How to cut a laminate with an electrician. Fabric for metal

How to cut aluminum with an electrician

Ratio of the thickness of the workpiece and power. Hand household jigsaw cuts metal up to 4 mm thick, professional-up to 10-12 mm. It is desirable that both of them have at least 500 watts.

Functional. Think about whether you should overpay for a tool with backlight, blowing system, pendulum passage if the device is used for 1 hour per month? Very possibility is welcomed by professionals; an amateur can do without them.

The ability to set up the frequency of file movements. If the cutting canvas can change speed, the tool is good for several metals at once (for example, steel, copper and aluminum). This is due to the fact that thick blanks (5-10 mm) are cut at low speeds, otherwise the file may crack or swipe.

It is important to know the type of shank and the method of fastening the file (this is indicated in the technical passport of the product). The cutting canvases are also distinguished by suitability for certain metals, which affects their parameters. A step of teeth, their number, the thickness of the removable element.

A file for a metal jigsaw can be found by a characteristic marking. T118 A (workpiece thickness up to 3 mm), T224 D (for aluminum) and so on.

Remember that the tool (amateur. Especially) requires rest. After 20-30 minutes of work, it is worth laying the jigsaw to the side to avoid its overheating. With professional models differently. They work for several hours. If you feel that the tool body has heated (due to the continuous operation of the engine), it makes sense to give the device to rest.

Metal can be cut with different tools, but it is not always convenient to use, for example, a grinder or a hacksaw for metal. In some cases, a manual or electric jigsaw with appropriate files is more suitable for business.

We take a hacksaw in your hands

The laminate of the hacksaw, of course, will cut, but it is not very suitable for such work. After all, the teeth of a hacksaw designed for wood work are frighteningly large, and the upper floor of the flooring is so thin. Togo and look. Ugly traces will remain from these teeth. And cutting the pressed structure of the laminate is hard. Hands get tired.

To get a good result, we arm a hacksaw with small teeth. For example, a hacksaw designed for cutting metal may well fit. CHARS on the cut will be avoided, but it will be more difficult to cut fine.Toothed with a hacksaw than a tool for wood. However, if you do not intend to saw the laminate in large quantities, then this method is suitable. The quality of the cut, of course, is not perfect, but quite tolerable.

And here are the promised little tricks: before sawing, stick a piece of painting tape to this place. If you do this, then chips are not formed at the site of the cut. Over, the laminate board must be placed upward. And to make the cut smooth and clean, the hacksaw must have small frequent teeth.

Since the laminate is pressed using special mechanisms, it is natural, it is better to cut it not manually, but an electric tool.

For example, for this, an electric burner is quite suitable, (saber’s saw) which is increasingly used by home masters.

Recommendations for cutting without chips

For the cut of the laminate, you will need Right.Cut canvas. So that during the work of work everything is done efficiently, experts advise applying the marking line on both sides. It is also recommended to check the accuracy of processing from below and from above. For some time you should stop the work, allowing the electric jigsaw to cool. In order to avoid riding, it is necessary to cut smoothly, do not pull the tool.

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So that there are no chips, you can just a laminated layer Cut with an assembly knife, and then cut it with a jigsaw, then there will be no such significant defects. But not everyone can do this work, it is necessary to be neat and have a certain experience.

The capabilities of the tool

An electric jigsaw for cutting a laminated board must have the following characteristics:

It should be possible to perform a tool even and pure cut without cracks and chips. You need to choose a saw canvas with a special wiring and a shallow pitch of teeth. High.Quality electric lines of well.Known manufacturers are equipped with a set of saws, each of which is designed to work with different building materials, including laminate.

Special files are produced for laminate

How to saw metal

The choice of files. For cutting metal surfaces, files with a small tooth are used. A tooth step 1. 2 mm. Visually, such a saw resembles a canvas of the hacksaw for metal and can be used for cutting other materials, in order to increase the cleanliness of the cut.

The frequency of the course. The speed of sawing must be set as low as possible.

The pendulum mechanism. The pendulum move is completely turned off.

The process of sawing. The workpiece tool must be moved slowly, without pressure. A sheet of tin must be firmly fixed in advance by placing it so that the cut line is as close as possible to the support.

If it is necessary to make a curved cut in thin tin, and it is not possible to arrange the workpiece so that the cut line is not possible, then it must be placed between two sheets of fiberboard or organ. All marking is applied to the upper sheet of fiberboard. This will prevent the formation of a burr.

It is also recommended to take small breaks in work and use additional cooling sources to avoid overheating of the file.

How to choose a peel for a laminate jigsaw

The result of the cut of the material depends not only on the selected tool, but also the configuration to it. The cutting canvas. Manufacturers usually sell everything you need immediately with a power tool. Laminate saw is an integral part of the jigsaw, which will allow for sure, without any problems and efforts, cut the desired material.

How to cut ceramics, porcelain tiles

Ceramic tiles and materials based on ceramics are not easy to saw. To do this, you need to purchase special canvases with a cutting edge, which is covered with tungsten carbide or diamond spraying. Scratches remain on such material, because a plastic lining is installed on the jigsaw. Experts recommend the tiles to soak in advance in the water, so it will become more plastic and when working with it, dust forms less. It is fixed with a clamp with rubber lining. The pendulum move is turned off. When performing a straight cut, the switch can be installed on the minimum position.

Tiles are laid on a stable and flat surface. The jigsaw is installed so that when it is turned on, the saw canvas does not immediately touch the cut place. The incision is performed smoothly. The tool does not pull, but only direct. Files quickly become stupid, they must often be changed.

In order to prevent scratches from remaining on ceramics, they recommend using a plastic lining

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Laminate trimming is performed so that the cut is straight, even and does not damage the edge. Use a special tool for cutting laminate, machines and devices for such purposes, which we will talk about below.

And with a hacksaw you can?

The better to cut a laminate at home? The answer is simple. For a small piece of material, you can use a hacksaw for metal.

  • The material is easy to cut;
  • The presence of a small tooth is a guarantee that the edges will not be damaged;
  • With minor damage to the edge, it will be hidden under the floor plinth.
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Easy and quick way to cut off the laminated panel at home

Laminated board marking with a pencil

  • When working, the front side must be directed upward. This will make it possible to get a quality edge.
  • You should not be excessively pressed with your own hands at the saw during the process, so as not to break the finished edge of the lamella.

We use an electrician

If you are a fan of working with plywood for the floor, you just need to purchase an ordinary electrician. For laminate it can be considered the most effective tool.

How to cut laminate sheet the easy way for cabinets, walls, countertops and more

With it, it is conveniently and quickly cut by laminate, avoiding monotonous manual labor. The price of the tool depends on the manufacturer and its capabilities.

  • Mark the cut lamella before cutting the laminate. Do this on the non.Sides of the laminate “board”.
  • Set the lamel on a stiff base and fix it by putting it down with the front.
  • Gently make a cut on the intended line.

An electrician can be cut not only in a straight line, but also cut curline figures. For example, when you need to go around the column, heating pipe or make the floor original.

We use the circular saw

Not everyone at home needs a circular machine. However, if it is, cutting the laminate will become a simple and pleasant procedure.

Below is an instruction to use this construction tool:

  • Choose a disk with small teeth (this is described in detail above).
  • Apply a cut line on the front of the lamellas with a pencil.
  • If you need to cut the bar along, set the necessary width on the machine.
  • Sprinkle the laminated board, pushing it in front of you. Use a wooden block on the edge so as not to injure your fingers.

Cutting lamellas with manual circular saw

What tools do professionals use?

What is the difference between an ordinary home.Made master and a specialist is in the tool. In the latter, it is much more expensive and better, since it is his “bread” and he has to work every day, unlike the first.

Proper cutting of the laminate with a special tool

Usually they use a special manual laminate cutting machine equipped with a sharp blade.

  • Put the lamella in a horizontal position on the support of the machine.
  • Subtract the cutting cutter for marking on it.
  • Be sure to follow the right angle between the machine knife and the cut surface of the lamella.
  • Lower the handle of the machine and get as a result an even and straight cut.
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DIY. BIG Metal Vise from Scrap material ( It looks Industrial )

The tool makes it possible to cope with a large amount of material in a short time. In addition, it does not require electricity. There is practically nothing to replace this machine, so each master who works with laminated flooring is trying to purchase it.

Electric jigsaw

What to cut a laminate, everyone determines based on the availability of tools. But, if there are no devices, the most practical will be the acquisition of an electrician. It will cut the panels in all directions, including various figures. Electrolobzik is easier than a circular saw, less dimensional than a cutter, more convenient and faster than a hacksaw. Everyone is capable of mastering an electrician, since it does not require special skills.

For a high.Quality saw, it is necessary that the file for the jigsaw has the opposite direction of the teeth. Usually a laminate cutting canvas is included. In order to avoid defects, marking is applied from the back of the panel. It is better to cut a protective film with a clerical knife. The board is fixed with the front side and sawn down.

How to saw a laminate with an electrician without chips:

The electric jigsaw will cut off the laminate with a minimum dust. The electrician has a special bag-container for collecting sawdust. For curly threads, more narrow canvases should be used. And the masking tape, glued before sawing on the front of the panel, is guaranteed to eliminate chips.

Than and how to cut a laminate?

The choice of flooring largely determines the quality and price. In this regard, the most acceptable ratio has a laminate. The material owes its popularity not only practicality, but also the simplicity of laying. In the presence of the tool, the installation of the flooring is capable of performing each. Accordingly the question arises. How to cut a laminate?

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To lay the flooring, the material must be taken 10-15% more than the area of ​​the room. The panels will need to be not only connected, but also to cut. To adjust the dimensions, use a manual or electric tool. When used at home, it should:

The last characteristic when choosing a method for many repair lovers is a key. But its importance is somewhat exaggerated. The presence of chips up to 5 millimeters will hide the baseboard.

Both experts and home.Made master for cutting laminate use:

#1. Kryazuvka for metal

Metal hacksaw the simplest and cheap tool for cutting laminate

Kryzuvka for metal with a small tooth is the simplest tool for cutting laminitis. Such a tool is often found even in people far from repair and finishes.

General recommendations for working with hacksaw:

  • Check the tension force of a metal canvas. It must be securely recorded;
  • Apply the necessary marking to the surface of the laminate using a thin marker or a construction pencil;
  • Take a hard support and fix the panel in any convenient way;
  • Make a light cut along the line and slow, but smooth movements start sawing the lamella.

This tool will take a lot of time for cutting the lamella, since the laminate is a very dense material. The quality of the saw is strongly dependent on the ability to work with a hacksaw and patience.

Before cutting the laminate with a hacksaw. This will allow you to understand at which pace it is most convenient to work, how the canvas behaves on dense material, etc.D.

#2. Laminate cutter

A manual cut for a laminate is a specialized tool made in the form of a supporting structure with a fixed cutting blade. The principle of operation can be compared with guillotine. The thickness of the cut material and the length of the cut itself varies depending on the model.

The average laminate thickness rarely exceeds 0.8-1 cm. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy professional cutters. Equally equipment of the average price category cost is 1,500-1700 rubles.

A cut for a laminated board allows you to get a quick result with minimal costs

Can be cut both along and across the canvas. The only thing that the quality of cutting along the canvas is highly dependent on the length of the cutting element. But for laying the last row, the quality of the edge does not play the role much, since the cut part will be covered with a skirting board.

The process of working with the cutter looks as follows:

  • Apply marking on the front side of the laminate;
  • Remove the handle with the blade back and lay the panel on the supporting structure;
  • We set the panel so that the cut line of the part we needed was a little to the right of the knife (to the left for left.Handed people);
  • Smoothly lower the handle until contact with the panel, press and saw before cutting off an unnecessary piece.

After the cut, the front side remains even and intact, and pieces of papers and torn edges may remain on the back, which should be sanded with sandpaper.

Expensive and professional cutters on both sides are more even, since the handle has a great weight, and the sharpening of the blade itself is better.

#3. Electric jigsaw

Electrician is the most convenient tool for obtaining high.Quality sawing without chips, damage and burrs. Due to the high speed, laminate cutting can be done in the shortest time.

If you plan to purchase an electrician for further use, we recommend that you take the second option right away, since a cheap power tool has a small resource of work.

Electric jigsaw perfect solution for working with wooden cladding

In order to cut the laminate with an electrician, you need to purchase a separate peel for the laminate. Standard marking. T101BR. This is a canvas with a return of teeth, a step of cutting elements-2.5 mm with a working length of 74-75 mm. Average price. 200 rubles.

Before applying the reference to the surface of the panel, you should find out which side you can saw this panel. Typically, this item is indicated in the instructions, as some manufacturers allow you to saw on the facial layer.

The process of adjusting the laminate using an electrician is as follows:

  • Remove the factory universal canvas and install a peel for the laminate.
  • On the back of the lamella, apply the cut line using a pencil.
  • Lamel will fix so that under the cut line there is a free space for the pitch.
  • If the jigsaw has a regimen of a pendulum pass, then it should be disconnected.
  • Put a jigsaw opposite the cut line, but do not rest the canvas before turning on.
  • Turn on and slightly pressing, drink the panel.

The principle of working with an electrician is quite simple and will not cause much difficulties. In the process of cutting, try not to rush, do not press on the tool, work smoothly and measuredly.

#4. Circular saw

The circular saw allows you to get the highest quality result of all possible. The main minus is the ability to work with the tool and the high cost of the tool itself.

The circular saw requires skills and experiments to work with the tool

There are domestic and professional varieties. Professional equipment is equipped with a stand, supporting and clamp. This allows you to reliably fix the panel.

A small number of teeth. An option for working with chip plates and wood. The average amount is suitable for massive wood and soft metals. Large. Used exclusively with a very powerful device, so it is not advised to use it for soft flooring.

It is the sharpening geometry that will affect the cleanliness of the cut and the efficiency of work. Available varieties. Flat, trapezoidal, as well as alternating. The angle of inclination also affects the quality. Flat sharpening is better to use for quick cuts, the universal version is suitable for any tree.

There are also professional discs with special teeth from hard alloys. They have hardness, high strength, as well as resistance to destruction. This guarantees high performance, long service and excellent quality of work.

How to cut a laminate at home

In order to accurately and neatly cut the lamel, it is necessary to adhere to two main conditions. First of all, you need to correctly mark the cutting line. Only carpentry are used for these purposes. No segments using laser rays and decrees mounted in an electrician or renovator cannot be used.

The second condition is the low speed of the cutting tool. The stronger the cutting edge presses on the material of the laminate, the stronger the teeth deviate from the direction of movement. Productivity increases, but the surface quality is reduced by many times.

If you cut the material with a grinder or a disk saw, you will also need to maintain a constant effort on the tool. This is the only way to cut equally exactly along the entire length of the panel.

How to cut on the floor?

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to cut laminated panels that are already laid on the floor. Typically, people with insufficient experience in carrying out construction work in this case are wondering how to do it right.

According to the reviews of people who met such a problem during the laying of the flooring, the best option in this case will be the decision to use the grinder. At the same time, on the advice of experienced users, it is necessary to install a disk on the device for working on tiles with diamond spraying. When performing work, you must be extremely careful and move the tool all the time without pressing it with special efforts. While working, you need to keep your finger on the start button all the time so that in the case of loss of control over the situation, turn off the device on time and avoid injuries.

In addition, you can turn to a safer, but at the same time labor.Intensive method. The use of a cutter. In order to cut off the laid laminate, you need to arm yourself with a professional cut for wood work. On the advice of experienced people, two parallel incisions should be made along the width of a narrow chisel, then select a cut piece with a chisel. And so slowly remove the length of the panel to the desired size.

Guillotine for laminated boards

This is a new special small machine designed for the mechanical action of the blade on laminated material by compressing the device handle. The machine is convenient to handle, does not require huge efforts of the user.

If you ask a question, how to cut a laminate at home, then you should consider this tool. Compared to a hacksaw, it works much faster and better, and when compared with an electric grinder and a circular saw. It is much cheaper and easier to care. The machine does not require an electricity source. The tool does not form dust, sawdust, does not allow chips on the panels and works without noise.

This is the best option for a home master who set himself the task of arranging all the floors in the apartment with laminated parquet. This laminate cutting tool should be used as follows:

  • On the basis of the cutting device, lamella is located. Horizontally;
  • The marking line applied to the board is brought right under the cutter;
  • The handle drops down to the laminated board, while a neat and clear cut, made by the cutter, forms.

This device is capable of cutting a large number of panels pretty soon and high quality. A practical and healthy tool that should be purchased for professional laying of a laminated coating.

Manual hacksaw: work nuances, safety precautions

If the front of the work is small-one or two rooms-and there are no electric cutting tools, a manual hacksaw is quite suitable. A handmade sheet should have very small and frequent teeth.

The scabbard for metal is best suited, since the laminate is solid, very durable, pressed material, and it is difficult to cut with a conventional tool with large and rare teeth.

The laminate board is sawn on the front side, and so that the chip and chips do not form, the painting tape must be glued along the sawing line. On top of the tape, a exact line is drawn under the ruler or the square, according to which the material will be sawn.

Will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process of electrical.Burning, and the quality of the cut will be better. Using an electric or hacksaw for metal, you can make angular cuts in the laminate, but for rounded cuts (for example, under a pipe or column of the arch), such tools are not suitable for.

For the cut, the board must be laid on the desktop so that the cut line is from the edge of the table at a distance of at least 20 mm.