How to clean grass from a trimmer. Drive shaft

Trimmer care for grass: Rules and recommendations

A beautiful well.Groomed lawn, a neatly trimmed lawn. This is the result of using a trimmer for grass. Using this tool, you can quickly put the site in order. Unlike the lawn mower, a small and maneuverable tool easily penetrates into hard.To.Reach places (around trees, near the fence, benches). Like any other technique, the trimmer needs competent care and maintenance.

The service life and performance of the benzokos depends on whether the user complies with the operating rules. All the information that may be required to the owner is posted in the leadership. Be sure to study this document before starting working with a trimmer. And in this article we will dwell on the consideration of the main issues regarding the use of the tool.

Preparation for work

Before the first turning on the trimmer, a certain preparation is needed to avoid failures, breakdowns and injuries. First you need make sure that all parts of the device are whole, without cracks and dents. Often, devices are sold in disassembled form, so they should be assembled in the manner indicated in the operating instructions. In addition to verbal descriptions in the documents there are schemes and pictures. Further actions for technology of different types are very different.

Setting up and the first launch of a gasoline unit

First you need to check if there is oil in the gearbox and, if necessary, add. Many models of trimmers need to add lubricants to the fuel tank or a separate tank. What should be the ratio of “gasoline: oil”, it is better to know from the device for caring for the device. Then you need to fill the gas tank to the top, after which you can start a gasoline trimmer by performing the following actions:

  • Close the air damper;
  • Turn on the ignition;
  • In the presence of a manual fuel pump in the model, you need to press the leather lever several times until the fuel is visible in the primer;
  • Put the device on a solid even surface;
  • Smoothly pull behind the trigger cable until the appearance of resistance;
  • Pull the cable abruptly 3-5 times.

Setting and launching an electric trimmer

First of all, you need to charge the batteries or check the performance of the electric cars, as well as the integrity and length of the wires. In the presence of a gearbox, lubricate it with a lithol. Then you can turn it on and turn off the trimmer several times, but do not start mowing. The device should start quickly. If there are no problems, you can proceed to the run.In electrocos.

Trammer run.In

Revolutions on gasoline unit it is necessary to increase gradually to let the engine work to combustible. For the first time it is better to work without stopping no more than 10-15 minutes. This is also necessary for a person to get used to the weight of the device with a full tank of gasoline, find a convenient position for hands and the correct tilt for the body. After test starting, you need to turn off the motorcycle and let the engine cool.

Electric trimmer can be tested on lawn grass. For the first time enough for 5 minutes, after which the device needs to be turned off.

Stages of mowing

The process of mowing grass, that is, the implementation of certain movements by the trimmer, is only part of a more complex process, including:

Therefore, we recommend reading the articles in which these actions are highlighted, that is,:

The choice of trimmer line

For an effective haircut of the site, you need to choose the right cord in shape and size.

The string is irregular in shape will also mow vegetation, but in speed and quality will yield to the one that better corresponds to this particular vegetation.

clean, grass, trimmer, drive

When choosing a size (diameter or section), one has to take into account the following. The thicker the cord, the better it copes with its task, but the stronger the load on the tool.

Too thick string will break the gearbox and shaft bushings, and in particularly unsuccessful cases, a trimmer can greatly damage. Detailed information on how the coil works and the instructions for choosing the cord you will find here (which trimmer line to choose).

Coil winding

To charge a fishing head with a trimmer line, insert a cord of sufficient length into it and, leveling both sticking pieces, then tighten the button in the corresponding direction.

Remember, the direction of rotation of the shafts of trimmers with a straight and curved bar does not match, so different coils are installed on them. Be careful, a trimmer line is drawn on the head of the head, indicating which way you need to twist the button.

To charge a semi.Automatic head, act like that:

  • Squeeze your fingers with fixers holding the lid, then remove it;
  • Pull the spool;
  • Remove the remains of the old trimmer line;
  • Wind a new string, the winding direction is indicated on the rogue, lid and coil body;
  • Insert the rogue into the housing;
  • Bring both ends of the trimmer line outside;
  • Put the lid to the click so that the latches fix it.

The method of charging a mechanical coil depends on its type (in some cases, you will have to wrap the cord on the removed head, then put it on a benzo- or electrocos).

A detailed description of such trimmer heads and tips on winding the trimmer line on them will be found in these articles:

Preparation of the site

Trimmer cord make from various types of nylon, And this material does not differ in high strength for gap or abrasion, so prepare the site before cutting.

If any obstacles could not be removed, then you will mark their perimeter in order to mow most carefully along it, otherwise, with the mowing of grass in the area, you will spend the trimmer line much faster, and also There is a probability of trimmer damage.

The choice of equipment

To understand what equipment is needed, it is necessary to disassemble the processes that occur in the process of mowing grass with trimmer line.

Moving at great speed, the cord is cut into the stem or foliage of the grass and cuts them off, After which the upper part of the plant falls to the ground. Sometimes a falling fragment falls under the trimmer line and cuts it again, maybe even several times.

Each blow of the cord on the fragments of the grass leads to spraying the juice and flying up small fragments of crushed vegetation, which fly out at different angles, so there is a high probability that such a drop or fragment will fall into the eye.

Given the speed of the trimmer line, Their blow can cause serious injury to the eye, And in the field, it is extremely difficult to clear the surface of the eyeball from them. Therefore, the main element of equipment is glasses or mask that protect the eyes from the opening of drops and crushed grass.

The rest of the important elements of equipment are:

  • Protective headphones (relevant when working with motorcycles);
  • A convenient suspension system (relevant for any trimmers with the upper location of the motor);
  • Comfortable shoes with corrugated sole sole.

Preparation of a trimmer

Any apparatus is suitable for working with flat mechanical coils. If you are going to mow grass with an automatic or semi.Automatic head, then a higher protection is needed.

Devices originally designed to work with trimmer line were equipped with a protective casing of increased height, and Some of the models, which included discs or knives, were equipped with a casing with the so.Called “beard”, that is, the removable lower part. This made it possible to change the height of the casing, adjusting it under the cutting tool.

In addition, when working with a knife, the protective casing often received damage, so for mowing grass the trimmer line, it was required to replace it. The most effective was the choice of a universal casing with a “beard”, for example, such.

We also suggest you learn more about the principle of the electrimmer from this article.

How to clean your brushcutter?

Directly mowing

Theoretically, mowing herbs with a motorcycle or electric shock is similar to the use of a conventional lining braid, that is, turning the device to the left and right, gradually move forward.

At each passage, the trimmer line will cut the vegetation strip with a width of 1-5 cm, and the mowed grass will either fall into the dangled area or fly apart.

However, in reality, a lot depends on:

clean, grass, trimmer, drive

Unlike the lawn mower, which collects beveled vegetation in the grass receiver, the trimmer only cuts the grass and leaves it on the site.

If you choose the irregular trajectory of movement, then the mowed grass will fall under the cord again, which will have to be chopped, reducing the speed of movement.

Safety precautions

Starting work with a trimmer, do not forget about safety precautions. First of all, provide the operator with means of personal protection of the legs, arms, eyes. During the mowing around motorcycles, particles of cut plants, small pebbles, and branches can fly over at high speed. Working with tools is better in overalls: trousers, jackets, boots.

Safety rules when working with a trimmer also provide for the protection of the ears. The headphones are put on mainly for the mowing benzo tool with a two.Stroke engine. Modern 4-stroke units produce significantly less noise.

During the mowing, children, passers.By, other people and pets should be at least 15 m. It is first recommended to clean the site as much as possible from branches, stones, snags and other garbage.

  • Adjust the handles and a trimmer belt so that the tool is comfortably lying in the hand;
  • Try not to touch the ground with a cutting head to extend the life of the knives;
  • Do not bring the trimmer line close to the fence, brick wall and other hard objects to prevent quick wear.

How to work if it is decided to mow damp grass?

If you urgently need to mow wet grass and you can’t postpone it, get acquainted with the rules for working in raw weather to minimize the risks. Using vegetation should only be used for mowing a gasoline lawn. Mowing with an electric motor mowing wet grass cannot be categorically.

It is important to maintain the optimal length of lawn grass. If you mow a lot, the vegetation can dry and yellow, which is why the appearance of the lawn will suffer. When planning to mow moist grass, adhere to certain rules and recommendations.

  • Follow the precaution. Do not forget to put on glasses and gloves to protect your eyes and hands from injury.
  • To protect your legs, use dense, waterproof shoes.
  • If the tool is very noisy in the process of work, which is characteristic of powerful gasoline units, do not neglect the use of headphones.
  • Mow on a spacious territory on squares. First bake it around the perimeter, smoothly move to the center.
  • Check the serviceability of the lawn mower. Make sure the integrity of the tool. Season the mower with gasoline, if necessary, share the oil.
  • Remove from the territory all solid items, garbage. The fact is that when the lawn mowers on a stone or wooden bar are hit, they can scoop the cutting elements.
  • Check the condition of the knives. If they are blurred, be sure to imprison. Damaged cutters should be replaced with new.
  • In the process, try not to overload the engine. Move around the site smoothly, slowly.
  • Do not work at high speeds. Keep in mind that the motor experiences an enhanced load when mowing wet vegetation.

Immediately after work, you need to carefully clean the tool from adhering wet grass. If this is not done, it simply dries on the case, to tear it back after it will be more difficult. The territory also needs to be cleaned by removing heaps of grass. So you can avoid the formation of prophesis.

Manufacturers do not recommend mowing wet grass and do not work in raw weather. We strongly advise following these recommendations. Otherwise, the tool can even be removed from warranty service.

How to care for trimmers

Each type of device has its own features that must be taken into account when working and storing. But some rules are applicable in all cases.

General recommendations

These tips should be followed by users of any travo.Shirts. Gasoline and electric.

  • Store the device in a dry room.
  • It is better to hang it on the wall, on a special mount.
  • After each use, the device needs to be cleaned from dirt and beveled grass, examined for damage and wipe the surface with a soft rag.
  • Before the work, you need to check whether the bolts fastening parts of the unit are well twisted, especially the fasteners of the working head.
  • It is better to wash herbal juice from the coil immediately after the mowing.
  • It is necessary to monitor the amount of trimmer line and the condition of the nozzles of metal or plastic. The trimmer line should be suitable diameter (for the bastard used and the type of thicket). The blades of the discs and knives must be sharpened, and two.Way nozzles should be turned over for uniform grinding of the teeth.

The boots of the cord on the bobin should be uniform, without overflows. The trimmer line must be wrapped in the right direction and in the recommended amount. There are tags on the coil: arrows for indicating the direction and risks to indicate the border.

Large shrubs, trees, fences and other solid obstacles should be bitten around the perimeter, while the trimmer must be rotated with a casing to the barrier. Otherwise, trimmer line consumption will increase, and the blades will dull very quickly.

Features of the care of a gasoline trimmer

Powerful, designed for long.Term continuous work, motorcycles require special attention. DIY trimmer maintenance may first seem like a difficult task, but most buyers quickly get used to following the recommendations listed below and addresses service specialists very rarely. Care requirements are such.

  • Gasoline for the engine should be clean, with an octane number not lower than 92. Fuel density-750-770 kg per cubic meter.
  • Two.Stroke engines are filled with a mixture of fuel and high.Quality oil in the proportions indicated in the instructions for the operation of the trimmer. Most often, one liter of gasoline accounts for 20, 25 or 40 ml of lubrication. The best oils are produced by the manufacturers of garden equipment themselves. Shtil, Khuskvarna and other brands.
  • When working with a four.Stroke engine, fuel and oil are poured into different tanks. Both containers should be filled to the upper mark.
  • Swing gasoline filter must be cleaned about every 10 hours of work: dirt, particles of mowed grass and bark of shrubs gets into it. It is necessary to ensure that it is saturated with oil. If cleaning does not bring results, the filter should be replaced with new.
  • From the spark plugs and muffler of the motor, you need to periodically remove the carpet

Reducer gears need lubrication, especially after replacing them, when slowing the spindle rotation, as well as when extraneous sounds appear during the work of the trimmer. Lubricants for their products are produced by the manufacturers of motorcycle, but you can use universal, for example, lithol. How and how to process a specific model of a mower, it is better to know from the documentation to the device. Most often, manufacturers advise lubricating the gearbox once a year/season, oil in many models is poured into technological holes on the node.

Playing benzokos

The new trimmer is running out to make sure of its serviceability. The engine of the device must work for fuel and clock, details. Be worn to each other, and fasteners. Pass the test for the strength. This process is carried out as follows. It is necessary to start the tool and smoothly increase the speed, warming the motor, but at first it must be protected from overheating. Then you should open the throttle of no more than 2/3 of the possible stroke, and let the motor work idol for the first few minutes, and then try out on the soft grass. It is best to mow the lawn.

Preparation of a gas trimmer for the working season

Before starting regular use, gas troops are needed:

  • Collect the device according to the instructions;
  • Prepare a new portion of the fuel mixture. For a two.Stroke engine;
  • Pour fresh gasoline and oil to the desired level. For a four.Stroke motor;
  • Change the spark plugs, clean or replace air and gasoline filters;
  • Adjust the carburetor (according to the instructions for the device);
  • Check the condition of the fasteners and, if necessary, tighten them;
  • Lubricate the gearbox.
  • Check the trimmer line and nozzles.

Preparation for wintering

So that the benzotrimer does not lose performance for the period of inaction, you need:

  • Inspect the device for the presence of cracks, chips, bent parts;
  • Disconnect the casing and cutting head;
  • Drain the fuel from the tank and turn on the device to develop the rest of the gasoline;
  • Wipe/rinse the bar, handle, casing thoroughly;
  • Remove the coil or knife;
  • Clean the gearbox and add oil into it;
  • Inspect and rinse filters.

Then remove the light of the ignition, pour a little (20 ml) of motor oil into the hole and smooth the engine shaft several times using the starter to distribute the lubricant along the cylinders. After these manipulations, you need to insert the candle back, but do not twist until the end. This procedure (except for the grade of oil) must be carried out once a month, until the device is used.

Why serve an electric trimmer?

The goals of service are:

  • Maintaining all the mechanisms of the device in good condition;
  • Timely detection of defects that have not yet managed to lead to breakdown;
  • Increasing the safety of working with the device.

The details and components of the mechanisms that make up the trimmer have a certain resource, after the development of which Elements begin to lose the ability to effectively fulfill their function, Therefore, one of the goals of maintenance (TO) is to replace the substances and elements that have developed a resource.

In addition, in any complex mechanism, unforeseen breakdowns caused by defects of elements are possible, the temporary resource of which has not yet ended.

The third task is to maintain a high level of safety when working with an electric shock, so the service applies not only to the trimmer itself, but also to additional equipment, that is:

How to use a gas toss correctly?

The only way to extend the service life of the trimmer is its proper operation. Unfortunately, part of the manufacturers of benzos not interested in too long the service life of her products, Therefore, part of the rules that help to more carefully spend the resource of the device are not included in the instructions for the operation of the benzotrimer.

For this reason, we recommend carefully comply with all the recommendations of this article, even if they are not in the operating manual, because We made recommendations based on:

  • The experience of operating many owners of devices that they were divided on the pages of various forums;
  • Tips of those who are engaged in the repair of motorcycle;
  • Recommendations from the operating manuals of trimmers of the most expensive and high.Quality brands.

Since the operation of the trimmer implies not only the mowing of grass, but also many other actions, We divided her on the following topics:

  • The engine is running.
  • The choice of revolutions.
  • The direction of the mowing.
  • Choosing clothes and protective equipment.
  • Security measures.
  • Transportation and storage.

The engine is running

Despite the fact that the engine of the just bought trimmer is already driven and you can immediately start mowing grass, The first 3-5 hours Avoid maximum speed, After all, there is a final grinding of the parts of the cylinder piston group.

If we allow the motor output at maximum speed, then there is a high probability of the appearance of stray on the walls of the cylinders, and this will lead to a sharp drop in the efficiency of the motor, and will also greatly reduce its resource.

The choice of revolutions

The maximum torque of the motor appears at speeds corresponding to 2/3 of the maximum, and the greatest power appears at revolutions corresponding to 3/4 of the maximum. Therefore, the most effective trimmer mows grass in this range.

The exit to maximum turns slightly reduces power, so during the mowing of the grass, FOCUS on the sound of the trimmer and evaluate the speed according to this parameter.

If the load is too high and the speed of rotation of the shaft of the power unit is reduced, add the gas using the corresponding key on the working handle.

GRASS очиститель дисков DISK CLEANER SUPER

As soon as the load decreases and the speed increases, press the gas key less to return the speed of rotation of the motor shaft to optimal value.

If you had never used a motorcycle one before, then Before the completion of the running.In, mow only low and non.Thick vegetation, with which a trimmer head with a trimmer line easily copes. After completing the running.In, the engine will cease to be afraid of maximum revolutions, and you will acquire a sufficient skill to control the motor by ear.

In addition, avoid the long operation of the motor at idle, because because of this, the lubrication of the crankshaft bearing is deteriorated, which can lead to its overheating and jamming.

The direction of the mowing

When working with a motorcycle system in the maximum capture mode, move it so that it goes against the direction of rotation of the cutting tool.

In addition, with such a movement, the knife or head discard the grass in front of you, so you will better feel the resistance of the mowing of grass, which means that avoid too fast movement and called:

For most trimmers, the right direction of mowing grass is movement from right to left. When moving in the opposite direction, the trimmer continues the mowing of the grass, so the probability of a reverse blow increases, due to which the device can be strongly twitched. Therefore, when moving in the opposite direction, try to capture smaller grass to reduce the load on the device and the probability of a reverse blow.

The choice of the maximum capture mode of the maximum vegetation capture Especially important at:

In addition, when cutting trees Try not to raise a cutting tool hard, And also not to turn it perpendicular, because this can lead to a violation of the carburetor.

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This requirement is not relevant only for trimmers-crossbars, whose carburetors work equally effectively in any position.

Choosing clothes and protective equipment

Trimmer is a device of increased danger, so to work with it you need to choose the right clothes and protective equipment.

If you put on shoes with laces, then Take measures so that they do not start. If you have long hair, then limit their mobility by putting on a hat or tied with something. Be sure to put on glasses or a protective mask, because it is likely that the grass cuts will not where it should and falls into the eye.