How to Connect a Cordless Screwdriver

The screwdriver is comfortable with its ubiquity. independence from boundary wires makes it possible to get into hard to reach areas. A set of two power modules allows you to power one of them while working with the other. However, each battery pack has a finite number of charging / discharging periods, failing after they are used up. In inexpensive tools, the blocks break faster, and the user receives a gadget with a working motor, but without power. Then the dilemma arises: “is it possible to connect a screwdriver directly to charging”.

It is possible to energize such a screwdriver by connecting it to the network through the power unit, because its motor operates at 220 volts.

How to connect to a charging station

Before deciding the question “is it possible to charge a screwdriver’s battery with a charger”, you need to remember that the charging unit of the screwdriver delivers low voltage, with a large length of wire the voltage is lost, so connecting through a meter cord with a cross section of 2.5 mm2 or more will be rational.

  1. Wires are attached to the contacts of the charging assembly of the screwdriver. Spoiled nutrients are removed from the nest.
  2. A groove is made in the case, a cable is passed through it. It is proposed to seal the entry point with elastic material so that there is no play and the wire is held securely in place.
  3. Since the nest has lost its severity after removing unsuitable elements, it is recommended to restore the balance by inserting a load into the vacant space, otherwise the brush will become very tired during work, damaging the health of joints and ligaments over time.
  4. The cable and previously attached wires are connected together, the case is assembled.

Other power options

Block inside

The solution to the problem “is it possible to connect a screwdriver through a charger” may be an alternative option for powering a screwdriver. installing the power supply in the empty housing of the power supply unit of the instrument.

Before starting the action, it is necessary to prevent overheating of the unit, for which openings are arranged in the housing in advance that will provide air movement and heat removal. It is advisable to reduce the time of continuous operation with a screwdriver with such an improvement to 15 minutes.

A ready-made unit is purchased, it is selected according to the size of the case, technical indicators. The pulse version of the module is most suitable for use; it is small-sized, lightweight. The use of modules of domestic production since the last century is not recommended. they have large volumes with low efficiency.

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Unsuitable batteries are removed from the bed, in their place is placed the power supply. The contacts are energized, the case closes. The assembled hybrid gadget is ready to work from the network.

  • Wires can be extended for convenience.
  • It is necessary to monitor the quality of the assembly: the structure should not be able to touch the metal elements, otherwise the circuit cannot be avoided. It is best to leave some space between the transformer and the board, which will positively affect cooling.
  • If any parts of the structure get very hot, it is possible to install modules that remove excess heat, or to install ventilation grooves.

In the home

For users with special knowledge and skills, the problem “is it possible to power a screwdriver from a charger without special tools”, because assembly of the feeding unit is possible with your own hands. Instead of spoiled elements, a power module assembled according to the scheme is inserted into the case. The outgoing voltage is measured by control, the wires are powered, the case is locked.

Tip: the circuit may require additional load, it can be provided by the inclusion of a 15W bulb in the system, which will also provide illumination.

The computer module is also suitable

Another solution to the problem of powering a screwdriver. mounting it to a computer power supply. This option is applicable to those modules that are equipped with a mechanical switch lever. The positive aspect is that the unit is cooled by a cooler, it is protected from exaggerated loads by the built-in special system.

How to Connect a Cordless Screwdriver

Such an assembly is arranged only with the use of power modules for 300-350 W and a current of 12 volts, at least 16 A. For instruments with a voltage of more than 14 volts, this power supply option does not work.

The user may wish to hide the unaesthetic unit in a beautiful case, then it is recommended not to forget to arrange ventilation in it.

Car charger

In search of a solution to the issue "Is it possible to connect a screwdriver to a charger", you can stop on charging the car AK-block. Modules with manually adjustable current, voltage are applicable. Connection is absolutely not complicated. just connect the input channels of the tool motor to the contacts of the car charger.

General recommendations

All of these methods include one step uniting them. disassembling the supply module housing. If the skeleton is fixed on bolts, then this is not a difficulty, fastening to the glue requires careful opening of the seam by tapping the slot with a hammer, deepening the knife into it.

When mounting, observe the direction of voltage. it should not be fed to the battery. Therefore, the module is mounted parallel to the supply contacts, a diode illuminator for a certain power is built into the plus line.

Summary: the question “can a screwdriver work on a charger” has a positive answer, and several solutions, but caution, some scientific knowledge and dexterity are required.