How To Choose A Grass Mower

How to choose a mower for a walk-behind tractor Rotary and segment mowers for a walk-behind tractor. Which one to choose, requirements and features of equipment, advantages and disadvantages How to choose a mower for a walk-behind tractor User reviews Recommendations for safe operation.

What are the mowers for the walk-behind tractor

Mounted mowers for motoblocks are usually divided according to the principle of action into:

  • Rotary. In them, active knives make rotational movements about the vertical axis. Moving forward, the machine-tractor unit mows vegetation: grass and small bushes;
  • Segmented, have a special frame on which two rows of cutting elements are located. They reciprocate, cutting off the stems. With a forward movement, the active working body performs cutting in the root part.

Each type has its own characteristics. Users report positive and negative values ​​for each design.

How To Choose A Grass Mower

User reviews on the operation of segment mowers on motoblocks

In addition to the pros, there are also disadvantages:

  • Attachments, due to the large number of parts used, have a significant weight;
  • To access individual units, intermediate elements have to be removed, which somewhat complicates repair and maintenance;
  • The segment mower is much more expensive than the rotary mower, so the demand for them is much lower.

Disadvantages of rotary mowers:

  • You need to regularly (approximately every 2 hours of work) check the fastening of the knives;
  • Traumatic in the presence of small stones and other solid objects in the grass;
  • You can mow upright grass up to 1 meter high.

Measures for the safe use of segment mowers

  1. Before you start mowing, you need to check the connection of the attachment and the walk-behind tractor. Make sure that the screw connection is tight.
  2. Check the ease of movement of the movable bar with knives. Clarify the integrity of the segments.
  3. All work must be performed only with the motor-block engine stopped. The power take-off shaft can be connected from vibration, then injury to the operating personnel is possible.
  4. Stop the unit periodically (at least once every two hours) and check the belt tension. Carry out an inspection for loose and loose threaded connections.
  5. Move across the field, measuring the speed and power of the grass stand.
  6. Before mowing, check the field for stones and objects that could damage the mower tool.

Purpose of mowers and requirements for them

The mowers are designed to cut grass at a certain height from the ground. When creating a product, designers receive a specific technical assignment. It takes into account certain requirements, which are subsequently implemented by ready-made attachments:

  • Capture width.
    This parameter cannot be too significant, since walk-behind tractors are designed for use in small areas. They have to move in a straight line and avoid obstacles.
  • Cut height.
    It is an important indicator of the efficiency of work production. The lower the vegetation is cut, the more biomaterial is obtained for drying and feeding the animals.
  • Allowable grass or shrub height.
    Depends on the thickness of the stem in the cutting zone, as well as the convenience of work, falling tall plants will make it difficult to move. You will have to come back often to overcome difficult areas.
  • The speed of movement of the unit, which will determine the performance of mowing vegetation.
  • Weight of attachments.
    The heavier the device, the more difficult it is to carry it and mount it to the walk-behind tractor.
  • Convenience in work.
    It means access to control knobs (on and off), regulation of modes (faster or slower).
  • Maintainability.
    This is the possibility of restoring equipment on our own or you will have to constantly contact service centers.
  • Use of wear-resistant and durable materials.
    This is a guarantee of long-term operation in the harsh cutting conditions of dry and wet grass.
  • Protective fences.
    To prevent human or domestic animals from entering the cutting area.
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How to choose a mower for a walk-behind tractor

Grass. Universal feed for a whole group of livestock. The vegetation mown in the summer and properly dried turns into hay, the nutritional value of which is quite high. The dried product allows animals to exist from autumn to spring, producing food: milk and meat.

Traditionally, hay harvesting was done by mowing grass with a simple tool, a must in every farmhouse. Today it is difficult to find a craftsman who can perform this operation with the help of a manual scythe of a Lithuanian. The skill is lost for various reasons, one has to look for technical devices to do this work.

Motoblocks and mini tractors are convenient power-generating units on which you can attach a variety of agricultural implements and machines. They are equipped with additional devices for cutting grass and making hay.

Lawn Mower Models Overview Wheel Mowers

Nothing to say, just look at the drawing.


  1. Allows you to mow much larger areas compared to a trimmer, especially if the mower is self-propelled.
  2. The lawn can be made perfectly level.
  3. Not as transportable as a trimmer, but you can bring it by car without any problems.


In principle, wheeled mowers have only one drawback. Grass on hilly areas, as well as near bushes, trees, fences, cannot be cut with such a mechanism.

When choosing, you need to consider a self-propelled mower or not. A self-propelled one, of course, is easier and easier to operate, but it is much more expensive and part of the engine’s power is spent on moving the device, more fuel or electricity is consumed.
Wheeled mower with or without grass catcher. In the latter case, the grass will have to be removed after mowing.
Refrain from buying lawn mowers with plastic wheels. This material is not very suitable for such works.
If you have to choose between wheels on bearings and axle bushings, then give preference to the first option, since such a design is more reliable and durable.


This is a compact hand-held model, with a motor at one end, knives or a special fishing line at the other, and a long rod connects these elements together.

The control mechanisms are located on the handle fixed to the rod.


  1. Transportability. The trimmer can be brought not only in the car, even in the bus to the country house.
  2. Maximum compactness, especially if the bar is foldable.
  3. It allows you to mow grass in areas with difficult terrain, to process lawns in the immediate vicinity of bushes, trees and fences, where other equipment simply cannot cope.


  1. Large areas cannot be cut with such a mower.
  2. The grass on the lawn will not have a strictly defined, specified height.
  3. It is very easy to inadvertently hit a stone, pipe, glass bottle thrown by someone with a knife. At least you will have to change the knives.

Also note whether the bar is foldable or not. Foldable is naturally more convenient.

The bar can also be curved or straight. In the first case, the convenience is greater, however, since the engine with the nozzle is connected with a cable, the reliability of the structure is less.

Brand Weight Engine Additional
average price
Stihl FSE 71 4 kg Electric Curved bar 7000 r
Stihl FSE 52 2.2 kg Electric 500 W 4800 RUR
Stihl FSA 45 2.3 kg Electric from 18 V battery 9000 RUR
Stihl FS 56 5.1 kg Petrol
27 cm³, 1.1 HP
0.34 l tank 17000 r
Husqvarna 555FX 8.9 kg Petrol
53 cm3, 3.8 HP
1.1 l tank 40,000-7,000 r
Husqvarna 545FX 8.1 kg Petrol
46 cm3, 3 hp
35000-47000 rub
Champion T446 7.7 kg Petrol
43 cm3, 1.7 HP
0.8 l tank 6000-7000 r
Champion T233 5.4 kg Petrol
23 cm3, 0.87 HP
0.6 l tank 8000 RUR
PATRIOT T 533 Pro 5.8 kg Petrol
30 cm3
8000 RUR
PATRIOT PT 535 7 kg Petrol
33 cm³, 1.8 HP
0.95 l tank
6000 r
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How to choose a grass mower

A trimmed, well-groomed lawn around a country house or summer cottage is an indispensable attribute of the owner’s well-being, evidence of his thrift, accuracy and diligence.

Modern technology allows you to monitor the grass on the lawn without much effort and cost. First of all, lawn mowers belong to this technique.
This article will show you how to choose a grass mower.

Often, this word is understood as completely different devices, ranging from mechanical mowers and ending, in fact, with mini tractors. Therefore, let’s first figure out what lawn mowers are.

What power should the engine be

The more powerful the better. However, it all depends on the site. If you have it small and well-groomed, then it is not reasonable to overpay for it.

The power of electric mowers is measured in watts. Gasoline power in horsepower.

1000 W of power is enough even for a lawn with dense grass or weeds.

As for gasoline mowers, 1 liter. From. Usually enough. For particularly difficult areas, there are models with a capacity of 5 liters. From.


The most popular material for the case is plastic. It is lightweight, economical, able to withstand light impacts. However, for work in difficult conditions, it is more correct to prefer a case made of steel, and preferably aluminum.

Steel resists shock, impact and scratches well, but if stored in improper conditions, it quickly rusts.

Aluminum can be called the best material for the case, it is lightweight, shock-resistant, does not corrode, but the price of such products is very high.

Types of trimmers

Cordless hand mowers are an interesting but ineffective type. They are too low power. These trimmers are only suitable for infrequent use in a small area. The battery lasts for a maximum of forty minutes of continuous operation. But the charging process can take a whole day. The advantages of such hand-held mowers include light weight and compactness.

The most popular are electric trimmers. Their power is large enough for use in a summer cottage with thick grass. However, dependence on electricity will not be convenient for everyone. Electric hand-held mowers, on the other hand, are virtually silent and lightweight.

For professional purposes or in large areas, it is recommended to use gasoline hand mowers with a maximum power of up to 3 kW. These trimmers can be equipped with two-stroke or four-stroke engines. The former run on a mixture of oil and gasoline, while the latter are filled with oil and gasoline separately. Typically, four-stroke engines consume very little fuel. In summary, petrol trimmers are the most powerful and versatile. But on the other hand, electric and battery models are lightweight and quiet.

The content of the article

  • How to choose a hand mower
  • How to choose a lawn mower
  • How to make a mower

In order to decide on a hand-held mower, you need to understand the main characteristics of this tool. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make the right choice.

How to choose a hand mower Main parameters of hand mowers

The main parameter that determines the efficiency of the trimmer is power. For mowing grass on level areas, a 500 W mower is sufficient. If there are small bushes on the site, it is better to use a more powerful trimmer. Well, in completely neglected areas, you cannot do without a trimmer with a power of more than 1 kW.

There are also trimmers with an upper and lower motor position. The under-engine mower is not recommended for use on wet grass. But this arrangement of the engine allows the trimmer to be used for a long period of time. Top motor trimmers are much more common. They can even be applied on wet grass.

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By the type of drive, manual mowers are classified into flexible and rigid shaft trimmers. The latter are distinguished by their increased reliability. There are also D-handle and T-handle trimmers available. The former allow you to hold the instrument with two hands, while the latter help to imitate the movements of a regular oblique. Trimmer weight. It is also an important parameter to pay attention to. When choosing a hand-held mower weighing 5 kg or more, pay attention to the presence of a belt. The backpack-style strap helps to distribute the trimmer’s weight optimally to the entire body.

How to Choose a Good Mower for Tall Grass and Uneven Wildlife: The Best Mower Models

To maintain a farm, a summer cottage or a lawn, gardening equipment is used: lawn mowers, trimmers, brushcutters. The choice of the device depends on the goals, as well as the area and relief of the treated area. The mower for tall grass and uneven terrain has features that allow it to be used in difficult terrain.

Grass height

Taking into account the height of the grass cover, an indicator of the direct bevel is established. The method depends on the device model. When choosing a machine for working on uneven surfaces, it is better to give preference to those mowers in which the mowing height is set using levers located on the wheels, or by pressing a button. The permissible mowing level for drum-type models is 1.2-4.2 cm, rotary lawn mowers mow grass to a height of 1.8-7.5 cm.

When choosing a mower for tall grass, it is important to consider the lower limit of the rating. If you rarely cut the grass, the possibility of the lowest bevel height will be a priority. If you plan to mow the grass often, then the bevel height does not really matter.

The weight of two-wheeled devices most often does not exceed 13 kg, which significantly facilitates the work of the user.

When choosing a mower, you need to prioritize maneuverability or functionality.


If the lawn is not too run, it has a small area, a lawn mower with an engine of about 400-900 W is suitable for work, which will be enough for processing such areas.

In more difficult cases, for dealing with wild vegetation, it is better to use rotary-type models equipped with 900-1800 W motors, which allows them to perform work of high complexity and on problem surfaces.

Features of the device

The Rough Terrain Lawnmower cuts grass, shrubs and saplings with the ability to operate at 1-4 forward speeds. The presence of a rear speed provides high cross-country ability. Starting is carried out manually or using an electric starter. The wheels in such devices have a wide turn, providing good maneuverability.

The cutting mechanism is located in front of the structure, the cuttings are ejected from the back or from the side. The units have a lot of weight, but they move without much effort on the part of the user, even if a stump or a small tree is in the way, they easily go uphill, move along a slope. The cutting system is resistant to stones, rubber, plastic.

Work area

The choice of the type of device depends on the area of ​​the treated area. If it does not exceed 500 m², you can use a drum mower. The unit is lightweight, compact in size, which ensures high maneuverability. Differs in ease of operation and does not require special maintenance. For larger areas, rotary models with wide functionality are optimal.