How To Cut A Mirror With A Glass Cutter At Home

How to properly cut a glass cutter mirror

Wonderful mirrored surfaces of all shapes and sizes are firmly rooted in the design of modern homes. This stunning material that magically expands the space has become a real source of inspiration for creative people. Unfortunately, because of the fragility and peculiar way of cutting, creative work with mirrors is not available for many. In this article, we will try to help novice designers and show that everyone can cut a mirror with an ordinary glass cutter.

Work protection

Safety is considered to be one of the most important factors in any type of work, and glass cutting is no exception. This material, in its raw form, has sharp edges and its fragile structure can contribute to the formation of small fragments. When working with glass or mirrors, it is strongly recommended to protect your hands and eyes to avoid injury. To do this, you can use the following things:

Construction gloves (preferably rubberized). You can use any others, the main thing is that they do not slide much on the glass surface. For greater safety, fingers can be wrapped with adhesive tape around the floor of the gloves.

Protective glasses. It is not necessary to use special construction. You can wear regular reading glasses or sunglasses. If only they DO NOT obstruct visibility.

Mirror cutting glass cutter

The fragile structure of glass can become a serious obstacle when working with this material. If you do not know how to cut a glass cutter mirror and are faced with such a task for the first time, we strongly recommend that you strictly follow the following instructions. This will increase your success.

The first thing to do is to prepare the base on which the cutting will be done. This can be done on a table, floor, stool and other places that are suitable for the size of the mirror. The working surface must be flat, otherwise the mirror may crack during the cut. In order to avoid small cuts, as well as for a tighter fit of the mirror, it is better to cover the base with a soft cloth.

The next step will be the preparation of the processed material. The mirror must be dry and clean, free from heavy streaks. You can wash the mirror with ordinary soapy water and then degrease it with an alcohol-containing liquid. You can use special solutions for cleaning glasses, which contain alcohol or a similar component. Wipe the washed mirror dry with a rag or paper (newspaper) and leave it for 10 minutes to evaporate the remaining moisture.

When the workplace and the material to be processed are ready, we proceed to the marking. We take a marker, ruler or pattern and draw the line along which it is necessary to cut. If you do not know from which side to cut the glass cutter mirror, then this should be done on the front, reflective surface. Next, we take a glass cutter and with a confident movement draw the cutter along the markings.

It is best to hold the cutter perpendicular to the glass, but you can also with a slight tilt (like a ballpoint pen). The cutting pressure depends on the type of tool. The diamond one requires minimal pressure, and the roller is slightly above average. If the cutter is sharp and the pressure is optimal, you will hear a slight crunch. A squeaky sound indicates too much pressure or a worn cutter.

The line formed after the glass cutter should be uniform and transparent. If the line is white and periodically disappears, it will NOT work exactly to break the mirror along it. In this case, it is better to draw a new one, stepping back a couple of millimeters from the original mark. To avoid such incidents, it is recommended to check the sharpness of the glass cutter in advance and practice the force of pressing on unnecessary fragments.

Having received the correct cutting line, you can proceed to the culmination stage of the work. controlled cleavage. It is possible to break the mirror in the flat edge of the table by placing a glass cutter under the cutting line and pressing it from 2 sides, or slightly knock with the head of the same glass cutter from the back side. This does NOT require much effort. The crack will run from the beginning to the end of the cut, like a path. When the required piece is separated, all that remains is to clean its edges with a fine-grained sanding letter.

If you want to see the main stages of the process more clearly, we recommend looking at how to cut a glass cutter mirror. Hope the above guide will guide you through this jewelry creative process.

Let’s start cutting

The cutter must be at right angles to the mirror surface, strictly on the marked line of the mowing line. Slightly presses against the glass, it must be carefully guided in the direction leading to you. Do not rush. Move the glass cutter gently and precisely along the intended line of the mowing line. If you hear the sound of glass being cut, then everything is going well. A creak indicates that the cutter is broken or you are doing something wrong.

The old mirror will help to wash special glass liquids.

When properly cut, you will see a thin line on the glass. If all goes well, place the mirror on the workbench so that the line protrudes slightly over the edge. Then press down slightly on the cut part, holding the other hand with the other. The glass should fall off. If this does not happen, tap the whole line with a hammer from the bottom side, move it towards you. Does not work? Repeat the cutting procedure again. Small fragments are removed with pliers.

If you have just purchased a mirror, you need to leave it indoors for a couple of hours, where the entire cutting process will be carried out.

A creak indicates that the cutter is broken or you are doing something wrong.

How to prepare glass for the procedure?

So that the line of the cut does not “left” sideways, first of all, the surface of the product must be cleaned and rinsed with soda. If stains and dirt are difficult to wipe off, use rubbing alcohol. The old mirror can be washed with special glass fluids. It is not necessary to wipe it off with a cloth after cleaning, as it will definitely leave unnecessary lint.

After that, if the piece did NOT separate, the cutting process should be repeated.

If you have just purchased a mirror, you need to leave it indoors for a couple of hours, where the entire cutting process will be carried out. During this time, the product adapts to the temperature and humidity of the room. Then, if the mirror was previously in the box, wipe it with paper towels.

If possible, it is better to purchase a diamond glass cutter. it cuts better and has a longer service life.

Make sure the area to be cut is perfectly flat, otherwise the product will NOT fit snugly on the surface. Think of the soft bedspread, which you need to cover the table surface. Place the product in the workplace with reflective side up.

When cutting glass, it is better to use protective glasses.

The main thing is to do the work calmly and accurately, and then you will succeed.

The next step is to mark the cut mowing line. Remember the adage “measure seven times. cut once”? She fits our situation perfectly. After measuring, carefully trace the cut with a wax pencil. Then attach a metal ruler to it. Don’t forget to put pieces of rubber or leather underneath.

In some cases, rubber-padded pliers are used to remove cut pieces of thin mirror.

Now you just have to insert the mirror into the pre-prepared frame.

Glass cutting safety

Before cutting the glass cutter mirror, read the safety requirements.

  • Put your workplace in order, remove all unnecessary things from the table. Arrange boxes for scraps, working tools and the same product in their places.
  • Make sure all fixtures are in good working order.
  • Put rubber tips on the jaws of the pliers or use something.
  • Glass boxes are always stacked vertically.
  • Be sure to use special suit, gloves and goggles.
  • Take your time and try not to make sudden movements.
  • DO NOT touch the cutter line of the glass with your fingers and not with protective gloves.
  • It is forbidden to cut the product on objects other than those intended for this.
  • When working at a height, glass must not be thrown down. Always take scraps and whole glass with you.
  • Cutting is allowed only in the direction opposite to the direction of the cutting part.
  • The glass must be installed in strong supports with an inclination of up to 15 °.
  • In the process, they put unnecessary trimmings in a box and send them to the trash as they accumulate.
  • We take out the glass from the boxes carefully. If the glass is cracked, take it out in Separate pieces.
  • You can not cut the product on your knees.
  • Use your electric glass cutter carefully.
  • If the product is brought in from the cold, be sure to warm it up.
  • Sweep the floor and clean the workbenches with a special brush. DO NOT try to blow off glass dust.
  • Before finishing work, shake the special suit thoroughly, cleaning it from crushed glass particles.

First, the entire surface of the mirror must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with a soda solution.

The place where the cutting will take place must be even so that the mirror fits snugly over the entire surface.

Required tools

Be sure to check all materials are present before trimming the mirror. The table will fit the most standard, the main thing is that the dimensions of the table top correspond to the area of ​​the mirror surface, ideally, exceed it.

There are two types of glass cutters: diamond and roller, and a mirror at home can be cut by both.

If you plan to insert a mirror into the frame, get one in advance.

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Then you need to attach a ruler to the mowing line, preferably a metal one.

Work should be done carefully, and not in a hurry.

The most important tool is, of course, the glass cutter. The tools with which you can cut glass at home are of three types:

  • Roller. The cutting part is made of extra strong alloy;
  • Diamond. technical diamond is used as a cutting part;
  • Oil. have the same characteristics as roller ones, there is an additional reservoir.

This technique allows you to control the correct position of the cutting part of the glass cutter and ensures that the glass cutter does NOT jump off this mowing line onto the line.

If you are wondering which glass cutter to buy, choose a diamond one. It surpasses the roller in both quality and service life.

It is clear that the cutting element must be located strictly on the marked mowing line and perpendicular to the surface of the mirror.

During operation, the glass cutter is firmly pressed against the surface of the mirror and the ruler.

Another necessary tool is a special thick ruler or square for cutting glass. However, you can use a regular metal ruler, you just need to slightly improve it. To do this, you will need some rubber or leather pieces. You need to put a ruler on them. This will prevent metal from sliding on the glass and raise the ruler to a level high enough to stop the glass cutter.

Pressing and movement of the glass cutter Must be even, translational.

You will also need pliers and a hammer, which are designed to facilitate the process of breaking glass by tapping the mirror from the back. It is desirable that the hammer is small.

When properly cut, a thin white line will remain on the mirror surface.

The specialist is able to determine by ear the correctness of the cut. by the characteristic light Cod.

It is highly advisable to cover the countertop with a blanket. The fabric should be natural and have the required density, because you will manipulate the mirror on it. If the cover is not used, the fragile glass can crack on the hard surface of the table with any careless movement.

When the line of the cut is ready, the mirror lies on the edge of the surface (table, workbench, stool).

The last element is a water-soluble marker or wax pencil for marking.

If this does not work, then with a small hammer you need to knock on the bottom of the entire mowing line, move the hammer from its far end to yourself.

How to cut a mirror at home. It is done!

The work is almost finished. Now all you have to do is insert the mirror into the previously prepared frame. If not, cover the sharp edges with sandpaper to protect yourself from cuts.

When cut correctly, you will see a thin line on the glass.

As you can see, the glass cutting procedure is not that difficult. The main thing is to do the work calmly and accurately, and then you will succeed.!

If all goes well, place the mirror on a workbench so that the line protrudes slightly over the edge.

Required tools and materials

Before proceeding with the mirror cutting process, make sure to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • Mirror;
  • Glass cutter;
  • Smooth, stable table (as an option, a drawing board or chipboard plate is suitable) of a larger area than a mirror;
  • Long and thick (8-10 mm) ruler;
  • Fine sandpaper;
  • Small hammer;
  • Pliers with rubber gaskets;
  • Linen (linen tablecloth or plain sheet will do)
  • Soda, alcohol
  • Capacity with water;
  • Rag;
  • Roulette;
  • “Tecnolux”, “steklograph” or other suitable pencil;
  • Plywood or hard plastic patterns will only be needed if curvilinear drawing is supposed.

Safety when cutting mirrors

Before you start cutting a mirror at home, you need to take care of safety:

  • First, prepare heavy-duty cloth gloves so as not to injure your glass cutter’s hands and avoid cuts on the sharp edges of the mirror. Additionally, you can stick strips of plaster on your fingers.
  • Secondly, you need to protect your eyes with construction, bicycle or any other protective goggles, since the process of working with mirrors is often accompanied by the bouncing of small fragments.

Before cutting a glass cutter mirror for the first time, it is worth practicing on glass elements of a small area, and only after gaining modest experience. start the responsible part of the work.

Curly cutting

How to cut a mirror if you want it to be round or oval? It is quite difficult to carry out figured cutting with an ordinary glass cutter.

To solve such problems, use special glass cutters or designs from several tools. As a rule, such a system consists of a glass cutter, a suction cup, and a scale for setting the desired degree.

If it is not possible to get such a tool, you can use a conventional roller or diamond glass cutter.

In this case, the process is carried out in the same way as when cutting straight lines, but with the introduction of a pattern.

The main difficulty is that the figured cut is very difficult NOT to be damaged by fragments, therefore it is crushed into fragments, which are separated in turn.

Thus, you can create a unique, beautiful and useful decorative element in the form of an original mirror.

How to use a glass cutter correctly?

There are several types of glass cutters, but most often roller or diamond cutters are used, their advantages and disadvantages are disclosed in the table:

It is important to hold the glass cutter correctly. It is supposed to keep it at a right angle, but a slight deviation is allowed (in this case, an acute angle will be a working one). The tool should be secured with your thumb and middle finger and pressed down with your index finger.

You cannot change the position of the glass cutter. It is necessary to cut in one quick motion, as repeated actions will damage the mirror.

The pressing force should also be uniform, except for the edges: 5 mm to the edge, the load should be reduced to prevent chipping and slipping of the tool.

Cut should be strictly from the far edge towards you.

A thin white notch means that the roller has not penetrated deep enough into the mirror body. A high-quality cut has a dark color (this does not apply to the diamond, which leaves a light and thin strip). You should not try to deepen an unsuccessful cut. it is better to retreat 1-2 mm and make a new one.

How to cut a mirror at home glass cutter? Craftsmanship secrets

Mirrors play a special role in the interior of the room: they expand the space and make the room more sophisticated. To create a real work of art with your own hands, you need to know how to properly cut a mirror.

It is not as difficult and dangerous as it seems, if you follow certain rules.

Mirror Cutting Algorithm

To properly cut a mirror at home, you need to strictly follow the following algorithm:

  • First you need to prepare the workplace and lay out the mirror on it with the front surface up.
  • A soft cloth should be placed under the mirror to avoid cracking the surface when pressed.
  • The mirror needs to be put in order. First you need to clean it with a soda solution. After that, additionally treat the surface from stains and degrease with alcohol. This is important, because traces of stains and dust can cause the cutter line to shift and the cutter will “go away” to the side.
  • Next, you should proceed to the marking. There is one important subtlety here: the marking line The glass cutter gait must correspond to the line, that is, 1.5-2 mm deviation from the future mowing line of the cut.
  • After applying the markup, you need to attach a ruler to it. To control the movement of the cutter and to avoid displacement of the cutter, you can slightly raise the ruler. This is easiest to do by attaching regular erasers to the ends.
  • Check the tool. For a beginner carver, only a perfectly sharp glass cutter is suitable, otherwise the process of work will take a long time or even end in failure.
  • Now you can start directly with the cutting process. After implementation, the mirror needs to be cut in such a way that it coincides with the edge of the table and even protrudes a few mm beyond it.
  • This is followed by the most traumatic stage of work: the separation of the cut off part from the mirror. To do this, you need to gently press it against the table and break off the cut off part with sharp pressure down. If you did not succeed in doing this with your hands, take a small hammer and lightly tap from below on the mowing line of the cut, starting from the far end. Use rubber-coated pliers if necessary, being careful NOT to scratch the glass.
  • Sand the cut thoroughly with fine sandpaper. The mirror is ready! Can be fixed in the frame and hung on the wall.


Everyone can decorate a house with their own hands!

How to cut glass glass cutter: detailed instructions

If you are planning to carry out work on cutting glass, then first of all you should decide which glass cutter is best suited for your case. At the moment there are two types of tools. diamond and roller.

The diamond model is considered to be the leader among the tools of this type. If you are going to use it at home, then the model that has a beveled edge is perfect, which is very convenient for breaking off cut pieces. You can cut glass with such a glass cutter for almost ten kilometers of material, with a thickness of up to one centimeter. But at the same time, it should be borne in mind that there are also cheap types in which an artificial diamond is installed, which allows cutting glass with a thickness of NOT exceeding 5 mm.

Unlike diamond, a roller glass cutter has a working element in the form of a small roller, usually made of carbide materials, usually a tungsten-cobalt alloy, which is capable of cutting material up to 4 mm thick. The advantage of this type of tool is that the roller can easily move on the glass, while, and not applying great effort to lay the furrow.

The work process is carried out in the following order:

Clean and dry glass is laid on the surface of the working table. The necessary markup is made with a marker. Further, at both ends, small cuts are made along the marked mowing line. Please note that the material used must be in close contact with the surface of the work table.

After that, you need to put a ruler on the glass and draw a fishing line along it with a tool. It is worth holding a diamond glass cutter in your hands in the same way as a regular pencil, when passing along the marked mowing line, only a little effort should be applied. As a result, only a barely noticeable trace remains on the glass, which looks like scratches. If the instrument is in good working order, then a characteristic crackle-like sound must be present. If the sound is creaking, then this means that its cutting element needs to be sharpened on a bar specially for this.

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Holding such a tool during operation should be at a slight angle, the correctness of which is determined empirically. Please note that a tool that is in the correct position for the glass leaves a colorless thin line.

A roller glass cutter, unlike a diamond one, must be held strictly at right angles to the surface of the glass, while pressing it with the middle and thumb, and pressing it with the index finger. Please note that the roller tool is pressed a little more than the diamond one, and the notch itself should turn out to be white.

In order to get a high-quality and, of course, an even cut. remember a few simple rules that must be followed while working with glass with the introduction of a diamond tool:

  • Do not press on the glass while moving the cutter, otherwise the cut will be too deep, and its edges will be uneven.
  • In no case should you make another cut on the resulting mowing line. Otherwise, the glass may break. The incision should be done as quickly as possible. For example, if we cut a length into a meter, then you need to spend no more than two seconds on it.
  • In order for the workpiece to break off quickly and accurately along the mowing line of the cut, you need to lightly tap on the back of the glass. After which you will not need any effort to break it off.

If you are just a beginner master, then it is best to practice on small pieces, this will help determine the correct angle of inclination of the instrument, gain experience, reduce losses, and also avoid mistakes in the future.

How to cut a circle out of glass

In order to be able to cut a circle out of glass, you can use several different methods, which may differ depending on the diameter of the future circle and, of course, the thickness of the glass.

The simplest and most common way to cut an even circle is to use a circular glass cutter. Usually, the presence of such a tool on the farm is quite rare. But for THESE purposes, you can use the usual tool.

First of all, you need to designate the central part of the future product and fix a special suction cup on it. Then to this suction cup you need to tie a strong thread or fishing line with a length equal to the radius of the planned circle. At the end of this rope you need to tie the glass cutter itself. Stretch the rope as much as possible and then draw the line with the tool in a circle around the suction cup. When the circle is drawn, it is very important to additionally make more beam mowing lines, which will eliminate unnecessary pieces of glass around the finished product.

Preparatory activities

In order for the cut to be of high quality, you must first prepare the material for work. If the glass is new, then just wipe it down. A newspaper is best suited for THESE purposes, mainly it wipes the surface dry, and also does not leave lint and stains behind.

If the glass was previously in use, then before cutting the glass cutter material, it will take a little more time to prepare it. First of all, such a surface will need to be washed well, using special glass cleaning products. This is followed by a thorough degreasing process. Alternatively, you can use kerosene. To do this, wipe the glass thoroughly with a cloth soaked in kerosene and wait until it dries completely.

At the same time, the stage of glass preparation also includes its cutting. There is no doubt that you will be able to achieve the final result without waste, especially if you need to cut an item of irregular geometric shape. But if you make the calculation as correctly as possible, then you can reduce the amount of waste several times.

Also, make sure that the work surface is sufficiently flat and without slopes, but not too hard, it is advisable to make the work surface of plywood or fiberboard, and cover it with oilcloth or soft cloth on top.

How to cut glass without glass cutter

You can cut glass without using a glass cutter. Very often, the simplest scissors are used for this procedure. To cut fragile material with scissors, place it in warm water and cut out pieces of the size you need underneath. Regular glass will NOT be harder to cut with scissors than cardboard or other sturdy paper.

If a large piece of glass needs to be cut, it can be placed in a large basin or tub. Then run the sharp part of the scissors over the glass, breaking off unnecessary parts of the glass. In order not to cut myself on the sharp edge, be sure to put on gloves first. At the same time, it is also desirable to protect the eyes.

In this way, you can cut glass no more than 3 mm. Shapes can only be cut with straight contours. In advance, it is imperative to prepare a template and glue it to the glass using glue. It is worth noting one interesting point: the more water is above the glass, the easier it will be to cut the future product.

You can also use twine, some kind of hot liquid and a small vessel that needs to be filled with cold water. You need to make the necessary marks on the glass, then soak the string with alcohol or gasoline, Fold it on the marks and set it on fire. Immediately after the fire goes out, pour a thin stream of water over the fishing line. At this point, the glass must necessarily crack. Then break off the glass along the cracks that have turned out, and sand all the edges with sandpaper. If cracks DO NOT appear, then you need to repeat the whole procedure again. In this way, you can cut very complex shapes, everything will depend on how you lay the twine.

How to cut a glass cutter at home

Sooner or later, the household may need to replace the glass on its own. But working with such a fragile material is very traumatic. In this connection, in order to avoid injuries and excessive consumption of material, you should know the basic rules for working with this material and the selected tool.

Cutting ordinary glass is very simple and it will NOT cause any problems for a person. You can cut such glasses with special glass cutters or even ordinary scissors.

If you have NO clue on how to properly handle this tool, then you can look at our Numerous site on this topic. They will help you cut the desired shape and provide the necessary information for working with a rather complex and fragile material like glass.

Safety compliance

When cutting glass, it is very important to observe safety precautions, because the material is quite fragile and dangerous. You can not only cut yourself, but also hurt your eye with shrapnel.

In no case should a glass cutter cut glass on your knees or on unreliable objects. Never touch the edge of the glass, as raw edges can be very sharp. If you want to raise the workpieces, then you should make a coverage with your hands from the sides.

Wear protective gloves and goggles before handling to avoid cuts. It is also important to wear closed shoes so that the glass does NOT cut your foot if it falls accidentally. Clothing should be made of dense and thick fabric, which will also help to avoid accidental injury.

In order to prevent small glass fragments from falling within the working room, clothes and shoes must be changed at the end of the work.

What you need to know before starting cutting?

In order not to spoil the mirror, especially in the absence of experience with a glass cutter, you should study the general rules of such work, and then step by step the process itself.

So, what you need to know before picking up a mirror and glass cutter?

  • It is important to keep the tool at a right angle. Only a small deviation is allowed.
  • The tilt angle must not be changed! Otherwise, then evenly and accurately separate the cut off often it will turn out.
  • The incision should be made in one precise, continuous, sharp motion.
  • The pressing force cannot be changed, with the exception of the edges: approximately 5 mm to the edge, the pressure is loosened so that the tool does NOT slip and NO chips form.
  • They always cut from the far edge towards themselves.
  • Always cut on the front side (not where the amalgam is applied).
  • A thin whitish mark when working with a glass cutter means that the cut is not deep enough. Correct cut is dark in color.
  • A diamond tool always leaves a white mark.
  • You need to cut the mirror under a thick ruler. So that She does not slide on the surface, pieces of rubber are attached to its base (for example, from a bicycle tire).

Do not try to deepen the resulting cut. It will NOT work to hit the trail in the trail in the laid line along the entire length, and repeated movements will only damage the mirror, and you will have to throw it away (or cut off a smaller part). That is why it is important beforehand to practice “on cats” in the form of old glasses.

What to cook for work?

Before you start cutting a mirror for your home decor, it is important to make sure everything you need is at hand. These are tools, accessories, items for cleaning yourself, as well as for observing safety measures, because when working with glass, caution should come first.

For work you will need:

  • The mirror itself;
  • Glass cutter;
  • Smooth smooth surface (wide table or large chipboard)
  • Long thick ruler (about 8 mm thick);
  • A piece of cloth (such as a sheet or old tablecloth)
  • Pliers with rubber gaskets;
  • Small hammer;
  • Roulette;
  • Fine emery;
  • A bowl or basin of water;
  • Rag;
  • Soda and alcohol
  • Pencil, crayon or marker for marking glass.

For the safety of hands and eyes, you need to prepare:

  • Heavyweight fabric gloves (to avoid cutting your fingers)
  • Patch for additional protection of fingers;
  • Safety glasses (construction, bicycle or any other).

How glass cutter work?

For non-professionals, comments on the difference, what kind of glass cutters are, therefore, most often “one time” bought something that is cheaper. However, this is not always justified.

Different types of glass cutters can be used to cut the mirror. The most popular are roller and diamond. The second one costs much more, but it is much easier for them to work, less effort is needed, the quality of the cuts will be much higher, and the amount of scrap and waste will be less.

It is optimal, of course, to cut the mirror with a diamond glass cutter. Especially if the work is planned to be quite delicate and accurate, or a large volume is to be done. In the frame of such a glass cutter there is a diamond nose (hence the name), which has sharp and obtuse angles. In the process of cutting, it is important to move a sharp angle forward, then the tool will move along the surface freely, not “stumbling” into the smallest irregularities in the surface. If cut with an obtuse angle, the glass cutter grain will either jump out of its nest, or “go off course”. In order to maintain the same angle of inclination of the tool during operation, the mark that is on the rim of the glass cutter, it is important to always point to the ruler.

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The glass cutter is harder to hold the line and it takes much more effort to get a good cut. In order to facilitate the sliding of such a tool along the surface, the fishing line of the future cut can be lubricated with turpentine, Using, for example, a student’s brush for drawing.

Before you start cutting critical, “clean” sections of the mirror, practice well doing it on unnecessary pieces of glass. Then the hand will be firmer, and the mowing line will be smoother.

How to cut a mirror yourself if you are NOT a glazier?

Mirrors in the interior are needed Not only to look in them. To create various optical illusions, reflective surfaces can be placed in blocks on walls, under the ceiling, in wall lamps, and even play the role of kitchen aprons. But here’s the bad luck: not everyone can afford to hire a team of professionals for design repairs. Therefore, a logical question arises for home craftsmen: what to do when you need to cut off the mirror yourself? The author of the site “Miss Clean” figured out this issue.

How To Cut A Mirror With A Glass Cutter At Home

Work technology

At first glance, the job seems daunting. But if you perform it in the established sequence, observing accuracy and precautions, the result will please.

The mirror is cut as follows.

  • You need to lay a cloth on the work surface to protect the mirror when pressed.
  • Clean the mirror surface first with a soda solution, then with alcohol. Otherwise, grease (e.g. fingerprints) or dust particles will dislodge the cutter, especially if it is a roller cutter.
  • Apply line marking. It should correspond to the cutting line of the glass cutter movement (that is, in fact, it is located at a distance of about 2 mm from the true position of the future cut).
  • An inexperienced carver must make sure that his tool is perfectly sharp, otherwise there is a high probability of failure.
  • Next, you need to make the incision itself. according to the rules set out above.
  • Now you need to put the mirror so that the incision protrudes slightly beyond the edges of the table, press it with one hand, and with the other one sharp movement down the break off the cut part (you need to break it in the opposite direction from the incision).
  • If the trick” failed, a hammer will help, which needs to carefully tap the cutting line from below, starting from the far edge, and then repeat breaking off.
  • If the width of the section to be cut should and it is not enough to fully grab the piece by hand and break it off, you can use the grooves of the glass cutter itself and grab the desired section with it. Or pick up the pliers with rubber pads. If there are any on the farm, you can put rubber tubes on the lips of ordinary pliers, or wrap it with several layers of electrical tape or plaster.
  • The resulting sections must be carefully sanded with sandpaper.

Following the above tips, even an inexperienced beginner can cut a mirror with a glass cutter. The main thing is to show accuracy and patience.

Glass cutting technology principle

Here’s how to properly cut a glass cutter mirror at home:

  • First you need to prepare the mirror surface and tools.
  • After that, mark up with a ruler and marker. For the curly version. use special patterns.
  • Then carefully draw the line of the glass cutter, observing the constancy of pressing.
  • Then very gently tap with a hammer, through several layers of fabric, the edge of the mirror, which will need to be removed. Before this, it is previously slightly hung from the edge of the table, without fail supporting it in such a way that the mirror or glass does not fall to the floor.
  • After that, the work is carried out on a break. That is, they try by applying little effort, breaking off an unnecessary piece from the base. Then wipe the cut edge with a damp cloth, which was previously folded in several layers. This is done in order to remove small glass particles.

Get professional advice when cutting mirrors.

Necessary tools and materials for cutting glass at home

To know how to cut a mirror correctly, you need to understand Not only technological actions, but also what tools it will be carried out.

There are special tools for cutting mirrors.

Here is a list of everything you need:

  • High quality diamond glass cutter. It is he who will allow not only to quickly and accurately cut ordinary glass, but also to cope with tempered.
  • If it is decided to use an angle grinder for manipulation, then it must be equipped with a diamond-coated disc. But, it is worth remembering that in this case there is a high probability of crumbling the material.
  • You also need a large and always flat surface. The main condition is full adherence of the glass over the entire area to the table. It is easy to avoid cracking.
  • You will also need a hammer and pliers.
  • For marking, you need to take a long ruler and a square. You will also need a marker for marking.
  • If it is necessary to carry out curly cutting of a mirror, then you will also additionally need. already made patterns (they can be made of thick cardboard or plywood), as well as a knife for shoemaking or a jigsaw.

How and how to cut a mirror at home

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Sometimes, when it is not possible to take the mirror to the workshop in order to cut the desired size and shape, such manipulations can be carried out at home.

Mirror is an integral part of any interior.

But, for its successful completion, it is necessary to know the basic technological steps of glass cutting, with what tools this can be done, and also not forgotten in the precautions.

Mirror surface preparation

It is important to understand that before you start manipulating a mirror or glass, it must be wiped in order to remove all dirt and dust from the surface. But, it is better to do this with baking soda, as it helps better cleanse. If the soda turned out to be powerless against any stains, then you can apply alcohol.

Use modern mirror cutting techniques.

It is also allowed to use a special glass liquid. It does not matter which cleaning liquid was used, after that, wipe the surface dry on both sides with a cloth that has a good level of hygroscopicity. Only she will allow you to collect all the remaining moisture.

Carefully proceed with cutting the mirror.

Precautions and safety measures

Before cutting off the mirror, it is necessary to understand that this type of activity carries a potential threat to the performer.

Many design projects require custom mirrors in the interior.

Therefore, in order to protect yourself from unforeseen industrial injuries, it is important to adhere to the following safety measures:

  • Always wear safety glasses and gloves. Eye protection is required, since small fragments, which can accidentally fall on the mucous membrane, will subsequently cause irreparable damage to the organ of vision.
  • Prepare a special box in which the production scraps will be stored. This must be done so as not to allow small pieces of glass to get on clothes or cut yourself on them.
  • The surface on which all manipulations will be carried out must be extremely flat and large in area. All the tools and materials at hand should also be located nearby.
  • After you have cut glass or a mirror at home, you need to wipe the work surface and the floor around it with a damp cloth. This manipulation must also be performed with all precautions. Otherwise, you can drive small fragments under the skin, which to get rid of. Subsequently, it will be quite problematic.

Before cutting the glass cutter mirror, read the safety requirements.

Terms of use glass cutter

So, how to cut a mirror at home is not so easy, especially without skills, you need to know exactly how to use a glass cutter correctly.

  • First you need to check the tool. It should not be loose and the wheel should rotate smoothly. This is a prerequisite for round glass cutters.
  • If you need to cut a mirror with a diamond glass cutter, then you need to make sure that the stone is fixed securely enough and at the correct angle.
  • The pressure should be even and smooth. Even slight deviation from constant pressing force and the mirror surface will crack.
  • When carrying out manipulations, it is necessary to listen to the sounds that the instrument makes. There shouldn’t be any creaks. If, nevertheless, sounds appeared, this means that the glass cutter has already become dull.

Is it possible to cut glass without a glass cutter at home

Not everyone knows that ordinary glass can be cut using the most familiar scissors. The main conditions in this case are sharp. sharpening of the cutting edge. In this case, it is necessary to place all the glass in a sufficiently large container so that it is covered with water.

Sometimes there is a desire to acquire a mirror of any intricate shape.

It is the liquid that prevents the appearance of chips and cracks. Then, carefully with scissors, begin to cut off small pieces, achieving the desired shape and size.

Cutting out a mirror of any shape.

You can use another way. For example, take a file that has a rectangular or triangular cutting edge.

The cutting element must be positioned strictly on the marked mowing line and perpendicular to the surface of the mirror.

The technology of actions in this case is as follows. with the edge of the file, cuts are made on both sides. Then the main line is scratched and breaks off. But, to implement this option, you need the skill of working with materials such as glass and mirror.

If you have never worked with a mirror, then Get help.

You can also try using a drill bit. Holes are made here in several places. They all lie on the cut line. Then a thin line is scratched between them and tapping, and the unnecessary part is eliminated.

If everything is done correctly, then the sound of glass being cut is heard, it is impossible to confuse it.

Considering all these features, at home it is quite easy to carry out trimming or curly cutting of a mirror.