with lithium-ion batteries with the lowest terminal voltage of 18 V, but more often with two sets of batteries providing 36 V.

When choosing a tool, you need to focus on engine power, tire length and engine location. Determines the choice of a comfortable grip and a comfortable body position during work. Without a lock button from accidentally turning on the saw should not be bought.

Overview of cordless chain saw models

You can create a powerful sawing unit based on a 36-volt lithium-ion battery. The length of the saw part is from 18 cm, the engine is longitudinal or transverse.

Determine the convenience and functionality of the tool:

  • convenient capture of the back handle;
  • low center of gravity;
  • capacious battery with charging indicator;
  • active and inertial brakes;
  • emphasis, low return and vibration;
  • brushless motor;
  • easy collection and adjustment of tension without tools.

The Ryobi RY40510 cordless chain saw can be used by amateurs. You need to work on it slowly, as protection against engine overheating is not provided. If the chain becomes jammed, the engine, overcoming resistance, burns out. Saws with a large 2.6 Ah battery do the job faster than newer models with a low power of 1.6 Ah.

The tool does not have a chain brake, the guard protrudes, shortening the length of the cut. To turn off the power, you must change the position of the battery. Thick oil does not flow into the tank due to a narrow neck. The advantages of the model include convenient headset adjustment and emphasis.

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Energy sources are used at 40V and 36 V. The weight of the tool is 3.9 and 4.4 kg, respectively.

There are other models equipped with a 5 Ah battery, but the basic ergonomics have remained the same.

As an example, imagine a Makita cordless chain saw HCU02ZX2 / 02C1. Specifications:

  • batteries 2×18 V, 36 V;
  • weight. 5 kg;
  • tire length. 30 cm;
  • chain. low profile, 46 saw links.

In one modification, 2 18 V batteries are used, in another 36 V battery and a charger.

Testing has shown that the saw is powerful, and the use of two batteries allows you to use one for several tools. Paired elements are charged equally, the smallest capacity will determine. Charge level indicators are installed on the adapter.

The device has advantages. it uses effective chain braking, convenient adjustment of the chain tension without tools, adjustable oil flow.

But the ergonomics of the model require refinement:

  1. A high stick shifts the center of gravity back. The distance between the grips is small, which is inconvenient.
  2. During operation, the saw has to be kept from spontaneous rotation relative to the sawing line.

Traditionally, the price of the product, as well as all Makita products, is high.

The Bosch AKE 30 LI cordless chain saw is balanced, with convenient handles. The case is made of plastic, the grip points are made of non-slip, pleasant to the touch materials.

The batteries used are lithium-ion. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery, and charging up to 80%. 65 minutes. The only electrochemical pair that can be recharged without waiting for the battery to reach its full capacity. Batteries remain active with a slight temperature minus. Therefore, lithium-ion batteries are the best for use in powerful technology.

The weight of the machine with batteries is 5.2 kg, the saw blade rotates 8 m / s. The tool is intended for domestic use.

When running without load, the motor just rumbles quietly. You can assemble the saw blade and attach it to the case without additional tools. Oil is poured into the tank through a removable filter, the oil level is visible in a special window. A charger is included, there is a process indication with an indication of faults.

Cutting can be done along and across the fibers. There is braking with a sound signal. The slices are even, in the manufacture of furniture require only grinding. When the canvas is clamped, it brakes without jerking, gently.

The tool is the most functional, well balanced and can be used in everyday life. During testing, the cordless chain saw received the highest rating, no comments were found.

The Greenworks cordless chain saw is supplied with batteries up to 80 V. The models with batteries with a capacity of 40 V and a blade length of 40 cm are most in demand. Brushless models are presented in the line, a novelty that is not used by all companies, increases the cost of models, but increases its service life, is easier in operation.

The company presents models for amateur and professional use. For domestic purposes, an inexpensive tool is available on a 24 V platform, the length of the saw blade is 25 cm.

Stihl cordless chain saw is the new word from a well-known manufacturer. The use of lithium-ion batteries is just a new emphasis on ergonomic technology. The tool weighs 2.7 kg without a battery and is equipped with branded saw blades in increments of ¼ P.

In test trials, the Stihl saw turned out to be the undisputed leader in all positions. Narrow cuts save energy. High speed chain rotation, brushless motor, 4.5 Ah battery. these are indicators while the leading ones.

A flaw was discovered, the battery is not fixed, which can lead to its loss and damage.

The Husqvarna cordless chain saw is represented by the 436 Li. Mid-range performance tool. Harvesting firewood and gardening is the purpose of a 36-volt battery-powered tool. Charging the battery lasts 55 minutes.

The advantages of the design include a toolless chain tension and its forced lubrication. The models use a brushless motor. Assessment of users of the saw by comparing the ratio of the class of gasoline and cordless saws as "Merce" and "Lada". The same applies to the price. Read about Husqvarna chainsaws!