How to Connect a Bosch Electric Hob

How to Connect a Bosch Electric Hob

Bosch hobs, both gas and electric, have proven themselves in modern kitchens. In order for the panel to serve for a long time and regularly please its owners, it must be properly connected. The commissioning of a gas hob is best entrusted to a gas service specialist so as not to endanger the life and health of those nearby. If your choice is an electric stove, then, having minimal skills of working with a screwdriver, you can deal with connecting a bosch hob yourself. The recommendations from this article will help you.

Bosch panel owners are pleased to note the benefits of their purchase:

  • reliability,
  • high functionality;
  • security;
  • profitability;
  • ease of use;
  • ease in maintaining cleanliness;
  • beauty and elegance.

And therefore, if you connect such a panel correctly, then you will use it for a long time and with pleasure!

Preparation of furniture for a built-in hob

Most often, the hole in the countertop under the stove is cut even in the manufacture of a kitchen set. But if you need to prepare furniture yourself. do not be embarrassed. Any person who knows how to hold a jigsaw in his hands will cope with this work.

Hob layout must be done, given that from its edge to the contour of the countertop should remain at least 50 mm. Holes with a diameter of 8-10 mm are drilled at the corners of the marking. An electric jigsaw with a fine-toothed nail file on a tree gently cuts the mowing line from one hole to another. In this case, the jigsaw must be firmly pressed to the countertop.

The edges of the carved niche need process with silicone sealant. After that, fasteners-clamps are screwed to the slices. Having prepared the furniture, you can begin to connect electricity.

Wiring Requirements

The electric hob must be connected to a dedicated outlet with sufficient grounding. For such a socket, you will have to draw a separate branch from the shield and be sure to connect it to a separate 32 A machine. The cable laid to the socket must be copper with a cross-section of at least 4 mm² in it. Depending on the type of outlet you choose, the cable can be three- or four-core.

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How to choose a power outlet?

How to connect the hob to the power grid of your home? For this it is important to choose the right

The electricity in your apartment has single phase and 220 volt input? Then you need a socket and plug with three pins.

You have purchased equipment for the kitchen of a modern private house, which has two phases and 380 volt electrical input? Then, for an even load distribution, the hob is best connected to two phases. In this case, a socket and a plug with four contacts are used.

In the first case, the blue wire (zero) is attached to the left contact, black or brown (phase) to the right. The yellow-green ground wire is attached to the contact, usually located below or above the main pair.

In case of connection four-pin outlet must be guided by the marking of the cores on the cover of the outlet. Be careful! Sockets of various manufacturers are distinguished by their design.

Important! It is necessary to check in advance whether the presence of the phase corresponds to the colors of the wire. To do this, use a tester.

How to connect the cable to the panel?

Regardless of which outlet you had to install, the cable for connecting to the hob must be four-wire. Cable cores are connected to the terminals of the electrical box-connector, which is on the back of the stove. Remove the lid from the box by first unscrewing the bolts.

Each hob has a circuit for connecting it to the mains. It shows the terminal box contacts. Take a closer look wiring diagram. Phase (brown and black wires), zero (blue wire) and ground (yellow-green) should each be connected to its terminal strictly according to the figure. Pay attention to the careful connection of the wire core to the terminal contact.

Important! Once again, check that the wires are correctly positioned before closing the cover.

Connecting the plug to the cable

With a four-pin plug, everything is clear. Marked colored cores of the cable are connected according to the instructions on the plug cover, according to the socket contacts. But what about three-pin socket, when four wires need to be connected to three contacts? To do this, two phases (black and brown wires) must be twisted together and connected to the contact "phase".

Without plug and socket

Sometimes hob directly connected to the electric circuit, without plug and socket. This is possible because the panel is stationary equipment and the need to connect and disconnect the plate is extremely rare. However, the ability to turn off the stove at any time for its maintenance or repair, relocation or replacement of kitchen furniture may be useful. In addition, connecting with a plug and socket is safe, convenient and beautiful.

Replacing the panel

The electrical part of the work is done. It’s time to put the panel in place. It is necessary to carefully turn the plate and install on previously prepared fasteners. The hob is secured from below with the bolts supplied. Now you can test.

Attention! Due to the high cost of the device and the danger posed by electricity, in order to avoid injuries and unnecessary breakdowns, evaluate your capabilities correctly. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to entrust the connection of the panel to a professional electrician.