How to collect a clutch of a chauter chainsaw. Independent repair

Why is the clutch of the chainsaw is unscrewed

To relieve clutch does not require disassembly of other components. The part is easily available, fixed simply, dismantling does not require special skills. But some of the nuances below are sure to know.

The fundamental device of this element on all modern chainsaws is the same. However, technical performance is different, therefore, different brands and models may require a different tool.

To relieve clutch on all chainsaws, it is required:

  • Screwdriver for removing the locking ring of a lid with a gear from the shaft,
  • Depending on the model, you will need a conventional wrench for unscrewing the centrifugal mechanism (drum), or a key with two shplints like that, which is twisted by nuts on a corner grinder.
  • A stopper is required in order to fix the shaft of the flywheel (crankshaft) on which the centrifugal mechanism is twisted.

The crankshaft are stopped, fixing the piston in the cylinder using a bar of soft metal or ropes with tied nodules.

It is undesirable to use hard metal, it can damage the piston. Weak materials such as plastic can also be used. They can break, crumble and get into the windows of the cylinder, a carburetor cavity or a crankcase. Then a complete disassembly of the engine will be required to extract them from there, and these are unnecessary problems.

No puller? Then we use the rope as a stopper

The most common Stop.Stop option is a piece of rope. Unscrew the candle, the piston is brought closer to the upper dead point (VMT), a piece of rope is inserted into the candle hole and compacted. The piston is mildly fixed, while the shaft on which the coupling basket is twisted does not scroll, which allows you to promote a threaded connection.

This is how the original Stop from STIHL looks, but with the same success you can use a free option. a rope from a starter with nodules. 1-2 nodules is enough.

Examples of dismantling on the most common tools

All chainsaws have the same clutch design, only two well.known brands have significant differences: Stihl and Husqvarna, and all other saws have a similar design either to the first or second brand.

How to remove clutch on the example of a chainsaw pcs il 180

Dismantling the clutch drum on the stihl 170 chainsaws, 180 has its own specifics and is somewhat different from the same operation on other brands. By the way, we also recommend reading how 170 and 180 models differ, the article reveals the most interesting differences that are not visible at first glance.

Specifically: on these piles a thin connecting rod of the crankshaft, carrier piston. With a hard stoper of the piston and strong load on the shaft, when unscrewing the connecting rod can easily break. At the same time, the thread of the tutor of the drum on these models is unscrewed, as a rule, easy.

Therefore, stopping the piston with a rope or a hard rod is not necessary. Instead of a piston stoppers, they leave the spinning candle with a twisted, which makes the piston difficult difficult. The nut is unscrewed by the end key with the drive from the pneumo. or the electrogerorte at high turns of the key. At the same time, strong air compression is formed in the combustion chamber, the piston stroke is difficult, and the high speed of the gaykorte allow you to unscrew the thread.

On the calms and on most models of other brands, the basket thread is unscrewed clockwise (left thread). Such reverse threads are used on details, which during work rotate counterclockwise. The left thread in these cases avoids untwisting and provides “self.intensity” of the thread during operation.

Когда нет гайковертов, корзину откручивают ударами при вкрученной свече. A bar is placed outside the centrifugal mechanism, they hit it with a hammer. As a rule, two or four beats are enough to break the threaded tightening from the place.

Specifically, the process of unscrewing the “stress” on the STIHL 180 is shown on

collect, clutch, chainsaw, repair

The disassembly order is very simple and consists of only 4 steps, get acquainted, instructions with

What you need to know to change it to Stihl 250?

On all household chainsaws of Stihl, the clutch has an identical design and, accordingly, is removed the same, for example, on models of 180 and 250 even visual differences. Therefore, if you need to remove the clutch from the Stihl 250 chainsaw, read the algorithm above about 180 model, it is also applicable to this model.

Nuances of replacement on Husqvarna gasoline saws

With the same principles of work, the technical execution of the clutch on Husqvarna differs from the calm and some other brands.

  • The drum cover with a leading asterisk is located not on top of the mechanism, like that of a calm, but under an eccentric mechanism (basket). Therefore, to replace this part, they remove the entire basket. (On the rod, this lid is on top, to replace it is enough to remove the locking ring and not remove the entire drum).
  • The Huscovarian is not provided with a hexagon in the form of a nut to unscrew the basket of an eccentric mechanism with a hexagonal key. Instead, there are holes for the cowl cords of the type of those that are twisted by the nuts “monkeys”.

In professional services and workshops to dismantle the Husqvarna baskets, special probes for a piston stoppage and tug keys with two spikes of promotion and spinning threads are used.

Make Your Own Piston Stop and Clutch Removal The Easy Way!

Such a tool is expensive. And for one.time work in a home workshop, it makes no sense to purchase it. Therefore, the piston is stopped with a rope in the above way.

Clutch detailing on the saws of Husqvarna, as you can see, is no different.

For unscrewing, use a suitable key to monkey with two spikes or the tire of the chainsaw itself. At the end of the tire, which is hidden under the lid, there are two transverse holes located perpendicular to the adjustment. By location, they coincide with the size of the holes for unscrewing the basket. Two screws are inserted into the tire holes, they fix them with nuts. The diameter of the screws should enter the holes of the mechanism. The result is a key with two spikes and a powerful lever.

The use of the Husqvarna tire instead of a special key is shown in the video from 2 min 35 seconds. Commentary in a foreign language, but the process is clear.

Such special holes are not on all saw tires. However, they can be drilled. And not only on the tire, but also on the metal strip 3-5 mm thick. In this way, you can make a suitable key to remove/install this part. The main thing here is to accurately measure and drill holes so that they coincide with the holes on the drum.

On all household chainsaws Husqvarna, the clutch has an identical structure and, accordingly, is removed the same, for example, on models 137 and 142 there is no visual difference.

How to unscrew on Chinese saws like Huter, Partner, Carver?

The most significant differences in the technical execution of the clutch and the methods of dismantling between the German Stihl and the Swedish Husqvarna. They are described above.

Dozens of other brands, including Partner, Huter, Carver, are performed as options for these two main brands.

The dimensions of the nuts, the step of the thread on the shaft, the diameter of the baskets themselves, the distance between the holes for special clips, the locking rings and the methods of their fixation, the shape and location of the springs may differ. But in general, the device and methods of removing the baskets of all modern chainsaws are identical.

Patriot chainsaw clutch, visually monitors the design of Khuskvarna

When you need to remove the clutch

Dismantling of adhesion for the purpose of removal is carried out in such cases:

  • when the spring burst (the chain is turning, the engine works with interruptions);
  • a spring flew;
  • a piece of the drum broke off (in this case, the noise will be heard, the chain of the chainsaw will also spin);
  • temporary wear (it is time to remove and change the clutch due to the development of the resource).
collect, clutch, chainsaw, repair

Modern chainsaws operate on two.stroke engines, which are connected by a gearbox with a saw chain. The chain moves along the tire, and according to the centrifugal principle, work at idle should remain in immobility, that is, to be safe for the one who holds the chainsaw.

If the load shown on the tool exceeds the recommended, then the clutch will weaken or completely stop transferring the torque to the tire. This will lead to engine stop. In the event of such situations, the clutch wear out, so over time it needs to be replaced. In the operating instructions for the chainsaw, some manufacturers have information that the clutch is a consumable part, that is, it is subject to periodic replacement.

Video. how to remove clutch on a chainsaw:

Clutch replacement

When replacing clutch, we do not recommend using metal or plastic objects as a stopper. The former can scratch the cylinder, the latter can litter it.

  • We turn on the brake of the circuit stop, remove the protective cover and dismantle the saw headset;
  • We remove dirt, sawdust, dried lubrication, if any;
  • Remove the air filter and the nursing;
  • With the help of a candle key, remove the candle;
  • Rotating the crankshaft, we bring the piston to the top point, then take it by 6-9 mm;
  • Rope, with a diameter of 7-8 mm, stop the piston in the upper position;
  • We unscrew the nut on the clutch with a special key-shooter.

Most of the moving parts of the chainsaw have right.sided rotation. Therefore, in the nut on the clutch, the left thread is provided. Remove the lid, you need to rotate the key by clockwise. It is forbidden to carry out this operation with a hammer and a chisel. you will have a limit!

  • Remove the lid and leading star. Diagnose the malfunctions and evaluate the wear of the details. We evaluate the condition of the needle bearing;
  • If necessary, we replace the parts with new ones (the leading star needs this most often);

The installation of the clutch system of the chainsaw is carried out in the reverse order, however, you should pay attention to some features.

Nuances when installing a clutch system:

  • On some models of the chainsaws between the leading star and the clutch, there may be a puck. Pay attention to which side it costs to the engine;
  • Some oil pump drives are equipped with a special spring (mustache), which is responsible for the transmission of rotational movement from the leading star to the oil pump. It is important to adjust the spring so that it falls into the appropriate groove on the stars’ body with a free end (mustache). Otherwise, the saw set will not be lubricated;

Important: after dismantling and assembling clutch, be sure to check the operation of the automatic oil supply system.

We disassemble the Stihl, GoodLuck chainsaw and others

But it happens that there is no video on the Internet on the disassembly of the model, the owner of which you are. In this case, the disassembly of the stihl chainsaw can be performed according to the text instructions, which you can also download from the Internet. For example, you can download a detailed text instruction for the STIHL MS 180 model.

There is another type of instructions-this is a photo instruction that can be made, for example, disassembling the Goodluck chainsaw.

Another way to obtain information on, for example, how to disassemble a partner’s gasoline saw is specialized forums. On them you can get advice on any specific issues, for example, what is better to put a Husqvarna saw in the combustion chamber with nodules or block the fan impeller?

Carburetor. an important node of the chainsaw on which the quality of the tool directly depends. One of the most common malfunctions on Huter saws is incorrect tuning. Its periodic adjustment is necessary to maintain optimal working functions and extend the life of the tool.

What carburetors are used on Huter chainsaws

Huter chainsaws are equipped with a membrane (injecting) carburetor of Americano. the Japanese company Walbro. Mostly used WT and WTA models. You can find out a more accurate model of the model by watching the marking on the product body. They are equipped with a metering fuel supply system and high.speed needles.

The quality of the details of this brand guarantees a conscientious assembly level and increased reliability. Despite the fact that they are collected, like the Huter chainsaws themselves, in China.

When you need a coupling replacement

Removing and replacing the clutch of the chainsaw is performed in case of detection of a malfunction of the mechanism. Such malfunctions include:

  • Damage to the spring.Depending on the model of the tool, the spring can be represented in two types. turns (strip or single) or steel plate. The spring is damaged by stretching, separation or mechanical defect. To determine the cause of the malfunction of the entire mechanism, you will need to remove the protective casing and the drum
  • Damage and production of the drum.The breakdown of this part is often associated with the failure of the pieces. With such a malfunction, you will need to replace the drum. The internal part also wears out on the drum, so the part also needs to be replaced. If the drum is blue, then this suggests that it was overheated, and is not subject to further use

The service life of the clutch mechanism depends not only on the quality of components, but also on the correct operation of the tool. To extend the life of the clutch of the chainsaw, it is necessary to pay attention to the signs that reduce the resource. These are the signs:

  • Frequent jamming or eating chain in wood. In such situations, the entire load takes the clutch, thereby protecting the engine from jamming
  • It is forbidden to increase speed when a hand brake is turned on, which also leads to wear of the mechanism due to overheating
  • The use of low.quality oil, the wrong choice of tire, chain, etc.P. All this also affects the clutch, increasing the load, and thereby reducing the operational resource

Determining the device malfunction is quite simple. To do this, cut the workpiece. If in the process of sawing there is a decrease in the speed of rotation of the circuit or its stop when the load increases, then it is time to check the clutch. How to remove and replace the clutch on a chainsaw, we will consider in detail in the next section.

It is interesting!You can check the suitability of the compressive spring by connecting the tachometer to the tool. At idle, it is necessary to wind the amount of 2500-2700 revolutions per minute by tachometer. With this meaning, the chain on the chainsaw should not rotate. If another picture is observed, then this indicates a decrease in the compressive properties of the spring. It is recommended to replace it.Based on this, it should be noted that the clutch of the chainsaw is in a close relationship with the carburetor. If it is not possible to adjust the idle stroke on the chainsaw by setting up the carburetor, then you need to check the serviceability of the coupling.

How to increase the working resource of the coupling?

To avoid unplanned repairs, the operator of a gasoline saw must adhere to certain recommendations. They will help extend the operating time of the clutch of the chain chainship and protect it from damage to the main active elements.

  • regular lubrication of the parts of the coupling;
  • timely cleaning of the mechanism of dust and dried oil;
  • the operation of the chainsaw only with a completely good bus and a qualitatively pointed chain;
  • avoiding the hits of the installed cutting headset to solid metal objects.

Increased clutch wear of the chainsaw occurs due to an incorrectly installed brake lever. To avoid further breakdown, the operator must constantly check the lever, not allowing the chain to rotate when the inertial brake is turned on.

Remedcule, the required tool

In order to remove, disassemble or adjust the clutch, we will need the following tools:

  • puller (supplied with some chainsaws);
  • universal key (included in the supply of any chainsaw, also sold separately in construction stores);
  • The screwdriver is flat;
  • piston stopper or simple rope for fixing the piston;
  • new details for replacement (drum, spring, etc.D.).

Dismantling of the clutch of the chainsaw:

How to remove clutch from a chainsaw and put in place?

The clutch removal process from the chainsaw (for example, take a situation where the drum replacement is necessary):

  • We remove the saw set using a universal key;
  • Remove the chain, tire;
  • unscrew the air.filter lid;
  • Next, we make out a candle;
  • we fix the piston using a stopper or rope;
  • Remove the clutch with a grooved (puller) or a universal key to relieve clutch;
  • We remove the clutch clutch, unscrewing clockwise;
  • Remove and replace the drum.

After the actions described above, the entire assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Removing and replacing the coupling with your own hands according to the instructions

Far from how to remove the clutch on a chainsaw is known. The constructive performance of mechanisms on different models of chainsaws differs, but the principle of operation is the same everywhere. The dismantling procedure is also practically identical, so then we will consider how to unscrew the coupling on a chainsaw with an internal location.

Initially, you will need to prepare the necessary tools:

  • A special key called a puller. He often comes with a chainsaw
  • Screwdriver screwdriver with which the protective casing is attached
  • Candle key. used to unscrew the fastening of the casing and tire (it comes with the tool)
  • Rope. in order to lock the crankshaft. It is better to use asbestos, but for this purpose any. The rope is used in case a special stopping key for the piston is not attached to the tool

If dismantling is performed for the purpose of replacement, then accordingly you will need to prepare a new mechanism in advance. When buying a new coupling, you only need to know the exact brand of the chainsaw, since the devices differ in the outer diameter, thread and design of the working mechanism. Instructions on how to remove a clutch clutch on a chainsaw has the following view:

The procedure is not at all difficult, and does not take much time. The assembly is performed in the reverse order of removal. In order to avoid any malfunctions, it is recommended to set a fully identical adhesion on the corresponding model of the tool.

It is interesting!Similarly, the procedure for removing and replacing the clutch for all brands of chainsaws of Husqvarna, Partner and others is performed.

How the chainsaw engine works

In devices released in the near future, a single.cylinder two.stroke carburetor engine is installed. It contains several devices that work harmoniously. The main components of the motor:

Read adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw Energomash

How to remove

The leading star serves at the same time and the drum. One of the main circumstances of the breakdown of this block is to steal the teeth of the star. In the whole version of the drum, the chain can cut out a star during operation. Such a mechanism asks for substitutions. In the case when there is a replaced crown on the drum, it must be removed and changed during service. After which the drum can continue to work.

Когда появляется потребность в ремонте следует обращаться за помощью в сервисный центр, где работают бывалые спецы. But if this is not close to the question. how to remove the clutch without the help of others? If there is a necessary set of tools, you can easily perform a mystery. Naturally, there are some differences in the models of various companies, but the disassembly scheme remains constant:

  • At first, the brake brake cover is removed by turning the lever. Nuts are slightly twisted to loosen the tension of the chain. After weakening, you can completely turn the nuts and remove the lid;
  • Disassembling the chain and guide tires, also cleaning the mechanism from pollution;
  • The candle of the cylinder head is twisted and the piston is fixed. To do this, the crankshaft should be twisted until the exhaust hole is overlapped, and later a segment of the rope is placed in the cylinder to lock the piston. After the end of the work, the rope is removed from the mechanism;
  • The nuts are unscrewed on the clutch with a special key from the kit. In this mechanism, they are made with left thread, and this must be taken into account when dismantling. After which the mechanism is disassembled, and all its details are examined for damage. Worn parts must be removed and changed to new.

After the repair and substitution of parts, it is necessary to assemble in a revolutionary sequence. In more detail, the disassembly process is presented at.

So that without the help of others to repair such chainsaws as Stihl, Husqvarna, Partner, GoodLuck, you should know some features of models. For example, a puck was installed on some varieties of saw (between the cup of the leading star and the engine). During the assembly, it must be installed in its former place.

If the model has a special spring that transfers rotation to the pump drive, then its correct installation is very fundamental after repair. In an unpleasant case, the device may seriously suffer. After preventive and repair work, you need to check whether the mechanisms work properly.

Clutch adjustment

There is no such thing as “adhesion adjustment”, but other nodes are usually regulated, such as a carburetor, fuel system, starter or coupling. In order to adjust the clutch coupling, you need:

  • Change the puck, which is located between the engine and the star or in other models between the drum and an asterisk;
  • A stretched spring located in the node cannot be pulled out, so you need to change it to a new. If you continue to saw with a defective spring, then the lubricant will not enter the chain, and this will lead to a breakdown of the tool.

Nuances when replacing clutch

Different models of chainsaws have constructive features that are important to consider when repairing. The main subtleties:

  • Champion (Champion). This is an inexpensive brand of saw, in which the chain clutch tends to burst during operation. The drum is usually surrounded by a dense ribbon to reduce vibration. The repair of the clutch mechanism does not differ from the traditional scheme.
  • Partner (Partner). At the saw of this brand clutch clutch closes the star (it is usually removable). When dismantling, it is recommended to immediately change the crankshaft bearing, which often fails.
  • Stihl (stihl). A distinctive feature is only the left thread, and behind the clutch unit there is an anti.vibration reflective plate. It can burst while analyzing the tool, so the element must be bought before the start of the repair. You will definitely need a cake and a key for 19.
  • Husqvarna (Husqvarna). To analyze the coupling, it may take a key to 12, with the help of it it is easiest to fix the shaft from the side of the impeller. Depending on the model of the asterisk, it can be whole with a drum or removable. The analysis and installation of a block of difficulties does not represent.

When working with a specific model, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer’s website in advance, where you can find the main operating instructions, schemes. If you find it difficult to make repairs yourself, contact the service center. this will protect from technical malfunctions after dismantling.

The clutch mechanism of the chainsaw needs planned diagnostics and repair. The productivity of the entire tool, the power of the circuit, depends on its normal functioning. Prevention and replacement is easy to carry out at home, you should accurately observe the scheme, based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

The brake of the chain

The problem with the circuit brake can occur due to getting into the lubricant or sawdust system. Here you need to clean all the elements from garbage. In addition, the tape may become unusable, then it needs to be replaced.

It happens that some of the parts of the saw more often become unusable than others, so they will have to repair them more than once. Most often it is a tire, a leading asterisk, a chain, anti.vibration details. To quickly repair and assemble the device, you must always have spare parts at hand.

Huter chainsaw carburetors. device, adjustment and repair

Carburetor. an important node of the chainsaw on which the quality of the tool directly depends. One of the most common malfunctions on Huter saws is incorrect tuning. Its periodic adjustment is necessary to maintain optimal working functions and extend the life of the tool.

Huter chainsaws are equipped with a membrane (injecting) carburetor of Americano. the Japanese company Walbro. Mostly used WT and WTA models. You can find out a more accurate model of the model by watching the marking on the product body. They are equipped with a metering fuel supply system and high.speed needles.

The quality of the details of this brand guarantees a conscientious assembly level and increased reliability. Despite the fact that they are collected, like the Huter chainsaws themselves, in China.

Frequent clutch malfunctions

Regardless of the reliability of the manufacturer, malfunctions and minor problems in the work of the clutch node are inevitable. The clutch is subjected to a huge load and periodically requires preventive repair. Most often, the cause of the breakdown becomes:

  • the natural wear of the entire node (the spring bursts, the clutch slips);
  • Clutch breakdown (while the engine works unstable, and the chain is constantly spinning);
  • chill of pieces of clutch fist due to overheating and overload (this is evidenced by the appearance of extraneous noise when the node is operating);
collect, clutch, chainsaw, repair

In these cases, it is necessary to remove the clutch from the chainsaw, adjust or completely replace the node. over, the owners of the instrument can even eliminate the problems even with their own hands. Without involving specialists.

What kind of tool you need?

It is impossible to stop the engine brake on the chainships, as this can lead to overheating of this tool unit. To stop the engine, it is necessary to put the engine control into the idle mode, then turn off the engine with the stop key.

The chainsaw is driven by a two.stroke gasoline internal combustion engine connected through the transmission system (gearbox) with a saw chain. A closed bushing-roller chain moves along the guide tire and carries sawed teeth.

The chainsaw has an automatic clutch mechanism operating on a centrifugal principle, thanks to which the chain is motionless and safe at idle.

Modern chainsaws also have a brake mechanism, which immediately stops the chain when rebuilding the tire towards the sawer, a chain break and other emergency situations. That is why Oleo-Mac chainsaws are so popular today.

In some models, the tire is attached to the gearbox in such a way that it allows it to fix it in a horizontal or vertical position, which makes it possible to make cuts, respectively, in a horizontal or vertical plane.

Many models of the chainsaw, especially originally designed for use of forest roller, have the ability to connect remote hydraulic engineering (the so.called “hydroclin”), which is an executive hydromechanism.

The injection of the working fluid (oil) into hydromechanism is carried out by a chainsaw.

Chain saws with an electric motor are widely distributed, for example, a dummy (a hand tool for sample of deaf narrow and deep nests) is only with an electric drive. In general, having a certain skill, you can make a lot of useful things from a chainsaw.

Read more about Husqvarna chainsaw problems.

To make it easier to remove and disassemble the clutch, the following tool will be required:

Stihl MS251 Chainsaw Not Starting. Troubleshoot DIY Repair of Clutch, Needle Bearing, Chain Sprocket